Where can I find the key?

  1. I'm using a guide but i still don't see the key on floor b2 on temple of the ocean king3 how do I get it to show up?

    User Info: britjas

    britjas - 9 years ago

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  1. There is a Phantom standing just around the corner, right? Well, just beyond him there is a crystal switchy thingy in the alcove in the north wall. Before Russian off, know there is a second switch to hit due south of the door you're standing in- you should see both alcoves on your map. (Don't know what an alcove is? Look it up.)

    Right behind the phantom there is a pulley. This will deactivate the flame barrier to the south-west. You should also see the fire on your map. ...and the phantom.

    Assuming you have no bombs, you'll need to hit both switches, lure the phantom away from the pulley, and make your way beyond the fire and around to where you'll see the key fall. Once a key is available for pickup, it's visible on the map.

    So here's what you're gonna do:
    Wait until he's looking your way, and let him see you run south to the switch. With him following, hit it and dash all the way west then north to the other switch. He's not very fast, so you should have enough time to go east and pull the lever (pulley) before he catches up. Then head straight back to your safe zone until everyone calms down.
    Now you have a key and an open path.

    Next, you need to sneak by him when he's not looking, go beyond the firepit, and all the way to the west wall. Break the red pot where it is, stand in it's mini safe zone, and use your boomerand to hit the switch on the other side of the fire. There's another safe zone in the south-west corner. Go there when it's safe to do so.

    I believe there's another phantom patrolling the south-eastern perimiter. He's not so hard to fool. See the alcove in the southeast corner of the floor? There's another red pot there. Follow him from a safe distance until you can safely reach the red pot and break it. You can pick it up, and place it cleverly, but that can get tricky.

    Once you're in your safe zone, you can wait 'till he passes on his way westward. Then you go north to the button on the floor. Stand on this and send your boomerang to retrieve the key. As soon as you can after sending off your boomerang, make your way to the safe zone immediately east of that position.

    Now you have the key and you're safe! Next is getting yourself to the locked door. Again, follow him quietly to the puddle of safety, and when the time is right, make a mad dash to the door. You can either go back the way you came, or you can make use of the red/blue switch for a bit of a short cut.
    I got you to the key, the rest is up to you.

    Did you get all that, guy?
    Then I'm outta here!

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  1. You need to pull the two switches in the northeastern room to make the key appear.

    User Info: SilentLoner

    SilentLoner - 8 years ago 0 0

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