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    FAQ/Walkthrough by happysmileyguy

    Version: .6 | Updated: 02/27/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    1-	Legal Info
    This walkthrough may be used on these sites.
    2-	Intro (Note: I show how to defeat the Squeaks, even though many times it is 
    not necessary.)
    It’s so peaceful today; even the clouds are drowsy. It’s Kirby’s favorite time 
    of day, snack time! Today’s yummy snack is delicious shortcake! Time to dig in! 
    The shortcake Kirby was about to enjoy has mysteriously disappeared! It must be 
    the work of evil King Dedede. Well, there’s no time to waste, gotta get that 
    cake back! 
    3-	Walkthrough
    1-1	THE BEGINNING Difficulty: 1/10 
    Go forward and swallow the Waddle Dee and the Waddle Doo. If you wish to inhale 
    the Sparky ahead, you can swallow that too. The next door leads to a fire 
    giving enemy. This is also optional. Go forward, killing the Snooter with 
    whatever copy ability you have. The next door will lead you to a place where 
    you can simply float up, grab the 1up, and go onward. Go forward to the pond, 
    and dive in for a Maxim Tomato. Go out, kill the Waddle Dee, and find a bomb, 
    which you can blow up and get to the stage final door.
    1-2	LET’S GET GOING! Difficulty: 1/10 
    Go to the next part and grab the sword. Then go through the upcoming door and 
    then cut the grass. (Or use a different method.) The next room has a drumstick 
    and a cherry and mix those two together to get a Maxim Tomato. Go down and kill 
    Sword Knight. To the next room! Grab the treasure and get the Cutter ability. 
    What more can I say? Float over pits, kill enemies, and get to the goal door. 
    Beginning Notes
    1-3 GETTING A LITTLE HARDER… NOT MUCH. Difficulty: 1 ½/10
    This level introduces Flamers. Go right by them and cut the grass, cut more 
    grass… then kill the Flamer and cut MORE grass. The next door leads you to… 
    spikes! Go up the ladder, kill Snooter, and float over the spikes. Grab the 
    fire bubble and
    Use fire to burn this guy up. Inhale him, get ice.
    A door opens and it leads you to a drumstick. Take it and freeze water and 
    enemies. Go over the Gordo, and break the block to go past Gordo the II. A new 
    enemy pops up. Inhale it for the ability Animal. Use the B to dig through the 
    dirt, and find a treasure. Go under Gordo the III and through the door. Go to 
    the treasure…
    First, hit him with Animal and throw it away. Then wait for him to throw a 
    ninja star. Inhale it for Ninja, where you can simply press B again and again. 
    Go ahead to the goal door for two treasures.
    Fire scroll
    Sound Player
    1-4 INVINCIBLE! Difficulty 1 ½/ 10
    Let’s start this level off with a warpstar. Go past the Pengy to the next door. 
    Go up and kill the enemies if needed. Then go down to the door and use any of 
    the recommended abilities or inhale sword to get rid of the pesky blocks. You 
    now have a chest! Eat your cherries. Go up the next ladder and avoid the Sword 
    Knights. The next room involves a bomb, and a lollipop. Eat the lollipop to 
    becoming invincible! Then kill enemies and go to the chest. Go farther to meet 
    a door and Gordo. Any ability you have once you get the treasure is good for
    If you have cutter on your list of items, it would be helpful. You can also use 
    Time to go to the goal door and receive
    Graphic Piece
    Green Spray Paint
    Secret Door Key
    1-X IT’S A SECRET! Difficulty: 1.5/10 
    I would trade your ability (unless you LOVE it) for Ninja. The next door is 
    ahead, so go through it and downstairs, kill enemies, and then head to the next 
    door with bomb. Just go ahead to the next door through enemies and blocks. For 
    the next door, grab Hi-Jump. On the left side of the next fork, go to the door. 
    Hi-Jump through the blocks and get the treasure. Keep going to the door. High 
    jump all the way across a few times, and then enter the next room. Now, inhale 
    Boxin’ and grab a treasure.
    With Fighter, use your favorite moves to get this Squeak out. Time for the 
    Graphic Piece
    1-5 ARE WE AT THE CAKE YET? Difficulty: 0…
    Simply, burn all the barrels. Even the secret one on the very top. Time for the 
    Copy Palette (CHECK)
    1-B KING DEDEDE Difficulty: 0…
    Have fire from 1-5. OR you can use ice!
    Such a wimp… go ahead and go toward him. Then breath fire or ice on him. Wait, 
    what’s this? A treasure? He can also breathe you in and spit you out. Also, he 
    can hammer you.
    Boss Battle Badge
    Well, that was for nothing. The shortcake wasn’t in King Dedede’s possession! 
    Meet the Squeaks.
    WORLD 2
    2-1 SHORTCAKE SURPRISE Difficulty: 2/10
    Fall in love with the ability Cupid. Inhale him!… Or Sparky. The next room 
    under blocks is easy. Spark your way through the enemies and go to the next 
    door. Use cannons to go through this. Then, you will see a Bubble enemy in the 
    next room. It’s cleaning time for the enemies! When you get to the bomb part, 
    blow up the first, the second, and NOT the third. Go over it, then back under 
    to get a treasure! Go ahead to the next room for a treasure and
    Clean this guy with Bubble. These guys are too easy…
    To the goal door and your prize!
    Kirby’s Sounds
    Star Seal 
    There’s one left! Revisit 2-1. Sorry… people make mistakes… Just go to the 
    cannon room and go to the RIGHT, not left. OH! You get the Animal Scroll.
    2-2 REVIEW Difficulty: 2/10
    Jump up the stairs, go forward, and get the ability Cutter. You won’t need it 
    yet. Go to the door and find some enemies. Don’t bother with them, just get 
    Spark. Then smash the bricks and get the barrels. Go downstairs to push the 
    button and go to the two Waddle Doos. Inhale one and go through the door on the 
    bottom. Go downstairs and blow up the bomb and go through the door. It leads 
    you to a small Kirby. Go through the door and go right. You should find water. 
    There should be another small Kirby, so mix them together. Then go up. Do you 
    see the door? Well, there’s your treasure. Then get the small Kirby, and you’ve 
    got three. 1up! Go down through the weak floor and to the left, avoiding the 
    Shotzos. This next door is the entrance to
    Remember Cutter? Well, use that. If that doesn’t work for you, you should have 
    fire on your side also. If you go up, get the question mark, and then press the 
    button, and to your left is the goal.
    Citrus Spray Paint
    Ghost Medal 1
    2-3 DOUBLE SQUEAK Difficulty: 2/10
    Things are going well as we go to this world. Why don’t you go down to the door 
    and grab Wheel. Press B, and you should get to the goal in a matter of seconds. 
    Go under those blocks and to the large treasure.
    Use Cutter to follow him. I suggest this because you can maneuver the Cutter to 
    hit the Squeak.
    Go ahead to the right over the little Squeaks to another door. Now, you’ll want 
    Bubble. Use it to hit the bomb for a treasure. Then go right to the next door, 
    then right again for
    To beat animal, use Bubble when he does not attack you. He will not be 
    paralyzed when hit, so be careful. Swallow him once the deed is done.
    Go to the yellow dirt and dig for the small Kirby. Mix it with the one you 
    have. Then go back to the main ground and go to the next dirt opening. It 
    should lead you to another small Kirby for a 1up. Then go to the door. In the 
    next section, use Animal to your aid as you climb down and get cherries, more 
    cherries, and the Ninja Bubble. Go down and to the next door, but jump up. 
    You’ll get treasure you won’t want to miss. NOW you can go to the door. But…
    You should be able to beat this guy with Ninja, for you can use the wall cling 
    move. Then simply throw Ninja stars. Then go down, left and up for a cherry. Go 
    down from the weak floor. Now go right. Keep going and find a door for some 
    Copy Palette (PASTEL)
    Graphic Piece 
    Wheel Scroll
    2-4 NUISANCES Difficulty: 2/10
    Your warm welcome to this stage is a ball that rolls at you. Go under the next 
    weak floor, then over and to the next part. Please have Ninja. Go right and 
    avoid the falling rock near the metal, then kill the Waddle Dee and to the 
    door. Enemies… Go past them and speed run the falling rock. Go to the left and 
    hit the switch. The objective is to go down and get the treasure before the 
    rock does. The goal door is above your head, so go in and here is your list of
    Cutter Scroll
    2-5 DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS Difficulty: 2/10
    Ooo… spooky music. Whatever. Get Fire. If you burn your way through this part, 
    and float over the gaps, you should be fine. The door will lead to a place 
    where you can go down for Ice. Use it to stop the flames and kill the barrel. 
    Enjoy some soda. Then go to the next door. Freeze the enemies, then the small 
    flames. It should get you to the door. Grab both the bubbles, get wheel, and 
    get the treasure. Wheel your way through the next part. The next door, you 
    might want the Cutter in there. You have upgraded it, so use it on 
    Basically just use Cutter on him. He can go slow, but also fast. Just remember, 
    use Cutter, and inhale. Break the upcoming Metal Blocks for Treasure 2. Then go 
    up for the door. No more fire! Say goodbye to Metal and hello to the upcoming 
    Beam. Use it to blast the next block. Then go forward for
    Just run and hit the switch, then hit him with Fire. (The one you see near 
    The next door is to your right. 
    Beam Scroll
    Secret Door Key
    Graphic Piece
    2-X I CAN’T THINK OF A NAME Difficulty: 2/10
    You’re in the bushes. Go forward and swallow Fire. You can jump on the stairs 
    and burn the little lantern. Then burn through the Scarfies and kill the dark 
    Master Hand. Burn another little lantern up ahead and then the next one over 
    the water pit. Go through the door. Rush up the little ladders, avoiding the 
    Gordos and go up, burn the blocks, and go to the next Miniboss.
    I would suggest fast burning through him, then go to the right and then go back 
    to the left Repeat. Kill.
    Swallow Bonkers and go up to a wood stump. Hit it with Hammer. Then go through 
    the door for a treasure and cherries. Then blow up the bombs, go downstairs, 
    kill the gray blocks, get the one up, then go to the right. Hit the blocks and 
    then go on the bottom entrance. Destroy the enemy. Then the Snooter, and two 
    big Waddle Dees. You can take ice when you see the Pengy. The barrel has an 
    invincible lollipop. Go forward to the door and then PUSH THE BUTTON PUSH THE 
    Did you push the button? Great! Know kill the golden Waddle Dee for a treasure. 
    The next door is
    First run quickly then float upwards. Then go left, push the button, and it’s 
    Squeak Time. He might be in the hideout, so go on in there. If you still have 
    Hammer, use it. If not, you can corner him with Ice.
    Then go ahead for the metal enemy and kill him, then go to the left for the 
    Graphic Piece
    Secret Map 1
    Your vitality should be increased.
    2-B MOLEY Difficulty 0…
    Come in, grab Fire, and be prepared to totally put this guy to sleep. Whatever 
    hole Moley comes out of, breathe fire on him. It shouldn’t be too hard. However 
    though, I’m not kidding that Boss Three is a real toughie without Tornado. If 
    he appears in the background, and twinkles his eye, that means he’s going to 
    fall on you. With the small shadow, it will move back and forth. When the 
    shadow is big though, it will stay in one place. Then you will just avoid it 
    and breathe on the KO’d Moley.
    Boss Battle Badge
    Good Job! You’re getting through this game well. If you’re ready, why don’t we 
    start World 3? Hmm?
    WORLD 3
    3-1 GETTING LONG Difficulty 2.5/10
    Go forward and inhale Beam. Then float over the ledges and through the door. 
    Then in the next room just go down… and down… until you get to the door. Then 
    kill the enemies and go to the three brown blocks ahead. Bust them and the bomb 
    with Laser. Then more blocks, a mini Kirby, and go down for a treasure. Yay!
    Then hit the blocks and Sword Knight. Then go to the big patch of blocks. Find 
    the hidden one on the right above you. The door, I mean. Mini Kirby, then mix 
    the Kirby. OK, so go downwards and inhale the Fire and do the fast burning 
    move. (Right Right B.) Then go back and go down the ladder and down to burn the 
    Noddys. Then go ahead through the white door. Go down to the little Squeak 
    holding the treasure and 
    I would just suggest doing Normal, and hitting the Squeak with the little ones. 
    Once done, just take Animal. Why? I don’t know… go directly right to the exit.
    Graphic Piece
    Grape Spray Paint
    Spark Scroll
    3-2 BACK TO SHORT 1.5/10
    Inhale the Pengy and just go ahead, really, nothing to say. Also, take the 
    Bubble Soda. Next door ahead, you can see water. Explode the bomb you see with 
    your water blowing. Go to the door and get the 1up and go down for a treasure. 
    Then back up and go down and right, then up and through the door. Go forward…
    Boxy better be used to the cold, because we’re going to use Ice. Basically, 
    just get near her and blow. You should get hit about… once. Inhale her.
    Now go forward to the next room! It’s enemy central. With Magic, you should be 
    able to have a blast killing them. At the end, you’ll see
    With Magic, use the doves. You should be able to kill him easily. Then go 
    through the goal door.
    Familiar Notes
    Star Seal 2
    3-3 Difficulty 2.5/10
    As you go forward, don’t bother with Cutter. Go forward, and it should be a 
    pleasant path, because with Magic, you can use cards and doves. Next up, watch 
    out for falling bombs! Doves work though. When you see the blocks, go through 
    the door. Easy treasure, could it be any easier? Then get the soda and mix it 
    with the other soda. You’ll get meat. Go back and through the bombs. At this 
    point, I lost Magic, so go ahead for Cutter. Cut the rope and mix your three 
    little Kirby. When you see the second Cutter, cut the blocks under him. Now CUT 
    Go ahead and kill Golden Waddle Dee. Go back for a soda and the next door. Make 
    your way up the hill for the large treasure. There are three methods.
    METHOD 1- Cutter
    Go right near the button-activated door and use Cutter. Aim it downwards to hit 
    the switch then get the treasure.
    METHOD 2- Bomb
    As far as long range Bomb goes, hit the switch and then run up.
    METHOD 3- Bomb
    Put Bomb down next to the switch. Then go up as fast as you can and get the big 
    Now now, with bomb, you bomb him. Simple? With Cutter, you cut him. Simple? 
    Good! Either way, corner him.
    Secret Map 2
    Graphic Piece
    Ghost Medal 2
    3-4 PUZZLES AND CANNONS Difficulty 3/10
    Whatever your name is, Bubble is your game. Capture the upcoming Noddy in a 
    bubble. Mix it with your Throw. Shake them a lot first though. Then go ahead to 
    the next door. Light the fuse by swallowing Hothead, and then hop into the 
    cannon for some treasure. Go through the door then the next one. You’ll get a 
    warpstar. Hop on, and mix your soda with the chicken. Then quick burn your way 
    through the clouds. When you reach the end, go upwards, and burn the clouds for 
    a U.F.O. bubble. Pop it for yourself and go to the next room. Go through the 
    maze of clouds. Sorry, but you’ll have to leave U.F.O. for Fire. Then go up 
    through the weak floor and find the mini Kirby, mix it with your others, then 
    prepare for a puzzle. Go up but don’t hit the bomb block. First, you’re going 
    to want to go to the next one. Go ahead and use that one. Then go to that 
    little ledge that you see and blow up. (Meaning blow your fire breath up, not…) 
    Move right quickly to get the treasure. Up ahead…
    The unlucky Squeak. Go through that little maze you see, but don’t keep Fire, 
    because I like Ninja better. Get it from the Squeak. Corner him, and it might 
    take a while, but go ahead.  The door!
    Lavender Spray Paint
    Hi-Jump Scroll
    Secret Door Key
    3-5 THE RACE Difficulty 5/10 (Yeah, not a typo.)
    Basically, just go forward. Nothing remarkable. Next room simply follow the 
    clouds. Then prepare… for the race. This is skill. Dash ahead quickly or use 
    Fire to beat the treasure. At the end get it and go to the goal.
    Tornado Scroll
    3-X FORKS Difficulty 3/10
    Inhale Beam and beam the bomb and Heavy Knight. Go up the ladders in the next 
    room, and keep going left. At the fork with blocks, turn right. Then hit the 
    bomb and go through the door. Go down then over the blocks. Hit the bomb then 
    speed dash over the blocks to collect the treasure. Go back, then basically 
    there are no forks. Just go down the ladders and avoid the three Gordos. Up the 
    next ladder and hit the bomb block. Then the next one, and then down the 
    ladders. On the fork, right. Go into the cannon and through the door for a 
    treasure. Then go upward and go to the next treasure. Now get ready for the 
    fourteenth Déjà vu. 
    From 3-5, have the bubble Spark, or somewhere else, and
    OK, this guy is annoying! However though, electrify him against the wall. Have 
    Next, you want to go through the door and the maze. No, no Squeak worries. Just 
    through the maze and the door. Make sure to get your treasure if you lose it. 
    Goal door!
    Orange Spray Paint
    Graphic Piece
    3-B DARK KRACKO Difficulty 3/10
    Take Tornado. Tornado your way through! That’s all! Really! Yea! Oh, and he has 
    two health bars. The first time through, all the clouds are there and he has no 
    Spark attacks. On the second time, he has Spark attacks and eliminates the 
    clouds. (They come back.)
    WORLD 4
    4-1 ANOTHER REVIEW Difficulty 2.5/10
    Go forward and inhale Cutter. Then keep going through the grass and collecting 
    little Kirby. When you get to the point with the treasure, stand near the 
    button-activated door. Then throw Cutter and aim it down, then go through the 
    door. Have we done this before? Then cut the lantern and grab the treasure. 
    Next room, we’ve got a
    To defeat Box Boxer, use Cutter. When he goes toward you, jump over him. Same 
    thing when he charges a missile at you.
    Take Fighter. Next room, just go up the blocks by using Fighter. Then in the 
    next room, you should copy Laser, then use it to hit all the bomb blocks. The 
    first one is above your head. Treasure! When you get out of the pit, go right 
    for a door. Then go down, and then use the ladders, left or right. Keep going 
    until you hit the star blocks. Then hit the star blocks. Get the tomato and hit 
    the bomb blocks. Then go through the next door. Take Fire. The treasure is in 
    the big patch of grass. Oh man…
    U.F.O. should make this battle go faster. You can use it just like the Squeak 
    does, to fly, aim, and SHOOT! Next door, ahead.
    Graphic Piece
    Shadow Spray Paint
    Bubble Scroll
    4-2 FIREY COURSE Difficulty 2.5/10
    Go forward until you see the star blocks. Make your way through them. When you 
    see Hothead, inhale him. Jump over the ledge and fast-burn your way through the 
    gray blocks for a question mark. Keep going until you get to a patch of star 
    blocks. Take the soda and go through the door. Then fast-burn to the sword 
    bubble. Go ahead and take that. Go up the ladder then left. There’s Gordo on 
    the ladder. Then right, then up. Then left, then up. It’s over now. Go right 
    and to the door. Burn Ninja. Then float up on that green ledge. Burn again. 
    Then back down from there until you see the next lantern. Burn again, forward, 
    then float up and left to another lantern. Go left for a lantern in a patch of 
    grass. Go down for the treasure. Go back the way you came then farther right 
    for some grass and the door. In the grass is a Maxim Tomato, so don’t miss 
    that. You probably won’t need it for
    This is odd. Wait for the Squeak to take his treasure then go to the hideout. 
    Burn him before he has a chance to go in, then take the treasure and continue 
    the burning process. If you’re lucky, he’ll be over the edge.
    Now, go through the goal door on the right.
    Yellow Spray Paint
    Star Seal 3
    4-3 ROCKY ROAD Difficulty 2.5/10
    Go forward, then hit the door and go forward until you see the bomb block. It 
    activates a rock, so go in that little ditch. When the rock is done, come out. 
    Go past the Snooter to the spiky things. Then go up, and you’ll see rumbling. 
    Water! Ah! Follow it and come out to a cherry bubble. Burst the next bomb block 
    and go up. Kill all the enemies with Laser, then at the end, get the treasure 
    chest above all those blocks. Go up the ladder and use the left cannon. You’re 
    in a dark room. Break all the barrels that you see until one has a treasure. 
    Then in the next room is
    I’d rather just avoid this guy, but take his treasure, and if you want to 
    defeat him for his health, just Wheel, back and forth, back and forth, back 
    and… the door’s on the right.
    Copy Palette (INDUSTRIAL)
    Metal Scroll
    Vitality Up!
    4-4 FORKS 2 Difficulty 3/10
    Inhale Spark and continue to get auras around you. Kill all the enemies, and 
    when you see the button, press it and go down the door. There you’ll kill the 
    Heavy Knights and get the 1up in the barrel. You can go back now. Go through 
    the upper door. Do that aura thing to get through the enemies, then go through 
    the door. Down the ladder and get mini Kirby. At the end, finish at the right 
    exit for a Golden Waddle Dee challenge. Simply go down quickly with Spark, 
    you’ll get him. Then go up the ladder to the white door. Inhale Fire and go the 
    up route.
    When he’s near the ground, use the fire breath. When his bubbles are popped, 
    use the quick fire.
    Alright, go left and to the cannon. Then follow the enemies and go down for a 
    bomb block. Then go right and down the ladder. Killing the barrels, take your 
    chicken pop it if necessary, and mix the little Kirby. Then go through the door 
    and take Fire. Use it to melt the weak blocks. Go back and get to the two 
    doors. This time, go on the bottom. Get up, and go to the right door with Fire 
    breath. Then grab the treasure and do a quick 
    Corner him against a wall and Fire breathe him. It shouldn’t be too hard. Then 
    go right through the door for
    Hello? We just did this guy. Kill HIM WITH THE SAME STRATEGY.
    Graphic Piece
    Secret Map 3
    Secret Door Key
    4-X SHORT THEN LONG Difficulty 2/10
    Go forward to the door, then float up, and up, and pop Bomb. Keep going up to 
    the door then go forward and avoid the rocks. Then go ahead and get Beam. Go 
    down and the left to get a treasure then go right to the door. Go down the star 
    blocks and keep going and get to the Snooters. Do not get the mini Kirby but go 
    forward. Then press the button, go through the spikes, then float upwards to a 
    chest. Bomb block, then float up to the door. Float over the blocks and go on 
    the yellow platform. Then inhale Fire, and keep going up to the door. Hit the 
    button, then the chest, then
    Ah, good old Fire. Use it for another corner, then claim your sweet sweet 
    Then go through the maze and to the next door.
    A double Squeak again, and Fire is your guy. Then go down to the door.
    Party Notes
    Ghost Medal 3
    Ice Scroll
    4-5 QUICK RACE Difficulty: 4/10
    Sorry, this is less of a thing I can instruct you for. Then go ahead and just 
    try to dash down. It works.
    Laser Scroll
    4-B DOC’S MACHINE Difficulty 3/10
    Ah, Tornado is awesome. You can use it to totally kill Doc’s Machine. Just 
    Tornado him. Also, he can drop rocks on you and shoot lasers. It shouldn’t take 
    you long.
    Boss Battle Badge
    WORLD 5
    5-1 MAGIC Difficulty 2/10
    Go up and take Fire.  Light the fuse and get to the cannon. Quick! Then grab 
    Magic and a Maxim Tomato. Next room, don’t bother about Throw. Just use Magic 
    to bust through all the spikes. Then when you get to the Blocks, get the 
    treasure and mix some mini Kirby. Then float to the next door. Go up and burst 
    some bomb blocks. When you get to the button door go next to it then dove the 
    button. Go right for a treasure. Then go up and get the door. Now go ahead and 
    get the Squeaker holding the treasure and get it and
    Use whatever Magic ability you would like to defeat him. Doves are my favorite. 
    Go to the door on the right.
    Parasol Scroll
    Enemy Sounds
    Star Seal 4
    5-2 FIREY FATE Difficulty 2/10
    Go forward and inhale Fire. Fast burn to the door. Next room, Fire the enemies 
    and keep going up. Then when you see the lavafall, go up and hit the button. 
    Then get the treasure a little bit down. Then go to the door. Next room there 
    is nothing. Just go forward or fast burn. There’s a chicken up above. Then 
    above and to the right is a door. Fast burn this room, but go to a secret door 
    on the left. Follow the buttons then get the treasure between the cannons. Go 
    ahead and go up and the door. Go ahead and hit the button. It’s under your 
    feet. Use Fire to hit it and take the treasure. Up by floating you can get 
    Well, just stand there behind the first wall of Fire and when the Squeak comes 
    close, make a Sword combo on him. Then go forward to the door.
    Ivory Spray Paint
    Graphic Piece
    Hammer Scroll
    5-3 MINIBOSS TOWER Difficulty: 3/10
    At the beginning, you’ll find four available copies. Take Fire. Now go up for
    Continue to fast burn through him, and you’ll be all right. It’s the safe way. 
    Now take Hammer.
    Next room, there’s going to be another boss. For now, just pound the stump and 
    get the treasure.
    With Hammer, this guy is no toughie. Use whatever Hammer abilities work best 
    for you, or try out the new one. All of them are fine.
    Well, you’re at the next room. Dig to get the treasure and go up for
    Well, Animal is not the best for this guy. You will want to wait until he goes 
    into a ball and gets trapped, then claw him. Repeat. Kill. Now inhale.
    In the next room is an opportunity to use Metal. Do the ball move to stomp the 
    blocks. Next room…
    Metal isn’t really a good advantage, so go in the hideout for something nice. 
    Then kill him with that. I think it’s Hammer, so simply use the same strategy 
    as you did for Animal. Next room, up the ladder and to the door.
    Graphic Piece
    Ninja Scroll 
    5-4 FIREY FATE, THE CASTLE EDITION Difficulty: 3/10
    Go forward and up to inhale Tornado, it rocks. Then go to that Fire castle.
    ROOM 1: Tornado through it.
    ROOM 2: Tornado up it.
    Now, back to the original setup. In the next room, take Fire. You’ll see some 
    star blocks above your head at some point. Get them. If you remember world 2-X, 
    I said PRESS THE BUTTON. Here in 5-4, DON’T. Kill the Golden Waddle 
    Dee and go back to the room before. Finish it by going right, then through that 
    door. Now, it’s RACE TIME! Fire is useful, so fast burn your way through the 
    race course. It’s right, then down, then fast burn left. Fast burn all the way, 
    then go to where the door opened and collect your prize. Then go to the door 
    under the Noddy. Oh crap, here’s
    To do this one, simply go through those flames and then go up the yellow 
    things. You’ll find that it’s easier to wait until Mr. U.F.O. goes in his 
    hideout, then defeat him there with Fire.
    Secret Map 4
    Red Spray Paint
    Secret Door Key.
    5-X 5 DOORS Difficulty 1.5/10
    You’ll see 5 doors. Here are separate walkthroughs and the correct order. It 
     1 2 3
      4 5
    DOOR 5
    Go through the course by hitting the button and dashing. Get Ice and the 1up. 
    Yay, door.
    DOOR 2
    Use your Ice breathe to get all the fire in the course gone. Go to the right 
    once up the ladder with two flames and take the treasure. Now go to the left. 
    Go down, get Hammer, and smash the stump. Go through the door.
    DOOR 1 
    Just hit all the stumps until you see Heavy Knight. Break the barrel next to 
    him for a chest and go back up to the door.
    DOOR 3
    For this one, I simply rushed through the flames and lost Hammer. It was OK, 
    because when I got to the hideout I used the strategy of sucking the blocks up. 
    It’s OK. 
    Now go right and down the star blocks. Another door for you. Then go right and 
    through the door.
    Sleep Scroll
    Ghost Medal 4
    (Excuse me, but does anyone know what this chest is? Thanks.)
    5-B FIRE OWL Difficulty 2/10
    Excuse me, is this game possible without Tornado? Well, it is, but use it for 
    Fire Owl. Be careful when he raises his foot, because he’ll try and swoop at 
    you. He’ll also try to drop little fire balls.
    Boss Battle Badge
    Version 0.1 Got about World 1 done, not much.
    Version 0.2 Added some more info, made this, the history section.
    Version 0.25 Got some of World 2 done.
    Version 0.3 Finished World 2.
    Version 0.35 Finished about half of World 3.
    Version 0.4 Done with World 3, added some tricks, also updated some boss info.
    Version 0.45 Finally done with half of World 4!
    Version 0.51 I just started with World 5!
    Version 0.56 It’s taking me a while, but we’ll get to the end of W5 soon. I’m a 
    little more than half finished.
    Version 0.6 Well, I’m almost done with the walkthrough. I have a few tricks 
    Did you notice? If you take a copy ability bubble, then mix it with another, 
    but shake it first, the tone changes, and you get better mixed abilities. Also-
    Fire + Sword = Fire Sword
    Ice + Sword = Ice Sword
    Spark + Sword = Lightning Sword
    Ice + Bomb = Ice Bomb
    Spark + Bomb = Lightning Bomb
    Simply keep going to World 1-3, and you’ll get to the part with the chicken and 
    the cherry, then get the Maxim Tomato. Keep going until you can get up to 4 
    Maxim tomatoes. Do you really need that many?
    Again, go to World 1. This time 1-1. Keep going to the 1-up place, and get it 
    again, and again, and you shouldn’t need more than 10. If you’re a good player, 
    you shouldn’t need this or the Maxim tomato trick at all.

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