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    FAQ/Walkthrough by scorchy99

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 02/02/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    QQQQprfc:,.:bQ        :Lc7J2U7irc  ,  Chibi-Robo Park Patrol
    .SQQQQQQpitQQU        :ctYjS2J7LU. .       Complete Game     
      iQQQrJQQQQQ:  ,,,,,,ictJtS1Jcct.,.          Guide       
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      :bL   iEQ, r , ,.,,,iYfJUh1jLLt.,.  Written By:           
       .1j.jQQQ,.i, ,,.,,,rYtJthStLLU: .         Scorchy99    
        .QEDphY,:i,  .., .rcjjUhhjLcU:,:             
        :MYr:iJ.ri   ..,,.iLUjjhhjLcU: :             
        :DJLrct,r:  ,.,.,,:LtUJhhJcYU: :             
        rZJLiYj,r:  ,,..,,iY2tJFhUJcUi :             
    Well, this is perhaps the most addictive game I have ever had the privilege
    of playing. The guide is formatted in a bit of an unorthodox fashion due to
    the unique progression of the storyline. But, it should be fairly easy to 
    understand. First, will be the table of contents, which has section names and
    codes inside these: {  } which can be used in conjunction with Ctrl + F to
    jump to that section of the guide.
    Table of Contents {TOC} 
    {TOC}  Table of Contents
    {VER}  Version         
    {GPB}  Game play Basics
              {CTR} Controls
              {FLW} Flowers
              {SMG} Smoglings
              {BYP} Building your Park           
    {WKT}  Walkthrough               
    {STK}  Stickers                 
    {MIG}  Mini-games
    {GGF}  Friends (Obtaining, Good friends etc.)    
    {CSC}  Citrusoft Construction Team  
    {ITM}  Item/Cartridge/Ride lists
    {CDT}  Credits etc.
    Version {VER} 
    - Version 1.01
        - Updated list of sites this guide can be found at
    - Version 1.0
        - Current
    Game Play Basics {GPB}
    This section of the guide is dedicated to explaining the framework of the
    game, how to play it, what does what, how to do things to get you farther in
    the game. Stuff like that!
    Controls {CTR}
    Chibi-Robo is a fairly touch screen dependent and borderline abusive game, it
    is used to control many aspects of the game. The D-Pad and XYAB buttons are 
    generally used as movement and L/R are used infrequently.
       Pressing Start, Select, L and R at the same time send your game back to the
       title screen
       D-Pad or XYAB will: -control his movement forward, backwards left and right
                           -Steer the bicycle    
                           -Can be used to continue conversations
                           -Change an answer for Yes/No questions
      X will: Accelerate the Cart and Chassy
      B will: Decelerate the Cart and Chassy
      L and R will: -preform tricks using certain mini games   
                    -Give the cart/Chassy Turbo boosts after buying the Turbo Chip
                    -Allow the Canoe to fly after buying the Copter Chip
                    -Allow Chibi-Robo to slide down hills with the Slide Chip
      Start: -Opens up a menu displaying flowers carried, dances mastered, chips
              you have bought and your current working friends.
             -Pauses the progression of time
      The Touch Screen: - Controls the camera angles
                        - Can bring up the map, and navigate it
                        - Operates the Boom box and Squirter
                        - Steers the Cart, Chassy and powers Canoe/Bicycle
                        - Has many, many, many other functions found throughout
                          the game
    Flowers {FLW}
    These are essentially what the entire game revolves around; growing flowers,
    playing music for flowers, watering flowers, picking flowers, saving flowers,
    fighting enemies with flowers, defending your flowers... Etcetera...
    There are only a few things you need to know about flowers... 
    First, is how to grow them. You grow flowers from buds, which are small green
    and white things laying on the ground. It takes 3-5 squirts from the squirter
    to make them fully grown.
    Second you need to know that only white flowers will give flower buds. Playing
    music for flowers that are not white will not yield any results.
    White flowers are capable of giving off 1-5 buds each depending on how well
    you play the music on the boom box. These buds will spread throughout the
    sections of grass/dirt/sand around you.
    Once you have grown 30 flowers on a section of dirt, it will become green and
    all the white flowers will become coloured. So, it is best to make as many
    of them coloured before this happens as possible so there are more buds in the
    surrounding areas.
    Flower combos are when you grow a flower and then another one before the
    petals on the flower in the left corner of the top screen are gone. If you
    can do this you can get happy points! If you get to 30 flowers in a combo, you
    will get a sticker!
    Flowers can be transformed by smoglings and smoglobbs into black and grey
    flowers. The black ones will wither and die at night, and so will the grey
    However, you can change grey 'miasmo' flowers back into normal ones by watering
    them, touching them with Chibi-Robo, or running them over with a Chibi-Ride.
    Then, finally, flowers can be sold to the Flower Shop located across the street
    from your park. All flowers can be exchanged for 15 Happy Points and on the
    day when they are 'the flower of the day' (meaning the same colour as the one 
    that is largest on the sign to the right of the store) they are worth 40 Happy
    Points. Rainbow Flowers are worth 100 Happy points, and black/grey flowers are
    worth around 5 happy points a piece.
    For every 15 flowers you have planted in your park you will attract one extra
    If you have a flower total that is all one number, for example 111, 222, 333
    or 1111 (etc. etc.) Chet will give you one Happy Point at the start of each
    day it is like that.
    Smoglings {SMG}
    Smoglings are the 'bad' guys in the game and they come in two different forms.
    Smoglings and Smoglobbs.
    They will both turn your flowers into black ones that will wither and die at
    night. In addition to this, Smoglobbs can unleash toxic clouds that convert
    all flowers around them into grey 'miasmo flowers' that also wither and die
    at night, but can be cured by running them over with your vehicle or watering
    Smoglings are small, black, and come in groups of three. They can be defeated
    by watering them 3-5 times after knocking them down with your bike, or by
    running into them as Chibi-Robo.
    Smoglings can also be defeated by running them over with the cart or Chassy.
    Smoglobbs are giant, black and come alone. They generally fall from the sky
    and can damage anything that happens to be around them (like fountains and
    When a Smoglobb walks over a flower, it will change it into a black flower.
    It can also unleash a toxic cloud that changes all the flowers in the immediate
    area into 'miasmo flowers' which are grey and can be changed back to normal
    by simply running them over with a vehicle, walking into them or watering them.
    To defeat a Smoglobb, you must hit it with a Chibi-Vehicle to knock it down.
    Then you need to water it about 20 times to get it to explode and disappear.
    Feeding Smoglings
    You can also feed smoglings things like candy canes, chocolate bars and
    health bars. They all have varying effects on the smoglings, some of them
    are good and others are bad.
    | Food Name    | Effect                                                      |
    |Candy Cane    | Nothing that is apparent                                    |
    |Monkey Burger | Nothing that is apparent                                    |
    |Leaf          | Smoglings will transform into candy canes and chocolate bars|
    |Bubble Gum    | Causes smoglings to become Smoglobbs                        |
    |Chocolate     | May cause them to drop the Pond Cartridge                   |
    |Health Bar    | Knocks smoglings down, allows you to walk up to them        |
    |PopFizz Soda  | Causes smoglings to explode                                 |
    I have yet to observe anything happen to Smoglings when they eat Candy Canes
    or Monkey Burgers...
    To feed a Smoglings, stand a ways away from them and throw the article of food
    towards them. Then you can either run away so they will come closer, or you
    can get into the canoe and use the copter chip to float. When you are in the
    copter, smoglings will approach the food even if you are right above it!
    Pink Smoglings
    After beating the game, all smoglings and smoglobbs unleashed in your park
    will be pink.
    These smoglings will not hurt your park; but rather run around and convert
    your flowers into rainbow flowers.
    They behave in the exact same manner as the black smoglings; they just change
    flowers into rainbow flowers instead of black/grey ones.
    Building Your Park {BYP}
    Ok, so in order to construct new dirt tiles, you need to have friends, to
    get them you need to find them and energize them. Once you have a friend, you
    are able to do work in your park. Francois is the first of them. The friends
    section of the guide further elaborates on getting your working friends.
    To be honest, it does not really matter how you construct your park as long
    as you grow flowers and put in certain items. As a general rule, every 15
    flowers planted in your park will attract one extra visitor. Which is 2 people
    per green space, which means you can have 98 visitors for just getting all
    green spaces and not picking any flowers.
    To get people coming into your park you should put things like these in:
    |Object        |# visitors| Total # of units| Total # of visitors|
    |Trees         |     1    |       6         |         6          |
    |Cactuses      |     1    |       6         |         6          |
    |Flower Beds   |     2    |       3         |         6          |
    |Pond          |     1    |       3         |         3          |
    |Fountain      |     5    |       3         |         15         |
    |Bench         |     1    |       9         |         9          |
    |Streetlight   |     1    |       9         |         9          |
    |Drink Fountain|     1    |       5         |         5          |
    |Any Statue    |     10   |       1         |         10         |
    |Total Visitors                                       69         |
    |Total Visitors + Visitors attracted with Flowers = 69+98 = 167  |
     (Total # of units refers to how many of the thing you can build)
    So, theoretically you are capable of drawing around 170 visitors to your park.
    To my knowledge, where you put things does not influence how many people will
    come to your park; furthermore to my knowledge, mini games will not influence
    your parks visitor numbers.
    Walkthrough {WKT}
    Well, this game all revolves around the growing of flowers. To advance the
    story, you need to get more flowers. So, that is how the walkthrough will go
    through the game, I will mention the required amount of flowers and then what
    you should do after getting there.
    Since growing flowers is throughly covered in the Game play Basics section, it
    will be mentioned very little in this section as it stays essentially the same
    throughout the entire game.
    However, when I put certain events like energizing toys for the first time
    under a flower heading; for example Tampa under 100 flowers. You can still
    energize him once you get 200, 300, or 1100 flowers. You would just need to
    go to the spot mentioned in the getting the toys section to initiate the 
    cut scene.
    |            | - Opens Chibi Gear shop
    | 20 Flowers | - 150 watt battery becomes available for 990 watts
    During the night, chibi-robo must return to the chibi-house. This is done 
    automatically by Chet, who will call Chibi and tell him to return to the house
    This is done automatically, and you will regain control of Chibi in the
    When you talk to Chet and he updates your total number of flowers to above 20,
    the Chibi Gear shop opens and has the 150 watt battery for sale at 990 watts.
    The next time you exit the Chibi-house, a guy in black tights shows up. He is
    one of the bad guys, and is against everything helpful that Chibi is trying 
    to do. He deems your house a piece of 'sweet life choking garbage' and then 
    |            | - Clippers available for 480 watts
    | 40 flowers | 
    At 30 flowers, your first patch of dirt will change into a green space. This
    means that the particular section of your park is done. So, the next 10 
    flowers will have to be grown in the next patch of dirt you wish to develop.
    At the 40 flower update, Chet will allow you to unlock the Clippers, which can
    be used to pick your flowers and give them to the flower shop for happy points.
    However, you should buy the 150 watt battery before you buy the clippers, as
    it will allow you to stay in the park longer and plant more flowers.
    |            | - Tiller cartridge for 1000 watts 
    | 80 flowers | - Flattener cartridge for 500 watts
    |____________| - Razer cartridge for 500 watts
                   - Path cartridge for 500 watts
                   - Trampoline cartridge for 500 watts
                   - 200 watt battery for 1990 watts
                   - Repair cartridge from the storyline
                   - Forecaster application 
    Once you reach 60 flowers, your second space should turn green. Now you can
    move onto another patch of dirt. Once you get 80 flowers, you should go to
    the bridge, which can be found going directly north down the path from your
    chibi-house. It is broken.
    Chet will tell you he has begun to prep the 'park projects' section. Return
    to the Chibi house. You will learn that Chet has lost all the cartridges and
    can not fix the bridge!
    When you return to the park, the guy in black tights will unleash 3 smogglings
    on your park. They will dance around your flowers and turn them black... 
    Black flowers will die at night. The guy also tells you that his smogglings
    do not like the water... 
    To defeat smogglings, run up to them and hit them with your body/bike. They 
    will fall over. Then water them a few times and they will explode! After you
    have dealt with all 3 of them, you can head into town and look for those 
    missing cartridges!
    Now you get to go into town to try and find them. Turn and walk to the right
    to go into town (after exiting the chibi-house). A cut scene begins in which
    a blue marionette jumps out of the back of a van. The guy in black tights 
    returns and sucks the energy out of the marionette, who is then dropped into
    a cardboard box.
    Run across the road and try to avoid the cars. when you get there, turn to the
    left and tap the touch screen after you have walked up to his cardboard box.
    This guy needs some of your energy to be revived. Touch the plug button on the
    bottom right of the screen to pick it up and you can plug into the floating
    heart just like the wall socket in your house.
    You learn that the marionette is Francois, from France. He says he will give
    you a cartridge in exchange for something sweet. Run to the right of Francois
    and you will see a rat run down the alley. Go the same way it does and you 
    will see some garbage bags and cardboard boxes. They can be broken open just
    like you did for Francois. Eventually you will find a candy cane. You can
    store it in your head, throw it, or put it down. For now, put it inside your
    Return to Francois and touch the ! on the bottom screen when it appears.
    Francois takes the candy and gives you the repair cartridge. He walks towards
    the alley. Now, head in the opposite direction of the alley towards the 
    spinning flower sign and you will learn about the flower shop. 
    When you return to the Chibi-house, Chet takes the cartridge but can not do 
    anything with it because he is stuck inside the house. Francois shows up and
    offers to be your friend. He also tells you there are other toys like him who
    will help you out in town.
    To get Francois to work, go into park project at the computer. Go to repair,
    then move up to the third space in front of the park entrance. It should be
    the place with the bridge in it. Eventually you should hire Francois to fix
    the bridge for around 170 watts.
    When you hire a toy to work, they will always appear with a slot machine which
    can increase or decrease the cost of the job they are going to do. Your price
    should remain about the same though.
    Exit the Chibi house and Francois moves out into the park and fixes the bridge
    Cross it and you will see a toy bicycle directly to the left of it. To make
    it move just spin the pedals on the touch screen, to steer it use the D-pad
    or ABXY buttons.
    |            | - New Bike for 1200 watts
    |100 Flowers | - Pedal chip for 680 watts
    |____________| - Spare battery for 1980 watts
                   - Water proof spray for 3333 watts
                   - Windmill cartridge for 500 watts
                   - Manhole cartridge for 500 watts
    Smoglings will now come to your park on a regular basis. Some days you will
    have up to 9 of them, and others you will have none of them. Smoglings are
    noted by a round black head appearing on the computer and flashing a yellow
    red light. Always deal with smoglings as soon as possible.
    Keep working on the park until you reach 100 flowers then return to your house
    Your bike should break after using it for a while, which is when Citrusoft
    will send you a 'special package' including the new bike and pedal chip. This
    happened to me around the same time as getting 100 flowers, so that is why it
    is here.
    Out of all of those items, the bike will prove to be the most important as it
    allows you to quickly respond to the smogling attacks. Do not bother with the
    spare battery as it provides 100 watts and is a one time use item that can
    be bought multiple times.
    Once you have gotten the 100 flower update, Sergeant Smoggolor (the guy in
    the black tights) will appear and try to zap Chibi like he did to Francois.
    However, it does not work! He works for a Sir Miasmo, and needs to return to
    him to find out how to defeat you. Sergeant Smoggolor will jump into a black
    garbage container and disappear.
    If you return to the flower shop, the owner will tell you about his 'daily
    flower' if you give him the same flowers as the large one on his sign, you
    will receive 40 happy points per flower of that color. Keep moving down the
    street to the left, and you will see a cut scene with a pink car. Sergeant
    Smoggolor will zap the energy out of her and you will have to re-energize her
    like you did with Francois.
    Her name is Chassy. She will go into the alley like Francois did, and she
    will also become avaalable for work. 
    Next, there should be a door that leads into a restaurant. There is a picture 
    of a burger on the sign in front of it. Once inside, head to the top left of
    the store and go under the door. Directly to the right of the door is another
    toy; Kid Kombo. Once you energize him, he will give you a spoon you can use
    to dig for treasure. Kid Kombo, however, will not join the other toys to work.
    He stays in the restaurant.
    The third toy you can revive can be found by going to the far back, right hand
    corner of the store and under the door. You will return to the alley, head
    down the path and a cut scene will start with a soldier toy in a tank that
    is unable to aim... Sergeant Smoggolor will zap him, and of course you will
    re-energize him! Tampa will become available for work.
    Finally, toy number four, you will need to return to the Chibi-house to
    unlock. Return to the house and recharge. Then head back into town. You will
    see two penguin toys racing around when you head onto the other side of the
    street. Sergeant Smoggolor will zap them, and you will energize them! Pop and
    Fizz will become ready for work.
    |           | - Cart vehicle become available for 2480 watts
    |130 Flowers| - Turbo chip for 880 watts
    Now, you should repair the fountain, which can be found 3 spaces forward
    from the entrance of your park. It isn't overly expensive; but it will attract
    an extra 5 visitors to your park per day. 
    Once you get to 130 flowers you should have enough money to buy a cart. They
    are fairly expensive, but can go three times faster than your bike can.
    |           | - Small hill Cartridge for 500 watts
    |160 Flowers| - Medium hill Cartridge for 500 watts
    |___________| - Large hill cartridge for 500 watts
                  - Slide chip for 480 watts
    Once you reach 160 flowers, you will see a cut scene where Miasmo gives 
    Sergeant Smoggolor a giant smogling; a smoglobb!!! Your computers control 
    panel will blow up as well!!! Be sure to save now.
    Chet blames himself for the problem; but it should be fairly easy to fix.
    Head into town and start hitting all of the cardboard boxes and garbage bags
    you can see until you find the item called 'control panel' it is blue with a
    bunch of buttons on it. If you did not find it, reload your file and hit all
    the boxes again until you do.
    Once you find the control panel; head back to the chibi-house and press the !
    that appears on the bottom screen. The computer will be fixed!
    If you did not buy the cart before, you should buy it now.
    |           | - 300 watt battery for 2990 watts
    |200 Flowers|
    Upon reaching the 200 flower marker and updating with Chet, the next time you
    exit your Chibi-house Sergeant Smoggolor is back! He unleashes a Smoglobb on
    your park!
    To defeat the Smoglobb, all you need to do is hit it with a vehicle (bike,
    cart, etc.) and then water it until it explodes. If he unleashes a gas cloud
    near your flowers, they turn into miasmo flowers which can be changed back
    to normal by walking into them, or by watering them. If a smoglobb steps on 
    your flowers, they turn black.
    If you happen to have enough watts, buy the new battery. If not, start to save
    up for it!
    |            | - Smogling Magnet Cartridge for 500 watts
    |240 Flowers | - Smogling Repellent Cartridge for 500 watts
    Keep growing those flowers! If you haven't already, start using Tampa to
    till the sandy areas of your park so you can grow flowers in those places.
    It is pretty expensive, so save up for it if you need to.
    At the flower update, you unlock smogling magnets and repellents. Personally,
    I have found them fairly useless, as they don't work extremely well...
    |            | - Canoe vehicle for 3650 watts
    |280 Flowers | - Streams cartridge for 500 watts
    Once you get to 280 flowers, you unlock the Canoe. Unless you have thousands
    of extra watts, it isn't worth purchasing.
    |            | - Clock tower cartridge for 500 watts
    |320 Flowers | - Trash can for 500 watts
    After reaching the 320 flower update, Sergeant Smoggolor will return to your
    park and start to turn green. A mini game starts where a General Greenthumb
    fights against The Dastardly Hazmatroth. All you need to do is tap the touch
    screen when it tells you to. Regardless of what you do, you will always lose
    the fight.
    Miasmo shows up at your park and reconverts Sergeant Smoggolor to his original
    self. He attacks you with a SuperExtreme Zapow. This knocks Chibi down and
    causes all of his tools to scatter throughout the park. If you payed close
    attention to where your stuff landed, head directly to the water gun. If not,
    start with the closest ??? on your map and work your way back.
    Once you have a the water gun, race to the area where the Smoglobb is and 
    water it down.
    When you return to the Chibi-house, Chet throws out the idea that Sergeant
    Smoggolor might have been a good guy at one time... 
    Anyway, buy and instal the clock tower, then change the length of day to the
    very bottom, so it is as slow as possible. This will give you more time to
    plant flowers, as well as more time to chase after smoglings!
    |            | - Height Cartridge for 500 watts
    |360 Flowers |
    Nothing really special here, just keep tilling and planting away. If the 
    Smoglobb was close to your fountain, you may wish to repair that so you can
    continue to receive the extra 5 visitors.
    |            | - 400 watt battery is avaliable for 3990 watts
    |400 Flowers |
    Once you get the 400 flower update, you will have another appearance by
    Sergeant Smoggolor. This time he only unleashes two Smoglobbs into your park.
    Fortunately, this time you get to keep all of your equipment.
    For strategy, I would recommend hitting the closest one first to knock it 
    down, then go to the farthest one and destroy it. Then return to the first
    Smoglobb and destroy him. That way you can minimize the effects of both of
    the Smoglobbs on your park.
    If you have the watts, purchase the 400 watt battery. At around dusk, (just
    before it is night time) you should head out to the city, then turn right
    from the entrance to your park. You should see a cut scene with a tree who
    is drained by Sergeant Smoggolor. Rescue her, and you can now work with
    Molly Mapleleaf!
    Head across the street from Molly, and once you get there, you should see 
    another cutscene with another toy that is drained by the Sergeant. Rescue
    him, and Bull is now ready for work!
    |            | - Water Fountain Cartridge for 500 watts
    |450 Flowers |
    At the 450 flower update, buy the water fountain and place them on your park
    to attract another 10 visitors! Keep on growing those flowers and bursting
    those smoglings. 
    |            | - Copter Chip for 500 watts
    |500 Flowers |
    Segeant Smoggolor will return to your park after you get the 500 flowers 
    update from Chet. This time, he encounters his alter ego, General Greenthumb
    as an action figure. The same kid that lost in the video game throws him
    out. General Greenthumb believes he has failed the world, and is then 
    succumbed by the smoglings and Miasmo.
    Once again, in the 'real world' Miasmo will return and infect Sergeant 
    Smoggolor with his disease and, once again Chibi will get SuperExtreme Zapowed
    This time, you NEED to pay attention to where your stuff lands because you
    lose both your vehicles and your tools. Head towards the closest vehicle, and
    use it to go to the other ??? - or directly to the water gun. Then, take
    out the smoglobb.
    Now that the excitement is done, return to growing flowers and tilling the 
    |            | - Trick bar Cartridge for 500 watts
    |600 Flowers |
    After reaching the 600 flower update with Chet, you will be confronted by
    Sergeant Smoggolor again! This time, he will unleash 3 Smoglobb onto your 
    park at once. Luckily, you get to keep all your tools and vehicles!
    Like the first time, hit the closest Smoglobb, then go to the one that is 
    farthest away, destroy it. Go to the next closest one, get rid of it. Then
    finally return to the first one and deal with it.
    Hopefully your park suffers minimal damage from the attacks; if the Smoglobbs
    were unleashed near any of your fountains, you may need to repair them.
    |            | - 500 watt battery for 4990 watts
    |700 Flowers |
    You should have plenty of watts for the new battery.
    Nothing special happens here, so just keep on tilling and growing.
    |            | - Flower beds cartridge for 500 watts
    |800 Flowers |
    At the 800 flower update, you will be shown a cut scene where General
    Greenthumb goes to Miasmo's layer. He will be infected by Miasmo and once
    again become Sergeant Smoggolor! 
    This is all just part of the Sergeants mental battle with his alter ego.
    Miasmo unleashes a toxic storm cloud onto your park, which will infect about
    150 flowers from the entrance of your park directly into the middle and towards
    the back.
    Do not worry though, just be sure to touch all of the flowers with a vehicle,
    water them, or run into them with Chibi and they will return to their normal
    After you have fixed all of the flowers, Chet will tell you a bit about 
    General Greenthumb when you return to the Chibi-house. Turns out he is a good
    guy, but "The Defender of Justice fell to the dark side in the struggle 
    against evil."
    You should place all of the flower beds you can, because they will draw 2
    extra visitors per flower bed you install into the park
    |            | - TeaCup Ride cartridge for 500 watts
    |900 Flowers |
    At the 900 flower update, you unlock the teacup ride. To be honest I have
    yet to figure out it's purpose, but depending on how fast you spin it, the
    music changes... Perhaps it is just this games version of a sound-test mode?
    Anyway, keep on tilling and growing, and tilling and growing....
    |            | - Racing Checkpoint 500 watts
    |999 Flowers | - Racing Banner 500 watts
    One you reach this update, Chet will start to go crazy; shaking in fear of
    what is going to happen next because the flower counter is spinning endlessly.
    He will prompt you to save; so do so.
    Once you step outside the Chibi-house, you are surrounded by smoglings who
    will start spinning their faces to hypnotize you. They kidnap you, and take you
    to see Miasmo. Well, actually to fight him...
    Battle Versus Miasmo
    To be honest, this is probably the best final boss I've ever had the pleasure
    of playing... But that isn't really important...
    To beat him, you need to grow 30 flowers that are not grey or black. Each
    flower will reduce his health by one, and each one that he converts to grey,
    or smoglings convert to black increase his health by one.
    Get into the cart/chassy ride and start running over smoglings until there is
    flower buds everywhere. Stop doing this at about 150 energy. There should be
    way more than 30 buds on the ground. Which is a good thing.
    Now, you will want to get out of your ride and start destroying the smoglings
    Water them until they explode, and when they do, water will spread onto the
    buds and grow them instantly. Smoglobbs will provide even more of an explosion
    of water for the flowers.
    You should be able to easily grow 30 (or even more!) flowers without having
    any of them becoming infected.
    Once you get Miasmo down to about 10 health, or after growing 20 flowers,
    General Greenthumb shows up and starts to tickle (yes, tickle!) Miasmo. This
    will prevent him from using his toxic storm cloud. Finish watering down
    those smoglings and if needed, directly watering your flowers until his
    health drops to zero, or after you have grown 30 flowers.
    (Ending Spoilers below)
    Miasmo implodes and General Greenthumb falls to the ground. The General will
    be satisfied because he has redeemed himself for failing before. He gives you
    a rainbow flower crest, which attaches to your chest and increases your
    energy to infinity, as well as gives you 100 happy points.
    Chibi and General Greenthumb will see three pink smoglings run into your park
    and the story ends, except for one final plot twist after the credits which
    is Miasmo talking about how he will return unless all humans change their
    polluting ways.
    Congratulations! You have beaten Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol, but the game doesn't
    end here, there is still a lot of stuff you can do!
    Stickers {STK}
    Stickers are essentially rewards for accomplishing certain tasks. They do
    not serve any real purpose, except for maybe showing off...
    They are listed below in order from left to right, top row to the bottom row
    on the left is the name of the challenge, on the right is the name of the
    sticker you receive.
    Note that the best bud sticker is obtained by beating the game.
    The 'How to get it' section will tell you how to get a sticker, or what
    section of the guide you need to look in for information on obtaining that
    Ones that say "See below the Chart" can be found below the chart that is
    following this text.
    |      Challenge          |         Sticker        | How to get it           |
    | Flowers Everywhere?     | Best Bud sticker       |Beat the game            |
    | Green All Over          | Green Space Sticker    |All park spaces are grass|
    | Collect Them All        |                        |Having all Cartridges    |
    | 9,999 Happy Points      | Happy Points Sticker   |See below the chart      |
    | 130 Visitors            | Visitor Sticker        |See below the chart      |
    | 30 Combos               | Flower Combo Sticker   |See below the chart      |
    | Tres Bien               | Francois Sticker       |See good friends section |
    | Ten hut, Shorty!        | Bull Sticker           |See good friends section |
    | I wanna Be a Real Tree  | Molly Mapleleaf Sticker|See good friends section |
    | I'm Hardboiled          | Tampa Sticker          |See good friends section |
    | POP-POW FIZZAM!         | Popfizz Sticker        |See good friends section |
    | Vroom! Vroom!           | Chassy Sticker         |See good friends section |
    | Boogie Academy Graduate?| Kid Kombo Sticker      |See good friends section |
    | Can you hear the waves? | Soda Surfing Sticker   |See good friends section |
    | Fly 3,000 Chobits       | Paper Plane Sticker    |See below the chart      |
    | 10 Catches?             | Ball Sticker           |See below the chart      |
    | Full Flower Shop?       | Flower Shop Sticker    |See below the chart      |
    | Small Place to Sit?     | Trick Bench Sticker    |See mini games section   |
    | 2,000 Chobits high?     | Trampoline Sticker     |See mini games section   |
    | Fly for 2,000 Chobits   | Cannon Sticker         |See mini games section   |
    | 33 Points?              | Bowling Sticker        |See mini games section   |
    | Fly 100 Chobits         | Swing Sticker          |See mini games section   |
    | 130 points?             | Smogling Bash Sticker  |See mini games section   |
    | Can you Hang down?      | Trick Bar Sticker      |See mini games section   |
    9,999 Happy Points
    There is three ways to do this. Max out your watts meter, and then build up 
    the happy points over time, which would take a very long time to do.
    The second, would be to decimate your park by picking flowers and giving them
    to the flower merchant, and at the same time getting the flower shop sticker.
    Which, would probably take a good 400-600 flowers to do, depending on how many
    of your flowers are 'the flower of the day.'
    Finally, is the easiest method of them all. Pick 100 rainbow flowers. This
    may sound like a difficult task, but it is quite simple after you have beaten
    the game.
    The Pink Smoglings that run around your park will change the flowers into
    rainbow flowers. If you just wait several days, there will be plenty of them
    around to pick and give to the flower shop.
    If you already have the citrusoft construction stuff unlocked, you can go to
    secrets and turn on chibi-gear power ups, this allows you to pick any color
    flower and have it instantly converted into a rainbow flower.
    130 Visitors
    Well, this is a fairly simple one to get, but it takes a lot of time consuming
    To start, you should have as many games (cannon, trampoline etc.) setup as
    Next, you should have all 3 fountains, 6 tree spaces, 6 cactus
    spaces, 3 flower beds, and a statue setup. All of those will draw in an extra
    43 visitors.
    Then, you will need about 1100 flowers worth of green spaces. That is, all of
    the parks space would be green except for ~5-10 of them, depending on how many
    flowers you have picked.
    You should surpass 130 visitors then.
    30 Combo
    This is a tricky one. What you want to do, is get 5 spaces of dirt arranged
    something like this:
    You want to make as many buds as possible for the middle space, so after you
    change white flowers into colored ones and get their buds to fly around, cut
    down the colored flowers. That way you won't make a green space and the number
    of buds in the middle will continue to increase and increase.
    Once you think you have enough buds in the middle, return to the chibi house,
    save, and then come back. Try to grow all 30 flowers consecutively. If you do,
    congratulations you got the sticker! If not, reload, keep increasing the 
    number of buds on the middle space with the methods mentioned above and try 
    After you have completed all the green spaces though, the only method I can
    see for accomplishing this sticker is to transform the whole park into dirt...
    Or you can try taking down all the flowers in 5 green spaces, using the buds
    to grow white flowers, then spreading the buds like mentioned above...
    It also becomes much easier after having all green spaces because you can
    power up the chibi-gear to grow flowers with one squirt from the water gun.
    Fly 3,000 Chobits
    This is a paper airplane challenge! It is actually pretty easy. Just make a
    park space in a corner as high as possible (large hill, or height 3). Find 
    a paper airplane in a garbage bag/cardboard box and throw it from the top of
    the hill.
    It may take a bit of luck, but eventually it will fly the distance. Just
    remember, you need to keep up with the airplane to get it's landing distance.
    You should be able to keep up with it on the ground by following the shadow
    it casts and running along with it. If not, you can always use one of the
    Chibi-rides to speed up your pursuit.
    10 Catches
    This challenge involves a tennis ball; which can be found in the cardboard
    boxes and garbage bags in town. 
    What you want to do is throw it at a wall, then when it comes back towards you
    tap the touch screen and pick it up while it is still moving. This constitutes
    a catch. It is very easy to do if you stand with Chibi square to the wall and
    a fair distance away. With the ball above your head, drag the stylus forward
    to throw the ball. When it comes back, tap the touch screen and try to pick
    it up while it is moving.
    You will know you are doing it right if you see a happy point show up after
    picking the moving tennis ball up.
    The 10 catches do not have to be in a row; you just need to catch the ball a
    total of ten times to get the sticker.
    Full Flower shop?
    This is a very... Destructive sticker to obtain. To get it, you must fill the
    shelves of the flower shop up with flowers.
    The color of the flowers does not matter (as long as they are not grey or 
    black) You just need to give him a total of 250 (two hundred and fifty) 
    flowers to fill all of his shelf space.
    Mini Games {MIG}
    Well, in this game there are many mini games ranging from a whack-a-mole style
    game to shooting yourself out of a cannon. In this section, 'beating' the 
    mini games will be explained. In general, this is just for obtaining stickers
    from the mini games.
    If you are looking for information on how to get the mini games, look in the
    Lists section at the bottom of the guide.
    On the left is the name of the mini game and cartridge, then on the right
    is the Sticker challenge name
    Trampoline / 2,000 Chobits High
    For this one, it is just a matter of good timing. You want to touch the touch
    screen at the bottom of the trampolines compression, you will jump higher.
    What this means is, as soon as you go as far down on the trampoline as you 
    can for that jump.
    You can tell if you are pressing at the right time if red stars inside a 
    circle appear under Chibi as he goes up, then comes back down. If there are
    no red stars, you are miss-timing your jump.
    If you press the touch screen too late, you will absorb the trampolines 
    decompression and be forced to start at absolute zero for distance upwards.
    It may take a bit of practice, and a few failures to get it, but it is; like
    most of these mini games about persistence.
    As you jump higher, and higher, you will have to wait longer to touch the 
    touch screen because the trampoline is compressing more the higher you are
    falling from. Starting around 1000 chobits of distance, you will start to lose
    sight of Chibi he is jumping so high; but he will always fall back down.
    It just takes quite a while for him to do so.
    Swing / Fly 100 Chobits
    This is probably the most annoying mini game you need to get a sticker from...
    Countless times I scored between 98 and 99.6 Chobits, until I finally managed
    to get a score of 100.87 Chobits.
    This is just like swinging in a real swing; you want to move the stylus back
    with the swing, and as it moves forward, move the stylus forward. Eventually,
    you will be swinging in a 180 degree loop.
    To get the maximum distance, you will want to jump off of the swing just above
    the horizontal line of the swing, which would be somewhere between the third
    and fourth space on the right side of the grid in the middle of the touch
    To maximize your distance, you will want to make a height 3 space and build
    your swing facing down one of the slopes. This way, you will get extra
    distance travelled in comparison to just launching on flat ground.
    It takes quite a few tries to figure it out; but the more persistent you are,
    the better you will get and eventually you will get the sticker!
    Chin-Up Bar and Tall Chin-Up Bar
    You do not get a sticker for these; but they can be used to get happy points
    and recharge your battery for doing tricks.
    What you want to do is move the stylus around in a circle in time with
    Chibi-Robo and you will start going around in circles, when you are about
    to go over the top of the bar, press L or R to do a trick, and if you keep
    moving around after the trick, you can press L or R again to do another trick
    and get a bonus.
    Cannon / Fly for 2,000 Chobits
    This really isn't a mini game, but it is pretty entertaining... You can
    shoot Chibi-Robo out of a cannon!
    To get to the 2,000 Chobits marker, build up a height 3 in one of the corners
    and place the cannon on the side that is closest to the parks wall.
    Make sure there is nothing that can get in the way of your flight; like trees
    cacti or hills on the other side that would decrease your distance.
    Get into the cannon and have it pointing parallel to the wall. Angle the
    Cannon upwards so when you put  your stylus on the top of the tree line the
    Chibi-Robo's head is just below your stylus if it is held straight.
    Pull back the oval that is on the back of the cannon as far back as possible
    and then turn your sound up. You should hear a sound that happens 5 times in
    succession, then pauses, then starts up again. What you want to do is launch
    on the fifth time you hear that sound.
    You should easily fly more than 2,000 Chobits.
    Teacup Ride
    You do not get a sticker for this one; but you do get free energy and happy
    points. You just need to spin the teacups around in circles and play some of
    the music... For playing the music you are awarded with Happy points and
    Bowling Set / 33 points?
    Nothing like a good game of lawn bowling... Well, sort of. It is essentially
    5 pin bowling with smoglings. 
    To get the 33 required points you need to make at least 3 strikes, or make
    exactly 3 spaces. I say at least 3 strikes because if you continue to hit
    strikes after your third round, you can continue to play until you miss.
    So, to hit a strike, you will want to throw the smoggling quickly, keep it's
    nose in line with the center of the grid and release it when it's eyes are at
    the very top of the touch screen.
    If you throw it too fast, you will just knock the middle two 'pins' down, or
    you will hit all of them except one of the back corners.
    If you throw it too slowly, you will be left with 1 or 2 in the back row.
    If you throw it off center, you will probably end up with the 'pin' on the
    left or on the right left.
    To hit a 'pin' on the outside corners, you want to throw it so the white is 
    just starting to disappear on the top of the screen and the majority of it's
    face is still visible.
    You will also want to line up the right eye with the center line to hit a
    left corner pin, or line up the left eye with the center line to hit a right
    corner pin.
    This game takes a lot of practice to get the sticker for, so be patient!
    Smogling Bash / 130 points?
    I have very few things to say about this game.
        1. I am horribly bias and I will tell you I hate this mini game.
        2. Hit as many of the RED smoglings as possible; they are worth 10 points
        3. Turn off the volume; as the music will only distract you.
        4. Pink Smoglings are trivial; they are only worth 1 point.
        5. Everything in this game is random; it will take a very long time to get
           good at this game.
        6. If you miss a smogling; you will lose one point. Do not do this.
    Hopefully you have a lot better luck than I did.
    Bubble Station
    This is another one of those mini games that generates happy points. You blow
    bubbles by constantly blowing on the microphone of your DS. 
    But; there is an easier way to get 999 bubble then strenuous controlled 
    breathing. Take your thumb and slowly rub it back and forth across the 
    microphone and it will consider that a sufficient sound to blow bubbles with.
    (I did this on a DS Lite; it may not work as well on an original DS)
    Trick Bar / Can You Hang Down?
    Once you have a Trick bar setup in your park, you can get this sticker. To
    Hang onto the bar all you need to do is keep on touching different parts of
    the touch screen and eventually Chibi will grab onto it and you will get the
    That is how I did it, but I am not too confident in this theory.
    Trick Bench / Trick Bench Sticker
    simply purchase the Trick Bench and place it in your park. After that just 
    sit in it once a day (in-game day) and different things will happen to you. 
    Eventually, a pie pan will fall on Chibi when you sit down. After this happens
    just exit the bench and you will get 100 Happy Points and the Trick Bench 
    Friends (Obtaining, Good friends etc.) {GGF}
    Well, friends in this game are the toys you can energize from the town. They
    will aid you by doing park projects like tilling and building bridges,
    fountains, rivers etc.
    There are seven toys that can become your friend, six toys that can work for
    you, and eight toys that can become your good friend.
    When a toy becomes your good friend; you are awarded with 100 Happy points,
    and all the work that they do will become less expensive.
    The toys that can become your friends are:
          - Francois
          - Chassy
          - Pop and fizz
          - Molly Mapleleaf
          - Bull
          - Tampa
          - Kid Kombo
    The toys that can work for you are:
          - Francois
          - Chassy (before becoming a good friend)
          - Pop and fizz
          - Molly Mapleleaf
          - Bull
          - Tampa
    Then finally, the toys that can become your good friends are:
          - Francois
          - Chassy
          - Pop and fizz
          - Molly Mapleleaf
          - Bull
          - Tampa
          - Kid Kombo
          - General Greenthumb
    When someone becomes your good friend, you are given their respectful sticker.
    The only exception to this is General Greenthumb, who instead gives you
    infinite energy... Pop and Fizz also give a second sticker for jumping all the
    cans in their soda surfing game.
    This section of the guide will be dedicated to telling you how to find all the
    toys, and how to make them your good friends. A catalyst friend is someone
    who must be energized when you go out to energize the friend in question.
    For example: If you want Francois to be your good friend, the catalyst friend
    is Molly Mapleleaf. That means, when you go to energize Francois, Molly needs
    to be one of the toys you can work in your park.
    The exception to the working in the park rule is Kid Kombo, he does not work
    in your park, so you just need to have him energized.
    Time needed refers to how many times you must energize that person before they
    become your good friend.
    Found: At the beginning of the game, when you first enter the town.
    Catalyst friend(s): Molly Mapleleaf
    Times needed: 3
    Found: In front of the restaurant.
    Catalyst friends(s): Kid Kombo, Tampa 
    Times needed: 3
    Once Chassy is your good friend, she is no longer available for work. Chassy
    becomes the fourth Chibi vehicle, controlled just like the cart.
    Pop and Fizz
    Found: Close to the flower shop.
    Catalyst friend(s): Tampa
    Times needed: 3-5 to separate, 
                  then 3-5 AND Pop must have had at least one PopFizz soda
    In order for them to become your good friend, you must first get them to 
    separate; now I'm not quite sure about the requirements for that, but what
    is there should be close.
    These two give another sticker; mentioned in the sticker section as the Soda
    Surfing Sticker. It can be obtained by giving Pop and Fizz a PopFizz soda,
    then soda surfing with them and successfully jumping all of the cans.
    Molly Mapleleaf
    Found: At dusk to the right of the park entrance by the trees
    Catalyst friend(s): Francois
    Times needed: 3
    Found: At dusk in front of the T.V. store, which is on the other side of the
           street, on the far right side.
    Catalyst friend(s): Pop and Kid Kombo
    Times needed: 3
    With Bull, it does not make a difference whether Pop and Fizz are separated or
    they are together.
    Found: In the back alley if you come out of the restaurants back door.
    Catalyst friend(s): Chassy
    Times needed: 3
    This will still work if Chassy is your good friend.
    Kid Kombo
    Found: In the restaurant directly to the right of the door that takes you into
           the back half.
    Catalyst friend(s): None
    Times needed: He needs 5 monkey burgers 
    He becomes your good friend after you have unlocked all of the dances he 
    teaches you.
    General Greenthumb
    He becomes your good friend after you beat the game; note that he can not work
    for you and he disappears after the storyline is finished. But he awards you
    with 100 Happy Points like the others; so it can be assumed that he is indeed
    a good friend.
    Citrusoft Construction Team {CSC}
    This is a feature unlocked after you have your entire park covered in green
    spaces, and have obtained the 'Green Space Sticker.'
    You can find the team directly across from your Chibi-house. They are
    represented by three yellow boxes. They will redesign your park for free.
    However, if you save after they have changed your park, your park can not
    be restored to how it was originally.
    The box on the far left will redesign the landscape, and leave all of the
    flowers and buds the way they are.
         Green Slate - Changes the park entirely green; nothing is left.
         Ye Olde Park - Original Landscape you start with.
         Rally Park - A park designed for the rally races
         Grand Prix Park - Park that has paths connected in a circuit.
         Canal Park - A lot of water...
    The middle box will change the number of flowers that you have in your park.
    Your options range from changing all spaces back to sand, to just getting rid
    of flowers and or buds.
         Flowers: 0 - destroys all of the flowers in your park
         Buds: 0 - destroys all of the buds (unwatered flowers) in your park
         All Sand (Flowers: 0) - changes all tiles back to sand and destroys all
         All Dirt (Flowers: 0) - Changes all tiles to dirt and destroys all
         All Green Spaces - Will convert all dirt/sand back into grass
                            ***YOU DO NOT GET YOUR FLOWERS BACK***
    The right box is called "Secret" It has two purposes: one is to provide you
    with a Chibi-Gear Powerup and the second will let you skip work scenes.
    Powered up chibi gear is pretty useful... Especially for the 30 flower combo.
    It allows you to water a bud once, and then it is fully grown.
    It also allows you to dig with the spoon anywhere you want, and it lets Chibi
    run faster. Finally, when you use the clippers to pick flowers; they are all
    converted into rainbow flowers!
    Skipping work scenes means you will not get the interludes when your friends
    run out of energy and need to be recharged again.
    Item/cartridge/Ride lists {ITM}
    This section is several lists/charts for all of the items available in this
    game. The first list will be for Cartridges and chips, the second for 
    chibi-robo tools, the third for food and the fourth for trash.
    Some cartridges are obtained randomly by giving the other toys their preferred
    treats, some by digging with the spoon, some from cardboard boxes and garbage
    bags, some from running over grass with a vehicle (the cartridge will just sit
    on the ground where the grass was), and some from feeding smoglings food.
    I have labelled from who/how to get these cartridges, but how many tries it 
    takes to actually get them is completely random.
    |     Cartridge name     |  Cost  | How to Get it           |
    |       Utilities        |  
    |Smogling Magnet         |  500   |Unlock @ 240 Flowers     |
    |Smogling Repellent      |  500   |Unlock @ 240 Flowers     |
    |Trash can               |  500   |Unlock @ 320 Flowers     |
    |Bench                   |  N/A   |Give Bull Bubble Gum     |
    |Streetlight             |        |                         |
    |Clock                   |  500   |Unlock @ 320 Flowers     |
    |Windmill                |  500   |Unlock @ 100 Flowers     |
    |Drinking Fountain       |  N/A   |In a Cardboard Box       |
    |Manhole                 |  500   |Unlock @ 100 Flowers     |
    |Racing Banner           |  500   |Unlock @ 999 Flowers     |
    |Race Checkpoint         |  500   |Unlock @ 999 Flowers     |
    |       Games            | 
    |Trampoline              |  1000  |Unlock at 80 Flowers     |
    |Swing                   |  N/A   |In a Cardboard Box       |
    |Chin-up Bar             |  N/A   |Dig up with spoon        |
    |Tall Chin-up Bar        |  N/A   |Dig up with spoon        |
    |Cannon                  |  N/A   |In a Cardboard Box       |
    |Teacup Ride             |  500   |Unlock @ 900 Flowers     |
    |Bowling Set             |  N/A   |In a Cardboard Box       |
    |Smogling Bash           |  N/A   |Dig up with spoon        |
    |Bubble Station          |  N/A   |Give Pop and Fizz PFS    | PFS = PopFizz
    |Trick Bench             |  N/A   |In a Cardboard Box       |       soda
    |Trick Bar               |  500   |Unlock @ 600 Flowers     |
    |      Statues           |  
    |Tampa Statue            |  N/A   |Tampa as Good Friend     |
    |Bull Statue             |  N/A   |Bull "     "             |
    |Francois Statue         |  N/A   |Fancois "     "          |
    |Mooly Mapleleaf Statue  |  N/A   |Molly "     "            |
    |PopFizz Statue          |  N/A   |PopFizz "     "          |
    |Chassy Statue           |  N/A   |Chassy  "     "          |
    |Kid Kombo Statue        |  N/A   |Kid Kombo "     "        |
    |Chibi-Robo Statue       |  N/A   |Get all green spaces     |
    |       Terrain          | 
    |Tiller                  | 1000   |Unlock @ 80 Flowers      |
    |Height                  |  500   |Unlock @ 360 Flowers     |
    |Path                    |  500   |Unlock @ 80 Flowers      |
    |Streams                 |  500   |Unlock @ 280 Flowers     |
    |Trees                   |  N/A   |In a Cardboard Box       |
    |Cactuses                |  N/A   |Dig up with spoon        |
    |Shrubbery               |  N/A   |In a Cardboard Box       |
    |Flower Beds             |  500   |Unlock @ 800 Flowers     |
    |Flattener               |  500   |Unlock @ 80 Flowers      |
    |Small Hill              |  500   |Unlock @ 160 Flowers     |
    |Medium Hill             |  500   |Unlock @ 160 Flowers     |
    |Large Hill              |  500   |Unlock @ 160 Flowers     |
    |Stones                  |  N/A   |Run over grass           |
    |Rocks                   |  N/A   |Run over grass           |
    |Pond                    |  N/A   |Feed Smoglings Chocolate |
    |Fountain                |  500   |Unlock @ 450 Flowers     |
    |      Other             |  
    |Razer Cartridge         |  500   |Unlock @ 80 Flowers      |
    |Repair Cartridge        |  N/A   |From Francois in story   |
    |Pedal Chip              |  680   |Unlock @ 80 Flowers      |
    |Turbo Chip              |  880   |Unlock @ 130 Flowers     |
    |Slide Chip              |  480   |Unlock @ 160 Flowers     |
    |Copter Chip             |  500   |Unlock @ 500 Flowers     |
    | Chibi-Robo Tools | How to Obtain it                                 |
    |Squirter          | Gotten at the start of the game                  |
    |Boom-Box          | Gotten at the start of the game                  |
    |Clippers          | Unlock at 40 flowers, can be bought for 480 watts|
    |Spoon             | Given to you by Kid Kombo after energizing him   |
    | Chibi-Rides      | 
    |Old Bike          |To the left of the bridge at the start of the game|
    |New Bike          |Chibi-Gear at 100 flowers for 1200 watts          |
    |Cart              |Chibi-Gear at 130 flowers for 2480 watts          |
    |Canoe             |Chibi-Gear at 280 flowers for 3680 watts          |
    |Chassy            |Get chassy as a good friend and she can be driven |
    | Food Name    | Friend to give to |
    |Candy Cane    | Francois          |
    |Monkey Burger | Kid Kombo         |
    |Leaf          | Molly Mapleleaf   |
    |Bubble Gum    | Bull              |
    |Chocolate     | Tampa             |
    |Health Bar    | Chassy            |
    |PopFizz Soda  | Pop and Fizz      |
       Giving the toys their preferred candy will allow you to get 30 Happy Points
       and possibly get a cartridge. To see which cartridges you can get, look at
       the first table.
       Feeding a smogling bubble gum changes it into a smoglobb
       Feeding a smogling leafs will destroy them and leave Candy canes or
       Feeding a smogling health bars will knock them over like hitting them does
       Feeding a smogling soda will make them explode
    | Trash Name   | Recyclable? |
    | Glass Bottle |     Yes     |
    |Plastic Bottle|     Yes     |
    | Plastic Bag  |     No      |
    | Paper plane  |     Yes     | *
    | Tennis Ball  |     No      | *
    | Empty PFS can|     Yes     |
    | Control Panel|     No      |
       * = can be used to get a sticker
       Something that is not recyclable should be thrown into the trash portion of
       the trash can (on the right). Recyclables go into the left side of the can.
       PFS is PopFizz Soda
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