Review by Thorpe

Reviewed: 06/13/06

Training your brain a fun way can be cool.

According to the game, Brain Training your brain needs to be exercised just like you would exercise your body. The game attempts to do just that. Whether you are 11 or 85 the game can be fun and will possibly get you coming back for more training. The minimum brain age you can get is 20 but don't worry - as Dr. Kawashima says if you are under that age take the results with a pinch of salt (I think it's that anyway).

At first, you'll only get a few exercises to start off with. As you progress through your training you will collect stamps. Eventually, once you have gotten enough stamps you will have all exercises unlocked. If you don't cheat this should be a matter of days. All you need to do is to remember to come back to the game the following day. You'll need to know your times tables and remember things a lot. This is what the whole game likes doing - exercising your brain. I was real bad at my times tables when I first did them on the game but you should notice you not only improve your brain age but you may actually remember those times tables for once! Things can get a little tricky in the other exercises. There is one particular exercise that always makes me annoyed. The one where you count how many people are in the house. You'll get little men walk in and walk out at the same time. Can be rather confusing because the little men go in and out so fast - like mice.

Dr. Kawashima is the only detailed thing you'll probably see in the game. Everything else is just like writing on paper. Times tables are black on a white background and so are a lot of the exercises. A game not to be judged by its graphics obviously.

Again, sound isn't an issue. You'll here some sounds when you have passed an exercise and in the menus you will get some brain training music for you to listen to. Nothing too big of a deal here.

For a price (in the UK) of £19.99 it's worth it. This is a game you might want to play everyday in order to keep improving your brain age and comparing it to other players. So, you'll probably get a lot of hours out of it. The sudoku as well adds on plenty of hours, if you like that.

Brain Training is fun for all sorts and is part of the Touch! Generations series of games. Older and non-gaming people may be interested in keeping their brain "healthy" with this smart and reasonably price Nintendo DS game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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