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    Boss FAQ by gamer_boy997

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    This is a Boss FAQ for Yoshi's Island DS which is for the Nintendo DS, incase you didn't notice. If you are stuck on a boss, this will most likely help you.

    Legal Stuff

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    Please use for help, improvement, or information for the bosses in Yoshi's Island DS ONLY. This guide may be printed or saved, but do NOT steal this guide, or claim this guide as your own.

    If you would like, you may post a link to this specific URL ( as long as you give me full credit via my username (Gamer_boy997).

    If you see this guide on any other site besides that does not meet the above requirements, and if you can catch me on the Yoshi's Island DS message boards, or any other message boards, let me know IMMEDIATELY.

    Guide Development

    These are the changes in each version of my guide and when they were completed. (* in front of the version number means I submitted that version).

    Version 0.5 completed on 7/22/2009: Finished everything except the Boss Guides section.

    Version 0.75 completed on 7/23/2009: Finished everything except half of the Boss Guides section.

    Version *1.0 completed on 7/24/2009: Finished Boss Guides section.

    Version *1.25 completed on 8/3/2009: Made a few minor changes and also added Time Trial tips, making this update a little bit more major then usual.

    Version *1.75 completed on 12/16/2009: Updated to the new GameFAQs format!

    Version *1.85 completed on 7/8/2010: After not touching this guide for a long time, I decided to give it a spelling/grammar check and make some corrections. I also changed the Legal Stuff section so that this guide would be a little less restricted, (please note that this guide still has some restrictions, however).


    These are questions that will probably be asked a lot. Therefore, they will be answered here.

    Question 1: Help! Im stuck on [insert boss name here]!

    Answer: Read the guide for that boss then.

    Question 2: Help! Im STILL stuck on [insert boss name here], and I read your guide!

    Answer: Just because you read the guide doesnt mean you can automatically beat the boss. The guide tells you how to beat the bosses along with some small strategies and/or tips that will help a little bit. You will still need to practice a little bit in order to defeat the boss, but the guide should still help.

    Question 3: How many bosses are there?

    Answer: There are ten bosses. There are two bosses in each world, one placed in the middle of the world (level 4), the other placed at the end of the world (level 8). There are five worlds in the entire game. This makes a total of ten bosses.

    Question 4: Which baby is the best for fighting bosses?

    Answer: Whichever baby you think is the best. However, I use Mario, because he makes Yoshi move quite quickly, and the eggs he throw bounce off of walls, helping a little bit with bosses you need to throw eggs at. Still, you should probably use whichever baby you are best with.

    Question 5: Help! I'm stuck on this level...

    Answer: This is a Boss FAQ, not a complete walkthrough.

    Question 6: Help! I'm stuck on the castle/lair/haunted house/(I think you get the point) of a boss!

    Answer: Sorry, but this is for help on the bosses themselves, not their levels.

    Question 7: Could you help me with the original Yoshi's Island?

    Answer: Sorry, but this is for Yoshi's Island DS, not Super Mario World 2.

    Question 8: Why did you label the ASCII egg and boss at the top of the page?

    Answer: Just to make sure you don't confuse them with something else...

    Question 9: Help! Im trapped inside a box! How do I get out?

    Answer: Please, ask questions that involve my guide or the bosses in Yoshi's Island DS.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to catch me on the Yoshi's Island DS message boards or perhaps other message boards if you see me.

    Boss Guides

    You will have to complete a castle (or lair/haunted house, etc.) level before fighting a boss. Once you enter the red door at the end of the level, you will find Kamek in the boss area, who will say something discouraging to you (I will reduce spoilers by not telling you what he says) then use his powers to change a nearby enemy into a giant boss (or just have the boss appear)! Finally, Kamek will fly away leaving you with the boss.

    I have listed what level each boss is found on, how many lives they have, along with the amount of work needed to take a life away, they're difficulty, the guide on how to beat them, and even some tips on how to beat the boss quickly for time trials. Please note that I assume you know all the controls for the game. If you don't, you sure did a good job making it to the first boss without knowing controls!


    If I were you, I would just read the boss guide for the boss you are stuck on, and nothing else. Reading strategies for later bosses can spoil the game.

    One last thing: Good luck!

    Level: 1-4 (Castle of the Big Burt Bros.)

    Lives: 5 (small-medium)

    Difficulty: Easy

    Your first boss battle! These two jumpers will jump around the room. There is an "egg plant" (a plant that shoots eggs) in the middle of the stage, and two holes on the sides of the stage. Right when the battle starts, go into the left hole (as the bros will pretty much be guarding the right hole), and duck. The two bros will jump while stacked onto each other, the top one will jump off, the other will jump on top of the one that jumped off, and the process repeats as they perform these stunts all around the room. What you need to do is avoid them while hitting them with eggs, if you hit one of them, they will both blink yellow for a moment and their pants will get shorter (don't worry, this is an E rated game, nothing bad will be shown). When they stop blinking, you can hit them again. You will have to hit them a total of five times to defeat them. While you are ducking in your hole, check to see if you have any eggs. If you don't, wait until the bros are on the other side of the room and aren't jumping toward you. If this is the case, quickly jump out of the hole and go A LITTLE bit towards the middle, lick up an egg shot out of the egg plant, then quickly get back into your hole. If/once you do have an egg, wait until they are in slightly close range, but still slightly far away, and aren't about to jump on top of or right next to you. Once this is the case, stop ducking, and throw an egg at them while standing in your hole (the hole isn't that deep, and the bros are quite tall, so you should be able to hit them while standing in the hole). They will blink yellow and their pants will get shorter (still in E rated material) as stated before. Repeat this process two more times, and when they have two lives left, they will just keep jumping while being stacked on each other. Hit them two more times, and they will turn red and deflate all around the room (don't worry, they can't hurt you). Congratulations! You have defeated your first boss! Don't you have that feeling of accomplishment?

    Time Trial Tips

    1. While in the hole, just stand in it and only duck when you need to.
    2. If you need eggs, you can get some from the egg plant as long as they aren't in your way.
    3. Throw eggs quickly, but accurately. Getting more eggs wastes more time.

    Level: 1-8 (Gilbert the Gooey's Castle)

    Lives: 24 (very small)

    Difficulty: Easy

    I put that this boss has 24 lives. This boss will take a long time to beat, right? Wrong, notice how I put (very small) next to it. That means that each life takes barely any work to take away. So in this case, it's quality, not quantity. You see, this boss is... a giant hanging gooey named Gilbert covered in 24 colored spheres... (let's just call them blobs), and... you need to simply remove all of them to defeat the boss... makes perfect sense! Anyways, there are two holes on each side of the stage (a lot like the previous boss), and jutting out of both walls are four small platforms. The bottom platforms you're able to reach without any help and you can also reach the next highest platforms by simply jumping off the first platform. Both bottom platforms each have an arrow ball which if you time your jumping right, you can jump off of it and reach the higher platforms, by the way, the highest platform can be reached by jumping off the platform below it. The blobs are easy to remove, you can simply lick them up (you can swallow them for eggs or spit them out), or throw eggs at them. However, what's tricky is the fact that Gilbert will be bobbing up and down in the middle of the stage a few times and will also stop to swing left and right next to the top two platforms (the top screen) or the bottom two platforms (the bottom screen, and which screen he swings on alternates each time). As you remove the blobs, he will bob and swing faster. You will have to avoid him while removing the blobs. There are many different ways to do this. One easy way is to stand on one of the bottom platforms (probably the left side, because you have to walk under him to reach the right side, which is dangerous), and lick up and spit out blobs as he bobs up and down, (blobs you spit out can remove other blobs, so spitting blobs is better than swallowing them), and when he stops and is about to start swinging next to you, hug the wall by walking towards it (if you are on the left side of the area, hold left, if you are on the right side of the area, hold right). Once he is done swinging, continue to lick up blobs as he bobs up and down, and as you lick up blobs, you may have to use both of the platforms on your side. Soon he will go faster, but don't worry. Once all of the blobs closer to you are gone, wait until he starts swinging on the top screen, then sneak under and jump on one of the bottom platforms on the other side, and lick up all the blobs on that side. Once all of the blobs are gone, he will... vanish. You are now down with the first world! Now do you feel accomplishment?

    Time Trial Tips

    1. Use Baby Donkey Kong.
    2. With Baby Donkey Kong, throw eggs. The explosions caused by these blasts take a heap of blobs away.
    3. If you need more eggs, simply swallow some blobs.

    Level: 2-4 (Hector the Reflector's Haunted House)

    Lives: 6 (small-medium)

    Difficulty: Easy-Medium

    In case you didn't read the FAQ section, let me say that Mario is major help for this boss. The reason for this is because you have to hit Hector with eggs to defeat him, and since Mario's eggs bounce off of walls, he will help for this boss fight. Anyways, here's the deal: Hector is an invisible ghost that has smaller versions of himself (let's call them minions), who pick up objects (which are visible, even though the minions aren't) and try to use them to hit you (you saw this a lot during the level). As the minions try to attack you about one at a time, Hector will float around invisible and try to hit you. You need to simply hit Hector with an egg to take a life away, but how do we do that if we can't see him? The answer is the bottom screen. The bottom screen is an upside-down reflection of the top screen, which is the normal boss fight. Although, the bottom screen is upside-down, Hector and his minions are visible! If you don't have any eggs, swallow an object that one of his minions is carrying to lay an egg, and then get ready to throw an egg. As the egg is being held and is ready to be thrown, look at the bottom screen to get an idea of where Hector is. If the line that shows where the egg will go is pointing at Hector, immediately throw the egg, and it should hit Hector. If you hit him, he will get a little smaller (making it harder to hit him), and a piece of furniture will break a corner of the reflection, making it harder to see Hector. Do this again three more times and all the corners will be broken. Do it one more time and the middle of the reflection will break making it even more difficult. Hit him one more time and he's history. Feel any accomplishment now? (Okay, I'll stop asking that).

    Time Trial Tips

    1. Having eggs in advance for this boss will help.
    2. Throw eggs accurately. Having to get more eggs uses up lots of time.

    Level: 2-8 (Big Bungee Piranha's Lair)

    Lives: 3 (large)

    Difficulty: Medium

    This piranha plant will move across the top of the screen with two younger piranhas at his sides. These young piranhas can descend and try to hurt you, so watch out! The main piranha plant will start off by spitting out three seeds, if they touch the ground, they will change into small enemies. If you don't have any eggs, let one seed (or two/all of them) touch the ground and swallow the enemies/enemy to lay eggs/an egg. Then, a flashing yellow/red X will appear below the main piranha, and a few seconds later, the piranha will sink down quickly at the X with the mini piranhas at his sides, and if you are right where the X is, he will eat you, you'll drop your eggs, and one of the mini piranhas will hold your baby for about five star points, but if you hit the mini piranha with an egg, it will release the baby immediately. Instead of standing where the X is, there should be a stone chomp ball nearby. Quickly push it right where the X is, and when the piranha dives down (watch out for the mini piranhas!), it will bite the stone chomp and crack its teeth. It will go back up and its tongue will be hanging out. Hit the tongue with an egg and the piranha will lose one of its three lives and the process repeats. Do this one more time, and then instead of giving you one time and a few seconds to put the stone chomp under, it will dive three times and give you little time to put the chomp under each time. After the piranha has released its seeds, keep the stone chomp under the piranha as it moves, then when it's about to dive, stay far away enough so that the mini piranhas don't get you (or stay in between the cursor and the mini piranhas). Eventually, the piranha will bite the chomp and you can take its last life away and watch the entire plant wither.

    Time Trial Tips

    1. Make sure you have eggs at all times (or at least when the piranha is about to dive toward the ground).
    2. Make sure the piranha bites the stone every time.
    3. For the last life, roll the stone so that it stays under the piranha. As long as it stays under it, it should bite it on the first dive.

    Level: 3-4 (Bessie Bass's Battleship)

    Lives: 3 (medium)

    Difficulty: Medium-Hard

    Yikes, a giant Cheep-Cheep! This boss is the most difficult one yet, so best of luck to you! This fish will be swimming in water, she might rise above the surface to hurt you, or jump out of the water to swallow you. Floating on the water are three platforms (the area is wider than the screen) that will occasionally break and be replaced by platforms that fall from above. The water is rising, so the screen will be scrolling up. Eggs and Shy Guys that can float in water will fall from above, along with platforms that replace ones that break. If you don't have any eggs, grab them! Also, I recommend you stay out of the water, and get rid of the Shy Guys so they won't get in your way. In order to take a life away, you need to throw an egg into Bessie's mouth. To do this, you have to wait until she does a high jump out of the water that reaches the top screen (she might do shorter jumps, but just avoid her when she does this), when she does this, her mouth will be open. As she comes down, throw an egg straight into her mouth, and she will fall into the water with that dead look. Do this again two more times to defeat her. Also, if she does a short or high jump with her mouth open, don't get swallowed! If you do get swallowed, you will lose all your eggs and at least five star points. Oh, and to make this boss just a little more annoying, Bessie will sometimes do two short jumps (her mouth won't be open during these jumps, thankfully) and a high jump (with her mouth open, but that's your chance!) all in a row. This boss might take some practice, but don't give up! You will defeat her soon!

    Time Trial Tips

    1. Always throw an egg into her mouth when you have the chance.
    2. Make sure you have at least one egg at all times. You never know when you will have a chance to attack her.

    Level: 3-8 (Castle of Priscilla the Peckish)

    Lives: 3 (medium)

    Difficulty: Medium

    This boss isn't that difficult for its place in the game. On both sides of the stage are two pipes which Shy Guys will keep coming out of, and next to the top of these pipes are platforms, which I recommend standing on. Below the platforms is a bunch of sand being sucked toward Priscilla. If you touch the sand, quickly jump away to not get dragged down by the sand. If Priscilla gets you, you will lose a few star points and your eggs, unless you can get them back. The Shy Guys that come out of the pipes will simply jump into the sand and get dragged to Priscilla who will eat them, which leads me to my next point: if you don't have any eggs, use the Shy Guys or the cactus balls Priscilla shoots out to get some! Yes, Priscilla will shoot out cactus balls that will hurt when they touch you. She will shoot out two at a time, one will go slightly toward the left, the other toward the right. Eventually, a Shy Guy on an umbrella will be above Priscilla, and she will jump up really high and eat the Shy Guy. That's you chance to throw an egg at her! Once you hit her with an egg, do so again two more times... except she will now shoot three cactus balls at a time, the third one going straight up, and no Shy Guy on an umbrella will come out. Instead, jump from the platform you are on to the other platform, and Priscilla will jump up trying to catch you, but if you jump quickly, you should have time to turn around and throw an egg at her. After hitting her with an egg for the third time, she's defeated. That wasn't too difficult now, was it?

    Time Trial Tips

    1. Don't even bother waiting for the Shy Guy with the umbrella to come down on the first life. Jump over Priscilla instead.
    2. If you don't have any eggs, quickly get some!

    Level: 4-4 (Six-Face Sal's Fort)

    Lives: 4 (medium)

    Difficulty: Medium-Hard

    This boss is quite strange. On the bottom screen there is a row of 16 donut blocks with two eggs on top, which you might need. This row of donut blocks is under a rotating platform wheel that you can spin with your weight. If you stand on a donut block too long, it will fall and never come back or be replaced, and below the donut blocks is a pit, which means you will die if you end up under the donut blocks, so be careful. On the top screen is a wheel that rotates along with the platform wheel on the bottom screen, and this wheel on the top screen has six faces. At the start of the battle, one face will come out and spit out a cactus ball, which you might need to lay an egg. Another face will do the same thing while the previous one goes back to the wheel, and so on. What you need to do is throw an egg at the face that's trying to shoot a cactus ball at you. You may need to rotate the wheel using the platform wheel, but you should get use to it. Once you hit the face, three faces will come out, two red and one normal-colored, and the normal one will spit out eight cactus balls (probably in slightly different directions). Once it spits out eight cactus balls, another three faces will come out while the current three go away, and the same thing happens. Hit the normal-colored face with an egg to remove another life (hitting the red faces will only waste an egg). Now, three red faces will come out and spit six cactus balls, just dodge them and use them to lay eggs if you have too. Now, when they go away, three red faces will come out along with a normal-colored face. The normal-colored face will spit some cactus balls (I think it's a random amount...), and if you don't hit the normal face, another four faces with one normal will come out and do the same thing, and so on. After hitting the normal face with an egg, three red faces will come out while the other faces go away, and will shoot six cactus balls, and perhaps mines too! (Which you can't use to lay eggs). Then, five red faces will come out and the last one will be normal and shoot a random amount of cactus balls, and sometimes a red face or two will shoot with it! Once you hit the normal face, the six faces will all have a depressed look on their face. You did it! You beat Six-Face Sal! That's like six bosses in one... well sort of.

    Time Trial Tips

    1. Take advantage of the phases with only red faces to lay some eggs.
    2. You don't always need to use the rotator to make sure the normal-colored face is the lowest it can be. You only need it somewhere where you will be able to hit it.

    Level: 4-8 (Castle of Big Guy the Stilted)

    Lives: 3 (large)

    Difficulty: Medium-Hard

    Wow, that's one big guy! On the sides of the stage is a bunch of lava, so don't fall off the stage or you will die automatically. Sometimes in the battle, two Shy Guys coming out of his eyes; use them to lay eggs if you don't have any! Now, what you need to do is throw eggs at Big Guy, when you do this he will bounce a few times backwards. What you need to do is get him into the lava and ground pound him, and then do it again two more times. He can walk forwards and might also walk backwards, he can do high jumps, (which you can run under if you need to), and he can even bounce a few times forward. If he reaches the side of the stage when you throw eggs at him, he will bounce in place, as he does this, hit him with one more egg to get him into the lava, (this is why you might want to save up your eggs, also, if you don't hit him while he's bouncing in place, he might bounce forward). His head will be sticking out, and you will now have a few seconds to ground pound him (don't worry, he won't go all the way into the lava, so you're safe... except you might want to get back onto the arena, because when he jumps out, you will fall off into the lava). Whether you ground pound him or not, he will jump out and bounce forward a little bit. A good way to use fewer eggs is hit him with an egg, then hit the bottom of his shoes with an upward angle right when he's about to come down from one of his bounces. This makes the bounce you hit him on a little higher than usual. Also, when he has only two lives left, he will release a normal Shy Guy, then a hopping Shy Guy, and will bounce a few extra times forward, and when he has only one life left, he will release a normal Shy Guy, a hopping Shy Guy, and a parasol Shy Guy (you might need the extra egg). All in all, just save up your eggs, take your time, and remember to get back onto the arena when you ground pound Big Guy, and this boss shouldn't be too difficult.

    It turns out Baby Bowser makes this boss very easy, because he can just constantly use fire against Big Guy to knock him off the stage, so you might want to use Baby Bowser for this battle.

    Time Trial Tips

    1. Use Baby Bowser.
    2. With Baby Bowser, keep shooting flames at the Big Guy to knock him into the lava. You may want to jump and shoot just in case he bounces, due to the slight chance of bouncing over the flames.
    3. Right when he jumps out of the lava, shoot flames at him again while jumping.

    Level: 5-4 (The Fort of Moltz the Very Goonie)

    Lives: 3 (medium)

    Difficulty: Hard

    Let me say what makes this boss difficult: You are falling in the sky through the entire battle, and if you reach the bottom of the bottom screen, you die, but fluttering boosts you up massively, so you will have to constantly flutter. Along with that, you have to ground pound Moltz in between his wings to defeat him, and if you miss him, you're dead. So make sure Moltz is under you before you ground pound, and try to avoid slipping your finger on down of the D-Pad. Now, if he touches you, you lose your baby and have to get them back, so he will fly around trying to touch you and will also go down to the bottom screen and shoot three feathers above him, one slightly to the left, one straight up, and another slightly to the right. When you ground pound him, (I recommend doing so when he's on the bottom screen and you avoided the feathers), he will fly back up in the background (don't ground pound! He's not where you are!) and six sets of three rockets will fly down at different speeds in different places (with the middle one being the slowest). Avoid these rockets the best that you can, and Moltz will come down to the bottom of the screen and the process repeats. Ground pound Moltz again when you get the chance, and the rockets will fly down like before. Now, with only one life left, as Moltz is on screen, rockets will slowly fly from below, so be careful! Also, you might want to move left to right when Moltz is coming down after the flight of rockets, because he might try to slam you! All in all, just watch carefully, make sure you are in a safe position to ground pound Moltz, and get the baby back whenever you lose him/her, and everything should be just fine.

    Time Trial Tips

    1. Stay at the top of the top screen so you will be able to ground pound Moltz no matter how high he is.
    2. Ground pound accurately! I can tell it must have been some trouble getting to this boss without dying once, and dying while fighting this boss will be depressing.

    Level: 5-8 (At Last, Bowser's Castle!)

    Lives: 12

    • 3 small-medium first stage
    • 3 medium second stage
    • 6 medium-large final stage

    Difficulty: Hardest boss in the game!

    This boss is in a total of three stages, if you lose on any of them, you have to go back to stage one, so it's pretty much all one boss. The first stage is baby Bowser (I warned you about spoilers!), the second stage is regular Bowser, and the final stage is Bowser with Kamek's powers. I will go through each stage one at a time to help you out. This is the hardest boss in the game, so good luck!

    NOTE: If you enter the red door as Baby Bowser, you will be Baby Mario for the boss battle.

    Stage 1

    Baby Bowser Lives: 3 (small-medium)

    This stage shouldn't be too tricky. Baby Bowser can ground pound with blasts of energy on the sides and can also blow flames. He might even jump to the top screen and blow flames downward. The area has two platforms on the sides and an egg plant in the middle. I recommend staying on the side, and changing sides when he does a high jump, but if you don't have any eggs, get a few eggs from the egg plant. Now, to defeat him, you simply need to hit him with an egg three times. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, he will try blowing flames on you, and the eggs break if they touch the flames, so you might want to wait until he pauses, (right when he ground pounds isn't a bad time). If he still has all lives left, he will blow three flames when jumping to the top screen, if he has two lives, he will blow four flames from the top screen, and if only one life left, five. Just watch carefully and wait for that moment to hit him with an egg, and the next stage will start...

    Time Trial Tips

    1. If he is standing and flaming, jump and throw an egg at him at a downward angle.
    2. Baby Bowser usually isn't in the middle of the stage, so you might as well stand right where the egg plant is and throw eggs constantly (but accurately).
    Stage 2

    Bowser Lives: 3 (medium)

    You're in the same area as before, but the egg plant has strangely disappeared. Instead, a large egg on a balloon and you will have to get it and hit his head with it (he doesn't use flames as much as Baby Bowser, so it shouldn't be too difficult), then he will flip onto his back and you will need to ground pound him. He can walk around, jump, use flames, and even use the eggs! Get the egg before he does so he won't use it against you! This stage isn't too difficult, but be prepared for the next stage...

    Time Trial Tips

    1. Get the egg as soon as possible. Jump from side to side to catch the egg as it comes out.
    2. Throw the egg accurately. Having to get another egg will waste time.
    Stage 3

    Mega Bowser Lives: 6 (medium-large)

    Yikes! A giant bowser! Bowser will be on the top screen, while you will be on the bottom screen. In this stage, you play as four Yoshis! Yes, four! Each Yoshi has a baby. What you need to do is wait for a balloon with four large eggs, and grab the eggs. Now here comes the hard part, you will need to throw the egg so they will all meet and make a blast right around where Bowser's head is. You can try using physics to see where they will all meet from where you're standing, or you can just use trial and error. It usually works if the Yoshis are close together, and they are on the slanted platform, so try that. You will have to do this a total of six times to defeat him. The area isn't complex, on the sides is slanted ground while in the middle is normal ground, and between the slanted and normal grounds are small pits, so watch out! As you fight Bowser, he will use a small amount of attacks to take you out and they will get stronger throughout the battle. These attacks are large flames (throughout the battle he will shoot more than one flame at a time and do it more often), and he will cause earthquakes to make boulders fall when he has five lives left, (soon, he will have more boulders fall at a time, will cause large boulders to fall, and will do it a couple times in a row). These are his only attacks, but as said before, they get stronger and stronger, but eventually you will be able to master his attacks. Try to avoid being under him, and the flames shouldn't get you, and watch the top screen to tell where the boulders will fall. Master his attacks along with avoiding the pits, and practice hitting him with the eggs, and you should soon defeat him. Good luck! You're going to need it.

    Once you beat him, congratulations! You just beat the game! You feel accomplishment now, right?

    Time Trial Tips

    1. Finding out where the best place to throw eggs will really help.
    2. Watch out for boulders and flames as you throw your eggs! They can break the eggs as they soar threw the air!


    Congratulations on mastering those bosses in Yoshi's Island DS! I hope you enjoyed fighting against them, and that my guide helped you with them when you were stuck!


    Special Thanks to:

    You - For reading this guide.

    Nintendo - For making this game.

    GameFAQs/Gamespot staff - For taking care of such great sites and being willing to post this guide.

    Me - For writing this guide.

    If you help me at all with my guide, your username will be on this list! If you help me as a group, you will be credited as a group.