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"Stick to the consoles, EA, not handhelds..."

While EA has never failed to amaze me with their console games, I feel that their attempts at handheld fun is not very credible - stick to CONSOLES. Like the GCN, Wii, PS2, etc. While the game can be fun to play and while the fact that I can take it with me where ever I go is great, I can't help but realize that handhelds are not this game's place; at least for the Nintendo DS, anyway.

Play as your favorite team or make your own franchise, this game has tons of play features, but still, tacky graphics. Note that I'm not saying that graphics make up a game's credibility; this one is an exception.

Nice sound and music, and the in-game sounds are relevant to realistic sounds. That's about all I can say for this. Again, nice music. Nothing sounds better than hearing a 254 pound man bash into a 215 pound man at high speed, watching his helmet fall off and then hitting the ground, causing an injury that lasts the WHOLE game and sometimes, the entire season.

As with most football/Madden games, it does hold a good challenge, depending on how you play it; the difficulty setting depicts the challenge. Such as, choosing a low-stats team to face off against a high-stats team on All-Madden is suicide.

-Buy or Rent?-
Don't buy it...unless you like it. Rent it first. Give it a shot.

This game could have been a lot better, provided the makers used better coding methods. Oh well, at least the game is still playable. I recommend trying it out before you buy it, if you can. It won't be a total loss if you can't rent or borrow it, I bought mine and it's okay, but the graphics really hurt this game. It makes me feel like I'm substituting for a game on the SNES or something. At least the information (including the character's names and such) is right.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 03/19/07

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