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    Special Chapter Guide by Chen Guojun

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/08/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                              ~ KAITOU WARIO THE SEVEN ~
                                Special Chapter Guide
    Written by Chen Guojun / Cyber Akuma / Mech Gouki 
    /                 \_____________________________________________________________
    Version 1.2  09-12-07
    Added additional tip for Special Chapter 5.
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    Overview -
    This guide contains the walkthrough for the Special Chapters in "Kaitou Wario
    the Seven" / "Wario Master of Disguise" released on the Nintendo DS.
    This guide also contains other tips such as commonly missed treasures,
    record system, etc.
    This guide is written for the Japanese version of this game, but it is
    compatible with the US version.
    The terms used in this guide will be for the Japanese version.
    Game Information -
    This game is released as "Kaitou Wario the Seven" in Japan, and "Wario: Master 
    of Disguies" in the US.
    The gameplay of these versions remain constant, but many specific names have
    been altered. In addition, some Treasure items have been changed (but not the
    location or the value). The language input system of course, is different.
    The Japanese version is designed to be able to use Hiragana characters.
    Other Resources -
    It is recommended you use DBM11085's guide as well. His guide is the most
    complete in walkthrough, and has listed almost every Treasure.
    This document is best viewed in Wordpad. Best viewed in Size 10 Font, in 
    600 x 800 screen resolution.
    /             \_________________________________________________________________
    This is the walkthrough for the 5 Special Chapters, as well as some tips you 
    should understand.
    Basic Information
    -You can access the 5 Special Chapters once you have completed the game.
    During this time, you already possess all the abilities of all Wario's
    Forms and Mastery abilities. This means that you have all the abilites
    available to you for collecting the Treasures. (The only ability that 
    can be missed is Biri-Biri Wario's Mastery, and that is not required.)
    -The Special Chapters are time attack challenges, that uses a stage in a
    normal Chapter. The entire Map is given to you at the start. The objective
    for all 5 Special Chapters is all the same. You are to obtain the first 
    Treasure, then move to the second, and finally get the last Treasure, all
    before the time runs out. The Map will show you where the current Treasure 
    you seek is. If your time runs out during this, you lose, and you will have 
    to start all over. If you manage to collect all 3 Treasures, you will win the
    Stage immediately. 
    -You get a time extension for obtaining the first 2 Treasure in the Stage. 
    The time extension will vary for each chest. Time will still pass when you
    are in the Mini-Game for the Treasure Chest. Even when the Timer reaches
    0, you will not lose immediately, unless you lose the minigame. If you
    win the Mini-Game, you get extended time (or complete the stage). Do not
    waste time in the Mini-Games. If you lose the Mini-Games, you will waste
    much time. (There is a way around this. Look below.)
    -You cannot skip the order of the 3 Treasures. You must collect them in the
    order shown by your map. For the entire stage during the Special Chapters,
    all other unrelated Treasures and Save Points will not be there. You can
    only collect the Treasure Chest that is your current objective. Certain
    purple Key Item Treasure Chests may show up, though.
    -A very important tip is to use the Suspend feature. Suspend allows you to
    continue the game right from the start of the room you entered. In Normal
    Chapters, this might be a pain, because it restarts everything you have
    done in that room. But in the Special Chapters, it is a great asset, because
    it allows you to erase the screw-ups that you have done, such as messing
    up a Mini-Game. So if you mess up a Treasure Chest Mini-Game, Suspend the
    game, and then continue, and it will take you back to the starting of
    entering that room. Remember, if you screw up, suspend, and continue.
    -Nice idea, but you can't use Graffiti Wario's Door in this mode.
    -The basic tip is simple. Rush all the way, and don't bother stopping to
    take out enemies, unless you really have to. Use Kaitou Wario most of the
    time, as his running speed is the fastest. Change to Flying Wario if you
    need height. If at first you don't suceed, try again.
    -Unlike the normal Chapters, finishing with extra time in your timer, earns
    you 10 P per second, instead of the usual 1 P. So don't even think about 
    stopping to shoot Star Blocks. (Money Bags are possibly still worth it, but
    that's it.)
    Special Chapter 1
    This is using Chapter 1 Stage. You start with 2 Minutes.
    Treasure 1: Pink No.033 - P29,800
    Right from the Start, keep going all the way right, and up the stairs.
    Get past the Mice and blocks, and keep going right. Get the Money Bags
    along the way. 
    Keep going right all the way, and eventually, you reach the first Treasure 
    Chest past the Seagulls.
    You gain an extension of 30 Seconds.
    Treasure 2: Green No.031 - P32,000
    From where you are, return all the way back to the left, until you reach
    the reverse L-Shape room with the stairs. 
    Change to Flying Wario, fly past the Red Flame Blocks, and up the ledge 
    with the Money Bag. Change to Kaitou Wario, and go right, and climb up 
    the stairs you see. 
    Head right.
    You see some seagulls here. Change to Flying Wario, and fly up all the way.
    Your map does not say you can reach up from here, but you can.
    In the upper room, change to Kaito Wario and head left. If you are at the
    upper ledge, change to Dinosaur Wario to drop down, and change back to Kaito
    Wario. Go to the left room. The second Treasure Chest is here.
    You gain an extension of 1 minute.
    Treasure 3: Green No.032 - P5,800
    Head back right. Go right until you are above the room with the Door.
    You may have to use Dinosaur Wario to reach there. Drop down and enter the
    In these passageways, keep going right, until you reach a Door. Enter that
    Door you see.
    Jump and climb up this room. The last Treasure is here.
    Special Chapter 2
    This is using Chapter 4 Stage. You start with 3 minutes.
    Treasure 1: Red No.018 - P71,940
    Drop all the way down. At the bottom, head left.
    Head left past the Apes. Use the Money Bag if you wish. Continue into
    the next room.
    In this 2x2 room, use Flying Wario to reach the door at the top right side.
    Enter it.
    In this tall room, use Flying Wario to reach the door at the topmost right
    side. Enter the door.
    Here, you have to reach the upper left side using Flying Wario. Do so, and
    climb up. Go right, change into Dinosaur Wario to burn the block, then change
    to Flying Wario across to the Treasure Chest at the right.
    You gain an extension of 1 minute 30 seconds.
    Treasure 2: Blue No.030 - P30,000
    You now have to return below, either from the left or right. It is a better
    idea to fly left, then go down to that room. Anyway, once you are in the
    big room, return to the Door below and enter it. 
    You are back in the tall room. Make your way quickly to the lower side.
    Your object is the Door at the bottom left of this area. You have 2
    paths there. Recommended is the upper path.
    The upper path is a straight route. Run all the way left. 
    Here, go down and use the Door.
    You are in the room with the Treasure Chest. However, it will not quite be
    this easy. Make your way left and up above the water, and go right. Use
    Dinosaur Wario, burn the Red Block, then change into Flying Wario and go up.
    You see an Ice Ball stopped by a Stalagmite. Burn it with Dinosaur Wario,
    the go back down as Dinosaur Wario.
    You still can't reach it yet. Burn the Red Block. Make your way to the upper 
    left side and go up using Flying Wario.
    You will have to go left, up, then right, and finally reach the other side
    of the Ice Ball. Push it down, then follow it, to reach the room below where
    the Treasure Chest is.
    You gain an extension of 1 minute 30 seconds.
    Treasure 3: Blue No.029 - P9,600
    Head out of the narrow nook, burn the block again, and use Captain Wario
    to swim there, and then run to the door on the right, then enter it.
    Here, again, recommended to take the upper path, run through this area,
    and reach the tall room.
    Now, fly all the way up, and then left to the small room, and enter that
    Special Chapter 3
    This is using Chapter 6 Stage. You start with 3 minutes.
    You have actually 5 Chests you are required to open, not just 3, because
    2 of them are required Key Item Purple Chests. Expect to need to use the
    suspend trick many times.
    Treasure 1: Red No.020 - P5,400
    Go left the entire way, until you hit the big room with the falls. There
    are 4 other paths here, but the uppermost 2 a locked. Fly up to the middle
    left and take that route.
    Go left, through that narrow way, then finally reach the Door, and enter it.
    Go right. Change into Space Wario and shoot the top to release the lock. Go 
    right. Before you exit to the right, you have to shoot a laser that
    reflects, until it hits the switch, and locks it again behind you.
    No go right.
    Keep going right past the eroding floor. (You may have to change to another 
    form to jump easily.) Enter the next room.
    Go up the ladder, and the narrow path to the door. Enter it.
    Here, go up. 
    The Treasure Chest is here.
    You gain an extension of 2 minutes.
    Treasure 2: Pink No.032 - P17,100
    Enter the door. 
    Take the Money Bags if you wish. Go all the way down. Return left.
    Get back past the eroding area, to the left. Take the lower path.
    As long as you have returned the lock previously, you can easily head
    left all the way, to the Purple Chest. Take that Chest and get a Key.
    Go up then enter the door. Return to the right, back to the very large
    Fly to the top (not all the way, mind you.) Head to the right on foot,
    and unlock the door to the next area.
    This is where you were, except you are in a section previously inaccessible.
    Go up.
    Head right and enter the Door.
    Quickly make your way left before the ground erodes. Otherwise, you have
    to suspend and try again. Enter the Door past the narrow way.
    Climb through the left. There is a hidden Purple Chest above. Take it for
    another Key. Quickly go down.
    The Treasure Chest is here. Best to go left, drop down as Dinosaur Wario,
    change to Captain Wario, and jump to the Treasure Chest. Don't change back.
    You gain an extension of 1 Minute.
    Treasure 3: Blue No.031 - P25,600
    Don't change from Captain Wario. Now swim right and go to the lock. 
    Change back and go through.
    You are back in the big room. Drop down to the lowest side and go left.
    In the lower side of this room, keep going left into the next room.
    Fly up, then use Doctor Wario to break the wall, then go left again.
    Quickly make your way down through the blocks, then go right.
    Use Space Wario to hit the switch. Go down. Take the Money bag if you
    wish. Go right.
    In this big room, simply drop down, and go left.
    The Treasure is in this room. Go into the water, use Captain Wario, go 
    through the water below. Fire torpedos repeatedly to save time on the blocks.
    Ignore the urchins. Finally, you reach the Treasure Chest.
    Special Chapter 4
    This is using Chapter 7 Stage. You start with 4 minutes.
    Similar to normal Chapter 7, you will require the Mantle Suit, or you will
    suffer continuous damage. In addition, you will have to be very wary of the
    white fishes that will steal the Mantle Suit, so be careful. You will have
    to open that Treasure Chest containing the Mantle Suit, so that's 4 Chests
    to open.
    Treasure 1: Blue No.026 - P60,550
    Change to Dinosaur Wario. Burn the Blocks and drop down without changing.
    Open the Purple Chest here for the Mantle Suit. Change to Captain Wario
    and go right.
    Be careful of the enemies, and go right all the way.
    In this long room, go right all the way, bust the blocks with torpedos,
    and go down.
    Go left, and destroy the blocks. Be careful of the enemies and keep going
    Proceed your way down, and remember this fork path for the tall room. Go 
    down and right.
    Be careful of the obstacles, and keep going right. Past the blocks will be
    the 1st Treasure Chest.
    You gain an extension of 3 minutes.
    Treasure 2: Green No.004 - P18,500
    The second Treasure Chest is all the way near the beginning of the stage.
    However, instead of heading there immediately, there is something you
    need to do. From the Treasure Chest you are, go right into the hidden
    passage to the next room.
    Go down.
    Here, deal with the enemies, go to the left side, and destroy the blocks.
    Press the switch to unlock something. Now your task is complete. Head back
    out of this room. 
    Go up and left into the hidden passage.
    Make your way to the left, and be careful of the fishes. Continue.
    You are back in the fork path. Make your way all the way to the upper side,
    and go right.
    Be careful of the obstacles in your way, and go right, and up. 
    Here, go left all the way. Keep going left until you reach the entrance of
    the Magma.
    As Captain Wario, head to the mouth. This is tricky. You need to change
    to Dinosaur Wario, then immediately attack the blocks. Then use Captain
    Wario to get out, and change back to Kaitou Wario. Head right.
    Keep going right all the way, and don't stop. At the end, enter the narrow
    passage that is hidden.
    This is the room with the Treasure Chest.
    You gain an extension of 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
    Treasure 3: Blue No.032 - P65,500
    Now crawl back out, and return all the way back to the mouth of the magma.
    This part is pretty much repitative so there is no need for me to repeat it.
    Go down and return all the way to the tall room fork path which I had 
    mentioned. This time, go left.
    Now, go all the way down. 
    Go right, and keep going all the way while watching for enemies and blasts.
    In this room, unless you did not hit the switch that I previously mentioned,
    this will be unlock. Continue all the way right. 
    Don't stop going right. Soon, you will reach the passage. Take it to the
    room with the Treasure Chest.
    Special Chapter 5
    This is using Final Chapter Stage. You start with 5 minutes.
    This is the last Special Chapter, and it will be the hardest, despite
    appearences. It is not good enough to be fast. You will have to use
    the Suspend feature many times, because you cannot afford even 1 screw up.
    Treasure 1: Pink No.005 - P5,200
    Here, keep going right all the way into the next room. Go right, and then
    climb up the ladder.
    Here, step on all green mushrooms. You have to use Doctor Wario to find the
    one on the top left. Once that is done, the green door is triggered so enter
    There is a shortcut to the first Treasure, but we will not be dealing with 
    Here, go up the lader, then go down the middle.
    Defeat the enemies, then activate all green mushrooms. You have to use
    Graffiti Wario and Doctor Wario for the upper right one. Once all are 
    activated, enter the green door.
    The Treasure is in this room. First, jump up and break a block. Then use
    Flying Wario, get up, and head to the left for the first Treasure.
    You gain an extension of 1 minute.
    Treasure 2: Pink No.006 - P18,000
    The next Treasure is located at the beginning of the stage. So, you will
    have to backtrack all the way there.
    Head back into the green door.
    Deal with the enemies quickly, and fly all the way back up. Go right and
    down the ladder to the Door. Enter it.
    Back in the 1st Mushroom room. Go down all the way, and then left all the
    way until you are back in the starting room. Fly up, there, and you can reach
    the Treasure Chest.
    You gain an extension of 3 minutes.
    Treasure 3: Blue No.033 - P30,000
    The last Chest is in the Mushroom room, and it looks very near. Unfortunately,
    you will have to go through quite some pains to get it. You will have to
    take a very long path before you are able to get there.
    Return to the Mushroom room. You can't do anything, so enter the Green Door
    Again, go up, then down the middle. Go right and enter the Green Door.
    You are back in the room where you got the first Treasure. Deal with the 
    enemies, and remember to use Doctor Wario to hit the Green Mushroom here.
    From the lower side, head left. 
    Use Doctor Wario to hit the Mushroom here. Continue left again.
    You reach the turning gear. Activate it like this: 
    right, left, right, right, left.
    After that, do not take the ladder. First go left again.
    Here, simply use Graffiti Wario to draw a Block on the Mushroom. Then
    go right again.
    Climb up the ladder. You need not bother with the Space Switches.
    Use Graffiti Wario to draw Blocks on the Green Mushrooms on both side.
    Take care not to use the purple Mushroom. Once that is done, enter the
    Green Door.
    Here, use Graffiti Wario to draw a Block on the Red Mushroom, then go down.
    Repeat for the next Mushroom. Now go left, up, and through the door.
    Here, go down with Dinosaur Wario. Hit the Mushroom, and again, use Graffiti
    Wario for the other Mushroom. Fly back up, then go right, hit the Mushroom,
    and continue. Use Graffiti Wario to stack 2 Blocks to the narrow passage.
    Jump up and right. Use Doctor Wario, and step both Mushrooms. Use Graffiti
    Wario to clear the Blocks, then go down with Dinosaur Wario. Step on the
    Green Mushroom, then go down and through the Green Door.
    You are in the room with the falling drills. You have to use Doctor Wario
    to identify the fake one, fly up with Flying Wario through that, then crawl to
    the left side and drop down with Dinosaur Wario. If you get the leftmost
    block as a fake one, suspend and try again. Hit that mushroom. Use Graffiti
    Wario with the Block on the mushroom to the right. Change back to Dinosaur
    Wario, get out, and enter the door. 
    You now enter the room with the Purple Chest. Take the Purple Chest to get
    2 Keys. Use the first immediately on the Locked door. 
    You are again, taken back to the first Mushroom Room. Use the door on the
    right to unlock it.
    You are now in the room with 2 Gears. Use this order to unlock it:
    Blue Right, Red Left, Red Left, Blue Left, Red Right
    Now do this quick: draw a block on the red Mushroom, climb the ladder, go
    right, jump and knock off the block, quickly fly up, step on the mushroom,
    drop and go right.
    Keep going right in this tall room.
    Here, you see a purple Chest. The traditional way of getting there is to
    jump mushroom on mushroom, releasing platforms, and finally reaching there,
    before the Mushroom time limit runs out. But screw all that, you 
    don't have time. You need a faster method. Jump to the right. Use Graffiti 
    Wario, draw a block where you came from, such that the Block stands on top
    of the ramp. Draw a second Block above that one. Fly up, crawl through, 
    and take the Purple Chest. You get the 2 Red Keys, but you only need 1. 
    After that, use Graffiti Wario or Dinosaur Wario to get rid of the Blocks, 
    and return to the previous tall room.
    Here use Dinosaur Wario to fall into the lower small room. Fall down one 
    hidden platform below, go to the right, fall down, then enter the Red Door.
    Here, quickly climb up, and head left.
    Go down as quickly as you can! The last Chest is here. Finally!
    Additional tip from Adramelech:
    There is another way for this chapter. This way is arguably faster.
    First, instead of taking the long way, take the shortcut to the first Treasure.
    This means you cannot use the way back.
    Instead of making your way back to the 2nd Chapter (which you cannot since you
    took the 1-way short-cut), continue onwards towards the 3rd treasure instead.
    Once you have the the pair of keys, and unlock the way back, you can easily
    go back to the 2nd Treasure. Then, continue to the 3rd Treasure as normal.
    This way, you will save more time.
    /         \_____________________________________________________________________
    - RECORDS -
    The Game keeps track of your records in all the Stages.
    The highest P Score, and fastest completed time of all 10 Chapters are
    recorded, as well as the 5 Special Chapters.
    You are given a title based on your total highest scores of all stages,
    which include the 10 Chapters as well as the 5 Special Chapters.
    Only the highest P Score will be taken into consideration. Playing a stage
    repeatedly will not constantly increase your earnings.
    The Highest Title is given at P 850,000
    Once you have gotten the highest 4 titles, you will see the trophies in the
    TV menu.
    The highest Title in the Japanese version is:
    Kaitou Ou
    Also known as:
    Phantom Thief King
    (The transliteration of Kaitou is actually Strange Robber. But it actually
    means Phantom Thief. I shall not go into details.)
    Because of the fact that only the highest P score of each stage is taken into
    consideration, it is not enough to simply collect a Treasure that you have
    missed, then simply return.
    If you want the highest score for that stage, you will have to go through it,
    collecting every possible Treasure that you can, and that will earn you the
    highest P Score.
    You should revisit a Chapter only when you have every ability, because the
    you have full access, and all the Green Ability Chests will be replaced.
    For the Normal Chapters, there will be a Time Limit. Completing the Chapter
    within the Time Limit will earn you 1 P per second. Each Chapter has a 
    different Time Limit.
    The Fastest Time Completed for each Stage is also recorded.
    If you complete a Special Stage with extra remaining time, you gain
    10 P per second.
    Green Chests contains Abilities and Life Up. They will be replaced by other
    Red Chests once you have taken then and exited the Stage. (You can't just
    exit the Room.)
    Purple Chests contain Key Items, so they will not be replaced. When you 
    revisit that Chapter, you have to collect these items of the stage again.
    Mimics will occasionally infect random Red Treasure Chests of certain stages. 
    When that happens, you can't take that Treasure Chest. You can only take it
    in a future visit. Mimics remain there for that Chapter, but they will 
    randomly change in another visit.
    If you are aiming for the highest score, you may have to redo the Chapter if
    the Mimic Chest is holding a valuable item.
    Additional Tips
    Chapter 3:
    The Riddle System actually vary from the Japanese to the English version.
    Either way, the answers are all shown in the dialogue of the Chapter.
    Chapter 7:
    The White Fishes can steal your Suits, so be careful. When you do not have
    a Suit, certain Treasure Chests will become Purple, and they will contain
    those Suits. In Chapter 7, the Purple Treasure Chests are not constant.
    Once you have taken the Purple Chests, when you exit and return, it will
    return back to a Red Treasure Chest.
    Chapter 8:
    In Chapter 8, although not stated on the map, there are actually Doors.
    These doors only appear for a limited time, though. Once you enter a room
    that has these doors, a Timer will activate. After a certain time, the
    Doors will then disappear, and you can't use them again for this visit.
    They will also disappear when you enter and exit from them. Some Treasure
    Chests and enemies are only accessible through these Doors, so take note.
    Additional Unlockables
    When you have collected all the Treasures in your Album, you will now
    see a Medal.
    If you are playing the Japanese Version, you may get a changed Intro
    Screen. (Uncertain of the US version.)
    /                            \__________________________________________________
    Q: I am missing a dot monster on Page 9 of the Bestiary. What is it?
    A: This Monster only appears in Chapter 8.
       For Chapter 8, although not stated on the Map, there are actually Doors.
       These doors only appear for a limited time, though.
       You can access the door through the big 2x2 room at the top. Before
       entering that room, make sure the Ghost Switch is set to "On". Enter,
       make your way up. You should be able to quickly reach the Door in the
       middle with Graffiti Wario. The Monster lies beyond that Door.
    Q: I keep completing stages, but my earnings will not increase!
    A: Only the highest P Score in each Stage is taken into consideration.
    Q: After collecting all the abilities, I went through each Chapter at least
       once, including the Special Chapters. But I am still missing Treasures!
       I explored each area thoroughly!
    A: You see, this is caused by an annoying phenomenon known as, Mimics.
       Mimics infect random chests. When that happens, you can't do anything for
       that visit. It will still be a mimic. Next time you visit, most likely it
       will not be affected anymore.
    Q: The names you used are wrong! It should not be Dinosaur Wario, it should
       be Dragon Wario! It should not be Space Wario, it should be Cosmic Wario!
    A: Was the introduction not clear when I said I used the terms in the
       Japanese version?
       I don't care what you think, these names that I used are accurate
       and official. 
       These names that I used are correct! And if you have a problem with that,
       you can take it up with Nintendo!
    Q: What name differences exist between the Eng and Jap version?
    A: From what I know, other such names like Aldente have been changed to
       Cannoli, Malgereetta changed to Tiaramisu.
       If you ask me, that sucks. It was bad enough Capcom had to do major
       names overhaul, and Square Enix decided that the name Anaguma wasn't
       good enough. Now Nintendo has to do this.
    Q: I am stuck in Chapter 3! I don't know the riddles!
    A: If you are playing the US version, you can refer to GCNMario's guide.
       If you are playing the JPN version, you can use these 2 sites:
       (The Japanese version also requires you to know how to write Hiragana.
       A real killer.)
    Q: Will you be writing a Treasure List?
    A: I think Devin Morgan has that pretty much covered. His list is complete.
       Unless I can learn to draw Ascii Maps, I doubt I will do it.
    /         \_____________________________________________________________________
    - CREDITS -
    Many thanks to these 2 sites for the answers to the Riddles. The riddles
    are really killers in the Japanese version.
    Many thanks to Devin Morgan. I was missing a few Treasures which he had
    listed in his guide.
    Thanks to JKII for telling me you can use Dinosaur Wario for Breaking
    graffiti blocks.
    Thanks to Adramelech for the tip on Special Chapter 5.
    /                   \___________________________________________________________
    End of Document
    By Chen Guojun
    COPYRIGHT 2007

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