Review by zelgamer

Reviewed: 05/04/06

Brain Age is no renaissance.

This is a well made game. I give it that, and it certainly is entertaining and even addicting to a certain extent. The catch is, not all games appeal to everyone. All you do in this game is, train your brain by being times while doing simple math equations, moments where you talk into the mic, more math, connecting dots to other dots in numerical and alphabetical order, and other such things. This is actually fun to, and I found the puzzle game Sudoku really entertaining. Remember, it's only 19.99 currently so it's actually not a bad deal.

The thing though with this game is, after time, I just stopped playing it, completely. For me, I just found no more use for it. This game is meant to play for only a few minutes per day, as the title does imply. That is my biggest problem, I can't do that, I do for a while, but then I just stop through time, and I don't find any real urge to pick it up and turn it on. So obviously, I am admitting it's a solid game, it's just not for me. It may also not be for you. Here is a quick way to determine this.

I think Nintendog's is awesome. It is well made, though it has it's flaws. I would have liked to see those cute puppies grow into adults. That game, is also only meant to be played for a few minutes a day, and much like Brain Age, I was giving the attention every single day for a few minutes, and one day I found myself with no desire.

So if you haven't played Nintendogs then... well, what do you prefer? Games meant for long sessions, or games seriously meant for 3-8 minutes... per day.

Plot/point of the game: 9/10
There is no plot, the point of the game is to reach the Brain Age of 20, the ideal age for your brain. You train your brain by doing math, reading, and various other things and then you will occasionally check your brain age to see how you are coming along. This may not sound fun in writing, but I actually found it to be. You are timed for everything, and it's really your own nature to succeed that drives you. In other words, the point of the game does it's job for you coming back for more.

Music/sound 4/10
Not much I can say about this, there is only like 1 tune in the game. The sounds are really just clicking stuff and scribbling on the touch screen and such, it gets the job done, but I just ended up hating that tune. I found it annoying. It's not really that bad though. Think of Animal Crossing and it's one tune for the town. (Though in that game you could actually acquire other albums to play.)

Graphics 8/10
This game's graphics are a bunch of different colors numbers and stick figures, and a very polygonal face that represents Dr. K as I call him. Reason for an 8 is Nintendo was aiming for simple and simple is what they did. This is not meant to be eye candy. It's straight to the point and does what it needs to, enough said.

Replay Value 4/10
I thought it was high at first, 8 days later, I no longer want to even look at it. I completed everything and my brain is 20 years old (currently my real age too.) The Sudoku puzzles were great but didn't last long enough as you can see. This varies though, some may find this game to have alot of replay, others may not. I find it repetitive, same with Nintendog's.

Funfactor 7/10
I know I said this game was fun, and it is, for a while. It loses it's fun after you've reached it's goal, unless you want to keep at it and keep that goal met, that is your decision, it got to repetitive for me.

My recommendation...

Umm... buy it IF you loved Nintendog's. >_>

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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