How can I marry Skye?

  1. Uh, the title says it all......

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Accepted Answer

  1. You can marry Skye if you unlock the first black heart event. To unlock it meet Lumina who lives in Romana's Mansion. After that make sure the day is sunny. Between 10pm and 12am go to the outside of the mansion then you will have a scene. Skye like things you get in the excavation site. You will have to stay up late to see Skye and must only be a sunny day. He also likes colored curry. To propose him you need the normal requirements. Propose him and he will say no. Now sleep with the blue feather. You should have a scene when you wake up.
    Hope it Helped.

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Other Answers

    but anyway..
    his black heart event is at Romana's Mansion at 10 pm to midnight on a sunny non holiday night. you must know lumina
    his purple heart event is at the blue bar. you must know Muffy and Griffin, go to the blue bar between 6 and 11 am on a rainy monday Muffy and Griffin will tell you some things and tell you to come back at 10 pm to midnight. ask him about destiny, why he steals and why he enjoys it so much.
    his blue: you have to know flora and carter. DO NOT TRIGGER ON A TUESDAY OR A SUNDAY! walk up main path to camp site...blah blah blah agree to help come back at 10-midnight...blah blah blah..tell skye its fine and its good to eat food given to you by others.
    his green: EXTRA EVENT! you must know Vesta, Celia, and Marlin. same as usual walk across the bridge to vestas farm on a sunny friday that is NOT WINTER ..blah de blah blah...return at 10pm to midnight..blah blah blah..try to get skye to stop stealing
    his yellow: you must know Ruby, Nami, Rock (and the others you already met) go to the inner inn at the same time as all the others (6-11am) on a sunny wednesday, agreee to help and come back at the same time as always, tell skye you'll let someone else catch him.

    PROPOSING: this is also in the guides, but what ever.
    Dont show skye the'll get a funny reaction but no marriage.
    Go to bed one night with the feather equipped (others say just have it your pocket but i equip it to be safe) you'll wake up to find a note asking for your heart.....blah blah blah..go to bed again and skye will come and ask for your heart..if you give it to him you will get married!!!!!!!

    Hope it helped!
    and remember the guides are there for this sort of question!

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  2. MIBYFO was wrong when he said that you don't need to show the feather. He won't accept it but you will get a letter. What I said was the first one.

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