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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kassidynet

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 09/08/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Star Fox Command - Nintendo DS
    Walkthrough and General Guide
    by Kassidy
    ----- Index -----
    - [INTRO] Introduction
    - [VER] Version History
    - [BC] Basic Controls
    - [CHAR] Pilots
    - [ENEMY] Enemies
    - [STRAT] General Strategies
    - [START] Mission Guide
    - [END] Endings
    --- [INTRO] Introduction ---
    Well, I started writting this guide two days ago, seeing as there was only one
    online, and now I see that in the span of 24 hours everyone and their dog has
    decided to put one up. This won't stop me just yet though, no point in letting
    what I've done so far go to waste, eh? So anyway, the way this guide'll work
    is I'll be taking you through the basics of the game, and giving you what I
    consider to be the most efficient route when it comes to choosing your strategy
    for each mission.
    The mission guide is set out according to planet, and at the end of each mission
    you're directed to the next section in accordance to your choice in the game.
    There will be parts of the game you can't reach unless you've completed the
    first run through of the game and obtained the Key of Destiny, which allows you
    to unlock those options you see with a whopping great lock on them.
    Also this guide will be evolving as I go along. I'm putting this up already
    though so there is something in the running and you can see how I plan on
    working through this. There's loads to do yet, but bear with me.
    This is for use solely on GameFaqs.com unless someone contacts me asking
    otherwise, so I'd appreciate it if you didn't go posting it everywhere without
    credit and all that tat. You can contact me at kassidy (big fat at sign) gmail
    (itty bitty dot) com (let's face it, the spam bots are getting smarter).
    As a small disclaimer, information provided here is from the game itself (pilot
    and ship info, names, etc). The maps are mapped out a fresh and not copied from
    other guides (as you can tell, since mine look like I drew them on a wad of
    toilet paper), the strategies and written down as I play through the game, and
    comments made are not related to game content necessarily (ie you won't see Fox
    describing the enemies as "nasty little blighters"). Any resemblance to another
    guide is purely coincidental (let's face it, there's only so many ways you can
    complete this game).
    If there is anything not covered here, please let me know and I will clarify.
    --- [VER] Version History ---
    0.2 Added Star Wolf storyline, made corrections to level codes. Todo: add
    General Strategies information and Ending summaries. Added this version
    history hur hur.
    0.1 Initial submission, includes the missions covering the Pigma and Fox &
    Krystal storylines. Provides basic mainframe. Missing some mission names.
    Character profiles provided as well as basic controls.
    --- [BC] Basic Controls ---
    Well, your controls are simple and easy to master. First off, your D-Pad, A, B,
    Y, X, L and R are all used for the same functions, so I'm going to simplify and
    call them button. Just choose which is easiest for you when it comes to playing
    (this means lefties or righties should be pretty equal).
    Most of your controlling is going to be done with the stylus on a point and
    clickbasis when it comes to navigating through menus and flying. The menus are
    simple, so I'll leave that to your own imagination. Which leaves is with two
    screens to contend with: Battle and Strategy.
    - Strategy -
    Here you'll see an overhead view of the planet area or space your mission takes
    place in. You'll see your own ships (GF, Fox, etc), enemy bases (EB), incoming
    enemy missiles (EM), enemy craft (!), no-fly zones (XXX, you can't fly through
    these at all, but missiles can fly over them), asteroid fields (..., they alter
    your ships course, making you use more fuel for less distance, right pain in the
    butt). You will also experience For of War, which will hide certain parts of the
    map unless you pass through them or use radar. I'll get there in a second.
    -To view the stats of a ship or enemy, tap it once with your stylus.
    -To tell your ship where to go, tap and hold the ship, and drag out the course
    you want it to follow. A fule guage will show you how much farther you can take
    it.-To launch a missile from Great Fox, tap and hold GF and drag over to the
    enemy until it locks, then release to fire. You can't launch missiles
    willy-nilly, they must lock, so Fog of War will stop you from doing this, even
    if you know damned well they're there. Also, you can't target bases, only craft.
    -To clear Fog of War, tap or tap and drag on the Fog until it disperses. You can
    only disperse so much per turn. Items and enemies revealed will develop a circle
    of clear round them, and allow you to analyze or target them.
    -Once you've decided where to move, execute your turn by double tapping and
    tapping the consecuent Turn button, or press any Button to bring up the same
    - Battle -
    Here we take a third person view of the fighter on the top screen, and your
    control panel will appear on the bottom. The control panel also serves as a map
    to show you bonus rings, enemies, yourself and cores you need to collect, but be
    careful not to try dragging your ship as it appears on the radar, you must
    followthe controls below.
    -To fire, hit any button.
    -To lock-on to an enemy and fire a charged shot, hold down the button until the
    crosshair creates a square or diamond round the enemy. This means you have a
    lock and can release the charged shot, which will home in on it. Some ships can
    lock multiple targets, some can't lock at all (see Pilots for more information
    on which do and which don't).
    -Use your stylus for everything else. Drag the stylus in the direction you want
    the ship to move (or, you can inverse the vertical axis in the options menu,
    which means dragging up will take you down and vice-versa). Get used to starting
    with your stylus at the centre for better control.
    -To roll your ship (very useful, see [STRAT]) quickly drag your stylus left and
    right until the ship starts rolling. You can stop the roll by releasing your
    stylus and tapping again. Note that you can still maneuveur while rolling. The
    roll will last as long as you have boost power left.
    -To launch a bomb, drag the B on your control panel to the area of the map you
    want the bomb to drop to, or double-click to drop at your current location.
    -To use a boost, double click above the middle of your screen. The boost will
    last as long as your boost bar (top screen on the right-top corner) is blue.
    -To brake, double click the bottom half of your control panel. Same applies as
    the boost.
    -When it comes to banking, you're not limited by the radar screen area, you can
    drag right up to the edge of the screen for some sharp banking or altitude
    -Loops and U-Turns can be performed by hitting the appropriate on-screen icons
    to the left and right of your radar.
    --- [CHAR] Pilots ---
    Each pilot has there own strengths and weaknesses, which is an important set of
    factors to remember when choosing who you send where during a mission. For
    example, there's no point sending Leon after a missile, because he has a weak
    lock-on and no laser.
    -Stats Explained-
    Fullname: If I have t explain this to you, put down your DS, and go back to bed.
    Ship: The name of the ship this character flies.
    Laser: Single / Twin / Plasma / Zapper (in order of strength)
    Lock: Single / Multi / Wide (how many targets can be locked on to in one go)
    Bomb: The number of smart bombs your ship can hold.
    Shield: The bigger the bar, the more damage you can take before taking a dip.
    Boost: How long you can perform boosts, brakes and rolls.
    Time bonus: The seconds earnt for each shot deflected with a roll.
    Missle: Only for Great Fox, this is the max capacity missile-wise.
    Anything collected above the maximum permitted is discarded, so, for example,
    I wouldn't aim for perfect runs if you just want the missile out of it.
    Fullname: ROB64
    Ship: Great Fox
    Missile: 3x
    Fullname: Fox McCloud
    Ship: Arwing II
    Laser: Single
    Lock: Single
    Bomb: x2
    Shield: x6
    Boost: x4
    Time bonus: 2 sec
    Fullname: Slippy Toad
    Ship: Bullfrog
    Laser: Plasma
    Lock: N/A
    Bomb: 3x
    Shield: 8x
    Boost: 2x
    Time bonus: 2 sec
    Fullname: Falco Lombardi
    Ship: Sky Claw
    Laser: Single
    Lock: Multi
    Bomb: 1x
    Shield: 4x
    Boost: 4x
    Time bonus: 3 sec
    Fullname: Krystal
    Ship: Cloud Runner
    Laser: Twin
    Lock: Single
    Bomb: 1x
    Shield: 6x
    Boost: 3x
    Time bonus: 2 sec
    Fullname: Lucy Hare
    Ship: Sky Bunny
    Laser: Plasma
    Lock: Single
    Bomb: 1x
    Shield: 4x
    Boost: 3x
    Time bonus: 2 sec
    Fullname: Amanda
    Ship: Tadpole
    Laser: Single
    Lock: Multi
    Bomb: 1x
    Shield: 6x
    Boost: 2x
    Time bonus: 2 sec
    Fullname: Katt Monroe
    Ship: Cat's Paw 2
    Laser: Curve
    Lock: Single
    Bomb: 2x
    Shield: 4x
    Boost: 3x
    Time bonus: 2 sec
    Fullname: Wolf O'Donnell
    Ship: Wolfen
    Laser: Twin
    Lock: Multi
    Bomb: 1x
    Shield: 6x
    Boost: 4x
    Time bonus: 2 sec
    Fullname: Leon Powalski
    Ship: Rainbow Delta
    Laser: (none)
    Lock: Wide
    Bomb: 2x
    Shield: 8x
    Boost: 2x
    Time bonus: 2 sec
    Fullname: Panther Caruso
    Ship: Black Rose
    Laser: Zapper
    Lock: (none)
    Bomb: 1x
    Shield: 4x
    Boost: 4x
    Time bonus: 2 sec
    Fullname: Dash Bowman
    Ship: Monkey Arrow
    Laser: Twin
    Lock: Single
    Bomb: 2x
    Shield: 6x
    Boost: 3x
    Time bonus: 2 sec
    Fullname: Peppy Hare
    Ship: Arwing
    Laser: Twin
    Lock: Single
    Bomb: 2x
    Shield: 6x
    Boost: 4x
    Time bonus: 3 sec
    Fullname: Bill Grey
    Ship: Cornerian Fighter
    Laser: Twin
    Lock: N/A
    Bomb: 2x
    Shield: 6x
    Boost: 3x
    Time bonus: 3 sec
    Fullname: Krystal
    Ship: Cornerian Fighter
    Laser: Twin
    Lock: N/A
    Bomb: 2x
    Shield: 6x
    Boost: 3x
    Time bonus: 3 sec
    Fullname: James McCloud
    Ship: Arwing
    Laser: Twin
    Lock: Single
    Bomb: 2x
    Shield: 6x
    Boost: 4x
    Time bonus: 3 sec
    --- [ENEMY] Enemies ---
    Section under construction.
    --- [STRAT] General Strategies ---
    Section under construction.
    --- [START] Mission Guide ---
    Before starting any missions per say, ROB will give you the low-down on how
    important the rolling skill is. An yes, you will find yourself using it a lot.
    See [BC] Basic Controls for more information.
    You now have the opportunity to do some training, or go straight on to save
    Corneria. If you're starting out, I'd suggest taking the training. A few hundred
    Cornerians biting the dust more won't hurt.
    -1. Do some training.
    -2. Dive in! - Goto [C1]
    --- [C1] Corneria - The Adventure Begins! ---
    -Mission stats-
    Pilots: ROB, Fox
    Cores: 21
    Fog: No
    Incoming Missiles: 0
    Initial turns: 4
    Turn aim: 3
    |                                      |!1: 9x Swarm Fighter
    |                                T     |
    |                 EB                EB |
    |                                      |
    |               XXX                 !1 |
    |               XXXXX                  |
    |                XXXX             S    |
    |                 XXX                  |
    |                 XXX                  |
    |                 XXX                  |
    |                 XXX                  |
    |                 XXX                  |
    |                 XXX                  |
    | GF                                   |
    |   Fox                                |
    |                                      |
    |                                      |
    -Turn 1-
    Well this looks nice and easy. A mountain range seperates you from your enemies,
    and two bases to take back from the nasties. The nearest base to you will launch
    more beasties next turn, so our first turn is simply going to be used by getting
    Fox as near to that base as possible. Which isn't very far. And that's it, end
    of your turn.
    -Turn 2-
    See, now we have 2 Flash Bombers and 2 Elite Fighters dispatched from the base,
    so things are looking a bit more interesting. So, take Foxy up to the base. The
    Elite Fighers will follow, so time for action. (you may also be followed by the
    Flash Bombers, in which case you'll have two fights before the base).
    Elite Fighters: You should have no problems getting a perfect score and earning
    yourself a missile with these guys. The drills take one hit and go down. Now for
    the base. Again, you want a perfect here for an extra missile.
    Flash Bombers: Just be careful when you get round to taking these guys out,
    their bombs can leave a nasty after taste.
    Base: The main baddies leave 'til last, and concentrate your fire on the
    sattelites. They'll go down easily, as they aim slowly, so you stand every
    chance of NOT getting hit. As for the other fly-boys, they won't pose a threat
    at all, really. Then take out your core enemies. They're only vunerable when
    they open, so target one and hold it 'til it shows the weak spot, then blow it
    to smithereens. Then head for the mothership. See the drill above for mother
    -Turn 3-
    If you've followed the above, you should have Great Fox primer with two nice
    juicy missiles to smack in to the two escaping enemies half way down your
    screen.You don't stand much chance of catching up with them at this point, so
    take themdown.
    Now take Fox through the base you just liberated for some well earned fuel, and
    head on over to the last base, collecting the time bonus on your way. There's
    nothing in this level particularily menacing. Maybe just take care with the
    turrets that can be nasty if you let them get the better of you. Another
    mothership, another victory. Mission complete!
    If you did this last base perfectly too, you should reap a shiny new ship for
    the future. Believe me, they come in handy. Depending on how many battles you
    took part in and your performance, you stand a chance of having up to the whole
    3 missiles ready for the next mission. Which will it be? Well...
    -1. Contact Slippy. - Goto [C3]
    -2. (L)Attack advance guard. - Goto [C2]
    -3. (L)Where's Falco? - Goto [K2]
    --- [C2] Corneria - Decision Time ---
    --- [C3] Corneria - Reunion with Slippy ---
    -Mission stats-
    Pilots: ROB, Fox
    Cores: 31
    Fog: No
    Incoming Missiles: 0
    Initial turns: 4
    Turn aim: 3
    |                            MB        | !1 1x Flash Bomber - Speed 2
    |            !2           !4           | !2 2x Starfish - Speed 3
    |               !3 M                   | !3 12x Swam Fighter - Speed 3
    |            T                         | !4 5x Commander - Speed 3
    |            M       XXXXX          !5 | !5 5x Puffer - Speed 3
    |                   XXXXXXX            |
    |                   XXXX               |
    |           M      XXXX                |
    |                  XXX                 |
    |                 XXXX                 |
    |                XXX                   |
    | !1     M      XXX                    |
    |              XXXX                    |
    |             XXXX                     |
    |             XXX                      |
    |     Fox    XXXX    GF                |
    |            XXX                       |
    -Turn 1-
    Anyone looking at this map would think Nintendo wanted you to use up some
    missiles, and that's exactly what we're going to do. Which is a good thing,
    because condiering where Fox is, and where Great Fox is, and the speed that the
    enemy is travelling at, we stand little chance of keeping her in the air unless
    we take down some remotely. So, start off by ridding yourself of those Puffers
    (you should AT LEAST have one missile from your last mission). Don't worry
    about using an extra if you have it, we're going to draw Fox's path along the
    two nearest missiles so he picks those up. Sadly, the Flash Bomber doesn't
    pay us a visit, so we miss a golden opportunity to win another missile.
    -Turn 2-
    The enemy decides to get in on some missile action, so we'll have an intercept
    on our hands shortly. First thing's first though, take some of the boggies out
    before we start seeing the white of their eyes, namely the Swarms and
    Commanders (doesn't quite strike me as a film title).
    Now, take Fox on a course to pick up two more missiles and attract the atten-
    tion the StarFish. They can pack a punch, so prepare to roll. This one's an
    easy fight to earn another missile on, so hunt out the hidden seahorsies that
    will spring in to view as you approach.
    -Turn 3-
    Thought we'd be in a fix with that missile, right? Well, Slippy to the rescue!
    Send him on a path to catch that missile, drawing him to the middle of the
    missile path and then along the path it's going to follow. This will ensure
    you intercept it as soon as possible, and maybe give you an extra chance next
    turn should you fail (though most likely you're stuck and will only have this
    one oportunity, so don't feel too safe just yet).
    Now, take out the Flash Bomber (if it didn't engage pursuit in the first turn)
    with the big ole GF Missle of madness, and have Foxy deal with the base. A
    perfect run here also will mean that even if you started off with just one
    missile, you'll have three for the next mission.
    And there we have it, another Mission Completed in record time.
    BOM BOM, tralalalalalah! Now with one more member on our team, we have to take
    destiny into our hands and decide what to do about the damsel in distress.
    -1. Set course for Fichina. - Goto [F1]
    -2. (L)Locate Peppy first. - Goto [C4]
    --- [C4] Corneria - General Peppy ---
    -Mission stats-
    Pilots: ROB, Fox, Slippy
    Cores: 51
    Fog: Yes
    Incoming Missiles: 0
    Initial turns: 3
    Turn aim: 3
    |                           MB         | !1 7x Commander - Speed 3
    |       S   MB      !4                 | !2 2x Flash Bomber
    |           XXX             XXX !2     | !3 9x Swarm Fighter
    |        T  XXX             XXX        | !4 2x Elite Fighter
    |XXX                         M         |
    |XXX                 XXX               |
    |           XXX !1   XXX               |
    |           XXX                XXX     |
    |                              XXX     |
    |      EB                              |
    |     XXX                         EB !3|
    |     XXX       XXX       XXX          |
    |               XXX       XXX          |
    | Fox                         T        |
    |                                XXX   |
    | GF Sli                         XXX   |
    |                                      |
    -Turn 1-
    This map was a pain to draw. Anyway, enough of my moaning, we have a job to do,
    and we start that job off by serving up a nice dish of missile for the
    Commanders and the Elite Fighters (you'll have to uncover them). Now have
    fantastic Mr. Fox take charge of the nearest base whileSlippy does a runner
    along the bottom of the map toward the eastern base. This will attract the
    attention of the Swarm Fighters, which we should have no problem taking out
    whatsoever (a nice bomb in the centre of them sounds the plan).
    Fox has his own batch to deal with, so this turn will be a doddle for you.
    -Turn 2-
    Now, teach the flash bombers what a real explosion is by lobbing them a projec-
    tile, while Slippy takes control of the eastern base, and Fox takes over the
    one above him (use your nearest base to refuel if you can't reach) before it
    launches a missile (there is an alternative scenario described in the next
    turn). Each will also pick up a time bonus on the way.
    -Turn 3-
    Now, there are two possible scenarios I've encountered. First off, all goes as
    above, and all you have remaining is the base in the north-east, that both
    Fox and Slippy can reach no problem is you use the bases you've just liberated
    to refuel, so go wipe out the remaining enemy with you pilot of choice. The
    other can either be on standby in case you fail, or can go off collecting the
    missile bonus should you be short.
    The alternative scenario is that the base launching missiles is this last one
    instead, in which case you will have a missile and the base to deal with.
    I'd send Slippy after the missile and have Fox take care of the base, unless
    you're more comfortable doing elsewise (why, I wouldn't care to ask).
    And there you have it, you have once more vanquished over the
    Corneria-haters... or have you...
    -Warning, Boss!-
    Still one mad-man fish-faced Zazan left to deal with, I'm very sorry to say.
    He pilots the ZaZanga 9, so prepare yourself for a short dog-fight. Your best
    bet is to take Slippy in on this one, and prepare to do a lot of looping.
    He'll be spending a lot of time dropping flash bombs behind him for you to lap
    up, so locking won't help you much (hence no Foxy). Just keep following him and
    looping over behind him and you're home-free in no time.
    Now we have General Peppy to chat to and take the mick out of our little green
    friend, whom also will have to make a decision here. Should he...
    -1. Go with Fox. - Goto [As1]
    -2. Join the hunt on Aquas. - Goto []
    --- [C5] ---
    --- [C6] ---
    --- [As1] Asteroid Belt - The Missile Threat ---
    -Mission stats-
    Pilots: ROB, Fox, Slippy
    Cores: 12
    Fog: No
    Incoming Missiles: 2
    Initial turns: 4
    Turn aim: 3
    |                                      |
    |                             MB       |
    |                                EM    |
    |   EM                                 |
    |                   .. XXXXXXXX        |
    |                    ..XXXXXXXXX       |
    |                 .......  XXXXXXX     |
    |                     .......          |
    |                                      |
    |                                      |
    |         XXX                          |
    |         XXX  .                       |
    |           .....                      |
    |        ..      ..         ..         |
    |      .. Fox      Sli                 |
    |              GF     ..               |
    |                                      |
    -Turn 1-
    Well, the mission title wasn't lying, it's missile hell here. Not only that,
    but there's tons of asteroids right in our path to try and intercept them from
    the dot. If you haven't mastered shooting down missiles by now, you're in for
    a crash course right now, and no mistake.
    First off, take fox round the left to intercept missile number one. HE CAN MAKE
    IT! It's going to take you some fiddling, but seriously, he can make it right
    in front of the missile in one go with minimal turbulence, so keep at it until
    you get it right. Also don't take him TOO far, we want him to get back!
    We can't do anything about the second missile, so let's get
    Slippy to pass right through the big asteroid to his right, and head for the
    bottom right corner of the main boundry so we can have him deal with the base
    as soon as possible.
    -Turn 2-
    The enemy launches another, just what we needed, and there'll be another the
    next turn if we don't sort out this base, so get Slippy there right away, on the
    double. It's not a hard base, but you'll find your bombs will come in quite
    handy, as the enemy likes to roll and be rather evasive, something ole Slippy
    can't quite manage.
    -Turn 3-
    Falco makes his late appearance, as usual. At this point, neither Slippy nor
    Falco can't get round to help out Fox, so he's going to be in charge of both
    missiles. If, however, you failed to destroy the base, you can now have both
    Falco and Slippy to deal with the subsequent extra missile and the base in one
    And there... uh oh...
    -Warning, Boss!-
    Biobrain seems at first like a royal pain, but with the right tools he's down
    in no time. Maybe Falco will be useful after all. Lucky he had his multi-lock
    installed, 'cause that's just what we need here.
    First off Biobrain will try scything you with his external cells, and they hurt
    so watch out. Once you're out of their aim, venture your crosshair in and out
    as you see safe and lock on to them. They'll go down in no time. Until you've
    destroyed all four, the centre isn't vunerable to attacks, so don't bother
    wasting your firepower. Now we have him exposed, run away, come round again
    and lock on to the centre until your crosshair says MAX, then let rip and evade
    the blobs that will spurt from him. Get some distance and repeat, you should be
    able to beat him repeating this strategy just once, and presto, you're done.
    After some babble with Toad from Toad Hall Sr., we face a new dillema in Fox's
    love-life... what to do...
    -1. Go meet Krystal. - Goto [K3] (*)
    -2. Say god-bye to Fox. - Goto [K1]
    (*) Upgrade note: If you choose to meet Krystal, Fox will receive an upgrade to
    ship from Slippy's father in the form of a multi-lock.
    --- [As2] Asteroid Belt - The Meteorite Trap ---
    --- [As3] Asteroid Belt - Falco's Decision ---
    -Mission stats-
    Pilots: ROB, Falco
    Cores: 40
    Fog: No
    Incoming Missiles: 0 (yet)
    Initial turns: 4
    Turn aim: 3
    |                                      | !1 2x Pylon - Speed 3
    |      Fal            MB               | !2 1x Spin Devil - Speed 2
    | GF           M             MB        | !3 9x Angel Fish - Speed 2
    |                                      |
    |      XXX                        T    |
    |        XXX          M                |
    |         XXX                    !1    |
    |          XXXX                        |
    |            XXXXX                     |
    |  .......     XXXXX            !2     |
    | ...T..... .    XXXXXX                |
    |   ........      XXXXX                |
    |  ......            XX                |
    |                                      |
    |  !3                                  |
    |              EB                      |
    |                                      |
    -Turn 1-
    ROB does like to talk about missiles, eh? I think Falco's must be a deffective
    model. Anyway, you stand no chance of getting to the Angel Fish, so I suggest
    at least scrubbing them from the picture. Then start making your way over to
    the first missile base on your patch round the top, while picking up a missile
    to replace the one you just spent on the fishies. You won'thave enough fuel to
    reach the farthest one, so sadly, you're going to be facing a missile next turn.
    Life sucks and then you die.
    Chances are the pylons are going to waltz on by you, so do make sure you pick up
    that missile. You SHOULD have a whole set at this point if you've been doing
    whatthis guide says. The base is a doddle to take back.
    -Turn 2-
    Told ya, dets away. You can now either head for the missile and hope to attract
    the attention of the remaining blighters on your screen, or knock them off with
    a couple of missiles. Your choice.
    -Turn 3-
    Ah, the lovely Katt omes to the rescue. This will take some of the pressure off,
    seeing as the enemy base we were heading for has just lobbed a few more bogies
    at us, namely some more Angel Fish (12, no less). So send our young Katt off
    after the base (it's tricky because of the asteroid turbulence, but trust me,
    you can make it), and Falco can deal with the base and our scaly friends. You
    can even pick up a missile and some more time on the way while you're at it,
    seeing as you have enough fuel supply. It'll come in handy while you get used
    to a new ship, with the wonderous Arc Shot.
    The Angel Fish should be easy prety for Falco's multilock, so take the
    opportunity to rack up another Perfect and a missile while you're at it. The two
    motherships shouldn't pose any threat to you, though you may be starting to run
    out of time by this point. I'd suggest leaving Katt's stage 'til last, as the
    two enemies are easy pickings, so you can have them for breakfast even if you
    only have under a minute left. Don't get careless of your shields though, she's
    only got 4 like our poor ole Falco.
    And there we have it, another mission completed. Now, what should Falco do next
    is the big question...
    -1. Rendezvous with Fox. - Goto [Aq2]
    -2. Search for Krystal. - Goto [X]
    --- [As4] Asteroid Belt - The Anglor Emperor ---
    --- [F1] Fichina - Fog of War ---
    --- [F2] Fichina - Oikonny Strikes Back! ---
    --- [F3] Fichina -  ---
    --- [Aq1] Aquas - Octoman's Ruse
    --- [Aq2] Aquas - Beneath the Waves
    --- [Aq3] Aquas - Amanda ---
    --- [Aq4] Aquas -  ---
    --- [K1] Katina - Hold Firm, Katina ---
    --- [K2] Katina - Falco to the Fore! ---
    -Mission stats-
    Pilots: ROB, Falco
    Cores: 34
    Fog: No
    Incoming Missiles: 0
    Initial turns: 4
    Turn aim:
    |                                      | !1 4x Spinning Core - Speed 3
    |    !3                        EB      | !2 12x Swarm Fighter - Speed 2
    |                         T            | !3 1x Todora - Speed 3
    | M                                    | !4 2x Flip Bots - Speed 3
    |         XXXX                         |
    |  MB   XXXXX                          |
    |      XXXX                            |
    |      XXX                             |
    |     XXXX                             |
    |  !2 XXXX                      M      |
    |     XXXX                             |
    |     XXXX                   FB        |
    |!1   XXXX                             |
    | T   XXXX !4                          |
    |     XXXX               M         Fal |
    |  T  XXXX                          GF |
    |     XXXX                             |
    -Turn 1-
    Well isn't this a fun setup. Pleanty of missiles about to keep us nice and
    happy,a missile base about to launch one straight at Great Fox, and a base
    nearby to give us that extra boost to our first objective. Right, first thing's
    first, we want to take out at least one batch of enemies with a missile, seeing
    as we're about to pick up another one. Waste not, my friend. Best to get rid of
    the immediate threat that is the Flip Bots patrol, so off you go, show 'em what
    it feels like to be smacked by a warhead.
    Now get Falco up to that mothership by taking him through the friendly base
    rightbeneath our noses, collecting a missile on the way as well as the time
    bonus nextto our target. Execute!
    -Turn 2-
    Fire in the hole! Missile heading toward moaning mini, so time to have a
    re-thinkYou've just been taken out of the way by going for the base, so you'll
    have to head on back over. Luckily, we have our friends at the petrol station
    ready and waiting to give us a boost. Your best move is going to be use that
    boost to arc round in front of the enemy and take them on on your way to take
    out the missile.But, you say, that'll leave me in the middle of nowhere when
    it comes to dealing with that missile launcher. Don't get yer googlies in a
    twist, we're here to help. Luke, trust me...
    Now, if you do this just right, you can have two sets of enemies following you,
    and get to the end of the missile's trajectory, thus taking all three out in one
    go. How's that for a slice of fried gold, my son?
    The Todora is perfect pickings seeing as you have the wonderful multi-lock.
    Won't even have to get near the slimy thing. The swarmies you'll know from
    beforeto be utter pushovers, so not too much sweat. Of course, now you have
    to deal with a huge sod-off missile, and with Falco that's not exactly a piece
    of cake. Best to get a couple of locks off, then finish it off with frantic
    fire if it hasn't already crashed in flames.
    -Turn 3-
    Ye of little faith, now you see why I took you this far down the mountain-side.
    Our friend Bill Grey is here to take on the base for us, leaving us with two
    decisions. We can either go pick off the spinning cores with Falco while Bill
    takes on the base, or we can nuke them from Great Fox, use Bill to pick up a
    missile to replace this dreadful indulgence and let Falco sit on his feathery
    derier for the turn. Either way, get Falco to head round the top of the mountain
    range while we take the Cornerian Fighter for a spin.
    Now a lot rides on this battle. If we don't take out the base now, we face
    havinganother missile making its way over to our ship, and that's not good.
    But, by nowyou should be well past the point of having to worry about this
    sort of thing, so just cruise on in and rip the mothership another exhaust
    chute. Mission complete!
    Damn, we're good, eh? That's another ship for us to decimate should we wish to,
    a sholw stack of missiles (one would hope), and sense of a job well done.
    Right, enough of that, head on over to [As3]
    --- [K3] Katina - Krystal ---
    -Mission stats-
    Pilots: ROB, Fox, KrystalH, Leon, Panther
    Cores: 21
    Fog: No
    Incoming Missiles: 0
    Initial turns: 4
    Turn aim: 3
    |                                      | !1 12x Swarm Fighter - Speed 3
    |        M                  M  MB      | !2 1x Todora - Speed 3
    |  MB                                  | !3 3x Saucerer - Speed 3
    |                                      |
    |                                      |
    |      XXX    !2                       |
    |      XXX            XXX              |
    |       XXX         XXXXXXX            |
    |  !1   XXX           XXX              |
    |       XXX                            |
    |                            XX        |
    |                           XXX        |
    |                          XXX    !3   |
    |                        XXXX          |
    |                                      |
    |Pan               GF  Fox             |
    |Kr Leo                                |
    -Turn 1-
    Well this is a nice turn of events, we now have control over our former rivals
    Star Wolf. And two very different members too. We have Panther with strong
    laser but no lock, and Leon with a weak but wide lock. Interesting...
    What's even more interesting is that not only do you have two missiles heading
    straight for you, anoter two are on the way next turn from the two bases. Joy!
    Now, Panther is really useful against missiles, whereas Leon is as useful as a
    fart in a spacesuit.
    First off, set Krystal on a course for base west, Panther toward the centre to
    intercept missiles, fox round the right bottom corner to take on the saucerers
    and head for base east, and Leon can take on those Swarm Fighters. I'd suggest
    taking out the Todora with Great Fox while you're at it so you can concentrate
    on getting these missiles under control.
    Leon will be useful for the base afterwards, as he's good at targeting by him-
    self (you can pretty much just have the enemy on screen and he'll hit it).
    -Turn 2-
    Take Leon up to the base and have Krystal intercept the missile it just
    launched. It won't be an easy intercept, so prepare for some finger mashing.
    Meanwhile, have Panther intercept the old left missile, while Fox takes on the
    east base. Now, you're probably thinking this leaves the Great Fox wide open
    to those remaining missiles, and yes, it does... almost. Fear not, we have a
    -Turn 3-
    Here's where the fun starts. Get Panther to take out the left missile while Fox
    deals with the right missile. Remember the drill, use the base to refill so you
    can get back round. You also get to pick up that missile bonus in case you need
    it next mission.
    You only get one chance at this, so if you fail, it's bye bye Great Fox. Just
    when you thought the game was getting too easy, I go and do this to you.
    The difficulty with this level is that if you send Fox after the missile first,
    then the base, you'll end up with another one or two missiles, which is no good
    either, so this is how you avoid unnecessary missile interceptions, but it comes
    with this risk.
    If you fail with Fox's missile, you MAY just get a chance to save the day with
    Panther, but I wouldn't rely on it, so give it your all, or die trying.
    Mission Complete!
    Now we get to play with Fox a bit. Krystal is the one to choose her destiny this
    time, so she can either...
    -1. Go with Fox. - Goto [T1]
    -2. Leave without Fox. - Goto [V2]
    --- [S] Solar
    --- [T1] Titania - The Worm  ---
    --- [T2] ---
    --- [T3] ---
    --- [T4] ---
    --- [V1] Venom - Fox and Krystal  ---
    -Mission stats-
    Pilots: ROB, Fox, Krystal, Falco, Slippy
    Cores: 47
    Fog: Yes
    Incoming Missiles: 1
    Turn aim: 2 turns
    |XXX                        !3      XXX|!1: 12xAttacker III Speed 3
    |XXX MB                    EB      XXXX|!2: 2xBee Fighter
    |XXX     XXX         XXXXXXXX     XXXXX|!3: 1x Fish with danglies
    |     XXXXXXX       XXXXXXXXXX     XXXX|!4: 9 Fishies
    |     XXXXxxx        XXXXXXXX  M !4  XX|Conf!5: 1x Great Saucerer
    |     XXXX !1          EB              |
    |         S     !5                     |
    |    XX        XXX        XXXXXXXXX    |
    |EM XXXX       XXXXX      XXXXXXXXX    |
    |   XXXX         XXX      XXXXXXXXX    |
    |    XX                                |
    |               T                 T    |
    |             Fox XXX                XX|
    |!2 XXX   XXX     XXX    XXX         XX|
    |   XXX   XXX     XXX    XXX           |
    |   XXX   XXX  GF     FalXXX     Kry   |
    |                          Sli         |
    -Turn 1-
    Send Fox to intercept the incoming missile at the end of its trajectory via the
    time bonus. This should also attract the Attacker III's an the Bee Fighters, so
    he'll have three battles on this turn. All relatively easy, so no need to waste
    missiles just yet.
    Send Falco after the EB. He'll attract the attention of !4. As he doesn't have
    much shield strength, get the enemy out of the way as fast as possible and don't
    go near the triple turrets, or you'll have trouble with the base. The two
    serpents are easy to take out, but again, beware of the turrets. Best thiing to
    do is take out a couple of the turrets and then drop a bomb between the two
    serpents to finish them off.
    Send Slippy up the centre to cover Falco (though he can't reach the base) and
    Krystal up the right hand side to collect another time bonus on the way to the
    missile bonus.
    -Turn 2-
    Now the real fun begins. The Missile base is going to launch next turn, and you
    should have enemy !3 lurking just north of Falco.
    First off, send Krystal up to get the mothership via the missile bonus. Here
    awaits a dogfight againstOctoman. Not too difficult, but beware of his depth
    charges. This also makes locking a pain in the arse. This guy likes doing loops
    while dropping his charges. THe good news is that you get time rewards from
    destroying these charges, so recover some lost time if you can.
    Very carefully bring Fox up to the missile base. If you get near the corners you
    can make it. Now this won't attract !5, they'll head straight for Great Fox, so
    I'd use a missile on them seeing as you're about to pick one up (or let Great
    Fox bite the dust, your call).
    Send Slippy to back up Fox. If you can't get Fox to make it, he will. Send him
    via the Base you just liberated, and use the fuel boost to reach the missile
    base without a hitch. Plus this'll give you two chances at avoiding another
    missile interception drill. You're in for another dog fight against Zazan, with
    more or less the same characteristics as Octoman.
    Have Falco take a trip via the base up to help out Krystal. This'll draw !3,
    which is good as he has multi-lock, nice little tool against this bugger.
    -Warning, Boss!-
    Anglar makes his final attack with Arrow Head. Take your best fighter in and rip
    him to shred. I personally would recommend Slippy, because of his Plasma gun of
    hecticness. Aim for this guy's torso and just blast him to bits when you have
    him in range. Don't worry too much about his tail whip, a roll will deflect
    this, but you can't roll for too long, remember?
    Once you've given this guy a kicking, he'll escape from the vessel and flee into
    the depths of Venom, with your ship in pursuit. Can't change character now, I'm
    afraid. The next fight is again a good one for our slippery friend. Laternhead
    will have three spikey balls rolling round him at first. You need to hit these.
    Best way to do this and avoid his shots is to move in the same circular motion
    they do. This'll stop you getting hit and land the damage. Once they've all
    turned red, pummel his head to get a shield bonus while he charges. Then,
    deflect his shot back with a barrel roll at the right time. This'll lower his
    shield, and you can light the little lantern on his head with nice amounts of
    plasma. Do this twice, to get his life down to half.
    Now for the real fun. You thought that was it, right? No... Now he'll leave his
    balls behind (shut it!) and a series of vertical and horizontal pillars will
    begin decending upon you. Don't worry... Head for the lower right part of your
    screen, and use small movements. Once you're used to dealing with the pillars
    and you just have to adjust lightly, start pummeling the balls without altering
    your course (you should have the circle in aim at this point, so as they come
    round they get blasted). Once they're destroyed, back comes our friend fish-face
    for another round.
    This is where poor Mr Toad will suffer a bit. Hit his head lantern again, but
    beware, Anglar will begin to suck in air and make a break for you to try and
    gobble you up. Slam on your brakes twice to avoid this. Then keep firing while
    avoiding the debry he spits out at you. Two rounds of this at most should see
    you through to a completed mission.
    You've done your galaxy proud. Here, have an ending!
    Goto [END1]
    --- [V2] Venom - Star Wolf Returns! ---
    -Mission stats-
    Pilots: ROB, Wolf, Leon, Panther, KrystalH
    Cores: 41
    Fog: Yes, and lots
    Incoming Missiles: 0
    Initial turns: 4
    Turn aim: 3
    |!1                                    | !1 12x Attacker III
    |                 T         S          | !2 2x Web Ship II
    |  XX   !2                       MB    | !3 4x Invader IV
    |  XX            XXX       XXX         | !4 3x Bee Fighter - Speed 3
    |                XXXX  !5   XXX        | !5 3x Moras
    |      XX         XXXX       XXX       |
    |     XX       MB  XXX                 |
    |    XX      XXXXXXXXX      MB         |
    |   XX   M   XXXXXXXX            XXXXXX|
    |   XX      XXX    XX        XXXXXXXXXX|
    |   XX     XXX  M  XX        XXXXXXXXXX|
    |   XX    XXXX     XX  !3           EB |
    |        XXXX      XX        T         |
    |Wol               XXXXXXXXX           |
    |    Pan               XXX        !4   |
    | GF           XX                   XXX|
    |     Leo Kry  XX                   XXX|
    -Turn 1-
    This is tricky, and there's a lot of fog going on, so we're in for a beating
    from the start. Luckily, we now have Wolf on our team, who's on par with Falco
    weapon-wise, but has stronger shield, so it's looking good.
    First thing's first, get rid of some fog. Reveal the nearest missile base, and
    enemies 2 and 4. Take out the enemies with Great Foxes array of missiles,
    then take Panther on his way to the base (it'll take a couple of tries, but he
    can reach it if you take it near the no-go zone). He'll most likely pick up the
    missile too.
    This base has Zazan guarding it, so prepare for an interesting dog-fight. Again
    he's using flashbombs and likes looping.
    Take Wolf up his path so he attracts the attention of the Attackers and vere
    east so he's in-line to get in on some action afterwards. Leon and Krystal
    will have to make do with heading round the low path. Have Leo collect a missile
    while he's at it, but don't take him too far off course. Now, if you're REALLY
    lucky, the base Panther is attacking is the one about to launch a missile.
    However, I'm going to continue on the premesis that it is not, and one of the
    other two is about to let one rip. Krystal will also engage the Bee Fighters
    with this strategy, they're no skin off her nose.
    -Turn 2-
    Oh great, we have a missile on the way, and if you're really unlucky, it just
    came from the middle base and is heading through a load of no-go zone. This
    means that only Leon can reach it sensibly without disrupting our main goal.
    And he's toilet at missiles. Well, guess Nintendo want you to try the painful
    interceptions with everyone, eh? So, take him up to meet his doom, I mean, the
    Meanwhile, uncover the bases and have Krystal take on the eastern south base,
    which involves a dog-fight with squid for brains,
    while Panther uses his boost from the recently liberated city to reach the
    missile base that just launched and is about to launch another. You may pick up
    an extra bogey if the enemy has launched from the remaining base.
    Bringing up the rear, Wolf can head round to the base, refuel, and follow
    Panther to be in-line for the next base. Alternatively, you can have him use
    this boost to backup Leon if his missile interception fails, so maybe you're
    safer going with this option. Either way, Wolf can't do much this turn, unless
    the Moras catch him on his way. You also have the choice to take them out with
    Great Fox, seeing as you have missiles to take out half the planet.
    -Turn 3-
    At last, Turn 3, I thought I'd never see you again! Anyway, now we can take
    Krystal round to assist Panther as they head for the final base, picking up
    some valuable time along the way. If Leon missed his mark on the missile
    (which is about 99.9% probable) have Wolf finish it off before it hits the Great
    Betraying Fox, and send Leon flying into a pillar somewhere for getting dis-
    tracted by the smoke.
    There is a chance the base will have launched another enemy that Panther will
    intercept at the same time, and a nasty Saucerer at that, so have fun with that
    while you're at it. The enemy AT the base is even worse, a shark that has some
    really fierce fire-power and ramming abilities, as well as high speed and
    strong armour. All I can say is you'll need to get rid of some of the turrets
    around you if you even expect to scratch this guy. I'd also recommend not
    worrying about wasting bombs here either, you need all the help you can get!
    And as if all this wasn't enough...
    -Warning, Boss-
    Anglar is not a happy chap, so now you face him.
    Anglar makes his final attack with Arrow Head. Now I chose Leon, funnily enough,
    even though to be honest Wolf is your only good pilot at this point, but the
    final part of this battle, albeit long, was easier with the wide lock.
    Aim for this guy's torso and just blast him to bits when you have
    him in range. Don't worry too much about his tail whip, a roll will deflect
    this. Watch out for the fallen body parts as they will act as turrent from the
    Once you've given this guy a kicking, he'll escape from the vessel and flee into
    the depths of Venom, with your ship in pursuit. Lanternhead will have three
    spikey balls rolling round him at first. You need to hit these. Best way to do
    this and avoid his shots is to move in the same circular motion they do.
    This'll stop you getting hit and land the damage. Once they've all
    turned red, pummel his head to get a shield bonus while he charges. Then,
    deflect his shot back with a barrel roll at the right time. He may deflect it
    back at you, so be prepared to roll again. This'll lower his shield, and you
    can light the little lantern on his head with nice amounts of shots (locking
    doesn't work great here). This'll get his life down a quarter.
    His next attack run will be different. He'll raise his balls above his head and
    they'll project green search lights. When all three lock on to you and turn pink
    the balls will charge at you, so avoid at all costs, it hurts.
    Again, attack the balls so they go red and play some ping pong with him.
    Now for the real fun. You thought that was it, right? No... Now he'll leave his
    balls behind (shut it!) and a series of vertical and horizontal pillars will
    begin decending upon you. Don't worry... Head for the middle right part of your
    screen, and use small movements. Once you're used to dealing with the pillars
    and you just have to adjust lightly, start pummeling the balls without altering
    your course (you should have the circle in aim at this point, so as they come
    round they get blasted). Once they're destroyed, back comes our friend fish-face
    for another round.
    This is where poor Mr Wolf/Leon will suffer a bit. Hit his head lantern again,
    but  beware, Anglar will begin to suck in air and make a break for you to try
    and gobble you up. Slam on your brakes twice to avoid this. Then max out lock
    while avoiding the debry he spits out at you. Two rounds of this at most should
    see you through to a completed mission.
    So you've managed to complete one of the more hellish missions with what I con-
    sider to be the weakest team in the game, and if that doesn't deserve an
    ending, I don't know what does! Head on over to [END4]
    --- [V3] ---
    --- [V4] ---
    --- [Z] Sector Z - We Meet Again ---
    --- [X] Sector X - Pigma's Revenge ---
    -Mission stats-
    Pilots: ROB, Falco
    Cores: 24
    Fog: No
    Incoming Missiles: 2
    Initial turns: 4
    Turn aim: 3
    |!1           S     M      !3          | !1 1x Bozoid - Speed 2
    |           ...                        | !2 1x Node - Speed 2
    |         ....                  T      | !3 15x Invader III
    |       ....                           | !4 1x Bee Fighter II
    |      ....                            | !5 4x Ammonite I
    |     ..M.                             |
    |    .!2..                             |
    |    .....                    ...      |
    |                          !4 ...      |
    |                            ....      |
    |                            ...       |
    |               T           ....       |
    |      M                  ......       |
    |                       ......         |
    | Fal              M.......            |
    | GF                                !5 |
    |                                      |
    -Turn 1-
    This Pigma needs a right throttling, the little bleeder, so let's start laying
    down the law. No bases in sight, so what you see is what we're getting (well,
    except you know damned well we're going to have a head to head with his royal
    porkness. We're going to go full throttle on this, seeing as we should have 3
    missiles, so no point in wasting time gunning down ships when we have those
    warheads rocketing toward us that we have to deal with. Let's take out the
    nearest threat (!2) and the Bee Fighter, seeing as they look rather nasty pieces
    of work. Then set Falco off to get us the nearest missile and the time bonus.
    That'll plonk us right in the middle of the two incoming missiles.
    -Turn 2-
    Now we can pick off two more enemies, so I suggest leaving the Invaders behind
    for Falco to finish off. If you only have one missile left, leave the ammonites
    along the bottom, there'll be a backup plan coming in to effect. Now head for
    the top incoming missiles so we can give the other a chance to clear the
    asteroidfield. Take it on, take it down. Don't go too far up its flight path,
    you need to get back down again, remember?
    -Turn 3-
    Now you have two options. You can either bring Falco back down to take out the
    remaining incoming missile, or you can use Katt (who's decided she just can't
    sit still, but of course has arrived when all the action is over). Either way,
    you'd probably do well to have Katt standby in case you fail to shoot down the
    missile (shame on you!). The invaders will follow you in. Pick them off with
    Falco in a snap, you can even just drop a bomb in the middle of them if you're
    really lazy (I was, I admit it).
    -Warning, Boss!-
    Well, we all knew it was coming, didn't we, good 'ole Pigma's coming to get us.
    And it's a giant Rubics Cube! Well, almost. To defeat this bozo, you want
    someone who can shoot straight (ie NOT Katt). Hit each square until it shows
    the purple side (be careful not to have all the square turn yellow, red or
    green, or you'll fail and get attacked). Then hit the centre when it reveals
    itself. Careful of his pig-face-shaped laser though, which he'll shoot when you
    succeed in the arrangement. You also have a time limit each time to get the
    arrangement right, or he'll rearrange to his own decision of colour, and attack.
    Good game, good game.
    Locking won't do much good here, so don't bother. As for the attacks, Red will
    shoot pillars of green at you from top of space to bottom (fly carefully between
    them and you're fine), Amber will fire flames at you in spirals which kill you
    in one hit (run, just run like the wind, rolling won't save you) and Green will
    launch 12 missiles at you (which can be shot down and give you bonuses, so
    might be worth sticking around for those, seeing as they'll track you down
    Get the order of his cubes right 2 or 3 times, and you're done.
    Mission complete!
    Give yourself a pat on the back and head over to [END8].
    --- [Y] Sector Y  ---
    --- [END] Endings ---
    I will be describing the endings shortly, I feel it's more important to work on
    the useful information first. I don't plan on transcribing them, merely giving
    you an idea on what the low-down is, and how to obtain these endings.
    [ Last updated 2006 September 6th ]
    Copyright Kassidy 2006

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