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    Wi-Fi Strategy Guide by MeteoMario

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    FAQ Version 1.0
    Copyright 2006, Jack
    Last updated: 10/13/06
    Table of Contents
    A. Introduction
    B. Starting the Battle
    C. Bombs
    D. Shooting, Strategies, and Stars
    E. Looping and U turning
    F. 2 player battles
    G. 3 player battles
    H. Battle Fields
    I. Ranks
    J. Friend battles
    K. Other tips
    L. Conclusion/Special Thanks
    A. Introduction
    Do you need help in wifi and want to get better? Then read everything
    below and you will get better at wifi and become an A rank soon. The
    strategies and tips in section B-E are for battle royale and 4 player
    battles. For tips on two player battles see section F and for tips on
    3 player battles see section G.
    B. Starting the Battle
    Let's get started then. First when the countdown is finished boost
    for the red power up called the plasma shot. This is the strongest
    laser in wifi and is the best. If you are too away from it and know
    someone else will get it first then go for the green power up called
    the twin laser. This is the second strongest laser and is fast so it
    will not miss often if you aim it right. After you have gotten one of
    those lasers or if you didn't get any, then go for the pyramid shaped
    power up called stealth mode. Finally get the circular shaped item
    with a B in the middle called the nova bomb. You don't need to get
    the yellow hoop item called the health ring unless you are near it to
    prevent someone else from getting it when they are low on health.
    Remember, always go for the power ups and items in the beginning and
    always boost to get them. It is okay if you don't get any of the
    items, it happens.
    C. Bombs
    Next, if you have a bomb use it now. Place it where all the players
    are in, and if they aren't paying attention they could be killed. If
    anybody gets killed then immediately boost to get there star.
    Remember, bombs can hurt you in wifi and if you are in it's blast
    circumference you will probably die or have very weak shields when it
    explodes and the blast circumference on the radar isn't accurate as
    the bomb explodes about two more millimeters past the circumference
    of the explosion on the radar so stay far away from the blast
    circumference on the radar. Also if you see someone racing toward the
    health ring place a bomb there and maybe you will kill them. If
    someone else drops a bomb then you will hear a ding noise and you
    might see a number going from 3 then to 2 then to 1. When you hear
    this immediately boost out of the area. Opponents are pretty
    predictable when it comes to bombs and always set bombs right where
    people are flying. That is why there is another tactic for bombs that
    can kill more often than when placing a bomb right in a crowd of
    people. First see where some opponents are. Then place a bomb where
    you think they will go in a couple of seconds. If you were correct
    they should be damaged and probably killed. This and the other two
    tactics are usually very successful. The first tactic should be used
    most often. The second tactic should be used rarely as the opponent
    will see the bomb ahead and boost away to avoid destruction. The
    third tactic should be used on more experienced players.
    D. Shooting, Strategies, and Stars
    After you have used your bomb or if you don't have one then start
    shooting down other players. If you have the plasma shot then start
    shooting away at other players. Do the same thing if you have the
    twin lasers. If you couldn't get any of those lasers then stay away
    from the other players and lock onto them. When locking on hold to
    the shooting button and keep your aiming cursor on the enemy. Make
    sure the enemy you are locking onto stays in your view or the lock on
    will be cancelled. Keep locking on to them until the lock on is at 3
    or max then let go. It should do a good amount of damage and it
    cannot be blocked. Avoid locking on when you have the plasma shot or
    the twin lasers because shooting them can do a lot more damage
    quickly.  If someone is shooting at you then do a roll. Rolling can
    deflect enemy fire and attract stars to you in wifi. Roll a lot as
    people will shoot at you constantly. If someone is locking on to you
    then quickly boost to the far left or right and that means putting
    your stylus right on the edge of the touch screen and if you are
    lucky then the lock on will be cancelled. Looping and U turning won't
    get rid of a lock on. Also lock ons can't be blocked from rolling. If
    you or an opponent has killed someone then they will leave behind a
    star. Stars are important because the more you have the more of a
    chance you will have at winning. Whoever has the most stars at the
    end wins the game so you will need many. When a star appears boost
    towards it and roll to make it come to you. If you have almost killed
    someone then make sure you kill them when they are really near you.
    If you kill them from far away then someone will probably steal your
    star. Star steal if there is a star near you. I have won many games
    from star stealing so don't be a push over and steal it.
    E. Looping and U turning
    Rarely U turn as when you are U turning someone else has a couple of
    seconds to shoot at you as you are defenseless when U turning. Use it
    only when nobody is around you and if you need to quickly turn 180
    degrees. If you have stealth mode then you won't be seen if you don't
    shoot your laser. It is good to use it to sneak behind someone and
    shoot at them. Be warned though as nobody can see you on the radar
    but they can see you if you shoot at someone or if you have been in
    stealth mode for longer than about 10 seconds. Stealth mode is also
    good when people are trying to lock on to you. You cannot be locked
    onto if you have stealth mode. You should also use lock ons with
    stealth mode if you don't have the plasma shot or twin lasers. You
    should use looping occasionally. Only use it under these
    circumstances. 1. You are in a congested area consisting of 2 or more
    players shooting and your health is going down quickly. This is when
    you should loop so you can avoid enemy fire and your boost gauge will
    fill up a bit during the loop. 2. Someone is tailing you and you
    can't roll because your boost gauge has depleted. Loop because it is
    hard for the enemy to shoot you since you go really high in a giant
    F. 2 player battles
    So far I have been giving you tips for Battle Royale but when you
    play 2 player battles you will need different strategies. When the
    countdown reaches 0 then boost for the plasma shot but if your
    opponent will get it first then go for the twin lasers. After you get
    one of those lasers then go for stealth mode. If you got stealth mode
    or if you didn't then you can either go for the nova bomb or start
    shooting at the opponent. If you go for the bomb then you should save
    it for later. Now start shooting at your opponent. If they are far
    away from you then you should lock on. Unlike battle royale you will
    need to use lock ons more often. Most of the time you and your
    opponent will fly head on to each other and you will be pointlessly
    shooting at each other while rolling. When heading head on and you
    see your opponent rolling then you first start rolling and then you
    should lock on to them instead of shoot at them because all of your
    shots will be deflected by there rolls. If you lock on to them then
    their rolling cannot block the charged shot and can damage them. If
    you are playing a new player who does not roll and is mediocre at the
    game then you should shoot at them when going head on. After you pass
    each other then you should do one of two things: 1. Hold your stylus
    to the edge of the screen to turn around and face your opponent. 2.
    Use the U turn icon to turn 180 degrees and face your opponent. Use
    either one as they are both good techniques. If you have a bomb then
    you should use it now. Put the bomb a little farther ahead of you and
    boost towards it. The opponent will either follow you or boost away
    from you. If they follow you they have a good chance of getting hit
    by the explosion. Keep boosting until you are a safe distance away
    from the explosion. Also if your opponent is tailing you then you
    should put a bomb in a couple of millimeters ahead of you so your
    opponent will get severely wounded from the bomb or they might they
    might boost away from you. You never want your opponent to tail you
    because they will shoot at you until you cannot boost or roll. If
    they do tail you and you have no bombs then do a loop and after that
    boost away to the sides and you might be able to shake them off your
    tail. You are the one who needs to tail the opponent and if they loop
    then you loop so you will still be behind them. Shoot at them without
    mercy and you can take them out. You do not need to worry about star
    stealing in 2 player because no one can steal your stars. Also a good
    strategy in 2 player battles only is if you are in the lead by about
    2 or more stars then when you kill your opponent; don't pick up the
    star until about 6 seconds have passed. Your opponent cannot revive
    until their star is picked up or until about 8 seconds have passed
    and still no one got their star, which ever comes first. This helps
    to pass time in the game and gives your opponent less time to get a
    come back. Lastly, don't boost to your opponent. It wastes the boost
    gauge and instead you can just lock on to them.
    G. 3 player battles
    When playing 3 player battles it is not much different than battle
    royale and 4 player battles so you should use the tips for battle
    royale in 3 player battles.
    H. Battle Fields
    When playing on wifi there are different battle fields to play on.
    Each battle field you play on is at random so you need strategies for
    each kind. Here is a list and a description of the varying battle
    Outer Space: This arena is just like space and in my opinion is the
    coolest looking battle field. When playing here it will be a little
    harder to see opponents from far away since the arena is opaque. You
    don't need to worry about hitting any asteroids or space debris
    because this place does not have any of those.
    Sea: When playing here you have a good view of your opponents and can
    see them from far away. Don't worry about hitting any terrain or
    touching the sea because it won't hurt you.
    Mountains: When playing here it will be a little bit hard to see your
    opponent from far away as there is a slight fog. You need to watch
    that you don't hit the mountains because they can damage you. If you
    want to sneak up on your opponents you can hide down next to the
    mountains and shoot from below.
    Valley: Here there is a good view for opponents so you can see them
    for long distances. There are rivers here and small hills next to the
    rivers. Don't hit the hills or you will be damaged. It is not
    recommended that you hide near the river because the hills are small
    and will barely conceal your presence.
    City: Here the visibility is perfect and you can see your opponents
    from very far away. You can also hide in the tall buildings but don't
    hit them or you will be damaged. If you are lucky then if someone
    locks on to you and shoots a charged shot at you while you are hiding
    in the buildings sometimes the buildings will block the charged shot
    and you won't be damaged.
    I. Ranks
    When you first start playing wifi you have a rank and it starts at Z.
    You can improve your rank by winning battle royale matches only.
    Winning free battle games does not affect your rank. The more you win
    in battle royale the higher your rank will become (A rank is the
    highest, and Z rank is the lowest.) There is a percentage mark next
    to your rank and that represents how close you are to gaining the
    next rank. Also you have a win count, a drop out count, and a total
    games played count. Your win count, drop out count, and total games
    played count is only affected when you play battle royale games. You
    also have a star count and that too is only affected from battle
    royale games. I recommend practicing in free battle a lot until you
    know you are ready to play in battle royale and up your rank. The
    ranking system goes from Z-A so it will take a while to get to A.
    When you are a rank Z-R it should only take one first place to get up
    to the next rank. When in rank Q-K it should take two first places
    and for the next ranks it will be around 3-5 first places. A drop out
    is if you disconnect. Disconnecting while playing in battle royale
    will result with the game being ended and you getting one drop out.
    J. Friend battles
    To play friend battles you must have friends in your friend roster.
    To put friends in your friend roster you must enter their friend
    code. To enter their friend code you must tap the wifi panel then tap
    the friend code box. After that tap input code and enter their friend
    code. To find your friend code instead of tapping input code tap
    confirm code. It will say your friend code and you tell that to your
    friend you want to play so they can enter it. You can also do code
    exchange to wirelessly exchange friend codes but inputting friend
    codes manually is faster. After this schedule a time to play your
    friend over wifi and when that time comes tap the wifi play panel and
    then tap free battle. Then tap friend battle and start searching.
    After you play against a friend in friend battle if you go to your
    friend roster then you can see which friends are on your friend list.
    Here you can delete your friends or view their records on wifi if you
    have played them already. In friend battle you can fight 1-3 friends.
    You and your friend(s) must have each other's friend codes to play
    friend battles against each other.
    K. Other tips
    Some other tips are going for the people who have the plasma shot so
    you can get it. Also watch your boost gauge when rolling or boosting.
    Never ever brake. It is a waste of the boost gauge and you will still
    move just slower. Go for the health when you need it. The health ring
    completely refills your shields and is very useful. If you are near
    it take it to prevent anyone else from getting it. Never U turn if
    someone is tailing you because it gives them a chance to shoot at you
    and you will be vulnerable. Lastly, always kill people near you so
    you can get there star before anyone else steals it.
    L. Conclusion/Special Thanks
    I hope you have learned something from this and I hope you will use
    some these strategies in future wifi multiplayer games.
    I would like to thank Metang; for inspiring me to write this FAQ and
    for info on wifi and Gamefaqs for making an incredible gaming site to
    show and express you're gaming self. I would also like to thank
    Nintendo for making Star Fox Command which is one of the best Star
    Fox games in the series.

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