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    Score FAQ by kaokengoku2

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    Elite Beat Agents Game Analysis FAQ
                 - Started and Completed Dec 10, 2006
    -updated Dec 12, 2006 (thanks to Kool Kid Joe for update on the "elite beat")
        - this fixes up some stuff which were wrong in my FAQ
    Start of FAQ
    This is an FAQ that describes some of the finer points of this game. However,
    I will not say anything about the multiplayer part of the game since I know no
    one who actually plays this game. In fact, the only reason I know that some
    people may actually look at this FAQ is because I've seen posts of pro EBA
    players on youtube and have seen comments by people who are struggling with
    Cruisin' mode (whom may actually be compelled to look at this FAQ). I didn't
    do very much formatting, so it's a little disorganized but the information is
    (Actually, FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. So I guess this isn't
    really a FAQ, it is a written analysis of this game. I merely called it an FAQ
    because that's what this type of analysis is usually referred to as within the
    gamefaq.com website)
    The Elite-o-meter
    Your health is the Elite-o-meter. You will need to keep this non-empty to
    complete a song. Depending on which song and which difficulty you are playing,
    your health will constantly decrease at some rate while you play (but not
    while you are viewing a cutscene). You must constantly keep increasing your
    health to counter this effect.
    In Breezin', the meter hardly decreases as the song goes by. In HARD ROCK, it
    goes down really fast.
    The meter comes in two chunks: the "no" part and the "yes" part. Basically, if
    you dip below some certain amount of health, you will be in the "no" part.
    Otherwise the "yes" part. There is also a "!" part, but that is still the "no"
    part of the meter except it's telling you that you're about to lose.
    Now, each song comes with 2-4 checkpoints (each checkpoint comes at some fixed
    time during the song). If you arrive at a checkpoint with a "no" as your health,
    then you will receive a negative cutscene (i.e. not a "happy" cutscene).
    Otherwise, you will get a positive cutscene.
    To pass a song, you need not complete the song with all positive cutscenes (you
    may still pass it even if you receive a negative cutscene for all of them). To
    pass, you simply need to prevent your health meter from going empty.
    The Hit Marker
    This object is simply a circle icon with a number in it and some type of filled
    color. There will exist a larger circle (with no fill) that will encompass the
    marker and linearly decrease in diameter until the diameter is very small (which
    will then disappear along with the marker) or when you tap the marker.
    To successfully hit the marker, you must tap the inside of the marker when the
    big round circle is VERY NEAR the edge of the marker. Depending on how near it
    is, you will gain a certain point value for your tap. I will orderly list these
    points in descending order with respect to the diameter of the circle.
    Miss - no where near the marker's edge (but still hit the marker)
    50 - somewhat near the marker's edge
    100 - very near the marker's edge
    300 - right on the marker's edge
    100 - very near the marker's edge
    50 - somewhat near the marker's edge
    Miss - you didn't hit it
    You'll know if you miss the marker when there is an X on the marker.
    You will receive a certain amount of health for each point:
    300 - medium health gain
    100 - small health gain
    50 - very small health gain
    Miss - lose health
    Take note that sometimes a hit marker will have 2 larger circles encompassing
    the hit marker. That means there is another hit marker right underneath the
    current hit marker. The outer, larger, circle will tell you when to hit the
    other marker.
    The Phrase Marker
    This object has a marker (that has a number), which I call a start marker, and
    has a "slide" that runs out of it and stops at another marker (that doesn't have
    a number), which I call an end marker. In this end marker, either a curled arrow
    or nothing will appear, Also, sometimes there exists small dots within the
    To successfully finish this marker, one must tap the start marker, like you
    would a regular marker, but you must continue sliding your stylus across the
    "slide" until it reaches the end marker. If there is a curled arrow in the end
    marker, you must continue sliding backwards towards the start marker. The start
    marker may also have a curled arrow now, so keep your stylus sliding across the
    slide until it reaches an end marker without a curled arrow. However, when you
    tap the start marker, a ball will come out and roll across the "slide". It is
    the case that you must have the stylus within the ball while you move across the
    (More accurately, you don't necessarily need the stylus on the ball at all
    times, only when the ball is on a small dot)
    Each part of the phrase marker merits points:
    start marker - 30 points
    small dot - 10 points
    end marker with a curled arrow - 30 points
    end marker without a curled arrow - 50-300 points
    You will gain a certain amount of points for finishing the phrase marker with a
    certain performance:
    Miss - did not touch any of the phrase marker
    50 - touched less 60% of the phrase marker
    100 - touched between 60%-100% of the phrase marker
    300 - touched all of the phrase marker
    (Remember that the only parts that matter in the phrase marker would be the
    start marker, the small dots, and the end marker. You DO NOT have to have your
    stylus on the slide at all times. However, it is best that you do.)
    (Also, if you touched the start marker within a "100 point" range, like if you
    had tapped a hit marker, you may still get the full 300 points in the end.)
    The Spin Marker
    This object fills the entire screen. It has a large circle (with no fill) that
    decreases in diameter until the diameter reaches 0. There is a background with a
    "wheel" that you can drag in a circular motion.
    To successfully complete this marker, one must to start drag the "wheel" around
    the center using the stylus in either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.
    To finish, you must drag the wheel at some minimum speed for some time (which
    will also increase a gauge in the background) before the diamter of the large
    circle reaches 0. You will know when you complete the marker when the gauge
    reaches the top.
    You receive 100 points for spinning the "wheel" for some amount of time and
    continue receiving it as long as you keep spinning the wheel. If you stop, you
    stop receiving 100 points until you start spinning again.
    Also, if you fill the gauge in the background then you will receive an addition 
    1000 points for the first additional complete revolution of the wheel, and 2000 
    for the second, and so forth until the spin marker is gone (you do not receive 
    the continuous 100 points for spinning the "wheel" at this time).
    You will get 300 points for completing the spin marker after the marker is gone 
    (actually you only get this if you get an "elite beat" when you complete this, 
    else you just get an "Oh Yeah"), otherwise it's a miss if you do not get the
    gauge to the top in time.
    You will receive 300 points (part of the combo, btw) if you complete the spin
    marker. If you do not finish, but come close you will receive 100 points. If you
    fail to come close to finishing it, you will receive a miss.
    Also, depending on how fast you are spinning the wheel, you will receive health
    benefits. The benefits are never negative, so you may spin as slowly as you
    desire and still receive health. However, if you do not complete the marker, you
    will lose points for having a "miss".
    (You can start spinning your stylus around the center, to get a head start,
    before the marker even appears. However, this does not raise the gauge for you
    doing so; you merely only setup your initial rotational velocity.)
    (Also, if you get the gauge to the top, then there is no need for you to spin
    any further to complete the marker. However, you may wish to continue spinning
    for health and point bonuses.)
    (One last thing, I've not taken a very deep analysis of this marker. Therefore,
    I have not yet able to verify exactly as to the requirements of the end points
    of this marker.)
    Combo Number
    This number is your current "combo". It appears on the bottom left (or bottom
    right if you are using the left handed settings). This starts at 0 and goes up
    by 1 for every:
    - Hit marker you tap (50-300 points)
    - Start marker of each phrase you tap
    - Small dots of each phrase you slide across
    - End marker of each phrase you slide onto
    - Spin marker you complete (300 points or 100 points).
    Your combo number resets to 0 every time you do no satisfy any of the above.
    (In regards to the phrase marker, it is the case that you may not have the
    stylus on the "slide" at all times, just when the ball rolls over the small
    dots, to continue a combo)
    Color Groups
    Each hit marker and the start marker of a spin marker has a number in it. Each
    of these two markers will have a color that fills it (with a similar color for
    the larger circle that shrinks towards the markers). The color stays the same
    for each marker that appears until one of the markers resets to 1, then the
    those new markers will have a different color.
    Also, each spin marker will sometimes represent the last marker of each color
    group (which means that the marker right before the spin marker can sometimes
    not count as the last marker in a color group). Other times the spin marker will
    represent its own color group (obviously a group of 1 object).
    You may receive a "beat" for every set of markers of a similar color that you
    combo. However, it is the case that you will not receive a "beat" if you receive
    either a miss or a 50-point on a hit marker or phrase marker (this means that
    you may combo a color group, but still not receive a "beat"). The "beat" comes
    in two types of points: normal or elite. You get an "elite beat" if you hit the
    all the markers with a 300-point success. You get a normal "beat" if you hit 
    some marker with a 100-point success.
    Let me give you a few examples. We will assume the color group: {hit marker,
    start marker, small dot, small dot, end marker, hit marker}. The following
    groups will represent the points received for each of the markers.
    {hit,  start, dot,  dot,  end,  hit}
    {300,  30,    10,   10,   300,  300} receives an elite beat
    {300,  30,    10,   10,   300,  100} receives an 100 point normal beat
    {100,  30,    10,   10,   300,  300} receives an 300 point normal beat
    {300,  miss,  10,   10,   100,  100} receives an 100 point normal beat
    {100,  30,    miss, 10,   100,  100} receives an 100 point normal beat
    {300,  30,    10,   10,   300,  50} receives no beat
    {50,   30,    10,   10,   300,  300} receives no beat
    {300,  miss,  miss, 10,   50,   100} receives no beat
    {miss, 30,    miss, 10,   100,  100} receives no beat
    {miss, 30,    miss, 10,   100,  miss} receives no beat
    {miss, miss,  miss, miss, miss, miss} receives no beat
    So getting a beat is independent of your combo.
    Also, you do NOT receive bonus points for a beat. Instead, you receive bonus
    100 point "beat" - large gain of health
    300 point "beat" - even larger gain of health
    elite "beat" - very large gain of health
    Point Bonus
    There are two ways to receive bonus points. One way is to spin the spin marker,
    after you fill the gauge, for extra points (as described above).
    The second way is THE way to receive points in Elite Beat Agents.
    Every time you have a combo number greater than 2 (i.e. 3 and above), you will
    receive bonus points that are not displayed on the screen which will be added
    onto the total score.
    The bonus points formula for each time you successfully hit a marker is:
    ((Combo-2)*4%)*(Marker score) for Breezin'
    ((Combo-2)*10%)*(Marker score) for Cruisin'
    ((Combo-2)*20%)*(Marker score) for Sweatin' and HARD ROCK
    (Combo = Combo number, Marker score = {50, 100, 300})
    A set of examples will further show you how the scores are added. Suppose the
    entire song were the set of markers as described previously and also assume
    we're in Cruisin' mode:
    {hit, start, dot,  dot, end, hit}
    {1x   2x     3x    4x   5x   6x}  - combo number
    {300, 30,    10,   10,  300, 300} - displayed
    {300, 30,    10,   10,  390, 420} - actual points received
    {1x   2x     3x    4x   5x   6x}
    {300, 30,    10,   10,  100, 300} - displayed
    {300, 30,    10,   10,  130, 420} - actual points received
    {1x   2x     0x    1x   2x   3x}
    {300, 30,    miss, 10,  100, 300} - displayed
    {300, 30,    0,    10,  100, 330} - actual points received
    (Note that you do not receive point bonuses on the small dots or the start
    marker. You also don't receive bonuses during the spinning of the spin marker.
    Simply put, you only receive point bonuses on 50, 100, or 300 points)
    When you reach a certain combo, the pictures of your agents will appear out of
    the left side of the bottom screen and a "swoosh" sound will occur. This does
    nothing for you other than to tell you that you're doing well. The combos at
    which the agents appear are:
    ... on and on
    To Survive
    As stated before, you must not allow the meter to be empty in order to complete
    a song. Remember, the meter drops over time and also drops when you miss. In
    Breezin' and Cruisin', the meter doesn't drop too fast, so you really only need
    to concentrate on not getting misses.
    In Sweatin' and HARD ROCK, most meters drop really fast. Note that you can still
    full combo a song with nothing but 50-point hits (i.e. no misses and no 100, or
    300 point hits). However, if you try to do this in Sweatin' or HARD ROCk, you
    will most likely lose within the first few markers because the health gained
    from 50-point hits are so small. This is also the same case if you combo with
    nothing but 100-point hits. In fact, you could get 90% 300-point hits with 10%
    100-point hits in a song and still end up losing!
    In Sweatin' and HARD ROCK, "elite beats" or "300 point normal beats" give enough
    health to counter the large decrease of health over time in most cases. So, you
    don't have to always get "elite beats", but ending with a 100-point normal beat
    will most likely put you into a more losing situation.
    To Get High Scores
    Never miss a thing. If you miss a small dot, or a start marker, then you should
    restart (if you're working on a high score). 
    Suppose you missed a marker in the middle of the song, but you have combo'ed 
    the song before and after the miss, then you'll receive a little over half of
    your potential score (where your potential score is when you did not miss a
    single thing).
    If you are to miss, then the best misses is either right at the beginning or
    right at the end (though either will decrease your score drastically in some
    There are many things to unlock. To see what you can unlock, simply just look
    for another FAQ. However, as of right now... I haven't seen an EBA FAQ out yet
    (other than this one). Actually I lie, there is an FAQ for the demo of this
    game, but I wouldn't count it. Anyways, I suppose the best bet would be to visit
    the gamefaq website and check under the "cheat" tab of this game.
    To make up for not listing the cheats, I will tell you a few things about the
    game that I have found out:
    - The training mode automatically kicks in when the game has been freshly bought
    (not used)
    - If you pass all the checkpoints with positive cutscenes, then at the end
    you'll see a more positive ending to the song (in most cases it's just an extra
    picture tacked on) than if you passed it with some positive and some negative
    - If you pass all the checkpoints with negative cutscenes, then at the end you
    will get a more negative ending (In the first song, usually you end with the guy
    being happy to be with the girl when she confesses her willingness to be steady.
    If you get all negative cutscenes, you'll end up with the guy being happy that
    he'll have someone to help him practice football with and the girl will be not
    so pleased.)
    - Press L+R+start+select to reset the game (this is useful if you are watching a
    replay of the last song but do not want to watch the ending of it)
    - When you are hitting markers, the top screen will display some sort of action
    going on at the moment. The actions are of 3 types: positive, neutral, and
    negative. This is dependent on your last "beat". If you received no beat, then
    it'll be a negative action scene. If you received a normal "beat", it'll be a
    neutral scene. And an "elite beat" will merit you a postive scene.
    End of FAQ
    This section is going to conclude my FAQ.
    - Please spread word of this game. Apparently this game isn't getting the fame
    it deserves. If you will do your best, then I will try to do my best at making
    it so that I'm not the only one I know who has this game.
    - My contact is kaokengoku@hotmail.com (I'm going to get so much junkmail now).
    - Don't do anything that involves copying of this FAQ in part or whole as I will
    get mad (but you may wonder how will I get mad if I don't know you're copying?
    hmmm... I don't know. So to make things simple, you should just assume I'll get
    - Don't e-mail me retarded messages.
    - Don't add me to your MSN, cuz I don't want to talk to you... If you need to 
    talk to me in a more "live" manner, please take your time to find my number and 
    dial long distance to me.

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