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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RocketJess

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    DS Version
    Brief Walkthrough
    Final update: May 2008
    General Notes
    Special Attacks
    Enemy List
    Welcome! This guide will help you not only beat the game, but find the various 
    minigames and sidequests in each chapter. Some of them are quite easily 
    missable – I missed quite a few on my first time through the game!
    While I’ve been as thorough as I can in searching for minigames, I still might 
    have missed something. If anyone finds events/minigames/items not mentioned 
    here, please let me know so I can add them! I’ll give you credit for it.
    4 March 2016
    I have had a few reviews recently asking me to "add more information". 
    This will not be happening as I no longer own the game. 
    11 May 2008
    I've receieved two emails about secret doors in the city of Omashu (Chapter 4),
    and another email about the mini-boss battle in chapter 6, so those have both 
    been added to the walkthrough. 
    Also, I reworded the instructions for unlocking the Air Temple seal, because I 
    got a few emails asking for help. Hope it's clearer now.
    21 June 2007
    Walkthrough is COMPLETE! Also, I found an extra event in Chapter 5.
    Sorry it's taken such a long time! I got sidetracked!
    14 May 2007
    Added the Stolen Goods sidequest in Chapter 2. All sections complete to the end
    of chapter 4.
    3 May 2007
    First published; walkthrough to mid-Chapter 3, items listed to Chapter 2, 
    enemy list to chapter 3, minigames mostly complete.
    Switching characters:
    Generally, you’ll be fine playing as a single character throughout the game (I 
    personally like Haru), but you’ll need to switch characters to take advantage 
    of their individual abilities, as computer-controlled characters never (so far 
    as I can tell) use their bending attacks. So switching characters gives you a 
    wider range of attacks to use, plus you can use them more often, because the 
    chi guage will still recharge while you’re not controlling a character.
    Four Nations Force:
    Learn to play it. It can earn you a total of 925G throughout the game.
    When playing as the Four Nations side, try to keep at least some of your pieces
    on the edges for as long as you can, and keep spread out. Look for chances to 
    attack more than one chip at a time. 
    When playing as the People side, build up blocks of chips starting from the 
    edges. Beware of attacks from the diagonals. Also, if you can manage to block 
    off a single square so that the Nations chips can’t get to it, you’ve 
    prettymuch got the game won – just make sure you don’t lose any pieces as you 
    place them.
    Each opponent will play you only five times, whether you win, lose or draw, so
    save your game before you start (and possibly after each game you win).
    Air Blast       Level 00
    Air Scooter     Level 10
    Staff Whirl     Level 20
    Staff Strike    Level 28
    Tornado         Air Scroll (Chapter 6)
    War Club Blow   Level 00
    Boomerang       Level 12
    Firecracker     Purchase from Item Shop for 500G (Chapter 4 onwards)
    Bomb            Purchase from Item Shop for 900G (Chapter 6 onwards)
    Freeze          Level 00
    Water Splash    Level 18
    Heal            Water Scroll (Chapter 5)
    Shoot Rocks     Level 00
    Ground Wave     Level 22
    Shoot Rocks 2   Earth Scroll (Chapter 6)
    1.  Head into town.
    2.  Explore if you like. There’re a couple of chests around.
    3.  Speak to Master Wei (Pakku for the show-watchers; I don’t know why they 
        changed his name). He sends you to look for a missing person.
    4.  Leave the town (south exit), turn left at the crossroads. Watch the scene 
        and go back to town. Speak to Wei again. 
    5.  Back out of town; turn right at the crossroads and follow the road to find 
        Katara and Sokka. 
    6.  Explore the area – you won’t get another chance. Play the Fish Catching 
        minigame and pick up a Herb B, which you can exchange back in town for a 
        HP Source.
    7.  Back to town, watch the scene. 
    8.  Time to fight! Start with your bending attack if you can, to knock the 
        enemy over; if not, a three-hit combo has the same effect. Keep attacking.
        Once the battle’s over, don’t forget to pick up your reward.
    9.  Another scene once the battles are over.
    10. Before leaving town, stop by the Fruit Shop and pick up some potatoes. 
        Also, save your game.
    11. Leave town by the north exit.
    12. Boss battle!
    * 50G – East side of town, north of the fruit shop
    * Small potato – East side of town, northeast corner
    * Small potato – Middle of town, west of the Four Nations Force player
    * Herb B – outside town, southmost point of the map
    Special events/items:
    HP Source
    Give the Herb B to the kid outside the house next to the Fruit Shop, and get 
    this in return.
    Four Nations Force
    In the centre screen of the town, go up the first flight of stairs and turn 
    right. A man will play with you for a 5G bet.
    Fish Catching
    When Sokka and Katara first join the party, explore the area before returning 
    to town, because you can’t come back later. At the eastmost point of the map, 
    you’ll see a fish in the water, and Katara will try to catch it.
    What to do: When a fish appears, follow it with the stylus until you catch it.
    Reward: The fish. (Later you can exchange it for a HP Source.)
    Boss battle: Flamethrower Machine
    Make sure to save your game before you head north to get Appa, because you’ll 
    run into this along the way. Aang is alone for this battle.
    The machine has three attacks: a flamethrower that sweeps across the entire 
    area, fireballs, and swinging its arm at you. 
    Strategy: Do a single three-hit combo from mid-range, then back away, because 
    it will use its flamethrower attack, which is easily dodged with your bending 
    defence move. It’s pretty easy if you just keep repeating this pattern – but 
    fairly difficult otherwise! Get too close and it’ll hit you, and probably 
    follow up with fireballs – both of these attacks send you flying, and it can 
    be hard to get a hit in.
    1.  Sokka directs you first to the harbour, then to the town.
    2.  Speak to the person by the north gate.
    3.  Go to the prison.
    4.  Go to the barracks front entrance, then to the back entrance.
    5.  Find the Fire Soldier uniforms in the southeast corner of the barracks. 
        Speak to the soldiers, search for items, then leave. You can’t come back 
        in later.
    5a. Four Nations Force game is now accessible at the harbour.
    6.  Head for the prison again. You can get in now.
    7.  Go upstairs and find the Prison Key.
    8.  Back downstairs and down again into the dungeon. Rescue the prisoner.
    9.  Rescue Katara, and she’ll tell you about the secret door.
    10. Go through the door to start the boss battle.
    * Herb A – south of town (it’s on the way to the harbour from your starting 
    * Small potato – northeast corner of town
    * 5G – southeast corner of town
    * Herb A, C – at the L-shaped corner in the east part of the map
    * Herb B – at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the prison
    * 25 G – northern harbour (southmost point, hidden behind the house)
    * Bunch of bananas – northern harbour (see above)
    * Small potato – outside Barracks back entrance
    * Large potato – outside Barracks back entrance
    * HP Source – Barracks north bedroom
    * Strength Source – Barracks north bedroom
    * 10G – Prison 2nd floor, middle right room
    * Prison Key – 2nd floor, upper right room
    * Defence Source – 2nd floor, upper left room
    * SP Source – Prison roof
    * Defence Source x2 – rescue prisoner in dungeon; these are left in his cell
    * Bunch of bananas – Katara’s cell
    Special events/items:
    Rescue the Stolen Goods
    ***many thanks to constantskeptic for pointing this out!***
    First go to the northern harbour; one of the men there will tell you that 
    goods are being stolen from his ship. Go into town and talk to the Fruit Shop 
    owner, who will tell you to talk to the gossipers in the northwest corner of 
    the market. Here you’ll be told that the thieves are hiding in the east near 
    the prison. Now you can go and fight them – save before you try it, though, 
    especially if you haven’t levelled up much yet.
    The thieves are Fire soldiers – two Spearsmen and a Fire Captain. Try to 
    attack the Captain as constantly as possible, so he doesn’t have a chance to 
    attack, because he's pretty deadly.
    Reward: 200G
    Four Nations Force
    Once you’ve got the Fire Nation uniforms, you’ll be able to enter the tent near
    the southern harbour, where a soldier will challenge you. The bet is 10G. 
    Boss Battle: Fire Lancer
    This soldier will attack you when you try to rescue Lian. His main attack 
    creates a wall of flames around him that lasts a few seconds and knocks you 
    back if you touch it. He also shoots fireballs.
    You can’t just attack him head-on, because of his flame wall. Long-range 
    attacks are the way to go – play as Aang so you can use Air Blast. Katara’s 
    normal attack is also long-range, but the computer takes care of that. Also 
    try to get around to the side or behind him, and attack quickly.
    1.  Go to Haru’s village and defeat the machines there. You’ll gain Haru as a 
        team member.
    2.  Return to the other village and speak to the Elder. You’ll receive a letter
        that allows you to play the Earthbending Practice minigame.
    3.  Back to Haru’s village and speak to Tyro. He’ll tell you to seek the Forest
    4.  All minigames are available now.
    5.  Return to the southeast corner of the map; a cave has appeared.
    6.  The boss battle is in the easternmost part of the cave.
    * 25G – main village, east side, near the huts in the centre
    * Large Potato – Haru’s village, western side, near hut
    * Bunch of bananas – " "
    * Herb A – north of bridge
    * Herb A, D – southeast corner of map
    * Herb B, E – south of crossroads
    * Herb F – south road fork
    * Herb E – northwest road, middle section
    * Herb A, F – northwest road, end section (where you fight the poachers)
    * Herb B, C, E – east of crossroads (or possibly at the crossroads – I think I 
      got muddled with my notetaking here)
    * Small potato – cave, westernmost point
    * Banana x2 – cave, northmost point
    Special events/items:
    Stop the Poachers
    *insert Captain Planet reference here*
    Speak to the old man south of the Fruit Shop and he’ll tell you about the 
    hogmonkey poachers in the northern forest. Leave town by the northwest exit and
    follow the path to the end, and you’ll find them. Defeat them to rescue the 
    Reward: 2 x Herb B, 2 x Herb D
    Four Nations Force
    Once you’ve defeated the machines in Haru’s village, there’s a man in the 
    northeast corner who will play Force with you. This time the bet is 20G.
    Available after Haru has joined your party. Speak to the herbalist and she will
    tell you about the Rubyfruit that grows nearby. Meanwhile, Momo will run off 
    and find a girl who’s picking the fruit. But she needs to get a basket, so she
    leaves Momo to guard the fruit from mice.
    What to do: Use the A/B/X/Y buttons to move Momo and scare off the mice.
    Reward: Rubyfruit – two if you save all of them, one if you missed a few. Not 
    sure how many you miss before you fail. They raise a single random stat by +5.
    Earthbending Practice 1
    Once you’ve defeated the machines, the Elder will give you a letter to take to
    the earthbender in the southwest corner of the map. He’ll let Haru try some 
    What to do: Smash the boulder by attacking at the right time with X.
    Round 1: Fire as the boulder is directly to Haru’s right.
    Round 2: Fire as the boulder passes the “tries left” counter in the top-left 
    Round 3: Fire as the boulder slows down the first time.
    Reward: +3 points to Haru’s power and spirit.
    Mini-Boss Battle: Bouncing Machines
    When you arrive at Haru’s village, each character will have to fight a machine
    one-on-one. Run away from the machine until it jumps and hits the ground again,
    then turn around and hit it. Only use bending attacks immediately after it’s 
    landed – otherwise it’ll probably jump on you again, and you won’t be able to 
    run until your attack is finished.
    Boss Battle: Spirit Bear
    Its main attack is a swipe that knocks away characters standing close in front
    of it, so try to stay to its side. From further away it can also leap at you, 
    but it won’t do this very often. When it has its paws over its head, it’s 
    blocking and won’t take damage. There’s no special strategy to this battle, 
    just pound away and heal when you need to.
    You can now buy Sokka’s Firecrackers from the Item Shop for 500G (one-time 
    purchase). Though don’t worry if you don’t have the money just yet, you’ll be 
    able to buy it in the next chapter too.
    1.  Go to the palace and talk to King Bumi.
    2.  He’ll direct you to the library, so make your way there. 
    3.  The guards at the front won’t let you in, so go around the back and try to
        open the door.
    4.  As Momo, return to the door and play the minigame to open the lock. (See 
        the section below for solutions.)
    5.  Sneak past the guards. Don’t forget to hold B to walk! Also, don’t miss 
        the side room in the second guarded area, which contains some stat-up 
        items. Check the Omashu Library Map (seperate FAQ) for a detailed 
        walkthrough of this area.
    6.  Head back to the palace, and speak with Bumi again. He’ll send you to the 
        shop in the east of town to get some paste.
    7.  The shopkeeper will ask you for an egg, nuts and powdered herb, and direct
        you to the market. There’s a nut tree on the way, and just speak to the 
        herbalist to get the herb.  To get the egg, first speak to the Fruit Shop 
        trader, then go to the Tea House and speak to the owner.
    8.  Return to the shop, and get the paste. 
    9.  The Fire Nation attacks the town, so from now on you’ll be encountering 
        enemies. Haru leaves the party for now.
    10. Return to the palace. Haru will rejoin you here, and Bumi will tell you 
        about the secret exit in the east of the city. Make your way there.
    11. The boss battle begins when you enter the arena.
    * Incense (stimulating) – northwest corner of the four-circles-shaped area in 
      the south
    * Melon – southwest of the horstrich stables (square area west of four-circles
    * Small potato x2 – market, raised area in south of central area
    * 50G – market, western side, near the central block of buildings and close to
      the entrance from the central area
    * Smoke bomb – behind the palace, west side
    * 50G – behind the palace, east side
    * HP Source, Defence Source, Spirit Source – library, side room
    Special events/items:
    Secret Doors
    There are two secret doors to treasure rooms in the city:
    - Near the teahouse
    - Near King Bumi's storehouse. It's on the northern wall, to the right of the 
      storehouse when the camera is pointing north. It contains 200G.
    Thanks to Alfred Rottmeier and mitchdragoon for letting me know about each of 
    Unlocking the Library Door
    There are six buttons on the lock. Pressing a button will change the buttons 
    surrounding it (but not the one you pressed) from red to green or vice-versa. 
    The starting pattern of lights is random, but here are some possible 
    The button arrangement:
    1 2
    3 4
    5 6
    Start: 2 and 6 are red
    Press 1, 5
    Start: 4, 5 and 6 are red
    Press 6, 3, 1
    Start: 2, 3 and 6 are red
    Press 5, 3, 5
    Start: 2, 5 and 6 are red
    Press 3, 2, 1, 5
    Start: 6 is red
    Press 4, 1
    Four Nations Force
    A man at the tea shop (on the way to the palace) will play for a 50G bet.
    Earthbending Practice 2
    There’s a soldier near the middle of the city who will give Haru some more 
    What to do: Smash the boulders as they appear. It’s like whack-a-mole. Be 
    careful when trying to aim on the diagonals – learn what Haru looks like on 
    each angle, and make sure you’re facing the right way. Sometimes you’ll be 
    better off leaving a boulder and moving onto the next one. The pass mark is 35.
    Reward: +3 points to Haru’s power and spirit.
    Cabbage Catching
    Poor old Cabbage Man can’t get a break, can he? As you head east from the 
    entrance to the market, the cabbage cart will yet again go flying.
    What to do: Use the stylus to tap the falling cabbages and catch them.
    Reward: A cabbage. (In the final chapter it can be sold for 500G.)
    Boss Battle: The Consul
    The Consul has two attacks: firing a single rock at you, and surrounding you 
    with four rocks and bringing them together to crush you. He also warps quickly
    and often, and defends if you get close to him.
    Haru is alone for this battle. Use your bending for defence – especially for 
    the four-rock attack. (It’s also possible to dodge the attack if you’re quick.)
    If the Consul has his rock shield up, just keep attacking – eventually it’ll 
    break, and then he’s an easy target.
    1.  Head for the northeast end of the island, and find the stairs leading 
    2.  Fight the machines, then keep heading down.
    3.  Take the Keystone from the far side of the island model.
    4.  Go to the village on the north coast, and speak to the Elder. He’s standing
        by the large hut on the west side of the village.
    5.  Go to the ruins west of the village, and examine the hole in the wall to 
        put the Keystone in it.
    6.  Once inside the cave, go first to the eastmost path, and find the Red Ore
        at the end of it.
    7.  Go to the red rock wall (marked on the map with a dash) and examine it to
        open it. Follow this path to find the Blue Ore.
    8.  Open the blue rock wall.
    9.  The boss battle is at the end of this path.
    * Herb B – southwest coast
    * Herb E – south coast ruins (west)
    * 10G – south coast ruins (west)
    * Herb A – south coast ruins (east)
    * Smoke bomb – south coast ruins (east)
    * Herb A, C – southwest coast
    * Herb F – north coast, east of village
    * Bunch of Bananas x3 – north of fork in middle path
    * Spirit source – cave, lava area (from east path)
    * Medicine A – cave, side cave on east path
    * Melon – cave, end of westmost path
    Special events/items:
    Sokka’s Boomerang
    Talk to the boy standing by the hut north of the Fruit Shop (you’ll need the 
    camera to have south upwards, or you can’t see him) and he’ll ask to hold 
    Sokka’s boomerang. Then he runs off with it. Sokka chases after him and ends 
    up having to protect him from an attacking machine.
    The battle is just a single bouncing machine, same as the mini-boss in Haru’s 
    village. Easy to beat.
    Water Scroll
    Take the middle path across the island, and turn north when you can. You will 
    have a mini-boss battle (see below); afterwards, explore the area and you’ll 
    find a chest with the scroll in it. This allows Katara to learn her Healing 
    ability, which can revive characters who have fainted.
    Trade your Fish
    If you caught the fish in the Chapter 1 minigame, find the fisherman on the 
    south coast of the island. He’ll trade you a HP Source for the fish.
    Four Nations Force:
    Near the town market, a lady will play Force with you for a 100G bet.
    Mini-boss Battle: Gorilla-Goat
    Looks like Flopsy. Maybe this is where Bumi got him.
    Aang is alone for this battle. Mostly I just ran around in circles waiting for
    the chi guage to fill, and used Staff Whirl. Not a hard battle.
    Boss Battle: Water Tank
    This battle is a pain. The battlefield is a long strip with a few notches to 
    each side. Start by hiding in one of the notches (all the computer-controlled 
    characters will do this automatically, and stay there unless you switch to 
    using them). The tank can only be damaged from the front – if you try to attack
    from behind, it will just speed off. Also, it regains health over time so 
    you’ll have to attack it constantly. Start by using a bending attack, then 
    take a few swings at it. This will probably end with the tank running you over.
    Never mind. Switch to a different character, do it again. Aang and Haru are 
    probably the best at this. 
    You can now buy Sokka’s Bombs from the Item Shop for 900G (one-time purchase). 
    1.  Follow the path up to the Temple. Unlock the door by blowing into the 
        DS microphone to flip the spirals and open the seal, then go inside.
    2.  Fight the bouncing machines in hall of Avatar statues.
    ~switch to Sokka, Katara and Haru~
    3.  Explore the area, but don’t go to the northeast area (with the blue squares
        on the map).
    4.  When you’re done, head for the blue-square area.
    5.  Fight the balloon machines there.
    ~switch to Aang~
    6.  Head back to the starting point at the bottom of the cliff path. You’ll be
        taken to the village where the others were.
    7.  First go to the garden in the north to get the Air Scroll, then go to the
        building site.
    8.  The boss battle starts as you move further into the building site.
    Items – Air Temple:
    * Cut melon x2 – path, near start
    * Herb B – path, east of bridge, near tree
    * Herb C – path, go east just before the stairs
    * Strength source – courtyard
    * Medicine G – balcony (go east and down stairs from Avatar statues)
    * Defence source – balcony
    Items – Town/Forest:
    * Herb A, C – on the path from the south of the village, roughly middle of
      the map
    * Herb E, Fx2 – eastern area where paths meet
    * 50G – on path, one screen north of southmost point on map
    * Herb Bx2, D – southmost point
    * Herb C – sharp bend in middle path
    * Herb E – middle area where paths meet
    * Herb D – right dead-end area
    Special events/items:
    Earth Scroll
    Complete the Earthbending Practice 3 minigame (see below). This teaches Haru’s
    Shoot Rocks 2 ability, which is a stronger version of his original bending 
    attack, and proves that the game designers have no imagination when it comes to
    attack names.
    Air Scroll
    Once Aang arrives at the village, leave by the east exit and head for the 
    garden square in the middle-north area of the map. Here you’ll play a game of 
    Four Nations Force against Aang’s old master Gyatso. Win or lose, you’ll 
    receive the scroll, which teaches Aang’s Tornado ability.
    The Temple Seal
    You need to complete this to get into the Air Temple.
    What to do: Blow air into the DS microphone to flip the spirals on the door and 
    unseal the temple. It’s not too hard.
    Earthbending Practice 3
    Once you have control of Sokka, Katara and Haru, head to the southernmost point
    on the map, where you will meet another Earth Kingdom soldier.
    What to do: This is a repeat of the first two earthbending challenges, as a 
    single challenge. The first one (hitting the moving boulder) is unchanged; for
    the second (whack-a-boulder), the pass mark is raised to 40.
    Reward: Earth Scroll
    Mini-Boss Battle: Fire Nation Soliders
    There are two dead-end areas near the middle of the map; in the west one there
    is a group of Fire Nation soldiers. This is an optional battle. There are, I 
    think, four Swordsmen and four Spearsmen (it’s difficult to count!). This 
    battle is only available when you are playing as Sokka, Katara and Haru.
    Rewards: 300G, custard tart, bunch of bananas
    NOTE: dogpaw19 tells me that if you don't want to fight the soldiers, you can 
    go to the area as Aang instead, and you can still pick up the prizes without 
    having to fight anyone!
    Boss Battle: Drill Machine
    From the front, it will punch with its drill, which knocks you back a long way.
    If you go behind it it will attack with its digging wheel. It can also make the
    ground shake, and warp around by tunnelling underground.
    Make good use of your newly-gained Tornado attack, and don't stay directly in 
    front or behind it any longer than you have to.
    Don’t leave town by the northern exit; the thyladillos are back and deadly 
    (Aang vs. whole pack with no other characters to attack = dead Aang very 
    quickly), plus you can run into gorilla-goats as a normal battle. And they’re 
    only worth 5G. There’s nothing out there except a few herbs. If you do want to 
    explore, wait until you’ve got your team back.
    1.  Stock up in town (speak to the Fruit Shop owner to sell your cabbage), then
        head to Lian’s fortress in the west.
    2.  Once inside, first head to the northwest corner to rescue Sokka.
    3.  Next, go to the other north path, and rescue Katara.
    4.  Now go east and rescue Haru.
    5.  Head southward. Save when you get to the third lava cave (after the one 
        with the broken bridge).
    6.  Keep going, and first you’ll have a cutscene, then straight into your first
        boss battle.
    7.  Save, then continue onwards to the final battle!
    8.  Wait until after the credits for a final scene.
    * Herb Ax2, B, Cx2, D, Ex2 – north of town, northmost point of map
    * Strength source, small potato – west of town, southmost point of map
    * Smoke bomb – just inside the fortress
    * Medicine G – room where Sokka was imprisoned
    * Defence source – Haru’s cell
    * Medicine H – U-shaped curve south of the entrance
    * Medicine H – curved dead-end path
    * Medicine H – just past the tank battle
    Special events/items:
    Sell the Cabbage
    Converse with the Fruit Shop owner, and she’ll offer to buy your cabbage for 
    Four Nations Force
    An old man on the west side of town will play with you, but there’s no money 
    Boss Battle 1: Water Tank
    It’s back! This time you’ve got some stronger attacks up your collective 
    sleeves, if you picked up the Scrolls in the previous chapter. The battle works
    much the same, though the tank has added Ice Breath to its arsenal, which makes
    it harder to retreat.
    Boss Battle 2: Lian’s Machine
    Just throw all your best attacks at it, and heal when you need to. (If you’ve 
    been saving them up, you should have more than enough Medicine Hs to get you 
    through easily.)
    ENEMY LIST (complete but rough)
    In order of first appearance:
    Shoots fire (long range attack)
    Appears in chapter 1 (8G reward), chapter 2 (9G reward), chapter 4 (15G)
    Short-range attack
    Appears in chapter 2 (6G reward), chapter 4 (10G reward)
    Short-range attack
    Appears in chapter 2 (5-7G reward)
    Fire Captain
    A stronger version of the Firebender. 
    Appears in chapter 2 (miniboss battle), chapter 4 (26G reward)
    Thyladillo (because thylacine-armadillo is too long to say)
    Fast-moving, medium-range jumping attack
    Appears in chapter 3 (8G reward), chapter 7
    Shoots arrows (long range, narrow target)
    Appears in chapter 3 (10G reward)
    Attacks with whip (medium range) or spin kick (close range, knockback effect)
    Appears in chapter 3 (12G reward)
    Bouncing Machines
    Don’t let them squash you.
    Appears in chapter 3 (miniboss battle), chapter 5 (20G), chapter 7 (24G)
    Tank Machines
    Shoots fire (med-long range), short range punch attack
    Appears in chapter 3 (miniboss battle), chapter 6 (16G), chapter 7 (22G)
    Strong Spearsman
    Short-range attack
    Appears in chapter 4 (13G)
    Water Pump Machines
    If they flip upside-down, they’re about to pump water up from underground, so 
    don’t stand still. At close range they’ll spin around and spray out water.
    Appears in chapter 5 (13G), chapter 7 (20G)
    Catapult Machines
    Throws rocks (medium-range, won’t hit very close-range) or spins around at 
    close range.
    Appears in chapter 5 (17G), chapter 6 (21G), chapter 7 (28G)
    Balloon Machines
    Fires air blasts (long-range), speed dash, tornado (wide area, look out when it
    flies up high)
    Appears in chapter 6 (19G), chapter 7 (26G)
    Avatar: The Last Airbender belongs to Viacom/Nickelodeon, and the game is made
    by THQ.
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