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"Review for a great, yet flawed game."

Alrighty, the subjects I am covering on this review are: Graphics, Sound, Originality and Gameplay.


Lets start with graphics shall we? Ok now the graphics in this game are almost not there, what I mean by this is that all you really see graphic wise on this game is a floating head that talks to you... and some weird things numbers tend to do in this game. Even though the graphics seem like are almost non-existent, the colors of the menus and, the colors of the miscellaneous activities you do in this game are good enough to not turn off gamers looking for a fun (near-innovated) game.

Score: 5/10


Right... the sound... uhhhh. If I was to be totally honest there IS sound but... its kinda annoying. Now there are the common bleeps and bloops and stuff (even sound when you are writing), but the sounds get annoying after a few time playing. Oh and the music is just wierd, it is like a song made in a laboratory... its hard to explain in a way, but it is annoying as well. Luckily the music goes away after you start a course. So now you are thinking that the sounds are going to drive you nuts, which is quite possible, but to alot of people enjoy the traditional bleeps and bloops of Nintendo games. As for those techno fans out there, the music should suit you fine.

Score: 6/10


This game pretty much creates itself. What I mean by this, is that I could not put this in a specific Genre, the closest I would come to would be educational. If this game is considered a educational game then it is damn fun to learn :-D. This category gets a 10 from me... challenge my score if you dare.



This is THE category that pulls this whole review together, and here is why. Ok picture this: a game with reading, multiplying, SUDOKU!, and many other learning activities that makes all of them FUN AS HELL! Don't get me wrong though, there are a few (FEW!) flaws in the gameplay, such as the way the game recognizes what you are writing (example: a - on the screen will pop up as either a 1 or 7), but for the most part is right on target. The second is the speaking which only has one flaw, and it consists with the word... BLUE! Other than those 2 flaws the game is perfect in terms of gameplay.


Ok so lets review with a pro/con chart:

- Lots of SUDOKU!
- Near perfect voice communication, other than blue.
- Picks up writing pretty well.
- Great types of activities (other than SUDOKU! that is).
- Nice change from other games nowadays.

- Graphics are mediocre.
- Sound is mediocre at best.

My opinion: get this game if you are up to an enjoyable, different type of game.
Overall: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/24/06

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