Review by sargun

Reviewed: 08/25/06

Is this really Madden NFL?

Okay, I have always placed the ESPN series above the Madden games, but mainly because of just gameplay- Madden beats the crap out of it with everything else. However, that is all about the change. In '06, Madden came up with the QB sight radius, which really destroyed the series. Now, with a DS Port of '07, it almost seems like it's trying to kill itself. I will not take my bias against Madden into opinion, just common sense.

Graphics: 4/10
The DS has potential to actually have decent graphics. Better than the original PlayStation for some games, worst than an N64 for others- but this is pathetic. The players are blocks with numbers on them, a bunch of pixelated mumbo-jumbo that seems to make it nearly impossible to tell who is who- like other Madden games, that has been a problem for me, but this was horrid. The field is fine, not much disapointment, and I like the line you must draw for kicks, and the crowds were well pixelated; but the X's and O's above seemed to just be drawn. Not much to it.

Sound: 7/10
The sound of the DS is great, however, this is what all Madden games need to fix- the fact that it has the same phrases over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. "He's found his man!" Next pass: "He's found his man!" And the next pass: "He's found his man!" I cried when I realized that that seemed to be about the few phrases that seemed to be in there. The crowd sounds are okay, not too perfect, but I give it a 7. Just please add more phrases next time, Madden!

Gameplay: 2/10
The DS has always had innovative gameplay with the touchpad. The game Feel the Magic was a great example, and so was Advance Wars: DS. But of course, football's innovation was the players. Here, there's not much: the rosters of the season will always change, while these will are still some stale teams. The kicking line was okay, I liked it, but it wasn't exactly the best substitute for the length and power bars. The graphics made almost everything incomprehensible- but I was able to figure out that running was the easiest way to win. First play of the whole game: I hand it of to my fullback, and he streaks up the field, through the middle of the defense, and gets a touchdown. Passing was ridiculously hard due to the graphics, but having the little X's and O's above there was the golden touch, where I was able to find what was what. Injuries weren't common, but they were much more common than normal- I had about five a game. One point for trying with a DS, and one point for the X's and O's. The rest is complete crap.

I give this game a 3, only for the X's and O's at the top, the good sound, and the good crowd graphics, which has been lagging in the Madden department lately. Normally, this would have gotten a higher score, but the graphics and the gameplay was probably the most horrid I've seen. Stay away from this game at all costs. Luckily, I had done a two-day rental, and I even got my money back by a friend.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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