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Reviewed: 09/22/06

Brain Age=Successful try

This is one of those games that literally make you buy it, just to trade it back in.

I bought Brain Age: Fact. I played it, enjoyed it, and told my friends about it: Fact. I had fun:Fact. Then what's the problem you ask? That "fact" that when I was done with the game, I had nothing left to do with it. This game is supposed to help people gain a healthier brain aga (OMG!! THE NAME OF THE GAME -_-) than they do, with the best age being 20 yrs old. I don't know if getting something earlier than that will mean you're God, but I know the Doctor in the game says the best age to achieve is 20. o_o

The Doctor goes by the name of Ryuta Kawashima, and he's a real doctor in Japan. He may study the brain; that seems to be the case. Anyway, the doc takes the form of a floating head, badly made of polygons. But it seems to have been done on purpose, so most of the time for me it's excuseable. Dr. Ryuta also has quite the personality, making occasionaly jokes and pokes here and there at the player. (One time he faked my brain age, saying it was 56, and then said, paraphrasing "Oh, I miscalculated. You're braing age is 20-something.") This is a really good concept: giving the doctor a personality instead of an instructor spewing out words and orders. He also responds to the time you insert; he will mention the sun set when it occurs at the time, or he will shout (not literally) a nice "Good morning!" to you when you pop out around 9am.

Game play, the meat of the sandwich called a game. It that meat was rotten, the sandwich wouldn't be bought, right? That's not really the case here. What I mean is, this game is like a prostitute: as in you pick it up, play it for literally about a week (if you are of average intelligence; I am slightly above) just to get to age 20, and then trade it back in to get half the cash back. This game was very dissapointing in terms of replay-value. I thought that this game would have plenty of mini games; yet, it only had about a hand full and two fingers worth.

Don't get me wrong; this game is very original, very exciting, and very entertaining in everyway. But when you find yourself doing the same exact math problems, reading out loud to yourself, counting how many poeple leave outside a house, every day as planned in the game, then its true colors really begin to show. To try to help out with the lack of games at start, the player must keeping playing for about 25 days to unlock about every mini game. Each day, you get a stamp for that day as proof that you trained your brain that day. Certain mini games are unlocked by collecting a certain number of stamps. That way, you not only train your brain, but you also look forward to playing that last mini game that you haven't unlocked yet.

The mini games vary in type and length, and some will even have to speaking into the DS mic for a change! There's one whereas you have to solve simple math problems that one may find in a second grade class room. Then there's a game where you have to say the color of the words that appear and not the words themselves, and from there we arrive at a problem. This game has problems picking up the words: "BLUE, and RED". You're gonna find yourself saying these two words often, not because they appear often, but because you won't be able to progress because the game has trouble with them. You can even say it in different pitches, and you'll probably still have trouble saying it. That's about the only problem with it though. I won't mention the rest of the games, as not to ruin it for you.

After playing the all you mini games (and I recommend you really do it after, you should try the Brain Age Check option. That sets the record of your brain age for the entire day, so you can't go back and try to change that day's record. Achieving age 20 is not big deal; trust me. You can ask the people on the BA boards and they all, including me can tell you that they achieved the ultimate Brain Age in about 2-4 days. Whoa. Big-ass deal, huh? But there's a problem: the goal of the game has just been achieved!!!!! GASP!!!!1 Oh Yeah, wait a minute.

This game has also included in it a Sudoku portion, which will hold anyone over for at least a few more days. Seening as you may get this game, you should dish out the time to play this game. If you get age 20, then you should be able to play and beat the 3 difficulties of Sudoku. It isn't hard at first, and there are trial boards that could help to get people to learn how to play it. And after that it's smooth sailing. You can play one mini game from Brain Age, then flip back to the title screen, select Sudoku, and then continue playing your Sudoku boards.

All in all, this game is really a rental. You won't be playing after you hit age 20, as that's the entire point of the game, and then you'll even reach that age in about 3 days tops. I just got this two days before this review and I'm already at age 25. So this game gets a decent score from me: I give it a 7, out of 10. Adm Sessler style.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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