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"How old is your brain?"

This game is quite different, its not really a game, it could really be described as useful software. It was hard to figure out how to review but you don't want to hear that lets get on with the review

Point? - 7/10
The point of this game is to well train your brain minutes a day, and well it delivers it perfectly. After some of the training exercises you can actually feel the blood flowing in the front of your head, called the pre-frontal cortex its basically the brain of the brain as described in the instructions. And well thats not that great, I'm not sure if it will keep up like the virtual boy headache or if you can get used to it and not feel pain like playing Metroid Prime hunters but it gives you a slight headache that lasts about 5 mins after you stop doing the training exercises. It doesn't really hurt its like the wimp of the headaches. Its new and innovative, a weird Idea but not the greatest

Gameplay - 8/10
You take a test to figure your brain age, highest is 80 lowest is 20, and believe me its not that hard to get close to an 80 your first time and its really hard to even get close to 20. It basically shows how healthy your brain is. You after that you can do exercises which are proven to promote the bloodflow in the PFC. The first time you do each exercise each day it graphs it to show your progress including when you check your brain age each day. You can do them all whenever you want but only the first will be recorded. You can challenge your friends who have it and even ones who don't with the download play. Basically challenge them to the exercises you do every day. When you are done with that you can do Sudoku puzzles, over 100 of them, which help the blood flow throughout the PFC.

Graphics and Sound - Who cares out of 10
This really doesn't matter

Overall - 8/10
Overall this game is fun and if you have a few mins a day it really helps you in the long run, and you can stick it to your parents and show them you can actually be useful with video games. If your on a train or just anywhere with your ds you can pop it out and play some sudoku. I can see myself playing it again and for only $20 its a definite buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/24/06

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