• Character Coins Bonus

    In the game there is a coin with one of the baby's faces on it in each level and if you manage to find all of the coins in each world you unlock the harder version of a minigame in the minigames menu!

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bouncy Maze (Hard)Get all character coins in World 3
    Egg Toss (Hard)Get all character coins in World 5
    Flutter Challenge (Hard)Get all character coins in World 2
    Speed Eating (Hard)Get all character coins in World 4
    Tulip Shooter (Hard)Get all character coins in World 1

    Contributed By: longlivemegaman.

  • Secret Bonus Challenge Panels

    At the end of each level there is a ring that can have 0 to 5 flowers on it depending on how many flowers you found in the level. When you jump in this ring there will be an imaginary ball that circles around the ring and if it stopped on a flower you would get warped to a bonus stage. There is another way to get one of these 5 bonus levels however and here's how...

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Flip CardsGet a total of 700 points in World 1
    Match CardsGet a total of 700 points in World 3
    RouletteGet a total of 700 points in World 4
    Scratch and MatchGet a total of 700 points in World 2
    Slot MachineGet a total of 700 points in World 5

    Contributed By: longlivemegaman.

  • Time Trial

    Once you've beaten the game, you will be rewarded the Time Trial mode. To access Time Trial enter the File Menu like you would starting up a game. Your completed game file will have a star icon and will have the word "Clear!" under where the world should be. Click on your file and you will notice "Time Trial" on the bottom right corner where a question mark used to be. In Time Trial mode, you will be rewarded 5 extra levels, one for each world. You will also be able to play those levels with a black Yoshi.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Time Trial ModeComplete the game once

    Contributed By: obsolete.

  • Unlock Extra levels

    To unlock the extra levels you will need to collect a 100 points on 8 stages (Including secret levels) of that world. Meaning you must get 20 red coins, 5 flowers and 30 stars to get 100 points. All together 800 points.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Extra 1Get 800 points for world 1
    Extra 2Get 800 points for world 2
    Extra 3Get 800 points for world 3
    Extra 4Get 800 points for world 4
    Extra 5Get 800 points for world 5

    Contributed By: yoshifav.

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