Review by swordfish_eater

Reviewed: 08/01/06

Want to increase your IQ? BUY THIS GAME!!

Brain Age is a wonderful little game you can buy for the Nintendo DS. The idea behind this game goes, if you play just 15-20 minutes of this game per day, you can increase your IQ. This game was designed by a nueroscientist and was presented by Nintendo. The theory behind the game goes, that if you simple math calculations a day and if you read passages out loud, that should increase the bloodflow to your different parts of your brain:

By increasing the bloodflow, you are improving the synaptic connections between your brain's nerve cells, which should help your brain process information faster and retain information longer. The prime area that is being trained in your brain, as said by the good doctor, is your prefrontal cortex. This is the "control center" of your brain, and by exercising this area, you can increase your creativity, memory, and your ability to take information and apply it to new situations. This game could really increase your IQ.

The goal in this game is to get the lowest "brain age" possible (which is 20). So if you're 20 years old, but your brain age is 50, your brain is out of shape, and needs training (as your age should = brain age). The first time I played this game, I got the ripe old age of 85, but now my record is 36. And everytime I take the brain age test, my score is improving, so I think the training does help excercise your brain a bit. Before I played the game, my mind would feel sluggish and slow, but after playing this game every single day, I can feel myself thinking more more clearly and at a faster pace. After 15 minutes of playing this game, my brain feels just as good as my body does after working out in the gym. So I think this shows that the game works to at least a degree.

Brain Age has sold 400,000 copies in Japan and America, catapulting it to the top of the Nintendo best selling games chart (the only game that has outsold it recently is New Super Mario Bros.). And let me just tell you, I bought both mario and brain age at the same time, and I finished mario within the first week and I never picked it up again, but with Brain Age, I would find myself playing that game every single day. Brain Age is the most stimulating game you'll ever play, and for the small price tag it has (20 bucks!), it is more than worth it!

P.S. It also also noteworthy to note, that the game makes an excellent use of the DS stylus and both game screens.

Final Judgment:
This game is so good, that it's worth buying the Nintendo DS just so you can play it. Also, right now, Nintendo has a lot of good games out there (Electronic Gaming gave the Nintendo DS game line-up a solid "A" at E3 while in contrast, the PSP got slammed and received a "D" because all they had out were ported games). Also the nintendo DS lite just came up, so if you haven't picked up a DS yet, now would be a good time!


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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