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    Boss FAQ by Gywall

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     Wario Master of Disguise
    ==      Boss FAQ       ==
    ==      Contents       ==
      Version History
        Episode 1 - Mad Hat Mk. I
        Episode 2 - Mad Hat Mk. II
        Episode 4 - Head Honcho Carpaccio
        Episode 5 - Poobah the Pharoah
        Episode 6 - Ka-Bloom
        Episode 7 - Barfatronic Lavachomper
        Episode 8 - Stuffy, The Dolphin
        Episode 9 - Mad Hat Mk. III
        Episode 10 - Terrormisu
      Contact Details
      Useage of FAQ.
    ==     Introduction    ==
    This FAQ covers bosses with details of how to beat them and thier
    attacks are detailed.
    To find a boss, search for the "Episode " then the number.
    There are NO guide for Episodes 3 as there are no bosses.
    Episode 3 finishes with a quiz. Look for a FAQ with the answers.
    ==   Version History   ==
    0.8 - Initial Version, missing two bosses.
    1.0 - After playing Wario Land: The Shake Dimension, I remembered..
          I hadn't finished this FAQ. Added the missing bosses.
    1.1 - Been replaying this a bit recently. Updated Terrormisu
          and Ka-Bloom with an emailed method.
    == Episode 1 - Mad Hat Mk. I ==
    Health: 3
    This attack causes bombs to move along the floor.
    A single shot from Cosmic Wario will destroy a bomb.
      Charge Attack
    This attack charges across the screen to damage, but is rather simple
    allowing you to crawl underneath the attack.
      Jet Engine
    If you try to crawl underneath, you will most likely be hit by this attack.
    He will not use this attack while using the charge attack.
    ==How to Beat==
    A simple boss, stay as Cosmic Wario and shoot the switch when it shines.
    Change into Thief Wario and attack. He will Charge Attack after taking damage.
    Repeat this three times.
    == Episode 2 - Mat Hat Mk. II ==
    Health: 3
    A simple attack, just keep out of range or duck underneat to avoid.
      Charge Attack
    This attack is the same as the first form, so it can be avoided by crawling
    ==How to Beat==
    There is no switch this time, but that's no need to panic.
    Aim for the eye on the mechanical hat, which will stun the boss and reveal a
    switch. Change into Arty Wario and draw a block above the switch, causing
    Cannoli to be unprotected. Jump on him with Thief Wario, as Cosmic Wario can't
    jump high enough.
    == Episode 4 - Head Honcho Carpaccio ==
    Health: 3
    Fires three or four snowflakes towards the edge, simple attack.
    The eye-shapes move before they are about to shoot. Keep away when they move.
    This is the main attack, and nasty too. An active an non-active switch move
    around in the central area and split off into two giant snowballs. Shoot the
    snowball with the switch in to disarm the attack.
    Shooting the wrong one results in an instant death.
      Frost Crystals
    Appears to only be used with one health left, but leaves a crystal resulting
    in instant death. Shatter the crystal using Dragon Wario's fiery breath.
    ==How to Beat==
    The area rotates as you walk, which is used to align the central area up.
    When there is a switch to drop a block on, use Arty Wario to draw the block
    to hit the switch. When all switches are pressed, the life of the boss drops
    by one.
    When he rotates the switches that Cosmic Wario can hit, change into Genius
    Wario to be able to tell which turns into the shootable snowball then shoot
    it as quickly as possible. This gives a moment to use Arty Wario to draw a
    After losing one point of health, he will spawn four eye shapes that move
    slowly in a circular pattern and shoot snowflakes at the floor. After losing
    two points of health, the eyes change direction of movement.
    == Episode 5 - Poobah the Pharoah ==
    Health: 3
    Rolls a boulder at you.
      Nose Hair
    A gross attack which points outwards. Attacks three times, getting wider
    and higher each time. Just run out of the way or jump over it.
    Cosmic Wario's floaty jump helps dodge this.
    Attacks while invisible. See him with Genius Wario.
    ==How to Beat==
    Start off as Cosmic Wario. Eventually his head will open up with a target.
    After hitting the target, switch to Genius Wario. Just punching one of the
    floating statues will be enough to expose his body. Since it's cloth, it
    burns well - Use Dragon Wario's breath. Repeat this three times.
    When he has one health left, he'll turn invisible and attack. Use Genius
    Wario as stated above. this should be quite easy
    == Episode 6 - Ka-Bloom ==
    Health: 3
      Seed Shot
    Spawns an annoying plant thing. Just fry them as Dragon Wario.
      Spin Attack
    It spins at you. You'll have to run from this one.
      Seed Bomb
    Drops explosive seeds done. Just watch for falling seeds.
    ==How to Beat==
    Shoot all the targets as Cosmic Wario, and shoot the core of the plant.
    Next it'll go red, where you can burn it as Dragon Wario. After being
    burnt, it will flee up high. Use Arty Wario to launch up high.
    Burn the plant once more, it loses one point of health.
    Now it will start spinning as an attack. Burn it when it exposes it's
    face. When it has one health left, it will flee even higher than before.
    Just be ready to move left/right depending on the side after the first
    If your health runs low, just burn some of the plants it created.
    They frequently drop health.
    ==Alternative Method==
    From an email by Lordlyhour:
    "with the boss kabloom there is an easier method to use while fighting
    it : when the flower turns red just use arty wario to propel yourself
     to the second level of see-saws and then the boss floats up to you,
     when damged enough to make him fly up he'll stay where he is or go down
     a little, thus endering the fight ALOT easier"
    This is tested and works. By staying up high, you can get Ka-Bloom's
    fight over and done with a fair bit quicker. Kudos.
    == Episode 7 - Barfatronic Lavachomper ==
    Health: 3
      Beam Shots
    This is a basic attack, made up of several shots. Just avoid them.
    ==How to Beat==
    One of the easier bosses. When the battle starts, he will most likely use a
    beam shot at you, so evade it and destroy the blocks at the bottom with
    Captain Wario.
    Change into Arty Wario and draw to make a monster appear and crash into it's
    tongue. This causes a heart to be revealed. Hit this twice as Thief Wario
    and he will refill the room with magma. Change into Captain Wario and repeat
    the process.
    == Episode 8 - Stuffy, The Dolphin ==
    Health: 3
      Summon Fluffy
    Causes a Fluffy the Dolphin to appear and attack. Use Cosmic Wario to
    shoot and possibly get powerups.
      Charge Shot
    Fires a shot horizontaly across the battle. Can be stopped by jumping
    onto his head.
      Body Slam
    This causes harm on contact, can be countered by Genius Wario's boxing glove.
    ==How to Beat==
    This battle is made up of three parts.
    The first part has two platforms and two switches, pressing either closes the
    gap between the platforms. When Stuffy body slams, noted by a spinning
    movement, jump on a switch and use Genius Wario's boxing glove. Jump over him
    between punches to keep the platform active. and repeat until he loses a
    point of health. The battle moves on to the next area after.
    This next room has no switches, but a spiked wall. Punch Stuffy into this
    wall until it goes red and loses a point of health again. The battle moves
    on to a third room after.
    This new room has a switch you should keep standing on, just keep changing form
    on it to deal with any Fluffy. Avoid attacks as before, by jumping. When
    punching Stuffy this time, you should keep alert as there is a door at the top
    which it can stop on if the switch is not pressed.
    == Episode 9 - Mad Hat Mk. III ===
    Health: 3
      Targeted Punch
    This punch is aimed, so don't move into the target.
    Thief Wario can run out of the target however.
      Rocket Punch
    A charging punch attack, similar to the previous versions.
    It will be disabled for a moment afterwards. You can dodge underneath.
    ==How to Beat==
    After a rocket punch, use Genius Wario's boxing glove to  hit the switch on
    the back of the robot. He can then be jumped on top of like before, which is
    easier with Thief Wario.
    == Episode 10 - Terrormisu ==
    Health: 15, 5 per round.
      Form Change
    An annoying attack that changes your form based on the shape.
    Avoid contact if possible. Is used in all forms.
      Heat Seeker.
    This shot will chase you, but is short ranged.
    Stay the opposite side as to what it was fired. (First Form)
    Floods the room, and hurts if you stand under it.
    Keep to the sides or directly underneath the mask. (First Form)
      Water Bomb
    A fast moving attack, Avoid by running to a side.
    Use Captain Wario when the room is flooded. (First Form)
      Cresent bomb
    Fires a shot in your direction that moves slowly. (Second)
      Arena Trap
    Spikes the whole floor except the slopped sides. (Second Form)
    Causes heat to rise or sink. (Third Form)
    Strikes with a vertically moving Meteor. (Third Form)
    ==How to Beat==
    First off, don't be tempted to use Arty Wario's health creation. It can
    prove more of a problem than help.
    ==First Form==
    The first part consists or four orbs, one will attack with a heat seeking
    attack. When all orbs are in view, use Genius Wario and punch the red one.
    Triggering the Teardrops attack. Repeat this until the room is filled with
    water and use Captain Wario and attack the mask repeatedly to damage. You
    should be able to remove all health for this round.
    ==Second Form==
    The second round is slightly harder. Three heads come out of holes in the
    wall. Use Cosmic Wario's laser on all heads at the same time to cause them
    to explode. When you hit all three heads, they will all glow blue and then
    explode. When they explode, the Arena Trap of spikes will be triggered, so
    don't stay on the floor when this happens.
    Each set of three heads counts as one point of health. You have to destroy
    15 heads intotal.
    Once you have destroyed the head in either bottom corner, it is possible to
    avoid every attack going. As long as you remain crouched on or directly next
    to the slope, all hits will miss Wario. Arty Wario's blocks will also
    protect against all attacks, even the Form Changing orbs.
    The heads appear in a fixed formation as well:
    1 2 3 1 2
    3 4 5 4 3
    1 5 4 5 2
    All heads with the same number will appear together.
    ==Third Form==
    The third and final round is practically a joke. As long as you do not move
    from the side sections, you cannot be hit.
    You can hit the head with Dragon Wario's breath from the side sections if
    you jump. Repeat this five times and the level is over.
    ==   Contact Details   ==
    email: draobyek @ googlemail . com
    Please don't spam, and attach "[FAQ]" to the start of the subject.
    ==    Useage of FAQ    ==
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    * www.gamefaqs.com
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    FAQ may be used elsewhere, as long as credit is given.
    If this FAQ is found elsewhere, with someone else claiming credit..
    1. If you're responsible, go on a lemon and lime diet for 365 days.
    2. If you're not responsible, report it.
    == End of FAQ ==

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