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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Ambassador

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/02/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning
    General Guide
    1. Introduction
      A. Getting the Most Out of This Guide
      B. Version History
      C. Author Information
    2. Abilities
      A. General Strategies 
      B. Fire
      C. Electricity
      D. Ice
      E. Earth
      F. Physical
      G. Other
    3. Levels
      A. General Strategies
      B. Dragonfly Swamp
      C. Dante's Freezer *UPDATED*
      D. Tall Plains
      E. Munitions Forge
      F. Cynder's Lair *UPDATED*
      G. Convextion *UPDATED*
    4. Enemies (by weaknesses)
      A. General Strategies *NEW*
      B. Standard *NEW*
      C. Fire *NEW*
      D. Electric *NEW*
      E. Ice *NEW*
      F. Earth *NEW*
    5. Bosses
      A. General Strategies
      B. Ice King
      C. Stone Sentinel
      D. Steam
      E. Cynder (part 1) *NEW*
      F. Cynder (Part 2) *NEW*
    6. Miscellaneous *NEW*
      A. Secrets *NEW*
      B. FAQs *NEW*
      C. Other *NEW*
    7. Guide Information
      A. Legal
      B. Contributions
      C. My Other Guides
    This Guide
    This is designed to be a general guide for the game. There is 
    already a good guide out there for what enemies show up when, 
    where each purple puzzle is located, etc. Instead of taking 
    that approach, this guide tells you how useful (all of this is 
    simply my opinion, but I welcome others) each ability is, 
    where and how to use them, what types of enemies are on 
    different levels, in what abundance, the best strategies for 
    defeating each, how to beat each boss, etc. 
    When I look for a guide to beat a game, I like to be able to 
    still feel as though I was the one who beat it. That is why I 
    have started to develop these types of guides. I find that 
    they are generally MORE complete than a play-by-play guide.
    Version History
    Current Version: 1.00
    Last Updated: 04.02.2007
    Version History:
    0.15: Began work on the guide, finished sections 1 & 7.
    0.25: Up through Ice abilities, each on level 2.
    0.30: Up to Dante's Freezer, skipped Earth abilities.
    0.45: Finished earth for now, also did all levels.
    0.55: Stayed up a bit later to finish the first 3 bosses.
    0.70: Finished half of the enemies.
    0.85: Finished enemies and Cynder I.
    1.00: While technically I am not fully done (level 3 
          abilities), I consider this guide to be complete.
    Author Info
    This guide was created by: The Ambassador
    Email: ambassador@wideopenwest.com
    General Strategies
    First of all, realize that your breath attack (A) can be held 
    down to create a longer blast, up to about three seconds. 
    Knowing this makes the game much easier (I only realized it on 
    the fifth time through).
    Also note that the blast shot (X) is generally much more 
    powerful than the breath attack. Not only are they long range, 
    but they are still somewhat economical (doing generally double 
    damage, using 2.5 times the amount of breath energy). In fact, 
    about 2/3 of the time I attack, I use a shot instead of 
    A strategy I highly recommend having is to create one ultra-
    powerful set during the game. This means that the shield, 
    breath, and shot are all maxed out according your available 
    blue gems. For me, I max out electric, as I find both the 
    shield and shot to be the most powerful in the game.
    Also, use the L button. It is your friend. It is much faster 
    to click it to target the next enemy than to take a hand off 
    the buttons to tap an enemy. It also comes in handy for multi-
    targeting (see abilities for multi-targeting info).
    Use the electric shield. Invincibility is an awesome power. It 
    will make your life so, so much easier in the game.
    As a final note, do not worry greatly about your green 
    (breath) energy. Each green gem contains a lot of energy 
    (about have of your starting amount), and the average enemy 
    does not need that much to be destroyed. In addition, if you 
    ever do run out, a maxed out earth shield will work in a 
    pinch; if you do not have the shield maxed, simply knock over 
    a rock or other red gem location to reveal both a red and a 
    green gem (the green one only shows up if you are on empty).
    Fire is the most basic of the skill areas. As such, the 
    developers tried to make it good all-around. The attacks are 
    generally a bit stronger than their counterparts in other 
    categories. However, the attacks do not have any special 
    Fire Breath:
    This is your basic breath. While it does not have any special 
    traits, it is slightly more powerful than the earth and ice 
    breaths. It shoots out in a straight, small area (about a 5 
    degree area of effect). (Area of affect is how off your enemy 
    can be and still hit him)
    LEVEL 2: 
    Cost: 5100
    Usefulness: 7/10
    Description: You will want to purchase this ASAP; it is very 
    difficult to beat the early Trolls on Dante's Freezer without 
    it. Later on, it looses its effectiveness.
    This is a standard shot. It produces a small red ball that 
    shoots forward, knocking backward the first enemy that runs 
    into it. It does an above-average amount of damage.
    LEVEL 2:
    Cost: 25800
    Usefulness: 3/10
    Description: Either upgrade your fire breath or the fireball. 
    I do not advise doing both. I consider the breath better as 
    the added damage from the fireball does not make up for the 
    extra breath energy needed. In addition the cost is rather 
    Flame Shield:
    Welcome to the worst ability in the game. Not only is the 
    damage less than a breath attack, but it uses coveted fury 
    energy (purple). To top things off, you need to be right next 
    to your enemies in order to damage them. By the time the fire 
    shield KOs them, even a soldier will have hit you once or 
    twice. HOWEVER, it is very helpful for Dante's Freezer as it 
    will protect you from Fire Beetles.
    LEVEL 2:
    Cost: 15600
    Usefulness: 0/10
    Description: The small damage improvement does not make up for 
    such a bad ability.
    Electric powers are my absolute favorite in the game. Half of 
    the time I am playing, I am using electricity. The shot is 
    ultra-powerful and the breath is also very good. And those 
    aren't even the best parts: the electric shield is the best 
    ability in the game!
    Shock Beam:
    This is very similar to the fire breath, shooting a straight 
    but jagged line forward with a very small area effect (less 
    than 5 degrees). It is just as damaging as fire breath.
    LEVEL 2:
    Cost: 7600
    Usefulness: 8/10
    Description: This is almost identical to fire breath, level 2, 
    but the greater amount of electric enemies and the fact I 
    constantly use electricity adds another point of usefulness.
    Electric Arc:
    This is the most powerful shot in the game. Think of it as two 
    fireballs for each use. That is exactly what is happening. 
    Spyro shoots out two arcs, EACH one is the equivalent of a 
    fireball. Thus, if both hit the same target, you get an almost 
    guaranteed OHKO, even on level 1. That is POWERFUL! In 
    addition, you can target two enemies at the same time by 
    holding down X and tapping (or using the L button) to select a 
    second enemy. If the first does not get in the way of the 
    second enemy, one arc will go to each of them.
    LEVEL 2:
    Cost: 18700
    Usefulness: 9/10
    Description: This just makes a super-powerful attack even 
    stronger. The only reason it does not receive 10/10 is that 
    the attack is so powerful to begin with. On the other hand, 
    this allows more for multi-targeting.
    Electric Shield:
    This ability is the absolute best in the game. There is simply 
    nothing else like being invincible for a short time. Use this 
    when you're surrounded, either by enemies or Fire Beetles 
    (this is a MUST for Fire Beetles). Upgrade it ASAP and use it 
    as often as you want. Yes, you can use it very often if it is 
    the only thing you do that depletes fury energy. In fact, if 
    you use it because you are surrounded by enemies, by the time 
    it wears off, you will have made up the fury energy!
    LEVEL 2:
    Cost: 18700
    Usefulness: 10/10
    Description: The only thing better than invincibility is to be 
    invincible for a longer period of time. Buy it ASAP to make 
    the game that much easier.
    LEVEL 3:
    Cost: 23400
    Usefulness: 10/10
    Description: Again, the only thing better is longer 
    invincibility, and this one gives you a few extra seconds. Buy 
    it as you as you can.
    Ice is the one to use if you enjoy harassing your enemies. 
    While the first levels don't over much specialty, levels 2 and 
    3 give you attacks the chance to freeze your enemies. After an 
    enemy is frozen, it cannot move for a few seconds, and if you 
    attack it in any way during that time, it creates an instant 
    OHKO. When I'm not using electricity, I am generally using 
    ice; in my opinion, it is the second best type of attack.
    Ice Vapor:
    This breath is slightly weaker than the first two, but not by 
    much. Once the freezing ability is added, the slight weakness 
    can be ignored, with the freezing putting it into first place 
    for the breaths. It has the same range as fire breath (in 
    fact, it even looks the same, except it's blue).
    LEVEL 2:
    Cost: 12700
    Usefulness: 6/10
    Description: Gaining the ability to freeze enemies is somewhat 
    helpful, although it is based on luck. Still, it creates some 
    reason to purchase this upgrade relatively fast.
    Ice Bullet:
    This shot can bounce off of walls, making it good in confined 
    spaces. However, how many confined spaces are there in the 
    game? Very few. It is still very useful for dispatching the 
    three ice enemies as all three are very dangerous up close, 
    but all three are slow-moving.
    LEVEL 2:
    Cost: 29500
    Usefulness: 7/10
    Description: Ice bullet is one of the most used abilities for 
    me. Both the Spider Tank and Rock Brute take multiple hits to 
    take down, so lessening the needed attacks comes in very 
    handy, especially when surrounded. Freezing is just an added 
    bonus. It is also extremely handy against the Magma Worm.
    Ice Shield:
    While better than fire shield, this shield is still rather 
    useless. The upside to it is if you upgrade it, you can use it 
    when you are surrounded, do a quick tail sweep, and KO every 
    nearby enemy. Thus, it does have some good points.
    LEVEL 2:
    Cost: 31200
    Usefulness: 5/10
    Description: Ouch. This certainly costs a fortune, but if you 
    are planning on using it when you're surrounded, buy it. For 
    me, I will stick to the electric shield for nearly every 
    Earth is a strange one to me. It is one you will either like 
    or hate. The abilities are the most specialized of the entire 
    game, so master them or ignore them, the choice is yours.
    (NOTE: I am doing earth without the game in front of me. Some 
    data will be slightly off, but the description/usefulness is 
    accurate. I will finish it later.)
    Earth Breath:
    This is the weakest of the four breaths, in my opinion. Not 
    only is it the only one that cannot be held, but it is also 
    one that requires the enemy to be on top of you in order to 
    get the most out of it (the closer the enemy is to you, the 
    longer he is hit by the breath). It does push enemies back 
    with a wide area of effect (about 30 degrees), but that is not 
    enough to make up for the two glaring weaknesses (the ones I 
    just mentioned).
    LEVEL 2:
    Usefulness: 3/10
    Description: The ONLY reason to upgrade it is for attack 
    against slugs. However, considering that slugs are among the 
    weakest of enemies, the usefulness diminishes.
    Earth Rocket:
    This is actually a somewhat strong blast, second only to 
    electricity if used correctly. It is the only blast you can 
    truly charge (although electricity allows you to target two 
    enemies by holding down X). If you can learn how to run, 
    charge, and run back, it can be helpful, especially against 
    those nasty Nataloids.
    LEVEL 2:
    Usefulness: 6/10
    Description: Nataloids are certainly annoying, and upgrading 
    certainly makes dispatching them easier. It also helps in 
    KOing other enemies, making it relatively versatile, and thus 
    Earth Shield:
    This decreases the amount of needed breath energy. This is 
    hardly useful, except for level 3. Level 3 allows for 
    unlimited breaths without any use of breath energy for a short 
    LEVEL 2:
    Usefulness: 2/10
    Description: 50% doesn't cut it. Don't buy it unless level 3 
    is your next buy.
    LEVEL 3:
    Usefulness: 8/10
    Description: While only handy in some situations, this shield 
    is extremely helpful when you need it most. Simply use your X 
    attack like crazy and watch the enemy fall, leaving behind all 
    the green gems you need to completely refill you bar.
    There are two main physical attacks: Triple Attack and Tail 
    Triple Attack:
    This is a double head-butt with a tail strike at the end. It 
    is done by pressing the Y button three times in quick 
    repetition. This is by far the worst attack in the game. It 
    takes a decent amount of time to do and hardly does any damage 
    (you have to hit a simple Frogweed 5 times to destroy it). In 
    addition, you can only use it right next to enemies, who can 
    and will be attacking you as you *try* to hit them. DON'T USE 
    Tail Sweep:
    The Tail Sweep is hardly any better (A then Y). However, it 
    does do a decent job of knocking everyone around you back 
    three paces. Just don't count on it to do much damage as it's 
    damage is equal to a single Y attack. A Tail Sweep is truly 
    useful only in one situation: Use an Ice Shield to freeze all 
    nearby enemies and use the Tail Sweep to OHKO all of them in 
    one swipe. Use it for fun, but don't count on it as an attack.
    There are two attacks that don't really have a category: Fury 
    and Breath Finisher.
    This is a heavily pushed attack during the game (X + A 
    together for one second). However, it is not strong enough to 
    warrant using up all of your fury energy in one strike. The 
    most combat enemies (not Fire Beetles) I have had on the 
    screen at once is five, and that is very rare. Personally, I 
    would much rather use a single Ice or Electric Shield to 
    dispatch of the same group of enemies without using up all of 
    the fury energy. In addition, targeting the enemies can be a 
    pain as you really need to use the stylus to be accurate, but 
    the switchover will cost a second, one of only three you have 
    to do the attack. As a final note, I have not any differences 
    between the four types of fury (Fire, etc.); they all seem to 
    do the same thing to me, just with different graphics.
    Breath Finisher:
    Considering that the Breath Finisher comes from the weakest 
    attack in the game (the Triple Attack), the Breath Finisher 
    would also seem to be weak (Y Y Y A B). However, the Breath 
    Finisher is one of the strongest attacks in the game. Then why 
    do I almost never use it? Because the chances of doing 
    correctly when an enemy is hitting you back (which they will 
    be doing) is very VERY small. I am very good at button 
    combinations, but even I only accomplish it about 1/3 of the 
    time I try to perform it. That makes this the most unreliable 
    of all attacks in the game. IF you do manage somehow to pull 
    it off, the cursor-moving attack is very strong (same for all 
    four types, just different graphics). My suggestion is to try 
    it a couple of times when you are right next to some red gems 
    or containers with them inside. That way if you do not have a 
    good rate of success, you can quickly regain your health. If 
    you can manage to do the attack, go ahead and use it, just be 
    careful and don't depend 100% on it.
    General Strategies
    Walk around. Walk around. Go around once more. That is the 
    best way to make enemies appear. It also allows you to hunt 
    for those out-of-the-way purple puzzles. 
    Beware of falling, but don't worry about it too much. No 
    matter where you fall, you just get sent back to where you 
    were a second ago with a medium chunk of health gone. You are 
    NOT sent back to the start of the level.
    Beware of the annoyingly long conversations. They are fine for 
    the first time through, but after a while you will want to 
    skip them. Unfortunately you cannot. However, you can skip 
    movie scenes by pressing start. Can someone PLEASE tell me why 
    we can skip movie scenes (which are generally decent), but not 
    the dumb dialogue?????????????????????????
    Quick Note: Gliding is actually slightly faster than walking.
    See the abilities section for more general strategies.
    Dragonfly Island
    This is the starting area (although it doesn't actually have a 
    name; I simply gave it one). Basically follow the instructions 
    Sparx gives you. You have three main troubles: 
    Frogweed before gaining fire is a small challenge. It takes 
    five whacks to KO each, so you are almost guaranteed to get 
    hit at least once for each. Be sure to continue to heal after 
    one or two of them.
    There is also one (maybe two) sections of Fire Beetles. The 
    best strategy for now is to stand away from where they show up 
    and let all of them to come to you. Whatever you do, walk 
    forward with caution: look for the telltale blue gem that says 
    that they're dispatched with.
    The third is what will become your training area. After you 
    meet Ignitus, make sure you are at full health. During the 
    battle, just try to take on one at a time. If you become 
    trapped, use a tail sweep. Also, the Leaders' bombs can be 
    picked up (using the stylus) and used against them or the 
    soldiers. Just know that if you KO someone with one, they will 
    not leave any gems behind.
    Dante's Freezer
    There is nothing of real worry here, except the beginning. 
    When the Trolls attack right inside the gate, things can get 
    very hectic, as you do not have the needed electricity yet. 
    Use whatever you need to use, including Fury (the only time I 
    generally use it). Use a held down breath attack to damage the 
    Trolls and tail sweeps to stun them. The only other major 
    areas are the fire beetles (meet the fish, see a ghost, then 
    fire beetles; also after the lava lake). Use the fire shield 
    for now to take them out.
    Tall Plains
    Be prepared for a lot of tapping. This level introduces the 
    armadillo, an enemy that's either easy or hard. If you have a 
    stylus in your hand, tap him to stun him, take care of 
    everyone else in the meantime, then later go back and knock 
    him over again and use fire. If you don't plan on using the 
    stylus, well good luck...
    Also, beware of bridges, as they tend to contain fire beetles. 
    As a last note, stay away from the Spider Tanks, even knocked 
    out, they release one final punch. You'll know what I'm 
    talking about.
    Munitions Forge
    Upgrade your Ice Bullet and Electric Arc. You'll need them. 
    Angler Fish and Magma Worms are in abundant supply, not to 
    mention fire beetles. Use Ice and Electricity, and don't be 
    afraid to use your Electric Shield; you're going to need it. 
    In addition, use earth blasts to deal with the Nataloids. If 
    necessary, use an Electric Shield to get close before using 
    the blast, and don't forget to charge it along the way.
    Cynder's Lair
    Expect this to be the toughest level in the game. Don't be 
    surprised to be attacked by upwards of three groups of fire 
    beetles while on hard. Pull out all the stops and approach new 
    areas with caution; enter slowly and stay at the entrance; let 
    the enemies come to you if need be. Use your X attacks often 
    as there are plenty of enemies to resupply your breath energy. 
    Do what it takes to survive. Also use the holding A trick for 
    standard enemies (i.e. soldiers and disciples). Beware of a 
    section about halfway through where you will encounter a 
    triple set of fire beetles.
    You will receive two more long levels of what Cynder's Lair 
    dished out, but after that there's nothing (besides Cynder of 
    course). Don't worry about fury energy. Two levels, albeit 
    large probably won't be enough to deplete it even when being 
    overused. The two main sections you will have to watch out for 
    are the two ending areas (in bottom left corner). Each time 
    has a fire beetle attack coupled with Spider Tanks. Use the 
    electric shield, and do not be afraid to retreat in order to 
    refill you life (or simply take out the fire beetles who can 
    and will follow you).
    General Strategies
    Use the L button to your advantage. It is a fast means of 
    switching to new enemies.
    Make sure that you look at the circles around the enemies on 
    the screen. The color gives you a quick reference as to their 
    weakness and takes less time than reading the description.
    Use the secondary shots. They cost more but the green energy 
    that enemies drop is more than enough to make up for the extra 
    When surrounded, use the electric shield to protect oneself 
    while attacking.
    Leave at least one refill item untouched (the things that give 
    you red gems, such as boulders). This way if you ever use up 
    all of your green energy, you can knock down the saved one to 
    restore both green and red energy.
    Circling around enemies using a held breath is generally a 
    good strategy as many are not very fast and if the breath is 
    held, the enemies will start to dance instead of attacking 
    NOTE: The fractions are HP reductions are for level 1 attacks.
    NOTE: All breath attacks are just pressed, not held.
    Training Dummies: If you need help with these, play on easy 
    Soldier: 3/4 fire breath, 3/4 electric breath, 3/4 ice breath, 
    3/7 earth breath; OHKO for all secondary weapons. These are 
    the simplest enemies in the game. They are even nice enough to 
    wait almost a second after reaching you before trying to slap 
    you around.
    Leader: 1/4 for all breaths; 2/5 fireball, 5/6 electric arc, 
    1/3 ice bullet, 1/2 earth rocket. These are much tougher than 
    soldiers. For starters, one must first destroy the shields by 
    tapping them in order to do any damage. However, you can pick 
    up their bombs with the stylus and hit an enemy with one. Yet 
    this is rather useless as it takes far too long for the 
    minimal damage it does.
    Disciple: 2/5 for all breaths; 3/4 fireball, OHKO electric 
    arc, 1/2 ice bullet, 4/5 earth rocket. Disciples are the most 
    annoying of the standard enemies. Healing is not that bad, but 
    disciples have both long-range and short-range attacks. Take 
    them out first. Circle around them using attacks or simply 
    OHKO them with an electric arc (recommended).
    Fire Beetles: These are technically not enemies, but of the 15 
    total (12 of which are true enemies), you will probably die 
    more times from fire beetles than all other enemies combined. 
    Use fire/electric shields and tap them to KO them. Give them 
    your first attention, and beware as they can pop up anywhere, 
    including right where you are standing.
    Frogweed: 1/5 physical attack, OHKO fire breath, OHKO 
    fireball. Believe it or not, frogweed are actually tough. But 
    that is only because they appear before you have anything 
    besides physical attacks. The challenge is to KO one without 
    it hurting you (harder than it sounds). Once you have fire, 
    these guys are toast.
    Armadillo: 2/5 fire breath, 4/5 fireball. Armadillos can 
    either be easy or hard. Stunning them gives you several 
    seconds to either KO them or take care of other enemies. On 
    the other hand, if you are not quick with the stylus, 
    armadillos will be among your least favorite enemies.
    Troll: 2/5 electric breath, OHKO electric arc. These guys are 
    tough the first few times. Fire hardly hurts them. Circling is 
    the best strategy at that point. However, once one learns 
    electric arc, simply use it to easily take care of them.
    Ghost: 3/4 electric breath, OHKO electric arc. These are more 
    annoying than harmful. Just run around, avoid the first ax, 
    and hit him with an arc as soon as he reappears. Most of the 
    time, you will not even have to wait for the second shot.
    Angler Fish: 1/4 electric breath, OHKO electric arc. Welcome 
    to the nastiest unit in the game. DO NOT use the breath on 
    these guys; you do not know how much I was hurt simply trying 
    to hit one with a breath. The movement is far too erratic. Use 
    the arc, and target them before anyone else.
    Spider Tank: 1/10 ice breath, 1/4 ice bullet. These are slow 
    but nasty. Stay away and use a quick barrage of ice bullets on 
    them. Also, stay away even after you KO one as these are the 
    only enemies that explode (and can harm you) after they die.
    Rock Brute: 1/4 ice breath, 2/7 ice bullet. Again, these are 
    slow and nasty. Stay away from their fists (the circle of 
    affect you see from a pound is smaller than the area that can 
    damage you). Barrages of ice bullets is what I use to take 
    them down.
    Magma Worm: 2/5 ice breath, 1/2 ice bullet. Like the first two 
    ice enemies, these are slow but dangerous in close combat. 
    Thus, use a double ice bullet to quickly dispatch them, 
    preferably while they are still in the lava lake as these 
    fiends leave a trail of lava behind that can do serious damage 
    to you if you hit it.
    Nataloid: 1/5 earth breath, 2/5 earth rocket. Welcome to the 
    second worst actual enemy in the game (if one does not include 
    fire beetles). These guys are tough. There attacks are not all 
    that harmful; however, they shoot out a lot of them. In 
    addition, they have decent protection. My suggestion is to 
    either use a quick earth rocket barrage or as soon as you see 
    one, back away, and charge up a shot, which will nearly if not 
    fully KO them. The only good news is that they do not move.
    Leech: 2/3 earth breath, OHKO earth rocket. These fellows are 
    interesting. They take away purple energy instead of HP. 
    Regardless, take them out, preferably from a range. The other 
    option, though, is to use them for getting your Breath 
    Finisher started up as they will not attack back.
    General Strategies
    Hold the stylus down on a target until you see a half circle. 
    This is much more effective than quick tapping.
    Move around. Be careful not to hit any objects, but it can 
    help minimize a homing attack. I have seen it happen.
    Learn the attack patterns. Know when to fight and when to be 
    on the defensive. By the way, when I say a boss hits a certain 
    side, just be on the other side (or corner) in order to miss 
    his attack. Other areas may also work, but why not go for the 
    guaranteed spots?
    Ice King
    The Ice King is a sinch if you know his patterns. He has three 
    patterns, one for each stage of the battle (You will know when 
    he switches). Aim for his shield first, then for his armor.
    Stage 1:
    HE hits right. Then either he will attack again within about 3 
    seconds (hits left) or he will wait a longer amount of time 
    and reset (hit right, then left if within 3 seconds, reset if 
    not, and so on). 
    His other attack is a left strike if you are extremely close 
    to him.
    Stage 2:
    He hits Right then Up (a double strike) three times. Then he 
    hits Left and Down (another double strike) once. Then he 
    Stage 3:
    Just stay on the right. He ONLY hits on the left. 
    Stone Sentinel
    He can be difficult at times, and this time you have to watch 
    out for the edges of the screen; if it looks like you could 
    hit something on the edge, don't go over to it. I did to test 
    it for this guide. It does hurt you. 
    about the same number of times, for once he looses one, he 
    really gets mad. At that point, just aim for him. He throws 
    too many boulders to hit them all.
    In general, hit him with a full half-circle on one arm. Wait a 
    second for him to throw a boulder. Hit the first boulder with 
    one full half-circle, and another quarter-circle if necessary 
    on the second. Then repeat. If he taunts you, let him have it. 
    This is your chance to really do some damage.
    Steam has two stages: one fast and furious, the other slow and 
    steady. In both stages, avoid the obstacles. You may in fact 
    gain more damage from them than from Steam, so be careful. And 
    note that those obstacles also hinder your shots, so hold onto 
    the stylus until the obstacle has passed.
    Stage 1: 
    ONLY HIT STEAM. You cannot do much good against those pink 
    balls. His back part falls off quickly, and afterwards, the 
    fight becomes much easier. So get there ASAP!
    Stage 2:
    Sit down for the long haul. Steam will shoot out three 
    fireballs every few seconds. Simply tap each one once to 
    destroy it. Then do as long of one as you can on Steam, 
    letting go as soon as you see the fireballs reappearing. Keep 
    tapping away until he falls in the fire.
    Cynder, Part 1
    Cynder has three attacks in this battle.
    The first is shooting off sets of two pink bubbles at you. 
    During this time, hold the target on her for about 1/2 to 2/3 
    of the half-circle. This will give you enough time to tap both 
    of the bubbles (they only need a tap). If you miss one, move 
    around the edges to minimize the damage.
    The second attack is trying to hit you with her wings. If she 
    moves up high in a corner of the room, move to the top of the 
    screen. Otherwise, stay on the bottom. Store up while she is 
    swiping and release when she backs up (otherwise you hit her 
    wings, doing less damage).
    The third attack is the pink beam while moving through a 
    corridor backwards. Stay in the bottom right corner until she 
    does a sweep from the bottom left to the upper left. Then move 
    to the upper right as she sweeps across the bottom, moving 
    back to the lower right corner as soon as she is done. There 
    are other ways of avoiding this one, but this method uses the 
    least movement.
    There is a fourth thing that may happen, where you are chasing 
    Cynder down a corridor. Attack as much as you want as this is 
    a freebie section.
    You do not need to fully deplete her health, just mostly and 
    she will fly away.
    Cynder, Part 2
    This battle is a bit tougher, but not by much if you know her 
    The first attack is the pink puffballs that she shoots at you 
    in sets of four. Just like the first time, hit Cynder for 
    about 1/2 of the half-circle and then focus on tapping them 
    out. If you miss one, try to miss one that is heading to a 
    corner as sometimes those will not even attack you.
    The second attack is probably the easiest. Whenever Cynder 
    flies back and there is a asteroid (or whatever it is) in the 
    upper left, simply head down to the bottom. Consistently use 
    full fire in this stage as all you have to do is move up and 
    down. Cynder attacks up first, then down, then up... You will 
    move a bit closer to the asteroid, and then move away from it. 
    At this point, Cynder fires one more time and moves to a 
    different attack.
    The third attack is a beam/ship combination. When you see her 
    move (and a ship coming), head to the bottom left corner. The 
    ship is set to hit you then, but Cynder will be using her beam 
    on the right side. As soon as her beam moves up enough to move 
    over, do so and you will not get hit. Then move up. When 
    Cynder moves from the upper left corner down some, move over 
    to the corner in order to avoid the second ship. All 
    throughout this, continue to fire if possible. Either you will 
    hit Cynder or knock off the ship's wing. Both are good results 
    (the ship's wing is the major way it has of harming you).
    After you have depleted her health to just a bit left, you two 
    will travel through a walkabout. Simply stay in the exact 
    middle (or close to it) and nothing can harm you (although at 
    times Cynder may seem close enough to harm you). Afterwards, 
    shoot her down (she has no attacks). Once Sparx says to use 
    fury, use it and she is done for. If you do not KO her in 
    time, you will simply go through the walkabout again and 
    receive another chance afterwards.
    Crash Bandicoot: On the second section of Dante's Freezer, off 
    to the left you can see Crash being roasted while he's tied 
    Arcade Mode: Finish Story once: Play through the game going 
    for high scores. To me, this mode is rather dumb as it takes 
    something out of the gameplay. Nevertheless, others may find 
    it fun.
    Puzzles 1: 20 shards: This is a set of 20 puzzles similar to 
    those found in the game. (Unconfirmed:) I do not believe that 
    these puzzles give you anything; they are just for fun.
    Puzzles 2: 40 shards: This is a second set of 20 puzzles 
    similar to those found in the game. (Unconfirmed:) Each puzzle 
    gives you one more shard to use in unlocking the cheats. 
    Tiny Spyro: 43 shards: Just as the cheat says, this makes 
    Spyro much smaller (about 1/4 of his normal size).
    Disco: 45 shards: Only use this if you want a headache. Why 
    the producers put this one in is beyond me. It changes the 
    ground to a never-ending stream of nasty-looking colors. Ugly.
    Zoom: 48 shards: This is only helpful if you want a harder 
    time beating the game as it zooms in on Spyro, so a Disciple 
    or another creature may attack you without you even seeing 
    Max. Powers: 51 shards: (Unconfirmed:) Maxes out your 
    abilities (found by pressing Select). This is relatively 
    useless as after you have beaten the game, most of the 
    abilities should be maxed out (which is why I have yet to 
    confirm this).
    Breath: 54 shards: Gives you unlimited breath energy (think of 
    an infinite maxed out earth shield).
    Invincible: 57 shards: Makes you immune to being hit (like an 
    infinite electric shield).
    Cynder: 60 shards: Changes Spyro into Cynder. This one could 
    have been awesome, but it is only for the small sprite that 
    moves around the screen. All of the dialog, etc. is still 
    Spyro, and the sprite of Cynder doesn't look all that 
    different than Spyro. Tis a pitty.
    No questions thus far...
    This is in case I find something that does not fit into any 
    above section (I will note here that one of the secrets is a 
    sighting of Crash Bandicoot as that could be considered 
    This guide is only to be published on Gamespot.com, 
    supercheats.com, www.mogelgott.de, and Gamefaqs.com. If you 
    find this on any other site, please let me know.
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    My email address: ambassador@wideopenwest.com
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