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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ChiChi

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 12/29/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         Slime MoriMori 2: Dragon Quest
                       スライムもりもり2: ドラゴンクエスト
                         Gez..ee5                       zee                    
                        eu      5eG                  eeeu  e5                  
                      De           ee       K     .ee       e                  
                      e              ee    .ee  ueE         e                  
                       e               ee  e 99eX          Ke                  
                        e        5eGW    eeK  EX     .zE   9X                  
                        e          .eeeWGe..uu.EeKeeeeXu    e                  
                       e#              eDuuuKKu.Ke#          e                 
                      e#      5#GeeEEeeu.uuuKu.   zeu        Ey                
                      eu   DeeD    yeKuKKKKKKKu.   .eeDKz##  e                 
                       e  e9   yDeezuuKKuKKKKKKu.     Xee   eE                 
                        e W EGDGey uKKKKKKKKKKKKKu      ueee                   
                         eeK #eyuuKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKWKu.      ee                  
                    .Geey  #eWuKWKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKWKu.     ue9                
                 #ee9    5eXuKWWKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKWWKKuuKK. 5eeW             
              Xee.      eEKKWWKu.  ...  .uKKKKKKKKKu. .uu...uu  e5ee           
            eeu       5eyuKWKK. yeeD5zeey uKKKKKKu..EeEDDeey uK  e  Ge#        
          ee        GeeuKWWKK. eD       9e uKKKKK Ke       Ee .u  e   yee      
        ee        ee euKWWKKuKzD  eeeee  e5.KKKKK e  eeeee  eGDuu 95    .eX    
       e         e   e.yWWWKuWe  eeGEGe# Dz.KKKKK e WeeEGee WD uK. e      9e   
      e        De   yeuyWWWKuye#  eeeee  e.uKKKKK e  eeeee  e9.KKK ee      We  
     e        ee    5euyyWWWKu GG       eD uKKKKK .ey      eD uKKu eW5       e 
     eEE.    ez     Ke.yyyWKuu. WeeeGeeE  uKKKKKKK. yeeeeee  .KKK We e       ez
        Xee XE       euWyyK    ..       uKKKKKKKKKKu.          uu e  e   zeeK  
          uee        yeKyyyK..uKKKKKKK.  uKKKKKKKKuuuuKKKKK.   ..e5  GK9eW     
            K         eGKy5555yyWKKKKuue5  .uKKu   5DuKKKKKKKKuuez   Ke        
                       eeWWy555yyyWWWK. DeE     Wee9uuuKKKKKuuyey              
                        KeGWKWyyy5yyyyWK. ueeXEe9   uKKKKKuuyee                
                          WeeeyKKWy555yyyyK. XK .uWWWWKuuWGee                  
             (ascii art of スラみ (Surami), an adorable female slime)
                               ChiChi & Zaraf
                                Version 0.3
    -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-[Table of Contents]-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-
    - Introduction
    - Very Frequently Asked Questions
    - Basics
      - Story
      - Controls
      - Gameplay
      - Menu
    - The Town
      - Crude Map of the Town
      - Description of the Locations
    - Walkthrough
      - Stage 0: Introduction
      - Stage 1.1: A Path Through Nokke Woods - Slimes 1-7
      - Stage 2.1: Surasuna Ancient Tomb - Slimes 8-12
      - Stage 2.2: Back to Surasuna Ancient Tomb - Slimes 13-19
      - Stage 2.3: Back to Surasuna Ancient Tomb (again) - Slimes 20-25
      - Stage 1.2: Back to Nokke Woods - Slimes 26-34
      - Stage 3: Renkin Mountain
      - Stage 4: Woods of Usso
      - Stage 5: Kiritatta Cliffs
      - Stage 6: Excavation Site
      - Stage 7: Death Moja
    - Tank Battles
    - Tank Battles Helpers
      - Slimes
      - Monsters
    - Tank Upgrades
    - Items
    - Recipes
    - Maps
    - Japanese Language Support
    - Contact Information
    Slime MoriMori2 is a very, very, very cute spin-off game of the Dragon 
    Quest series.  It is only available for the Nintendo DS, and it I 
    currently only in Japan.  There are no formal plans (yet) to bring this 
    game to the US.  If I had to describe it, I would say this game is very 
    similar to the original NES game “The Legend of Zelda”.  In this game, 
    you are a little blue slime who must go around non-linear levels rescuing 
    your kidnapped (slime-napped?) friends.  This is an action/puzzle game 
    more than it is an RPG.
    Nitpicker’s note: Since there are many different Dragon Quest (Warrior) 
    games, all with different names for items and monsters, I tried to use 
    the names from the Dragon Warrior Monster game series whenever possible.
    *Please note that you will need Japanese language support to view this*
    If you do not, please go to the Japanese Language Support section at 
    the very bottom of this FAQ.
    If you do, and you are using IE, doing the following should make the 
    Japanese in this FAQ display correctly:
        Go to the menu bar, select    
             View -> Encoding -> More -> Japanese (Shift-JIS)
    -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-[Very Frequently Asked Questions]-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-
    Q: Is this game in English?
    A: No, this game is in Japanese.  However, the gameplay is simple, and 
    the story is fairly easy to figure out from what happens on screen.  Many 
    of the menus have icons and pictures, making it easy to navigate.
    Q: How do I break the blue crystal barriers?
    A: See the map below.  Go to location 6 and talk to the ninja slimes.  
    Then, slime strike the colored panels on the wall in front of you.  Solve 
    some simple puzzles, and then you can break the barriers by attacking 
    Q: What’s with these two red rope looking things in the mountain level?
    A: Slime strike into the sides of the ropes by slime striking at a 
    diagonal and you will see.
    Q: Is this game being released in the US?
    A: As of now, Square-Enix has not announced it, and it is extremely 
    unlikely they ever will.
    --- Story:
    You are a cute, squishy, loveable blue slime from the Dragon Quest series.  
    One day, the ‘Shocking Tails Gang’ attacks your town, pelting it with 
    giant spiky canon balls, and capturing all of your slime friends and 
    family.  You must travel through different levels finding and rescuing 
    them all.  During your quest, you will have to solve (simple) puzzles, 
    fight cute baddies with tails, and collect tons of items.  Don’t forget 
    the tank battles!
    --- Controls:
    D-Pad: - Move in a direction
           - Navigate the menus
    A: - Press to jump
       - Press to jump, then press again and hold to float
       - Press and hold to pin to ground
       - While pinned, hold D-Pad to stretch out, release D-Pad to do a 
         Slime strike!  (This is the main ‘attack’ in the game)
       - Hold the Slime stretch for 3 seconds to charge up your Slime strike
       - After Slime striking something, move under it to catch it.  You 
         can hold a maximum of 3 things (items/slimes/monsters) at a time.
    B: - While holding something, press to toss the bottom item in the 
         direction you are facing.
       - Press while doing a Slime strike to throw very far.
    Y: - When holding a toy knight (making you a slime knight) press to swing  
         its sword
    X: - Press to change map options on the top screen
    R: - When holding more than 1 thing, press to change the order you are 
         holding items/slimes/monsters in
       - Switch pages towards the right in the menus
    L: - Switch pages towards the left in the menus
    Select: - Not used
    Start: - Press to pause the game and open up the menu
    --- Gameplay:
    The basic goal of the game is to rescue your friend slimes.
    Most important thing: To collect an item/monster/slimes you must throw 
    it onto one of the moving platforms that move along railroad tracks or 
    floats along a river.  Unlike the first game, all of the carts or rafts 
    in this game can hold four items/monsters/slimes.  Try to do this with 
    as many items and monsters as you can.  If you just kill a monster, you 
    won’t ‘collect’ it.  The more items and monsters you collect, the 
    better things will be later.  Another method to send stuff back to town 
    is by using a Chimera Wing (Wyvern Wing for you old school DW fans).  
    The Chimera Wing is located in a few of the levels, and all you need 
    to do is throw it towards whatever you want to send home.  The wing will 
    latch onto the item/monster/slime and start flying away.
    When you find a blue treasure chest, slime strike it.  A slime will pop 
    out, and you will carry it.  Find the nearest cart, raft or Chimera Wing 
    and he/she will be transported back to town.  You will then get mail 
    from that slime.  Press Start and press L or R until you are in the 
    “Letters” menu to read the letter from the rescued slime.  It is 
    important to read the mail you get from rescued slimes, since they will 
    give you items, and later on, recipes.  After a slime has been rescued, 
    he or she can be found located somewhere in the town.
    --- Menu:
    Press start to access the menu.  Not all selections below are available 
    from the start.  As the game progresses, you will have more stuff in 
    the menu.  Press R and L to toggle between menu ‘tabs’.
    Tab 1: Map
    Press X to add labels and zoom in on the map.  Move the view of the map 
    using the D-pad.
    Tab 2: Collections
    アイテム − Items collected
    まもの   − Monsters collected
    レシピ   − Recipes known
    If you have never had a certain item sent to town, then it will appear 
    as ???? in the items menu.  Once you collect even one of a particular 
    item, then it will appear in its location in the item list, even if you 
    have zero in stock afterwards.  Similarly, monsters that you haven’t 
    returned to town, or recipes you haven’t learned will also appear 
    as ????.
    Tab 3: Tank Information
    Shows you information about your tank such as the current ammunition, 
    helpers, maximum HP, etc.
    Tab 4: Letters
    When you rescue a slime, he/she will send you a letter and it will appear 
    in this menu.  Read the letters to receive items or recipes.
    -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-[The Town]-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-
    --- Crude Map of the Town:
    |xxxxxxx|xxxxxxx|       5       |
    |xxxxxxx|xxxxxxx|               |
    |xxxxxxx|xxxxxxx|               |
    |xxxxxxx|-------|  6            |
    |xxxxxxx|   7   |------   ------|
    |xxxxxxx|       |               |
    |xxxxxxx|       |    1     3   A|
    |--------                       |
    |   9   |   8   |               |
    |       |      C|    4     2   B----
    |                                  D
    |       |       |               ----
    1: Your House
    2: Church
    3: Tank Customization Store
    4: Item Store
    5: Castle
    6: Well
    7: Monster Museum
    8: Library
    9: Battle Arena
    A: Alchemy Pot
    B: Surfing Mini-Game
    C: Bonus Boss Battle Well
    D: Town Exit
    In the beginning, many of these locations will be blocked off or have 
    a spiked ball crushing them.  Every spiked ball will have a number on 
    it, and these numbers represent the number of slimes you must rescue 
    before the spiked ball will be removed.  The exception to this is the 
    giant spiked ball in the Castle which will automatically be removed once 
    you reach a certain point in the game.
    --- Description of Locations:
    1: This is your home, and the place that you return to after finishing 
    or returning from a level.
    2: After rescuing the nun slime しすたー (Shisuta), talk to her to save.  
    When saving, you will have to answer three questions.  The first is 
    basically “Do you want to save?”  Pick the top option (yes) and she 
    will then ask you, “Do you want to overwrite the previous save file?”  
    Pick the top option again to initiate the saving process.  The slimes 
    present will start singing while the saving is in progress.  After they 
    finish singing, Shisuta will ask you, “Do you wish to continue?”  If 
    you want to keep playing, then select the top option (yes).  However, 
    if you want to quit, pick the bottom option (no) and then the game will 
    switch to a screen from which you can turn the power off.
    After rescuing a Healer Slime しんぷ (Shinpu, who is wearing a hat like 
    Cristo from DWIV) will also be in the church selling two items.  Both 
    items resurrect you if you die in a level.  The first item (150 gold) 
    brings you back at half HP while the second item (500 gold) restores 
    you to full HP.  If you buy one of these, you will see it on the display 
    at the top of the screen.  You can only have one of these items at a 
    time, and buying a second one will cause the first to be discarded.  You 
    also find a Life Fruit that increases your max HP if you go behind the 
    3. This hut lets you upgrade your tank.  Depending on where you are in 
    the story, you will have different people to talk to, and different 
    options.  Early on, you will be able to and talk to the Momonjya (a monster 
    wearing goggles and smoking a pipe).
    デツキ		Choose ammo for your tank
    なかま		Choose helpers for your tank (later in the game)
    やめる		Done
    The first option lets you pick what items you want to load your tank 
    with.  The list of items has the ones you’ve collected in the stages.  
    When you equip them, they are not lost, you can unequip them later.  Most 
    items simply do damage, while others have special effects.  Play around 
    to see what they all do!
    The second option is where you can choose 3 helpers.  You’ll get more 
    slime helpers as the game progresses and you rescue the slimes.  You 
    can also get monster helpers by collecting 30 of the same type of monster.  
    Once you have 30 or more, go talk to the monster inside the museum, which 
    is the top building in the middle screen of town.  The monster will be 
    standing in front of its statue.  This will only become available once 
    you rescue the slime that is the receptionist for the museum.  
    4: You guessed it; this is the place to buy and sell items.
    5: This is the castle of the slime town!  On the back wall is a messed 
    up painting which will later on become a mini-game.  After you rescue 
    a star-shaped slime that holds a paintbrush, talking to this slime 
    restores the painting to its original form, and lets you draw on it using 
    the touch screen.
    6: The Ninja slimes live here once you find them.  This is the place 
    where you will later learn to be able to break the blue crystal barriers.
    7: This place has a pedestal for each monster in the game.  Once you 
    have collected (not killed) 30 monsters, you get a bronze statue!  
    Collect a total of 50 monsters for a silver statue, and 100 monsters 
    for a gold statue.  Also, once you get a bronze statue, the monster will 
    be standing in front of its own statue.  Talk to it and it will become 
    a helper for your battle tank!
    8: Just a library.  Slime strike the books to clean them up and you’ll 
    find two pieces of mail.
    9: The battle arena opens after you finish Stage 3:Kiritatta Cliffs, 
    and get 55+ slimes.  The neat thing is you can choose from any tank, 
    not just your normal slime-shaped one.  There are 4 ranks, C, B, A, and 
    S (and a final bonus battle).  You have to win 3 fights in each rank, 
    and then you get a prize.  You do not have to do all 3 at once, just 
    pick the top option always.  The prizes are:
    Rank C: メタルキングの剣 - Metal King Sword
    Rank B: オリハコン ? Orichalcum
    Rank A: スラハルコン - Slime Bomb
    Rank S: スラハルコン - Slime Bomb Recipe
    Final Battle: 勇者の剣 - Hero’s Sword
    A: After beating the mountain level (whose boss is a Jargon from DQ VIII), 
    you will be able to use the Alchemy Pot from DQ VIII.  It is real simple, 
    you put in items and out pops a new item.  You must know the recipe 
    for the item, and you get recipes automatically from some rescued slimes.
    B: Talk to this slime for a surfing mini-game.
    C: The Bonus Boss Battle Well opens up after you have rescued all 100 
    slimes.  When you enter it, you will get a chance to fight the final 
    boss again with three of your buddies.  Beating the boss will get you 
    a Hero’s Sword (勇者の剣) as a prize.  Coming back to the well will 
    let you fight the boss again, but no prize will be awarded.
    D: This leads to the world map, and all the various levels.
    Important/easy to miss sections are marked with a *.
    --- Stage 0: Introduction
    Upon starting your game, you’ll be able to name the main character.  
    His default name is スラリン (Surarin).  You can use the touch screen 
    here if you like.  Selecting the bottom-left cog changes the characters 
    between Hiragana, Katakana, and English letters.  Select the 
    bottom-right cog when you are finished.
    Watch the little intro scene with you and three other slimes playing.
    You will then be given a crash course in the controls.  They tell you 
    to 1) Press A to flatten out 2) hold in A and hold a direction to stretch 
    out 3) Let go of A to do a slime strike!  You can practice a bit.
    When you are finished, press start, and you will be in a room full of 
    leaves.  Slime strike into the leaves to clean them up.  You have 60 
    When you finish, you get another little scene.  In it, the healer-slime 
    ミイホン (Miihon)will shove a flute into you, since you beat his record 
    in cleaning up the leaves.  Walk off the south edge of the screen.  
    Suddenly, the town will be attacked by a horde of Momonjya from the 
    Shocking Tails Gang.  A big, mean, Momonjya-shaped tank will come and 
    shoot giant spiked iron balls into the city.  All the slimes in the town 
    will be kidnapped (slimenapped?).  You will instead be thrown away, since 
    the Momonjya don’t think you are a slime as you are shaped like the 
    flute you swallowed.  You will be thrown, and land in the first stage.  
    Sadly, the flute you were, um, carrying, will break.
    --- Stage 1.1: A Path Through Nokke Woods
    Slimes found and items they give you:
    1  ドラお         Drak Slime      Fruit
    2  スラごろう     Rock Slime      Fruit
    3  しすたー       Nun Slime       Treasure Chest
    4  スラゾー       King Slime      Rock Bomb
    5  ドラテック     Drak Slime      Rock Bomb
    6  バルブル       Bubble Slime    Rock Bomb
    7  おうさま       Emperor Slime   Treasure Chest
    From the start of the level, go to the right.  You will see a blue and 
    yellow treasure chest.  These chests contain your fellow slimes.  Slime 
    strike into it to free the trapped slime (1).  Then, slime strike into 
    the freed slime to launch it in the air.  Catch it on your head, and 
    he will tell you that you can throw things you are carrying by pressing 
    B. Walk back to the left and throw the slime you are holding onto the 
    brown patch of ground.  Proceed back to the right, and you will hear 
    a chime; this means you have mail!  After you rescue a slime, it will 
    send you a postcard.  Press start, then press R twice.  Press A to read 
    the letter.  You should do this after you rescue each slime.  Doing so 
    gets you an item.  (Later in the game, slimes send you item recipes 
    instead of items).  Congratulations, you rescued your first slime!  Only 
    99 more to go.
    *Notice the covered well on this screen.  These wells act as quick 
    transportation through levels.  To uncover it, you have to come through 
    the well’s other side.  You’ll see what I mean later.
    Go up a screen, and watch the baddies cart off a wagon full of your 
    friends.  Break open this chest and a rock-slime (2) will pop out.  Now, 
    this part is important.  Pick up the rock-slime, and throw it onto the 
    little train cart on the tracks.  The cart will move off.  Whenever you 
    put a slime, an item, or a monster on one of these carts, it will end 
    up back in town.  (Don’t forget to read your mail).
    *You should go out of your way to send monsters and items back to town.  
    You will need them later!  The platforms can carry up to 4 things, so 
    load them up when you can.  You can also ride on them as a shortcut to 
    get back to town.
    Break the pots at the bottom of the screen for some gold, then move on 
    to the next screen.  On this screen, you’ll find another slime (3) to 
    rescue, along with a few items.  Collect the few pieces of fruit and 
    treasure chests, send them home, and then rescue the slime.  You and 
    the nun-slime will ride a cart home, since it is getting late.
    You will then be shown a screen that tells you how many slimes you 
    rescued, and shows how many of each item you sent home.  You will wake 
    up in your house back in what remains of the town.  Go outside, and you 
    will see the 3 slimes you rescued.  They will be standing around a big 
    spiked ball that says 3st on it.  That 3 is the number of slimes needed 
    to move the ball!  They will get rid of it, and unblock the entrance 
    to the church.  At this point, you should walk around town a bit.  There 
    isn’t much you can do, but talk to the slimes you rescued.
    *Go into the church.  Walk behind the giant tree to find an item that 
    increases your maximum health, a Life Fruit.  Then, talk to the 
    nun-slime.  Answer はい (YES) to her two questions to save the game.  
    Then, say YES a third time if you plan on continuing.  
    Don’t forget to read your mail, and then go over the bridge on the right 
    side of the town.  This takes you to the map, where you should go back 
    to Nokke Woods.  When your slime is on top of the stage, on the top screen, 
    you will see some helpful info.  There is a number next to a blue chest.  
    This is the number of slimes left in the stage.  Under that is the items 
    you have collected, and beneath that is the monsters you have collected.
    Press A to reenter the stage.  Now, there are monsters around.  You can 
    kill the monsters by striking into them a few times.  Doing so gets gold, 
    but it is better to hit them once, catch them, and throw them onto a 
    cart.  Remember to throw as much as you can onto the carts! 
    Go back to the area where you found the nun-slime.  If you should happen 
    to find any little green leaves in pots or treasure chests, know that 
    they restore lost HP.  Collect as many pieces of fruit, treasure chests, 
    and monsters as you can, then go north to the next screen.  
    *Here, your path is blocked by a stone wall.  Luckily, there is a Rock 
    Bomb on the same screen.  Pick it up, and throw it against the wall!  
    Also, grab the Cat’s Tail, and the Mad Gopher, and free the captured 
    slime (4).  (If you are holding more than 1 item, pressing R will change 
    their order).  Go back south a screen and throw the Gopher, Cat’s Tail, 
    and the just-found King Slime onto a cart so they go back to town.
    Then, go back north to the screen where you found the King Slime.  You’ll 
    see a rope that you can’t get to.  To lower it, you’ll need to slide 
    down it from the other side.  We’ll get there later.
    Go east to the next screen.  You can strike into the leaves on the ground 
    to clean them up if you like.  Sometimes you find a few gold.  Roll into 
    the big pile at the top of the screen to uncover a well.  Down here, 
    you’ll find a lot of Gophers.  Kill some for some gold.  There are also 
    a number of Rock Bombs, and some more stone walls.  You know what to 
    do.  It might also be worth the time to take a few Rock Bombs back to 
    the cart to send home.  Just be careful when you throw them, make sure 
    they land on the cart!  
    *If it is getting dark, you can pick up a few more monsters.  There are 
    Ghosts and Drakees the only come out at night.  Keep an eye out for them.
    Come up through the other side of the well and you’ll be in another 
    leaf covered area.  Jump in the wing-shaped well in the top-right of 
    the screen to open the well back in the first area that I was talking 
    about.  Then, jump back through to the leaf covered room.
    *Slime strike the bottom left tree to uncover a secret well!  Down here, 
    you will find 2 more slimes (5) (6), throw them on the cart (along with 
    all the other stuff in this area) then go up the other side of the well.  
    You will open a well from a part of the stage you have already been in. 
    Go back down, and back to the leaf covered room.
    At the north edge, you will see a giant Momonjya shaped door.  In you 
    go!  Step on the glowing symbol (yes, it is shaped like 
    Erdrick/Roto/Loto’s seal from Dragon Warrior/Quest I, II, and III.  
    Wow, I really don’t know how to refer to things anymore) the seal will 
    fully heal you.  Go north and you will fight your first boss, a Face 
    Tree!  Just keep slime striking into it and you will beat it.  Actually, 
    once it gets down to half its health, it will start loosing its leaves, 
    and it looks so sad.  Once you beat it, go north a screen and open the 
    treasure chest to free the slime (7).  The Momonjya tank will roll in 
    and start chasing you.  Just keep running to the right, weaving up and 
    down to dodge the Rock Bombs it launches at you and you will make it 
    back to town.  Once there, you will have unlocked the next stage, and 
    you will get another HP boost.
    Back in town, talk to the slimes and monsters you rescued.  If they have 
    three dots in a speech bubble over their head, it means they have 
    something important to tell you.  You should talk to them, even if you 
    don’t know Japanese.  Do not forget to check your mail (and on the mail 
    screen, it shows you where that slime can be found in town).
    You can reenter this level to pick up more items/monsters/gold if you 
    like, but you can not get to the 10 slimes still trapped.  So, it is 
    time to move on to stage 2.
    *You might have noticed a stone statue just east of the start of the 
    stage, through some trees.  The statue has, from bottom up, a slime, 
    an Almiraj (rabbit), a cat, and an Almiraj on it. If you are holding 
    those three monsters, in that order, and you stand on the spot next to 
    the statue, you will open the giant door that is blocking the path.  At 
    this point, you can not get to the part of the stage with the Almirajs, 
    so this will have to wait!
    --- Stage 2.1: Surasuna Ancient Tomb
    8  プチミン       Baby Healer     Fruit
    9  まきりん       Snaily          Rock Bomb
    10 チュエリー     Tree Slime      Wood Arrow
    11 スラベス       She Slime       Broken Statue
    Enter the stage, and go north a screen.  Pick up the buried Bullet 
    (canonball), and throw it into the canon to destroy the Momonjya statue 
    and then free the slime (8).  Go north another screen and throw it onto 
    the raft to send it home.  On the same screen, there is another Bullet, 
    canon, and trapped slime (9).  After sending that one home, go north.
    Here you will find a Momonjya trying to break into a fortress.  He throws 
    a Rock Bomb at the door, and is suddenly buried by an avalanche of sand!  
    Since you are such a nice slime, you decide to free him.  You will need 
    the canon on the right of the screen, but you can’t get there yet.  Go 
    around to the north-west side of the screen to free a slime (10).  Then 
    leave to the north.
    Go east a screen, then through the fast moving water, rescue a slime 
    (11), then go south.  Slime-strike into all the debris on the tracks, 
    then push the canon into position, and fire a bullet at the statue in 
    your way.  Explore the next screen a little for some Cat’s Tails, and 
    your first Mimic!  Near the Mimic is a Bullet, pick it up, but do not 
    send it home, take it west a screen, and fire it.  Then pick up the Bullet 
    in front of the canon and fire it to free the Momonjya.
    Go talk to the Momonjya and it will fix your flute that broke at the 
    beginning of Stage 1.  You will play it, and this will free your Slime 
    Tank!  Now, you can start doing the Tank Battles.
    When you regain control, go inside the tank.  The Momonjya will try to 
    enter, but you need to let it in.  Pick the top option ? yes.  Take 
    a minute to explore your new toy.  In particular, notice the locations 
    of the grey chutes.  Up on the top floor, there are two canons.  A stone 
    will come down the chute, and the Momonjya will throw it into the canon.  
    It flies over, and hits the wall, doing 3 damage.  Now, you do the same 
    until the wall falls down.  You can find more rocks by the chutes in 
    the other areas of the tank.  Remember that you can carry three items.  
    Occasionally, you will find a Bullet at the chute.  Be sure to launch 
    this since it does 8 damage. Once you blow up the wall, you are taken 
    back to town.
    - Back in town
    Several quick things to do in town before we go back to the Surasuna 
    Ancient Tomb.
    First, just to the left of your house, you will find another Life Fruit.
    Second, you will see that the Momonjya set up a shop in town!  You can 
    not do anything here yet, but soon, you can load up different types of 
    ammunition for your tank!  Much more than the Stones and Bullets.  Press 
    start, then R two times, and you are looking at your tank.  You can see 
    what it is loaded with, how many HP it has, and later, it will show what 
    helpers are in it.
    Third, right by the bridge out of town is a snail-slime.  Talk to him 
    and pick the first option to play a surfing mini game where you collect 
    coins, press A to jump.  Try to beat the current record of 1800, if you 
    do you will get a valuable piece of Orichalcum.  
    Finally, save your game at the church.  When you try to leave town, the 
    town will be attacked by a tank!  Now, you get to fight.
    - Tank Battle: Momonjya Tank - 50 HP
    See the tank battle section below for more details.  Basically, launch 
    items out of your 2 canons until the enemy tank is down to 0 HP.  Then 
    launch yourself, or walk out of your tank and across the ground.  Inside 
    the enemy tank, find your way into its back room, and slime-strike the 
    heart.  Then, you win.  This frees a slime that counts towards the first 
    12  スリーツ      Tree Slime    Spiked Club
    You will then be shown a screen that lets you load up your tank with 
    whatever ammo you like.  Note that items in the tank as ammo are not 
    lost and you can take them out at any time, so load it up with your best 
    stuff.  If you did the surfing mini-game, load your Orichalcum (オリ
    ハルコン).  It is hiding on the last page of your items.  Other than 
    that, I suggest a few Rock Bombs (ばくだんいわ) and as many Bullets (
    ほうだん) as you have.  If you run out of items, fill the tank up with 
    the Small Rocks (ちいさな岩) on the bottom left of the first page.
    --- Stage 2.2: Back to Surasuna Ancient Tomb
    13 スレイラ       Yellow Slime    Wood Arrow
    14 ぶちよみ       Spot Slime      Wood Arrow
    15 スワンダー     Slabbit         Wood Arrow
    16 しんぷ         Healer Slime    Magic Potion
    17 スラツガイ     Snaily          Wood Arrow
    18 スラルト       Metaly          Fruit
    19 スラニツク     Slime Borg      Scrap Iron
    Go back to the screen where you found the Slime Tank.  You will see a 
    Cactiball run off to the west.  Go west a screen.  There will be a few 
    things here, but the carts are not running yet, so you can not do 
    anything.  Continue west another screen.  Free the slime (13) here, then 
    slime-strike across the water and proceed north.  You will see the 
    Cactiball run off to the north-east.  Before you follow it, go north 
    one screen, rescue the slime (14) and send a few Rock Bombs home.
    Go back south one screen and push the canon into the water, then down 
    along its track.  Fire a bullet to blow up the statue and free the slime 
    (15).  Head back north west and send it home, then follow that Cactiball 
    for another tank battle.
    - Tank Battle: Momonjya Tank - 60 HP
    Prize: Scrap Iron and Healer Slime (16) - しんぷ
    After the tank battle, notice that on your map, the room you are in has 
    a little bulls-eye.  This means you won a tank battle here.  If you press 
    X to zoom out the map, you will see 3 other rooms similar in shape to 
    the one you are in.  Rooms of this shape always have tank battles.  Keep 
    this in mind.
    Go south two screens, then east back to the room that had tracks, but 
    no carts.  Now, the carts will be running, and occasionally a canon will 
    go by.  Blow up the statue blocking the path west, and go in the room 
    for another battle.
    -Tank Battle: Archer Tank - 70HP
    Prize: Boomerang and Snaily (17) - スランガイ
    Go back east one screen to the area with the canons on carts and blow 
    up the statue blocking your way north.  Then, leave through the path 
    you just opened.
    *Note that if it is night time, a Ghost may appear in the little fenced 
    off area you just opened.  Ghosts can be hard to find.
    Jump in the well on this screen to open it.  Then jump back through.  
    Free the slime (18) and blast the 2 statues.  In the middle of the 2 
    statues, pick up another Life Fruit.  Since the well here leads back 
    to the start of this stage, this might be a good time to go home and 
    save your game.
    Go north a screen and that pesky Cactiball you have been chasing will 
    force you into another battle
    In this battle, enemies might walk over and break into your tank.  If 
    this happens, you will see a red dot on your tank’s map.  Drop what 
    you are doing, and kill the baddy.  You do not want it inside your tank.
    -Tank Battle: Cat-Blimp Tank - 100 HP
    Prize: Spiked Club and Slime Borg (19) - スラニツク
    When you win, you are sent back to town.
    - Back in town
    Several new important things back in town.
    The slime borg you saved will increase the HP of your tank when you give 
    him certain items.  It lives in the hut with the Momonjya.  Talk to him 
    often.  As you progress, you will be able to increase the tank’s HP 
    more and more.  See the section below for a list of requirements and 
    HP boosts.  While you are here, load up your tank with some Spiky Clubs, 
    Scrap Iron, and the Magic Potion.
    Since you now have more than 15 slimes, the back-left room of the palace 
    will be open.  Not much in there, you can just talk to some freed slimes.
    *Talk to the healer slime in the church.  He will sell you one of two 
    items.  You can only carry one of them, and if you buy a second, you 
    will loose the first.  They both revive you if you die!  The first item 
    brings you back at half HP.  The second brings you back at full HP.
    せかいじゅのしずく - 150 Gold - Revives at half HP
    せかいじゅのは     - 500 Gold - Revives at full HP
    Buy one, save your game, then head back to the Tomb
    --- Stage 2.3: Back to Surasuna Ancient Tomb (again)
    20 ツリガネ       Tree Slime      Wood Arrow
    21 スケッチ       Painter Slime   Cat’s Tail
    22 つむりん       Snaily          Scrap Iron
    23 ミニハルト     MiniMetalKing   Recipe ??
    24 ホエミー       Curer           Cat’s Tail
    25 ミイホン       Healer          Burning Water
    Jump in the well on the second screen, then north to end up back where 
    you were before the trip back to town.  The Cactiball will run north, 
    you should follow it.  Make your way to the canon on the east side of 
    the screen, push it north along the tracks, and throw a Bullet in.  This 
    will open a passage to let you free a slime (20).  Take it with you to 
    the east, free another slime (21), and send them both home.  From here, 
    head north.
    You have to be a little careful here.  There are a lot of Rock Bombs, 
    and the carts on this screen will break if they are hit by something.  
    Rescue the three slimes (22) (23) (24), then head back south two screens.
    There is a lot of gold, 2 Mimics and a well on this screen.  Jump in 
    the well and back while you are here, then go east for a tank battle.
    This is a special tank battle.  You meet スライバ (Suraiba), who will 
    be your tank battle nemesis for the entire game.  Expect a hard fight 
    when he is around!
    -Tank Battle: Golem Tank - 150 HP
    Prize: Missile 1 and Healer (25) - ミイホン
    After this fight, you will complete this stage! Assuming you rescued 
    all the slimes, you will be given a steel sword on your way home.
    - Back in town
    A few exciting things will happen.  First, you will open up Stage 3.  
    You can also now have up to three helpers in the tank battles!  See the 
    [Tank Battles Helpers] section below for details.  To load up the tank 
    with helpers, talk to the Momonjya in town, and choose the second option 
    (the first one loads ammo, and the third one leaves).
    If you go to the back wall of the palace in town, you will see a star 
    slime holding a paintbrush.  Talk to him, select the default option for 
    all the choices, and you will be able to use the touch screen to paint 
    on a picture of the Emperor Slime.  I’ll let you figure out the details 
    of how to paint.  When you are finished, touch the top-right icon, then 
    the icon on the left twice to save your work and quit.
    A new part of town opened since you now have more than 20 slimes.  Nothing 
    too exciting, except for the big, fancy building up north.  It isn’t 
    quite open yet, you need to rescue a certain slime first, but here is 
    where you will be able to see statues of the monsters you collect.  Once 
    you reach 30 of one type of monster, there will be a bronze statue.  If 
    you talk to the monster in front of it, you will be able to select that 
    monster as a tank battle helper!  Collect 50 to get a silver statue; 
    collect 100 to get a gold statue!
    Before going on to the next stage, I recommend you upgrade your tank’s 
    HP, and fit it with the best ammo you have.  Do this by talking to the 
    Slime Borg and the Momonjya in the hut in town.  When you upgrade HP, 
    you do lose the items and gold, so be careful.  Also, remember you might 
    have items loaded in your tank.  These items can’t be used to upgrade 
    HP, so you will have to unload them if you want to use them.  When talking 
    to the Slime Borg, you should be able to do the first 6 upgrades.  You 
    do not have to do them in order, and if you have been diligent in 
    collecting items, you should have everything you need to do these 
    --- Stage 1.2: Back to Nokke Woods
    26 マダラナ       Spot Slime      Burning Water
    27 ハッピー       Healer          Wood Arrow
    28 スッピー       Slabbit         Recipe ??
    29 ほたる         Star Slime      Scrap Iron
    30 スピネル       Star Slime      Recipe ??
    31 メタリックス   Metal King      Recipe ??
    32 シルフィー     Drak Slime      Wood Arrow
    33 スフィーナ     Green Slime     Wood Arrow
    34 ほなみん       Healer          Spiked Club
    Before we return to Stage 1, make sure you tank is loaded with helpers 
    and good items; we have a few hard tank battles coming up.  Now, let’s 
    go get the 9 slimes still trapped!
    Enter the stage and walk to the fourth screen.  Some Momonjyas will lower 
    the rope letting you access the second part of this stage.  Climb the 
    rope and free the slime (26).  Go send this slime home before moving 
    on.  Then go north a screen, and then east to a tank battle.
    - Tank Battle: Cat-Blimp Tank - 180 HP
    Prize: Burning Water and Healer (27) - ハッピー
    After the fight, head north.  Before going up the rope, explore a bit 
    to grab a Wood Arrow.  Then, go up the rope, push the cart, then jump 
    on and go for a ride.  Jump off the cart before it heads back home.  Grab 
    the slime (28) here, send it home, lower the rope, and exit to the 
    Leave this small area to the west and then lower the rope.  Climb back 
    up and take a ride on the cart.  The cart will crash into a wall.  Just 
    south of the wall is a Rock Bomb.  You know what to do.  Proceed through 
    the busted wall and you will find a cart with a slime box on it.  Push 
    this to the right.  Then head just south of the Rock Bomb to find another 
    cart.  Take a ride on it, and you will crash into a cart with a slime 
    treasure chest.  Free that slime (29), then up the rope and ride on the 
    cart (the one that hit the wall before).  This cart should crash into 
    the slime box you moved.  Free that slime (30).  Now, the carts that 
    go home will start to run, so send the two slimes you are holding home.  
    Done with this screen, so head west.  Go west again for a tank battle.
    - Tank Battle: Face Tree Tank - 150 HP
    Prize: Medical Herb and Metal King (31) - メタリックス
    After the fight, go back east a screen and go down the rope on the left 
    to find a slime (32).  Back up the rope, and head down the rope on the 
    right.  Pick up the fruit and take it with you south a screen.
    Look at the stone pillar here.  You need to be holding the same items, 
    in the same order, and stand on the spot next to it.  Doing so will open 
    the door to the south!  Head south, grab the slime (33) and jump in the 
    well to throw send the slimes home.
    Pick up and carry a cat.  Jump back through the well and go north a bit.  
    Pick up both Almirajs (Rabbits).  Then head back through the well, south 
    a screen (to the start of the level), and head east.  You will find another 
    stone pillar with two Almirajs and a Cat.  Open the door for one last 
    tank battle.  You might want to head home and save first, this one is 
    - Tank Battle: Almiraj Tank - 200 HP
    Prize: Missile 1 and Healer (34) - ほなみん
    Head on home, and if you have all the slimes, you will get a piece of 
    Orichalcum.  Be sure to load it in the tank.
    --- Stage 3: Renkin Mountain
    --- Stage 4: Woods of Usso
    --- Stage 5: Kiritatta Cliffs
    --- Stage 6: Excavation Site
    --- Stage 7: Death Moja
    -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-[Tank Battles]-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-
    Once you reach a certain point in the game, you will get your own tank 
    and be able to battle enemy tanks.  Of course, you get a tank that looks 
    like a giant slime.  Once a tank battle starts, simply wander around 
    your tank until you find an item.  Pick it up, and go back to the top 
    room.  Throw it into one of the two canons and it will go flying across 
    the top screen and either 
    1) Hit your opponent 
    2) Hit something your opponent shot at you.
    Repeat this until your opponent’s HP is down to 0. 
    To win the fight, either launch yourself out of a canon, or walk across 
    the ground to the other tank.  In it, you will find a room with electric 
    barriers.  Slime strike into them or throw an item to break them.  
    Eventually, you will make it to a heart.  Slime strike into the heart, 
    and you will win the battle!
    1: Keep an eye on the top screen and the little map.  The enemy can come 
    over and break into your tank!  If they do, they can smash the panels.  
    Doing so slows down the rate at which items come down the chutes, and 
    sets the items on fire when they do.  This is BAD! 
    2: You can do the above to them!  But first, you’ll need to get into 
    their tank.  You can shoot yourself out of the canon, or you can walk 
    across the ground.  If you walk, you’ll need to keep attacking the front 
    door to get inside.  Once there, attack the panels!  You will cripple 
    their offence.
    --- More info and strategies coming later ---
    -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-[Tank Battles Helpers]-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-
    Later in the game, you will be able to have helpers in these battles.  
    To load up your tank with helpers, go to the building in the top right 
    of the main part of town (see location 3 on the map).
    The helpers have either one or two settings in battles.  To change the 
    settings, press start when in a fight.  Below is a list of the helpers, 
    and what they can do.
    The format is:
    English Name - Romanji
    Japanese Name
    1 First Skill
    2 Second Skill
    --- Slimes
    Healer - Meihon
    1 テキせんしやに
       Jumps into the canon and attacks the enemy tank like an item2 
    しんにゅうして こうげき
       Not sure
    - Can be useful in the beginning, but there are much better helpers.
    DrakSlime - Dorao
    1 まっすぐに ぶっぱなせ
       Gets an item and loads the bottom canon
    2 やまなりに ぶっぱなせ
       Gets an item and loads the top canon
    - Good if you only want a specific canon used.  Otherwise, typical.
    NunSlime - Shisuta
    1 なかまを かいふく
       Wanders around and heals
    2 まっすぐに ぶっぱなせ
       Gets an item and loads the bottom canon
    - Somewhat useless since healing really isn’t required in tank battles.
    KingSlime - Surazo
    1 やまなりに ぶっぱなせ
       Gets an item and loads the top canon
    2 テキを おいだせ
       Patrols for enemies
    - One of the most useful helpers!  This is the only slime that can hold 
    3 items at once!  Also, if he is shot into the canon and ends up in the 
    enemy tank, he will take 3 items from the enemy and return to your tank 
    to fire them off!
    PriestHealer - Shinpu
    1 なかまを かいふく
       Wanders and heals
    2 リーダーを かいふく
       Follows you and heals
    - Useless.  You don’t need healing.
    BesuSlime - Surami
    スラみ − Surami
    1 たまを もってきて 
       Collects 1 Item and gives it to you.
    2 ぴったり ついてこい
       Follows you...and sleeps
    - Having the helper give you items can become annoying, or helpful, 
    depending on how you play.
    Green Ninja - Suramaru
    1 にんぽう たまうち
       Gets an item and fires it
    2 にんぽう ガードマソ
       Goes to attack enemy tank, can break down door!
    - Typical, but he’s fast.
    Blue Ninja - Surakage
    1 にんぽう たまぬすみ
       Runs to enemy tank, jumps into the tank via the canon!
       Then, steals one of their items, and runs back!
    - It can be fun using this guy, especially if your ammo is no good and 
    the enemy has good ammo.  He’s fast as well.
    Red Ninja - Tomi
    1 ニンポー タマパス
       Gets item and gives it to you
    2 ニンポー タマヘんげ
       Transforms into an item, goes to attack enemy, can break down door
    - Like the other 2 ninjas, he’s also quite fast, but not much else.
    King Priest - Daishikiyou
    1 センシャかいふくの
       Prays.  Every minute, your tank is healed 20HP.
    - Useless.  You’re better off taking out the enemy.  And if you want 
    to heal your tank, just use healing herbs.
    Papa Slime - Papa
    1 しんにゅうして こうげき
       Goes to attack enemy tank
    2 テキを おいだせ
       Patrol for enemies
    - He’s good if you want to stay in your tank and have a strong attacker 
    inside the enemy tank.  But if you prefer to attack the tank yourself, 
    get someone else.
    Mama Slime - Mama
    1 ドカンと ぶっぱなせ
       Gets an item and launches it
    2 たまのかれりになって
       Not sure ? seems to charge up for something?
    - Another typical helper.  Nothing really special.
    1 ドカンと ぶっぱなせ
       Gets an item and launches it
    2 しんにゅうして こうげき
       Goes to attack enemy tank
    - Typical.  You’ll see this guy quite often in enemy tanks.
    Cat - Purizunyan
    1 しんにゅうして こうげき
       Goes to attack enemy tank
    2 ドカンと ぶっぱなせ
       Gets an item and launches it
    - The only good thing about this monster is that it can jump over the 
    enemy tank’s gate, without having to break it down.  Useful in the 
    beginning, but quickly becomes obsolete.
    Drakee - Dorake
    1 まっすぐに ぶっぱなせ 
       Get item and fire from bottom canon
    2 やまなりに ぶっぱなせ
       Get item and fire from top canon
    - Good if you only want a specific canon used.  Otherwise, typical.
    Mad Gopher - Itazuchimogora
    1 やまなりに ぶっぱなせ
       Get item and fire from top canon
    2 たまを もってきて 
       Collect one item and give it to you
    - Another helper that gives you items.  Use Surami instead cause she’s 
    Almiraj - Itsukakuusagi
    1 しんにゅうして こうげき
       Goes to attack enemy tank
    2 テキせんしゃに ダメージ
       Launch self out of canon
    - This guy fires himself out of the canon.  I prefer firing items, but 
    this can be fun at times.
    Pixy - Pikashi
    1 まっすぐに ぶっぱなせ 
       Get item and fire from bottom canon
    2 やまなりに ぶっぱなせ
       Get item and fire from top canon
    - Another helper to whom you can specify a canon.
    Mimic - Mimitsuka
    1 たまを もってきて 
       Collect one item and give it to you
    2 たからばこに ばけろ
       Goes to attack enemy tank
    - One of the harder monsters to collect; it is disappointing how plain 
    this monster is in tank battles.
    Cactiball - Sabotenboru
    1 ドカンと ぶっぱなせ
       Gets an item and launches it
    2 リーダーを ねらえ
       Goes to attack enemy tank, can break front gate
    - Nothing special here.  Typical.
    Demonite - Bebisatan
    1 ドカンと ぶっぱなせ
       Gets item and launches it
    2 たまを もってきて 
       Collect one item and give it to you
    - A repeat of helpers we’ve already seen above.
    Tortragon - Gamegon
    1 やまなりに ぶっぱなせ
       Get item and fire from top canon
    2 テキせんしゃに ダメージ
       Launch self out of canon
    - This thing looks cool when it launches itself.  Another advantage this 
    monster has is that when it is carrying something, it won’t drop the 
    item when attacked.  Rather, it will just be pushed back.
    Living Statue - Ugokusekizou
    1 まっすぐに ぶっぱなせ 
       Get item and fire from bottom canon
    2 テキを おいだせ
       Patrol for enemies
    - Like the Tortragon, this guy won’t drop the item it’s carrying when 
    attacked, and only be pushed back.  Also, this guy cannot be picked up.
    Hork - Kusatsutashitai
    1 ドカンと ぶっぱなせ
       Gets an item and launches it
    - Slow and useless.
    Rogue Knight - Samayouyoroi
    1 しんにゅうして こうげき
       Goes to attack enemy tank
    2 リーダーを まもれ
       Follows you and protects
    - I would have been useful having a knight follow and protect you if 
    this game wasn’t so easy.
    Killer Machine - Kiramashin
    1 やまなりに ぶっぱなせ
       Gets an item and fires it from top canon
    2 リーダーを ねらえ
       Goes to attack enemy tank
    - Has a strong attack and moves around quite fast.
    One Eye Clown - Hitotsumepiero
    1 ドカンと ぶっぱなせ
       Gets an item and launches it
    2 しんにゅうして こうげき
       Teleports to the enemy tank and attacks
    - One of the most useful monsters to have as a helper.  This guy can 
    teleport around so he is very fast.  When he teleports to attack the 
    enemy tank, he can’t be hit by enemy fire.
    Golem - ゴーレム
    1 リーダーを まつ
       Lets you “drive” the Golem around and attack.
    - Now you can drive a Golem in the tank battles too.  This can be fun 
    for a little while, but considering how easily the Golem is killed, it’s 
    not very useful.  It is good at breaking down the enemy tank’s gate 
    -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-[Tank Upgrades]-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-
    Page 1:
    おためし HPアップ
     50 Gold = 30 HP
    すこしたけ HPアップ
     100 Gold + 3 Fruit + 4 Treasure Chests = 30 HP
    けっこう HPアップ
     150 Gold + 1 Scrap Iron = 30 HP
    かいてき リフォーム
     200 Gold + 2 Fruit + 3 Cat’s Tails = 30 HP
    地道に HPアップ
     100 Gold + 10 Rock Bombs + 1 Wood Arrow = 30 HP
    Page 2:
    マッスルに HPアップ
     400 Gold = 40 HP
    Page 3:
    Page 4:
    Page 1:
    木の実                Red Fruit
    たからばこ      Treasure Chest
    ねこじゃし      Cat’s Tail
    ばくだんいわ     Rock Bomb
    オバケだん岩     ―?―
    ほうだん       Bullet
    こわれたはしら    Broken Statue
    木の矢        Wood Arrow
    鉄の矢        Iron Arrow
    金の矢        Gold Arrow
    ちいさな岩      Small Rock
    トゲトゲこんぼう   Spiked Club
    Page 2:
    鉄球         Iron Sphere
    いかりの鉄球     Iron Anchor
    はかいの鉄球     Orion Sphere
    鉄くず        Scrap Iron
    せいすい       Magic Potion
    ブーメラン      Boomerang
    やいばのブーメラン  Metal Boomerang
    ミサイル1      Missile 1
    ミサイル2      Missile 2
    ミサイル3      Missile 3
    もえる水       Burning Water
    1000tおもい     1000 Ton
    Page 3:
    キメラのつばさ    Chimera Wing
    しゅりけん      Shuriken
    スライムナイト    Slime Knight
    はがねの剣      Steel Sword
    きせきのつるぎ    Miracle Sword
    バスタードソード   Bastard Sword
    メタルキングの剣   Metal King Sword
    鉄のたて       Iron Shield
    ミラーシールド    Mirror Shield
    メタルキングのたて  Metal King Shield
    やくそう       Medical Herb
    上やくそう      High Grade Medical Herb
    Page 4:
    特やくそう      Special Medical Herb
    メガミ像       Goddess Statue
    バルカン砲      Machine Gun
    バルカンだま     Machine Gun Bullets
    上バルカンだま    High Grade Bullets
    特バルカンだま    Special Bullets
    いかずちの杖     Zap Wand
    じごくのおおかま   Scythe
    とうがらし      Red Pepper
    聖なる石       Saint Stone
    あくまのしっぱ    Devil’s Tail
    きんかい       Gold Bar
    Page 5:
    ぬいぐるみ      Slime Plushie
    トラばさみ      Trap
    かくれみの      Straw Hiding Coat
    イオナマイト     Dynamite
    ドの字の石版     "D" Stone Tablet
    リの字の石版     "RI" Stone Tablet
    ルの字の石版     "LL" Stone Tablet
    オリハルコン     Orichalcum
    スラハルコン     Slime Bomb
    いんせき       Meteor
    メラゾーマ      Flaming Sun
    勇者の剣       Hero’s Sword
    *What each item does is coming soon*
    Most recipes you learn automatically from rescued slimes.  There are 
    a few that you must work to get.
    ??: Get from cleaning up books on the second floor of the library.
    19: Fully clean out the chimney.
    28: Special bullets ?特バルカンだま    
        A red slime-borg in the library wants 20 Steel Swords はがねの剣
    35: Flaming Sun - メラゾーマ
        After beating the game, go beat the final boss again.
    36: “D” Stone Tablet - ドの字の石版
        A pink baby healer-slime that lives in the library wants 10 Slime 
        Plushies: ぬいぐるみ (can buy in store for 200 gold)
    37:  Meteor - いんせき
         After beating the game, go beat the final boss again.
    38: Slime Bomb - スラハルコン
        Beat rank S in the arena
    40: “RI” Stone Tablet - リの字の石版
         A grey healer in the library wants 20 herbs やくそう (can buy in 
         the store for 100 gold) and 20 “cat tails” ねこじゃらし.
    Numbers are slimes, letters are warp wells.  The s is where you start.
    Stage 1: A Path Through Nokke Woods
    X          XX                       30      XXXXXX                X
    X 31               XX                       XXXXXX 28             X
    XXXXXXXXXXX        XX                         XXXX           XXXXXX
    XXXXXXXXXXX        XX                         XX    |  XXXXXXXXXXXX
    XXXXXXXXXXX   |    XX                               |  XXXX       X
    XXXXXXXXXXX   |    XX                         XX----|          27 X
    XXXXXXXXXXX 32|    XX                         XX         XXXXXXXXXX
    XXXXXXXXXXX---|    XX                 29                 XXXXXXXXXX
    XXXXXXXXXXX        XXXXXX                     XXXX       XXXXXXXXXX
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                    XXXXXXXXXXXX
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                    XXXXXXXXXXXX
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX       2   XXXX    3                XXXXXXXXXXXX
    XXXXXXXXXX s                               34 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    X        XX      XX      XX    XXXX    XX      XX      XXXX  XXXXXX
    X   6        5   XX            XXXX                    XX      XXXX
    X        XX      XX      XX    XXXX    XX      XX      XX      XXXX
    Stage 2: Surasuna Ancient Tomb
    X      XX  16  XXXXXXXXXXXXX              XX          XXXXXXXXXXX
    XXX  XXXXXXXX  XX       XX      XXXXXXXXXXXX          XX        X
    XXX          15XX  19           XXXXXXXXXXXX        a        25 X
    XXX      XX             b                         XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    XXX      XXXX    XXXX       XX        XX          XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                           XX        XXXXXXXXX
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX      9           XXX          XX        XXXXXXXXX
    -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-[Japanese Language Support]-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-
    If you are using Windows XP, the following *should* make the Japanese 
    in this FAQ display correctly.
    Go to the Start Menu, click on Control Panel.
    Double click the “Region and Language Options” icon.
    Click the “Languages” tab.
    Check the box that says “Install Files for East-Asian Languages”.
    Click “Apply” at the bottom of this window.
    Now, if you are using Internet Explorer, 
        Go to the menu bar, select    
             View -> Encoding -> More -> Japanese (Shift-JIS)
    If the above does not work, go back to the “Region and Language Options” 
    icon in the control panel.
    Click the “Advanced” Tab.
    Place a check in the following:
    10001 (MAC-Japanese)
    20290 (IBD EBCDIC ? Japanese Katakana Extended)
    20932 (JIS X 0208-...blah...)
    50220, 50221, and 50222 should be grayed out, but checked
    932 ?Same as above
    If this still does not work, please consult your Windows XP(tm) users 
    manual, or "Google" Japanese language support, and good luck!
    -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-[Contact Information]-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-
    If you want to help, please let me know!  If you figure out anything 
    more than I have said, please let me know!!!  My e-mail is jsherman (at) 
    kent.edu.  Also, if you are planning on writing a full FAQ for this game, 
    e-mail me.  You are welcome to use this directly in your FAQ, as long 
    as I know.
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    Special thanks to KoKo for help with the maps.
    Special thanks to VismundCygnus for finding recipe 19.
    Copyright 2005 ChiChi

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