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    FAQ/Walkthrough by snkupo

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         /_/   \_\  \____| |_____|                  P H O E N I X  W R I G H T
                 _      _____   _____    ___    ____    _   _   _____  __   __
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                          -  J U S T I C E   F O R   A L L  -
                           A walkthrough authored by snkupo
                          Document Version 1.1 - May 27, 2007
                                 - TABLE OF CONTENTS -
    | NAVIGATION: Each section has a [code] tied to it in the table of contents.  |
    | Press CTRL + F to bring up a search box, then type the code of your choice. |
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    - Game Basics.............................................................[x01]
    - Frequently Asked Questions..............................................[x02]
    - Characters..............................................................[x03]
    - Main Walkthrough........................................................[x04]
        - Episode I...........................................................[p01]
            - Trial Part I....................................................[w01]
            - Trial Part II...................................................[w02]
        - Episode II..........................................................[p02]
            - Investigation Part I............................................[w03]
            - Trial Part I....................................................[w04]
            - Trial Part II...................................................[w05]
            - Investigation Part II...........................................[w06]
            - Trial Part III..................................................[w07]
            - Trial Part IV...................................................[w08]
        - Episode III.........................................................[p03]
            - Investigation Part I............................................[w09]
            - Trial Part I....................................................[w10]
            - Trial Part II...................................................[w11]
            - Investigation Part II...........................................[w12]
            - Trial Part III..................................................[w13]
        - Episode IV..........................................................[p04]
            - Investigation Part I............................................[w14]
            - Investigation Part II...........................................[w15]
            - Trial Part I....................................................[w16]
            - Trial Part II...................................................[w17]
            - Investigation Part III..........................................[w18]
            - Investigation Part IV...........................................[w19]
            - Trial Part III..................................................[w20]
            - Trial Part IV...................................................[w21]
            - Good Ending.....................................................[w22]
            - Bad Ending......................................................[w23]
    - Greeting And Thanks.....................................................[x05]
    - Legal Stuff.............................................................[x07]
    - Version History.........................................................[x08]
    |                                 Game Basics                           [x01] |
    Playing Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright is not very hard once you know how to do
    it, but it might seem a little confusing at first. This section will decribe
    the various parts of gameplay as well as I'm able to do exactly that. Hope you
    find it useful. If you don't know already, this is a game where you play as the
    attorney Phoenix, and decide his actions as he tries to protect his clients,
    while also trying to find the real culprits behind the various crimes. Most of
    the time, you will be placed in the courtroom during trial, but between the
    trials, you will also have to investigate different locations, talk to people
    you think know something, and so on.
    - PRESSING (IN COURT): Pressing the various witnesses is something you will do
      very often. When a witness brings forth his or her testimony, there will be
      one thing that is wrong in their explanation. This is called a
      'contradiction'. After the testimony, there will be a cross-examination where
      the witness will repeat his or her testimony as many times as you wish.
      Sometimes, it is enough to simply tap the 'press' button to prove that there
      was a fault in the testimony, while you at other times will have to use some
      of the items found in the court record to prove it. Pressing is very useful
      to get information from witnesses as well, even if you don't see any
      contradiction. You can never press enough, so keep on doing it. Pressing is
      done while cross-examining the testimonies in the game.
    - COURT RECORD (IN COURT): The court record is a menu where you will be able to
      find all the evidence, or items, related to the ongoing trial. You can easily
      access it by tapping a button on the touch screen. This is also where you can
      examine some of your items for details, so make sure to look for a 'check'
      button in each item's court record. The court record is where you have to
      look if you want to present evidence, but beware so that you don't present
      wrong evidence too many times, as enough of bad presentations will give you
      the game over message.
    - PRESENTING EVIDENCE (IN COURT): As mentioned under court record, you will
      have to present evidence pretty often. This is usually done during cross-
      examination. A very important thing to remember, is that when presenting
      evidence, you usually have to do it at the right time. You see, the
      testimonies are built up of several lines. If you for example think that a
      phone can be used as evidence, you will have to present it while the witness
      talks about a situation where the given phone could have something to do with
      what the witness is talking about. I will usually tell you exactly,
      completely clear, when to present evidence, so don't worry a lot about it.
    - HEALTH: There is a green health bar in Gyakuten Saiban 2. It will be shown in
      the upper right corner troughout the game, both in and outside of court. When
      it reaches zero in court, it's game over, and you will have to restart from
      last saved game. However, this bar is also displayed at the times you try to
      unlock psyche-locks using the Magatama. No matter where you are (in court or
      not), you will loose a little of the bar if you answer a question
      incorrectly, or show wrong evidence. You won't get the game over screen if
      you loose your bar outside of court, but you will have to start the psyche-
      lock process from the start. To refill the bar, you will have to unlock
    - TALK (NOT IN COURT): When you meet a person outside of court, there is a menu
      that lets you talk to the person. You can then choose between several things
      to talk about. You should always talk about all subjects possible when you
      meet a new character. Conversations will sometimes lead to getting evidence,
      ideas and so on. Never skip conversations.
    - PRESENTING ITEMS (NOT IN COURT): Works the same way as presenting evidence in
      court, but there is no judge that will help or worsen things here. Showing
      off certain items will sometimes give you hints, more evidence and so on.
    - MOVE: (NOT IN COURT): Use this option to move from one location and to
      another. You can not move wherever you want to from wherever you are placed.
      For example, if we have points A B and C, you will have to go from point A,
      then to B, and then finally to C. You can not go straight from A to C.
    - EXAMINE (NOT IN COURT): You little detective, you! This option lets you
      examine things in the landscape, litter bins, shelves, lockers and so on. You
      should always try to examine computers, images, books and the like. If
      something seems mysterious or funny, try to examine it. The examine option
      will also lead to lots of funny conversations between the characters in the
      game, so be sure to examine a lot. Remember, at some places, you can press
      the arrow in the lower center of the screen to look around.
    - MAGATAMA (NOT IN COURT): At one point in the game, you will get something
      named a Magatama. After a while, a certain character will charge this
      Magatama with spiritual energy. It can then be used to reveal people's
      secrets. When you use the 'talk' option when interacting with a character,
      and a red lock appears at one of the subject tabs, you should go back and
      choose the 'present' option, as if you were to show the character an item.
      Then, choose the Magatama to enter the Magatama Secret mode, which is similar
      to a cross-examination in court.
      You have a 'health' bar, so make sure you don't answer wrong too many
      times, as that will make you have to try again. Make sure you have
      enough evidence before trying to use the Magatama Secret mode. Also, the
      more someone wants to keep a secret, the more locks will appear on his/her
      chest. Few locks means easy solving. If you need more evidence, you can of
      course stop this mode whenever you want to.
    |                         Frequently Asked Questions                    [x02] |
    Q: Oh my god! I played this game, saved, and now my savegame is gone!!
    A: Change the language to the one you played with when you saved.
    Q: Is there a special DS-exclusive episode in this game?
    A: No, there is not. This is why it retailed as a budget title in Japan.
    Q: Is the English script crappy? I heard it was on some forum/website.
    A: No, the script is pretty good. Not worse than in the first game.
    Q: Is this the best walkthrough for this game? There are several of them!
    A: This is the first guide for Gyakuten Saiban 2 that was posted online,
       but that doesn't make it look rushed or anything. This is a quality
       walkthrough that covers everything you'll want to know, and then some.
       IF you go with this walkthrough, you won't regret it.
    Q: How come you've written this guide so fast? Do you know Japanese?
    A: Not enough to speak fluently. The Japanese features English text, you see.
    Q: So, I can just import the Japanese version and it will have English text?
    A: Correct, you can choose between English and Japanese.
    Q: Is this the first game in the series?
    A: No, the first one was Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.
       This game is the second in the series, and is a remake of a GBA game.
       Currently, Gyakuten Saiban 4 is being originally developed for Nintendo DS.
       Gyakuten Saiban 3 will most likely also be translated and release for the
       Nintendo DS before too long has passed.
    Q: Who is the main character in this game? I heard Phoenix isn't anymore!
    A: Wrong, Phoenix is the main character. In Gyakuten Saiban 4, that changes.
    Q: But IGN wrote that Phoenix was not the main character in this one!
    A: Yes they did, and they were wrong.
    Q: How can I get the Japanese version of this game?
    A: Use a website like yesasia.com. They ship to both Europe and USA.
    Q: Does this game feature multiplayer or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection?
    A: No, it does not. Gyakuten Saiban 2 is singleplayer only.
    Q: How can I save my game?
    A: You can save during courtroom breaks and between episodes, or by pressing
       start during gameplay to suspend your game.
    Q: How can I refill my green health bar?
    A: Unlock Psyche-Locks.
    Q: Why do you split up the episodes with just SOME of the rooms, and not all?
    A: To make it look clean. Too few sections is messy, but so are too many.
    |                             Character Profiles                        [x03] |
    This section contains information about most of the characters in the game.
    This section goes into more detail than the in-game character profiles, and
    have been written by myself, so official texts, they are not. But of course,
    all of the information is 100% correct.
    Phoenix Wright
    Phoenix Wright, named Naruhodou Ryuuichi in the Japanese version, is an
    attorney that has not been in this business for too long. He solved his first
    case back in the previous Gyakuten Saiban game, and proved his friend Larry
    innocent. After the first game, Phoenix got famous, and is now acknowledges as
    an Ace Attorney in Japan. Phoenix is called 'Nick' by some of his closer
    friends. Even though Phoenix gets most of his cases solved, he usually has to
    go to extreme limits to solve some of them, like endangering his own freedom
    and safety.
    Miles Edgeworth
    Edgeworth is Phoenix's sworn rival. He is incredibly intelligent, and became
    a top prosecutor when he was only 20 year old. He is known as a cold genius,
    and does almost anything to get a guilty verdict. There are even rumours that
    he sometimes uses false evidence and manipulate the people that witness in
    court. When they were kids, he was one of Phoenix's friends before moving
    away without telling anyone.
    Maya Fey
    Maya is the sister of Phoenix Wright's old boss that was killed back in the
    first game in the series. Maya has a special ability that makes her able to
    contact the spirits for dead people, but using it is not always very easy. Maya
    is very smart and acts like Phoenix's assistant some time, even though she
    does not work for Phoenix for real anymore. She loves hamburgers, and
    dresses like an old woman.
    Mia Fey
    Phoenix Wright's old boss, and an attorney with great skills. Mia was Maya
    Fey's sister, and had the same hamburger-mania as Maya has.  Mia was a very
    beautiful woman, but was killed during Episode 2 in the first game in the
    series. She does have one way of appearing even after death, though!
    Dick Gumshoe
    Detective Gumshoe is another character returning from the first game. He is a
    very characteristic person that is not very smart, but has a heart of gold.
    He is a very kind person, but when someone talks bad about his interests, he
    gets very angry. Despite being a well-known detective with lots of
    responsibilities, he does not even know what a microscope is. Gumshoe can be
    considered a friend of Phoenix Wright, even though he sometimes acts
    unfriendly. Gumshoe appears in Episode 1.
    The Judge
    Nameless as he appears, little else is know about the judge than that he is
    the one with the supreme power in court. The judge is starting to age, and is
    sometimes manipulated by favours, scary persons, and sexy women. The judge
    knows the system pretty well, and has many friends within the police and the
    court system.
    Franziska Von Karma
    Manfred Von Karma from the first game was Franziska's father. His daughter is
    just as scary and as self-liking, and a very scary prosecutor to meet in court.
    She got the official prosecutor title at the age of thirteen. She has lived in
    Germany her whole life.
    Winston Payne
    Prosecuting Attorney, not exactly young. He looks like a pretty ordinary
    middle-aged man, and is neither dumb or super-smart. Payne first appears in
    Episode 1 in this game, but also participated in the first game in the series.
    Doctor Grey
    Doctor Grey is a famous doctor that was running his own clinic. His clinic was
    known for an incident where 14 patients at the same time. Grey blamed a nurse
    that was working for him during that time. Strangely, the nurse died in a car
    crash only days after the incident with the patients. One year later, Grey
    wanted Phoenix Wright to prove that he did not have anything to do with any of
    the deaths related to his clinic. Grey was killed during a spirit channeling
    exercised by Maya Fey. Grey appears in Episode 2.
    Mimi Miney
    Mimi was a nurse that is rumoured to have killed 14 patients at Grey's clinic.
    She was a nurse, and a huge fan of sportcars. After the patients died, she had
    a lot of pressure on her from all sides, and died in a car accident.
    Ini Miney
    This is the sister of Mimi Miney, the nurse that is rumoured to have killed 14
    patients at Dr Grey's clinic, and then crashed with her car. Ini is kind of
    slow when she talks. Like, she likes to say 'like', like, pretty often. Like,
    that's the way she, like, talks. Ini is a student, and says that she loves
    occult stuff.
    Morgan Fey
    Morgan is Maya's aunt, and Pearl's mother. She is pretty strict, and wants
    does not want anyone to talk to her daughter. Even though she knows a lot about
    channeling and the like, she has about no spiritual power herself. Morgan lives
    in Kurain Village where Maya is training.
    Pearl Fey
    Morgan Fey's daughter and Maya's cousin. Pearley is also a spirit medium, but
    not as powerful as Maya. Pearl is very shy because of her mother telling her
    not to talk to people,  and has a hairdo formed almost like a heart.
    Richard Wellington
    Wellington is a witness in Episode 1, that claims he saw Maggey Byrde the
    moment she killed her lover, Dustin Prince. Richard is a very rich man, that is
    not finished with his later school studies yet. He has a very fancy hairdo, and
    is wearing a scarf at all times. He has quite a lot of knowledge when it comes
    to art and the like, but is not acting very nice to people not as wealthy as
    himself. He also has a habit of talking super-fast.
    Maggey Byrde
    This is a woman, or girl, working in the police force. She's a very unlucky
    person that seems to run into trouble all the time. She's called 'Lady
    Luckless' by some of her friends from college. Maggey's lover, Dustin Prince,
    was a police officer that was killed in the park after having dated Maggey. The
    two of them had been together for six months, but during Episode 1, Maggey is
    suspected for the murder on her lover.
    Dustin Prince
    Dustin was Maggey Byrde's lover before he was murdered in the Exposé Park near
    Detective Gumshoe's Headquarters. He was a fan of baseball, judging by the
    custom made baseball glove his lover gave him before he was killed. Maggey
    Byrde is suspected for his murder in Episode 1.
    Max Galactia
    Max is the star of Berry Big Circus, and is the defendant of episode 3. He is
    charged for the murder of his boss, Russell Berry. Max is a skinny guy with
    pink hair, that claims to be the greatest magician in the world. He has even
    won the magicians grand prix, and is completely full of himself. Max is
    however, only a farmer's son, and sometimes he stops acting all self-important,
    even though that is very seldom. Max is in love with Russel's daughter, Regina.
    He does not seem to be very popular with the rest of the performers working at
    the circus.
    Moe the Clown
    Moe is an hyperactive clown working at Berry Big circus. He was a friend of the
    Ringmaster, but is actually quite childish. Moe does not seem to like Max
    Galactia on the outside, but really thinks that Max is important to the circus.
    Moe plans to take on the role as Ringmaster in the future. Moe loves
    hamburgers, and is very good at making them. Even Phoenix thinks they smell
    Russell Berry
    Russell Berry was the name of the Ringmaster of Berry Big Circus. He was a nice
    person that everyone seem to have liked. Russell took care of Acro and Bat when
    they were children, as their parents left them when they went bankrupt. Russell
    was killed after talking to Max in his own room. He was found lying on a weird
    wooden box.
    Regina Berry
    Regina is a animal tamer, and the daughter of Russell Berry. Everyone seems to
    fall in love with her, because of her extremely cute face. Regina likes to kid
    around, even with dangerous animals. For some reason Acro does not seem to like
    her - but everyone else does. Regina has been living at the circus all of her
    life, and does not know much about anything else - just like Pearl.
    Acro is the acrobat at Berry Big. He is very muscular, and looks like he is an
    Indian. At the time you meet him, he has damaged his own feet, so he is tied to
    a wheelchair. Acro has a brother, but you won't get to know about him before
    pressing him real hard about it. Acro does not seem to be very fond of Regina.
    Ben and Trilo
    Ben is a ventriloquist, and Trilo is his puppet. Without Trilo, Ben hardly
    talks. Trilo is in love with Regina just like Max, and seems to hate Max pretty
    badly. Trilo also wants to marry Regina, and is very mean to everyone besides
    her. Ben however, is very quiet most of the time.
    Matt Engarde
    Matt Engarde is the defendant of Episode 4. Just like Max Galactia, he is a
    celebrity, but does his stuff on the TV as the Nickel Samurai. Matt is not very
    bright, and usually asks his managers and publishers when he needs to answer
    something, or deal with someone. The Nickel Samurai show is aimed towards kids,
    and is the direct sequel to the Steel Samurai Show that Will Powers was the
    star in.
    Juan Corrida
    Juan is also a TV star. He plays the role of the Jammin' Ninja all the way
    until he gets killed by someone. He and Matt Engarde were rivals when it came
    to absolutely everything. Juan was a health freak that liked tomatoes.
    Adrian Andrews
    Andrews is Matt Engarde's manager. On the outside she looks like a very
    successful business woman, but she is really a pretty weak person that follows
    the people she trust blindly. Once, she even tried to commit suicide because
    her mentor died. The tabloids claim that Andrews had a relationship to Juan
    De Killer
    De Killer is a mysterious person, and heavily involved in Episode 4. He is a
    trustworthy person, but rather extreme when it comes to getting the things he
    wants. He communicated with Phoenix using a transceiver given to Phoenix at
    Gatewater Hotel.
    |                              Main Walkthrough                         [x04] |
    Stuck in a case? Can't seem to proceed at all? I've written a guide for the
    whole game -- all cases included. You can find it below. Hope you like my work.
                                       Episode I                              [p01]
                                      Trial Part I                            [w01]
    Defendant: Maggey Byrde
    Victim: Dustin Prince
    When: September 8, 9:08 AM.
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1
    The game starts with Phoenix Wright sitting in the waiting room before going
    to work, listening to a creepy ringtone on his cellphone. Someone, most
    likely the one that called Phoenix's phone, sneaks up on him and hits him in
    the head with a fire extinguisher. Moments later, a lively girl approaches
    Phoenix. Her name is Byrde, and by the look of things, she is Phoenix's
    client, that he's going to protect in court. Phoenix does not even remember
    his own name, and unfortunately for him, the trial is about to begin. Before
    leaving the waiting room, he figures that he must have gotten amnesia, that
    he is a defense attorney, and that he has to protect the girl named Byrde.
    Defendant: Maggey Byrde
    Prosecutor: Payne
    Victim: Dustin Prince
    When: September 8, 10:00 AM
    Where: District Court, Courtroom No. 2
    The trial is now about to begin, and the judge explains that the court is in
    session for the trial of Maggey Byrde. Payne, who you might remember from the
    first Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright is the prosecuting attorney. Well then,
    this is where you start interacting and making decisions. From now on, you
    will see a lot of questions and answers. The questions are of course the ones
    asked in the game, and the answers listed here are the ones that you should
    choose for a good result. Remember, answering wrong is what makes you fail at
    this game, while answering correct is what makes you an Ace Attorney!
     Question: Now then, are you ready?
     Answer: Yes.
    Payne explains that Maggey Byrde is accused of killing her lover, who was a
    police officer like Maggey when he lived. Byrde interrupts Payne, and says
    that the killed man was not really her lover. Payne now calls upon his
    first witness, Detective Dick Gumshoe, who also played a significant part
    in the previous Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright. Gumshoe will introduce
    himself, explaining that he is the one in charge of homicides down at the
    precinct. Byrde now tells Phoenix that she's working under Gumshoe, and
    that she thinks he's a wonderful man, always watching out for her.
    Payne asks Gumshoe to explain what he knows about the murder, and Gumshoe
    says that it all happened in Exposé Park, near the headquarters he works
    at. The victim was a local cop, Dustin Prince. It is believed that he was
    pushed down from a bench located on the upper path of the park. He died
    because of breaking his neck. More details can be found in the report
    delivered earlier, Payne says. The judge refers to the autopsy report, but
    Phoenix does not remember getting a copy of that one. The judge says that
    he's surprised that the police managed to document the exact time of the
    victim's death, and Gumshoe explains that the victim's watch actually
    stopped the second it hit the ground after the victim had been pushed down
    from the upper path.
    Payne now submits a photograph of the scene as evidence. This photo is
    named 'Crime Photo 1', and can be found in the court record from now on.
    Now, everyone except Phoenix concentrates on a piece of evidence that was
    found under the victim's body. Byrde explains how the court record works;
    that all persons involved in a case can be found there, along with all of
    the items and evidences involved in the case. You can open the court record
    by pressing the Court Record Button in the upper right edge of the lower
    screen on your Nintendo DS. Now, the judge will ask you what the piece of
    evidence found under the victim's body was, since he starts to understand
    that something is weird with Phoenix today, and suspects he might have
    forgotten. Check your Court Record, and there will be some glasses there.
    If you read the description, the you will see that the glasses where found
    under the victim's body.
     Question: What was the piece of evidence found under the victim's body?
     Answer: Glasses
    Gumshoe believes that the victim grabbed the murderer's glasses when he fell
    off the path, and that this is how the glasses got under the victim's body.
    Byrde says that the pair of glasses in the evidence is not hers, but that she
    did in fact step on her own glasses on the day of the murder. Payne says that
    he has even more evidence to present, and requests that Gumshoe goes on with a
    testimony. Now, this is the first testimony in the game, and if you wonder
    about what exactly testimonies are, you can read the game basics section in
    this document. It should explain everything you might want to know about.
    Gumshoe's Testimony: Decisive Evidence
     - There is something even more incriminating than the glasses under the
       victim's body, sir.
     - During his date, the victim was pushed from the bench area.
     - But he managed to write the culprit's name on the ground where he landed.
     - I don't like saying it, but it was clearly the defendant's name "Maggie".
     - With this piece of evidence and the glasses, it's hard to say she's not
       the culprit.
    Now, Payne submits the photograph of the victim, having written 'Maggie' onto
    the ground as evidence. This one is named 'Crime Photo 2'. Now the judge says
    it's time to cross-examine the testimony submitted by Gumshoe. Byrde explains
    that this is where Phoenix should try to find lies in the testimony. Gumshoe
    might have lied, even if he did not mean to. For example, the people saying
    their testimonies might have misunderstood something, been manipulated some
    way, and so on.
    Cross-Examination: Decisive Evidence
    Now, if you wonder about how cross-examination is done, read the game
    basics section of this guide. When you are ready, you should press Gumshoe
    regarding the first part where he says there is something even more
    incriminating than the glasses. Press him on this further, instead of
    leaving it be, and it will get clear that there is nothing that really
    proves that the glasses are Byrde's glasses after all.
    Now, press Gumshoe on the part about the victim having carwed 'Maggie' into
    the ground. This is a contradiction, since your client's name is not
    written 'Maggie', but 'Maggey'. So, go into the court record, and switch
    from 'evidence' to 'profiles'. Choose Maggey Byrde's profile, and present
    it. This clearly goes into the mind of the judge, and Gumshoe is asked to
    come with yet another testimony.
    Gumshoe's Testimony: Dustin and Maggey
     - Officer Prince and Officer Byrde had been seen going out for about half a
       a year.
     - It sounded like they were even talking about marriage.
     - The day of the incident just happened to be the victim's birthday, sir.
     - Maggey... I man, Officer Byrde, had gotten Officer Prince a present.
     - It was something she had gotten over 2 months ago.
     - I should know, 'cause she came to me to ask what she should get for him.
    Cross-Examination: Dustin and Maggey
    Press Gumshoe regarding the part where he says Byrde got the present for her
    lover about 2 months ago. It turns out that the present was a baseball glove.
    Press further on this. Gumshoe explains that the glove was custom made, and
    ordered over 2 months ago. The judge will start to get bored, and ask you a
    question about the glove.
     Question: Do you think this glove is really relevant to this case?
     Answer: Of course it's relevant.
    Phoenix says that the glove is the key to the whole case, even though he is
    not sure about that right now. Gumshoe says that he actually brought the
    glove with him today by coincidence, and now submits it at evidence. The
    judge now questions if the name 'Maggie' was really written by the victim
    as first believed by Gumshoe, and later Payne.
    Gumshoe's Testimony: Writing on the Ground
     - We first looked into the handwriting, sir.
     - Unfortunately, we could not confirm that it was the victim's handwriting.
     - Next, we checked the victim's point finger.
     - We found that there was sand trapped under the victim's fingernail.
     - There were also scratches on the skin that were caused by him writing on
       the ground.
     - From this, we could confirm that the victim wrote this name with his right
    Cross-Examination: Writing on the Ground
    After listening to what Gumshoe has to say again, Byrde will give Phoenix a
    hint regarding the present she bought for her lover, so present the
    baseball glove during the cross-examination. Phoenix reveals that the
    glove, in addition to being REALLY yellow, is made for left-handed people.
    However, on the photo, someone made it look like the victim was the one
    that wrote 'Maggie', but forgot about the fact that the victim was left-
    This proves Byrde innocent, thinks the judge, but the second before he
    states the verdict, Payne objects, wanting a little more time. In fact,
    Payne claims to have a witness that saw the guilty person at the moment he
    committed the crime! The judge says that a recess is in place; in other words,
    the court will take a short break. You should now save your game.
                                      Trial Part II                           [w02]
    Victim: Dustin Prince
    When: September 8, 11:43 AM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1
    Phoenix tells Byrde that he thinks he has amnesia, and Byrde asks if she
    should kick his mind back into his head. Phoenix thinks that would have
    been too violent, and asks Byrde if she can fill him in on some information
    instead. Byrde gives Phoenix his business card, that has his cellphone
    number written on its back. When talking about the case again, Byrde talks
    about an incident with a cellphone. She says that on the day her lover was
    killed, she picked up a cellphone while walking with her lover. This phone
    was just lying on the bare ground. Suddenly the phone rang, and then the
    person that called said he or she was grateful that someone had found the
    phone. Byrde told the voice to call her Maggey. They made a deal to meet up
    at 6 PM, but the owner of the phone never showed up. Byrde then gave the
    phone to Phoenix, she says. This was of course the phone that rang at the
    beginning of the game.
    Phoenix finds out that he still has the phone in his pocket, and then.....
    RAISED TO EARTH. This is Maya Fey from the first Gyakuten Saiban. She's
    Phoenix's assistant, and the sister of his old boss that was killed in the
    very same game. Well, Maya seems to know Byrde, so they get along quickly.
    The real reason Maya showed up was to give Phoenix a paper with about 20
    names and their phone numbers on. She also says that there is a group of
    con artists that the police are investigating. She thinks the people on the
    list are members of that con group, and says that these people were all in
    the memory of that cellphone Phoenix has in his pocket. Now, everyone is
    called back to the courtroom.
    Defendant: Maggey Byrde
    Prosecutor: Payne
    Victim: Dustin Prince
    When: September 8, 11:54 AM
    Where: District Court, Courtroom No. 2
    This session starts with Payne summoning his next witness, a drifter who
    was taking a walk in the park at the moment the murder happened. This
    witness looks pretty familiar, don't you think? No matter if he does or
    not, he suddenly starts boasting about all the schools he has gone to, how
    successful he is and so on. The judge asks for the witness's name. The
    witness now shows off his super-cool hair, and says he's named Richard
    Wellington. Now, he's going to testify.
    Richard Wellington's Testimony: What I Saw That Day
     - I was at the park all afternoon, deep in thought about my life situation.
     - I don't remember the time all that well, but I do believe it was past 6 PM.
     - All of a sudden, a police officer falls from above, right in front of me.
     - Without a thought, I looked up, and met the eyes of a charming young lady.
     - Of course I remember her sweet face, it was the face of the defendant.
     - The only other thing I was, was the banana that fell with the officer.
    Phoenix quickly decides that he has to find out the weak point of this
    testimony, as he is sure that Mister Wellington is lying at some point.
    Cross-Examination: What I Saw That Day
    When Wellington says he saw some bananas falling with the police officer,
    press him on that, and then present the baseball glove to him, since it
    could easily have been mistaken as bananas with its yellow color. Remember
    that you need to present the glove at the same time that the witness is
    talking about the bananas. When Wellington realizes that the bananas he saw
    was really just a glove, Phoenix will state:
     Statement: The Witness Has Bad Eyesight.
    The witness now says that he does indeed have poor eyesight. When asked why
    he does not wear his glasses, he says that he lost them earlier. Phoenix
    states that if Wellington did not wear glasses at the time of the murder,
    he could not have clearly seen that the defendant was the killer in this
    case. Now, the judge will have Wellington talk about what happened the
    moments after the murder.
    Richard Wellington's Testimony: What Happened Next
     - The girl on the upper path ran away as soon as she realized I was there.
     - After that, I immediately called the police station to report the crime.
     - It must've been 6:45 when I made the call.
     - They must have a lot of free time on their hands since they showed up
       withing 10 minutes.
    Cross-Examination: What Happened Next
    This one is not as obvious as the last cross-examination, but you will be able
    to get it right by pressing the witness when he says he called the police
    immediately after the found the dead body. When the witness says this, you
    should afterwards show him the Autopsy Report from the court record, since it
    is written there that the murder happened at 6:28 PM, and by the time the
    witness called the police, it was already 6:45 PM. This means that there is a
    15 minute gap, where Wellington could have done something fishy. Wellington
    says he was searching for a phone booth, since he claims to have lost not only
    his glasses, but his cellphone as well. When Phoenix remembers the cellphone
    that Byrde had found in the park, you should question the witness further.
    Wellington will show you that he has found his phone again - at least he says
    he has. The judge will have a question for Phoenix now.
     Question: Do you have any further questions, Mister Wright?
     Answer: There is something...
    Now, Phoenix will have to show the court an evidence that proves that
    Wellington did not need to search for a phone booth at all. The evidence you
    should pick from the court record is Crime Photo 1, since is shows that there
    is a phone booth right behind the murdered police officer! Now, the court will
    indeed agree with Phoenix saying that there was no reason for the witness to
    search for a phone booth. After a while, the judge has another question that
    needs answering.
     Question: Can you offer an explanation as to what the witness was doing
     during those 15 minutes?
     Answer: Yes, I Have An Idea.
    Now you are to choose another evidence that will be very crucial. If you
    are wrong and pick the incorrect evidence, you will be penalized. Too many
    penalties, and you can say goodbye, and game over. However, you will of
    course not choose the wrong evidence with the help of this document. The
    evidence that you should present is The Glasses in the court record. If we
    suppose these glasses were Wellington's, and he suddenly lost them
    somewhere when pushing the victim, it would be natural for him to use some
    time to try to find them again.
    This is exactly what happened - Wellington was searching for his glasses
    during the 15 minute gap between the murder and the call to the police.
    Now, Phoenix will try to deliver one final blow to the witness. Phoenix
    asks Wellington for a reason as to why he is not the murderer. Wellington
    says that the name 'Maggie' was written by the victim - so a certain
    'Maggie' has to be the murderer, he says. Now Phoenix needs to find out if
    there's any way Wellington could have known Maggey's name from before. Of
    course there is!
     Statement: There Was A Way
    Now, present the cellphone from the court record. You should remember the
    fact that when Byrde found the phone, she got called, and gave away her
    name to the owner of the phone. This is how Wellington figured out how he
    could give Byrde, whose first name is 'Maggey', and could easily be
    misheard as 'Maggie' in a phone conversation. The judge will now ask for
    evidence proving that Wellington had a motive to kill Byrde's lover. Now,
    present the Name List you received from Maya earlier. For the final
    statement of the trial, go with the one listed below, as it will reveal
    Wellington as a member of the con artist group!
     Statement: The Witness Is A Member Of That Group
    Not enough with that, since it turns out that when Wellington walked to get
    his phone back, there was something that did not completely agree with him.
    Present the profile of Dustin Prince, the victim. Because Dustin still had
    his uniform on, Wellington panicked when he saw it. Dustin was murdered
    only because he was in his uniform. Now, Wellington goes completely crazy
    and laughs like a maniac! He suddenly asks for proof that makes it clear
    that the phone with all the real numbers really is his own.
     Statement: Check The Fingerprints On The Phone
    Maya will now ask Phoenix if he does not remember that he wiped the phone
    off when he got it from Byrde since it was covered in sand. Now, Phoenix
    asks where Wellington finally found his own phone, and then HE SUDDENLY
    REMEMBERS IT ALL - how he was hit in the head by Wellington before the case
    when he had Wellington's real phone. Raise an objection before the judge
    blows the case off. Phoenix thinks he will be able to prove absolutely
    everything. There is however, only one single chance to present an
    evidence, so make sure your hands are not shaking while pressing the
    evidence on the touch screen. The final evidence in Episode 1 is...
    Phoenix's Business Card. You will now trade cards with the judge, and then
    state the sentence below.
     Statement: The Backside
    The point is that Phoenix's phone number is written on the back side of his
    card. Wright will then ask Maya to call his number, and his phone will
    ring, but Wellington is the one who has it (by the way, the ringtone is the
    song named 'Oo-edo Soldier Tonosaman' from the first game in the series).
    This proves that when Wellington went to get his phone, he took the wrong
    one and ended up with Phoenix's phone. This is the end of the sessions in
    the courtroom for Episode 1. Congratulations with the Not Guilty verdict.
    When: September 8, 2:16 PM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1
    After the case, Byrde is happy that Phoenix managed to find the real
    culprit, but is sad because she has been so unlucky her whole life. She's
    even called 'Lady Luckless' by her friends. She says that she is going to
    start a new life, and that the next time she meets Phoenix, she will have
    gotten to be a very lucky person. At least, not a completely unlucky one.
    Now, Phoenix asks Maya who the hey she really is, as he does not remember
    yet. Now however, he suddenly remembers. Now Maya and Phoenix will go eat
    hamburgers, and Episode 2 will get unlocked. Save your game now. As a
    sidenote, I will refer to Phoenix as 'you' later on, as you should be more
    than introduced to the game by now, and you want to feel like a real lawyer
    now, don't you?
                                      Episode II                              [p02]
                                   Investigation Part I                       [w03]
    When: June 16, 3:34 PM
    Where: Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Episode 2 starts with the image of a car driving, and crashing. Someone is
    talking about being drugged by sleeping pills. You and Maya are sitting in
    a dark room, completely serious - that's not something that happens very often.
    Suddenly, the time and date comes onto screen, and a man starts complaining
    about the weather girl on the TV. He hates the way she uses happy words in her
    forecast, and that is not too popular with this man. The man has slippy
    glasses, so of course, he is a doctor. His name is Turner Grey, and his job is
    being a surgeon. Had this been an Atlus game, I am sure we would have had a
    kameo right now. Anyways, Grey says he's come because of an incident where 14
    people died at his clinic because of malpractice.
    To make things even worse, Grey blames a poor nurse and says that she has quite
    the nerve, dying before admitting that she is to blame for the deaths. That's
    right, she's dead as well now. This nurse was the one that crashed the car at
    the beginning of the episode. This crash happened a year ago. Unfortunately for
    Grey, no one wants to use his clinic anymore, so he's trying to clean things up
    once and for all, to get people back to the clinic. Grey seems to know Maya, as
    she has told him that you are the one working under her at some point in the
    past. It now gets clear that Grey has contacted Maya recently, to have her
    contact the spirit of the dead nurse. For newcomers to the series, Maya has an
    ability that sometimes lets her get in touch with spirits of dead people.
    But there is one Eustace; Maya won't help Grey if Phoenix isn't there when it
    happens. This means, that you and Grey take off to Kurain Village, where
    Maya is living these days, to see her and contact the spirit of the nurse.
    When: June 19, 1:25 PM
    Where: Kurain Village
    When you arrive at Kurain Village, a small girl with a heart-shaped hairdo
    greets you. She doesn't speak, but looks pretty nice. Suddenly, someone
    shouts that 'Pearly' should wait, and then suddenly, Maya comes running.
    Her training is going well, and she seems quite happy about how things are.
    Now you will get to use the 'talk' option on the lower screen for the first
    time. Simply touch it, and then ask Maya about the channeling tonight,
    about the village, and about the girl with the crazy hairdo.
    You'll find out that only women work in this town, while the men work some
    other place. Also, the girl from earlier is named Pearl Fey, and is Maya's
    cousin. She is also a spirit medium, like Maya. Now it will soon be time
    for the channeling of the nurse's spirit to start, so hit the move button,
    and head the meditation room.
    When: June 19
    Where: Fey Manor, Meditation Room
    Now, Grey is waiting for you, and he's just as mad about the weather girl on
    the television as always. You will receive a guide-map for the manor, so be
    happy and take it with you. Now, talk to Grey about the channeling and about
    Maya. Grey plans on having Maya, while possessed by the spirit of the dead
    nurse, write down that she was in fact responsible for the 14 patient deaths,
    and that she died because of her own fault. Grey also says that Maya is the
    daughter of 'the master', but you don't know anything about a master for now.
    After this, move to the channeling chamber.
    When: June 19
    Where: Fey Manor, Channeling Chamber
    You will now meet Maya's aunt, Morgan Fey for the first time. She explains that
    'Mystic Maya' has told her a lot about you,  but that she also thinks you are
    using too much of Maya's help when dealing with trials. When you ask Morgan
    more about Maya, she says that she got the 'mystic' title because the master's
    blood is running in her veins. In fact, she is the only one with his blood
    still living. When you've talked to Morgan about all three subjects, she will
    tell you to stay away from Pearl, who is her daughter. Now, move back to the
    mediation room, and from there, move to the winding way.
    When: June 19
    Where: Fey Manor, Winding Way
    Here, there is an incinerator for burning trash, an urn containing the ash of a
    dead person, and a nice-looking garden. There is nothing special to do here
    right now, so use the move menu to head for the side room. In the side room,
    there are two beds on the floor. It looks like someone is  taking a break in
    one of the beds. Just head out to the winding way again, and a voice will say
    it has some questions to ask you. This southern voice sounds familiar. Veterans
    will know who this is, but I'll give you the answer anyways.
     Statement: Lotta Hart
    Lotta will get nicely along with you, since you know her from before, but she
    is still very weird, has a hopeless way of speaking, and calls herself the one
    and only 'paranormal photographer'. She got that right, at least. Well then,
    since it is time for the channeling to begin, head back to the Meditation Room
    along with Lotta.
    When: June 19
    Where: Fey Manor, Meditation Room
    Maya has found a key that is used to open the chamber. There is only one like
    this. Maya and Grey now starts the channeling, and Morgan tells you to drink
    some tea, and eat some desert. Those Japanese, they are crazy when it comes to
    food, I know. Now, Lotta goes mad about not being allowed to watch the
    channeling. Morgan tells her to go back to where she came from, but Lotta shuts
    up, and is allowed to stay. Suddenly, a big 'BANG' can be heard from inside the
    channeling chamber, and then another one follows. Now you have to do something!
     Statement: Ask Morgan What To Do
    Unfortunately, there is no other way than to break the door open. This is what
    you will do now, despite the fact that you wanted get into the chamber without
    having to resort to such extreme means. But, gunshots is a serious matter, and
    should not be taken lightly. Breaking the door is what anyone would have done
    in this kind of situation.
    When: June 19
    Where: Fey Manor, Channeling Chamber
    Once you get into the channeling chamber, Grey is lying on the floor,
    bleeding from his belly. Suddenly, in a wicked Biohazard-style stance,
    Maya sluggishly says 'I was...murdered...', 'That man...murdered me...so I
    killed...him'. Morgan tells you to call the police before anything else
    happens. She kind of chases you out of the room, and you've got no other choice
    than to do what she says.
    When: June 19
    Where: Kurain Village
    You're now back in the village, but your cellphone does not get any signal
    out here, so calling the police with it seems to be an impossible task.
    Happily there is a phone booth that you can use to get in touch with the
    cops. Calm down a little, then talk to Lotta regarding what she witnessed,
    and about Doctor Grey. Lotta's impression of Grey is that he has a hopeless
    personality, but good skills when it comes to operating on people. Now,
    walk back to the Meditation Room by using the move menu like always.
    When: June 19
    Where: Fey Manor, Meditation Room
    Maya is unconscious, says Morgan, but the spirit channeling was successful,
    since she fit into contact with the spirit of the dead nurse. Suddenly, like
    lightening coming from... something, Detective Gumshoe appears, and tells you
    to sit tight, and wait for him to get a grip of the situation. While Morgan and
    Gumshoe are paying a visit to the channeling room, you should walk around a
    little, looking how things are in the village. First, head to Kurain Village,
    and ask Lotta if she has any ideas about what happened. Her only idea is that
    she actually took 2 photographs, so she runs off, most likely to try getting
    those pictures into a paper or something like that. Now, move like this:
    Meditation Room -> Winding Way -> Side Room.
    When: June 19
    Where: Fey Manor, Side Room
    Before you get to do anything else in the side room, a girl with red hair and a
    white cap will stop you. This girl seems kind of slow in her head, but looks
    very good. She does not sound very upset about the situation, and chooses to
    introduce herself. She is named Ini Miney, and is researching what she calls
    'Parapsychology'. If you want to know some quick info, parapsychology is, said
    in a simplified way, paranormal happenings. Ini explains that she was the one
    that told Grey about Maya in the first place, and that because she's allergic
    to sesame seeds, she took a break in the bed earlier. She's sure that some of
    those seeds were a part of some food she got here earlier. Continue talking
    about what happened, and then ask her about Dr Grey. She then flips out a
    little, and explains that she once was his patient. Head back to the Winding
    Way now, as there is nothing else for you to do here right now.
    When: June 19
    Where: Fey Manor, Winding Way
    You once again find yourself walking in the winding way, and this time you
    meet Pearl Fey again. You know, the small cousin of Maya. She has this
    extremely cute pedant around her neck, see? Well, not that this matters for
    you at this moment. Pearl has the key to the channeling room in her hand,
    so try talking to her, only to have her run away scared of your spiked
    hair - or maybe the lack of spikes? Who knows? Jokes aside, get going to
    the channeling chamber now.
    When: June 19
    Where: Fey Manor, Channeling Chamber
    Gumshoe will come barking at you, telling you not to touch anything. You
    will tell him that you really need to ask some questions. The friendly
    detective will of course let you do that. Ask him about Maya, and the cause
    of Grey's death. It looks like Grey was shot in his forehead with a gun, if
    Gumshoe is to be believed. But, Grey was also stabbed in his belly by a
    knife. After being stabbed, he was shot - that's the correct order if we
    are to believe Gumshoe. This sounds a little weird, does it not? Almost
    like completely overkill. A knife in the belly, and then someone shot him
    in the head - brutal! Walk into to the meditation room now, since Gumshoe is
    not willing to talk more, or help with anything else.
    When: June 19
    Where: Fey Manor, Meditation Room
    Ini and Morgan are talking in here, and so is Gumshoe (wow, he's fast on
    his feet, this detective). Dick Gumshoe says that his team won't get
    finished with the investigation before a long time has passed, and
    apologizes for that. Quickly, Morgan proposes that all the people in the
    house, stay and sleep in the manor this night. Everyone agrees, even you
    do. Well, this is the end of June 19th. The day sure turned out to be quite
    a mess, didn't it? You can however trust that things will get even messier
    tomorrow with the investigation and all.
    When: June 20, 10:34 AM
    Where: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
    After waking up, you will head to the detention center to visit Maya, since she
    has been put there because of Grey's death. Ask Maya about channeling, and then
    about what happened. Maya will tell you that she can't remember anything else
    than a dream she had. She dreamed that she was dead and buried, and that there
    was a familiar smell, of all things. Before leaving, Maya will give you the
    Magatama pedant, and you will tell her that you're going to be her attorney in
    the trial that starts tomorrow. Take a quick visit inside Wright & Co Law
    offices to find a newspaper clipping, and then head back to Kurain Village,
    more specific, the side room where Ini is waiting today as well. If your mind
    isn't as solid as it should be (believe me, I have that problem myself), Ini is
    the girl that always talks in a slow way, and doesn't seem to be very bright in
    her head either. Red hair and white cap.
    When: June 20
    Where: Fey Manor, Side Room
    Talk to Ini again, and ask her about Ini Miney, What happened, and then the
    victim. She is hiding something, but you have no idea exactly what that would
    be. If you want to, you can show Ini some of the character profiles, but she
    won't say anything helpful. Examine the room, and check out the yellow box on
    the floor. That one was not here yesterday, remember? Ini has also bought a
    bear figure. It's all the way left in the room. Now, head into the channeling
    When: June 20
    Where: Fey Manor, Channeling Chamber
    Gumshoe is nowhere to be seen today, but Morgan is here. She talks about
    bringing Maya some tea and dessert to her Detention Center cell. Now is a
    good time to ask Morgan about what happened in this room yesterday after
    you left to call the police, or rather, got chased away to call the police.
    Morgan says she performed the 'Spirit Severing Technique' on Maya, which is
    used to send spirits out of people like Maya's bodies when something out of
    control happens. Now ask her about the channeling chamber, and you'll get
    to know that Morgan is happy that the folding screen in the room was not
    damaged during the nurse's spirit outbreak. This was important to Morgan,
    since the screen along with the Kurain Sacred Urn, that can be found in the
    winding way, is a treasure to the village, and something that can not
    easily be replaced by money or other items.
    Finally, ask about Pearl, and Morgan will tell you that maybe you should 'quit'
    this world. A weird proposal, don't you think? Morgan is kind of weird when it
    comes to conversations regarding her daughter as you can see. Now, still being
    inside the channeling chamber, examine the folding screen to find a hole that
    looks like it was made by a bullet. The folding screen will now be added to the
    court record. Time to head to the winding way now.
    When: June 20
    Where: Fey Manor, Winding Way
    Over at the winding way, Pearl will once again pop up, without words as
    usual. She still has the channeling chamber key in her hand, so show her
    the Magatama you got from Maya this morning. Pearl starts to cry now, and
    actually start talking. She has heard about you from Maya earlier, and says
    that you are Maya's special someone. Haha, loverboy! Pearl says that she
    will support you with all she can do to help Maya, which is her friend.
    Talk to her about herself to find out that Pearl has no idea what a lawyer
    is at all, since she has been isolated from the outside world her whole
    life. Morgan never let her go outside of Kurain Village, remember. Ask her
    about the item in her hand afterwards, and she will ask you a question.
     Question: If You Want It, I Can Give It To You.
     Answer: Accept It
    The black key will now be added to the court record. Pearl will now charge the
    Magatama with spiritual energy, and says that with it, you can see people's
    secrets. Pearl now joins your party, like in a good old SNES RPG, so go to the
    side room and talk to Ini.
    When: June 20
    Where: Fey Manor, Side Room
    Ask Ini about the victim, as you suspect she really does know more than it
    looks like on the outside. Now, the Magatama will react, since Ini has a
    secret about the victim, Dr Grey. Some chains with a lock will appear on
    Ini's chest. This is a so-called 'Psyche-Lock'. Pearl explains that the
    more someone wants to keep their secret, the more locks you will see on
    their chest. If there is just one, she thinks you should be able to unlock
    Now, on the 'talk' menu, there is a lock on the tab used to talk to Ini
    about the victim. Pearls says that if you do not have enough evidence, you
    must never use the Magatama to try and read secrets, 'cause that would hurt
    you. Pearl is of course talking about the health bar in the corner of the
    touch- screen, which is used both during Magatama-secrets and during court
    Well, the red lock means that the person has a secret, so go back to the main
    menu, and choose the present option, as if you were to show Ini an item. Choose
    the Magatama, and a 'TAKE THAT' bubble will appear, like in court.
    Ini's Magatama Secret: The Victim
    Now, you should find something in your court record that links Ini and the dead
    Dr Grey together. Unfortunately, you do not have any evidence, so choose the
    'stop' option. At least now you know how to use the Magatama Secret mode. There
    was no other purpose in taking out the Magatama this time, I just wanted to
    show you how you do this when it really counts. Head back to the meditation
    room - maybe something is happening there now?.
    When: June 20
    Where: Fey Manor, Meditation Room
    Gumshoe is here now, and he tries to show Pearl his sidearm, but you stop him.
    Now, talk to him and ask him about Maya's guilt, to find out that Lotta will be
    witnessing tomorrow in court, the victim, to find out that Gumshoe has lost a
    paper cut he had brought with him, and then ask about Tomorrow's Trial to find
    out about the down-putting fact that Von Karma is the prosecutor you will be
    facing in court. Karma is one heck of a prosecutor from Gyakuten Saiban 1.
    However, this time, it will be Von Karma Junior you will be facing. Ask about
    this successor, and you will find out that this one became a prosecutor at age
    13! Now, present the newspaper clipping 1 from your court record so that
    Gumshoe can have a quick look. He will give you a newspaper clipping 2. By
    examining it, you should know that this is the time to try out the Magatama on
    Ini again! So, go to the side room, where Ini is still waiting.
    When: June 20
    Where: Fey Manor, Side Room
    When you arrive at the Side Room again, there isn't really anything else to do
    that showing Ini your Magatama. As I am sure you remember, Ini had a secret
    regarding the victim (this is indicated by the red lock in the talk menu).
    Without further delay, present the Magatama.
    Ini's Magatama Secret: The Victim (Redux)
    This time we have the evidence, to fire up the Magatama, and show Ini the
    Newspaper Clipping 2 that Detective Gumshoe gave you a few moments ago. This is
    a story about a woman named 'Mini Miney', a surname that is the same as Ini's
    surname. It turns out that this was Ini's older sister that died on the clinic
    of Dr Grey. Now, the single Psyche Lock breaks, since you have revealed the
    secret Ini had. You can now talk to her about the victim for real, as the red
    lock has disappeared!
    Ini explains that her sister was the nurse that Grey blamed for being
    responsible for the death of the 14 patients one year ago. It turns out that
    Grey ehrm.. 'drove', Mimi's sister so hard that she got overworked. Ini says
    that everyone's expectations, along with Grey's pressure, was what really
    killed her sister. Ok, with that cleared up, head to Kurain Village's entrance
    again. Before you manage to leave the village, Pearl will make some noise, but
    you should just ignore this, and head to the Detention Center.
    Defendant: Maya Fey
    When: June 20
    Where: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
    You will now hear a familiar voice, saying that it's been a long time since
    last time. And woah, here we have Maya, but with Mia's appearance. Mia is your
    old boss, as well as Maya's sister. She likes hamburgers too, and is an
    excellent attorney. Well, she was, before she got killed. Mia gives you some
    heads up, telling you that things will turn out nicely. Talk to Mia about 'not
    guilty' to find out that mediums can not have dreams while channeling.
    This means, that Maya was most likely set up, as she could not have been
    channeling at the time she had the dream. Ask about 'evidence', and Mia will
    tell you that you already have a clue in your hands. Show her the black key you
    got from Pearl. She will say that this is the key to understanding everything
    about this whole case. She also says that the when you have the key, this
    contradicts the facts of the case. Weird wordplay, indeed, but you will see
    what she meant later on. Now, three Psyche Locks suddenly appear on Mia!
    This is where we'll take a break, so save your game when the save-screen
                                      Trial Part I                            [w04]
    Victim: Dr Grey
    When: June 21, 09:48 AM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 1
    You and Maya start talking about Von Karma Junior, and what kind of tricks he
    might have up he sleeves, and then Pearl pops up. Pearl has come here alone
    without Morgan's permission, so this could really get interesting later on.
    Now, the conversation changes to Maya thinking about Miles Edgeworth, your
    rival and friend. You don't like that, and get angry at Maya. Then, court is
    about to begin, so get prepared mentally.
    Defendant: Maya Fey
    Prosecutor: Franziska Von Karma
    Victim: Dr Grey
    When: June 21, 10:00 AM
    Where: District Court, Courtroom No. 2
    The first thing you notice is that Von Karma Junior actually is a woman. Her
    first name is Franziska. She has come to Japan for one reason, and that is
    revenge for her father, since you won over him in court in the first game.
    Franziska is quite some lady, as she carries a whip in court, and suddenly hits
    you in the face with it. Von Karma tries to trick you into going for the
    verdict 'Justified Self Defense', but since that is actually saying the
    defendant did murder someone, you chose to go for 'Not Guilty' instead.
    Gumshoe, who is the first witness of the case now enters court.
    Gumshoe shows everyone a map that shows the channeling chamber at the mayor. It
    has no windows, and the door was locked shut when the murder happened.
    Appearing as 'V' for victim and 'K' for killer, Gumshoe puts two icons on the
    map, and says that these two were the only living beings in the room at the
    time of the murder. He then explains about the gunshots that were heard from
    inside the room, and says that you broke down the door to get in when this
    happened. That is of course, correct. Floor Plans will now have been added to
    the court record, and Gumshoe will prepare for his first Testimony this day.
    Gumshoe's Testimony: Cause of Death
     - The direct cause of death was a pistol shot to the forehead, sir.
     - The shot was fired from point-blank range.
     - But before the victim was shot, he was stabbed in the chest.
     - The wound was severe, but not enough to cause instant death.
     - The murderer used the pistol to finish the victim off after the stabbing.
    That concludes the first testimony, and Gumshoe now adds an Autopsy Report to
    the court record as usual. So, time to start the cross-examination of your
    troublesome friend, Detective Dick Gumshoe.
    Cross-Examination: Cause of Death
    There are no clear contradictions this far in the testimony, so press Gumshoe
    on everything regarding the murder weapons, and just bear with Von Karma's
    crazy lines about foolish fools living in a foolish country, and listening to
    other foolish fools.
    It appears that Gumshoe has brought with him the two weapons used during the
    murder, so now, the pistol and the knife are added the the court record. Von
    Karma will state that the time of death was June 19th, at 3:15 PM, and that
    eyewitnesses heard two gunshots at this time. Both of the weapons had Maya's
    fingerprints on them, do Von Karma asks the judge to make quick progress with
    the whole trial. The judge asks if you want to change your plead from not
    guilty to justified self-defense, but the choice here should be clear.
     Statement: Plead Not Guilty
    Von Karma says that you have sealed your fate by making that decision, and
    tells Gumshoe to finish his testimony with some information regarding
    incriminating evidence.
    Gumshoe's Testimony: Incriminating Evidence
     - Sorry pal, but there is an even more incriminating piece of evidence.
     - This is the costume the defendant was wearing at the time of the crime.
     - As you can see, it is covered in blood.
     - The defendant attacked and killed a person who, without a doubt, was not
       fighting back.
    The judge takes a look at the costume, and assures himself that there is blood
    on it. Maya's Costume will now be added to court record.
    Cross-Examination: Incriminating Evidence
    Press Gumshoe when he starts talking about Maya's costume being covered in
    blood. Gumshoe will then say that the blood in the costume is from the victim,
    and the judge will conclude with that as well after having used his hammer on
    the table. Von Karma will complain about you using too much time, but press
    further anyways. Now, the judge will need a statement if you are to keep up
    with this. So, don't wait, just state the obvious line, listed below.
     Statement: There Is One Little Thing Regarding The Costume...
    Now, you will have to use the stylus, your nails, or the Digital Pad to point
    out the problem you have with Maya's costume. Point on the tiny black hole on
    the lower right side of the costume, and present it to the court. The hole
    smells gunpowder, says the judge, and you conclude with the fact that this is a
    bullet hole. Maya's Costume will now get updated in the court record. Von Karma
    says that this does not chance anything, and gets Gumshoe to continue his
    testimony. Now, when Gumshoe talks about the victim not fighting back, present
    the updated costume. It is important that you found the bullet hole earlier to
    get this right. It is now clear that the victim did in fact try to shoot Maya.
    This could have been enough to let Maya go free if you had decided to go for
    'Justified Self-Defense' (not that this is really possible after all), but
    since you chose to go for a 'Not Guilty' verdict for Maya, the trial goes on.
    Time for another testimony by Gumshoe.
    Gumshoe's Testimony: What Transpired
     - During the channeling, the defendant saw her chance to stab the victim
       in the chest.
     - Of course, the victim used the last of his straight to fight back, sir.
     - While the two were fighting, the victim took out his gun.
     - The victim took a shot, but because they were too close, he missed.
     - The defendant then picked up on the opening, took the victim's gun and
       ended it...
    The judge says this sounds fairly reasonable, and you yourself can't find
    anything fishy off the bat. But, you won't give up, and then you start the
    Cross-Examination: What Transpired
    Press Gumshoe in all possible ways, but that won't be enough to find the
    contradiction this time around. What you need to do, is to show Gumshoe the
    costume again, when he says that the victim missed because of the close range.
    If it had really been that close, there would have been gunpowder burn marks
    on the costume - and there is not. This means that when the bullet was fired,
    the two were standing apart from each other, and not at point-blank range.
    Von Karma says that the victim most likely had pushed Maya away, and that this
    is the reason for the long range. But, since the victim had been stabbed almost
    to death, he could not have managed to do that. So, Karma now says that Maya
    was the one that pushed the victim away instead - just turning the whole thing
    on its head. Now, state the correct thing listed below.
     Statement: Something Does Not Make Sense
    There is a fatal flaw in the theory of Von Karma. Present the folding screen
    that has a small bullet-like hole in it, and then you will explain that the
    bullet shot by the victim first when through Maya's sleeve, then the folding
    screen. It passed through at about 8 inches height from the floor, something
    that means that at the moment this was shot, Maya was not preparing to attack,
    but sitting on the floor. You will now drag forth the diagram Gumshoe was using
    earlier, and show the victim and the folding screen, as well as the exact point
    where the bullet went through. Now, use the stylus to show that Maya was
    sitting just in front of where the bullet hit the folding screen. Again, the
    fact that there are no gunpowder marks will help you and Maya. It has now been
    proved that Maya was standing apart from the victim. The judge also has a
     Question: Do you think this has changed the defendants situation?
     Answer: It changed everything.
    Now, you explain that if Maya was the murderer, she would not have been sitting
    near the folding screen instead of preparing to strike the victim. Now, Von
    Karma says she's gotten more than enough of Gumshoe's face, and calls in
    another witness. The trial however, has to take a break now, so save your game.
                                     Trial Part II                            [w05]
    Victim: Dr Grey
    When: June 21, 11:37 AM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Maya is pretty gloomy during the break. She says she could feel the death
    penalty hanging in the air all the time. Pearl is a little happier, and says
    you did great. This break is not very long, but it helps me make a new section
    for the next part of the trial. After talking a little about Mia, it's straight
    back to court.
    Defendant: Maya Fey
    Prosecutor: Franziska Von Karma
    Victim: Dr Grey
    When: June 21, 11:43 AM
    Where: District Court, Courtroom No. 2
    Franziska Von Karma is all furious now that you have showed her that you won't
    be taken down very easily. She even tells the judge to shut up while she
    summons her second witness. This witness is of course Lotta Hart, you
    photographer 'friend'.
    Lotta Hart's Testimony: Witness's Account
     - Only the doc and the defendant went into the channelin' chamber.
     - We were waitin' outside the door, and then 'bang!' we hear this gunshot!
     - Mister Lawyer here broke the door open, and we rushed into the room.
     - Inside was the dead victim and the defendant, wavin' a pistol around.
     - I swear, other than those two, there was no one else in the room.
    The judge asks if Lotta managed to take pictures at that time, and Lotta says
    she did. She now finds a photograph showing Maya holding a gun. This photo,
    named Lotta's Photo, will be added to the court record.
    Cross-Examination: Witness's Account
    Let Lotta talk until she starts describing how she saw Maya and the dead victim
    once she entered the room. Press her further on that, as at the day of the
    murder, Lotta was not sure if the woman with blood on her costume really was
    Maya or not. Von Karma however, assures everyone that since Maya in fact was
    one of the two persons that went into the chamber, she has to have been the
    woman with blood on her costume after all. Now, press Lotta when she says that
    she swears that other than Maya and Grey, no one was in the room. You should do
    this, because since it was very dark in the room, someone else might have been
    there. Time for a statement.
     Statement: What About... Under The Flooring?
    It would be natural to suggest this, as if someone was behind the door, they
    would have gotten flat when you broke it open, and behind the folding screen,
    it would have been hard to hide. However, it turns out that Von Karma has
    investigated this, and there was no sign of a passage under the flooring at
    all. So, next, press Lotta on everything she says, until the judge hits his
    hammer in the table. No contradictions so far.
    The judge takes a look at the picture from Lotta, but says that the face of
    Maya does not show, and therefore, there is no proof that this really is Maya
    the picture. Now, you will get the chance to present evidence, but you should
    not do that right now. Now, right before you are about to give up, Mia will
    appear in Pearl's body. She will tell you to question Lotta once more, but the
    judge says he won't let you. Surprising, Von Karma says that that is completely
    ok, and you can then question Lotta once more.
    Lotta Hart's Testimony: Witness's Account Part 2
     - When we broke into that room, all I could focus on was Maya.
     - I was kinda scared of the dead body, so I did not take a good Lock at it.
     - I'm really bad when it comes to blood and ghosts and stuff.
     - But I still managed to point my camera at Maya and take a shot!
    Cross-Examination: Witness's Account Part 2
    You should already have noticed something weird about this testimony. Because,
    at the time after the murder, Lotta took two photos, and here, she says she
    took one. Press her on that, and she will explain that Von Karma told her to
    hide the second photo. Leave the situation to the judge, instead of confronting
    Franziska yourself. Now, Von Karma will submit the second photograph to the
    court record. The woman on the photo does not look like Maya at all, so insist
    on that this is NOT Maya. The judge agrees, but Mia says you're too soft on the
    whole thing.
    Actually, Von Karma looks directly pleased. She tells the judge to have a look
    at another photograph that has not been showed to anyone before now. It was
    taken at the time when you visited Maya yesterday. And that, was when Mia
    entered her body! So, this photo is also showing Maya looking like yet another
    person. Taking pictures of someone in a private conversation is illegal, Mia
    says, so Von Karma chooses not to submit it as evidence.
     Question: Is there any way to prove that the person on the photo is not Maya?
     Answer: I can prove it.
    In the picture of the woman with the gun, lies a critical contradiction to all
    the testimony up until now, you say. Von Karma tells you to point out where on
    the photo this contradiction can be found, so point at the sleeve, which on
    this photo, does not have a hole from a bullet. Von Karma blames the fact that
    she missed the fact about the bullet hole on the investigators down at the
    precinct. Now, it's time for a new statement.
     Statement: The Shooter Is Someone Else!
    Karma goes mad, and hits everyone with her whip. She says everything has gotten
    into a complete mess. Von Karma will soon ask you if you think you have enough
    to turn the whole case around, and of course you have. You think about that a
    third person could actually have been in the channeling chamber if he or she
    sneaked in before Maya and Grey went in. And then, if Maya somehow had left the
    room, there would be a chance for this third person to have things his or her
     Statement: Maya Must Had Left The Room
    You will now say that you can prove that Maya left the room during the
    channeling. The judge asks for evidence, so show him the Black Key that pearl
    gave you yesterday. Lotta remembers that Maya locked the door to the chamber
    using this key before the channeling started, and that this key is the only key
    to the door that exists. Now, if Maya really did lock herself in, she should be
    the one that had the key, not you. You explain that Pearl gave you the key, and
    that Pearl was nowhere near the murder scene when Grey was killed! This means
    that Maya must indeed had left the room. Von Karma now admits that her case is
    no longer perfect, but says that she is not going to lose no matter what. The
    judge now says that the trial will take a break, and continue tomorrow at
    10 AM.
    When: June 21, 1:32 PM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Pearly explains that she summoned Mia, and Maya is completely amazed. Maya does
    not remember leaving the channeling room at the time of the murder, and Pearl
    doubts that a third person could have gotten inside the chamber after Maya
    eventually left. You will now take pearls home by taking the train. Nice work
    in court today! See you around. Oh, don't forget to save your game.
                                 Investigation Part II                        [w06]
    When: June 21, 3:24 PM
    Where: Kurain Village
    Pearl has start thinking about that is Maya is not the murderer after all,
    someone else is. Looks like she is hiding something, does it not? Talk to her
    about today's trial, and Pearl says she will be telling Von Karma what she
    thinks about her during trial tomorrow. When you talk to her about prosecutors,
    Pearl will remind you about Edgeworth. After that, hear what she has to say
    about the murderer. Pearl will get all worked up, so ask her about her alibi as
    well. Now, two psyche-locks will appear on Pearl, but you do not have enough
    evidence to prove anything yet. Head to the channeling chamber now, and Morgan
    will be there, talking to a picture of someone named Misty. Talk to Morgan
    about all three possible subjects, including the master. The master is named
    Misty, and is Maya's mother. Misty has gone missing a long time ago, as you
    might remember from Gyakuten Saiban 1/Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. In four
    years, her name will forever be erased from this village, since she will soon
    be considered dead after a absence of 20 years. This happens four years from
    now, if she does not return. Then, a new master will be appointed. Maya was
    originally going to be the new master, but with this murder and all, things are
    looking bad for Maya. Now, you can present lots of stuff to Morgan for some
    funny conversation, but you should rather go to the side room and examine the
    yellow box.
    Then afterwards, go see Pearl again, show her the black key, and she will say
    that she found it in the incinerator in the winding way at the day of the
    murder. Head to the winding way, and you will meet Ini again. She says that she
    likes the blue urn here, since the ash of Ami Fey is inside. After asking her
    about what happened, talk about the traffic incident where Ini's sister, the
    nurse, died. Two psyche-locks will appear on Ini, but first, examine the
    incinerator to find a piece of what looks like Maya's costume. The cloth scrap
    will now be added to the court record. Now, examine the urn to find out that it
    has been cracked a little, and that there are letters saying 'I AM' on it. The
    urn will be added to the court record, and you should move the the Detention
    Center to see Maya.
    When: June 21
    Where: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
    Talk to Maya about the trial, and then about her not being guilty. You think
    that maybe Maya was drugged during the channeling, since she had a dream, and
    mediums can't dream when they are channeling. Afterwards, ask Maya about Pearls
    alibi. Maya says that earlier on the day, she and Pearl were playing with a
    ball. Ask more about the ball to find out that Pearl often hides in the
    clothing box found in the side room at the manor. This is the yellow box you
    saw earlier. Move back to the village to find Lotta there. She will run away
    for some reason. Follow her into the meditation room, only to have her run away
    again. Lotta is not in the channeling chamber, so head to the side room.
    Examine the ball on the floor to add it to the record, and then have a look at
    the yellow clothing box on the floor. Lotta is of course hiding inside. She
    runs off again, and you will discover a small hole inside the box - it is
    located about 8 inches off the ground. This is the same height as the gunshot
    hole in the folding screen from earlier. The clothing box now gets added to the
    record. Head back to the meditation room to find Pearl. She says that Lotta ran
    past here, and that she has gone on a trip to find her true self. Present the
    Magatama to Pearl.
    Pearl's Magatama Secret: Pearl's Alibi
    A map will appear, so point out that Pearl was being located at the winding way
    at the time Grey was killed. Now, when you need to find out what Pearl was
    doing there, so show her the ball that you found in the sliding room earlier.
    She was playing with it at the day of the murder. One lock will shatter.  Then,
    you will say that while she way playing with her ball, something bad happened.
    She broke the urn, that's what, so show it to her. When Pearl asks you how you
    know that someone cracked the urn. Show her Ami Fey's profile. You will ask how
    that name is spelled, since the cracked pot said 'I AM', instead of 'AMI',
    which is how the name is really spelled.  The last lock will shatter.
    Now, ask Pearl about her alibi, since the tab has been unlocked after getting
    to know about her secret. Pearl explains that she got scared that Morgan might
    would have her leave the village, so she tried to fix the urn after breaking
    it. Ask her more about the urn to find out that during the channeling, she
    started to glue together the urn at the place she destroyed it - the winding
    way. She finished the job at the time you and Lotta came back into the manor
    after having called the police. The urn will get updated in the court record.
    Head back to Kurain village now, and Lotta will be waiting, despite the fact
    that she said that she was going on a journey to find her true self.
    Talk to Lotta about today's trial, and she will ask you to forgive her. Be a
    meanie, and don't forgive her. Then, ask about the murderer. Lotta thinks the
    murderer is Ini Miney, so show Lotta Ini's profile to unlock a tab where you
    can talk more about Ini. Do that to find out that Ini was hospitalized 6 months
    ago, but Lotta has no ideas why. Instead, she gives you the clinic's address.
    Why don't you head there right away? It's named 'Hotti Clinic'.
    When: June 21
    Where: Hotti Clinic, Reception
    The first thing you will see when arriving, is a doctor with a pink styled hair
    top. He has lost many teeth, but has replaced one of them with a tooth of gold.
    Director Hotti, he calls himself. However, it looks like that this man is a
    mentally ill man that has just stolen the director's lab coat. Talk to the man
    about Hotti Clinic to find out that plastic surgeries are often done at this
    clinic. When asked about Ini, he does not have anything to say about the
    surgery she once had to take here. If you show this man some women's profiles,
    you'll hear that he is a really perverse man. But, you should rather show him
    your attorney's badge, and the man will let you know that he really is not the
    doctor running the clinic. He does however, know more about Ini. Ask him about
    that exactly.
    The man says Ini was transferred from another hospital a year ago, and that
    this was an emergency case. It turns out that Ini's whole body was wrapped up
    in bandages when she arrived at the clinic, and that she had been hurt in a car
    accident. Now, you should ask the man about Ini's operation to get things
    rolling. You will find out that Ini's face was so burned, that if she had not
    had a picture of herself, the doctors would not have been able to make her look
    like herself again. The man also knows that Ini's license was nowhere to be
    found. Ini's photo will now be added to the record. Ask him about the accident
    Ini had. The man knows that Ini was in the passenger's seat when found by the
    police, and that you can read more about it in the newspaper clipping he gives
    you. This is it for now, so head back to the village where you will meet Lotta
    When: June 21
    Where: Kurnai Village
    Lotta says that Morgan called the police while you were away, as she had
    something to tell them. She also says that once upon a time, Morgan was meant
    to be the master of the Fey bloodline, but got replaced by Maya's mother. The
    older sister is usually the one with most spiritual power, and since Morgan was
    older than Misty, one would have thought that she would get to be the master.
    Before heading to the windey way, ask Lotta about Ini. Now, go see Ini where I
    told you to go. Show her the Magatama.
    Ini's Magatama Secret: Traffic Accident
    Ini asks you what accident you are talking about, so she must know something
    about yet another accident. So, show her the photo of herself that you got from
    the geezer at Hotti clinic, and ask her about her own accident. Now she asks
    you to prove that she was indeed in a car accident once. When she asks, show
    her the newspaper clipping 2, since it has an interview with Ini about this
    accident. She now says that that was not her, but a person that has the same
    name as her. She asks you for proof that she was hospitalized, so show her the
    license photo again. One of the psyche-locks shatters now.
    Ok, now show her the profile of Mimi Miney, her sister, since you suppose she
    was the one that died in the crash. The second lock shatters. Now you can talk
    to her about the traffic accident.
    A video will start showing the two sisters' car driving, while Ini tells you
    about how she was sitting in the passenger seat when the car crashed, and how
    she managed to save her purse, but not her sister. Ask her about Dr Grey
    afterwards. Ini thinks Grey drugged her sister with pills, and then says that
    even though she was the one that killed Grey, it would be impossible to catch
    her. Suspicious, right? Well, head back to Kurain Village to find Gumshoe and
    Pearl. Pearl says that Gumshoe shouldn't take her mother. Morgan however, says
    it's fine, and that Pearl should stay and protect the manor while she is at the
    police station. Gumshoe tried to genki up Pearls by showing her his pistol like
    before, but Morgan goes mad and says that he should not do that.
    Talk to Pearl about Morgan and Maya, to find out that Pearl has a bad feeling
    that something is going to happen. She will also tell you to go meet Maya at
    once. Well, head to the Detention Center to do just that.
    When: June 21, 6:38 PM
    Where: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
    Once you get there, Maya is channeling Mia's body. Remember that Mia had some
    psyche-locks on her last time you saw her? Well, talk to her about the murderer
    to find out that Mia has a secret. You should also talk to Mia about spirit
    channeling and tomorrow's trial before showing her the Magatama to try and
    unlock her three psyche-locks.
    Mia Fey's Secret: The Murderer
    Since you think Mia is hiding some information, tell her that the one she is
    trying to protect is Morgan. You do that by showing Morgan's profile. One of
    the locks shatters now. Mia now tells you that when the murder happened, Morgan
    was in fact outside of the channeling room, just as everyone else. This should
    give her an alibi, Mia says. She now asks you to show her something that could
    cast suspicion onto Morgan. Show her the Black Key, since at the beginning of
    the channeling, Maya had this key in her hands, and yet somehow, it ended up in
    the incinerator in the winding way. Only Morgan could have placed it there -
    while you and Lotta were calling the police after the murder had happened!
    Mia however, says that your argument is not good enough, since the key could
    have been put in the incinerator a long time after the murder. She asks you if
    you have something else that could show that Morgan could have been the
    murderer. This is the Cloth Strap that you found hanging on the incinerator
    earlier, so show Mia that one. Since Morgan was taking care of Maya after the
    murder, and Maya had the key in her sleeve at that time, it is only natural to
    think that Morgan put the key inside the incinerator, and that without knowing
    it, she left a cloth strap of Maya's costume while doing it! Now, the second
    lock will shatter.
    Mia says that you are doing very well, but she wants to know what Morgan would
    have needed in order to kill Grey. Show her the profile of Ini Miney. This
    removes the last lock, and you can finally ask Mia about the murderer again,
    and she will conclude with that Ini had something to do with the murder, and
    that Morgan had a motive to kill Grey as well. But what could that be? You will
    find out later, during the next trial. Well, save your game now.
                                    Trial Part III                            [w07]
    When: June 22, 9:51 AM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Maya says that Von Karma is only 18 years, like herself, but that compared to
    Von Karma, she is not strong at all. Then, Pearl shows up and makes things a
    little brighter. She says that today, her mother Morgan will show up in court
    to help Maya. But, is that what she's here to do after all? You ask Pearl if
    she could do you a favour and channel Mia's spirit in court today as well. She
    agrees, and court will be about to begin.
    Defendant: Maya Fey
    Prosecutor: Franziska Von Karma
    Victim: Dr Grey
    When: June 22, 10:00 AM
    Where: District Court, Courtroom No. 2
    The judge says that court is in session, Von Karma tells you to prepare to
    loose, and Pearl has already started to channel Mia's spirit. The judge says
    that a very interesting theory was presented in court yesterday. He is talking
    about the fact that Maya could have left the channeling room at the time of the
    murder. The black key proves this, since it was found inside the incinerator
    after the murder. Now, Von Karma says that she acknowledges the possibility
    that Maya could have left the room as a fact. She is sure Maya left the room at
    some point, in other words. She thinks that Maya lost the key while being out
    of the room. She now calls a witness, Morgan Fey. Morgan says that she
    performed the spirit severing technique on Maya after the murder. Morgan says
    that when she performed this technique, Maya escaped!
    Morgan Fey's Testimony: Maya's Escape
     - After we heard the gunshots, those two broke the door open and entered the
     - I requested that Mister Wright and the other lady please contact the police.
     - A pistol was hanging from Mystic Maya's hand and she was in a daze.
     - Then, quite suddenly, she thrusted me away from herself and escaped from the
     - With great strength, she hit the base of my neck and I fainted for a short
     - I am afraid that I have no knowledge about where she went after that.
    You ask Morgan why she tried to hide this up until now, and Morgan says she did
    it to protect Maya. But now, she feels like telling about it. Mia says that it
    is going to be hard to find a weak point in Morgan's testimony. We'll see about
    Cross-Examination: Maya's Escape
    Press Morgan about the fact that she told both you and Lotta to go call the
    police. Morgan will say that she was confused, and that there was another..
    something as well. She then shuts up, so press her further. Morgan says she
    chased both you and Lotta out to protect you. Press her when she says she has
    no idea of where Maya went after hitting her neck. You ask how she can be sure
    that Maya really left the room, since Morgan was hit unconscious. Now, Von
    is ready to move on to another witness, but you should listen to Morgan's
    testimony once more, and press her on everything you haven't done that to yet.
    After you've pressed enough, the judge says that there is nothing wrong with
    Morgan's testimony, and that he believes Maya did leave the channeling room at
    some point.
    Von Karma asks about exactly where Maya went after leaving the room, but
    apparently, she already has an idea about that. She says that Maya most likely
    went to talk to someone after she had killed Grey. Von Karma now calls Ini, who
    is also a witness here in court today.
    Ini Miney's Testimony: After the Murder
     - Like, when the channeling started, I was like, sleeping in the side room.
     - Like, a little later, someone came into the room, like, really suddenly.
     - It was, like, oh my gawd, totally my sister!
     - I, like, hadn't seen her in, like, so long... I was so happy in, like,
       a sad way...
     - My sister... she, like, told me something, like, totally terrible.
    The judge tells Ini to hold her horses, and wonders if it was really her sister
    that entered the side room, and not Maya. Von Karma asks Ini to tell the court
    about this 'terrible' thing she mentioned in her testimony. Ini says that her
    sister told her that before she died in the car crash, she was drugged by
    sleeping pills, and that she only took her revenge to justify her own death.
    Mia says that Ini's testimony is a huge lie. Time to cross-examine.
    Cross-Examination: After the Murder
    Press Ini when she says that she got happy to see her sister, and press further
    on that. The judge will ask you if this questioning is that important, so tell
    him that it's very important. Ini will change her testimony a little, and state
    that there was nothing weird about the meeting with her sister. Mia starts
    thinking loud, and says 'hmm.....that's impossible'. Listen to the testimony
    again, and when Ini says that there was nothing weird about the meeting with
    her sister, present Maya's Costume. Ini said there was nothing weird about her
    sister's, no, Maya's, costume, but on the picture of Ini's sister, there is
    lots of blood on the costume. The judge asks what the meaning of this is, and
    Ini suddenly looks incredibly scary, like never before. Time for a new
    Ini Miney's Testimony: After the Murder Part 2
     - Like, the side room was, like, kinda dark, you know?
     - So, like, the costume is, like, purple, right? The blood totally
       blended right in.
     - And I, like, persuaded my sister it wasn't like, right to do something
       like that.
     - And then... like, I took my sister to the channeling chamber.
    Cross Examination: After the Murder Part 2
    Press Ini when she says she persuaded her sister. Then, you will ask her if
    there was something weird when...
     Statement:  You Were Going To The Crime Scene
    Ini says there was nothing weird at all, but press her harder on that. The
    judge now has a question for you.
     Question: Do you really think something odd on the way to the channeling
               chamber is all that important?
     Answer: It's very important.
    The judge will tell Ini to include more in her testimony about the time when
    she was walking towards the crime scene. She now says that she did not see
    anyone on her way to the channeling chamber. When she says that she did not see
    anyone, present the profile of Pearl Fey. You remember that Pearl said she was
    fixing the broken urn after the murder, right? Now, Von Karma will require
    evidence that it was impossible to not see Pearl when walking in the winding
    way. Show her the Sacred Urn, since Pearl was sitting in the middle of the
    winding way at the time after the murder. Now, was really Ini sleeping in the
    side room during the murder?
     Question: Was she really sleeping in the side room...!?
     Answer: There is no way!
    There is a clear contradiction going around now. Tell everyone about it.
     Question: Where is this contradiction?
     Answer: In her testimony just now.
    Ini earlier said that Morgan was the only one in the channeling chamber at the
    time after the murder. But, how could she know that if she was in the side room
    at that time? This means that Ini did indeed visit the channeling room, but she
    did not use the winding way to get there. The judge will tell you to look at
    the manor guide map. The judge will now ask where Ini was at the time of the
    murder, since she was not in the side room. Point at the channeling chamber.
    You will tell the judge that Ini was hiding in the channeling room before Maya
    and Grey entered. When Ini asks about where she was hiding, point out that she
    was hiding behind the folding screen (that's all the way right on the picture).
    Von Karma says she clearly recalls Lotta saying that there was no way for
    someone to hide behind the folding screen during yesterdays session in court.
    So, Ini had something to help her hide behind the folding screen. Present the
    yellow clothing box, since it has a hole from a bullet, at the same height as
    the hole in the folding screen!
     Question: Do you think you can prove where the clothing box was at the time
               of the crime?
     Answer: Yes, I can with some evidence!
    Show everyone the folding screen now, to prove that the bullet being shot
    inside the channeling room hit both Maya's sleeve, the folding screen, and the
    clothing box - that was hidden behind the folding screen! Von Karma will ask
    you if you think that the woman in the photograph of the murderer is really Ini
    Miney. Your answer is of course yes. Ini used Maya's clothes to make it look
    like Maya was the murderer. Von Karma says that all this is not possible.
     Statement: Correct, it is not possible.
    All this is not possible. For one person alone, that is. Ini had an accomplice,
    and that is no one else than Morgan Fey. Show the court her profile. Ini goes
    all mad when you ask her if she denies to have killed Doctor Grey. Now, you
    tell everyone your own theory, which goes like this:
     'The murderer had planted herself at the scene of the crime long beforehand.
      Dressed in a medium's costume and wearing a wig, she pretended to be the
      defendant. And then, the channeling started. The murderer crept silently
      towards the other two, both of whom had their eyes closed...First, she
      drugged Maya Fey with a strong sleeping agent. Then, she stabbed Dr. Grey
      with the knife! Next, she hid my client inside the clothing box... She did
      that so she could take Maya's place and frame her for the crime.
      But then, something unexpected happened. Dr. Grey was actually not yet dead!
      With the last of his strength, he fired a shot at the attacker! And that is
      why the hole on the folding screen was so low to the ground! The murderer
      then took the gun from Dr. Grey, and... *BANG*
      Ms. Miney... She immediately covered her own costume with blood, and
      pretended to be Maya Fey.'
    Von Karma says that this is not enough to make her loose the trial. Von Karma
    wants you to show her what motive Ini could possibly has had to kill Grey. Show
    her the profile of her sister, but to your surprise, the judge almost ends the
    trial. Mia however, tells the judge to give the defense one more minute. The
    judge agrees, and gives you some time. Mia says that Ini did in fact train for
    the crime. She says that there is a reason that Ini killed Grey, and that the
    same reason made her kill him in this way exactly.
     Statement: I can do this (Yes, I can).
    You will now show that Ini did indeed have a motive to kill Dr. Grey. Von Karma
    say that she will let you get the chance to show your evidence, after a break
    on about five minutes. You should now save your game before the break.
                                    Trial Part IV                             [w08]
    When: June 22, 12:04 PM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Maya asks if it is really true that her aunt had something to do with the
    murder. There is no way that Ini could have killed Grey without help, so you
    tell her that most likely, Morgan had something to do with it. Suddenly, Von
    Karma starts talking to you. She says that things are going her way, and that
    her ultimate goal is to defeat you and Maya, and show the result to the whole
    world. After Von Karma is done talking, court resumes.
    Defendant: Maya Fey
    Prosecutor: Franziska Von Karma
    Victim: Dr Grey
    When: June 22, 12:10 PM
    Where: District Court, Courtroom No. 2
    This session starts with a new testimony, because you think that hearing more
    about the accident can show you what Ini's motive for killing Grey was.
    Ini Miney's Testimony: Last Year's Accident
     - That was, like, last year in May.
     - Like, something really bad had, like, happened at my sister's clinic around
     - And like, the night of the accident, my sister was like, totally tired
       while she was driving.
     - I was, like, totally pooped too, so I, like, fell asleep in the passenger's
     - I, like, woke up 'cause of a jolt, and, like, it was a sea of flames around
     - I like opened the door and, like got away.
    Cross-Examination: Last Year's Accident
    Press Ini when she says that her sister was totally tired while driving. She
    says that this was because she was being investigated and all. Press her
    harder. You will ask her why Ini didn't ask her sister to switch places so that
    Ini could drive instead. Ini says she did not have a driver's license at the
    time, so she could not drive the car instead of her sister. The judge tells Ini
    to add this to her testimony. At the end of her testimony now, she says that
    she did not have a license. When she says this, show her the license photo you
    got from the perverted man over at Hotti Clinic. This picture was taken from
    her license. She now says she did not get that license before after the
    incident, in November. This requires a new testimony.
    Ini Miney's Testimony: I Wouldn't Be Allowed
     - Like, around that time, I was, like, really close to getting my license.
     - My sis was, like, this totally big fan of cars and like really valued them.
     - She, like, had just gotten this really shiny, bright red sports car.
     - She, like, would say things like, 'no way I am letting a newb drive my car'.
     - So, like, that's why I ended up in the passenger's seat that night too.
    Cross-Examination: I Wouldn't Be Allowed
    Press Ini when she states that her sister had just bought a new sports car. She
    says the car came from the United Kingdom, a statement that will take her down
    in a few seconds. Press her harder on this to have her add the part about the
    car being from UK to her testimony. When she says this, that her sister's car
    was from England, press her harder, and ask her further for the heck of it.
    She will go totally crazy, saying lots of advanced stuff only a car-fan would
    know about (I sure have no idea what those things mean). Now, when she's done,
    go back to the part about the car being from UK, and present the Newspaper
    Clipping 2. It has an interview where Ini said that she climbed out of the
    RIGHT door to get out. If that was correct, the car would either not be from
    UK, or Ini would be the one driving the car. This leads to a question.
     Question: Who was really driving that night?
     Answer: Mimi Miney
    You might be confused now if you don't completely follow the case. But don't
    worry. We answered Mini Miney, because, we suspect that Ini standing here in
    court is really Mimi Miney! Now, show the court Mimi Miney's profile. You will
    now explain how Mimi used her sister's picture to show the doctors at Hotti
    Clinic, so that they could reconstruct her face to look like her sister's. Now
    it all goes clear; Mime Mini had to kill Dr. Grey because he wanted to call
    back the spirit of a dead person, more accurate, the spirit of his dead nurse.
    But, this would not have been possible since the nurse did not die at all! Grey
    would have discovered this if Mimi had not stopped Maya from channeling.
    Now, a voice says 'Looks Like I Have Been Unmasked'. This voice is the one of
    Mimi, who now admits that she pretended to be her dead sister for a year. The
    judge asks her who she went so far to throw her own self away. You know why, so
    show the court the Newspaper Clipping 1. The incident where 14 patients died
    was really caused by Mimi Miney. This, and the fact that her own sister died
    later that month was too much to bear, so she decided to throw her old self
    away, and start a new life as Ini Miney. Now, Von Karma goes TOTALLY psycho and
    hits you with her whip about one hundred times (ok, I could not count)! You
    faint. The judge ends the trial by giving out the verdict - NOT GUILTY.
    When: June 22, 3:13 PM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Livvy No. 3
    Mia congratulates Maya, who has not seen that Mia was in court all the time.
    Maya remembers the dream where she smelled a familiar scent. This was because
    Maya was lying inside the clothing box, which Mia once used to store her
    clothes in. You're now back conscious, and ask what would have happened if Grey
    had not fired a gunshot and you had not broken the door to get into the room.
    Mia believes that Mimi had planned to open the door herself. Maya asks why her
    aunt Morgan did something as terrible as helping the murderer. Show her the
    profile of Pearl. Morgan wanted her daughter to be the next master of the Fey
    bloodline instead of Maya. That is why she tried to frame Maya.
    When: Date And Time Unknown
    Where: Detention Center, Solitary Confinement Cell 13
    A scene shows Morgan talking about her precious Pearl, and how she is the only
    one suited for being the master. She says that she will wait, and wait more,
    until a new chance appears to make Pearl the master of the Feys. This is the
    end of the episode.
                                      Episode III                             [p03]
                                  Investigation Part I                        [w09]
    When: December 26, 8:12 PM
    Where: Berry Big Circus, Circus Entrance
    The episode starts at a circus, where the world's greatest magician, Max
    Galactia, is performing. Pearl is here, and so is Maya. On the top of that,
    you are there as well. It's been six months since the incident in Kurain
    Village where Doctor Grey was murdered. After the performance, Pearl and Maya
    goes home to celebrate the coming new year.
    When: December 28, 9:12 AM
    Where: Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Just as you are trying to leave the office, your cellphone rings. Maya is the
    one calling, and she tells you to turn on the TV at once. Something seems to
    have happened at Big Berry Circus - a sensational murder! The police have
    arrested Max Galactia, the world's greatest magician. Before hanging up the
    phone, Maya tells you to meet her at the Detention Center. You have no choice,
    so why don't you just head there at once?
    When: December 28, 11:19 AM
    Where: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
    Maya has already arrived, and says that Max would never have killed anyone. Max
    hears this, and says that Maya is a fabulous girl. He tells her to pick a card,
    which turns out to be the Ace of Hearts. You also pick a card, but you never
    get to show anyone what card you got. Ask Max about himself to find out that he
    recently won the magician's Grand Prix. When you ask about the circus he works
    at, he says that the other performances not held by himself, are dull. Maya
    gets sad because she's fond of the other performances as well. Finally, ask him
    about what happened, and he tells you that the Ringmaster, Russell Berry, was
    killed. Max was the last one to have seen the Ringmaster alive, so the police
    have questioned him a lot.
    Now, a new tab will be unlocked. Use it to ask Max about his meeting with
    Russell, the Ringmaster. Max says that he and Russell talked about Max's salary
    during the meeting. Max says that this was the only thing they talked about,
    but then, three psyche-locks appear. As you can see, psyche-locks are used
    throughout the game, and not just in Episode 2. You are not to unlock them now,
    as you have no evidence against anything. Keep talking to Max, and he starts
    crying, and tells you that he did not kill anyone, and that he just wanted more
    money to pay off his dad's debt. Max also changes the way he talks; now he
    sounds like a farmer. He tells you that his real name is 'Billy Bob Johns'.
    Head back to your office once you've agreed to help Max. Maya is depressed
    because Max turned out to be just a farmer's son. After  talking to her, head
    to the circus. At the entrance, there's no one around, so move to the Lodging
    House Plaza.
    When: December 28
    Where: Lodging House, Plaza
    In the lodging house you meet Dick Gumshoe again. He is investigating the
    murder, but is sad because he can't take time off at this time of the year. Ask
    him about the trial tomorrow to find out that Franziska Von Karma will be the
    prosecutor in tomorrow's trial, just like in Episode 2. Maya asks Gumshoe about
    Edgeworth, but he does not want to tell her where he is these days. Ask him
    about what happened, and he will tell you that Russell Berry died around 10 PM
    outside of the circus. He was killed by a blow to the noggin. Gumshoe does
    however, think that there is one thing that is quite unusual. Ask him about
    what that could be. Gumshoe shows you a photo of the victim lying on a box. His
    footprints are there, but the murderer's footprints are nowhere to be found.
    This crime photo now gets added to the court record.
    Show Gumshoe the profile of Max after the crime photo has been added to the
    record. Gumshoe has investigated a little, and says that Max was very unpopular
    with the other artists in the circus. Gumshoe thinks that Max is the murderer,
    as he found a hat that looks like Max's on the scene of the crime. He also has
    several eyewitnesses, and tells you to stay in the lodging house plaza, and not
    go inside, as this is most likely where these witnesses are hanging out right
    now. Time to move on now; you should take a look at Moe's Room even though no
    one is there at the moment (you can examine his clown equipment), and then
    head back to the Circus Entrance, and from there go to Big Top.
    When: December 28
    Where: Berry Big Circus, Big Top
    Maya gets an idea about you doing somersaults, and then a tiger comes running
    towards you. Holy hell, that has to be a scary experience. Before the tiger
    eats you, a voice tells the tiger to stop at once. This is a girl named Regina
    Berry, who is the animal tamer working at the circus. Ask her about what
    happened, and she will tell you that the dead Ringmaster was her father. She
    does not seem sad or anything, and tells you that after 10 PM last night,
    everyone, including her dad, left the tent, while she stayed to train more with
    the tiger. Ask her about herself, and she starts talking about her old best
    friend, Leon the Lion. Leon was killed by her father some time ago, but Regina
    does not have any idea why he did that. Could this be an eventual motive for
    Regina to kill her father? Let's find out later. Show Regina Max's hat, and she
    says that she was the one that designed it - and that there is only one hat
    like this in the whole world. Present Russell Berry's profile to Regina as well
    to unlock the Ringmaster's Room. Head there now.
    When: December 28
    Where: Big Top, Ringmaster's Room
    In the room, there is a poster of Max on the wall. Examine the black dress in
    the right corner to find out that some paper is sticking out of the dress's
    pocket. For your information, you can not take this paper with you. On the
    table in this room, examine the paper there to find out that Max's salary was
    indeed raised, but that happened a week ago. This paper will be added to the
    court record. Finally, examine the wall with all the posters to have Maya steel
    one of Max. This promo poster will be added to the record. Good thing Maya is
    mad about Max, don't you think? Head back to Big Top and ask Regina about what
    is on her mind. She tells Maya that someone has professed their love to her.
    This was Max. And not enough with that; someone named Trilo also did the same
    thing. Walk back to the Circus Entrance now.
    A man with a huge red bow-tie and a white dress will appear. His name is
    Benjamin Woodman, but everyone calls him Ben. He is quite shy, but ask him
    about what happened anyways. He won't really tell you anything, so talk to him
    about Max to find out that Ben thinks Max is mean. Finally, ask Ben about his
    job, which is being a Ventriloquist. After getting literally nothing of
    information out of Ben, head to the Lodging House Plaza and to Moe's Room.
    When: December 28
    Where: Lodging Hall 1st Floor, Moe's Room
    You meet Moe now. He is a hyperactive clown in a blue dress. He tells you jokes
    about grapes and Gretta Garbo before you get the chance to ask about anything
    else. When you finally get to talk, ask Moe about the circus, about what
    happened, and about Russell Berry. Moe says he witnessed the murder of the
    Ringmaster. Ask him about what he witnessed. After a bad joke about you being
    'Wright all the time', Moe will tell you a little about what he saw last night.
    He says that after going to bed, he heard a loud 'THUMP', and when he looked
    out of the window, he saw the back of someone in magician-clothes. Show him
    Ben's profile and you will get to know that Ben never talks much if he does not
    have his putted Trilo. Remember, Ben is a ventriloquist. Plus, Trilo is the
    name of the second one that confessed his love to Regina. Funny, right? Now
    show Moe Max's profile to get to know that the morning before the murder, Max
    clonked Ben on his head really hard. He now gives you a map, and tells you to
    go check out the cafeteria. The cafeteria can be found by following this
    pattern: Moe's Room -> Plaza -> Entrance -> Big Top -> Cafeteria.
    When: December 28
    Where: Big Top, Cafeteria
    Examine the crushed bottle on the floor to add it to the court record. When you
    have done that, head all the way back to the Detention Center.
    When: December 28
    Where: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
    Talk to Max about himself to find out that he wants to marry Regina. Also, when
    you ask him about what happened last night again, he says that he was talking
    with the Ringmaster in his room at 10 PM. The Ringmaster had to do something,
    so he walked out of his room for a little while, while Max was still in the
    Ringmaster's room. Obviously, the Ringmaster never returned. Now, present the
    Magatama to Max, since he has 3 psyche-locks on him from last time you paid him
    a visit.
    Max Galactia's Magatama Secret: Meeting With Russell
    Max asks for proof that he went to the Ringmaster's room to do something else
    than negotiate about his salary. Show him the Ringmaster's Papers, where it has
    been stated that Max got a higher salary a week ago. One lock shatters. Max now
    says that the Ringmaster actually called him to his room last night. Show him
    what you believe is the reason for the Ringmaster's calling. This is of course
    the broken bottle you found in the cafeteria. Another lock breaks. Now, you are
    about to tell him what he used the bottle to do, so show him Ben's profile,
    since Max used the bottle to hit Ben. That's it - all three locks have been
    shattered, and you can finally ask Max about his Meeting with Russell.
    Max tells you that he had a fight with Ben because Ben said he loved Regina,
    just like Max does. Max then hit Ben in the head, and went to ask the
    Ringmaster about marrying his daughter. Max says that the Ringmaster was
    positive. Ask Max about 'shutting up' Ben. Max now says that he had to shut Ben
    up, because he also liked Regina. What he did, was to take away his puppet
    Trilo. Ben hardly talks without Trilo, as you already know. Max has hidden
    Trilo in the Ringmaster's room he says, so go there now and try finding him.
    When: December 28
    Where: Big Top, Ringmaster's Room
    Examine the shelf in the left part of the room that has all the trophies on it
    to find Trilo. Trilo will be added to the court record. Head to the cafeteria
    now, and you will meet Ben. Ask him about what happened last night, and about
    the circus. To your surprise, Ben mentions that he does not really like Regina
    at all, even though both Max and Moe said that Ben used his puppet Trilo to
    confess his love to Regina earlier. Show Ben that you have found Trilo. Trilo
    goes all mad, but Ben looks like usual. This drastically changes Ben's
    personality. Ask Trilo about what happened, and then about the circus. Now he
    says that he is going to marry Regina! After that, ask about flying fraud and
    marriage. Ben and Trilo will leave the room after they are done talking.
    Out in the Big Top, a monkey steals your badge. Regina enters, and tells you
    that the monkey is named Money, and promises to help you with getting the badge
    back. Ask Regina about Money, and she will advise you to talk with Moe about
    it, since she is not a friend of Money herself. When you talk to her about Ben
    and Trilo, she says that she loves Trilo, but that she does not have anything
    to do with Ben. Finally ask about the proposal. Regina has heard nothing about
    a proposal, but seems to like both Trilo and Max. Move to Moe's house in hope
    to  find out something about that monkey. Ask Moe about Money to have him take
    you to his owner.
    When: December 28
    Where: Lodging Hall 3rd Floor, Acro's Room
    This is the room where Money's owner lives. The owner's name is Acro, and woes
    as an acrobat at the circus. He's not here at the moment, but in the left
    corner of the room, you will find your attorney's badge by examining the huge
    pile of shiny junk. Money will be added to the record, and your badge will also
    be added. You will now find a ring saying 'From T to R'. This wraps it up, so
    save your game, and wait for the trial tomorrow.
                                     Trial Part I                             [w10]
    Defendant: Max Galactia
    Victim: Russell Berry
    When: December 29, 9:43 AM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 5
    Max is here, and he looks extremely nervous. He asks for a glass of milk, but
    no one gives him one. Max then wonders if he should fly into court or not, but
    you tell him that flying is a bad idea. When Max asks i you should fly or not,
    you aren't completely sure if flying is so bad after all. With that in mind,
    the trial starts.
    Defendant: Max Galactia
    Prosecutor: Franziska Von Karma
    Victim: Russell Berry
    When: December 29, 10:00 AM
    Where: District Court, Courtroom No. 2
    The judge starts trial with telling everyone to use Max's stage name instead of
    Billy Bob Johns, since his grandchild is a huge fan of Max. Von Karma is
    hotheaded as usual, and refuses to acknowledge how you proved that Maya was
    innocent in Episode 2. She says that you have no chance of winning this time
    around. Her first witness if poor Dick Gumshoe.
    Gumshoe's Testimony: Details Of The Events
     - The night of the crime, snow was falling until 9:40 PM, making is extremely
       cold outside.
     - All the performers gathered in the Big Top to practice their routines.
     - The practice session broke up at around 10 PM
     - The murder itself took place in the front of the lodging house at 10:15 PM.
     - The victim was found bent over a wooden box dead as a doornail.
     - The cause of death was blunt force trauma that snapped a vertebrae in his
       neck (autopsy report added to court record).
    Cross-Examination: Details Of The Events
    Press Gumshoe when he talks about how the Ringmaster was found bent over a
    wooden box, to add this box to the court record. You now get a chance to ask a
    question, so ask about about the contents of this box. It turns out that inside
    the box, there was a bottle filled with pepper. This small seasoning bottle
    will now be added to the record. Now, there is nothing more of evidence to get,
    so just press Gumshoe on the remaining statements to move on with the trial.
    Gumshoe now steps down, and Ben and Trilo takes his place as witnesses.
    Ben and Trilo's Testimony: What You Witnessed
     - Once practice was over, I left the tent with the stooge... I mean clown.
     - Once we got to the lodging house, I ditched him and went over to the Plaza.
     - That's when I saw Max heading towards the scene of the crime.
     - He was the only one heading that way. How could that punk not be the killer?
     - Then the police showed up, and took magic boy away.
    The judge believes that since Trilo said he ditched the clown, it would be a
    possibility that the clown was the one that killed the Ringmaster. Von Karma
    however, says that since Max's hat was found at the scene of the murder, that
    would not have been possible - there would be not reason for Max's hat to be
    there if he was not the murderer, she believes.
    Cross-Examination: What You Witnessed
    Press Trilo when he says that Max was the only one headed towards the crime-
    scene. You should ask if Trilo really say no one else but Max, and then present
    the profile of Russell Berry, the Ringmaster. You're getting onto something,
    but you have no proof that Max really headed towards the Ringmaster's room
    together with the Ringmaster himself. So, press Trilo when he says that the
    police eventually showed up and took magic boy away. It appears that Trilo and
    Ben were waiting outside for 30 minutes, even though it was very cold outside.
    You think the reason for this, is that they were waiting for someone. Present
    Regina's profile.
    Trilo's head bursts into the air. When he gets down on the ground, he says that
    he really was waiting for Regina, and that he was going to propose to her when
    she showed up.
    Ben and Trilo's Testimony: About The Proposal
     - Don't be Si surprised that I was going to propose to Regina!
     - I even had something to give her...
     - I kept it in my pocket, waiting for a chance to propose and give it to her.
     - I also had it in my pocket that night. It was a present for her.
     - In the end, I was not able to give it to her, so I still have it in mu
    Cross-Examination: About The Proposal
    Press Trilo when he says that he had something for Regina in his pocket. Trilo
    says that the thing is an engagement ring. Press further, or rather, push on
    anyway, to have Von Karma hit you with her whip. Ah, the pain. Now, this will
    have unlocked some more information to the testimony, so when Trilo says that
    he was not able to give the ring to Regina after all, show him the ring in
    your testimony. Trilo said that he had the ring in his own pocket right now,
    but the fact is that you are the one that has it, since you found it in Acro's
    room - most likely stolen by Money the Ape.
    Ben now says that the ring was stolen right after he saw Max the night of the
    murder. Ben and Trilo did indeed try to catch Money the Ape, but they were not
    able to since a monkey is much faster than a human carrying a puppet doll. This
    is a good time for a statement.
     Statement: Ben's Testimony Has A Flaw
    There is indeed a contradiction in the testimony, since Ben and Trilo said that
    they were waiting at the same place all the time. However, a few seconds ago,
    they admitted to have chased Money the Ape after he had stolen the engagement
    ring that Trilo had prepared for Regina. This means that Ben and Trilo had no
    chance to watch the plaza all the time, as they claimed to have. So, it is
    completely possible that someone might have been at the plaza, and avoided
    being sighted by Ben and Trilo.
    Max and Trilo's Testimony: Witnessing Max
     - I'll give you that I was waiting for Regina that night.
     - But that doesn't change the fact that I saw Max in the plaza that night.
     - He showed up after I had been waiting there for about 5 minutes.
     - I said 'good evening' to him, but he did not even acknowledge my presence!
     - I am absolutely sure it was him! I saw Maximilian Galactia at the scene.
     - There's no way I could mistake someone wearing those three ridiculous
    Cross-Examination: Witnessing Max
    Press Trilo when he states that Max did not even answer when he said good
    evening to him. There has to be something wrong with all this, so ask him about
    his evening greeting. Why would Trilo really have bothered to greet Max is he
    hated him so much? Instead of pressing this time, present the broken
    bottle when Trilo says that he greeted Max by saying good evening. Since this
    bottle was used earlier by Max to hit Ben's head, it would not be normal for
    Ben and Trilo to greet Max at all.
     Question: Could you explain your theory about who the witness say that night?
     Answer: He saw a different person.
    Show the judge the profile of Russell Berry, the Ringmaster. Von Karma has
    already guessed that you are thinking about the Ringmaster. Trilo however, is
    sure that it was Max he saw, because of his three symbols: a silk hat, cloak,
    and some white roses. Since Trilo has most likely not seen the face of the
    one dressed in a costume similar to Max's, it could have been anyone, and not
    necessarily Max, that appeared that night. Von Karma now says that the next
    witness can explain who this person dressed like Max really was. Before the
    next witness enters, court will take a short break.
    Defendant: Max Galactia
    Prosecutor: Franziska Von Karma
    Victim: Russell Berry
    When: December 29, 11:54 AM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 5
    Max says that you have to believe that he never went close to the scene of the
    murder. Maya asks where he was when the murder happened, and Max tells her that
    he was in the Ringmaster's room, like he said earlier. The Ringmaster was just
    supposed to go out for 10 minutes, but never returned. Max now says that when
    he walked to the Ringmaster's room in the first place, he had hist costume on.
    When he came into the room, he took it off. This means that it would have been
    possible for the Ringmaster to take on Max's costume when he went out. But why
    would the Ringmaster do that? And why was only Max's hat found on the scene,
    and not the other two parts of the costume? Well, now court is on again!
                                     Trial Part II                            [w11]
    Defendant: Max Galactia
    Prosecutor: Franziska Von Karma
    Victim: Russell Berry
    When: December 29, 12:06 PM
    Where: District Court, Courtroom No. 2
    Moe has now started witnessing. He says he witnessed the murder around 10:15
    PM. He's now going to present his own testimony.
    Moe's FAKE Testimony: What You Witnessed
    This testimony is not a real testimony, and can be ignored. You should listen
    to the poor clown, however.
     - I know I'm not the greatest comedian in world...
     - I haven't been able to make people laugh for 10 years!
     - No matter what I say, all I get in return is a vacant stare and polite
     - Since no one laughs at my jokes, I've taken to laughing at them myself.
     - It's a bad habit, but at least I am trying.
     - Imagine my predicament! I'm a clown who can't make people laugh! I'm
       almost useless!
     - But I keep trying! I even tried to come up with jokes just for today!
     - But this atmosphere is very nerve-racking! I decided to try making everyone
     - Seriously, everyone. What do you think of me? How am I doing?
    Moe's Testimony: What You Witnessed
     - The night of the murder, after practice, I went straight back to my room.
     - You have no idea how tired I was that night. I was pooped.
     - I thought I'd go straight to sleep, but before I did, I glanced out of the
     - That's when I saw 2 silhouettes! They were a bit far away though.
     - It was the Ringmaster, who was with Max, who was wearing his cloak.
     - I kept watching, and all of a sudden, Max clonked the Ringmaster over the
    Cross-Examination: What You Witnessed
    IT is important not to press Moe at the wrong time, since the judge will drain
    health from your bar if you do so. Press Moe when he says that he thought he'd
    go straight to sleep, and keep pressing on that. You remember that yesterday,
    Moe said that the reason he looked out of the window was that he heard a loud
    noise. Now he says that he forgot to add that to his testimony, and has to
    revise his testimony and add this fact to it. When Moe gets to the part about
    the noise, press him again to find out that the sound he heard, sounded like
    someone being hit real hard.
    Press Moe when he starts talking about the silhouettes. You ask him how far
    away they were from Moe's window, and he replies that they were about 30 feet
    from his room. However, he now says that it was snowing that night, so
    recognizing the silhouettes was hard. When Moe talks about Max clonking the
    Ringmaster's head, press him. You start to doubt that Moe really did see the
    murder, and Von Karma asks you if you have proof that Moe did not. Tell her
    that you do have proof - the witness' own testimony! In his testimony, Moe said
    that he heard a noise of someone hitting another person with something hard.
    But, he also said that while watching, he saw Max hit the Ringmaster! If Moe
    did indeed look out of his window because he heard a noise, it would not be
    likely that he could have seen Max as he clonked the Ringmaster!
    Moe now says that at the time he looked out of his window, the Ringmaster was
    already lying face down in the snow. Von Karma had just manipulated him to say
    the thing about him seeing Max as he hit the Ringmaster with something hard.
    So, Moe did not see the Ringmaster the moment he was killed, but he does claim
    to have seen Max, who he believes was one of the two silhouettes he saw from
    his room. The judge tells Moe to present a new testimony, but warns him about
    joking in court.
    Moe's Testimony: The Silhouette
     - I was a bit far away, but that shadow could only have belonged to Max.
     - There's no doubting it. Especially since I saw his uppity symbols.
     - His silk hat, his black cloak, they were all there!
     - His face was silhouetted, but there's no doubt it was him.
     - His cloak was fluttering in the wind, so I couldn't really see what he
       was carrying in his hands.
    The judge says that it does sound like the one Moe saw was Max, and Von Karma
    more than agrees. Maya says that you should do your best, and the judge asks
    you to start your cross-examination.
    Cross-Examination: The Silhouette
    Let Moe talk until he starts mentioning the silk hat and the black cloak. When
    he does this, present the Promo Poster that you have in your court record. You
    know, the one that Maya stole yesterday from the Ringmaster's room. Maya tells
    everyone in court to say the names of all three items that Max usually carries
    on his body. Silk Hat, Cloak, White Roses. Moe didn't see any white roses at
    all, if his testimony is to be believed. Even though Moe does admit not to have
    seen the roses, Von Karma tries to make the judge believe that this was just
    because it was dark outside. But, since the roses were white, you explain that
    Moe would most likely not have missed them if they were at the crime scene.
    You ask the judge if he can recall Trilo's testimony where he said that there
    was no way he could have mistaken Max's three silly symbols. So, Trilo claimed
    to have seen all three items, while Moe says that there were only two of Max's
    items on the murder scene. This is a clear contradiction! The judge however,
    says that he is 99% certain that the witness saw Max at the merer scene. But
    since the judge is a perfectionist, he requests more testimony from Moe. This
    is your last chance to make the trial continue.
    Moe's Testimony: The Silhouette, Part 2
     - There's not doubt in my mind! There were no white roses that night!
     - However, all of the other symbols were there.. I'm sure of that.
     - Especially the silk hat! I could not forget seeing the decorations on it!
     - He was wearing it the entire time he was on the scene!
    Cross-Examination: The Silhouette, Part 2
    The judge is in a bad mood, and says that you have only one chance to do this.
    He won't even allow you to press Moe for more information. He says that the
    only thing that will help you here, is evidence, and nothing else! So, when Moe
    says that Max was wearing his hat all the time he was on the scene, present the
    silk hat from the court record. Von Karma says that this hat was found at the
    crime scene, so it must have fallen off during the murder. But, Moe said that
    Max never lost the hat at all! You now ask Moe how the murderer left the scene.
    Moe says that the murderer just turned around and walked away. The judge asks
    you to present something related to how the murderer left the scene, so show
    him the Crime Photo, where the only footprints on the ground are the victim's.
    This means, that the murderer's footprints are nowhere to be seen. And they
    would have been, if the murderer just turned around and walked away from the
    scene. Moe now says that his testimonies have been kind of not correct, since
    Von Karma has been hitting him with her whip and such. He now wants to say what
    REALLY happened, without being manipulated by the whip-wielding woman with
    silver hair (ok, that was just a hot line I made myself).
    Moe's Testimony: The Truth
     - Now it's time for our next segment, 'Moe Knows'.
     - Everything I have said up until now has been the truth!
     - When I looked out of the window, the Ringmaster was down, and Max was
       standing above him.
     - He was not wearing his roses, but he was wearing the silk hat!
     - That's when I saw he flew through the air!
     - He flew right off and disappeared into the darkness!
     - That's why there were no footprints! Flying people don't leave footprints!
    Von Karma says that all this is just bullshit, and that there's no way Max
    would have left the crime scene by flying off into the darkness. The judge says
    that this is the first time he has heard about a flying criminal, and asks
    about what you think about all this.
     Question: What do you think about this testimony, Mister Wright?
     Answer: He's telling the truth!
    Von Karma hits you on your nose, and says that you've got to be dreaming. The
    judge however, is not sure at all, so he ends the trial for today, and lets you
    investigate a little more. The trial will start again tomorrow.
    Defendant: Max Galactia
    Victim: Russell Berry
    When: December 29, 2:33 PM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 5
    Max asks about what in the world is going on. Maya asks Max about flying, and
    Max tells her that he can't just fly whenever he want to. He says that on
    stage, he is actually not flying, but using hard-to-see wires to hold him in
    the air. This marks the end of this part of the Episode, so save your game.
                                  Investigation Part II                       [w12]
    When: December 29, 3:03 PM
    Where: Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Back at the office, Maya starts talking about magic, and that she never
    figures out how the performers to their tricks. She can't even understand a
    trick that Pearl showed her once. Of course, being a brilliant attorney and
    all, you pull of this magic trick that Pearl once showed Maya, and Maya
    almost breaks into tears. After this, talk to Maya about What to do, and
    about her ideas. She won't tell you anything you don't know from before, so
    head to the circus entrance.
    When: December 29
    Where: Berry Big Circus, Circus Entrance
    Ben and Trilo are here, trying to practice on their songs. Trilo is of
    course the one that sings, but while the tunes are pretty nice when it
    comes to quality, the lyrics are sub par. Or, worse than that. Maya gives
    Trilo his ring back. Talk to Ben about today's trial, about marriage, and
    finally about ventriloquism. Then, head to the Lodging House Plaza.
    When: December 29
    Where: Berry Big Circus, Lodging House Plaza
    In the plaza, Dick Gumshoe is waiting. He has been visiting Moe to hear his
    life story, since Von Karma forced him to do it. If you remember the scene
    in court where Von Karma promised Moe that one of her subordinates would
    listen to what he had to say about his own life, Gumshoe is the subordinate
    that Von Karma mentioned. Poor man.
    Gumshoe tells you that Von Karma is currently in Acro's room, investigating
    something. This has to mean that Acro, who is an acrobat, is back. He was
    not in his room last time you went to investigate, so you should pay him a
    visit later. Not now though, as we won't want to run into Franziska Von
    Karma when she is in her most fierce mode. That would have been scary.
    The only thing that you can, and should do, is to head to the cafeteria where
    someone has to be at this time of day.
    When: December 29
    Where: Big Top, Cafeteria
    In the cafeteria, Moe will be greeting you. Ask Moe about the trial and
    then about what he witnessed at the night of the murder. He says that he
    saw a silhouette that was most likely Max, and that it looked like he
    floated away from the crime scene, instead of flying, after killing the
    Ringmaster. Show Moe anything related to Max, and he will say that he kind
    of hates Max, but understands why he acts so sky-high sometimes. After
    this, head back to Detention Center to see Max. You could also have gone to
    see Max earlier, but doing it now is much more fitting.
    When: December 29
    Where: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
    Max says that a TV-team visited him a minute ago, wanting him to participate in
    a show where he breaks out of the prison. Ignore that, and ask him about the
    night of the murder. Max says that he was not the killer, and is not able to
    fly whenever he wants to. Then ask him about today's trial. This makes Maya
    tell Max to be friends with the other members of the circus. Max refuses, since
    the other performers don't have ambition, and should try participating in
    something like the International Grand Prix. Now, you can ask Max about this
    Grand Prix he is talking about. Max now gives you a photo of him on the stage
    during Grand Prix, and tells you to show this photo to the other performers.
    Well, leave Detention Center, and do just that. More specifically, go to the
    cafeteria and show the photo to Moe.
    When: December 29
    Where: Big Top, Cafeteria
    After getting to take a look at the photo that Max gave you a moment ago,
    Moe says he has seen this this before, and mentions that Max used to make the
    other performers worship his bust. Talk to Moe about Max's bust. He says that
    the bust was supposed to be at Max's table, but has gone missing 5 days ago.
    There is a photo of the bust on the bulletin board, though. This bust photo
    will be added to the court record now. Now, Max says that there is one thing
    that has changed in the cafeteria. Ask him about that to find out that
    recently, a paper was posted on the bulletin board, but someone torn it down,
    so you can't read what the note said after all. Its title is intact however. It
    says 'To the murderer'. Moe says he found this note the night before the
    murder. The note will be added to the record. Now, head to the Detention Center
    quickly, and show the note to Max. He tells you that you can find the rest of
    the note in the Ringmaster's dress. Head to the Ringmaster's room to do that.
    When: December 29
    Where: Big Top, Ringmaster's Room
    Examine the dress in the back of the room. You saw a paper there earlier,
    remember? Well, now you can actually read that paper to find out that this is
    the part of the note from the cafeteria that was torn down by the Ringmaster.
    It's worth to take note of that the Ringmaster got all red in his face at the
    time that he saw the note in the cafeteria. Is this be important? Maybe.
    The note says: 'To the murderer: I have conclusive evidence of what took place.
    Meet me at 10:00 PM at the lodging house plaza'. This was when the murder
    happened, remember? The note will now get updated in your record. Now head to
    the plaza, where you'll meet Gumshoe again.
    When: December 29
    Where: Berry Big Circus, Lodging House Plaza
    Gumshoe is here again, acting like a melancholist as always. He then quickly
    runs away, because he says he can hear a weird sound, and mentions that the
    sound is coming from something belonging to Von Karma.
    Von Karma appears, and slashes Maya with her whip. She says that she will
    defeat you in court tomorrow. Ask her about tomorrow's trial, and she will tell
    you that she has both evidence and a new witness, and that you should watch
    out. Now, ask her about her revenge, and she will reveal that she wants to see
    Miles Edgeworth! Ask her about Edgeworth, and she will tell you that the reason
    that he is gone, no one else than you. Finally, talk to her about Edgeworth's
    death. She tells you that after the first Gyakuten Saiban, Miles got worse and
    worse everyday, and disappeared after leaving a message saying 'Prosecutor
    Miles Edgeworth Chooses Death'. Von Karma believes that Edgeworth is still
    alive, and that only the prosecutor inside him is dead. She leaves after saying
    that. Time to check Acro's room out.
    When: December 29
    Where: Lodging Hall 3rd Floor, Acro's Room
    Acro is here in his room this time around. He looks like a muscular Indian. He
    says that usually, he does lots of tricks and the like, but that he these days,
    he is tied to his wheelchair. Talk to Acro about the circus to find out that as
    a child, his parents left him, and let the Ringmaster take care of him. Acro
    says that he devoted his whole life to repay the Ringmaster's kindness. When
    asked about the wheelchair, Acro lies, as some psyche-locks appear, and says
    that he injured his legs during practice 6 months ago. Now, ask Acro about
    what happened. Acro says he was at the hospital when the day the murder
    happened, and mentions that he saw something. Question him about what he
    witnessed. Acro had gotten back to the circus by evening, and says that he
    first heard a loud noise, and then he saw Max flying in the air outside his
    window. You can't do anything about the psyche-locks right now, so head to the
    Big Top where Regina should be waiting.
    When: December 29
    Where: Berry Big Circus, Big Top
    When you come to the Big Top, Regina thinks you are Money the Monkey and almost
    lets the tiger eat you. Ask her about Russell to find out that she believes he
    has turned into a star, looking down on her during night. Because Regina wanted
    to let the tiger teach Money a lesson a moment ago, talk to her about it. It
    appears that Money has stolen a stage dress that belongs to Regina. Regina asks
    you to find the dress, so time for a statement.
     Statement: I'll get if for you.
    Now, present the note from your court record so that Regina can have a look at
    it. Regina says that this note was actually in her pocket earlier. She noticed
    it during breakfast the day of the murder, and says that she stuck it on the
    bulletin board because she didn't know where else to put it. Head over to Moe's
    room now.
    When: December 29
    Where: Lodging Hall 1st Floor, Moe's Room
    Unfortunately for you, it turns out that Moe isn't here. In fact, Moe has left
    the circus to go buy hamburgers (there was a note in the cafe about this).
    There is someone in Moe's room though, and that is Money the Monkey - just the
    creature you have been looking for. Maya sees something shining in Money's
    hands, and realizes that this is actually Regina's dress that she asked you so
    kindly to get back for her. You promised her, so this is your chance to act!
     Statement: Ooo-oo-ooh! *scratch, scratch*
    You went all monkey, man! Good for you! In fact, Money threw the dress right at
    you. Maya asks you to hand the dress over so that she can try it on, but it
    does not fit after all. The dress, which is really a stage costume, gets added
    to the court record. Well, with the dress in your hands, go back to the Big Top
    where Regina can still be found.
    When: December 29
    Where: Berry Big Circus, Big Top
    Present the stage costume that you just got from Money the Monkey. Regina will
    go all happy because she got the costume back. Maya asks Regina if this costume
    really is hers, since she could not get it to fit on herself when she tried it
    on. Regina laughs, and says that the dress does not belong to her at all, but
    to Léon, her old, now dead, Lion. Maya realizes that she tried to wear a lion-
    costume, and almost bursts into tears inside herself.
    This is a good time to ask Regina about Léon. Do that, and Regina will once
    again tell you that the Ringmaster killed him because Léon once did something
    real bad during practice. Regina continues to say that once, her lion sat down
    and opened his mouth like usual. When he did this, it was usually Regina's task
    to put her own head inside Léon's mouth! During that practice, Léon bit
    someone, if Regina is to be believed - and she sure is to be! Léon now gets
    added to the court record.
    Now, you remember that Moe went to buy burgers earlier, right? He left a note
    in the cafeteria about it, but you won't have seen that if you didn't check out
    the cafeteria yourself before getting Regina's costume back. Well, he's back by
    now, so get going to the cafeteria again.
    When: December 29
    Where: Big Top, Cafeteria.
    Maya notices something isn't like normal at the moment she enters the
    cafeteria! This is... The smell of burgers! Moe is back, and he sure acts
    hyperactive! Maya can't control herself, and starts drooling all over the
    floor. You get hungry too, and Moe says that one bite of his special burgers
    will send you into hamburger-heaven! Enough burgers on your mind, so talk to
    Moe about Berry Big Circus instead.
    Moe says that he has been thinking about what to do now that the Ringmaster is
    dead. He also mentions that when Acro found out that the Ringmaster had been
    killed, he got very angry. So angry that he said he couldn't go on with what he
    used to do. Moe now mentions that he has been thinking about trying on the
    Ringmaster's shoes, and becoming both Ringmaster as well as being clown at the
    same time. Moe also says that Max is quite important for the circus, and that
    he sometimes says good things after all. He then mentions something about
    everyone getting over the tragedy. Ask him more about 'getting over it'.
    When asked about this, Moe first says that it's nothing - nothing at all! But,
    then, he suddenly says that he was talking about the Ringmaster's death. You
    ask Moe if he is lying right now, but Moe denies it. Two psyche-locks appear on
    Moe now, that liar. Moe now admits that what he was talking about was an
    accident 6 months ago. Present the Magatama.
    Moe's Magatama Secret: Get Over With It?
    You ask Moe about what happened 6 months ago, but Moe tries to get away by
    bidding you on some of his burgers instead. You get Moe back on track, and say
    that you have an idea about what it was that happened half a year ago. In fact,
    you have something in your court record that should be related to the accident
    back then. Show Moe Léon, because it would be likely that the fact that Léon
    actually did bite someone, as Regina said, has something to do with all this.
    One lock will now shatter!
    Moe now says that he told Regina many times that she should stop doing
    dangerous things like putting her own head into a lion's mouth. You ask about
    who the on that got bitten is. Moe says that he promised to keep that a secret,
    but you have an idea about who this could be, so show Moe Acro's profile.
    Second lock breaks.
    Now, ask Moe about getting over it again. Moe reveals that it was an old
    performer that got bitten, and that he still is not dead, but lies in a coma
    with severe brain damage. This acrobat is Acro's brother. It turns out that the
    other performer's name was Bat, and that he was an acrobat together with his
    brother, Acro. Acro and Bat - AcroBat, a team of acrobats. Good one. Ask Moe
    about Acro's brother.
    It turns out that Bat also fell in love with Regina, just like Max and Trilo.
    Six months ago, he suddenly asked if he could perform with Léon. Moe says that
    when Bat had his head inside Léon's mouth, the lion was actually smiling. The
    circus never told the police about this, as it would have forced them to shut
    down if the public got to know. The Ringmaster shot Léon the next day. Moe
    gives you a bottle of pepper, and says that you should take a burger. Moe also
    mentions that Bat used to tease Regina with pepper. You should remember all
    this about the pepper. Well, head to Acro's room now.
    When: December 29
    Where: Lodging Hall 3rd Floor, Acro's Room
    Acro greets you, and you think  that the reason you're back here, is that Acro
    was hiding why his legs are hurt. Acro was of course injured during the
    accident 6 months ago. Without further ado, present the Magatama.
    Acro's Magatama Secret: About The Wheelchair
    Just like earlier, Acro claims that he was injured during practice, but you
    think otherwise. Show Acro Léon. One lock shatters, as Acro got his injury when
    he was attacked by the lion. You believe that Acro had to fight the lion to
    save someone - his brother Bat. Show him Bat's profile. Second lock goes boom.
    You reveal that Moe was the one that let you in on this secret, but Acro
    doesn't got mad after all. There is still one lock left, and that one has
    something to do with something that Acro does not like much. Show him Regina's
    profile. Then, you say that you've got proof that Acro hates Regina! This proof
    is of course the note. Acro was the one that wrote the text on the note and put
    it in Regina's pocket, you say.
    Acro admits to have done this, and the final lock breaks. Now you can talk to
    Acro about his wheelchair. Acro says that the lion did indeed hurt his legs
    when he tried to save his brother. It turns out that Bat had a dare with Regina
    that day. The deal was, that if Bat could put his head inside Léon's mouth,
    Regina would have had to follow him on a date to the movies. Acro attacked Leon
    before he bit Bat's head off, but Bat still got brain damaged, and lies in a
    coma even now. Acro says that the reason he was at the hospital yesterday, was
    that he was visiting Bat, not checking up on his feet. Now ask Acro about
    Regina and Bat.
    Acro shows you the scarf that Bat was wearing at the time he was bitten by
    Léon. It turns out that the scarf was a present from Regina to Bat the day he
    was bitten. Suspicious. Acro repeats that the lion actually smiled when he bit
    down on Bat's head. Suddenly, Von Karma pops out of nowhere, and demands to get
    the scarf for herself. Acro now follows Von Karma to her office. Apparently,
    Acro will witness in court tomorrow. Save your game, as this is the end of all
    the investigation of this Episode.
                                    Trial Part III                            [w13]
    When: December 30, 9:41 AM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 5
    Max is nervous as usual before the trial starts off again, but happily for him,
    Regina pops out of nowhere and offers him a glass of milk. Regina does not seem
    to know what's really going on here, as she asks if Max is going to fly at the
    end of his 'performance'. Regina now goes away, and Moe appears. He says that
    you should be careful when meeting Acro in court, as Acro is used to put his
    life on the line - literally. You just say that you'll rely on evidence instead
    of pressing all the time, and that you'll be fine by doing that. Before court
    starts, Moe says that you should make sure Regina watches everything, so that
    she can learn what really happened to her father.
    Defendant: Max Galactica
    Prosecutor: Franziska Von Karma
    Victim: Russell Berry
    When: December 30, 10:00 AM
    Where: District Court, Courtroom No. 2
    Von Karma starts by saying that she has found a new eyewitness, one that saw
    Max fly off from the scene of the crime, she says. Acro enters, and states his
    name, and says that he was in his room at the third floor at the night of the
    crime. The crime scene is below Acro's window, as you can see on the map on
    screen. Von Karma asks Acro to go into detail about what he saw the night of
    the murder.
    Acro's Testimony: What You Witnessed
     - It was just after 10:00 PM, and I was resting in my bed.
     - At that time, I heard a large 'THUMP!' noise outside of the window.
     - Then a few moments later, I saw someone... flying right by my window.
     - It was Max Galactia. I only saw him from behind, but that's who it looked
     - To be honest, when I saw that, I thought I was dreaming...
    The judge says that this testimony does match up perfectly with Moe's testimony
    from last time he was in court, and Von Karma says that she has a little
    something to add; all that is left to explain, is if we are to believe her, how
    the defendant disappeared into the sky that night. Time for a cross-
    Cross-Investigation: What You Witnessed
    When Acro claims to only have seen Max from behind, press him. You ask him if
    the lights in his room where off at the time he saw Max. Acro says that this is
    correct, but that he was able to see Max because of the safety lights coming
    from outside. However, Acro does say that he only saw a silhouette, not Max's
    face. He also saw Max's hat, cloak, but not the white roses. You think that
    it's possible that there was something fishy in the testimony Acro told
    everyone. Tell the judge that there is a contradiction in it. The judge asks
    for evidence to prove that there is a contradiction in the testimony. Show him
    the silk hat.
    You ask Acro if he claims to have seen the same thing that Moe said he saw
    earlier. If Acro did, he would not have seen the silk hat at Max's head, since
    the silk hat was in fact lying on the ground - at least that is what Moe
    stated, and where the silk hat was found by the police. Because the hat found
    on the ground is the only hat that looks like this in the whole world, there is
    indeed something fishy with Acro claiming to have seen the hat on Max's head as
    he flew off into the night. The judge asks you what could possibly have made
    Acro lie in court.
     Statement: Acro is the real culprit!
    Yes, tell them that Acro is the bad guy here in this case. You accuse him for
    killing the ringmaster. Von Karma says that the judge should not allow himself
    to be fooled by your tricks, but of course, you are dead serious. The judge
    asks Acro if he has anything to say to you after you claimed that he was the
    killer. Acro says that there is no way he could have been the killer, because
    of the physical condition he is in. The judge now asks you if you think Acro
    had an accomplice.
     Question: Did Acro have an accomplice?
     Answer: Of course he didn't.
    You say that Acro committed the murder all by himself, without help from an
    accomplice. Everyone gets confused, as they don't get your way of thinking. The
    judge however, asks you about where you think Acro was at the moment the crime
    was committed. Point at Acro's own room (Acro 3F). Acro did not leave his room
    to kill the Ringmaster at all. Despite being accused for killing his own boss,
    Acro is still calm like a child, and says that your theory is rather
    interesting, because what you say, is impossible - in Acro's words.
    The judge also says that what you're claiming is impossible, because Acro is
    tied to a wheelchair. Von Karma backs the judge up, and says that Max was in
    fact seen at the crime scene by not only Acro, but by Moe as well. Acro now
    asks you about how you would suggest that he killed the Ringmaster, since he
    could not have left his room. When asked to present evidence regarding how Acro
    killed his boss, tell the court that you do have evidence, and present Max G.
    Bust. This bust would have been heavy enough to kill a person with, especially
    if dropped in a person's head from the third floor.
    Von Karma asks how it could have been possible for Acro to roll around in his
    wheelchair with a bust this heavy in it. Acro is a very strong man, and has
    enough muscle to do something like that, you say. Acro does not have anything
    to say, so Von Karma whips you in the head. She now says that since Acro's
    physical health is vital to the case, she demands a testimony about it.
    Acro's Testimony: Acro's Physical State
     - I suppose I could have lifted something the size of that bust.
     - I have a strong upper body from working as an acrobat, and only my legs
       were injured.
     - However, lifting the bust, and looking out of the window, would have been
     - There is no way I could have exerted that kind of force on my lower body.
     - That makes it impossible for me to have known the location of the
       Ringmaster's head.
     - Thus it would have been unrealistic for me to drop the bust on him.
    Cross-Examination: Acro's Physical State
    Present the Wooden Box from your court record once Acro says that it would have
    been impossible for him to locate the Ringmaster's head. You tell Acro that he
    did not really have to hang out of the window at all, since he already knew
    where the Ringmaster's head was going to be - quite precisely. Von Karma and
    the judge ask for evidence, and you show them the picture of the Ringmaster
    lying on the wooden box, dead. The question is, who placed the box under the
    Ringmaster? When Ben and Trilo saw the Ringmaster earlier, he was not holding
    the box at all. Which means, that the box was already placed at the scene of
    the crime. You state that at the moment the bust came falling down from 3rd
    floor, the Ringmaster was trying to lift the wooden box. This means, that Acro
    would not have had to guess, or try to find out, where the Ringmaster would be
    located - he already knew that the Ringmaster would lift the box that he had
    placed there earlier!
    You now reveal that what Acro did to place the box at the perfect location, was
    to tie it to a rope, and then just lower it straight down from his window. Von
    Karma whips you a little, and says that the Ringmaster's head could have been
    anywhere at the moment when he lifted the box. You respond by saying that the
    box was specially made, and that it had a peculiar feature.
     Statement: It had a most peculiar feature... The weight of the box!
    The box did indeed have a weird weight - 20 pounds. To lift it, one would have
    had to squat down, then lift it up with the whole body. The box also has
    carrying handles on both sides, which together means that no matter how the
    Ringmaster wanted to lift it up, his head would have been at about the same
    place. Acro is still calm as always, and says that he has heard what you've
    had to say. He says he's shocked at your imaginative skills. Acro now says that
    even if he had wanted to drop the bust on the Ringmaster, he couldn't have done
    so. He asks you if you can recall the original position of this bust. Of course
    you do - it was on the top of Max's table in the cafeteria.
    Acro says that in his state, he is not able to leave or enter the lodging house
    by himself, and asks you how he could have gotten the bust from the cafeteria
    and back to his room on the lodging house's third floor. When asked how Acro
    managed to do this, show the judge Money. Money the Monkey, of course.
    Since Money loves shiny stuff, it stole the bust and brought it back home. As
    you might remember, Money lives in Acro's room, and brings all his shiny stolen
    stuff there. The judge asks Von Karma about where the bust is exactly now, but
    she has no idea. You've now pr oven at least one fact: that it was possible for
    Acro to have killed the Ringmaster. The judge agrees, but Von Karma quickly
    stops him. You have forgotten one thing, she says - that Max was spotted at the
    scene of the crime! She now says that Moe did indeed see two persons at the
    scene. One was the victim, and one was... Present the Max G. Bust again.
    Von Karma says that this is nonsense, showing off a photograph of a bust when
    she asked for the second person on the crime scene. However, Moe said that he
    saw Max's silhouette at the time of the murder, but not Max himself! It was not
    a human being that Moe saw after all! He saw Max's bust! The cloak was
    just attached to the bust, and made it look like Max. The judge now has a
     Question: Who put the cloak on the bust?
     Answer: Russell Berry
    If you can remember, Max said that it was possible that the Ringmaster could
    have taken his costume out with him when he left the room after talking to him.
    If this is true, it would have been possible for the Ringmaster to put the
    cloak onto the bust. You now tell everyone to try and remember the night of the
    murder. The Ringmaster might have used Max's costume because he did not want to
    be recognized that night. But, Trilo and Bend did eventually spot him. When the
    Ringmaster arrived at the scene, he bent over to lift the box that Acro had
    placed on the ground. This is when Acro released his rope tied to the bust. At
    the very instant that the bust hit the victim, Max's cape flew onto it, and
    stuck there. This made it look like Max was indeed standing at the scene. When
    Acro pullet the rope back up, it looked to Moe like this bust was indeed a
    flying Max.
    Von Karma is still not satisfied, and says that she wants even more proof. You
    remember that there was something weird, no a contradiction, in what Moe stated
    to have seen at the night of the murder. Show everyone the silk hat. Yesterday,
    Moe said that the criminal who escaped was wearing a silk hat. The silk hat Moe
    saw, was actually the bust, not a real hat. Von Karma still does not give up,
    and mentions another contradiction - the fact that Ben and Trilo said that they
    saw white roses on 'Max's' chest that night. But Moe, he did not see any roses.
    You now explain that the at the moment the cloak stuck on the bust, they got
    folded below the cloak itself, and that is why they were not seen by Moe.
    Von Karma and Acro now mentions that there is a lack of motive for Acro to have
    killed the Ringmaster, who was like a father to him. But, that is another
    story, after you've saved, and gotten back from the break.
    Defendant: Max Galactica
    When: December 30, 2:17 PM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 5
    In the break, Max is shocked that Acro is trying to pin him for the murder.
    Before anything else happens, Gumshoe turns up and says that he has some
    evidence for you. He gives you the scarf that Acro's brother, Bat, was wearing
    at the time he got bitten by the lion. Gumshoe says that he has a message to
    you from 'a' prosecutor. It says 'judgement comes at the very last
    instant'. After getting to hear about some milk given to him by the other
    circus members, Max heads back to court. You should do that too - not that you
    have a choice in the first place.
    Defendant: Max Galactica
    Prosecutor: Franziska Von Karma
    Victim: Russell Berry
    When: December 30, 2:27 PM
    Where: District Court, Courtroom No. 2
    Von Karma asks the judge if he can let Acro continue with a testimony about his
    relation to the killed Ringmaster. She would also like you to prepare more
    proof. With that, Acro starts with his new testimony.
    Acro's Testimony: About The Ringmaster
     - When we were little, we were abandoned by our parents.
     - That's when the Ringmaster of Berry Big Circus, Russell Berry, took us in.
     - I became an acrobat at around 9 years old.
     - I wanted to find a way to repay the Ringmaster. That was my sole purpose
       in life...
    Von Karma says that a man with so much respect for the Ringmaster could not
    have been the murderer at all. The judge asks for your opinion on this. You
    should tell the judge that you don't want to cross-examine, since you aren't
    sure about this whole thing at all. You'll tell the judge that you already know
    why Acro killed the Ringmaster. The judge asks for proof, but you should tell
    him that you can not provide one right now. It turns out, that Acro did not
    want to kill the Ringmaster at all - it was all a mistake!
    Von Karma goes mad, and asks who the heck Acro was trying to kill instead of
    the Ringmaster. Show her the profile of Regina Berry. Acro doesn't want to say
    a word right now, so Von Karma overtakes the show and slaps everyone with her
    whip, and then asks for evidence proving why on earth Acro would have wanted to
    kill Regina, the Ringmaster's daughter. Present the note that Regina places on
    the bulletin board in the cafe after finding it in her pocket. The note's
    purpose was to call someone to the place where he had left the crate earlier.
    Acro did place this note in someones pocket, but not the Ringmaster's pocket.
    He did instead place it in Regina's pocket, as she was the one that found it
    first. Later on, the Ringmaster torn the note down from the bulletin board in
    the café. Regina just didn't think that the note was for her at all. It was all
    a mistake - the Ringmaster was killed by a mistake instead of Regina! Since
    Acro could not look out of the window and down on the victim, he did not know
    that it was the Ringmaster that was trying to lift the crate, and not Regina as
    Acro had planned in the first place.
    Maya thinks that this must be hard on Regina, since she's listening to all this
    right now. You think that it's not a good thing that she has to hear all this,
    but unfortunately for her, it will only get harsher from now on. Von Karma
    objects to all this, and makes you take a look at the words on the note saying
    'I have conclusive evidence of what took place'. Regina just did not understand
    what this meant at all, but the Ringmaster did, and went to meet the one that
    wrote the note to talk about it. The judge asks if this has something to do
    with the incident at the circus that happened 6 months ago. Tell him that you
    know all about it.
    Von Karma asks for conclusive evidence about what happened 6 months ago.
    the small Seasoning Bottle that you found inside the box that the Ringmaster
    tried to lift when he was killed. The judge sneezes, and Von Karma thinks that
    all this is just a bad joke - no one with his mind intact would bring pepper to
    the court. You explain that this is decisive evidence, and that when the
    Ringmaster tried to lift the box, he discovered this evidence inside it. After
    some talk, Von Karma asks who Regina's intended victim was. Present Bat's
    Von Karma explains how Bat was bitten by a lion, and not killed by Regina.
    However, you think there's something more about all this. Maya will ask you
    whether Bat's accident was just an unfortunate accident, or if it was more than
     Statement: It was more than that
    You say that the lion biting Bat was not an accident at all. Von Karma says
    that there is no way Regina would have made the lion bite Bat on purpose.
    You say that that might be so, but that Regina is in fact the one responsible
    for what happened to Bat after all. Present the scarf that Gumshoe gave you
    earlier. Acro says that Regina was the one that gave this scarf to Bat. You say
    that there is something more than just blood on this scarf, and that's pepper!
    It turns out that Regina gave Bat this scarf just before performance, and
    covered it in as much pepper as she could manage! Von Karma says that at the
    time that the lion did bite Bat, it was seen smiling. You explain how the lion
    did not smile, or plan to bite Bat at all. It was all the pepper's fault, since
    it made the lion sneeze - not smile. Acro says that he is impressed by your
    imagination. He says, however, that this alone is not enough to find him guilty
    of murder. He says that there is a big problem with the theory you just
    presented. He says that if he did in fact drop the bust on the Ringmaster's
    head, you need to prove that he did this. Von Karma says that the biggest
    problem is the lack of murder weapon, since no one has found the bust yet. You
    think for a while, and then, you need to state something.
     Statement: See how things work out first
    You want to wait a little and see how things work out instead of searching
    Acro's room at once. Von Karma says that she searched Acro's room yesterday,
    and that there was not bust there at all. You need to find out where the bust
    is right now, but can't think of anything. The judge says that this case is
    about to end,  but, the second before the judge tells people that they can
    leave, Maya shouts that you have an idea! Von Karma asks where the murder
    weapon is right now.
     Question: Where is the murder weapon now?
     Answer: Somewhere is this courtroom!
    That's right, the bust can be found in this courtroom! When asked to pinpoint
    its location, tell the judge that the bust can be found in the witness chair.
    It turns out that Acro used the blanket on his wheelchair to hide the bust.
    Acro admits everything, and says that he has just been bagged by two real pros.
    Von Karma, and Phoenix Wright, that is. Acro burned the cloak, and had Regina
    take it away with his trash. And the bust, is as you know, on his wheelchair.
    It turns out, that one day, Bat had sprinkled some pepper on Regina to make
    her sneeze. And sneeze she did - like crazy! That's why Regina thought it would
    be fun to get him back in the same way. So, she gave him a scarf with lots of
    pepper on it. Acro could not stand all this, even though Regina did not plan on
    actually killing, or hurting Bat. All she did afterwards, was to laugh and say
    that Bat became a star. Acro starts crying and admits that he is nothing but a
    murderer. At first, he thought he's kill himself, but instead, he tried to
    make it look like Max was the killer. He apologises to Max. Max is now found
    When: December 30, 4:27 PM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 5
    Moe turns up and congratulates Max, and tells everyone not to worry too much
    about Acro, since it won't do any good. Regina is crying like a baby and says
    that it's all her fault. Regina asks you what Acro meant when he said he
    couldn't just up and leave yet. She wants to know if Acro is going to try and
    get his revenge on her later. Tell her that you don't think so. Regina wants
    evidence, so show her Bat's profile. Acro did not want to get caught, because
    he wanted to see Bat open his eyes again. Regina says that now, she will watch
    over Bat instead of Acro. Moe now says that he wants to take over the circus as
    the new Ringmaster. Max says that he will stay at the circus.
    Now, you'll hear a mystic conversation between gumshoe and someone you won't
    get to know the name of just yet. At the end of the conversation, the mystic
    person turns out to be no one else than Miles Edgeworth! He was the one that
    told Gumshoe to give you the scarf that saved the day! This is the end of
    Episode 3, so save your game. The next Episode is the last one in the game.
    That's sad, considering that the first game on DS had one more.
                                      Episode IV                              [p04]
                                  Investigation Part I                        [w14]
    When: March 20, 7:42 PM
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Viola Hall
    This episode starts with a grand prix for heroes. There's lots of heroes
    here, the most notable one is one that calls himself the Jammin' Ninja. But
    in the end, a guy that calls himself the Nickel Samurai seems to be the one
    that gets rewarded with a prize. Now, we get to see Maya, going all crazy
    over the fact that the Nickel Samurai just won the contest. Will Powers,
    the man that acted the role of the Steel Samurai on TV (we know him from
    the first game, remember), is here as well. Pearl, who seems to have
    followed Maya to the hotel, doesn't really know what the Steel or Nickel
    Samurais are all about, as Morgan won't let her watch those shows when
    she's at home. You don't care too much about these TV-shows, though.
    Maya thinks that it's strange that the Jammin' Ninja didn't wear his
    signature item - a guitar. Powers says that soon, there will be a
    conference where the Nickel Samurai is supposed to confess about something.
    He doesn't know exactly what the Samurai is planning to do. Talk to Powers
    about himself, and then about the Nickel Samurai. Powers says that soon,
    there will be a movie starring the Nickel Samurai, who is played by a man
    named Matt Engarde. The Jammin' Ninja belongs to another production studio
    than the Nickel Samurai. After you've heard about that, talk to Powers
    regarding the Jammin' Ninja.
    Maya is the one that replies, though. She explains that the ninja is a hero,
    with a red guitar as a signature item that he's always carrying. You think that
    ninjas and guitars don't fit very well together, but Maya goes on about how the
    ninja rises to stardom in an ancient time with a scarf around his neck and a
    guitar in hand. It turns out that the two heroes belong to different companies,
    and even air at the same time. The actors aren't friends at all either. Time to
    head to the hallway.
    When: March 20
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Hallway
    The hallway looks absolutely magic, with lots of glossy stuff scattered around
    the corridor. Examine the two doors in the corridor to find out that Matt
    Engarde and Juan Corrida have their rooms here. If you don't remember, Matt
    plays the Nickel Samurai, while Juan most likely is the actor that plays the
    role of the Jammin' Ninja. After getting to know that stars as well known as
    these TV-actors stay at the hotel, head back and talk to Powers again.
    When: March 20
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Viola Hall
    Powers says that the ceremony where the Nickel Samurai is supposed to confess
    about  something is about to start. Maya is pumped, and thinks that the ninja
    might show off a new special move or something. Powers will now give you some
    press conference tickets, so that you can go see the Nickel Samurai when he's
    about to speak. These tickets get added to the court record. Time to move on if
    you want to reach the press conference in respectable time. So, head to the
    Hotel Lobby.
    When: March 20
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Hotel Lobby
    This lobby is extremely big, just the right thing to get Maya in a good mood
    before her hero enters the stage. However, a voice now says that unfortunately,
    because of some unforeseen circumstances, the conference won't be held after
    all. Maya goes crazy, as she gets very sad that she won't be able to see her
    hero even though she was sure she was going to. She even pinches you. The
    voice tells everyone to stay exactly where they are - this is a request by the
    police. Wow, the police; something must have happened, since they would
    normally not be present just for a press conference.
    Powers pops up, and asks you if you want him to go check what's going on here.
    You tell him that you'll go with him, but before you manage to get away,
    someone tells you to freeze. There is something familiar about this voice, Maya
    thinks. The person talking is quite a blabber-mouth, and has a big ball on her
    head. Maya now remembers - the person with the ball on her head is no one else
    than Ms. Oldbag. Oldbag was working as a guard at the studio where Powers was
    working in the first game, if you don't remember.
    Ask Oldbag about herself, to find out that she got fired from her old job after
    testifying in court in the first game. At first after she got kicked, Oldbag
    thought about asking Edgeworth to be his bodyguard, but Edgeworth did of course
    tell her that she was too annoying to be his bodyguard. Now, ask her about what
    just happened. Oldbag says that an incident has happened, but that she doesn't
    have any details for you. Maya suggests that the three of you (Pearl included)
    should pretend to go to the bathroom, but really check stuff out instead. You
    agree after being persuaded. Move to Viola Hall.
    When: March 20
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Viola Hall
    Nothing seems to be special here, so Maya suggests that you should move on to
    another location. Just then, a bellboy calls you, and asks if Maya is indeed
    Maya Fey. It turns out that there is a phone call waiting for Maya in the
    reception. Maya has no idea who this might be, but thinks that someone from
    Kurain, her home village, is the one calling for her. She now goes to answer
    the call. Pearl stays with you, and tells you to go investigate somewhere else
    together with her. Check out the hallway to satisfy her.
    When: March 20
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Hallway
    Once in the hallway, you overhear a conversation between to people. One of the
    says that wants some information about something. The other person replies, and
    tells the other one that he can't step any further, because an investigation is
    going on here. The first voice, which seems to belong to a journalist,
    threatens the other person, who is a detective, to write bad things about him
    in tomorrow's paper. The detective can't be anyone else than Dick Gumshoe with
    bad luck like this, right? Suddenly, Lotta turns up - she was the journalist
    from a few seconds ago after all. The world sure is small - or, Japan is.
    Gumshoe and Lotta start fighting verbally again, and Gumshoe accidentally says
    that a murder has happened here at Gatewater Hotel. Ask Gumshoe about what
    really happened here tonight, and you will get to know that the Nickel Samurai
    is now suspected for having killed someone. The one that died, is no one else
    than the Jammin' Ninja, also known as Juan Corrida. Talk to Gumshoe about
    Lotta, and then about the victim. It turns out that Lotta was hanging out
    outside of the Jammin' Ninja's door before he was killed, but she would not
    tell Gumshoe why. When done talking to the detective, present the profiles of
    Juan Corrida and Matt Engarde to find out that Engarde was just arrested, as he
    is suspected for having committed the murder of Corrida. Now, you should talk
    about Gumshoe regarding the fact that Engarde got arrested.
    When asked about this, Gumshoe says that this is something he can't tell you
    about, since the police just started investigating some minutes ago, and they
    don't want an information-leak or any similarities. Pearl says that if Maya
    knew about this, she would force you to protect Engarde in court, as he is
    Maya's hero. Or, rather one of her heroes. Time to go back to the Hotel Lobby.
    When: March 20
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Hotel Lobby
    Powers is waiting for you in the lobby, so you tell him what you've found out.
    Powers can't believe that something 'like this' has happened again, and you
    explain to Pearl that a very similar case happened last year, and that you and
    Powers were involved in it. Powers has something in his hands that looks like
    a walkie-talkie. He says that it is for you, and that he got it from a bellboy
    some minutes ago. This item, which is a radio transceiver, gets added to the
    court record. Talk to Powers about Matt and Juan. He says that while the two of
    them were fighting all the time, Matt was always the one that seemed to get the
    best results with everything he did. When asked about the press conference,
    Powers says that Matt was actually going to wear his costume when talking to
    the press, but doesn't know why.
    Pearl asks where Maya is, and then, your transceiver suddenly rings.
    Answer the call. A voice asks if it is talking with Phoenix Wright, the
    attorney. Then, Maya calls for help! She has been kidnapped by the person
    calling you! The voice says that if you do what you're told to, it will return
    your precious 'item' unharmed. The kidnapper says that he doesn't want money,
    but a complete acquittal. However, he doesn't want that for himself, but for
    Matt Engarde, who is suspected for murder. The kidnapper says that Matt did not
    kill anyone, but that he is being framed by someone. The voice says that you
    have two days before the trial, and that you will have to get a 'not guilty'
    verdict after only ONE day in court. Before hanging up, the kidnapper says that
    his name is 'De Killer'.
    Pearl is crying like never before, as she understands that Maya has gotten
    kidnapped. Powers thinks that you should tell the police about this, but you
    think otherwise. You run off to tell Gumshoe about all this. Gumshoe says that
    now, there is no doubt - Matt Engarde has to be the killer. He also says that
    the investigators have found lots of evidence pointing towards Engarde. In
    fact, so much that it almost feels wrong. Now, Gumshoe asks you to stay here
    and cooperate with the investigation. The screen goes black.
    When: Unknown
    Where: Unknown
    Maya is complaining about her hurting head, and wakes up, trapped in a room
    that looks like a wine cellar. The bellboy from earlier suddenly walks in the
    door. He says that his name is 'De Killer'. This was the name of the kidnapper
    that called you, remember? He says that only one person can save her now:
    Phoenix Wright. It turns out that all this happened right before the kidnapper
    called you, and that Maya was screaming in the background on purpose.
    When: March 21, 8:11 AM
    Where: Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Pearl greets you with an energetic good morning, and says that you've got to
    hurry and see Mister Engarde at the Detention Center. However, the center does
    not open before 9:00, so you've got to wait a little first. Pearl says that
    you've got to promise her that you'll save Maya. Talk to her about what to do,
    and she will ask if you are going to represent Matt Engarde in court later on.
    Then, talk to her about Maya's situation, and Pearl will say that Maya is the
    only person left for her. Now, head for the Detention Center.
    When: March 21, 8:57 AM
    Where: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
    Engarde is waiting here, but seems to think that you are a salesman rather than
    an attorney. Engarde now calls his agent to ask him about what he should do.
    Talk to Matt about himself, and he will call the publisher of his
    autobiography. This guy sure has many contacts. Well then, ask him about what
    happened instead. He now calls the president of the production studio that
    makes the Nickel Samurai series. Show him the conference ticket. Matt now says
    that he has to leave, but then you tell him about De Killer. Matt now accepts
    you as his lawyer.
    Talk to Matt about himself again, and he will say that he loves being the
    Nickel Samurai, because he gets more and more popular all the time. He says
    that his motto is 'Refreshing Like A Spring Breeze'. Now, ask Matt about what
    happened last night to find out that after he won the prize, Matt took a break
    in his room, with his costume still on. He did not know about the conference
    that he was going to have at all. When he left his room, Corrida was already
    dead. Matt was searched by Gumshoe, and then arrested.
    Now, time to talk about the victim. You'll find out that Matt had no reason to
    kill Corrida, since he was the one that won the Grand Prix. This is Matt's way
    of thinking, of course. Finally, before you go tired of reading, ask Matt about
    the charge of murder. Matt says that when Gumshoe searched him, a button from
    the Ninja's costume was found on him, and that he thinks someone planted it
    on him on purpose. Pearl says that you should test Matt to find out if he is
    innocent or not. She says that you can use Maya's Magatama to do this, like
    You ask Matt if he did kill Corrida or not. Matt tries to call someone, but you
    won't let him. Since the Magatama does not react, Matt seems to be innocent.
    You can now save your game.
                                 Investigation Part II                        [w15]
    When: March 21, 11:34 AM
    Where: Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Back at the office, there really isn't too much to do. Pearl will agree with
    you when you say that you want to go and find the real killer, so that Matt
    doesn't get blamed for the murder. Talk to Pearl if you want to, and she will
    reveal that she though you and Maya were married or engaged. She tells you to
    stop hiding your real feelings, and slaps you on your cheek. So much for trying
    to start a conversation. Well, head to the Hotel Lobby after that.
    When: March 21
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Hotel Lobby
    Once you get to the Hotel, Oldbag shouts to you that she now knows about what
    happened, and that she thinks that the Nickel Samurai (Matt) was the murderer.
    She talks awfully fast, and even mentions her poor hamster from when she was a
    young girl. Well, talk to find out more about the victim, and about what
    happened om General. To summarize, Oldbag has been told about the murder by
    Lotta, and the reasons she was here last night was only because of the show,
    and not her job. She does however mention to have witnessed the most important
    moment of that night! Try to get more information about this from her. When you
    do that, four psyche-locks will appear, and Oldbag will tell you that if you're
    going to talk to her about what she saw, you have to be a nice boy and give her
    a present.
    You don't have anything like that for Oldbag right now, so unfortunately, you
    will have to wait a little before using your Magatama to start questioning her.
    So, time to move on to the Viola Hall, and then to he Hallway from there, since
    nothing can be done in the Hall right now.
    When: March 21
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Hallway
    Lotta is waiting for you in the hallway, and she's talking about a thief that
    has stolen her camera. She thinks that you are the one that did it, because
    thief's always come back to the scene of the crime. Lotta is of course wrong.
    Listen to Lotta some more, as she wants to talk about her camera, and about
    what happened last night. The camera will get added to the court record after
    she's explained that it got stolen yesterday. Lotta also says that even though
    she was in the hallway last night, she might not have watched the victim's room
    from the outside all the time, as she was looking for other stars than just the
    victim. Ask Lotta about the big scoop she's going on about to find out that she
    doesn't want to tell you about it - two psyche-locks appear instead. Head to
    Matt Engarde's room now, since Lotta doesn't want to cooperate.
    When: March 21
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Engarde's Hotel Room
    Someone asks you if she can help you with anything. This person, who turns out
    to be a good looking woman with blonde hair and glasses, has already figured
    that you are Engarde's lawyer. She says her name is Adrian Andrews. Talk to
    Andrews about the night of the murder. She says that last night, she had dinner
    with your client in this room. She then headed out of the room, but did not
    return at once, because she had some errands she had to run. After her errands,
    she went to call Engarde for his conference. This was about when the dead
    victim was found. Now, talk to Andrews about her relation to Engarde. She says
    that she is Engarde's manager, but that the dead Mister Corrida did not have a
    manager, because of different studio policies.
    Present the ticket you got from Powers last night so that Andrews can have a
    looks. She says that she was the one that made the preparations for this
    conference. When you tell her that Engarde did not know about the conference,
    she admits that she did not have all the details either, as the conference was
    a request from the publicity department of the TV studio. Now, present
    Corrida's profile to find out that Andrews actually knew Corrida personally,
    and that her opinion is that if the two of them had not been rivals in
    everything they did, Corrida might not have died at all.
    Now, you can ask Andrews about 'motive for murder'. And believe it or not, even
    Andrews has four psyche-locks on her when asked about this. Everyone seems to
    have secrets today! Time to get moving. Your destination is Corrida's Room.
    When: March 21
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Corrida's Room
    You'll see a lot of toy bears here, and then Gumshoe shows up. Gumshoe says
    that because Maya has been kidnapped and all, he will let you have a look at
    the crime scene, and gives you a Hotel Guidemap that gets added to your court
    record. Talk to Gumshoe about the cause of death, and he will show you a photo
    with the victim, having a knife stuck in his chest. There were fingerprints
    found on the knife - most likely Engarde's, Gumshoe says. The crime photo gets
    added to your record. You should also pump Gumshoe on information regarding why
    your client was arrested. Gumshoe says that the police has evidence that
    Engarde was the murderer. The evidence is a button from Engarde's costume that
    was found in his room. There also was a witness - Oldbag.
    Not enough with both evidence and a witness; there was something that was a
    little weird at the crime scene as well. Now, when you ask him about this
    little thing, Gumshoe goes mad, and tells you to find out yourself. Weird guy,
    this Gumshoe. Press the examine tab now, and look at the right part of the
    room. Examine the guitarcase on the floor. The case is wet, but there is no
    water inside it - only on the top. The case gets added to the record.
    Now, there is a mirror behind the guitar case. On the table in front of it
    there is a wine glass filled with tomato juice. Examine this glass, and Pearl
    will mention that it is a little weird for this glass to stand here, when
    everything else lies scattered on the floor. The Wine Glass is now added to the
    Now, talk to Gumshoe again to show him the wine glass that was standing close
    to the mirror. This was the weird thing that Gumshoe was talking about earlier,
    he admits. Unfortunately, it turns out that Von Karma was the one that noticed
    this glass first, so she is most likely involved in this case as well.
    Unfortunate, indeed. You'll start hearing the weird noise again, the same one
    as you heard in the plaza at Berry Big Circus just before Von Karma came to
    meet you. This can only mean on thing - that Von Karma is nearby. Von Karma
    slaps Gumshoe, he runs away, and she takes his place!
    Von Karma accuses you for stealing information from the police, and swears on
    her family's honor that she will win over you when she meets you in court next
    time. Gumshoe says that he really needs to go for real now, and tells you to
    come down to the Criminal Affairs Department if you need to see him later on.
    Now, take a look at the table in the left part of the room. Examine it to find
    an autograph written by Corrida. This one will get added to the court record.
    Note that the autograph is written for a certain lady named Wendy.
    Ok, move back to Viola Hall.
    When: March 21
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Viola Hall
    Powers is still here, and has been at the hotel all the time since last night.
    The police did not want to let him go. Talk to him about the Nickel Samurai and
    about the Jammin' Ninja to find out about the storyline in both shows. After
    you've heard about the shows, present the profile of Matt Engarde and then
    Corrida's profile to hear more about the stuff the two of them used to fight
    about. Finally, show him Adrian Andrew's profile. Powers says that once upon a
    time, he was interested in Andrews. I can understand why myself, by the way.
    Powers says that he doesn't really know Andrews very well, but he has heard
    some rumours about her a little time ago.
    Ask Powers about this gossip on Adrian Andrews. Powers shows you a tabloid
    where it's written that Corrida might have been together with a manager with
    the initials A.A. Corrida did not have his own manager from his studio, so this
    might be Adrian Andrews that's mentioned in the paper. The magazine clipping is
    now added to the court record. Head back to the hallway to see Lotta.
    When: March 21
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Hallway
    Lotta's Magatama Secret: Big Scoop
    Show Lotta the Magatama to start talking about her secret. You think it's
    possible that yesterday, Lotta was looking for more information on a scandal
    relationship between the victim and another person. This person is Andrews, so
    show Lotta Andrews' profile. One lock breaks. Lotta now asks for something that
    proves the relationship between Andrews and the victim. Show her the magazine
    clipping that Powers gave you earlier. Lotta admits that this is why she was
    lurking around here yesterday, and the last lock shatters.
    Now, ask Lotta about her big scoop again. She will tell you that she had
    already made up a story about A.A and the victim, but since it was in the
    camera case that got stolen, she doesn't have it anymore. Lotta's camera will
    get updated in your court record now. Time to get back to the Hotel Lobby and
    see Oldbag.
    When: March 21
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Hotel Lobby
    Use the Magatama now, as you have enough items to get the whole thing with
    Oldbag's secret uncovered.
    Oldbag's Magatama Secret: What You Witnessed
    Oldbag says that she likes to tease you, and that this is a good opportunity to
    do just that. Without any more kidding around, show her the autograph you found
    in Corrida's room. Oldbag is named Wendy, and since the autograph is addressed
    for a certain Wendy, she goes all mad. She begs you to give her the autograph,
    and three locks break at once. You just wait a little, and then the last lock
    breaks. You now give the autograph to Oldbag. Talk to Oldbag about what she
    witnessed, as she promised to tell you about that earlier.
    Oldbag says that 10 minutes before the victim was found dead, she had to go to
    the toilet. She says that when she did, she saw Engarde head out of the
    victim's room! She also says that she is sure that Engarde is the killer. Ask
    her about Engarde's past after hearing this. Oldbag now tells you about a
    scandal that Engarde set up for Corrida. Apparently, this so called scandal
    involves Adrian Andrews. Oldbag's opinion is that Engarde pressed Andrews onto
    Corrida on purpose to make his reputation sink. Oldbag mentions that this will
    all be in the news next week - more precisely, in a certain tabloid. Now, go
    see Gumshoe down at the Criminal Affairs Department.
    When: March 21
    Where: Police Station, Criminal Affairs Department
    Gumshoe greets you, but says that in this case, everything is perfect for the
    prosecution. Both evidence and witnesses. Ask Gumshoe about what he calls
    airtight evidence. He says that there are two big pieces of evidence, and that
    both of them are on a picture he'll show you. The first is the button that is
    missing on the victim's costume, and was found on Engarde, and the second is
    the Nickel Samurai's Special Pants. No, Gumshoe was just kidding about the
    pants. The real second piece of evidence is the knife with Engarde's
    fingerprints on.
    Hear Gumshoe out about what he has to say regarding the testimony that will be
    presented tomorrow in court. Apparently, Oldbag will witness tomorrow, but you
    had already guessed that. As you heard from Oldbag herself, she says she saw
    Engarde running out of the victim's room 10 minutes before the body was found
    dead. When done talking, show Gumshoe the magazine clipping to find out that
    the police are interested in this as well. Gumshoe says that this is because
    two years ago, a woman committed suicide. The woman's name was Celeste Inpax,
    and was Corrida's manager. Inpax was Adrian Andrews' mentor. Interesting,
    right? Ask Gumshoe more about this Celeste Inpax.
    Before Gumshoe manages to get into details, Von Karma shows up. Von Karma says
    that she has now had enough of Gumshoe and the way he's acting like a traitor
    to her. She says that Gumshoe is now fired, and gives him 30 minutes to pack up
    and leave the police station. Now, an unknown but familiar voice says that if
    it weren't for people like Gumshoe he 'would have won'. The person speaking is
    no one else than MILES EDGEWORTH.
    Edgeworth says that he came back to help Von Karma, since she looks like she's
    having a hard time keeping up with her so called perfection. Now, Von Karma
    leaves, and you get a chance to talk to Edgeworth yourself. Ask about
    tomorrow's trial first to find out that Edgeworth believes that you can't win
    on your own during trial tomorrow. Edgeworth says that he know what teamwork is
    all about, and that you don't have a clue about teamwork at all. Now, talk to
    him about 'Proof of Von Karma Blood'. This turns into a verbal fight, so talk
    to Edgeworth about 'Why Stand in Court'.
    Now, show Edgeworth the profile of Celeste Inpax. He says that Inpax's suicide
    note went missing after she killed herself. Talk to him about this note to find
    out that the police thinks Corrida was the one that took away the note, since
    he was the one that found Inpax's dead body - hung in a rope. Edgeworth gives
    you the suicide report, and it gets added to the court record. Show Edgeworth
    the report he just gave you, and he will tell you that there is also an another
    report - one about Adrian Andrews trying, but not managing, to kill herself.
    Apparently, Andrews has a secret she is holding onto.
    Ask Edgeworth about this secret, also described as her 'co-decency'. Edgeworth
    says that Andrews tried to kill herself a few days after Inpax died. Andrews
    lost her will to live when her mentor faded away. Andrews is the person that
    always looks for someone to trust, and then follows this certain trustable
    person blindly. This is what Edgeworth means with 'co-decency'. Now, the
    Attempted Suicide Report gets added to the record. Head all the way
    back to Engarde's room at the hotel after you've got the two reports.
    When: March 21
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Engarde's Hotel Room
    Andrews is still in the room allright, but she is talking with a certain
    devil. The devil's name is Franziska Von Karma. Von Karma thinks that you
    are following her around on purpose, like a stalker, but Pearl says that
    things are the opposite way, and that Von Karma is the one following you!
    And especially Dick Gumshoe. Von Karma says that this is nonsense, and
    shows Pearl the beeping device she always carries. This is an
    electromagnetic device that locates a tracker that Von Karma placed on
    Gumshoe. This way, she always knows where Gumshoe is. Well, that should be
    the same thing as following him, don't you think? Von Karma tells Andrews
    to think about whatever the two of them just discussed, and then she leaves
    the room. Andrews looks pretty dazed where she stands.
    Present your Magatama so that Andrews can see it, as the woman had some psyche-
    locks on her earlier. Plus, you just got lots of items from Gumshoe and
    Edgeworth, remember?
    Adrian Andrews' Magatama Secret: Motive For Murder
    At first, when asked about the victim, Andrews says that she was not close to
    Corrida at all. You doubt this, so present the magazine clipping that Powers
    gave you earlier. Andrews says that the tabloid that published this article is
    nothing but bullshit, and should not be believed. You tell Andrews that you
    believe that she had a need to get close to someone for a certain reason. The
    reason is that her mentor had committed suicide. Show Andrews the profile of
    Celeste Inpax, who was Andrews' mentor before she killed herself. One lock
    You say that Andrews got close to Corrida to solve a mystery regarding Inpax's
    death. Andrews says that this makes no sense. But, it all makes sense when you
    present the suicide report you got from Edgeworth. This report describes how
    a suicide not might have been hidden by Corrida. Second lock goes down.
    Andrews now claims that she doesn't care about what goes on in other people's
    lives. This is of course a bad lie - just show her the Attempted Suicide
    Report. Third lock goes boom. You now say that now, Andrews is likely to have
    wanted Corrida dead, as he might have hidden Inpax's suicide note. Final lock
    bites the dust. Now, talk to Andrews about Motive for Murder.
    Andrews admits that she has very little self confidence, but tried to live
    strongly. She says that she once heard that someone had hidden Inpax's suicide
    note, and that Corrida was suspected for do int it. She does however say that
    she would not ever have killed for finding the suicide note. She also asks you
    to keep her attempted suicide a secret. Pearl mentions that Andrews has had a
    card in her hand for a long time now. Andrews explains that she does not know
    what the card really is, since it suddenly appeared in her handbag just now.
    The card displays a seashell, or something similar. Andrews leaves before you
    get to know more about the card. Go back to your office now.
    When: March 21
    Where: Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Back here, the transceiver you talked to De Killer on earlier rings. You answer
    the call, and Maya quickly tells you to ask her sister about all this, before
    De Killer hangs up on the transceiver. Mia appears, channeled through Pearl.
    Mia about Maya's situation to find out that Maya is safe for now, and that the
    kidnapper is one that holds his words. Maya has told Mia about this herself.
    Now, ask about the kidnapper. Maya was drugged at the hotel, and then
    kidnapped, Mia says. She has not seen De Killer's face. At the moment, Maya is
    locked up somewhere very dark. Mia now says she'll tell you what she heard when
    Maya channeled her.
    When: Unknown
    Where: Unknown
    Maya is talking about pie and sweets, and hopes that De Killer does not kill
    her. Examine the door in the room to find out that the lock is not very solid.
    There is a card on the floor, examine it. The same seashell looking icon as you
    saw on Andrews' card is on this one as well. Maya uses the card to open the
    lock, and then, the screen goes dark. Save your game.
                                     Trial Part I                             [w16]
    When: March 22, 9:47 AM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Engarde is surprised when you tell him that it looks like Andrews is the one
    that killed Corrida. He says that if this gets picked up by the media as a
    scandal, it will be very bad for his image. Suddenly, after talking to Mia, De
    Killer calls. De Killer says that Maya is looking tired, and that he has sent
    you a present this morning. What the present is, you will find out during
    trial, he says. You don't want to tell Engarde about this, so just wait until
    court starts some seconds after the call.
    Defendant: Matt Engarde
    Prosecutor: Franziska Von Karma?
    Victim: Juan Corrida
    When: March 22, 10:00 AM
    Where: District Court, Courtroom No. 3
    Von Karma does not seem to have gotten here yet. The judge gets mad at you for
    this. After some talk, a bailiff tells the judge that this morning, Von Karma
    was actually shot by an unknown gunslinger! Mia believes that this is the
    'present' that De Killer was talking about. The fact that Von Karma is unable
    to get to court is an advantage for you, so this is why De Killer called it a
    present. Suddenly, Edgeworth appears and says that Von Karma is in a stable
    condition, and that he will be taking her place in court today.
    Edgeworth says that he has finally found the answer he has been searching for
    while being away from court for a year. He says that you will also realize what
    this answer is after this trial. Edgeworth calls Gumshoe to the stand as a
    witness. Gumshoe is pretty sad, because Von Karma has told him to stop working
    as a detective after this case.
    Gumshoe's Testimony: Bare Facts Of The Case
     - This murder happened after the Hero of Heroes award ceremony, sir.
     - The victim, Juan Corrida, was found dead in his hotel room.
     - After looking into the cause of death, we believe that he was
       murdered, sir.
     - At first, we though there was something suspicious about the empty guitar
     - However, we later found out that the case had nothing to do with the murder.
    The judge asks if the victim went alone to his room after the ceremony, and
    Gumshoe confirms. Engarde also went alone to his hotel room. The judge thanks
    Gumshoe, and asks you to start your cross-examination.
    Cross-Examination: Bare Facts Of The Case
    Press Gumshoe when he talks about the cause of death. Gumshoe says that the
    investigators believe that the knife in Corrida's chest was stuck there after
    he died. The reason of death was most likely that Corrida was struggled with
    the bandana around his neck, Gumshoe says. The Autopsy Report now gets added to
    the court record. Now, press Gumshoe when he talks about the guitar case. It
    turns out that the only fingerprints on it were Corrida's.  The Guitar Case is
    now added to the court record.
    Finally, press Gumshoe when he says that the case had nothing to do with the
    murder at all. It turns out that the case was empty, and did not contain the
    guitar Corrida usually carried with him in the first place. Edgeworth says that
    this is enough cross-examination, and asks about why the police arrested
    Engarde, if the knife was not the murder weapon after all (Engarde's
    fingerprints were on the knife, but if the knife was not the murder weapon, why
    arrest Engarde?).
    Gumshoe's Testimony: Why Arrest Engarde?
     - Matt Engarde and Juan Corrida were huge rivals with each other.
     - They each though the other guy was 'in his way'. That's motive enough.
     - As for evidence, there's the Jammin' Ninja's button.
     - It was ripped off of the ninja costume and found in Engarde's 'hakama'.
     - The defendant's fingerprints were also on the knife.
     - The defendant bought the knife for the crime.. Which makes this a
       premeditated murder!
    Gumshoe says that the knife was kind of sticky, so finding Engarde's
    fingerprints was very easy. The knife gets added to the court record. Plus, the
    button that was found in Engarde's hakama was covered in blood - the victim's
    Cross-Examination: Why Arrest Engarde?
    When Gumshoe says that the knife was bought just for the murder, present the
    knife. On the knife, it says 'Gatewater'. This means that the knife belonged to
    the hotel, and was not bought at all. Edgeworth admits that the knife belonged
    to the hotel, but since a knife that Corrida used to eat dinner with was lying
    at his table even after the murder, it is very likely that someone from outside
    of the room brought the knife with them. And, in Engarde's room, a knife was
    missing from his table! The judge now has a question for you.
     Question: Mr. Wright, do you have something important and necessary to
               present to this court?
     Answer: Actually, I do.
    Now, if you answer this one wrong, your whole health bar will be emptied. In
    other words, don't shake on your hands now. Show the judge the Wine Glass that
    was standing in Corrida's room earlier. The scene was a mess with lots of
    shattered stuff on the floor. But, for some reason, this wine glass with tomato
    juice was standing near the mirror, not broken or damaged. Edgeworth says that
    there is nothing special about this glass, and mentions that Adrian Andrews was
    the one that found the glass in the first place. She could easily have been
    shocked to find out that Corrida had died, and left the glass there is shock.
     Question: Could Andrews really have set the glass down without thinking?
     Answer: There's no way.
    You now say that you would like to challenge Edgeworth's theory. You ask for
    proof that Andrews did indeed set the glass down near Corrida's table.
    Edgeworth says that the fact that Andrews' fingerprints are on the glass is
    evidence enough. And, Andrews' prints where the only ones on the glass. The
    Wine Glass now gets updated in your court record. The judge now wants to end
    court, but Edgeworth won't allow him, and calls for another witness - Oldbag.
    Edgeworth gets a little put out when he realizes that under the bowl on the
    witness's head, Oldbag can be found.
    Oldbag says that she was a huge fan of the dead victim. She did not really like
    Matt Engarde after all, and says that he is nothing but an uninteresting child.
    Corrida however, was a real man in Oldbag's eyes.
    Oldbag's Testimony: What You Witnessed
     - Anyway, after the ceremony, I went to pace around in the hallway
       in front of his room.
     - There's something I was interested in finding out, you know...
     - Well, since I was on the job, I made sure to keep a good eye out
       the whole time.
     - That's when someone showed up! It was a man coming out of poor Juan's room!
     - It was Engarde! Matt Engarde! He was trying to sneak his way out of
       Juan's room!
    Cross-Examination: What You Witnessed
    Press Oldbag on her statement regarding how she saw Engarde running out of the
    victim's room. You don't completely trust Oldbag, so ask her for more details
    regarding the person's clothes. Oldbag says that the person she saw was wearing
    a racing jacket. The judge asks you if this was important for you to know. Tell
    him that it was very important. You request that Oldbag add the information
    about the jacket to her testimony. This is something that the judge tells her
    to do. When Oldbag now talks about Engarde's flashy jacket, present the Jammin'
    Ninja's Button.
    Oldbag identifies the button at once, and says that this is button number 2 on
    the Ninja's costume. She has to be obsessed about the victim. Oldbag goes
    pretty mad. In the end, we can conclude with that Oldbag did not see Engarde,
    but the Nickel Samurai, heading out of the victim's room.
    Oldbag's Testimony: Who I Saw
     - Engarde... Engarde.. Yes, now I remember!
     - The Nickel Samurai, that's right, it was the Nickel Samurai that I saw.
     - Yes, it would have been convenient for him to wear his costume during
       the murder.
     - He had to go to that post-ceremony stage show right after the crime,
       you know.
     - So he must've worn that costume when he was stabbing poor Juan.
    Cross-Examination: Who I Saw
    First, present the knife when Oldbag says that Engarde must have worn the
    costume at the time he was killing Corrida. You explain that if Engarde was
    really in the Nickel Samurai Costume a the time of the murder, it is impossible
    for his fingerprints to have been left at the knife! The costume includes
    gloves, you know. Edgeworth counters, and says that Engarde most likely took
    off the gloves before stabbing Corrida. But, you tell him there's no way he
    would have done that.
    Edgeworth has a theory, saying that the defendant might have gone to the
    victim's room in his costume, without any intention to kill. He then took his
    gloves off, and then got in a fight with the victim after taking them off.
    You think a little about what Edgeworth said. When thinking about if there's
    any problems, answer that there is a contradiction. Show Edgeworth the knife
    again. You tell the judge that if Engarde had no intention to kill in the first
    place, why would he have taken a knife with him when going to see Corrida? This
    proves that Edgeworth's theory had a flaw. Plus, if the defendant was indeed
    wearing the costume at the time of the murder, there would have been glove
    marks left on the knife - and there's no sign of those. The knife was indeed
    planted by the real killer to put the blame onto Engarde!
     Question: Was the knife planted? Why would the murderer do such a thing?
     Answer: To frame Matt Engarde!
    Edgeworth finally loses his calm attitude, and starts making sounds similar to
    a angry cat. Oldbag says that she confused Engarde with the Nickel Samurai
    because she was waiting for something, and that was not the Nickel Samurai that
    she wanted to meet. You ask her who she was waiting for, but Oldbag says that
    this is top secret information. She was not waiting for Corrida either, she
    says. You get an idea from Mia. So, show Oldbag the profile of Adrian Andrews,
    the manager. Oldbag had heard about the rumour going on, saying that Andrews
    had a relationship with Corrida. Oldbag says that she was in fact doing her own
    little investigation, and says that she has some secret information to share
    with you.
    Oldbag's Testimony: Secret Information
     - That Engarde is one evil, evil man!
     - He thought he could ruin Juan by causing a huge scandal!
     - So to do that, he sent his own manager to get in close with Juan.
     - I cannot condone such dirty tricks! So I took action!
     - Oh, and this is top secret! Nobody else than you and me know yet, OK?
    Cross-Examination: Secret Information
    Press Oldbag on her very last statement, about the information in this
    testimony being a secret and all. You wonder how Oldbag got to know about this
    is the information was so hard to get. You'll get several options for what to
    do next - choose present evidence, and show Oldbag Lotta's Camera. If you
    remember or not doesn't matter with this guide on your computer, but Lotta said
    that she lost both her camera and a note she had written for herself earlier,
    while being at Gatewater Hotel. Oldbag was the one that found, or stole these
    lost belongings. Oldbag wants you to forgive her for stealing Lotta's items.
     Statement: Pile on more pressure
    That's right, throw more pressure on Oldbag before forgiving her. You tell
    Oldbag that the note was not the only thing she stole that night. The second
    thing was of course Lotta's Camera, so show her that. The judge and Edgeworth
    takes a look at the pictures taken by the camera, and concludes with that
    there's only one picture relevant to this trial. The picture shows the Nickel
    Samurai, and gets added to the court record. Edgeworth says that the photo does
    not prove that Engarde was inside the samurai costume, but, Engarde earlier
    said that at the time of the murder, he was in his costume!
    The judge asks for your final comments before he ends the trial. You however,
    think that there is something strange about the photo of the Nickel Samurai.
    You will now have to point out the weird thing on the photo, and you only have
    one chance. Now, point at the samurai's ankles, covered by cloth. The real
    Nickel Samurai does no wear these cloths, as you can see his socks on the
    promotional poster in your record. The person on the picture is therfore, much
    shorter than Engarde is. Edgeworth agrees that the person on the picture taken
    by Lotta is not Engarde, and asks who it really is.
     Question: Who is the person in this photograph?
     Answer: Adrian Andrews' profile.
    It would indeed have been easy for Andrews to pick up Engarde's knife when she
    ate with him that night, and then bring it to Corrida's room. You now claim
    that Andrews is the killer, and is trying to frame Engarde. All this is not too
    good though, because if Andrews is to be summoned as a witness, it would make
    the trial run for another day - and De Killer only gave you ONE day. Raise an
    objection when you get the opportunity. It turns out that Edgeworth had planned
    for all this, and has already brought Andrews to court. This means, that there
    will be no need to wait one day after all. Save your game before the break.
                                     Trial Part II                            [w17]
    When: March 22, 2:14 PM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Engarde does not want to believe that Andrews is the murderer. You tell him
    that it is very likely that she is, since stealing the knife from Engarde's
    room would have been easy for her. Engarde says that he went to sleep after
    eating, and that Andrews could have killed Corrida at that time. You believe
    that all this has something to do with Celeste Inpax's missing suicide note.
    The court will now open its doors again.
    Defendant: Matt Engarde
    Prosecutor: Miles Edgeworth
    Victim: Juan Corrida
    When: March 22, 2:25 AM
    Where: District Court, Courtroom No. 3
    Andrews has now entered as a witness, and admits that she had a relationship to
    the dead victim. She also knew about the hate between Engarde and Corrida. She
    denies killing Corrida, of course. Edgeworth now asks Andrews about what she
    was doing the night Corrida was killed in his own hotel room.
    Adrian Andrews' Testimony: When I Found The Body
     - It was time for the show to start, so I went to get Matt from his room.
     - After that, I went to Juan's room.
     - And there was his dead body. I.. I was in shock...
     - What I saw was, naturally, the exact same scene as in the crime scene photo.
     - I felt as though I was about to faint, so I poured myself a glass of juice.
    The judge is surprised that Andrews made herself a glass of juice, and Andrews
    says that she did because she forgot not to touch anything. Mia warns you, as
    Andrews is a very smart woman. Now, start cross-examining.
    Cross-Examination: When I Found The Body
    Press Andrews when she says she went into a shock after seeing the dead
    Corrida. Then, press her when she says that she made herself a glass of juice.
    You have noticed that Andrews had not drunk any of the juice. She claims that
    this was because she was in a shock, but you doubt her. Andrews now mumbles
    something about a thing she did wrong. Press her further. Andrews says that
    this one thing she did wrong, was knocking a flower vase over when she poured
    her juice into the glass. She says that the vase was originally standing near
    the mirror, and fell down onto the guitar case when she knocked it over.
    Andrews now has to add this to her testimony.
    When she says that she knocked the vase over, present the guitar case, since
    the guitar case was wet on top of it, and not inside, as it would have been if
    Andrews had really dropped the vase onto the case. On the crime scene photo,
    the remains of the vase are scattered on the floor. But, if the guitar case was
    open, there would have been pieces of the vase inside it, not outside it.
    However, since you haven't really gotten to an important point when it comes to
    whether the guitar case was open or not, the judge asks you if he really has to
    hear more details about the case. Tell him yes, and that you want Andrews to
    testify more.
    Adrian Andrews' Testimony: The Guitar Case
     - I do not remember too clearly, since I was a bit dazed.
     - I suppose I must have opened the guitar case... after the vase fell down.
     - It is not a big deal though, right? The case was empty after all.
     - As for why I opened the case... Even I don't know.
    Cross-Examination: The Guitar Case
    Andrews says that she must have opened the guitar case after knocking the vase
    over. Show her the guitar case from your court record when she says this. You
    tell her that this is not possible, since there were no fingerprints that
    identifies her on the case. Andrews now suggests that she was wearing gloves
    when she touched the case. Tell the judge that it is very strange that Andrews
    says she was wearing gloves. Andrews now has a question for you.
     Question: Do you have anything that proves I was not wearing gloves?
     Answer: Wine Glass
    The wine glass did have fingerprints on it, and Andrews said she touched it
    just before knocking down the vase, and dealing with the guitar case. This is
    very fishy. Mia congratulates you and says you hit the nail on the head this
    time. The guitar case plays an important part in all this, she believes.
    Edgeworth starts questioning you about the guitar case, and you tell him to
    suppose that the red guitar was not the only thing that could have been in the
    case at all.
     Question: What was inside the case at the time of the murder?
     Answer: The Nickel Samurai (photo)
    You tell everyone that at the time of the murder, the Nickel Samurai's costume
    was what was hidden inside the guitar case. You suggest that Andrews took out
    the costume to wear it after the murder, and then made someone see her on
    purpose, as it would look like Engarde was the one coming out of Corrida's room
    - not her. The one that saw 'The steel samurai' was Lotta, who took a
    photograph of him. Or rather, took a photograph of Andrews wearing the steel
    samurai costume.
     Question: What was the Nickel Samurai costume doing inside the guitar case?
     Answer: It was a spare costume.
    The fact that there was two costumes at the hotel the night of the murder has
    to mean that Corrida had planned to bring a Nickel Samurai costume with him,
    even though he is not playing the samurai himself, but the Jammin' Ninja.
     Question: The reason the victim brought the Nickel Samurai's spare
               costume to the hotel was...
     Answer: Press Conference Ticket.
    You tell court about how a press conference where the Nickel Samurai was
    supposed to confess about something was planned for the night of the murder.
    However, Engarde had never heard about this conference. You believe that the
    conference was set up by no one else than the victim himself, Juan Corrida. He
    was going to hold the conference, pretending to be Matt Engarde! Andrews admits
    that the conference was set up by Corrida. She explains that she was the one
    that prepared the second Nickel Samurai costume for Corrida. Corrida's plan was
    to make sure he took Engarde down with him, if he didn't win the Grand Prix.
    Corrida knew of a secret so powerful that it would have ruined Engarde's career
    had it been revealed. Andrews now claims to have been acting weird in court
    today because she wanted to protect Engarde.
    Adrian Andrews' Testimony: Protecting Matt
     - From the moment I saw the crime scene, I had a feeling that Matt was the
     - Matt had to kill Juan no matter what.
     - And he didn't have an alibi for what he was doing at the time of the
     - My thoughts were confirmed by the evidence, of course; the button and
       the knife...
     - But I am Matt's manager, so I felt I had to protect him.
    Cross-Examination: Protecting Matt
    When Andrews says that her thoughts were confirmed by evidence, press her to
    make her add information about the button that was ripped off Corrida's costume
    during the fight with the murderer. When she starts talking about the button,
    present the Autopsy Report. You explain how the victim was actually strangled
    before the knife was thrusted into his chest. This has to mean that since the
    button has blood on it, the murderer pulled it off after the knife had been
    used. And thus, the button was not pulled off during the fight with the
    murderer, but after Corrida had died. The murder pulled the button off on
     Question: Does this mean you know what the murderer wanted to do with the
               button? What was it?
     Answer: To pin the crime on Engarde.
    As if it was not clear already, the judge asks you who you believe killed
    Corrida, and tries to frame Matt Engarde for it. Show him Adrian Andrews'
    profile. In a funny way, you shout to Andrews: 'I CHOOSE YOU!'. Now, you
    explain how all of the evidence points towards Andrews. After lots of talk, you
    explain that Andrews left her fingerprints on the wine glass on purpose, to
    make it look like she was indeed 'the dazed one that found the dead Corrida'.
    Andrews now says that she wants to take use of the law that allows witnesses to
    refuse testifying. You think back to the time when Von Karma told Andrews to
    think about what they had been discussing. Maybe Von Karma had exactly this in
    The judge sees no other opportunity than continuing the trial tomorrow, so that
    you can gather more evidence. Edgeworth however, says that it is not impossible
    for the trial to continue right now, when he understands why you can't have it
    ending for today right now. He says that if the topic of the conversation is
    not about the murder, Andrews has no right to remain quiet. Edgeworth asks
    Andrews why on earth she poured herself a glass of juice after finding a dead
    body, as most people would get sick in such a situation, and not thirsty. This
    leads to a new testimony.
    Adrian Andrew's Testimony: When I Found The Body
     - The glass of juice, I did not recall pour it for myself..
     - I was surprised when I walked into the room and saw it in that messy state.
     - And Juan, he was sitting slumped-over and tired-looking in the corner.
     - When I saw him like that, the though that he was dead did not cross
       my mind.
     - To be honest, I thought he had fainted or something, so I went to
       pour him some juice.
     - When I realized he was dead, that's when I knocked the vase over.
    Cross-Examination: When I Found The Body
    Andrews says that when she saw Juan, the thought that he was dead was something
    that did not cross her mind. When she says that, present the crime photo to
    make it clear that this sounds fishy, as Corrida had a big knife in his chest,
    bleeding. The judge sees where this is heading, and gives Andrews one last
    chance to explain herself. Just before the judge is about to say that Matt
    Engarde is innocent, Edgeworth stops him. He tells Andrews that if she
    continues refusing to talk, Engarde will be found not guilty, and she will be
    the one found guilty instead. This is when Andrews gets a nervous breakdown,
    saying that she was told by Von Karma to keep shut if things started looking
    bad. When you get the option, force Andrews to testify.
    Edgeworth now says that his witness, Andrews, has an illness. And because of
    this illness, she has tried to kill herself in the past. Edgeworth shows the
    judge the attempted suicide report. Edgeworth does not care when Andrews is
    about to say that she will kill herself if he shows everyone this report. What
    a cold (but incredibly cool in his own way) man! Now, Andrews will talk!
    Adrian Andrews' Testimony: My Crime
     - When I first saw him, I really thought he had fainted. Honest.
     - When I realized he was dead.. that was when I formulated my plan.
     - Once I made sure there was no one in the hallway, I dashed back to Matt's
     - And then, I stabbed Juan's dead body with the knife, and ripped off the
       button from his costume.
     - Just when I finished and was returning to Matt's room, I had a bit of
       an inconvenience.
     - And that's why... That's why I ended up using the Nickel Samurai costume.
    Andrews now says that she did all this to make it look like it was indeed Matt
    Engarde that was the killer - she was just trying to make the truth clearer,
    she says. She also mentions that Engarde is just trying to get away, like
    he did 'last time'. Holy bananas! Was not Andrews the murderer after all?
    Cross-Examination: My Crime
    Press Andrews on absolutely everything she has to say. Absolutely everything.
    Don't present anything at all. As a short summary for you, I can mention that
    Andrews claims that she knew that Engarde was the killer because Corrida was
    going to expose Engarde's secret weak point to the world, and that Andrews now
    thinks she did a horrible thing when she stabbed Corrida's body. The
    inconvenience Andrews talked about was that Lotta managed to take a picture of
    her as she ran between the two hotel rooms. Also, Oldbag saw her as well.
    Andrews does not know what Engarde's big secret is. The judge says that
    Andrews' testimony stands, and that court will continue tomorrow.
    You get depressed, as De Killer, that kidnapped Maya told you to get a 'not
    guilty' verdict today. Edgeworth now asks Andrews if he can have a look at the
    card she has in her hand. She now says that she remembers where she found this
    card. She found it in Corrida's room at the time she discovered that he had
    been killed. Edgeworth now goes mad, and tells Andrews to give him the card at
    once. He must have figured something out. This is where this part of the
    episode ends. Lots of unanswered questions, right? If it's late, take a break,
    and start playing again later. A break is recommended, as you have been going
    through lots of information in this episode. Well then, now you should save
    your game.
                                 Investigation Part III                       [w18]
    When: March 22, 5:24 PM
    Where: Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Pearl is said because she believes that Maya might get hurt now, since the
    verdict for Matt Engarde has not been handed out yet. You tell her that it's
    possible that Maya is fine, and then suddenly, Dick Gumshoe enters your office.
    Talk to Gumshoe about what he plans on doing in the future, now that he has
    been kicked from the police force. Gumshoe says he wants to help you. Well, ask
    him about Edgeworth, and then about Von Karma. It turns out that Von Karma was
    only shot in the shoulder, and is resting at Hotti Clinic, the place where Ini
    Miney from the second episode got her operation. Go there to see the fearsome,
    but good looking woman.
    When: March 22
    Where: Hotti Clinic, Reception
    The perverted old man that claims to be the boss at the clinic meets you this
    time as well, and so does Edgeworth. The perverted man says that Von Karma's
    operation went fine, and then Von Karma herself meets you as well. Von Karma
    notices the tulips that you bought for her (wow, when did you do that?). Talk
    to her about the shooting this morning to find out that Von Karma was shot in
    her right shoulder, and that Edgeworth was the one that dragged her to the
    clinic. Now, Edgeworth mentions a deal that he had to clean up after. He is of
    course talking about all the ideas that Von Karma had given Adrian Andrews. Ask
    Von Karma about this deal. Von Karma thinks that Andrews is nothing but a weak
    person. And with that said, she leaves.
    Talk to Edgeworth about today's trial and about the card that Adrian Andrews
    had in her hands. Edgeworth says that he will tell you about the card, but that
    this information is top secret, and can absolutely not be leaked. He says that
    a special investigation team has existed for a number of years. Their task, is
    to find the owner of the cards looking like the one that Andrews had. The
    owners name is Shelly De Killer. De Killer is an assassin - the very best one!
    The picture card gets added to the record.
    Now, ask Edgeworth for more information regarding this assassin named De
    Killer. Of course, this is the same man that has trapped Maya. It turns out
    that 'De Killer' is a name of a long standing line of assassins. Shelly De
    Killer is the third assassin in this line, and because his name is Shelly, he
    leaves cards with seashells on them. He does this so that the police has a way
    to find out who he has killed. De Killer never murders without leaving a card.
    Finally, tell Edgeworth about Maya's situation. Edgeworth is sorry about what
    he did in court, as he did not know about the fact that De Killer originally
    said that you had one day to get a 'not guilty' verdict for Engarde.
    Edgeworth also tells you that he knows what really happened with the Corrida
    case. He says that Engarde actually hired De Killer to murder Corrida. Yes,
    Engarde hired a murderer to kill his opponent! This is of course, Edgeworth's
    theory. Edgeworth gives you a Letter of Introduction so that you can get access
    to the hotel, where the investigation is still going on. Edgeworth leaves now.
    When: Unknown
    Where: Unknown
    You get to see the cellar room where Maya is trapped again. Maya says that even
    kidnappers apparently screw up some times, since De Killer dropped a card on
    the floor for her. Maya opens the locked door in front of her by using the
    card. Press the 'move' tab, and move to the area named '???'. Maya enters what
    looks like a living room, with lots of technical equipment. Now, there's some
    stuff you should examine, namely: Teddy Bear in the couch, the satellited,
    the brown door, and then the table with the picture on. The picture has some
    letter on it, sating 'With Love...Celeste'. Celeste Inpax was the woman that
    killed herself - Andrews' mentor. Now, De Killer notices Maya, and tells her to
    cooperate instead of sneaking around. Maya screams, and we're transferred back
    to the clinic.
    When: March 22, 7:04 PM
    Where: Hotti Clinic, Reception
    Nothing more to do at the clinic after Maya's scene. Nothing to do but heading
    to the Detention Center, that is.
    When: March 22
    Where: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
    Unfortunately, visiting hours are over for today. Engarde is nowhere to be
    found because of this, but he has left a note for you, telling you to go to his
    house and feed his cat. The Cat is named Shoe, and is most likely pretty hungry
    by now. Engarde's house can be found close to the hotel. This note now gets
    added to the court record. To get to Engarde's house, you need to enter the
    Hotel Lobby first.
    When: March 22
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Hotel Lobby
    A voice says that you 'shall not pass' when you get to the lobby. Before
    talking to this crappy Old Bag, you should move it, and go to Engarde's Living
    When: March 22
    Where: Engarde Mansion, Living Room
    It is pretty dark here in Engarde's house, so you turn on the light. The cat
    named Shoe pops up, and seems to like Pearl a lot. Out of nowhere, a butler
    also pops up. This butler looks like a certain man. I won't tell you who. Or..
    Ok, this man looks like De Killer, and is also the same person that gave Maya
    the phone back at the hotel. He calls himself "John Doe", and says that he is
    the Engarde family's butler.
    The butler really is not very social, but talk to him about everything possible
    anyways. Now, after the conversation you will throw away the note that Engarde
    wrote about feeding his cat. The butler will leave, and you should head back to
    the hotel lobby to see a certain ancient bag. I'm funny, am I not?
    When: March 22
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Hotel Lobby
    Show Oldbag the letter of introduction that Edgeworth gave you earlier. She
    will then let you check out the rest of the hotel, since if she listens to
    anybody, you can bet it's Edgeworth. Time to head to the Hallway.
    When: March 22
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Hallway
    Lotta is waiting for you. Geez, why does she hang around here in the hallway
    all the time anyways? Well, no matter why she does that. Talk to her about the
    night of the murder, the stolen camera, and the scandal that Lotta 'made up'.
    Lotta leaves now, so head to Corrida's hotel room.
    When: March 22
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Corrida's Hotel Room
    Oldbag is in here, making strange sounds that makes Pearl believe that Oldbag
    is an alien or an evil ghost. Talk to Oldbag about the night of the murder, and
    about her memories of Corrida. After that, you can talk about all the bear
    presents in his room. It turns out that Corrida once fought a bear, so that's
    why he has so many of them. Now, the transceiver rings. After you beg De Killer
    for one more day in court, the signal goes bad, and De Killer stops talking.
    Heck, that was not good for you, was it? No need to hang around here anymore;
    head back to the law offices. Also known as your own office.
    When: March 22
    Where: Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Gumshoe is still hanging around at your office. He has made you some
    instant noodles or something. You don't want food right now, though. Show
    Gumshoe the transceiver. The transceiver works now, and Gumshoe suggests
    that electromagnetic interference might have been the thing that made the
    transceiver stop working back at the hotel. Ask Gumshoe about this
    interference to find out that this phenomena happens when radio waves get
    mixed with other signals. Gumshoe bets that there has to be something like
    a listening device at the place you were when the transceiver stopped
    working, or at the place De Killer was calling from. Gumshoe says that he's
    going to get a bugsweeper, and use it to check Corrida's room for bugs. You
    should go to Corrida's room again as well.
    When: March 22
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Corrida's Hotel Room
    Ok, Gumshoe is already here, since he's always so damn fast. Remember when he
    ran as quickly as a saint in an earlier episode? Well, he could not get a pro
    bug tracker, but he did manage to get one that he made himself, back in school.
    You will now have to examine the room, while listening for fast 'BEEEPS'.
    The item that you need to check is the giant stuffed teddy in the left part of
    the room - near the window. Check that bear's head.
    You will find a camera, transmitter and a timer inside the bear. Talk to
    Gumshoe about these items to find out that the recorder is not in this room, so
    any footage that was recorded can not be found here in this room.
    Spy Camera gets added to Court Record. It turns out that the transmitter is set
    to record at 8 PM, every single day. Maybe it recorded the murder as well? The
    stuffed bear and the transmitter also get added to the record. Gumshoe now runs
    out to try finding out where the camera was bough.
    Suddenly, Edgeworth shows up. He says that these big teddys are very uncommon,
    and that he will try to find out who sent the teddy here to Corrida's room the
    night he was killed. Before he takes off, Edgeworth asks you to reconsider who
    the murderer really could have been. Was it really Adiran Andrews that killed
    Corrida? And what about Matt Engarde? Any clues? Well, save your game and get
    some rest.
                                 Investigation Part IV                        [w19]
    When: March 22, 9:14 PM
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Corrida's Hotel Room
    You are still in the victim's room. Pearl is worried about her relative, Maya,
    and asks you if Edgeworth has been able to find her yet. You don't really think
    so, since Edgeworth left only minutes ago. Chat with Pearl regarding the real
    killer, the assasin's client, and then finally about Matt. You think back on
    Matt, when he said that he killed no one. He did not have any psyche-locks.
    But, and this is an important one. Of course Matt did not kill anyone, if he
    actually HIRED someone to do it for him! Maybe he did?
    Now, ask Pearl about 'something interesting', since she remembered something.
    The thing she remembered was about Engarde, having a very important secret.
    Andrews said that if Corrida blew his secret, it would have destroyed Engarde's
    career. Now you need to see Engarde. But, you've got to stop in Viola Hall
    When: March 22
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Viola HAll
    Oldbag is here, running around like a mad woman with the tracker Gumshoe once
    made. Edgeworth told her to search the whole hotel for more tracking items. He
    also told Oldbag to let all of her anger drop down on you. What a nice guy -
    because, Oldbag sure is angry. Time to do some talking - ask Oldbag about the
    bug sweeper. When you do, she says that the camera you found in the bear most
    likely caught Corrida and Andrews messing around. Oldbag thinks that Lotta was
    the one that placed the camera.
    Now, chat to Oldbag about Juan and Adrian. Oldbag changes the topic to Celeste
    Inpax, and mentions that Inpax was planning to get married when she killed
    herself. She was of course going to marry Corrida. Now, question Olbag about
    Celeste's suicide. She now says that Juan cancelled their wedding three days
    after announcing it, and that Celeste Inpax committed suicide the same night.
    Criminal Affairs Department's next, after you've realized that Engarde can't be
    found at the detention center.
    When: March 22
    Where: Police Station, Criminal Affairs Dept.
    Here at the police station, the man in charge tells you that the police have
    found a real decisive witness that claims to have seen something regarding
    all the things that have happened. The chief also gives you permission to go to
    the detention center and see Engarde, even though visiting hours are over. So,
    off you go.
    When: March 22
    Where: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
    Select the option that makes you able to talk to Engarde, not Andrews. Ask Matt
    about his secret, and five psyche-locks will appear. Then, ask him about Juan
    and Adrian. Engarde does not really want to talk about that, so he tries to
    order a pizza to get away without talking. Success for him, not you. Now, go
    back to Criminal Affairs Dept. since you can not do anything about the psyche-
    locks right now.
    When: March 22
    Where: Police Station, Criminal Affairs Dept.
    Will Powers is here now, and tells you that he got roped into this whole thing,
    and that he has to testify in court tomorrow. Powers is of course the witness
    you heard about last time you visited Criminal Affairs Dept.
    Ask Powers about tomorrow's testimony. Powers is not allowed to talk about
    this, even though he is supposed to be your friend. Ask about Matt Engarde, to
    find out that Powers' view on him, is that Engarde is a player when it comes
    to women. Finally, ask about gossip. This brings Powers onto talking about
    Celeste Inpax's suicide, so talk to him about that too. Powers thinks that
    something bad was written on the suicide note Celeste wrote, something bad for
    Juan. Before she died, Celeste said to her friends that she might have been
    caught by an insidious man.
    Your phone suddenly rings, and Gumshoe is on the line. He says that something
    really bad has happened with Edgeworth. He tells you to return to your office
    at once. Do that.
    When: March 22
    Where: Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Gumshoe says that Edgeworth has found out who bought the spy camera from the
    hotel. Matt Engarde is the man that bought it. Ask Gumshoe about the stuffed
    bear the camera was hidden in, and about the spy camera itself. It turns out
    that the store clerk that sold the stuff gave Gumshoe the receipt, as well as
    the autograph he got when Engarde signed it. Your sight gets a little blurry,
    and the credit card receipt is added to the court record. Gumshoe also gives
    you the spy camera, transmitter and stuffed bear back. Head back to the
    detention center and see Engarde, not Andrews.
    When: March 22
    Where: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
    Engarde says that the clock is already past 10 PM. You tell Matt that it is
    about time he told you the truth. Since you have talked to him about all this
    earlier, just show him the Magatama at once to start figuring things out.
    Matt Engarde's Magatama Secret: Matt's Secret
    Engarde says that he did not pay attention to Corrida at all the night he was
    killed. You do not believe him, so present the spy camera that was found in
    Corrida's room. Engarde asks you about where this camera was found. Show him
    the stuffed bear. One lock breaks. Now, Engarde asks who could have bought a
    bear this big for Corrida. Show him his own profile. You even have proof that
    Engarde was the one that put the camera inside the bear. This proof is the
    credit card receipt.
    Engarde says that this receipt only shows that he bought SOMETHING, and that
    his something is nothing else than a 3800$ toothbrush. You tell Engarde that
    the clerk in the store remembers Engarde, and that he even has his autograph.
    Another lock breaks. The reason that Engarde filmed Corrida's room is the
    picture card with the seashell on. Matt goes all jumpy now.
     Statement: You Know Mr. De Killer because... You're his client.
    Engarde now shows his real self. He takes away the hair from his face, grabs a
    glass of beer or something, and looks absolutely badass. All locks break. Now,
    ask about Matt's secret. It appears that Engarde filmed the murder so that he
    could get De Killer's face on tape, and blackmail him later. Now, ask about his
    motive for murder. You can't drop the case however, as that would mean the end
    for Maya. Edgeworth appears after Matt has gone away again. He takes you back
    to criminal affairs dept.
    When: March 22
    Where: Police Station, Criminal Affairs Dept.
    Edgeworth does not look like he enjoys himself, but that's not a new thing
    for him, is it? You ask him what to do, since Engarde turned out to be a
    bad guy. Edgeworth says he can't answer that for you. He tells you that
    you need to search deep in yourself to find out what being a lawyer really
    is. Edgeworth seems like he is ok to talk with right now, so let him hear
    your words regarding Matt, Maya's situation, and then finally, talk to him
    about the subject 'why fight?'. Edgeworth starts talking about Von Karma,
    he says she only fights for herself, not for her clients. Edgeworth says
    that he has realized that a perfect record for attorneys and prosecutors
    is useless.
    The transceiver rings again. De Killer says that you had better get a not
    guilty verdict in court tomorrow, and that he does all this because of
    what he likes to call 'aftercare' for his client, Matt Engarde. Before
    hanging up, you hear the sound of a cat. Remember seeing a cat somewhere
    else? I sure do. You remember now, a little later, and tell Edgeworth to
    prepare all the special police troops to storm Engarde Mansion, as this is
    where De Killer has trapped Maya - for sure! Head to Engarde Mansion
    When: March 22
    Where: Engarde Mansion, Living Room
    Edgeworth got here before you. He tells you that the police has got the whole
    area (the living room) covered, and that if De Killer is still here, he has no
    chance to get away. Examine the bear on the floor in the right part of the
    room. It will get added to the court record. Behind the bear figurine is a
    locked door. You break it open, and get to the dark room with all the electric
    equipment that Maya saw earlier. From here, move to the Wine Cellar.
    When: March 22
    Where: Engarde Mansion, Wine Cellar
    Unfortunately for you,  no one seems to be in the wine cellar either, so De
    Killer must have gotten away and taken Maya with him. Fear not however, as
    there is stuff you can do, even though De Killer has vanished. First, examine
    the picture lying at the foot of the stairs. The picture is of Celeste Inpax,
    and says 'with love... Celeste'. Celeste's Photo now gets added to the record.
    Well, this should be interesting for Adrian Andrews to see, don't you think?
    Pearl now notices that something is written on the back of the frame. It is
    Maya's handwriting, saying that you NEED to get a 'guilty' verdict for Engarde
    tomorrow, or she will not forgive you. Holy cow, this is getting complicated.
    Head to the detention center.
    When: March 22
    Where: Detention Center, Visitor's Room
    Even though you first came here to see Engarde, it is also possible to speak
    to Adrian Andrews instead. Do that, as you won't loose anything at all. Talk to
    Andrews about Matt Engarde, and then about her Mentor, Celeste Inpax. Andrews
    says that she wanted to find Inpax's suicide note, so that she could burn it.
    Now, you can ask about 'why frame him'. Andrews wanted revenge, that is why she
    framed Engarde. A psyche-lock appears. Present the Magatama.
    Adrian Andrews' Magatama Secret
    Adrian says that she framed Engarde because she believes he is the real killer
    after all. You mention that you heard Adrian talk about revenge just a minute
    ago. Clearly, something made her want to take revenge. Present the suicide
    report. Andrews now asks you to explain the relation between Celeste and Matt.
    Show her Celeste's Photo. The lock breaks. Now talk to Andrews about why she
    framed Engarde.
    Andrews says that Corrida did not want to marry Inpax anymore, and that
    this was Engarde's fault. Inpax was Engarde's manager a long time ago, and
    together with him as well. She was just being used by Engarde. She then
    moves to some other studios, and got together with Corrida. They were
    going to get married, but then Corrida cancelled the whole thing, and
    Inpax killed herself. Now ask Andrews about 'Revenge'.
    It turns out that Engarde told Corrida that he had been together with his
    to- become-wife, so Corrida got mad about it and cancelled the wedding
    because of his pride. When he found Inpax's suicide note, he hid it. Even
    though it contained lots of information on Matt Engarde's bad actions. He
    hid it, so that he could use it as a powerful weapon later. Of course, he
    was going to use it during the press conference after the Grand Prix at
    the start of Episode 4. This is where you should save, and take a break
    before tomorrow's trial.
                                   Trial Part III                             [w20]
    You have a bad dream this night, the same one you had at the start of the game,
    after having been hit in the head by that cool guy named Richard Wellington.
    You think that you aren't worthy of being a lawyer anymore, and that the judge
    kills you with his hammer. Well, you dream it, that is. Well, here we go, as
    court is about to open its doors.
    Defendant: Matt Engarde
    Victim: Juan Corrida
    When: June 23, 9:43 AM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Engarde teases you, and says that Maya's life depends on you today. Mia also
    appears, and says that there still is hope left, even if it does not look like
    it. Your phone also rings, and Gumshoe is on the line. He says that he was let
    into the investigation team, and that he is trying to find De Killer. Mia says
    that Gumshoe and you have something very valuable; friendship. With that, court
    opens its doors.
    Prosecutor: Miles Edgeworth
    Defendant: Matt Engarde
    Victim: Juan Corrida
    When: June 23, 10:00 AM
    Where: District Court, Courtroom No. 3
    The judge picks up the thread from yesterday, and questions Andrews' role in
    the crime; is she connected to the crime at all? Edgeworth explains that
    Andrews did forge evidence and threw suspicion onto Matt Engarde, but has
    nothing to do with the murder on Juan Corrida itself - she is not the murderer
    at all. Edgeworth presents the De Killer card with a seashell on, and explains
    that De Killer is the one that killed Corrida - hired by Matt Engarde.
    Edgeworth now calls his first witness - Will Powers.
    Powers complains about his underpayment, and then says that he did in fact
    visit Matt's room the night Corrida was killed. Powers says that he did not
    really get to see Matt, but Edgeworth tells him to shut up, and testify
    Will Powers' Testimony: Visit to Matt's Room
     - After the award ceremony, I went by myself to Matt's room.
     - Matt was standing there in front of his room, still in his costume.
     - He was talking with someone. At first, I thought it was the bellboy.
     - I watched the two of them for a while, but then I gave up and went back.
     - I had guests with me that night, and could not make them wait for me.
    Edgeworth says that it does not sound like there's something weird with this
    testimony, but then mentions that it only looked like Matt was talking to the
    bellboy. Maybe the person he talked with was not the bellboy at all? Do I smell
    De Killer? Haha, I laughed - did you? Well, on to your cross-examination now?
    Cross-Examination: Visit to Matt's Room
    Allright, first, press Powers when he says that he watched Engarde for a while,
    but gave up and went back. Powers says that Engarde gave the bellboy a tip, and
    that there was something unusual with this. Then, press Powers on his previous
    statement about Engarde talking to what looked like a bellboy. Powers now adds
    to the testimony that Engarde gave the bellboy a tip. Press Powers when he
    talks about the tip to find out that Powers was surprised by both the tip
    itself, and when he saw the 'bellboy's' face.
    Ask Powers about Engarde's Tip, to find out that Engarde gave a lot of money to
    the bellboy. Edgeworth tells Powers to explain how much he is talking about
    here. It appears that the bellboy received a really fat roll of cash. The judge
    starts to look like he is a little suspicious of you, since you use a lot of
    time today. You should just raise an objection when this happens.
    Edgeworth says that the roll of cash that Powers mentioned was payment, and not
    a tip. Payment for the murder of Juan Corrida, that is. Edgeworth presents the
    card that De Killer left at the murder scene. He says that the person that
    Powers saw was not a bellboy, but Shelly De Killer.
    Powers remembers that he saw this so called bellboy later that night as well.
    Time for a new testimony.
    Will Powers' Testimony: The Second Time
     - This time, I was in that hallway because I had to go to the bathroom.
     - And that's when the bellboy I saw came out of the room!
     - Of course, when I say room, I mean Juan Corrida's room!
     - Now that I think about it, that bellboy did seem kinda out of place!
     - Yeah! So he had to be the assassin. I'm sure of it!
     - I mean...
    Cross-Examination: The Second Time
    Press Powers when he says that the bellboy did seem a little out of place.
    Powers says that the bellboy seemed a little weird because he did not carry
    anything in his hands. Try to pull a fast one on Powers, and Edgeworth will
    tell Powers to add more information to the testimony. Powers does this, of
    course. When Powers now says that he thought it was strange for a bellboy to
    come out of a room empty handed, press him.
    Powers now explains that when he saw the bellboy talk to Matt, there was a
    bottle of tomato juice and a wine glass on the plate the bellboy was carrying.
    Well, now you need to prove that it was not strange for the bellboy to be empty
    handed. So, when Powers once again says that it is weird for a bellboy to come
    out of a room empty handed, present the crime photo. This proves that the
    bellboy had just brought juice and a wine glass to Corrida's room. And thus, it
    would not be weird to go out of the room without carrying anything.
    After some chatting between the judge and Edgeworth, Powers mentions that the
    bellboy weared gloves made of leather. Black leather gloves - something that is
    not common for bellboys to wear. Powers has even more to say.
    Will Powers' Testimony: Their Second Meeting
     - After leaving Juan's room, the bellboy went and knocked on Matt's door.
     - He gave something to the person inside the room.
     - Then the old guy just left, without going into the room.
     - After that, I went to the bathroom and then back to my seat.
    The judge tells Powers that stuff like this should be told at once, and not
    left out until several minutes into trial. The judge also says that he can not
    consider this old bellboy to be completely normal after all. Time for your
    cross-examination, girlie.
    Cross-Examination: Their Second Meeting
    Press Powers on his second statement, about the bellboy giving something to the
    person inside Matt's room. You'll get three options to ask about now, so
    choose  'ask about the person inside' first. Powers says that he only saw the
    receiver's arm. Well then, go back and press Powers again. This time, ask about
    'this something'. Powers says that he does not remember what it was that the
    bellboy gave away, but that it was a small item.
    Edgeworth wants to summarize everything that has been said by Powers up until
    now. Edgeworth most likely does this to use lots of time, to give Gumshoe and
    his mates more time with the investigation and all. Powers now seems to
    remember a little about this item. He adds to the testimony that he believes
    the item was a small wooden statue. Press Powers when he talks about the wooden
    statue; unfortunately, Powers does not really remember a lot after all. Mia
    says that you have to take this further, and trust your instincts. Your
    instincts, dear reader, is me, and this walkthrough.
    Well, when Powers once again says that he thinks the small item was a wooden
    statue, present the figurine you found at Engarde Mansion earlier, when the
    police stormed the location together with Edgeworth. This figurine could have
    been mistaken for being a statue, don't you think? Powers now remembers. It was
    indeed this figurine that was handed over by the bellboy to the person inside
    Engarde's hotel room.
    Edgeworth now says that Matt Engarde is De Killer's client, because this
    figurine was found at Engarde's manor. The judge says that he sees no point in
    going on with this trial. Wow, that was fast. Well, you say that you need more
    time. Edgeworth asks you what you are trying to pull, and the judge has a
    question for you.
     Question: What questionable point would you like to explore further?
     Answer: The bear itself
    You tell the judge that this bear was found at Engarde's mansion. However,
    Engarde was arrested at the hotel the night of the murder, and has not been
    able to visit his mansion at all after the murder. How could the bear have
    gotten to his mansion, then? Edgeworth explains that the bear was brought to
    the mansion by De Killer, acting as Engarde's butler. Engarde most likely told
    De Killer to bring the bear back, as it would have looked bad if the police had
    found it in Corrida's room. New question, same topic.
     Question: What questionable point would you like to explore further?
     Answer: The Person Who Received The Bear
    You still haven't gotten to know who the person that received the bear was,
    because Powers did not get to see the face of this person. Powers now SCREAMS
    LIKE CRAZY, and says that he actually remembers who this person was after all.
    He says that the arm he saw, belonged to the Nickel Samurai. The judge once
    again wants to end this trial, but you should of course raise an objection to
    prevent this.
    You say that right now, there are two reasons to believe that Engarde is De
    Killer's client. Reason one: He accepted the bear figurine from De Killer,
    Reason Two: This figurine was found in Engarde's Mansion. But, it is in fact
    possible that all this is the work of a certain other person. It is possible
    that another person is De Killer's client (wow, this is getting dirty).
     Question: Who do you say is the real client of De Killer?
     Answer: Adrian Andrews' Profile
    This is of course just a lie, as you know that Andrews is not the killer. You
    do however have to drag out the time, so that Gumshoe and his mates can
    investigate some more in the meantime. Poor Adrian Andrews - she is suicidal
    after all, and you keep throwing shit on her. Man, that's not good!
    The Nickel Samurai's arm that Powers saw, could have been Andrews' arm, since
    she also had a costume that night. Edgeworth says that your logic contains lots
    of flaws, which is true. You are lying, after all.
    The crowd in the room starts whispering about that everyone can see that
    Engarde is the real culprit that cooperated with De Killer, but you absolutely
    have to fool around to buy Maya and Gumshoe some time. Edgeworth knows this,
    and says that he is willing to play along with this 'what if' game you are
    playing right now. Nice! Edgeworth wants to call a new witness: Adrian Andrews
    herself. He is of course allowed to do this, after a short break.
    Defendant: Matt Engarde
    Victim: Juan Corrida
    When: June 23, 11:54 AM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Engarde talks to you in the lobby, and says that he knew it was a good idea to
    get a hostage. I have to mention, that this man looks completely scary with his
    scar and his beer. Incredibly good work by the artist that did his sprite.
    Sorry, I will now continue helping you. Engarde is very surprised about the
    fact that you once again blamed Adrian Andrews. Pearl suddenly pops up, saying
    that a real strong power just called Mia. This has to be Maya. Gumshoe calls,
    but unfortunately he has not been able to find any leads. Not even one!
    Mia gets back into Pearl's body now. She says that she saw a huge tent when
    Maya channelled her. Maya is currently trapped in a small dusty room, and a
    circus tent is located about 300 feet away from that room. This means, that
    Maya is 300 feet close to Berry Big Circus, the only circus in town. Mia thinks
    that Maya is trapped on maybe the third floor in an old building. Well, court
    is about to start again.
    Prosecutor: Miles Edgeworth
    Defendant: Matt Engarde
    Victim: Juan Corrida
    When: June 23, 12:05 AM
    Where: District Court, Courtroom No. 3
    Adrian Andrews has entered court again, smart-looking as always. She has a lot
    to tell you about the bear figurine that was given from the bellboy and to the
    person in the Nickel Samurai costume.
    Adrian Andrews' Testimony: The Bear Figurine
     - Actually, this is an elaborate puzzle-
     - If you know the correct order, it can be taken apart one piece at a time.
     - At its center is a small cavity, with enough room to store a small item.
     - Because of its complexity, if you don't know the order, you can't open it.
     - You can't tell that it's a small 'jewelry box' by looking at it.
    So, the bear was really some kind of secret box used to store valuable items.
    You did not see that coming, so it was most likely a very smart thing to call
    Adrian Andrews to court again. Good one. Now, cross-examine.
    Cross-Examination: The Bear Figurine
    You should just press Andrews on all her statements, as there is no clear
    contradiction about what she has to say about the bear being a present from
    her to Juan, and that only the two of them knew how to open and lock it. Also,
    the bear would break if someone tried to open it the wrong way with force. Once
    broken, it can not be fixed again. Edgeworth now asks Andrews to open the bear
    to uncover what can be found inside.
    A note can be found inside. The suicide note, to be more specific about
    things. This note was hidden by Juan the night Celeste Inpax killed
    herself, and has been inside the bear since then. Juan did not burn it
    because he was planning to use the information on the note to damage
    Engarde's reputation later. Unfortunately for Juan, he was killed just
    before he got to do this. The judge now reads what is written on the
    suicide note loud and clearly: Inpax had written down how she had first
    been used by Matt Engarde, and then dropped by him. She then moved to a new
    studio, and got along with Corrida, who planned to marry her, only to
    cancel the wedding because of his pride.
    Celeste's Suicide Note is now added to the court record, and Matt's motive for
    killing Corrida gets even clearer; Because Corrida was going to reveal this
    note in public, Matt had to kill him to protect his own reputation and image.
    De Killer stole the note when he killed Corrida, and then brought it to Matt's
    Mansion so assure Matt that he would not have to worry about the note going
    public anymore. Still, you need to give Gumshoe more time..
    You'll now have to decide what evidence to pursue: the suicide note or the
    figurine. Choose to pursue 'Celeste's Suicide Note'. You can choose to pursue
    the figurine too, but doing that will only bring you back to the suicide note.
    You tell court that the handwriting on the note has yet to be analyzed, and
    that it has not been proved that this is the real suicide note. You suggest
    that Andrews might have made a fake note and put it inside the bear. The worst
    lie since Sony claimed that Playstation 2 would be able to run Toy Story-like
    graphics, that is! The crowd goes mad and shouts for Engarde to get a 'guilty'
    verdict. Then, just before everything goes all mad, the phone rings again.
    Gumshoe says that he found De Killer's hideout, but that Maya and De Killer had
    disappeared just before he got there. So much for that. The crowd shouts even
    more now: 'Guilty, Guilty, Guilty, Guilty, Guilty'. Gumshoe apologises and then
    wants to talk to Edgeworth. The judge wants to suspend trial for today, but
    Edgeworth raises an objection.
    He requests another 30 minutes to analyze the handwriting on the suicide note.
    The judge tells you to take a break again. Well, off we go to the lobby.
    Defendant: Matt Engarde
    Victim: Juan Corrida
    When: June 23, 2:04 PM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Edgeworth confronts you, and is not sure at all about what to do next. Before
    he gets to talk about analyzing the suicide note, Gumshoe calls again. He says
    that when De Killer rushed to escape his hideout, he left a few things behind.
    Gumshoe has stolen all of these items from the pro guys that usually examine
    eventual evidence, and is racing towards court just now. What a nice guy he is.
    He will be here in about 20 minutes - that's just before the thirty minutes
    that Edgeworth requested run out. Some weird sounds come from the phone, and it
    sounds like Gumshoe just had an accident. Nothing more to hear on that front.
    You now need to find out where Gumshoe is right now, so that you can recover
    these important items dropped by De Killer.
     Question: Is there a way to find out where Gumshoe is at this moment?
     Answer: There is a way
    Yeah, there is a way to find out where Gumshoe is right now. Remember Von
    Karma's tracking device? Well, present Von Karma's profile. Edgeworth now has
    to go to check out the suicide note analysis. You, should just worry about
    saving your game before the Nintendo DS's battery runs out. Like that would
    ever happen.
                                    Trial Part IV                             [w21]
    Prosecutor: Miles Edgeworth
    Defendant: Matt Engarde
    Victim: Juan Corrida
    When: June 23, 2:35 PM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Edgeworth seems kind of jump at first, but says that nothing special has
    happened. It turns out that the suicide note was a fake after all - and you
    thought you were only fooling around earlier! The writing on the note matches
    that of Juan Corrida, the victim. Edgeworth says that this does not matter, as
    Engarde did not know it that this note was fake.
    You think that Engarde did know, so present the spy camera that Engarde used to
    watch Corrida's room with. The judge says that if Engarde knew that the note
    was a fake, the situation has changed a lot in just a short matter of time.
    Engarde's motive for murder has just disappeared. This is crazy. Edgeworth says
    that he though it would cook down to this situation, once he heard the results
    of the suicide note analysis. Edgeworth says that he will have to call a
    witness to court - an unusual witness. Edgeworth has to be mad - he has in fact
    brought SHELLY DE KILLER to court!
    It turns out that De Killer himself has not come all the way to court after
    all. He is just on a radio link. The judge wants proof that this really is De
    Killer on the other side of the radio link. De Killer lets Maya make some
    sounds to assure everyone that this is the real deal. De Killer confirms that
    he was the one that killed Corrida.
    Shelly De Killer's Testimony: About My Client
     - There is something I must first state.
     - To an assassin, nothing is more important than the trust between a
       client and himself.
     - And that's the reason I am here today on this witness stand.
     - It is my wish that you grasp this concept before I give the name
       of my client.
    Cross-Examination: About My Client
    First, simply press De Killer about the trust between him and his client, and
    then when he says that 'this is the reason I am here today'. After this, go
    back and press him again when he talks about trust. De Killer feels that
    his client has broken this bond of trust, so he wants to reveal his name. De
    Killer now adds to his testimony that he is ready to reveal the name of his
    client. Press him when he says this. De Killer says that Adrian Andrews is his
    client!! Not Matt Engarde!!
    The judge now states his belief; that Engarde is innocent. De Killer now hangs
    up for a while. Andrews enters the witness stand again, and denies to have
    killed Corrida. She asks you to help her. Request the trial continue when
    asked. You continue in the hope of getting to see the items Gumshoe found at De
    Killer's place. De Killer is now back 'on-line'. He asks if the verdict has
    been handed out yet. It has not.
    Shelly De Killer's Testimony: About My Client Part 2
     - As I have stated quite a few times, Adrian Andrews is my client. However.
     - One thing I can not overlook is tampering with the scene of the crime.
     - My client did it to frame another for the crime.
     - While pretending to be the first one to discover the body and enter the
     - Andrews knew from the beginning that Juan Corrida was dead!!
     - But even more appalling is the creation and planting of the 'knife'
       and the 'button'.
     - The act is what I was referring to when I said my client had broken the
    Cross-Examination: About My Client Part 2
    Be sure to press De Killer on his first statement to get to see an absolutely
    hilarious scene with the judge thinking that you want him dead. Just do it.
    Now, press when De Killer says that Andrews knew Corrida was dead from the very
    beginning. Now, go back to the same statement (about Andrews knowing from the
    beginning that Corrida was a goner) and present the Wine Glass. The glass is
    proof that Andrews did not know Corrida was dead. At least, it indicates it.
    Shelly De Killer's Testimony: Request Taking
     - This request came to me... oh, about a week ago.
     - It was a request for my services at the night of the awards ceremony.
     - We met at a certain bar to discuss and finalize a few matters.
     - That is what occurred. I trust my memory, and I believe I have
       made no mistakes.
    Cross-Examination: Request Taking
    Press De Killer when he says he met Andrews at a bar. De Killer gets nervous,
    press further. The judge asks if this was important to ask about. Tell him that
    it was not after all. You ask him if he really did meet Andrews at a bar. The
    judge yet again asks if this was important to ask about. It was indeed. De
    Killer now adds more info to his testimony. De Killer now says 'From the moment
    I saw HIM........' - present Andrews' profile to that liar. Now! Andrews is a
    woman, not a man.
    The radio kind of goes 'kaboosh' and blow up. De Killer said that Andrews was a
    man, but she is not. This proves that the two have never seen each other for
    real. De Killer says he mistook Andrews for another client, and that he now
    remembers his meeting with Andrews for real.
    Shelly De Killer's Testimony: Request Taking Part 2
     - Yes, now I remember. I took that request by mail.
     - There have been times when I took a job without having met my client.
     - The request was for the murder of Juan Corrida, and 2 or 3 other things.
     - When I saw the name at the end of the letter, I thought my client was a man.
    Cross-Examination: Request Taking Part 2
    Press De Killer when he says that Adrian Andrews requested for him to kill Juan
    Corrida, as well as doing two or three other things. You won't want to let this
    slip, so press further as well. De Killer now wonders why you keep asking him
    about stuff that is only beneficial to Engarde. De Killer thinks you are about
    to backstab Engarde, and threatens you. Press further! De Killer now talks, and
    says that he was requested to find the bear figurine, so he did that, and gave
    the bear to his client afterwards. The judge tells De Killer to add this to his
    De Killer now says in his testimony that he was to deliver the figurine to
    Andrews. Press him when he says that. You find out that De Killer says he did
    give the figurine to Andrews, but, why did you find the figurine at Engarde
    Mansion later then? De Killer says he was waiting for Andrews there as a part
    of the plan. Now, tell the judge that there is a contradiction in the
    testimony. Mia says that you need to present strong evidence to prove this
    contradiction. When you get the choice, present evidence, and show the judge
    the figurine itself.
    You explain that if De Killer had really given the bear to Andrews, the suicide
    note would not be inside it right now, because Andrews said that she was going
    to burn that note the second she found it. De Killer now says that he
    absolutely hates traitors like you. Edgeworth says that the prosecution has no
    more questions, our of fear for De Killer to hurt Maya. If you let the trial
    end here, Engarde will be found innocent, and Andrews will be charged with
    murder. Can you live with that, Mister Naruhodo? Matt Engarde now enters the
    witness stand.
     Statement: My Client, Matt Engarde is... NOT GUILTY!
    Seriously, you can say whatever you want, guilty or not guilty. Because, Von
    Karma enters the room and stops you before you get to say anything. Von Karma
    found Gumshoe and brought him to a safe place. She also has the items that
    Gumshoe found. Well, she does at least have Gumshoe's filthy coat, and says
    that there's evidence inside it. There's three pieces of evidence, Von Karma
    says. The first one is a pistol.
     Question: Does De Killer's pistol have anything to do with the case?
     Answer: Question for more details.
    Von Karma says that she believes this is the pistol that she was shot with
    earlier. Remember, De Killer shot Von Karma in her arm. The pistol is now added
    to the record. The second piece of evidence is a video tape.
     Statement: Question for more details.
    You ask if the containment of tthistape have been checked by Von Karma.
    Unfortunately, Von Karma says that there was no time to do so, which means that
    only De Killer knows what is on the tape. De Killer did however try to get the
    tape back, and injured three officers. However, he was not able to get it back
    after all. Maybe this tape contains the moment of the murder? The tape is now
    added to the record.
    The last piece, is a bellboy's uniform. Question for more details this time as
    well. Von Karma believes De Killer had this on when he murdered Corrida, as
    there's even black gloves in the uniform's pocket. Leather gloves, of course.
    There is a button missing on the uniform, a very unique one. Von Karma says
    that if someone could recover the button it would provide a interesting clue.
    The uniform gets added to the court record.
    The judge is not happy though, as he says that these items provide no clue
    about who the client of De Killer really was. Mia says that there's two ways
    out of the situation you are currently in. The first is making Engarde wish
    from the bottom of his heart for a guilty verdict. If Engarde wishes to be
    found guilty, De Killer will of course let Maya go, as he values his client's
    wish very highly. The second way, is to force De Killer to end his contract
    with Engarde. Save your game now, by pressing START and using the quicksave
    function. This is the point just before the GOOD or the BAD endings. We will go
    for the good ending first. When you want to return to eventually have a look at
    the bad ending, just press CTRL + F and type [PointBeforeEnding]
                                      Good Ending                             [w22]
    The judge now gives you one single chance to turn the whole trial around, by
    showing some evidence to a certain person. The person you want to show your
    evidence to, is of course De Killer, so present his profile. When asked what
    kind of evidence you want to present, show the judge he video tape.
    De Killer says that his client was the one that told him to protect this video
    tape, but De Killer failed to do so. De Killer has not been told about the
    contents of this tape, however. The video does of course contain footage from
    when De Killer murdered Corrida. De Killer now asks why his client filmed him.
    Answer that his client wanted to blackmail him.
    De Killer now realizes that he has been fooled from the very beginning, and
    says that he hereby breaks his contract with his client, because he was fooled.
    He even says that he now wants to kill his client for tricking him. De Killer
    now releases Maya, as his contract has been broken. Engarde is now terrified,
    and asks for help. Well, you can help him by letting him go to jail so that he
    can't be killed by a certain killer. The Killer in fact. You know, De Killer.
    Plead GUILTY. Engarde rips apart his face - lots of blood!
    Adrian Andrews now forgives Edgeworth for being mean earlier, and says that she
    feels like she has been saved because of your, and Edgeworth's, good effort in
    court. Andrews actually smiles.
    When: March 23, 5:14 PM
    Where: District Court, Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Mia says that this is the first time you have not been able to get a 'not
    guilty' verdict, but that does not matter. Edgeworth comes, and says that Maya
    is safe and in police custody. Pearl starts to punch you and cry a lot. Von
    Karma asks how you can smile when your perfect record has broken. You think
    that she will never understand, but Edgeworth think that that is not true, as
    he was the same was as Von Karma just a year ago. He explains that loosing to
    you, and then getting saved by you, was too much, so he left the prosecutor's
    office. He explain that at that time, he realized something, and begun to
    trust you.
    The truth will always find a way to make itself know, Edgeworth says. We will
    always reach the truth, no matter what. You talk about how you once believed
    what Edgeworth said, and that when he left, you made up your mind and decided
    that the Miles Edgeworth you knew was now dead. Von Karma says that she is not
    worth being a Von Karma anymore, since she lost her perfect record. She throws
    an electromagnetic receiver on the floor, and her whip as well. This most
    likely means that Franziska Von Karma 'chooses death' like Edgeworth once did.
    Now, Maya appears. She is happy because you saved her and got Engarde
    convicted. Maya now wants to go and buy some food, and asks Edgeworth to come
    along with her, and of course, Pearl and you are going too.
    When: March 23, 7:38 PM
    Where: Gatewater Hotel, Hotel Lobby
    Gumshoe is here at the hotel, with some bandage on his head. It appears that
    the accident he had, was crashing into a telephone pole. Lotta is here as well,
    and so is everyone else. Well, not Von Karma and the judge. Edgeworth
    congratulates Gumshoe with finding the three evidence items. Gumshoe says that
    he found FOUR items, not three. Hmm.. Von Karma must have done something about
    the fourth item. Maya says that when she was trapped, she drew a drawing. She
    does not know where to find this now though.
    The receiver that Von Karma threw away starts picking up a signal. Edgeworth
    has to leave now, so give him something to express your gratefulness towards
    him. Give him Franziska Von Karma's whip! Now, things kind of grow up over the
    walls, so use your own voice to shout the word you love most: OBJECTION!!!!
    The credits will now roll! Make sure to watch to the very end to get to know
    about the FOURTH piece of EVIDENCE.
                         Nicely done, you have now completed
                              PHOENIX WRIGHT - ACE ATTORNEY: JUSTICE FOR ALL!
                                       Bad Ending                             [w23]
    Work your way up to the point as described at [PointBeforeEnding]
    (use CTRL + F). And then, when the judge asks you who you want to present your
    final evidence to, choose someone else than De Killer. No matter what you do
    after that, you will get the bad ending. In this ending, you run away from
    court, Adrian Andrews gets convicted, and Matt Engarde is set free.
    A harsh ending, but fun to watch.
                         Terribly done, you have not completed
                              PHOENIX WRIGHT - ACE ATTORNEY: JUSTICE FOR ALL!
    |                             Greeting and Thanks                       [x05] |
    Thanks to Capcom for remaking the Gyakuten Saiban 2 GBA release, and putting it
    out on the Nintendo DS. Thanks a lot for the English translation! I love you. I
    would also like to thank everyone I know - at least most of you. Finally, when
    talking about non-contributors, I would like to thank Telecom Animation for
    doing Muteki Kanban Musume, and of course Madhouse for finally animating Death
    Note. Thanks! Oh, and thanks to IGN for rewarding me with a Insider
    subscription. You're great, guys!
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     This version covers all of Episode 1, most of the main characters, as well as
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     about them.
     Version 0.15 - October 25, 2006
     Includes Episode 2, investigation part 1.
     Version 0.5 - November 01, 2006
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     Version 0.6 - November 05, 2006
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