Review by Soldier_0_Cross

Reviewed: 05/18/06

One heck of a way to workout that ol' prefrontal cortex.

Well, Brain Age is certainly no a game in he most traditional sense, and it definetly does not involve blasting the Space Pirate Armada from here to kingdom come. Think of Brain Age like you would a gym, you us it to work out your mind (as opposed to your body). And it definetly works.

I'm not going to write my Brain Age review like I would a normal game because it may end up in alot of 1s and 0s.

When you first pickup Brain Age and are introduced to the delightful Dr. Ryuto Kawashima he will ask you a series of questions and then he will test your Brain Age. No unlike most games the objective is to lower your score, yup you want a young brain. Now don't be sad if your brain is much older than you. The majority of people who pick up this game for the first time get results like that. But what you hav to do is workout your brain is daily exercises, that infact become very addictive.

You have your basic simple math, which involes addition, subtraction, multiplication and on harder levels division. Most of these questions are very easy and the multiplication questions do not leave the relm of 1 digit numbers (in the question that is the answers go up to 2 digits). Now the real test here is how fast you answer these. And over time you will gradually see your sore increasing, and you will be better at mental math that you were before (see working out that mind).

Other exercises include, speed reading aloud. Reading a small verse of words and counting the syllables as well as many other number and mental puzzles.

Oh yea and did I mention.....SODOKU!!!!!

Now if you don't know what Sodoku is you may want to go read a newspaper cause its always in them. basically for those who do not know, Sodoku is a highly addictive number puzzle. Basically you have ( large boxes each with 9 small boxes in them. You stack them up in 3 by 3s this makes it so you have also 9 lines of 9 and 9 rows of 9. The objective is to have every number from 1 to 9 in each row culumn and box, But heres the thing....You can't have the same number in any row culumn or box. They can never meet. These puzzles become highly addictive and are a great way to help logical thinking.

Now Brain Age may not sound all that fun, what with math and all. But soon it becomes a daily obsession. and gradually you become a faster thinker and can recall things much better. This game was actually tested to work on people who have Alsheimers.

Now as addicted to this "game" as you get after awhile it can become fairly old. But its still fun to just pick it up every now and then. Don't let it tie you down and constantly make a huge commitment (although it does that when u first get it)

All in all brain Age is worth the money you pay for it. So definetly pick it up.
Even if you have a 98.7% average (Im looking at you Dave.C)

Lol friend of mine flippin' genius.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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