Review by robogord2000

Reviewed: 03/27/07

It's just like homework, but you get INTO trouble for doing it too much

DS: Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day

"It's just like homework, but you get INTO trouble for doing it too much"

Let me explain this title a little, before I get into the actual review. You're parents will nag you "Do your homework!" until you do it. Video games, on the other hand, your parents will nag you NOT to do. They will say "Have you cleaned your room yet?", "Are you still playing that game?", or the ever infamous "It's a beautiful day outside, why don't you go and get some fresh air?" Well, this game has everything you ever wouldn't have wanted! It is JUST like doing homework in the sense of the worth ethic involved and how BORING it is AND you get the displeasure of hearing your guardian's nagging sorrows for you to stop and that you, as a person are making a bad decision by playing a video game, at the same time.

I got Brain Age and another game, Animal Crossing:Wild World (which by the way is an AMAZING game, you really should try it, I mean, it's ALL I play on my DS now) when I got my DS which was about four months ago. I'm going to tell you, I honestly have not played it in three months. It's that bad. (in case you're math challenged, that means, I only enjoyed it for 1 month or 25% of the time I had it)

The reason I disliked it, well, there are multiple. It's like school, first of all, not that I have anything against school, but it honestly isn't something to look forward to. I mean, I'd finish my homework when I got home from school, and I'd get to play it, but it was just as bad as the homework. And as I unlocked all the different activities in the game, it started to take over my life. Of course, at first, I was fine with it all, I mean, I didn't pay $130 for my DS Lite and another $20 for the game just for them to collect dust. I mean, I was amazed simply by the touch screen, which I thought was a radically innovative invention at the time. But I finally realized, the game quite simply, wasn't fun.

Some little things that I did like about the game were:
-the little hidden easter eggs and unlock-ables
-how you could compare your score with the other players that used your console
-the download play "brain battle"
-the tips
-the sud oku function (That's where 2.5 of those points come from

Some things that I didn't like about the game were:
-I think it maybe if they somehow added a storyline it might have more appeal
-how sensitive the microphone was ("Blue... Blue. Blue!, BLUE!, I SAID BLUE, AH!!! BLUE.....", "sorry, the correct answer was blue")
-how blocky the head of the professor was
-the flaws in the graphs/ charts (you could go down 20% by missing one answer, in some instances)
-That I could only play it until I was done for that day, then I had to wait until the next day (NOT a good road-trip game)
-That I paid $20 for it.

O.K., that last one wasn't really fair, but, I think you know what I'm getting at; I didn't enjoy this game. Overall, I'd give it a 3/10 because, well, for lack of a better term, it really sucked, still does really suck, and always will really suck. Sorry Brain Age fans, but you have to admit, when you have games that you really want to play, but you have homework to do, your not in your most content state. To me, Brain Age, was like my extra curricular classes, but I didn't get any extra credits.

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