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Reviewed: 11/30/07

The Altron people are making fun of the book and movie

I read Alex Rider:Stormbreaker a while ago, and watched the movie a while ago. I liked them both, and when I quite randomly found the game in Froogle, I decided to buy it. I waited eagerly for the game to come via mail, but when I got it, I was extermely disappointed. The game was bad in the two most important parts; storyline and gameplay. I hate Altron Corporation. They turned a wonderful book and movie into an awful game.

Storyline: 2/10

Though I read the book and watched the movie, not all people have. Here is a quick overview of the story. When Alex Rider's uncle dies, the police say it was a car accident. But when he sees a ton of people with guns at his uncle' funeral, he realizes something is wrong. And when he comes home he sees his uncle's stuff being shipped away. Following the shippers, Alex caomes to a dump yard. He sees his uncle's car, with bulletholes. Since thing are getting really fishy, he makes a visit to his uncle's work in a "bank". Then finally, they tell Alex. His uncle was an agent for the MI6(Brittish Intelligence Service). His uncle died investigating a multibillianaire inventor, Darrius Sayle. They thought his gift, a new computer, a Stormbreaker to every school in the country was to good to be true. Alex's uncle died in service. They ask him to investigate Sayle dressed as a magazine contest winner. Reluctantly, he agrees...

You're probably wondering why I gave a 2/10 if it's so great. Well, tell you what? That was from the movie. Those idiots at Altron Corporation, Inc. made the storyline in the game seem: "A boy[Alex Rider] is blackmailed into becoming a spy when his family member/friend dies". Yep, that's it that's the hole stroyline. Normally, I would have given this stupid storyline a 3-5/10. But since this stryline is supposed be much better, I give it a two.

Gameplay/Replayability 3/10

What can I say? THe game has six levels, each taking about 10-15 minutes to complete. There are also 8 mandotory( and 5 of them are very annoying) minigames that take about 5 to complete. In the game you can either punch or kick. Whatever the hell is the point of punch if kick does more damage and can strike further? Although there are unlockables, I unlocked without going far from the easiest way to complete the game. Even at hard, I completed the game in 200 minutes. In a day. And there isn't even multiplayer. There is option to change Alex's outfit, but was is this? Zwinky(TM) Dress-UP? The controls are mediocre for this genre. C-pad to move, a for punch, b for kick. 3 minigames are worth to be replayed about 5 times or so. At least this game costs only 12 bucks.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics are EXTRODAINARY. If Altron did work hard in making this game, it was the graphics. You'd swear you were playing a GameCube at many times. They are flawless. For example, you saw all the wrinkles in a log and all scrape marks on a painted wall. The only flaw is is that the graphics are to good to be put with the mediocre gameplay. Maybe the Altron programmers are stupid, but the artist are brilliant.

Sound 4/10
The music is good but repeditive. The SFX are just, plain bad. The music is something someone worked on to perfection for a long time, but the SFX is just something thos Altron "geeks" recorded in about two minutes. I swear hearing classical music as an effect of a punch would be much bettet than hearing the game SFX.
Buy or Rent

I would suggest not going anywhere near the game, but if you are are so set on the idea of playing this game, you could easily complete the game in the time farme of a rent. Even twelwe dollars isn't worth this game from hell.
Average Score:4.4
Overall Score: 4/10

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Alex Rider: Stormbreaker (US, 10/02/06)

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