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"Excellent Concept, Horribly done"

In a sea of 8/10's and 9/10, I stand alone with my 4/10. And why I rated it so you ask?

Because repetition is not fun

Plain and simple. Once you become efficient at this game, the system falls apart QUICKLY and before you know it, the game is WAY too easy and tedious. Lets start with the concept.

The concept of the game is simple. You have amnesia, suddenly own a house and a farm and you set off on an 'adventure' to farm the land, court the ladies and battle monsters. Sounds really good at first... exactly why I bought the game. This is where it starts going down hill...

You see, games require a sort of give and take, a form of boundries if you will, in order to keep you interested. Good games set an ever growing difficulty and it's your job to keep up. After the first game month, if you catch on to things quickly like myself, you will bore yourself to death due to the games backwards notion of 'ever growing difficulty'.

You start poor, with limited resources and stamina to boot. In fact, you drain yourself QUICKLY. So at first I thought 'WOW... what a difficult game, but still fun enough to keep me occupied'. And as day one closes, you barely have scratched the surface of the game... well... soon after... you learn that you can plant crops in the caves and if you know your math well, you also learn that strawberries have one of the best cash potentials in the game. So, in order to become more efficient, you plant a patch of strawberries in the first cave. Then you learn you can level up crops to add a multiplier to your score! But you need money to buy the Material to level up the crops... So, instead of farming, you find that mining is not only directly faster than farming, but can yeild HUGE amounts of money. So, you head off into a cave (the second and third cave give you WAY too much money) and mine for the day, all while using your money to level up your strawberries in the first cave. Soon after, you'll notice you can spend less and less time actually doing things and more time... well... doing boring stuff.

Courting girls is NOT fun
Chopping stumps till you get 2000 wood is NOT fun
Removing weeds is DEFINATLY NOT fun

So we're reduced to fighting monsters. At first, difficult, as the game gives you so many options for weapon types. But, the moment you learn how to use a sword and shield properly, the game becomes WAY too easy, making it possible to clear entire dungeons without taking a single point of damage with little practice. So the only thing holding you back is your slowly draining life bar due to your sword useage...

You begin to do research and learn that S. Yougurt recovers SP! Just enough SP to cast Medication (recovers status ailment and 80 HP) or cure (recovers 250 hp!!!!!!!!! BROKEN!) and takes a few minutes to cool down till you can use it again.

The yougurt maker cost is almost nothing compaired to the usefulness it provides...

So all in all, your reduced to 3-hit combos, while keeping a safe distance, taking no damage, and recovering the cost of attacks with S. Yougurt -> Cure...

Then Harvesting you level 10 Strawberries (which is possible to get to by fall) or mining the over priced gems in the second, third and fourth dungeon

Chopping stumps till you get enough wood to build your house and the optional monster huts (thats 4100 wood if I'm not mistaken. 2000 for the house, 100 for each monster hut (7) and 100 for each additional floor, up to 2 additional floors (totalling 2100 wood)

As for courting girls... there is no special events to really learn about or quests. Just Spam them with their favorite item and do the thing they love the most (examples: Farm your entire plot of land, catch 50 monsters, etc etc) A few are a bit harder (mei comes to mind along with jaspers daughter) and require that you TEDIOUSLY talk to them daily... about the same thing... since there is no extra options to talk to them about...

And what do we get in the end?

A game that will bore you once you become good at it, which takes little to no time. Just buy a yougurt maker and a seed maker and your set for life.

As for the Graphics and Sound, not bad... but still, you have to admit, you bought a game to play it, not to marvel at it's awesome graphics. Then again, the graphics are moot at best.

So all in all folks, this game will not stand the test of time. I felt robbed. Fun for the first few moments, then it's all down hill...

Like I said, 4/10. They could have had more things to spend money/wood on, but even so, you maximize your effectiveness so quickly that maybe that was the problem in the first place. If lv10 crops, over priced mineables and WAY too easy monsters didn't exsist, this game would have been a classic. But they screwed it all up and made it so horribly easy and redundant that I'd rather go to work. at least I make money rather than talk to mist about a stupid flower that takes 100 days to bloom ALL DAY LONG just to get her to marry me and talk about the same stuff ALL DAY LONG from the comfort of my home... hmm... sounds like marriage... that might get a 4/10 also...

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/13/07

Game Release: Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon (US, 08/14/07)

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