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"Break 'Em All takes breakout to a whole new level"

"On the Mac I can play plenty of great games that you just can't find on the PC now. Like Zork, Breakout... Super Breakout... Photoshop..." -Gus Sorola, Rooster Teeth

While some people are still waiting for Zork and Photoshop DS, it looks like we can finally enjoy a well-made breakout clone. It's not exactly Arkanoid or DX-Ball, but it turns out surprisingly well.

[Gameplay: 9]
Break 'em All functions very much like your average Breakout clone, but I see a major flaw in the way you can just tap anywhere on the screen and have the bat move there instantly. This makes the game much easier, but isn't exactly fair. In traditional breakout games the only speed limit placed on the bat is your ability to move your hand really fast.

[Multiplayer: 9]
Hardcore breakout fans will be happy to know that Break 'em All includes download play for both Quest and Survival Mode, with up to four and eight players respectively. I am yet to test it, but I imagine it will work quite well. The game really should have had Wi-Fi Centre support. It would have been awesome to be able to share your high scores online.

[Sound: 9]
Beautiful sound effects and music. It's not exactly Arkanoid, but it came through pretty well. The music is quite good - the kind you wish you had in MP3 so you could listen to it outside the game.

[Graphics: 10]
The game boasts beautiful 2D graphics. I'm impressed the developers didn't go for the 3D crap that some other cloners are doing. If you play Break 'em All, you can expect to see well-made 2D graphics and beautiful backgrounds, just like the original breakout games.

[Story: 0]
Story? What story? I don't see no story...

[Replayability: 9]
Tokoton mode boasts a 'Random Play' mode in which levels are generated at random. The game claims to have "over 3,000,000 randomly generated stages", which ensures you'll practically never run out of levels to play in. This is especially good, since regular Tokoton mode includes only 50 pre-made stages. I really can't see anybody getting sick of this game in a hurry.

[Overall: 9]
Break 'em All is a well-made breakout clone, and takes it to the next level with the great multiplayer and new game modes. The only thing holding it back is lack of Nintendo Wi-Fi Centre support. At the very least, the developers should have allowed players to upload their high scores to an online database and update their own with the worldwide highest.

Brick 'em All DS is truly brilliant and takes breakout to the next level, although it's quite disappointing to see a lack of Wi-Fi Centre support.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/16/07

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