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    Power/Mixing FAQ by KalirSavant

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    Hi everybody!
    This is my guide to powers and mixing in Kirby: Squeak Squad!
    That's 79 characters. Limit pending.
    Kirby: Squeak Squad is the newest in the Kirby franchise of games, focusing on
    the round pink champion of Popstar. As you may already know, Kirby's defining
    ability is the power to consume his foes and take on their powers. In past
    games, he has also had powers such as mixing copied abilities. Squeak Squad
    introduces a kind of inventory where you can mix powers to some degree, as well
    as store favorite powers for later use. I'll be going over both mixing and
    obtainable powers in this guide, so enjoy!
    Credits can be found at [CRE].
    Power Index:
    Use the code in brackets to skip to a section.
    Fire	[FIR]
    Ice	[ICE]
    Spark	[SPA]
    Beam	[BEA]
    Tornado	[TOR]
    Parasol	[PAR]
    Cutter	[CUT]
    Laser	[LAS]
    Bomb	[BOM]
    Wheel	[WHE]
    U.F.O.	[UFO]
    Hammer	[HAM]
    Cupid	[CUP]
    Sleep	[SLE]
    Hi-jump	[HIJ]
    Sword	[SWO]
    Fighter	[FIG]
    Magic	[MAG]
    Ninja	[NIN]
    Throw	[THR]
    Animal	[ANI]
    Bubble	[BUB]
    Metal	[MET]
    Ghost	[GHO]
    Tristar	[TRI]
    I'll also have the locations of Copy scrolls at [COP], the various "terrain"
    influences at [TER], and mixing info at [MIX]. Also, version history at [VER].
    To the powers!
    Fire [FIR]:
    FIRE! BURNING! Hot! So hot! Too hot to touch!
    Hat: A crown of flames.
    Fire Breath: Press B
    Simple attack, but potent. Kirby unleashes a blast of fire at anything in front
    of him, which has a wide area and hits repeatedly.
    Fire Rush: Doubletap forward and press B
    Using this, Kirby charges forward as a fiery missile, striking down all in his
    path. Fast and powerful, but be sure you can get a landing in correctly.
    Fire Angle: With copy scroll, press B and up or down
    Not much to this, just lets Kirby aim his Fire Breath attack a bit more easily.
    My take:
    Pretty useful for simple things. You'll probably want to move on to other
    powers quickly, but don't discount this one if no other option is available.
    Most often, you'll use this to handle fire elemental obstacles.
    Ice [ICE]:
    First I'll freeze 'em, then I'll kick 'em along! BRRRR!
    Hat: A crown of ice.
    Ice Breath: Press B
    Like the Fire ability, use this to inflict damage effectively on things ahead
    of Kirby. Will also freeze enemies that are defeated by it.
    Ice Angle: With copy scroll, press B and up or down
    Also like the Fire ability, can aim the Ice Breath easier.
    My take:
    It's nice, but Ice only has one trick, and Fire has that and one other one.
    Of course, you won't be able to handle ice elemental obstacles with fire. Until
    you get the copy scroll for Sword or Bomb, have one of these in your inventory
    often, especially in Vocal Volcano. After that, just use mixing for ice and
    forget the rest of it.
    Spark [SPA]:
    Hat: A crown of green energy. Kirby is surrounded by bursts of electricity.
    Spark Zap: Press B
    Basic Spark attack. Anything next to Kirby gets repeatedly zapped. Best used in
    combination with a jump.
    Spark Charge: Tap control pad repeatedly, press B
    Adds a short range burst to the basic attack. Not much, but useful when you're
    surrounded by something.
    Spark Field: With copy scroll, tap control pad repeatedly, press B
    After a bit of charging, Kirby will get a lime-colored electric aura around him
    which damages foes much like Spark Zap. If you press B during this time, Kirby 
    emits a long range electric field around himself.
    Spark Blast: With copy scroll, tap control pad repeatedly, press forward and B
    As with Spark Field, you'll have an electric aura about you prior to pressing
    B, but if you also press forward, you'll instead throw that aura and just do a
    normal Spark Zap. Best range of the Spark powers.
    My take:
    Probably the best of the basic elemental abilities. The only worry is that you
    can't control the area effectively, which can be trouble on breakable blocks.
    However, it's really useful when in a conductive area. Worth considering,
    especially with the copy scroll.
    Beam [BEA]:
    This beam's like a whip! Whaa-pssssshh! Beam it! Beam it! BEAM IT!
    Hat: Two-tone harlequin-type hat.
    Beam Whip: Press B
    Slow, wide range beam moves down in front of Kirby. Decent power, but not for
    easy OHKOs.
    Beam Chain: With copy scroll, press B
    Identical to the Beam Whip, except for power and appearance. More likely to
    defeat an enemy in one swing.
    My take:
    I'm not saying this is a bad power. Far from it, the Beam is a good offensive
    power while keeping distance. But in reality, the U.F.O. does the same thing
    and much more. The Beam is easier to get though (and it can go through thin
    floors and down ladders) so if you need a quick weapon, look no further.
    Tornado [TOR]:
    Spin spin spin spin spin spinspinspin spinspinspinspin AAAAAUGGHH!
    Hat: Horned crown with a whirlwind on top.
    Tornado Spin: Press B
    Switches to Tornado form, which goes fast horizontally and can tear through
    most enemies, even bosses, in record time. A bit tough to control.
    Tornado Rise: Hold B
    While in Tornado form, use B to float upwards. Not enough to go up fast, but
    enough to stay in the air and clear walls.
    Tornado Elemental: With Copy scroll, hit an elemental hazard in tornado form
    Simple enough. If the tornado form hits fire or lava, it becomes a fiery
    tornado. Same for snow and ice (ice elemental) and open conduits (spark). Also
    increases the size of the tornado for the time it lasts.
    My take:
    This power absolutely destroys enemies and bosses alike and blazes through
    levels swiftly. It doesn't have any terrain powers (on its own) but the copy
    scroll fixes that a bit. Definitely worth saving when you come across.
    Parasol [PAR]:
    The sun shines on this Parasol of mine. Where I walk, enemies balk, and I float
    gently down...
    Hat: Kirby holds the Parasol over his head.
    Parasol Swing: Press B
    Run of the mill forward attack. Doesn't have the vertical range, but covers
    decent horizontal ground.
    Parasol Spin: Hold B
    Kirby spins the Parasol in front of him, blocking attacks and damaging enemies.
    Limited utility, but good against sniper-like enemies.
    Parasol Wave: With copy scroll, Hold B
    This kicks up the power of the Parasol Spin by adding a flurry of stars that
    magnify the range of the attack greatly.
    Parasol Guard (unlisted): Automatic
    While you have this power, Kirby holds the Parasol above him, which damages and
    blocks enemies. Like Parasol Spin, but above you.
    Parasol Float (unlisted): Automatic while falling
    If you should begin falling, Kirby will use the Parasol to slow his fall, while
    lazily swinging left and right. Good for traveling through the air quickly.
    Parasol Dive (unlisted): While floating, press down
    This will automatically switch Kirby into nosedive mode. You can use this to
    systematically airstrike weak enemies below you. Not very great as a non-power
    attack, but easy to pull off.
    My take:
    A good power for beginners, as it has excellent defensive capability. For more
    skilled players, I'd probably recommend passing up the Parasol or using it for
    Cutter [CUT]:
    Remote Cutter BOOMERANG
    Hat: Gold helmet with central ridge andwing-like ornaments on the side.
    Cutter Boomerang: Press B
    Throws a Cutter forwards, which will travel a short distance and then double
    back to Kirby. If Kirby doesn't catch it, it continues past. Used properly, it
    is reasonably useful.
    Cutter Control: Hold B and press up or down
    This keeps the Cutter moving forward longer and enables you to control its
    vertical movement. Very useful for timed switch puzzles.
    Cutter Scimitar: With copy scroll, press B
    This increases the size and power of the Cutter, making it a deadly force that
    is useful against normal enemies and bosses.
    My take:
    Until you get the copy scroll, the Cutter power is pretty ho-hum. Once you do,
    it becomes a useful weapon against minibosses, most notably. As such, until
    you get the scroll, discard or use for mixing, otherwise keep handy until a
    better alternative appears.
    Laser [LAS]:
    OPTICAL WEAPON ARMED It's rumored to be a bigger beam than it used to be.
    Hat: A sci-fi headband.
    Laser Beam: Press B
    Simple enough, Kirby quickly fires a single beam forward. This beam does decent
    damage, and ricochets off of angled surfaces (unless it can destroy them first)
    doing decent damage.
    Laser Cannon: With copy scroll, hold B, then release
    Works almost exactly like the Laser Beam, but has more punch to it, and travels
    through obstacles instead of dissipating.
    My take:
    I like using the Laser power a lot, but unfortunately it's ill-suited to
    taking on normal enemies. It's still effective against bosses and minibosses,
    however, so if you don't have a better choice (like Tornado) then don't rule
    out the Laser.
    Bomb [BOM]:
    Hat: Blue Santa Claus style hat.
    Bomb Arm: Press B
    Pull out a bomb and prepare it for use. Will go off in Kirby's hands if not
    Bomb Lob: With bomb armed, press B
    Simple forward toss. Arcs upwards for a bit, then drops. Good range and power.
    Bomb Gauge: With bomb armed, hold B, press up or down, and release B
    Use this to throw the bomb upwards or to lob it downwards. The former is good
    for striking over walls or high-up enemies, while the latter is good for bomber
    (pardon my lackluster vocabulary) tactics.
    Bomb Lunge: With bomb armed, press down and A
    This replaces Kirby's regular slide with a dash attack. If it hits, the bomb
    explodes, not harming Kirby but whatever he ran into. If he doesn't hit, the
    bomb is set at the stopping point. Good attack for enemies down a slope.
    Bomb Set: Press down and B
    Kirby drops a bomb at his feet, which explodes shortly after, harming any
    enemies nearby. Limited use, although you can drop a bomb down a ledge.
    Bomb Pitch: With bomb armed, doubletap forward and press B
    Unlike the lob, this throws the bomb straight, disregarding gravity. About as
    useful as the regular lob, and a bit faster.
    Bomb Elemental: With copy scroll, mix Bomb power and either Ice or Spark
    When mixed with Ice or Spark abilities, this changes the element of the bombs
    from fire to the respective element. More or less personal preference,
    although ice bombs would probably be the best choice.
    Bomb Dive (unlisted): With bomb armed, fall
    If Kirby hits an enemy with the nosedive and he has a bomb armed, he'll hit
    them with the bomb and be unharmed. Good for high jumps.
    My take:
    Bombs have a lot of uses. However, they're not a good choice for beginners, as
    they're likely to have them explode in their hands. Not fun. If you want to
    dish out ranged damage to enemies and minibosses though, this is an ideal
    Wheel [WHE]:
    I ride like the Wind! Fast! TOO FAST!
    Hat: Backwards red baseball cap
    Wheel Drive: Press B
    This shifts Kirby to Wheel form, which goes very fast over the ground and mows
    down enemies of all sorts. Can also ride on the surface of water. You can also
    turn left and right while driving. Lasts until you hit a wall or press B again.
    Wheel Jump: While in Wheel Drive, press A
    Lets you do a short hop while driving. Not a lot, but enough to clear gaps and
    hit low-flying enemies.
    Wheel Elemental: With copy scroll, drive over an elemental hazard
    Much like the Tornado Elemental, this charges the wheel with the element it
    just hit. Marginally more useful than the Tornado version, since it can create
    an ice path for when driving over water.
    My take:
    Think of this as the faster, groundhugging Tornado. Very useful both in beating
    levels quickly and in fighting some bosses (obviously none of the aerial ones).
    If you're unable to procure Tornado, try Wheel instead.
    U.F.O. [UFO]:
    Wow! I'm so lucky I copied a UFO! I can do four moves. It all depends on how
    long you hold B!
    Hat: Kirby rides atop a levitating gyrating spaceship.
    U.F.O. Beam: Press B
    Almost identical to the Beam power with the copy scroll. The bonus is that you
    can still move while using the beam. Excellent attack.
    U.F.O. Laser: Hold B for a bit, then release
    Works a lot like the Laser power. Same damage (I think), same bouncing quality,
    slightly slower for the U.F.O. Decent attack, though probably not one you'll
    rely on.
    U.F.O. Torpedo: Hold B for a while, then release
    Stronger than the Laser, but only marginally, and without the wall-bouncing
    neatness. Just wait an extra split-second for the fully charged Cannon.
    U.F.O. Cannon: Hold B, then release
    Most powerful attack of the U.F.O, and with excellent range to boot. A good
    attack to rely on in cases where you have even a bit of time to wait.
    U.F.O. Shield: Automatic with copy scroll
    When gained, a small energy shield will orbit the U.F.O. at all times, damaging
    enemies (but not blocking shots). This lets you defend yourself whilst charging
    for a U.F.O. Cannon, and is therefore immensely useful.
    My take:
    The hovering power is a useful quality, but it loses awesomeness when faced
    with the dilemma of thin floors and ladders, which are impassable by hovering
    (sans Cupid). Still, hovering is a worthy benefit, and the U.F.O. hovers about
    as fast as Kirby runs. This, combined with the plethora of powerful moves,
    makes the U.F.O. almost a guaranteed choice over almost all other powers.
    Hammer [HAM]:
    A monster-crushing hammer of power INSTANT K.O. It's almost unfair.
    Hat: A rope headband. Kirby holds the hammer above his head.
    Hammer Whomp: Press B
    Simple overhead swing. Pretty good power, but very poor range.
    Hammer Flip: Press B in the air
    A 360 degree vertical swing that is effective in taking out most any airborne
    enemy. Slightly less effective than the Sword version.
    Hammer Spin: Doubletap forward and press B
    A speedy, spinning swing of the hammer. Fastest and best range of the hammer
    attacks, and a very good choice in most ground attacks.
    Hammer Comet: Press up and B
    Although slower than the Whomp, this attack has even more power and a fire
    element. If you can time the approach of the enemy right when using (think
    baseball) it's a powerful attack. Very funny to use on simple enemies.
    Hammer Crash: With copy scroll, hold B, then release
    Although this increases both range and power, it takes too long to prepare.
    It's almost always better to stick to Hammer Comet.
    My take:
    In previous games such as Super Star, the Hammer was one of the best weapons
    available to Kirby. However, in the face of faster powers such as Tornado and
    U.F.O, the Hammer seems fairly lackluster. Still, don't pass up an opportunity
    to use this powerful, albeit slow, tool.
    Cupid [CUP]:
    Fire pointy arrows. Press and release B to fire the arrows. Change where you
    aim with the control pad.
    Hat: A halo and a set of wings.
    Cupid Arrow: Press B
    Much like with a real bow, putting no effort into pulling means the arrow
    falls short and lacks power. It still has better range than some attacks, but
    the weak power offsets this.
    Cupid Powershot: Hold B for a bit, then release
    This arrow travels farther than the normal one and has a bit more power to it,
    but the damage is still low.
    Cupid Tripleshot: Hold B, then release
    This version launches three arrows at a time, and they all do a bit more
    damage to their targets. Since you hover while charging, you can jump and use
    this to stay safe while raining arrows.
    Cupid Aim: Hold B and press up or down
    Aim your shots up or down with this. Easy. Keep in mind that the arrows will
    spread fairly far, so don't count on hitting targets directly beneath you.
    Cupid Flechette: With Copy scroll, doubletap forward and press B
    Quickly shoot three arrows forward. Probably the best attack of the lot, and
    one you'll put to frequent use. You'll even hover for the short time it takes
    to fire, which is neat, but can throw you off possibly.
    Cupid Wings (unlisted): Press up (or A in midair)
    This will let you hover at a speed between the Ghost and the U.F.O. You can
    stop, thankfully, by pressing A or simply landing.
    My take:
    I really want to like this power, since it seems so well thought-out,
    especially the ladder dilemma that occurs with hovering. However, the low power
    will usually prevent you from choosing this as a mainstay, unless you really
    like the range and mobility it offers and don't care so much for the power.
    Sleep [SLE]:
    DO NOT DISTURB I need my beauty rest.
    Hat: A green-with-white-spots Santa Claus style hat.
    Sleep Heavily: Automatic
    The second you get the power, this kicks in and Kirby can't do anything for a
    few seconds. Not a good thing.
    Sleep Restfully: Automatic with copy scroll
    While Kirby sleeps, if he has the copy scroll, he'll recover health gradually
    while this is in effect, about to the same level as a cherry.
    My take:
    Up until you get the copy scroll, this power is a fat load of useless. Even
    then, you should only use it when mixing and enemies have not favored you and
    there's no safe alternative for healing. If you can get two and you have the
    Ghost Medal, feel free to mix them for a free Ghost.
    Hi-jump [HIJ]:
    Hat: Cape and winged headband.
    Hi-jump Leap: Press B
    With this, Kirby blasts off and flies upwards quickly (and also to the side
    quickly if you choose). Excellent mobility, but difficult to handle in combat.
    Hi-Jump Charge: With Copy Scroll, press B
    Adds some power and range to the Leap, but otherwise non-notable.
    My take:
    This power seems fairly bland to me, with one exception: speed. This even
    surpasses Tornado and Wheel in its vertical and horizontal gain, albeit in
    short boosts. If you're in a race section that doesn't require staying near
    the ground, use this power, otherwise, stay away.
    Sword [SWO]:
    Hat: A green Santa Claus style hat. Kirby holds the sword above his head.
    Sword Swipe: Press B
    Fast, powerful, and decent range, this move is great to fall back on.
    Sword Flurry: While swiping, press B
    This continues the swipe attack with a combo that'll destroy most weak enemies
    and seriously injure some landbound bosses.
    Sword Flourish: While flurrying, press B
    A quick finish to the three-button combo that is effective in most any
    circumstance where time isn't an issue.
    Sword Thrust: Press down and B
    This replaces the normal slide for Kirby, and kicks up the power of said move
    noticeably, as well as the range. Otherwise, pretty plain.
    Sword Leap: Press up and B
    Players of Smash Bros. and Super Star will recognize this move easily. Kirby
    leaps into the air sword first, then descends similarly and fires a wave forth
    upon landing. A very powerful and useful move in many cases, especially against
    flying bosses.
    Sword Flip: Press B in the air
    Good for a quick attack when you need one, but not something you should try to
    fight exclusively with.
    Sword Elemental: With copy scroll, combine sword with ice, fire, or spark
    This will grant you a sword that does all the same neat stuff, but also has an
    elemental energy tied to it. I expect it will become a mainstay of your
    repertoire without having to read this guide (unless you need to find the copy
    scroll). Doesn't work in water, obviously.
    My take:
    This is a very good power in most cases, especially since the combination with
    other elements offers a wide variety of uses. The only case I can think of is
    that the range of most sword attacks is average at best. That said, you should
    learn how to use the sword power effectively, as it is possibly the most
    versatile in the game (barring Ghost).
    Fighter [FIG]:
    Go for it! CHAMPION
    Hat: Red headband (or white if Kirby is red)
    Fighter Jab: Press B
    Quick simple attack on par with Sword Swipe, but with a bit less range.
    Fighter Punt: While jabbing, press B
    A quick follow-up that sends Kirby forward a bit and up a bit with a powerful
    booting strike.
    Fighter Slam: While punting, press B
    Kirby finishes the combo with a diving punch. This combo can quickly carry you
    through an area infested with adorable antagonists. Don't forget about it.
    Fighter Spin: Press B in the air
    This attack is like the poor man's Sword Flip: it won't keep enemies from
    touching you, but it will harm them when they try.
    Fighter Divekick: Press down and B in the air
    Directly pirated fron the Ninja power, this sends Kirby on a downward diagonal
    path until he hits something. When he does, it's with a considerable amount of
    force and little recoil on Kirby's part. Use often and well, but be wary of
    Fighter Shot: Hold B, then release
    This sends a weak bolt of energy forward, which can become stronger the longer
    Kirby holds. Adds range capability, but little else.
    Fighter Spinlunge: Press forward and B
    Much like the Fighter Spin, only this launches you forward a good distance. Not
    to be discounted, as the speed bost can be important.
    Fighter Flipkick: Doubletap forward and press B
    Greater power and vertical range than the Spinlunge, but it has the same
    overall effect, usually.
    Fighter Uppercut: Press up and B
    This is your weapon of choice for striking foes above you, and it does its job
    very well.
    Fighter Bodyslam: Near an enemy, press forward and B
    Also pirated from the Ninja (no pun intended, really) this will effectively
    destroy the hapless enemy you grab. Doesn't work on bosses, though.
    Fighter Blast: With copy scroll, hold B, then release
    Adds power to the Fighter Shot, making it potentially useful in cases where you
    don't want to charge in fists flying.
    My take:
    First things first: the whole Fighter Shot thing seems tacked on, but that
    could just be me. Secondly, this is a pretty good power, but sadly, Sword and
    Hammer do the job with the same style and different methods (sword covering
    range and elements, hammer covering power) so sadly, you'll probably not find
    Fighter that attractive of a power. That said, it does have a good balance of
    power and range for melee combat, so it's worth carrying around until one of
    the other two shows up.
    Magic [MAG]:
    Gather round and look closely! Nothing in my hand! Nothing in my sleeve!
    Hat: A large top hat.
    Magic Birds: Press B
    Creates three birds which travel forward and upwards. Covers a wide area and
    does minor damage.
    Magic Cards: Press forward and B
    Fires three cards forward swiftly. Think Cupid Flechette, but not all at once.
    Fast, good range and power.
    Magic Puppet: Press up and B
    A pretty much broken power that strikes anywhere in front of and above Kirby
    powerfully and repeatedly. Were it not for the time involved, would probably be
    the only attack Magic Kirby would need.
    Magic Roulette: With copy scroll, hold B
    Kirby does some quick thinking to come up with a finale for his audience, and
    will come up with one of the following powers:
    Lollipop: Turn invincible temporarily
    Firework: A showy display that strikes everything on-screen
    Random: Kirby switches to a random power
    1up: Turns enemies into 1ups.
    Cherry: Turns enemies into cherries.
    In any case, Kirby loses the Magic ability.
    My take:
    An extremely versatile and useful power which I keep handy at all times. It has
    no speed benefits like Tornado or U.F.O, but the other benefits are always
    handy. Plus, instead of just discarding the ability when the time comes, do a
    roulette and get a final neat effect potentially. Keep it handy.
    Ninja [NIN]:
    Symbol for "shinobi" which is a lot like tenacity and perseverance even in 
    dangerous times.
    Hat: Oriental-style helmet.
    Ninja Star: Press B
    Kirby quickly chucks a star forward. Low power, but fast enough that repeat
    shots are a simple task. This attack can be used in combo with Ninja Cling.
    Ninja Blade: Press forward and B
    A powerful attack, albeit one with poor range. Additionally, since the move
    shares controls with another move, using the two independently of each other is
    Ninja Kick: Press down and B in the air
    A quick and powerful diagonal dive kick. Useful at all times unless you're up
    against a flying foe.
    Ninja Drop: Press forward and B near an enemy
    Kirby easily hoists his foe into the air and slams them back down. Instant KO,
    but only works on one close-by enemy at a time.
    Ninja Wallstar: While clinging (see below) press B
    Limited utility, but it's better than being defenseless while hugging the wall.
    Ninja Firewave: With copy scroll, hold B, then release
    A pretty neat power that sends a gout of flame up around Kirby both ways (or
    steam, should he be standing on water). Powerful and fairly easy to use.
    Ninja Cling (unlisted): Press forward near a wall
    Using this, Kirby can stick onto a wall and remain there, able to throw Ninja
    Stars forward as they like. Limited use, but neat.
    Ninja Walljump (unlisted): While clinging, press A
    Also limited in use, except for ascending vertical shafts and escape. You may
    not ever use this, but it's there for you.
    Ninja Glide (unlisted): Automatic when touching water
    Pretty much, as long as Kirby has the Ninja power, he can walk on water. Not
    only a useful alternate travel tool, but just plain awesome if combined with
    Ninja Drop.
    My take:
    Like Laser, I do like Ninja quite a bit, but unfortunately, it's not a very
    strong power. Versatile, certainly, but not very strong. Then again, that's
    the point of the Ninja. I miss Super Star Ninja though, because it had a dash
    attack and vanishing power. Use it as you will, but don't feel obligated to do
    Throw [THR]:
    Try throwing enemies straight!
    Hat: A blue headband.
    Throw Inhale: Press B
    A lot like the normal inhale power, only this can also get enemies that won't
    normally be inhaled, like those transforming cat-things or the green blobs.
    Throw Straight: After inhaling, press B
    A thrown enemy travels farther than a regular star, and does decent damage too,
    but not as much as in previous installments. It does go through enemies though.
    Throw Angle: After inhaling, press up or down and B
    Aim your foe upwards or downwards slightly for fighting enemies on different
    levels than you.
    Throw Hard: With copy scroll, after inhaling, press B
    This primarily increases the power of your toss, but it also attaches an
    element where appropriate. If you grab an enemy that drops Fire, the throw will
    do things that affect fire-based things. Not really great, but worth noting.
    My take:
    Like Hammer, the Throw power has been nerfed considerably, and is no longer
    really useful. Throw doesn't even have a miniboss dedicated to it anymore. As
    such, don't bother with trying to get Throw unless you need it (or just a
    Animal [ANI]:
    You love dirt! DIG! Sweet dirt! DIG! DIG! DIG! DIG!! Can't dig everywhere...
    Hat: Some kind of animal's pelt.
    Animal Slash: Press B
    Works about the same as the Sword Swipe, but faster and slightly weaker. Good
    basic attack.
    Animal Lunge: Doubletap forward and press B
    This attack works on anything short of a miniboss, and also lets you extend
    your jumps that little bit more. Enemies hit with it are subject to a quick
    clawing before you hop off.
    Animal Dig: Press B in diggable spots
    Using the Control Pad and B, you can tunnel through dirt at a decent clip. The
    kind of dirt you can pass through is easy to identify from color and texture.
    Animal Drill: With copy scroll, press forward or down and B in midair
    Use this to temporarily turn into a spinning projectlie akin to the Fire Rush
    attack, only instead of burning things, this digs through ground very quickly
    (and still harms enemies). Additionally, you can travel downwards. A useful
    addition to your attacks, but be careful if you just want to Slash instead.
    My take:
    A useful power all around. Can work in place of Sword in most cases, and is
    notably faster as well. Worth carrying, if for no other reason than that it's
    the only power that can travel through dirt (although an Animal enemy usually
    shows up nearby when there's dirt around).
    Anti-take thingy here.
    Guide written by Kalir for GameFAQs. If it says otherwise, then this guide was
    stolen. Complain like no tomorrow. Otherwise, carry on, and pay me no mind.
    Bubble [BUB]:
    Mysterious bubbles can capture so much.
    Hat: A blue bonnet with bubbles rising from the top.
    Bubble Stream: Press B
    Works almost identically to the Fire Breath and Ice Breath attacks, except that
    instead of having an element, defeated foes turn into bubbles. Good for most
    Bubble Angle: Press B, and up or down
    Another angle thing. Doesn't need a copy scroll to use though.
    Bubble Launch: With copy scroll, press forward and B
    Shoots a powerful bubble that usually defeats enemies instantly (and as such,
    leaves a bubble behind). Can also be Angled up or down, although it travels
    upward automatically.
    My take:
    Although rare and not much different from Ice or Fire, the fact that enemies
    turn into bubbles makes this a bit more useful, since you can save powers or
    use them for mixing with ease.
    Metal [MET]:
    Be careful. You can't get hurt, but don't get mad if you break stuff. It's not
    perfect, OK?
    Hat: Kirby turns into a heavy metallic version of himself.
    Metal Smash: Press down and B in the air
    Although it's difficult to get Metal Kirby in the air, the attack power of this
    move can be worth the effort. If you're fast with the buttons, try using it as
    soon as you jump.
    Metal Sphere: With copy scroll, press B
    If you use this on a hill, you can get Metal Kirby moving much faster than he
    could move. Otherwise, relatively useless.
    My take:
    As you'll notice soon after acquiring the Metal power, you are invincible and
    can damage enemies by walking into them, but your speed is hampered heavily. If
    you don't mind waiting a while to clear even moderate walls, this is a highly
    useful power. Keep in mind that your invincibility won't protect you from
    bosses or mini-bosses.
    Ghost [GHO]:
    I will possess... I will control... I'm a spooky soul... I'm not scary, though.
    Hat: Kirby wears a grey sheet.
    Ghost Rush: Press B
    This is the only direct attack the Ghost power has. A quick dive forward that
    can break blocks and Possess enemies.
    Ghost Possess: After rushing an enemy, try various things
    If you hit an enemy with Ghost Rush, you'll be able to control them for until
    you release them. Most enemies jump with A (and can do so in midair) and attack
    with B, although some have other attacks that use the control pad or both A and
    B at the same time. Have fun with it, you don't take damage while this is in
    effect (the enemy does, though).
    Ghost Release (unlisted): After rushing an enemy, press Select or X
    This will instantly destroy the enemy that you possessed and send you back into
    regular Ghost Kirby mode. Use for entering a door at the end of an area (or if
    you find an enemy you'd like to possess).
    My take:
    If you don't ever want Kirby to take damage, this is the power for you. Even
    the novelty of playing as the enemies is worth it. However, the ghost has some
    drawbacks. You can't fight bosses or minibosses unless you have an enemy
    possessed, and they can quickly fall to even weak minibosses. You can't go down
    ladders, as the ghost hovers fairly slowly at all times. Lastly, you need to
    obtain the seven pieces of the Ghost Medal to be able to receive the Ghost
    power at all. Keep this in mind when you don the sheet.
    Triple Star [TRI]:
    What else needs saying? TRIPLE STAR That's what you are. Amazing!
    Hat: Kirby holds the Triple Star over his head. Three stars orbit him at all
    Triple Star Shot: Press B
    This shoots a star straight forward (or up and down if you feel so inclined)
    and does significant damage. You can control the star somewhat by holding B.
    Triple Star Flip: Press B in midair
    Use this to fire a star forward in midair. No controlling it, but it does the
    My take:
    Once you obtain the Triple Star, you have one of the most gamebreaking powers
    there is. It does enough damage to fight off most anything, but it doesn't have
    a bubble version, so if you want it, you need to have the map to the bubble
    castle (or to finish the first part of the last boss fight).
    Copy Scrolls [COP]:
    Copy scrolls are hidden in treasure chests throughout the land of Popstar. When
    obtained, they hold the knowledge necessary to enable extra attacks for Kirby
    when using a certain power. For example, if you had the scroll for the Animal
    power, that power would gain the Animal Drill move and become more powerful.
    The locations for all the Copy Scrolls are as follows:
    Fire Scroll: Level 1-3
    Enables Fire Angle
    After fighting the Walrus miniboss, head through the door and continue until
    you find an Animal enemy. Take his power and dig through the dirt ahead to
    receive the chest with the Fire Scroll inside.
    Ice Scroll: Level 4-EX
    Enables Ice Angle
    When you enter the area with a Parasol bubble at the start, stick to the left
    while falling. Eventually you'll land on top of the Ice Scroll.
    Spark Scroll: Level 3-1
    Enables Spark Field and Spark Blast
    In the last area, just dispatch the lone Squeak with the big chest, and then
    run with your shiny new Spark Scroll.
    Beam Scroll: Level 2-5
    Enables Beam Chain
    In the lava area, just enter the door with a platform above it and fire around
    it and the Beam Scroll will be there. Try using Ice (or Wheel if you feel
    lucky) to enter, or try floating.
    Tornado Scroll: Level 3-5
    Enables Tornado Elemental
    During the last section, your objective is to chase the Tornado Scroll through
    a brief cloud race before it drops into a pit. Fast aerial powers like Hi-jump
    are recommended, but not necessary.
    Parasol Scroll: Level 5-1
    Enables Parasol Wave
    In the area with the Cupid foes, head up until you find a button on a platform
    just a few spaces away from the door. Either hit the button and run through the
    door, or stand on the button and fire past the door to the bomb block (Cupid is
    the easiest way to do this). The Parasol Scroll will fall to the ground just
    past that.
    Cutter Scroll: Level 2-4
    Enables Cutter Scimitar
    Just get to the bottom of the level before the big boulder after the metal foe
    and the tomato does. The Cutter Scroll rests under the end of the level.
    Laser Scroll: Level 4-5
    Enables Laser Cannon
    At the start of this level, you have a choice between Ninja, Metal, or Spark
    bubbles (or all of them). I recommend bringing Spark. The following room is a
    downward race between you and a trap that will deposit the Laser Scroll onto
    you (if you get there first) or into a pit.
    Bomb Scroll: Level 7-3
    Enables Bomb Elemental
    The last bit of this level is both a race against Spinni and the treasure chest
    to get to the bottom of the level first. Not too tough, but keep in mind that
    fighting is difficult underwater. Recover the chest to get the Bomb Scroll.
    Wheel Scroll: Level 2-3
    Enables Wheel Elemental
    In the second room, the large treasure chest under the ground at the start
    contains the Wheel Scroll. Use the Wheel power to get it and to avoid the
    Squeaks for that part of the level.
    U.F.O. Scroll: Level 8-1
    Enables U.F.O. Shield
    At the end of the level, you'll have to pursue the Squeaks across a set of
    floating platforms to recover the large treasure chest. Be careful when you
    strike, as you don't want the U.F.O. Scroll to fall to its doom (or you, but
    the scroll can't fly).
    Hammer Scroll: Level 5-2
    Enables Hammer Crash
    The large chest in the last room holds the Hammer Scroll. Hit the button in the
    ground (use the nearby Beam enemy if no alternatives exist) to drop the chest,
    then laugh as the Squeaks charge headlong into lava repeatedly.
    Cupid Scroll: Level 6-5
    Enables Cupid Flechette
    This stage is a tripartite battle with each of the Squeaks (sans Daroach, who
    you fight as the boss of this world). Spinni guards the chest with the Cupid
    Sleep Scroll: Level 5-EX
    Enables Sleep Restfully
    Take the upper left door and bring something that can smash posts (Metal is a
    good choice, as it also takes no damage from lava). Smash your way to the lower
    right corner to find the Sleep Scroll.
    Hi-jump Scroll: Level 3-4
    Enables Hi-jump Charge
    In the large room that consists mainly of clouds, find the chest guarded by two
    bomb block sealed walls. Don't destroy the first one you come to, but instead
    use Fire or U.F.O. to first reach the second block, then destroy the original.
    Be ready to catch the Hi-Jump Scroll when it falls.
    Sword Scroll: Level 6-1
    Enables Sword Elemental
    If you're quick, you can nab the chest from Storo before he gets to his base.
    Otherwise, go inside and work that Kirby mojo until he is defeated and the
    Sword Scroll belongs to you.
    Fighter Scroll: Level 6-3
    Enables Fighter Blast
    When you come across the post that can be smashed in, do so if you can. If you
    can't, break the blocks to the left and get the hammer bubble, then backtrack
    and use the hammer to get the Fighter Scroll.
    Magic Scroll: Level 7-4
    Enables Magic Roulette
    Once you enter the Harpoon (or whatever the submarine version of the Halberd
    would be) get an electric power. Use it after crossing the falling platforms
    and dropping through the thin floor to get the Magic Scroll.
    Ninja Scroll: Level 5-3
    Enables Ninja Firewave
    Defeat the Animal miniboss, then use his power in the next room to dig up the
    Ninja Scroll.
    Throw Scroll: Level 6-1
    Enables Throw Hard
    In the last portion of this level, you'll see Storo holding the chest with the
    Throw Scroll. Stall him with attacks (if you can) as you move to the ladder,
    then nab the chest and exit the level.
    Animal Scroll: Level 2-1
    Enables Animal Drill
    When you get to the room with the multiple cannons, continue until you have to
    choose left or right. Fire to your right to break the barrel holding the Animal
    Bubble Scroll: Level 4-1
    Enables Bubble Launch
    At the last area, just check behind the central bush. The large treasure chest
    holding the Bubble scroll is right there, and it's easy to outrun the Squeaks
    from there.
    Metal Scroll: Level 4-3
    Enables Metal Sphere
    When you get out of the water at the start, take the upper door. Once you do
    that, continue through the following room until you reach another fork. Again,
    take the upper path to find the Metal Scroll (which will fall to the exit once
    you approach it).
    Ghost Medal: Levels 2-2, 3-3, 4-EX, 5-EX, 6-EX, 7-2, 8-2
    Enables Ghost
    The Ghost power doesn't technically have a copy scroll, but it does need to be
    unlocked by completing the Ghost Medal.
    First Piece: In level 2-2, travel to the top of the room with the pool to find
    a door. Enter it to find a chest that holds a piece of the Ghost Medal.
    Second Piece: In level 3-3, during the last part, copy one of the bomb enemies
    (or a long range power like Laser) and use it to hit the switch from afar then
    run through the door. The Ghost Medal piece lies in the large treasure chest
    Third Piece: In level 4-EX, hit the switch in the second-to-last area to drop
    the chest with the Ghost Medal piece. Once you pick it up, run through the area
    and evade Squeaks and traps. The Bomb power can be used to set traps of your
    Fourth Piece: In level 5-EX, take the upper right door to find the Squeaks and
    the treasure chest with the Ghost Medal piece. It's unlikely you'll catch
    Spinni before he makes it to the mousehole, so enter it and fight him to
    recover the Ghost Medal piece.
    Fifth Piece: In Level 6-EX, the large chest holding the piece is in a two-level
    room. You must defeat Spinni if you want to proceed with the chest holding the
    Ghost Medal piece.
    Sixth Piece: In level 7-2, after defeating the bubble miniboss, enter the door
    and fly straight up to grab the Fire bubble (and the Sword if you want to mix
    them). Continue to the next room, and use the fire power to quickly get to Doc
    and the Ghost Medal piece before he escapes.
    Seventh Piece: In level 8-2, the final Ghost Medal piece lies in a room full of
    star blocks. Nab it and then either run or blast through the rest of the level.
    Terrain obstacles [TER]:
    The world of Popstar is a fairly diverse one, and as such, it has a number of
    obstacles that have specific weaknesses. This section is devoted to the
    recording of said obstacles and how to deal with them.
    First things first: there are three "elemental" attack types in the game: fire,
    ice, and electricity. With each one, there's certain obstacles it can tackle.
    Many abilities have at least one technique with an element.
    Fire elemental powers and attacks (asteriked indicates a Copy Scroll req.):
    *Tornado Elemental (fire)
    *Wheel Elemental (fire)
    Hammer Comet
    *Sword Elemental (fire)
    *Ninja Firewave
    Ice elemental powers and attacks:
    *Tornado Elemental (ice)
    *Bomb Elemental (ice)
    *Wheel Elemental (ice)
    *Sword Elemental (ice)
    Electric elemental powers and attacks:
    *Tornado Elemental (electric)
    *Bomb Elemental (electric)
    *Wheel Elemental (electric)
    U.F.O. Beam
    *U.F.O. Shield
    Sword Elemental (electric)
    Cutting powers and attacks (non-elemental, but worth mention):
    Ninja Star
    Ninja Blade
    Animal Slash
    Magic Cards
    If a terrain item says that a certain element can damage it, any of the attacks
    or powers listed will work. Without further delay, on to the terrain!
    Simple bushes and shrubs. Can obscure vision and hold items, but usually not a
    big problem. Fire elemental attacks and cutting attacks can handle them easily,
    although differently. Triple Star works, too.
    Water is a problem in Kirby games, although not to the extent of most platform
    games, as it seriously hampers Kirby's ability to fight. Some powers can use
    water to their benefit, most notably ice element powers (for turning water to
    ice) and electric elemental (which sends sparks along the surface). Some powers
    can be used almost completely in the water (U.F.O, Sword, Hammer, Parasol) and
    a few can traverse the surface (Ninja, Wheel).
    Usually in the form of ice blocks, although it can coat the ground as either
    frost or snow. Left alone, ice proves a slight problem as Kirby will slide one
    way or the other. Ice blocks can be shattered with most any non-ice elemental
    attack, and all ice can be melted by fire elemental attacks or the Laser or
    Triple Star powers. If the snow collects into drifts, the Animal power can also
    dig through it. Finally, Tornado and Wheel can gain the ice element by touching
    Clouds don't pose any major threat on their own, but they can block off some
    items and passageways. To deal with clouds, any fire attack or the Laser power
    will work just fine (as will the Triple Star power). For this reason, if you
    need the clouds there as platforms (the boss of World 3 comes to mind) don't
    use a fire attack.
    Simple enough, ropes connect ceilings and floors together, and can hold up some
    platforms. If you feel inclined to destroy them, use any cutting power (or
    Triple Star). This works with chains too, but you can instead use any electric
    power to send sparks through the chain to electrify both platforms.
    These platforms can move on their own, stand still, or dissipate after a time
    or if stepped on. They're not an obstacle you can affect destructively, but
    electric attacks will charge the stormcloud with energy, zapping any nearby
    Essentially, dirt poses as ground, but is usually a good place to find items.
    The only power in the game that can get through dirt is the Animal power (or
    Triple Star if you hit with the actual weapon and not the stars).
    This fire-based environmental threat, simply enough, damages Kirby if he hits
    it, as it does any ability stars or enemies that touch it. It can be cooled by
    ice elemental powers, and most other powers will reheat it. Wheel and Tornado
    gain the fire element if they hit this.
    Reinforced blocks:
    Signified by a light grey color and thick border, reinforced blocks can take
    punishment from most sources with ease. Only a few attacks can break them.
    These attacks are Hammer, Fighter, Throw, Metal, Triple Star, U.F.O. Cannon,
    and Magic Puppet. Also, cannons can break them, but they need to be lit and
    loaded first.
    These lead to cannons, simply enough, which, when lit, will fire them once the
    flame reaches the cannon. It helps if you have ammo inside (namely, Kirby) but
    if you can't light it, then it's useless. Use a fire elemental power, Laser, or
    Triple Star to do so.
    Open Conduits:
    These electrical hazards act the same as fire or lava, but with an electric
    charge instead of extreme heat. They can't be destroyed, but you can still
    gain an electric element from them with Wheel or Tornado.
    Tough blocks such as these can only be melted by a fire elemental attack or
    the Triple Star. You won't find many of these, and when you do, you'll usually
    have a fire power available.
    Conductive surfaces:
    Effectively, if you hit metal or water with an electric elemental attack, it
    will shoot sparks in both directions that will travel along the surface, going
    past corners and over different types of surfaces if need be. A useful tactical
    Sturdy wooden posts can be found on occasion that lead to hidden paths or move
    chests to your position. They can be smashed in with Hammer, Metal, or Magic
    Mixing information [MIX]:
    The inventory system of Squeak Squad seems pretty plain at first glance. Whee,
    holding things. However, by using the mixing abilities properly, you can have
    almost any power that you need at any time. But before I go into that, the
    Inventory items are usually found in bubbles or chests throughout Popstar. When
    swallowed or touched, provided Kirby's copy palette (or gut, as it were) has an
    open space, the item falls on to the Touch Screen, where it can be used by just
    tapping the item in question. Easy.
    Should you wish to collect a chest, it goes to the copy palette as well, taking
    a space as normal. However, if you get hit by a Squeak member, you'll drop a
    chest (and should do what you can to recover it). If you can keep all the
    chests you find through the level, you're rewarded with their contents (or a
    random item if you've gotten that chest already) at the end.
    If that was the extent of the Copy Palette System, that would make for a poor
    addition. However, you can improve the contents of the palette by combining
    them. Just drag one item onto another compatible one and release and the
    process will start.
    If you have the Bubble power, you can turn enemies into bubble items that go to
    your palette as well, which is useful for mixing.
    Food recipes:
    Weak food + weak food = Cherry
    (Weak food being the kind that Squeaks drop)
    Cherry + Cherry = Soda pop
    Soda pop + any lesser or equal food besides weak food = Meat
    Meat + any lesser or equal food besides weak food = Maxim Tomato
    Maxim Tomato + Maxim Tomato = Random
    Candy + Candy = Random
    Star recipes:
    Normal star + normal star = Double Star
    Normal Star + any ability = Double Star
    Double Star + normal star = Giant Star
    Double star + any ability = Giant Star
    Giant Star + Giant Star = Random
    1up recipes:
    Kirby Bubble + Kirby Bubble = Double Kirby
    Double Kirby + Kirby Bubble = 1up
    Ability recipes:
    These work a bit differently than regular recipes. To start, you can take any
    two abilities on the palette and drag one to the other. If you don't lift the
    stylus or your finger or whatever, you can shake the pair to influence the kind
    of power they turn in to. Using this system, as long as you have enough palette
    abilities, you can get any ability in the game (barring Triple Star and Fighter
    which either does not have a bubble version or can't be gotten through mixing).
    The different "levels" of mixing are determined by bubble color and the tone
    that plays.
    Level 1 (Do, regular color bubbles):
    Wheel, Cupid, Tornado, Parasol, Hi-jump, Laser
    Level 2 (Re, regular color bubbles):
    Spark, Sword, Cutter, Ninja, Cupid, Laser, Bomb
    Level 3 (Mi, red bubbles):
    Fire, Bomb, Sleep
    Level 4 (Fa, blue bubbles that are more or less indistinguishable from regular
    Ice, Sleep
    Level 5 (So, green bubbles):
    Spark, Beam, Sleep
    Level 6 (La, white bubbles):
    Sword, Cutter, Sleep
    Level 7 (Ti, gold bubbles):
    Ninja, Animal, Metal, Sleep
    Level 8 (Do, multicolored bubbles):
    Bubble, Hammer, Throw, Magic, Sleep*, Ghost*, U.F.O.*, Random*, 1up*, Maxim
    Tomato*, lower level ability*
    Asteriked abilities turn up rarely at that stage.
    You cannot receive Ghost without the Ghost Medal.
    There are exceptions to ability mixing, though. These are usually dependent on
    copy scrolls for certain abilities. If you don't have the item, then these will
    return the normal result for the level you mix to. Otherwise, the results are
    invariably thus:
    Sword Scroll recipes:
    Sword + Fire = Fire Sword
    Sword + Ice = Ice Sword
    Sword + Spark = Thunder Sword
    Bomb Scroll recipes:
    Bomb + Ice = Ice Bomb
    Bomb + Spark = Thunder Bomb
    Ghost Medal recipes:
    Sleep + Sleep = Ghost
    I'm not sure for most of these, but I can guess from the Ghost version that
    inhaling two of the enemies with the necessary recipe simultaneously will grant
    the recipes listed here.
    Version History [VER]:
    Version 1.0: Pretty much all of it
    Version 1.1: Clarify Ninja symbol, fix wrong info in Bomb section
    Credits [CRE]:
    First off, thanks to Cjayc and GameFAQs.com for hosting this thing. How else am
    I to pass on knowledge of obscure topics which anyone with decent knowledge of
    the subject already knows about?
    Thanks also to miraclematter for their mixing chart, which I've more or less
    pirated on to here to stop the question from clogging the boards.
    Kudos, crashhedgehog$gmail*com, for pointing out what the symbol of the Ninja
    power was! Now I do not look so much like an uneducated fool!
    Thanks to Nintendo, HAL, and Flagship for designing Kirby: Squeak Squad, which
    has proven to be a rather amusing game.
    This guide was written by Kalir, who can be berated at
    replacing asteriks and dollar signs as necessary to get the right address.
    Lastly... thanks for putting up with this guide! Now get offa my lawn!

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