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    Treasure Guide by Clario

    Version: 0.6 | Updated: 01/16/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    This guide is Copyright 2008 Charles Lorena, AKA, GameMastaClario.
    RB  IR        RB    YK         KI   YK         KI      YK  YK 
    BY KI         YK    IR         RB   IR         RB       IRBY
    YKK           IR    BYKIRBYKIRBY    BY         Y         YK
    KI KI         BY    KI RBY          KIRBYKIRBYKIR        IR
    IR  IR        KI    RB  BYK         RBYKIRBYKIRB         BY
    RB   RB       RB    YK    YKI       YK         KI        KI
    BY    BY      BY    IR      KIR     IRYKIRBYKIRBY        RB  
    YK     YK   KIRBYK  BY        IRB   BYKIRBYKIRBY         YK
    Table of Contents- Wanna find something?
    If you wish to find something quickly, hit Ctrl + F then type the number
    next to the topic you wish to look at.
    To search for a certain level, search in the manner #-#. For example, you want
    Level 5, Stage 2. So, you search for 5-2.
    1.0 Intro
    2.0 Version History
    3.0 Treasures
    4.0 Treasure Locations
    5.0 Thanks to...
    6.0 Legal Stuff
    1.0 Intro- y harro thar
      Hi, everyone. This is GameMastaClario- oh wait, I'm not doing a YouTube 
    Heh, well, I hope some of you reading this are fans of me. Anyway, since I am
     a big fan of Kirby, I decided to write a guide for this. This is my first 
    time doing a text guide, and not a video guide, so I hope all of this goes
    well. I'm not even sure if I'm doing this right! 
      I hope this guide helps you out. Read on!
    Note, that I will not be marking any spoilers.
    2.0 Version History- Updates and what not!
    Version 0.6
    Just added something to the legal area. Two new sites added to the website
    Version 0.5 
    First wrote this guide! Huzzah.
    3.0 Treasures- View Collected Items
      There are a lot of treasure chests in this game, and each has a unique
    treasure in it. The types of treasures are:
    Star Seals: There are 5 of these in the game, all before Level 7. Glowing
    chests hold them. You need to find these in order to access Level 7.
    Collection Screen: Shows the five star seals in a X pattern in a space 
    In-game Description: Collect them all for a surprise?
    Collection Room Description: Collect them all!
    Sound Player: The sound test item, gotten early in the game. Lets you play
    Collection Screen: The top screen has two speakers, while the bottom screen
    is where you choose what song or sound you wish to hear.
    In-game Description:
    Collection Room Description: Listen to Music.
    Vitality: Sort of like Health Pieces in the Legend of Zelda series, except you
    only need 2 pieces instead of 4/5 pieces. Every two pieces nets you a bigger
    health bar. There are 4 upgrades, and 8 pieces of heart.
    Collection Screen: Shows the four hearts in a row, along with your health bar.
    If you didn't collect all of the Vitality, it shows a shadow of the biggest
    health bar.
    In-game Description:
    Collection Room Description: Get 2 for Extra Life
    Hidden Door Keys: Found in random stages in Levels 1-7, they open up an Extra
    stage in the Level.
    Collection Screen: Shows the world map. If you got the Key in that Level, it
    shows up above the Level.
    In-game Description:
    Collection Room Description: Opens Hidden Stages
    Ghost Medal Pieces: Found in one stage in Levels 2-7, there are six of these
    in all. Collect them all to release a ghost named Ghost Sorceror into the
    levels. These mini-bosses will replace some mini-bosses!
    Collection Screen: Shows the medal pieces you have so far. Shows a completed
    medal if you have all the pieces.
    In-game Description: Kirby's a... ghost?
    Collection Room Description: Kirby's a ghost...
    Ability Scrolls: Once found for an ability, they let you do an advanced tech
    with it! Epicness, right? There are 23 Scrolls.
    Collection Screen: Shows shadows of the ability icons, with a greyed out
    scroll in the background. Shows the scroll in front of the ability it belongs
    to if you obtained it.
    In-game Description: New ability memorized!
    Collection Room Description: Enhanced Abilities
    Music Sheets: They are what enable you to listen to music with the Sound
    Player. That's all. There are 11 Sheets.
    Collection Screen: The top screen shows all the Music Sheets you own in a
    sideways 8 pattern. The bottom screen has a shortcut to the soundplayer, along
    with the quit bubble.
    In-game Description:
    Collection Room Description: Enjoy Favorite Tunes
    Boss Battle Badges: They're more like trophies, but whatever. Collect all of
    these to open up Boss Endurance in the Sub-Games menu. There are 8 Badges.
    Collection Screen: Shows all the bosses in a circle, shown in counter-
    clockwise order. The badges are all on golden stands, with a red background
    and a spotlight shining onto them.
    In-game Description:
    Collection Room Description: Collect them all! (How original.)
    Spray Paint: Spray paint! It lets you change your color from that boring pink
    into any other colors! All the colors from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror come
    back, along with some new ones. There are 19 colors.
    Collection Screen: Shows your Kirby with it's current color along with it's
    color name under it in a theater-like box. The bottom screen has all the
    colors you've found so far.
    In-game Description:
    Collection Room Description: Change your color.
    Interesting fact: Ocean is lighter than it was in KatAM. Also, your color
    will save, so if you're Sapphire when you turn off, you will be Sapphire when
    you turn on!
    Copy Palette: It lets you change your bottom screens pattern, AKA, Kirby's
    belly. Yeah. Gross. There are 6 Palletes.
    Collection Screen: Shows your current Pallete on the top screen, with the ones
    you've gotten on the bottom.
    In-game Description: Change your pallete style.
    Collection Room Description: Change the Style.
    Secret Map: A map to leading to a secret tower in the middle of the world map!
    It holds every single ability in the game, including Triple Star and Ghost.
    Even UFO! There are 7 pieces of the map.
    Collection Screen: Shows collected pieces of the map on the top screen.
    In-game Description:
    Collection Room Description: Map of Secret Area.
    Graphic Piece: Simply put, pictures. There are 19 pieces in all.
    Collection Screen: The first picture is Kirby on a Warpstar. The second
    picture is a picture of Ninja, Sword, Magic, Animal, and Bubble Kirby. The
    third picture has Kirby running away from the Squeak Squad holding a chest.
    The last picture has King DeDeDe, Nightmare, Marx, Dark Mind and ??? in
    a picture.
    In-game Description: Part of a Big Picture
    Collection Room Description: Various Graphics
    If anyone could confirm the name of the last boss for me, please do so.
    Shortcake: A piece of cake. Maybe the one from the beggining scene? There is
    1 cake. It's not a lie, and it's not baked by a princess, either.
    Collection Screen: A picture of a strawberry cake. Oh great, now I'm hungry!
    In-game Description:
    Collection Room Description: Strawberry Cake
    4.0 Treasure Locations- Let's Play Squeak Squad!
    * = Spinni, the ninja mouse, will attack when you get this chest.
    ** = Storo, the fat mouse, will attack when you get this chest.
    *** = Doc, the UFO mouse, will attack when you get this chest.
    LEVEL 1- Prism Plains
    No Chests.
    1st: In the 5th room, above you where you start. 
    1st: In the 4th room, use Animal to go into the dirt. The treasure chest is 
    located near the 1-Up. 
    *2nd: You are forced to jump through it. There is no reason you can miss it. 
    1st: In the 4th room, above the Heavy Knight is a platform. Above the platform
    are two Star Blocks. Jump into them to break them, and the chest is on a 
    platform above where the Star Blocks were previously.
    2nd: In the 5th room, grab the Lolipop and run throught the room without 
    jumping. You should fall into a pit with spikes with the chest in the middle. 
    Grab it and jump out.
    **3rd: In the 6th room, it is above you.
    1st: All the way at the ceiling of the room. Float all the way up.
    1st: In the 3rd room, take the left side when jumping up. Enter the door 
    inside, then break the brown blocks to gain access to this chest.
    ***2nd: In the 5th room, the treasure chest is on a yellow moving platform. 
    Just chase it until you get it.
    1st: Beat the crap out of King Dedede.
    LEVEL 2- Nature Notch
    1st: In the 3rd room, when you have to choose to break through either the 
    left or right wall, choose to break open the right wall. The treasure chest 
    will pop out of the barrel.
    2nd: In the 4th room, there is a part where there are three Bomb Blocks. 
    Break open the first two only, and jump over the third wall instead of 
    breaking it. Then, run under the platform to get the chest.
    *3rd: In the 5th room, it above you when you start. Walk a bit foward and 
    there it is.
    1st: From the 3rd room, float up the first hole you see, and enter the door.
    The treasure chest is inside the room.
    **2nd: Storo will grab it the instant you get in the room. If you have Sword,
    press Up B to preform Final Cutter and hit Storo with it. Otherwise, quickly
    slide through the blocks, float up the platforms, then smack Storo quickly.
    ***1st: In the 3rd room, use Wheel to pass the spikes without taking damage
    (or run through the spikes if you feel like it) to grab the chest.
    Holds Copy Pallete, Pastel.
    2nd: In the 4th room, use Bubble's B -> Up on Control Pad move to hit the
    Bomb Block. The treasure chest will fall.
    3rd: You need Animal for this treasure chest. Dig into the dirt and keep to
    the right in order to spot this treasure chest.
    Note: If you got the 1st Treasure Chest, Doc will attack you in the 7th Room.
    1st: In the 2nd room, run. Stay in front of the 2nd Boulder or else the path
    leading to the chest will close off.
    1st: In the 3rd room, near the beggining, there is a door with flames
    surrounding it. Use Ice to put them out or jump over them to enter the door
    which contains the chest.
    2nd: In the 4th room, defeat Metal Golem and gain the Metal abilty, then use
    it's Down B move to break the blocks and get the Treasure Chest.
    *3rd: In the 6th room, Spinni will grab the chest the instant you start.
    Run down the path and hit Spinni to get the chest from her.
    As it is easy to get lost, I will describe the whole level.
    From room 2, climb up two sets of ladders, then break the Bomb Block. Climb
    up the next one and break through the Star Blocks. Make sure you have 
    1st: After defeating Bonkers in room 2, eat him and pound the peg that
    follows. The room revealed has the chest in it.
    2nd: When you have to choose up or down, enter the bottom path. Eventually,
    you'll see a Golden Waddle Dee. Hit the switch quickly and then kill it.
    **3rd: Rush to the top of room 7 and try to hit Storo before he gets in the 
    base. If he gets in, follow him and beat him up.
    1st: Beat up Mrs. Mole for this chest.
    5.0 Thanks To- I'd like to thank the academy...
    Nintendo, for hiring HAL Laboratories!
    HAL Laboratories, for hiring Sakurai!
    Sakurai, for making Kirby so awesome!
    Pwnerkirby666 for inspiring me to actually write a guide.
    kirbyparufo for writing the guide I used to find out the Ghost Sorceror's 
    You, for reading this!
    If you have any questions, please e-mail me at ExiledSmasher@hotmail.com.
    6.0 Legal Stuff- Sign here, sign there, ove- no, don't read that fine print.
    Kirby and all related stuff is Copyright HAL Laboratories.
    All other trademarks and copyrights contained in this document I may have
    mentioned are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This guide should only be published under GameFAQ, Neoseeker, Super Cheats and
    any of my sites.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.

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