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Phantom Hourglass is easily the best game on the DS, and one of the best Zelda games to date.10/22/07AmazoLK
The legend returns - smaller, but better than ever!10/04/07Arkrex
The Best Zelda Game Since Majora's Mask10/15/07bluej33
The DS spoils yet another classic.10/16/07ElDudorino
The First Truly Awful (Official) Zelda Game01/06/08RDFakan
Simply Put, There is Just No Reason to Play This Game.09/01/10TwilitLeviathan
Everything wrong with the Zelda series and Nintendo, all rolled into one package.05/17/10UltimaterializerX
Easy and lacking the heartfelt effort that its brothers got, but a good starting point for newcomers12/15/0994067
(Insert yet another remark about the game's difficulty)10/09/07Axl
Hell is Repetition07/06/10BloodGod65
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is filled to the brim with AWESOMENESS!!10/30/07Boomerang78
For a first try at Zelda, I'm impressed.11/20/07Chiiix3
Times have changed...11/29/07clarkisdark
Don't let the hourglass run out, you NEED to play this game! (9.5)06/04/08comebackking1
A Phantom that Should Definitely Appear in your DS Collection10/15/07Cooper736
Corran450's Review Series Vol. 9: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass03/30/09corran450
What do you mean it's not a GameCube game? Look at it, man!10/19/07Crazee Boy
A must have for your DS collection. Another knockout by Nintendo.05/21/08Cyptosporidium
The Legend of Zelda moves to the DS. Did it live up to the rest of the series?06/18/08DarkBlumiere
One of the most epic RPGs on the DS12/17/07Dash_Jr
Link returns, with an all new fun adventure waiting to be fufilled!12/10/07deoxys154
While not the best Zelda game, it's still very good03/10/11Donald Love 87
Makes me wish I had an hourglass to slow down my time with it!10/22/07Dyajin
Link's first adventure for the DS proves to be excellent.10/15/07Frodo82524
A disappointing game.08/19/09Gilgamesh1317
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Does Great Justice to the Series07/02/08Grotesque_death
What is Zelda? It's the reason the DS was made, that's what it is.10/22/07horror_spooky
You Never Really Know Until You Try12/29/07ian2093
Fun but flawed; Phantom Hourglass is a gem surrounded by coal11/20/07Ishanji
A disappointing sequel that focused on controls and very little else10/02/09KCF0107
Yay, Wind Waker With Crappy DS Controls. Sign Me Up09/29/08LordShibas
Unfortunately, this game is too easy.09/09/07Mykas0
"Does this dungeon ever end...?"06/22/16nastynate3118
An excellent sequel to a great game10/15/07SeiferMaster
The Wind Waker Revisited11/15/07SuperPhillip
The Legend of Zelda does it again01/03/08Tank_Scott
Wind Waker on the go07/25/08Trixter800
An amazing game that was rich, but too short.07/01/08Wishdamume
Not quite as epic as one would hope, but a fun couple of hours nonetheless.10/16/07Zantriel

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Does it rank up to the best Zeldas, or is it a gimmick? Read on.10/04/07egervari3
Boring and gimmicky.10/18/07Phediuk
A breakthrough in the way Zelda is played...but at what cost?06/11/09_Spin_Cycle_
The ugly duckling from the Zelda series, but a great way to show off the DS's capabilities at least!04/08/08AceUltraGamer
Total Stylus Control Brings Down What Is Otherwise Another Solid (If Easy) Zelda Game10/05/07Baramos222
If you're a fan of Zelda games, you'll fully enjoy this one too.01/22/08Big Bob
The ultimate Zelda game for those on the go.11/26/07Bkstunt_31
An all new Zelda with an edge!01/01/08Edge578
Nintendo's Anti-Hype Campaign Buries DS' Finest Title Ever10/08/07GeekyDad
The Only Word To Describe Zelda Phantom Hourglass: Perfect03/10/08gigasguy
The best DS game by far but lacks compared to other zelda titles11/26/07gugubee
Unforgivable flaws ruin an otherwise decent game.02/11/08Guzzie
Link returns in arguably his most epic handheld adventure yet.10/15/07Habefiet
Very linear, yet very enjoyable.11/27/07Hylian_Woodfall
Fun, but irritatingly lacking, and obviously NOT the best DS game.10/15/08IIRomanTwoII
A Whole New Take For Me10/04/11imagine606
The highly anticipated sequel to LoZ:WW is finally here!10/22/07InfernoCrossing
Finally a Zelda game for the DS. Did it live up to expectations?07/09/07jokerz_13
There's certainly enough key Zelda elements there to make it a worthwhile.06/12/17Junior_AIN
NES Zelda remixed into a new game10/17/07Legender93
The doldrums that remain from the great waves before11/19/14Linkzcap
Portable Zelda gaming is dying, or should start.04/20/09Menji
One of the best in the series03/23/09Naked Snake
Best fifteen hours of my life...10/18/07NinjaZidt
Nintendo brings Zelda to the DS.11/12/07orestes1981
A normal Zelda however you look at it - With superb stylus controls.10/12/07PokemonAddict23
A decent game, but nothing to write home about.04/24/12RageBot
Possible one of the best game on the DS so far10/29/07silverstars320
This is what Wind Waker should have been.11/26/07the_Bored23
Great fun, but not a classic Zelda.04/13/09the_superiorx2
Touch & go with Link in the latest Zelda Game03/09/09thegamemaster8
The controls are absolutely superb and really make the game great - alongside a good overworld and very nice graphics of course07/02/08TheMadcapLaughs
Zelda's first foray on to the DS succeeds01/14/08vallunge
An Enjoyable, Yet Flawed Zelda Title10/09/07XZero319

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It's easy, but still fun...03/04/091guynamedchris
I'll take Temple of the Ocean King for a thousand, Alex!01/18/08abbyhitter
This game is... EPIC!10/03/07AtomicGoomba
A legend slightly out of the timeline...02/06/08Awakened_Link
One of the Greatest DS games EVERY DS owner should have!07/23/08BenhTheMan
A Classic03/12/08blackdeath1009
Yo - Ho - Ho and a Bottle of Milk?05/21/09BlueBoy675
The Sand Slips Too Fast11/12/07chemicalinxs
The Best Zelda Handheld for DS!!11/19/07Darkdoomsday
Zelda makes landfall onto the DS with an astounding boom10/05/09Doomion33
This wasn't as great as The Twilight Princess, but it still was outstanding.07/15/09Fierce___________Link
You owe it to yourself to buy this game.10/04/07FiftyTen
A long time coming.12/10/09FlaminFro
Phantom Hourglass, a total control master piece10/27/08fuchigole
Possibly the best Zelda yet!10/08/07gamerelite1
the best DS game ever10/16/08Gavni
Overhyped. Worst Zelda game I have ever played.01/03/08HalfDragonBronz
A fun, easy game10/19/07hanmo
A new way to start gaming!10/08/07Heiedono
I was hooked for days.....10/12/07Ichigo_kurasaki
The Legend of...Zelda?01/03/08KB48
Looking for change? Here it is.10/08/07killer_chaos
The Legend of Zelda continues with another fantastic game!11/19/07KumquatMuffin
The score says it all --- fun to play, but some minor, but no major flaws.10/15/07Lethargied
About time the DS got a true masterpiece.06/25/07nehanBosatsu
Yet another fantastic zelda game02/13/08NickDreadskull
Really not disappointing in any way11/19/07Ninjujitsu
Wind Waker-style, but still unique02/23/09Norn_Guy
Rats are annoying.12/23/09PokeLoveGuy9
A great game, With a few downsides.07/05/07Poliwrath
A Zelda game that upholds the tradition; a fantastic game!10/18/07PrincessZelda84
I'd give it a B plus or A minus11/05/07PT_Piranha
An engaging experience that can be described as simply DS.11/01/07RPGamer15
Link embarks in another spalshy adventure!11/12/07Runcola_Uzumaki
Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass02/25/08Scorch3000
Best Game Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!11/26/07ShippudenNaruto
The greatest rpg has gone portable!!!!08/14/08Steverino2
Do I have to say it?08/03/07swimmering
Something of a Weak link in the series.08/17/09turtlethetaffer
A very great zelda game01/03/08XanaDragon

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