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"Fun way to use your mellon!"

Awhile back, I herd about Brain Age from a gaming friend who imports allot of stuff. I love Wario Ware Inc, so when he described it as a "Thinking Man's Warioware." My interest was pretty high. However, when I finally got the chance to play the Demo version, I wasn't quite sure what to think. But, being the brave soul I am (that and money burns a hole in my pocket), I decided to pick it up and give it a try. And I am pleased with the results of this program (I refuse to call it a game. You don't shoot anything, there's no Pirates, and you don't save any princesses).

The idea of the program is simple, you do short exercises every day in hopes that your brain will be able to function at a younger level. At first you start off with 4 exercises, but each time you turn on the System and launch a saved game of Brain Age, you get a stamp. Collecting enough stamps gives you more exercise to use to help train your brain better. (as a matter of fact the first unlockable game happens after just one stamp). Picture it this way, its like expanding a Gym, first all you got is a treadmill, a set of weights and a exercise bike, but as time goes on your muscles become stronger so you invest in different equipment for different parts of your body. Anyways, some require you to count different colors and numbers, and some of them requite you to read a passage from a novel and...well...that's it. Although you may be tempted to breeze through some of the exercise not really caring about getting the correct answer, after awhile you may find yourself trying a training exercise more then once per day.

The main problem I have is the time you can spend on it every day. It is interesting enough to pick up for 10 minutes a day and do the exercises, but after you do them once and take the Brain Age test, that's pretty much it for the rest of the day. Another problem I have is with the voice recognition. In t he main test mode, titled Brain Age Test, you are asked if you are in a quiet area where you can speak. This is because the task they ask you to do requires you to speak at a lower-then-normal volume, and if you do not find that range quickly, the game will think that it is not picking up your voice and reset the test.. At first you think that you need to shout louder into the mic, seeing how the DS mic is so small. But it is actually the opposite, the calmer you speak the more likely the mic will pick up your voice. However, once you find the range the task becomes fun, and you'll sometimes catch yourself fumbling to recover from a wrong answer.

All things considered, Brain Age is a fun and unique addition to your DS library. The Sunoco puzzles will keep you busy, and the Brain Age test will keep you on your toes.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/26/06

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