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    Game Script by Arkrex

    Version: Final | Updated: 11/06/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          -   ---___- ,,                _-_-                             |\   
             (' ||    ||                 /,             _                 \\  
            ((  ||    ||/\\  _-_         ||      _-_   / \\  _-_  \\/\\  / \\ 
           ((   ||    || || || \\       ~||     || \\ || || || \\ || || || || 
            (( //     || || ||/          ||     ||/   || || ||/   || || || || 
              -____-  \\ |/ \\,/        (  -__, \\,/  \\_-| \\,/  \\ \\  \\/  
                        _/                             /  \                   
                           /\         -_-/                           
                          ||         (_ /                            
                    /'\\ =||=       (_ --_  -_-_  '\\/\\ ,._-_  /'\\ 
                   || ||  ||          --_ ) || \\  || ;'  ||   || || 
                   || ||  ||         _/  )) || ||  ||/    ||   || || 
                   \\,/   \\,       (_-_-   ||-'   |/     \\,  \\,/  
                                            |/    (                  
                                            '      -_-               
                            +-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
                            |A| |N|e|w| |B|e|g|i|n|n|i|n|g|
                            +-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    				 Nintendo DS
    			       | GAME SCRIPT |
    	        Author: Kelvin Tay -> AKA Arkrex/Torte/Smooth
    	                 Version: 1.1 FINAL (06/11/06)
    This Game Script is for personal use only.  It may not be used for any 
    commercial or personal gain.  If you would like to host this FAQ, ask for my 
    permission first (contact me at arkrex@hotmail.com with "Spyro" as the subject 
    Spyro the Dragon and all related properties are copyrighted to their 
    respective owners.
    			      | INTRODUCTION |
    Welcome all to my first complete video game transcription.  Herein lies the 
    story of the origins of that purple dragon we all know as Spyro.  The entire 
    main story dialogue, as told in the NDS version of the game, is all here for 
    your reading pleasure.  Hope you find the tale an interesting one.  Check out 
    my FAQ (definitely found at GameFAQs) for more info regarding this game.
    			    | TABLE OF CONTENTS |
    I. Introduction
    1. A New Beginning			#1
    2. The Prophecy				#2
    3. Dante's Freezer			#3
    4. The Tall Plains			#4
    5. Munitions Forge			#5
    6. Cynder's Lair			#6
    7. Convexity				#7
    8. The End of the Beginning		#8
    T. Thanks				#9
    |1. A New Beginning| (#1)
    CUTSCENE: The Legend of Spyro
    Ignitus: I, like all the others, awaited the birth of the dragon of whom the 
    	 prophecies foretold.
    	 But the Dark Master heard the prophecies as well.
    	 Save them!  The dark armies have come!
    	 I should have hidden the eggs long before, but I ... I thought they 
    	 were safe.
    	 The egg came to rest in a distant swamp.
    	 Where a family of dragonflies gathered around wondering
    	 what magnificent creature could possibly live inside.
    Several Years Later
    Spyro and his best buddy Sparx are playing around in an open area
    Sparx: Never catch me this time, purple boy!
    Spyro: Hold still, my little glowing friend.
    Sparx: No way, big guy.
    Spyro gives chase to Sparx.  He approaches a large gap
    Sparx: What's the matter, Spyro?  Can't fly?  Ahh, that's a shame.
    Spyro: You're in trouble when I catch you!
    Spyro reaches a cave blocked off by the skull of a large beast
    Spyro: Hey, that's cheating!  We're not allowed in there!
    Sparx: Pffft ... Excuses, excuses.  Catch up or give up, chunky!
           To get into the cave, touch the target a few times to destroy it.
    Spyro manages to successfully break down the obstruction and follows Sparx
    Sparx: Must be tough to lose all the time, Sp- ...
           Ack!  I've been eaten alive!
           Let me outta here, you overgrown fungus!  Spyro, help!
    Spyro: Geez, Sparx, I dunno.  Frogweeds gotta eat, too.
    Sparx: Just whack it, wise guy!  Mu wings are getting moldy already!
           First touch the bad guy with your finger to set your target.
           Then beat him up with the 'Y' button.
    Spyro beats up the frogweed
    Sparx: That's better!
           Ugghh - now I smell almost as bad as you.
           Hahahahaha!  So long, sucker!
    Spyro: So much for gratitude.
    Spyro encounters a more dangerous adversary
    Sparx: Oh looky!  A fire beetle!  They're too small to fight - so just touch 
           'em to squish 'em.
    Spyro encounters a save crystal
    Sparx: See this thingy?  You can touch it to save our progress.
    CUTSCENE: Enemies approach!
    Spyro: Sparx!
    Sparx: You miserable coward let me go!
    Soldier: Grrr ... I've had about enough of you!
    Spyro: Sparx, look out! ... Aarrrr!
    Spyro breathes fire
    Sparx: Whoo!  Was that fire, dude?
    Soldier: Take care of them!  I've got to report to Cynder.
    After beating the 2 soldiers, Spyro's adopted parents arrive on the scene
    Mom: Sparx!  Spyro!  What's going on here?  What were those creatures?!
    Sparx: Mom!  Dad!  I was just about ready to kick that guy's tail when Spyro 
           came out breathing FIRE!
    Spyro: It's true, Dad!  I just got real mad, opened my mouth, and whoosh - 
           flame city.
    Dad: I believe you.  Your mother and I knew this day would come.
    Spyro: What day?
    Dad: The day when we would have to tell you the truth.
         You see Spyro, you're not a dragonfly at all, but an exile from an 
         unknown, distant land.
    Spyro: So, you mean ... I'm not your real son?
    Dad: You are our real son.  It's just that you came from somewhere else ...
         far away, where wars rage on and on.
    Spyro: I ... I need to find that place - find out where I really belong.
    Mom: We understand Spyro.
    Sparx: What?  You're leaving me?!
    Spyro: This is your home, Sparx, but I just found out that my home is out 
           there somewhere ... and I've got to find it.
    Sparx: No you're not!  I'm coming with you!
           Look, Spyro, all I know is that best friends belong together ... even 
           if one of them is purple and does have some weight issues.
    Spyro: Weight issues, huh?  At least I've never been eaten by a frogweed.
    Sparx: Frogweed shmogweed.  Let's see what's out there.
    Mom: You boys be careful!  And come home safe.
    Spyro and Sparx part with their parents and the duo begin their big adventure
    The duo encounter a huge swooping shadow as a large dragon flies overhead
    Sparx: Ahhhhhhhhh!
    Spyro: Ahhhhh!
    Sparx: Breathe, Sparx old boy.  Go to your happy place.
    Spyro: What in the world was that?
    Sparx: No idea, and I hope I never find out!
    An energy barrier erects behind the duo, trapping them within a confined area
    Sparx: Wha?  Where did this thing come from?
    Whatever it is, it looks loke there's no getting past it.
    After defeating the enemies the barrier drops down
    Sparx: The magic gate is gone!  Must have happened when you finished off that 
           bad guy.
    Spyro reaches a large gap
    Sparx: Use your little wings to glide across this chasm.
    Sparx leaves Spyro for a while
    Sparx: This place is crazy!  I'm gonna scout ahead, back in a jiffy!
    Spyro catches up to Sparx who has discovered someone interesting.
    Sparx: Hey, I'm back - and LOOK what I found!
    Ignitus: You're - you're alive?
    	 But it's too late ... too late ...
    Spyro: Too late for what?  Who are you?  Do you know me?  Where do I come from?
           What are you?  What are we?  WHAT AM I?!?
    Ignitus: You're a dragon.  When you were just an egg, it was my job to protect 
    	 ... It was my job to protect all of you.
    Spyro: There are others?
    Ignitus: There were.  There were four of us, four Guardians, and we had one 
    	 job: to ensure that all the eggs hatched.
    	 It was the Year of the Dragon, after all, and our very survival 
    	 depended on those eggs.
    	 But the Temple and Grotto are lost.
    |2. The Prophecy| (#2)
    Ignitus: Who knows what forces occupy the temple now ... what state it's in.
    Spyro: Well, who is "they" and why did they come for me?
    Ignitus: Because the prophecies spoke of a purple dragon ... a dragon born 
    	 only once every ten generations.
    Ignitus: You.
    Sparx: Spyro some special, once-in-a-blue-moon dragon?  Ha!
    Ignitus: I can assure you that I'm telling you the truth.  Tha Dark Armies 
    	 attacked, intent on destroying the eggs and killing the rest of us.
    	 They nearly succeeded ... and then they laid siege to the other 
    	 For many years we fought all over the islands.
    	 There were brutal clashes with the armies of the Dark Master, who was 
    	 intent on preventing the prophecies from coming
    	 The other three Guardians and I led our forces into battle after 
    	 battle against our ruthless foe.
    	 Then, when we were beginning to turn the tide, Cynder came.
    Spyro: Cynder?
    Ignitus: Yes, Cynder, a monstrous, horrific, ferocious, black dragon that 
    	 fills the skies with terror, an unstoppable force of nature.
    Sparx: Sounds like that thing that chased us in here, Spyro.
    Ignitus: Yes, she still searches for me.
    	 I, Ignitus, am the only Guardian who has eluded Cynder.  The other 
    	 three were captured, and without them, our cause is lost.
    	 Now, Cynder rules all ... and I sit here wondering what might have 
    	 been.  What else I might have done.
    Sparx: Wow, you're not exactly Mr. Sunshine are ya?
    Spyro: Yeah, why have you given up?  I just find out that I'm this special 
           dragon, and you tell me all is lost?  That I have no home or family 
           I've come way too far to give up now.  I wanna see where I come from.
    Ignitus: Spyro, it's not as simple as that.
    	 It's true, the prophecies spoke of a purple dragon, but they didn't 
    	 foretell the devastation that surrounds us now.
    Spyro: Maybe you're right, but I'm willing to try.  I want to take the first 
    Ignitus: Very well then.  We'll go.  You deserve to see your beginning before 
    	 it all ends.
    They head to the temple entrance, only to be be met with a magical barrier
    Ignitus: What magic is this?  Someone has erected a magical barrier to prevent 
    	 us from entering our home!
    	 Look how it draws energy from the air.  See if you can open this 
    	 contraption, Spyro.
    	 Hmm.  It appears to have a lock on it.
    	 Try moving the handle in a circular motion along the arrows.
    Spyro solves the puzzle and shuts down the power crystal
    Ignitus: You solved it!  And the barrier disappeared - now let's get to the 
    	 bottom of this.  Come along.
    Inside the temple, enemies ambush the trio
    Soldier: Well, Ignitus, we nabbed your Guardian buddies, but you managed to 
    	 escape our clutches until now!
    Ignitus: Stand back, Spyro, and let me show you what a dragon trained in the 
    	 ancient ways can do.
    Soldier: Dragons your age still fight?
    Ignitus: Ow, my back!  On second thought, Spyro, you take them!
    Ignitus imparts some defensive advice to Spyro
    Ignitus: There's too many of them!  If you get surrounded, do a Tail Sweep to 
    	 make some room!
    Once Spyro defeats all the soldiers and their leaders
    Ignitus: Good work, Spyro!  If only I were younger, we could make a great team.
    	 Come, follow me.  I need to show you something.
    CUTSCENE: Shrine of the Dragon
    Spyro follows Ignitus to a platform overlooking the surrounding islands
    Spyro: What happened here?
    Ignitus: This is what Cynder has done.  She has put all the islands under her 
    	 iron rule.
    Spyro: I wanted to see where I came from, but I didn't know it was going to be 
           like this.
    Ignitus: This was once our home, Spyro.  Together we can make it our home once 
    	 again and reclaim what's rightfully ours.
    Spyro: What do you mean?
    Ignitus: I mean that the time of my heroics is past, but with your help, we 
    	 might be able to beat Cynder.
    Spyro: I'm not sure what help I can be, Ignitus, but I'll try.
    Ignitus: Good.  That's all I can ask.  Now come with me.  I have something for 
    Back at the main chamber
    Ignitus: The style you used earlier is crude, archaic, and obvious, Spyro, but 
    	 you got the job done.
    Spyro: Thanks, I think.
    Ignitus: But if you're going to have a chance against Cynder and her army, 
    	 you're going to need to learn a lot more.
    	 Now it's time to unleash the true dragon within you.
    	 Each of the Guardians is master of an element.  I am master of fire. 
    	 Pay attention and you could be a master someday too.
    	 Let's begin.
    	 Press the 'X' Button to spit a fireball.  This attack is very 
    	 powerful, but you will use lots of breath energy.
    	 Use your fireball to dispatch these training dummies.
    	 A fireball is more powerful than your flame breath, but it uses more 
    	 It will damage any nearby enemies when it explodes.
    Spyro destroys the 3 training dummies
    Ignitus: Did you know you can use your breath to create a shield around you?  
    	 It's true - just press 'B' then 'A'.
    	 This attack uses some of your Fury Energy.
    Spyro destroys the 3 training dummies
    Ignitus: Now I will teach you your most powerful flame attack - the Fire Fury!
    	 First, press and hold 'X' and 'A' for one second.
    	 Once you've done that, watch the targets that appear.  Touch them in 
    	 the same order that they appear.
    	 If you can do this before time is up, you will destroy all your 
    	 enemies!  If not, they will still be damaged.
    Spyro destroys the 3 training dummies
    Ignitus: Aha, I knew you had it in you, Spyro!
    	 Now let's move back to the main chamber.  I have one more thing to 
    	 show you.  This way!
    Back in the main chamber
    Sparx: What's with the pool, big guy?
    Ignitus: If you must know, certain dragons have the ability to see the visions,
    	 thoughts, memories, and dreams of others, and to see
    	 what's happening in places far away.  I am one such dragon.
    	 And what I see in the Pool of Visions now is disturbing.
    	 It's Volteer, one of the Guardians, held by Cynder's forces on Dante's
    	 Freezer, the island of ice.
    	 Spyro, while I search for the others, I want you to venture there and 
    	 find out what you can.  Remember, just look around.
    	 If you encounter Cynder, run.  You're not ready to face her yet.
    Spyro: But Ignitus, how do we get there?
    Ignitus: I'm glad you asked.  You're going to fly.
    Spyro: Let me get this straight, Ignitus.  You're saying that I can fly?
    Sparx: Maybe you've been living in those caves a little too long, Ignitus, old 
           boy.  Spyro can't fly.
    Ignitus: Spyro, just forget everything you ever thought you knew about 
    	 Only through forgetting will you remember what your ancient blood 
    	 already knows:
    	 You can fly.
    Sparx: I guess now is as good a time as any to say goodbye.
    Spyro: Yeah ... nice knowing you.
    CUTSCENE: Spyro can fly!
    Ignitus: We'll remember what your ancient blood already knows ...
    	 You can fly.
    |3. Dante's Freezer| (#3)
    CUTSCENE: Overview of the new land
    Ignitus: Dante's Freezer is a desolate arctic expanse.  You must find Volteer.
    Spyro flys down to the ground, with a crash
    Spyro: Incoming!
    Sparx: Nice landing Ace.
    Spyro: Yeah, I think I'll stick to the ground for a while.
           Not exactly a friendly place, huh?  Wonder where should I start?
    Sparx: Well I'm no hero like you, but maybe we should take that clearly marked 
           path that leads to the interior.
    A dark shadow travels across the ground as a large dragon swoops overhead
    Sparx: Do you think that was Cynder?
    Spyro: I sure hope so.
    Sparx: What?
    Spyro: Well, if it wasn't, it means there's more than one giant evil dragon 
           around here.
    Upon coming across a catapult device
    Sparx: Why don't we use this thing to knock that bad boy down?
    Spyro: I knew I brought you along for a reason.
    CUTSCENE: Enemy attack!
    Sparx: Look out!
    Spyro is hit by a lightning bolt
    Spyro: Ooof!
    Sparx: Spyro, are you okay, buddy?
    Spyro breathes out some lightning to defeat the enemies
    Sparx: Whoa! ... I guess so!
    The duo come to the end of the road
    Sparx: That's gotta be where Volteer is.  Let's get him outta there.
    Spyro: I don't like this.  It's too quiet ... too easy.
    Sparx: Easy?  You call this easy?
    Boss fight instructions:
    Using the Stylus, touch the targets.  Hold to lock on, then release.
    Press 'd-pad' to dodge obstacles.
    The Ice King is defeated and Volteer is freed
    Volteer: It borders on the miraculous, incredible, stupendous!  A dragon your 
    	 size defeating that thing!  Thanks you, uh, what's your name son?
    Spyro: Spyro.
    Volteer: A purple dragon named Spyro.  Amazing.  Of course, there were rumors 
    	 of a purple dragon countless generations
    	 ago, but most considered it hearsay, gossip, legend.  It's hard to 
    	 believe, difficult to fathom, amazing to comprehend ...
    Sparx: No wonder thay gagged this guy.
    Volteer: ... so much time has passed, so many things have been learned, and now,
    	 here he is, standing right before me!
    Sparx: Excues me, Mr. Volteer, sir?
    Volteer: Oh, yes, yes, what is it?
    Sparx: Shouldn't we get going?
    Volteer: Oh, of course, but where to?
    Spyro: Back to the Temple.
    Sparx: A friend of yours is waiting.
    Volteer: Ignitus?
    Sparx: Bingo.
    Back at the temple
    Ignitus: Yes, Volteer, it's good to see you as well, but we don't have time to 
    	 waste.  Back to Cyner - she was doing what to you?
    Volteer: It's hard to be absolutely sure ignitus, but it seems she was using me 
    	 as some sort of suspended, organic power source.
    Sparx: Huh?
    Spyro: She was using him as a battery.
    Sparx: Why didn't he just say so?
    Volteer: Not only that, she also left with a glowing yellow orb, and I believe 
    	 that I somehow powered it.
    Does this mean anything to you, Ignitus?
    Ignitus: Perhaps.  We nees to rescues the other Guardians, before Cynder can 
    	 power any more of those orbs.
    Volteer: I agree, Ignitus, but first I'd like to impart some useful knowledge
    to Spyro vis-a-vis his recently acquired electricity-based exhalation device.
    Training begins
    Volteer: Maybe you already figured this out, but if you hold down 'X' you can 
    	 lock-on to 2 or more enemies!  Try it!
    	 All electric breath locks on to your target.
    Spyro destroys the 3 training dummies
    Volteer: Sterling, stupendous, stunning!
    	 Use electric power when enemies are far apart.
    	 Also, your Electric Shield power will prevent you from taking damage 
    	 for a short time, but it costs Fury Energy.  Give it a try
    	 press 'B' then 'A'.
    Spyro destroys the 3 training dummies
    Volteer: Ignitus will be pleased.  Now's a good time to practice your Electric 
    	 Just hold 'X' and 'A', then touch the targets.
    Spyro destroys the 3 training dummies.  Ignitus enters the room
    Ignitus: Good work, Spyro.  It's time I taught you some more of my secrets.
    	 This is what i like to call a "Finishing Move".
    	 You can use this when your opponent's health is less than half.
    	 First, do a melee combo with 'Y,Y,Y'.  Then press 'B'.
    	 When the enemy flashes white, press 'A' to blast him with superheated 
    If you fail to perform the finisher...
    Ignitus: You didn't do it quite right - try again.
    When you successfully perform the Breath Finisher on the lone dummy...
    Ignitus: That's it!  Now grab the 'target' and drag it around the room.  It 
    	 will leave behind a trail of fire!
    	 Enemies will not walk through this - you can use it to block off 
    	 sections of the room.
    Back in the main chamber
    Ignitus: Spyro!  Cyril the Ice Guardian, was taken to Tall Plains.  You and 
    	 Sparx must go there at once and find him.
    Spyro: Yes, sir.
    Sparx: But if we see danger we should run ... right?
    Spyro: There are times when all of us need to stand up to danger, Sparx.
    Sparx: Yeah, maybe next month, next summer, perhaps next year ...
    Ignitus: Just go ... now.
    |4. The Tall Plains| (#4)
    Ignitus: Tall Plains ... I sense that's where Cynder is keeping Cyril.
    	 You must find him.
    The duo discover a tied-up prisoner
    Spyro: What is that?  A deer?
    Sparx: I think it's an antelope.  Or maybe a jackrabbit.  Whatever he is, we've 
           got to help him.
    Upon freeing the prisoner - Kane the Atlawa
    Kane: Ow!  Watch it, would ya?
    Spyro: I was just trying to help.
    Kane: Well, the Atlawa and Kane need no help.
    Spyro: What did they want with you anyway?
    Kane: It's none of your business.  Now move!  I've got a tribe to save.
    Sparx: You're welcome!
    CUTSCENE: There's Kane!
    Spyro: Kane!
    Sparx: Yeah, I know the guy's an ingrate, but you've got to do something!
    Spyro catches up to Kane
    Kane: You again?  Why don't you get outta here and leave me in peace.  I'm the 
          boss here.
    Spyro: Looks to me like you're all alone.
    Kane: Err it's true.  I'm the last of the Atlawas.  But that doesn't mean I 
          have time to stand here talking to purple dragons
          and mosquitoes.
    Spyro: Look, we just need to get to the Shrine.  Can you point the way?
    Kane: You'll never make it.  My land is overrun by those invaders.
    Spyro: We've come this far haven't we?
    Kane: Very well, just follow the path.  You'll come to a huge stone door, 
          carved with symbols.
    Spyro catches up to Kane again
    Kane: I hve to admit, you've done better than I thought possible.
    There are some things you should know about the Shrine before you enter ...
    CUTSCENE: Cynder takes flight
    Kane: The Atlawa shirne has been desecrated!
    Sparx: It's Cynder and she's flying away with a crystal!
    Kane: If you can subdue the Shrine God's anger, the balance will be returned 
          ... and my people can come home.
    Spyro: That's fine, but I came to free Cyril, the Ice Guardian.
    Kane: You must go through the God of the Shrine to free him.
    After defeating the boss and rescuing Cyril
    Kane: You have subdued the God of the Shrine, restored balance to the seasons 
          of our world.  The atlawas want to worship you now.
    Sparx: Worship?  That's what I'm talkin' about!  Finally, the respect I 
    Spyro: That's nice, Kane, but we have to get back to our home, figure out how 
           to stop Cynder for good.
    Sparx: Yes, we'd like nothing more than to stay and be a part of your 
           primitive, barbaric society, but duty calls.
    Kane: If you must, you must.  But know that you're now part of the Atlawa tribe 
          ... one of us.
    Back at the temple
    Cyril: Yes, Volteer, I see that months of tortured captivity has done nothing 
           to slow that electric tongue of yours from incessantly
    Volteer: It's just that it's all so exciting, exhilarating, enchanting, 
    Sparx: All right, no more thesaurus for you, fella.
    Ignitus: All of you please be quiet.
    	 It is certainly encouraging that Spyro has been able to free two of 
    	 you to allow this reunion, but haven't we forgotten someone?
    Cyril: Yes, yes, of course ... Terrador.
    Ignitus: Precisely.  Now how do we proceed?
    Cyril: I believe I can help, Ignitus.
           Well, young chap, since you learned a few things about ice on 
           Tall Plains, 
           I suggest we adjourn to the Training Room so that I can teach you some 
           The Legacy of the great Ice dragons of yore, my ancestors, is long and 
           storied.  With my help, rescuing Terrador should be a certainty.
           Shall we?
           Certainly fire and electricity are nice sidelights, 
           but now, young dragon, you'll learn the secrets of ice, a power worthy 
           of the elite.
    Training begins
    Cyril: You may have noticed, your Ice Bullets bounce off walls.  Use them when 
           you are in a confined space.
    Spyro destroys the 3 training dummies
    Cyril: Bravo ... fine display!
           Your Ice Shield freezes any enemy it touches - useful for escaping from 
           a crowd.
           Give it a try - press 'B' then 'A'.
    Spyro destroys the 3 training dummies
    Cyril: Jolly good.  You can do an Ice Fury too.
           Just hold 'X' and 'A', then touch the targets.
    Back in the main chamber
    Cyril: So what exactly are you saying, Ignitus?
    Volteer: Yes, your hypothesis is an intriguing one, but it is perplexing.
    Ignitus: What I'm saying is that Cynder is harnessing the Guardians' power to 
    	 unlock a portal that must never be opened.
    Spyro: Why, what's behind this portal?
    Ignitus: That doesn't concern you right now.
    	 What does concern you is getting to Munitions Forge and freeing 
    	 Terrador before Cynder can create another crystal from his powers.
    Volteer: ... and before the volcano blows up.
    Ignitus: That's enough, Volteer, there's plenty of time.
    Sparx: Plenty of time for what?  For us to get blown to bits, attacked by 
    Spyro: C'mon Sparx.
    |5. Munitions Forge| (#5)
    Ignitus: Munitions Forge is an island dominated by Boyzitbig,
    	 an unstable volcano that makes life on the surface very dicey.
    Ignitus: Rumor has it that Cynder is holding Terrador somewhere in the mines.
    	 We know she's using him to power the last of the crystal she needs to 
    	 open the portal.
    	 Free him before she gets the chance.
    Spyro and Sparx come across another strange new character
    Sparx: Ohhh, not again.
    Spyro: Man is he small!
    Mole-Yair: What's that?  Who's there?
    Spyro: It's, it's me, Spyro ...
    Mole-Yair: You don't carry the stench of Cynder's beasts, so you must be 
    Spyro: We are.  And who are you?
    Mole-Yair: I am Mole-Yair, one of the last free members of my people.
    	   But I'm not much of a leader anymore.
    	   Those of my people who aren't mning for Cynder are holed up in the 
    	   caves, scared out of their little wits, waiting for the volcano to 
    	   If you would help me free them, perhaps there's something I could 
    	   do for you?
    Spyro: I don't know.  We're here to rescue a big friend of our.
    Mole-Yair: Is he a mighty dragon?  Because I know where he is being kept: 
    	   In the mines near a large labor camp, where my own brother, Exhumor,
    	   toils away.  We can help each other.
    Spyro: Great ... which way do we go?  What should we do next?
    Mole-Yair: Oh, it's simple enough, but you've got to hurry.
    	   The volcano is getting more unstable by the minute.  Youn must clear
    	   these caves before we can help your friend.
    	   Free my mole people and I'll help you reach your dragon.
    	   Please save my mole people before you leave here!  We will be 
    	   eternally grateful.
    After clearing the area of enemies
    Mole-Yair: You did it!  A thousand thanks.
    Spyro: It was nothing.
    Mole-Yair: Your friend is being kept in the center of the volcano, past the 
    	   labor camp where my brother, Exhumor, is working.  Find Exhumor, 
    	   let him know we're friends, and he'll tell you how to proceed.
    Spyro: How will we know Exhumor?
    Sparx: Yeah, all you guys look the same to me.
    Mole-Yair: Oh, you'll know him.  Trust me.  Whatever you do, don't get on his 
    	   bad side.
    CUTSCENE: A loose boulder falls on top of Spyro
    Sparx: Spyro, can you here me?
    Spyro blasts the giant rock away with a newly acquired earth breath
    The pair meet up with Mole-Yair's brother, Exhumor
    Exhumor: What's this?  More spies for that flying beast Cynder!
    Spyro: Mole-Yair sent us!
    Exhumor: My brother is alive?
    Sparx: He sure is, pal, and he's a heck of a lot friendlier than you are.
    Exhumor: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.  In these dark times, one cannot take chances.
    	 But why did Mole-Yair send you here?
    Spyro: Well , he said you might be able to tell us where our friend, Terrador, 
    Exhumor: If he's a big dragon, I certainly can.
    	 The majority if my tribe are kept here in this camp, forced to mine 
    	 for Cynder.
    	 And there are rumors that your dragon friend is being kept somewhere 
    	 inside the darkest pits of the volcano.
    	 All of us are doomed ...
    Spyro: Don't despair.  We're going to free your tribe and find Terrador.
    Sparx: Wow, and all before dinner too.
    Spyro reaches the chamber to the guardian.  Mole-Yair and Exhumor approach
    Sparx: I see you two found each other.
    Mole-Yair: Yes, at last ... thanks to you.
    	   We're just disappointed you didn't leave any fun for us.
    Spyro: Maybe next time.  So now, which way to Terrador?
    Mole-Yair: That way, but be careful.  A maniacal locomotive named Steam will 
    	   surely be close by.
    Spyro: Locomotive?
    Mole-Yair: Yeah, real nasty fellow that spits fire out of his smokestack!
    	   Come, Exhumor, we must get all our people underground, where they 
    CUTSCENE: After beating Steam, guardian of Munitions Forge, Cynder emerges and 
    	  grabs the crystal.  She then swoops in towards Spyro but is 
    	  intercepted by a surprise tackle from Ignitus!
    Ignitus: Go Spyro! ... Fly like you've never flown before!
    Spyro: I'll go back to the temple for help.
    Ignitus and Cynder struggle as they drop into the unknown void
    After saving Terrador, back on firm ground
    Spyro: We've got to find them and help Ignitus!
    Sparx: They're gone, Spyro.  There's nothing we can do!
    Spyro: I don't care, Ignitus wouldn't leave me.
    Terrador: Spyro, Sparx is right.
    Sparx: I am?
    Terrador: Yes.  You'd never find them in this mess, and you're still not ready 
    	  to face Cynder.  Let's get back to the Temple and decide what to do.
    	  time to fight will come, but it is not now.
    Spyro: I guess you're right.  Let's go.
    Back at the temple
    Spyro: It's my fault, I failed Ignitus when he needed me most.
           It's just that the sight of Cynder so close, just ...
    Sparx: ... made your heart stop?  Put ice in your veins?  Scared the living 
           daylights out of ya?
    Spyro: Something like that.
    Terrador: All warriors feel fear at one time or another, Spyro.  There is no 
    	  shame in that.
    	  But only the most valiant among us can face that fear and master it.
    	  From what I've seen of you, you are one such warrior.
    	  Young Dragon, now is the time to complete your training, and face 
    	  your fear.
    Sparx: Am I the only one still petrified?
    Terrador: The power to harness the earth, the world itself ... is now within 
    	  your grasp.  Let's begin.
    Traning commences
    Terrador: Did you know you can charge your Earth Rocket attack?  Just hold 'X' 
    	  to charge - it will go through enemies and damage them all.
    Spyro destroys the 3 training dummies
    Terrador: Looks like Ignitus may have been right about you.
    	  Your Earth Shield is incredibly powerful - while it is on, you have 
    	  unlimited Breath Energy!  Give it a shot - press 'B' and then 'A'.
    Spyro destroys the 3 training dummies
    Terrador: Excellent, you're almost ready to face Cynder.
    	  Earth Fury is really powerful.  Just hold 'X' and 'A', then touch the
    Spyro destroys the 3 training dummies
    Back in the main chamber
    Terrador: You've done well, Spyro.
    Cyril: Yes, yes, pat on the back and all that, but we've got to get moving 
    Volteer: Cyril is terribly obnoxious, but in this case he happens to be right, 
    	 Terrador.  Ignitus is the final piece to Cynder's puzzle.
    	 If that last crystal is powered, the portal will open and we'll all be
    	 done for.
    Terrador: I know.  When I was in Munitions Forge, I discovered Cynder's final 
    	  preparations would take place at her lair, where she lives in 
    	  I'm certain that's where she's taken Ignitus.
    Spyro: We have to go.  Come on!
    Terrador: I'd give anything to go with you, young warrior, but that crystal 
    	  sapped the last of my strength.  I fear my fighting days are
    Volteer: Every generation must pass the torch to the next, Terrador.  Our time 
    	 is done.
    Cyril: Yes, it is Spyro's time to shine.
           Now go to it, young dragon!
    Spyro: Yes sir!
    |6. Cynder's Lair| (#6)
    Terrador: Cynder's lair is where hope goes to die,
    	  where I'm sure Ignitus is being held.
    Spyro and Sparx encounter Cynder's massive shadow as she flies overhead them...
    Sparx: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!
           M-m-m-m-my heart ... m-m-m-m-my heart ...
    Spyro: Come on, Ignitus is waiting.
    Cynder flies overhead again...
    Sparx: I don't like this ... it feels like she's baiting us.
    Spyro: Doesn't matter ... come on.
    Cynder flies again...
    Sparx: Still don't like it.
    Spyro: Still doesn't matter.  Ignitus needs us.
    Cynder again...
    Sparx: I'm not complaining, but I'm just saying it'd be easier if she was 
           smaller - a lot smaller.
    CUTSCENE: Cynder's keepL: Ignitus is shown bound by energy chains.  
    	  Cynder lurks close by
    Ignitus: Destroy the crystal!
    Cynder: If only it were that easy, little one.
    Ignitus: Spyro ... save yourself!
    Spyro: Not this time.  This time I fight!
    After beating Cynder and freeing Ignitus, he gives you an account of the truth
    CUTSCENE: The Truth
    Ignitus: It's time I told you the truth.  After I took your egg to the Silver 
    	 I returned to the grotto to find all the other eggs had been smashed 
    	 by the Dark Master's forces,
    	 all except one.
    Spyro: Cynder?
    Ignitus: She was ... corrupted by the Dark Master's poisonous powers.
    Spyro: I'm going to stop Cynder and the Dark Master!
    Spyro flies his way to the final area showdown
    |7. Convexity| (#7)
    Ignitus: Convexity acts as an airlock between our world and the dark realms 
    	 You must stop Cynder before she inserts the final crystal and 
    	 activates the portal.
    Sparx: Now I've seen everything.
    Spyro: If we don't hurry, I have the feeling you're going to see a whole lot 
           more.  Come on.
    Spyro reaches Cynder as she begins to resurrect the Dark Master
    Cynder: My master returns ...
    Spyro: We're too late!
    Cynder: This is where it really ends.
    Spyro: Bring it!
    Spyro has Cynder on the ropes
    Sparx: Spyro!  You've got her - use your Fury to finish her!  Now!
    Spyro performs the final fury attack!
    Cynder: Ahh ... ahh ...
    The defeated Cynder shrinks back to her normal 'Spyro-size'
    Sparx: Dude, we've got to get out of here now.
    Spyro: I've got to save her.
    Sparx: What?  Save the beast who's been trying to kill us?
    Spyro: Yeah. that wasn't her fault.  She was being used by the Dark Master.
    Spyro grabs Cynder and high flies away from impending destruction
    Spyro: Now we can go!
    Massive explosion
    |8. The End of the Beginning| (#8)
    Back at the temple
    Sparx: Mama?  Is that you?
    Ignitus: Feeling better, Spyro?
    Spyro: Not really Ignitus.  That battle drained all my strength.  I can hardly 
           lift my head.
    Ignitus: Yes, it will take some time for your powers to return.  But they will 
    	 in time, young dragon.
    	 And what about you, Cynder?  Feeling better?
    Cynder: Yes.  Thanks to Spyro.
    Sparx: Oh, brother!
    Ignitus: Cynder, ever since I failed you on the night of the raid, I've dreamed
    	 of this day.
    Terrador: It wasn't just you Ignitus.  We all failed.
    Ignitus: Regardless, we're together again now thanks to Spyro.  Well done, 
    	 young dragon.
    Spyro: Thanks, but we still don't know what happened to the Dark Master.
    Terrador: There will be time to talk of the Dark Master later.
    	  Now it's time to be grateful for your success.
    Ignitus: Indeed.  But for now, we should get some rest ... we're all going to 
    	 need it.
    			~~~~~~~~~~ THE END! ~~~~~~~~~~~
    				  | THANKS | (#9)
    * To my family, friends - both local and via the net.
    * To Nintendo for crafting such a marvellous console which inspires innovation.
    * To GameFAQs and CJayC for getting me into the whole 'journalistic gaming' 
    * To http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ for the awesome Gothic and Digital 
      ASCII art
    * To you, the reader
    This document is copyrighted 2006.

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