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"Shooting marbles without the mess"

Yet another game that requires the full use of the touch screen in order to play it. Magnetica is a fun puzzle game that requires you to lift your fingers off the buttons of the DS and instead use the stylus to flick the marbles in the game.

Gameplay: (9/10)Magnetica is a circular form of matching three of a kind of colors as opposed to the normal block dropping color matching frenzy games. Each stage has a different loop, some making it seem like you are about to die when you are far from it and some making it seem like you have a lot of space to live when you actually do not. You play the game by flicking marbles from the middle to marbles coming out of a conveyor belt. Three of the same color will get rid of the marbles. A miss would lead to making the belt of marbles even longer. However, you can intentionally miss in order to achieve higher bonuses. In addition, you can stop the conveyor from moving by getting rid of marbles towards the beginning of the conveyor thereby seperating the marbles and temporarily stopping the marbles from reaching the middle. In addition, various special marbles are included like in most puzzle games for additional bonuses and twists to the puzzle.

Sound/Music: (5/10)Repetative. What else would you expect from a puzzle game? But you can always just mute your DS and play music from your mp3 or computer.

Graphics: (7/10) Flat, dull, not much to look at. But what else would you be looking at anyway aside from the marbles you have to match up? They could have done a better job however, as I do not see the use of the top screen.

Misc.: (10/10)The game includes various extra features including a multiplayer mode that has a multi-card play and a DS download play. It also has a puzzle mode in which marbles are already set up and you get an amount of marbles to shoot in order to exactly clear the stage. There is also a challenge mode in which you must survive a long series of marbles that keep on coming. These features are a good break from the repetitive nature of the regular quest game.

Buy or not?: Personally, I would share this game with a friend (by share I mean get your friend to buy it so you can borrow it from him haha) because I am not rich and I do not think this game is worth the money. Also, I am not a big fan of puzzle games in general. Another game that you might want to consider checking out if you are into this style of gaming is Monster Bomber.

Overall: (8/10)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/09/07

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