Review by Flame060

Reviewed: 07/24/06

A video game parent's will buy!

Gasp! Yes, you heard right, parents should consider this game for their children, and even for themselves. Brain age does what it advertises it does, trains your brain. According to the game, your brain is in it's best shape at or around the age of 20. After that, it can die down. This is usually because of the lack of schooling at that age and after (go to college, kids). The game very basically puts your brain at work with various games and challenges. You complete these games and get little tips day to day on how to keep your brain in shape. It's quite fun, and it's good for you too. It's also pretty unique as you hold your DS like a book. You hold it on either side, depending if you write with your left or right.

The games vary. Everything to yelling out what colour a name of another colour is written in, to simple math problems to memorization. You can be tested at random sometimes to do a bit of artwork or some sort of reading. Quite a few different games that you can actually feel that is making your mind work to answer. It's quite effective on people like me who have been out of school for a while (seriously kids, stay in school). The game has five options of play. Brain Age test, Daily Training, Sudoku, Battle and Download.

The Brain Age Test is the actual test to see how well you've improved, and to judge approximately how old your brain is. It usually starts out at something like 68 years old. Now remember, the ideal age is 20. But with only a single test, it can be pretty hard to see exactly how good you're doing. This is why there is the Daily Training. It will help you exercise parts of your brain. It also unlocks more games the more you play. And if you have some time and want a real thinker, play some Sudoku! Easy to learn, and fun to play. Good to pass the time every now and then. The Quick Play is easy for friends, as they can try some calculations or a brain age test on the spot, without having to make a personal account to keep records. And last, the download lets you race to see who is the faster math wiz. 2-16 people can play with one card. You can also send demo games (that just are the Quick play option) to friends. get them hooked and you'll have a friend to play with all the time.

Overall, the game works. Simple as that. It's fun, easy and good for you. Defiantly worth the money. Train just a little bit, each day and who knows how it could come in handy. Because of the games unique nature, it gets massive points. Graphics are as good as they need to be, and there is tons of playability in it. If you see it, defiantly give it a try. Your local EBgames should have this demo available to download (as of July 23, '06, anyway), so give it a shot. And parents, if your kid can read and follow instructions, give him this to play with. Keeps the tot quiet, gives you some spare time, and may improve grades.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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