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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Deathborn 668

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    ******* *   * ***** ***** *     * ***** *     *
    *     * *   * *   * *     **    *   *    *   *
    ******* *   * *   * *     * *   *   *     * *
    *       ***** *   * ***** *  *  *   *      *
    *       *   * *   * *     *   * *   *     * *
    *       *   * *   * *     *    **   *    *   *
    *       *   * ***** ***** *     * ***** *     *
    *    * *****   ***** ***** *   * *****     ***** ***** *****
    *    * *   *     *   *     *   *   *       *   * *     *
    *    * *****     *   *     *   *   *       *   * *     *
    *    * *   *     *   *  ** *****   *   --- ***** *     *****
    *    * *   *     *   *   * *   *   *       *   * *     *
    * ** * *    *    *   *   * *   *   *       *   * *     *
    **  ** *     * ***** ***** *   *   *       *   * ***** *****
    ***** ***** ***** ***** *****   *     * ***** *   *
    *   *   *     *   *   * *   *   **    * *      * *
    *   *   *     *   *   * *****   * *   * *       *
    *****   *     *   *   * *   *   *  *  * *****   *    ~JUSTICE FOR ALL~
    *   *   *     *   *   * *   *   *   * * *       *
    *   *   *     *   *   * *    *  *    ** *       *
    *   *   *     *   ***** *     * *     * *****   *
    I'd have Phoenix pointing his finger, but I ain't good at ASCII.
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    Welcome readers! I'm Deathborn 668 on the message boards and this is
    a walkthrough for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney; Justice For All for the 
    Nintendo DS. Despite being a little late to this game I'm still going to
    write a walkthrough for this fun game. Some Do's and Don'ts to keep in 
    -Use this walkthrough as a refrence tool
    -Tell people about it
    -Print it for personal use
    -Give to other people for no profit
    -Plagerize this walkthrough without any credit
    -Call this walkthrough "yours"
    -Sell this walkthrough for profit
    ONLY the following sites have permission to use this walkthrough without
    the need to contact me:
    Anybody else wishing to use this walkthrough will need to draw attention
    to me on the message boards. I do not want any e-mail. I'm sick of spam and
    people who can't read e-mailing me. 
    Thanks for your concern.
    |           ~Table of Contents~          |
    |1.The Gyakuten Saiben Series            |
    |2.Controls                              |
    |3.Events In and Out of Court            |
    |4.Characters                            |
    |5.Episode 1-The Lost Turnabout          |
    |6.Episode 2-Reunion, and Turnabout      |
    |7.Episode 3-Turnabout Big Top           |
    |8.Episode 4-Farewell, My Turnabout      |
    |9.The Good and Bad Endings              |
    |10.Frequently Asked Question            |
    |11.Credits                              |
    Just so you know, if you need to skip to a certain part of the walkthrough,
    just hit the Ctrl and F buttons at the same time and type in the name of
    the case you want to see. Stop bugging me that you can't find something
    in this walkthrough.
                        ~1.The Gyakuten Saiben Series~
    Phoenix Wright obviously didn't originate in America, nor did any other 
    video game you've probably played. In Japan, the Phoenix Wright series is
    known as Gyakuten Saiben. This roughly translates into "Turnabout Court".
    If you were curious why every case is named Turnabout ____ then that is 
    the answer.
    The GS series contains four games so far. The first three in the series 
    were actually GBA games, and the fourth one is for the DS. If you are 
    curious why there is little touch screen interaction it is because Capcom
    decided to put the GBA Gyakuten Saiben series on the DS in America. Not 
    that it's a bad thing. The title was also changed outside of Japan, from 
    "Turnabout Court" to "Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney; Justice For All". 
    Several minor things also changed during the translation from Japan to 
    States side. Gyakuten Saiben takes place in Tokyo while Phoenix Wright is
    speculated to take place in Los Angeles. Although it is not confirmed,
    several notions in the game make it apparent that Phoenix Wright takes 
    place in California. Also, some pictures within the game were switched from
    Japanese inscriptions into English. However, some Japanese writing can 
    still be found if you know where to look.
    Remember one last thing-Japanese law is different than America's law. Don't
    be confused under the "guilty until proven innocent" ordeal, it's not a big
    deal. Also, this game takes place in 2017. Hence the possibility of these
    laws actually being true. 
    As a side note, I STILL have no idea why the hell every picture is in black
    and white. I guess everyone's color blind in the future or something.
    The controls for Phoenix Wright are pretty simple. You'll get used to them
    A button-Scroll through text that characters are saying, confirm option,
    look at details of evidence and profiles
    B button-Back out of a selection, hold to skip through text quickly
    X button-Push this when highlighting evidence to present it
    Y button-Hold this and yell into the microphone when presenting evidence
    (more fun than just pressing the X button)
    Control Pad-Scroll through all selections
    L button-Press statement (only in the courtroom), pan screen left/right
    (only during Investigation when an area has more than one screen. To see
    it you must scroll to see the rest by pressing L)
    R button-Brings up the court record
    Start-Brings up the menu to save your game
    Note:Some of these controls are only availble inside court, and others only
    outside of it. Most of them coincide, however.
                        ~3.Events In and Out of Court~
    Phoenix will have to do many things inside and outside of the courtroom in
    order to prove his clients are innocent. Through these events he will 
    uncover the truth, pick out who really did the crime, gather evidence, and
    meet many unusual characters. 
    Outside of Court
    INVESTIGATION-This is what the entire process outside of court is. Phoenix
    will stroll around different key areas in the city in his investigation. 
    Once you have learned all the necessary information and have retrieved all
    the evidence possible, the investigation will end and court will begin
    (after the chance to save your progress). There are several different 
    things you will be able to do on your investigations.
    MOVE-Pretty self explainatory. Phoenix will have to go to many different 
    locations on his investigations. Select move to bring up a list of places
    you can visit. Note that many areas branch off into different areas. For
    example, pressing move will bring up Area A and Area B. However, you can
    only visit Area C by moving in Area B. Don't overlook that detail.
    TALK-In many areas there will be a person you are able to talk to. Once you
    select this option, several boxes will appear with topics you can talk to
    the person about. Once you talk to them about said topic it will have a 
    red checkmark appear next to it so you don't confuse yourself. Many people,
    especially key witnesses and even the real killer, won't have every topic
    possible to talk to them about listed right away. You will need to pry the
    options out of them by either talking to them about previous topics, or
    get some dirt from other people in the overworld.
    Sometimes when you try talking about a subject Psyche Locks will appear.
    The subject will then have a lock symbol next to it. If you want to hear
    the subject you must first use the Magatama to break the Psyche Locks.
    PRESENT-If you are infront of a person you can choose this to examine the
    evidence you have collected so far. From there you can choose an item to
    show the person you are talking to. If the person tells you something along
    the lines of "What is that?", "I have no business with that item" and so on
    then the item in question isn't going to get you anywhere with that person.
    Some items when presented will make the person confess to secrets they have
    been hiding. Other times they will hand you more evidence, or even allow 
    you to ask them about more topics. Don't freak out-there's no penalty for
    wasting someone's time. Present things often if you are stuck as it may
    unlock something new for you to continue.
    EXAMINE-In every area there is a scene. Obviously. Many of the areas you 
    visit will have something odd there. Sometimes its an item that just 
    doesn't fit in with the rest of the scenery, sometimes it isn't as obvious
    and you will need to look everything over. Once again, if you are ever out
    of options, return to areas you have visited and examine every detail you
    are capable of looking at. You may just find a vital piece of evidence or
    clue that can help you along your way.
    PSYCHE LOCKS-Partway through case 2 you will recieve the Magatama, a
    mystical item that will alert you when people are trying to hide secrets
    from you. You can easily tell this when you ask a witness about a subject,
    then the background grows black and a ton of chains and locks appear over
    the witness. This indicates a Psyche Lock sequence must take place before
    you learn anything else about the subject.
    To start the Magatama Secret sequence, present the Magatama when you see
    the person have Psyche Locks over them. The more Psyche Locks that appear
    on the subject, the harder it will be to make them reveal their secret.
    During the Magatama Secret sequence, the person will ask you questions
    such as "What connects me to this scene", "Who should you really be
    defending", like that. You'll need to present evidence to answer their
    questions. Do so correctly and you will move on to the next questions,
    possibly destroying one or more Psyche Locks along the way. When you've
    unlocked them all, half of your health bar will be restored and you can
    ask about the hidden secret topic now. Remember, if you present wrong
    evidence you will lose 1/10th of your health bar. Also, sometime you will
    need to collect more evidence before you can complete a Magatama sequence.
    Don't always think you MUST beat it on the first go, because rarely that
    is ever true.
    Inside of Court
    TESTIMONY-Whenever a witness is called to the stand by the prosecution, the
    witness will recount the events specific to the case in a testimony. Your
    objective is to find parts of the testimony that contradict evidence you 
    have or statements already mentioned in the past. You won't be able to 
    object here, so just pay attention until the testimony is finished.
    CROSS EXAMINATION-Phoenix, as a defense attorney, will need to cross 
    examine the witnesses on their testimonies after they finish saying them.
    Your main objective here is, of course, to find the one mistake that the
    witness places in their testimony and expose their lies. You can scroll
    through any line of text said in the testimony, forwards or backwards. 
    Once you find the spot where there is a clear contradiction you will need
    to present evidence supporting your theory. 
    However, if you present the wrong evidence or present it at the wrong 
    statement in the testimony, the Judge will become angered at your attempt 
    to frame the witness and penalize you. On the top right corner of the DS 
    screen you should notice that you have a health bar. More on that in a 
    lower paragraph.
    PRESSING-On the top-left side of the touch screen you will see a "Press"
    button. During a testimony you can press any and all statements that the
    witness says. After Phoenix yells "Hold it!" he will question the witness
    further on what they just said. Sometimes you will find contradictions 
    right away from pressing statements. This will cause the witness to revise
    that statement of the testimony. Occasionally you will have to make choices
    when pressing. The available options appear on the bottom screen. Usually
    it is "Press further" and "Back off". 
    Pressing further can cause the witness to reveal something that will 
    seriously benefit your case, or completely shatter your hopes and open 
    mind the Judge into coming closer to calling the defendent Guilty. 
    Pressing statements will never deal you penalties, however in a few rare 
    circumstances they actually will. In these cases you will be warned 
    beforehand that you will get penalized. Don't play with fire if you can't 
    afford to be burned.
    PRESENTING-The most important part of your cross examination is presenting
    the right evidence to expose the lies thrown in the witness' testimonies.
    Push R or tap the Court Record button to bring up the Court Record. Here is
    where all the evidence and important info for the case is kept. Push the
    Profiles button to see a bio on everybody currently involved in the case.
    When you select a piece of evidence you wish to present, highlight it and
    press the Present button of push the X button. Phoenix will yell his famous
    "OBJECTION!" line, or in some cases "TAKE THAT!". During testimonies, you
    will know you presented the right evidence if the music stops playing. If
    it continues, expect to be penalized.
    HEALTH BAR-New to Justice For All is the replacement of the simple five "!"
    marks with a regular health bar. The health bar is split into ten segments.
    If you lose all of your health, it's an instant game over when you are in
    court. You can lose health outside of court as well through Magatama
    sequences. If you lose all of your health outside of court, nothing major
    happens but you will be forced to repeat the Magatama sequence you failed.
    You can lose health a variety of ways in court. If you present wrong
    evidence, you lose 2/10ths health. 
    Whenever you are asked to backup a statement, presenting wrong evidence 
    will take off health as well, usually between 1-3 pieces of it. Worst of 
    all, you can't refill the bar normally. You will restore five segments 
    when you complete a Magatama sequence. Basically, don't screw yourself 
    in court. You're not getting health back at any time you are in court.
    Justice For All has a wide variety of wierd and wacky characters, along
    with a few (insane) killers. Several of these characters you should already
    know from playing the first Phoenix Wright, and the rest you will meet 
    along the way in your cases. Most of them have an important background
    that will usually get called to attention in court, to keep them in mind!
    Phoenix Wright-The main character and Ace Attorney himself, Phoenix has 
    earned his status by clearing his clients from seemingly impossible cases,
    and defeating Edgeworth in court, who was known to have a perfect win 
    streak up until he met Wright. Phoenix also brought down legendary 
    prosecutor Manfred von Karma, a complete perfectionist in every sense of
    the word. Phoenix has a decent amount of friends, most of whom refer to 
    him by "Nick". Phoenix generally believes in his client all the way through
    the trial and will go to the farthest reachs in order to prove his clients
    Maya Fey-Maya is Mia's little sister. She started to accompany Phoenix on
    his cases soon after Mia died in the first game. She continues to help out
    Phoenix as well in Justice for All, but for the most part she's unable to
    do so either because she's being put on trial herself or has been
    kidnapped. She's a really sweet girl, though, and attempts to put some
    humor into these cases. Maya is also a spirit medium, capable to channeling
    dead spirits into her body temporarily. She does this occasionally to have
    Mia converse with Phoenix.
    Mia Fey-Mia was Phoenix's mentor until she was brutally killed in the first
    game. Since then she has made appearences in Maya's body when the case is
    near impossible for Phoenix. She will appear again quite often in Justice
    For All to help you, but this time she's going to be more vague. Yeah, that
    helps a lot in court. At leats she's a nice woman for the most part.
    Detective Dick Gumshoe-Making a grand return from the first game, Detective
    Gumshoe is back again. His main purpose on the police first is, obviously,
    investigate the case. Gumshoe isn't the smartest brick on the block, 
    though, often making small errors in his work and leaving small details out
    of important descriptions. Despite this he's an awesome character, and 
    usually is the first one to speak in court, by giving the breif overview
    of the case. You'll grow to love Gumshoe if you haven't already played the
    first game.
    Maggey Byrde-Maggey is your client in the first case of the game. She has
    been known most of her life to have insanely bad luck, and he current
    situation adds to her reputation. This police officer was dating another
    police officer, Dustin Prince, for several months. When Dustin was 
    mysteriously killed, the blame for his death was pinned on Maggey. 
    Richard Wellington-Richard is the first witness in the first case, and he
    will testify on how he's positive that Maggey was the one who killed 
    Dustin Prince. Richard is the typical egoistic rich man if you couldn't
    tell by the way he dresses, and his blonde hair. He's also got a scarf
    which he chokes himself with when under pressure. He has a knack for 
    convienently leaving out really important details, making his testimonies
    slightly easier to break.
    Dustin Prince-Dustin was dating Maggey Byrde for several months before 
    being killed one mysterious night. Like Maggey, he was a police officer and
    was apparently a big baseball fanatic. His murderer was suspected to be
    Maggey herself. 
    Winston Payne-Payne is once again the opening case's prosecutor. He's an
    old man and easily isn't a good prosecutor. Just listen to his girly
    objection voice! Payne will always have little to add to any discussion,
    paving the way for an easy first case.
    The Judge-The Judge is still the head of the court, and ultimately decides
    if the defendant will be innocent or guilty. The Judge isn't too bright,
    much like Gumshoe, and his opinion is easily swayed by threatening people
    or woman who try flirting with him in court. Despite that, and usually
    being several steps behind the current reasoning and explainations in
    court, the Judge will just keep the trial flowing smoothly until the end.
    Doctor Grey-He is the owner of his own doctoring clinic. During one medical
    procedure, fourteen of his patients were killed during a slight error. Grey
    quickly blamed a nurse working with him to save his own name. Shortly after
    the incident, that nurse was killed in a car accident. Still trying to 
    repair his reputation, he wishes to channel the spirit of his nurse to 
    clear his name. However, Grey ends up getting killed while having Maya
    channel the spirit.
    Ini Miney-Ini is the sister of Mimi Miney, the nurse who was working with
    Doctor Grey on the day of the accident. She is totally spaced out 
    constantly, and if you do get her attention she will, like, totally, like,
    start like talking something like this. There's something odd about her
    personality though, and that's something you will have to figure out for
    yourself in the case.
    Mimi Miney-Mimi was the nurse working with Doctor Grey during the incident
    that killed fourteen people. All the blame was put on her and she escaped
    the clinic with her car, but soon was killed when she crashed. Her spirit
    was attempted to be channeled by Maya by request of Doctor Grey. Grey was
    killed during this channeling.
    Pearl Fey-Pearl is Maya's younger cousin. She's a real sweetheart, but is
    shy due to her mother preventing her from pretty much any contact with the
    outside world. When Maya is unable to aid Phoenix, Pearl will take her 
    place. Her spirit channeling powers aren't as strong as Maya's, but she
    will still be able to occasionally channel Mia from time to time. Pearl is
    still a sweet partner to have following you around.
    Morgan Fey-Morgan is Pearl's mother and Maya's aunt. She's an incredibly
    strict person, and hates how Maya is soon going to be the new leader of the
    Kurain Village. Morgan has no spiritual abilities at all, though, but she
    does know as much about spirit channeling as Maya does. 
    Franziska von Karma-Phoenix battled Manfred von Karma in case 4 in the 
    first game, and smoked him into the ground. Now his daughter Franziska is
    out for revenge. She has been a prosecutor since the young age of 13 and
    has been living in Germany most of her life. Like her father, she is also
    a total perfectionist and has a perfect win record in court, at least until
    she faces off against Phoenix.
    Russell Berry-Russell is the ringmaster of the Berry Big Circus. He has a 
    young daughter, Regina, who has lived in the circus her entire life. 
    Russell also took in Acro and Bat when they were young, abondoned by their
    parents. His goal was to make the circus seem like a big family. After a 
    conversation with Max Galactica, Russel was killed and his body was stuffed
    awkwardly into a box. Max was the alleged killer.
    Max Galactica-Max is a famous magician in the Berry Big Circus. He is
    totally into his persona, constantly showing off his magic tricks to 
    everyone in the circus. He's actually a really emotional guy. He also won
    an award at the Magician's Grand Prix. He's been a magician for several 
    years. After a conversation with Russel Berry one night, Russel was killed.
    His murder was pinned on Max. Max's real name, Billy Bob Johns, refers to 
    his origin in the countryside. He is also crazy in love with Regina.
    Regina Berry-This 16 year old is the lion tamer in the Berry Big Circus,
    and is the daughter of Russel Berry. Because of her age, several men are
    in love with her. Due to a bet she made with Bat, her lion Leon 
    accidentally chomped on Bat, sending him into a coma. Regina, who has been
    raised with the circus her entire life, doesn't really understand why he
    won't wake up. She has a similar cluelessness to most things outside of
    the circus just like Pearl. Although most people like and respect her, Acro
    has a serious hatred for Regina.
    Moe the Clown-Moe is the clown for the Berry Big Circus. He fitfully laughs
    at his own jokes (something NO comedian should ever do, little protip 
    there), and tries packing humor into almost every other statement he makes.
    His full name is Moe Lawrence Curls, a blatant refrence to the three
    stooges. Moe has lived with the circus for most of his life, and was also
    a witness to the incident that put Bat into a coma several months ago.
    Ben and Trilo-Ben is a ventriloquist, and Trilo is his puppet. An odd
    character, Ben does very little talking, letting all of his words come out
    of Trilo's mouth. Trilo is mean to most people in the circus with the
    exception of Regina who he's in love with (or is it Ben that's in love with
    her...?). Either way, you rarely see Ben without Trilo, and Ben rarely
    speaks his own mind.
    Acro-Acro is a former acrobat at the Berry Big Circus. At the time you meet
    him he will be in a wheelchair, paralyzed for the most part. He has a deep
    hatred of Regina, due to the bet she made with Bat a while back. Acro 
    didn't know Regina thought it was nothing serious, so when he saw her 
    shove off the fact his brother was in a coma, Acro grew to hate Regina. 
    This soon led to the events of the third case. Acro was taken in by Russel
    Berry when he was a kid, and looks to him as a father. 
    Bat-Bat is Acro's younger brother. He used to be part of the acrobat act
    in the Berry Big Circus, but has been in a coma for several months due to
    an accident with Regina's lion. He becomes a critical character within the
    third case, despite being hospitalized.
    Matt Engarde-Your client in the final case. He's charged with murdering
    Juan Corrida. Matt is a mostly independant guy, contacting his managers
    constantly for answers to pretty much anything. He doesn't really care
    what happens to himself. However, the real Matt Engarde is a cunning
    tactician that places his faith in no one. You'll understand his dual
    personality as you play the case. Matt plays the Nickel Samurai, which was
    made soon after the Steel Samurai was cancelled. 
    Juan Corrida-Juan plays as the Jammin' Ninja, a show aimed for kids much
    like the Nickel Samurai. Apparently, Juan and Matt were rivals at almost
    everything they did involving each other. They did their best to outdo the
    other. Juan was supposedly killed by Matt Engarde, perhaps out of jelousy.
    Will Powers-Will played as the former Steel Samurai, but is still an actor
    at heart. He helps Phoenix with general information through the fourth case
    and testifies against Matt Engarde, backing up the claim he killed Juan
    Adrian Andrews-Adrian is Matt Engarde's manager. She entered the 
    entertainment business at a similar time Celeste Inpax did, and she soon 
    became Adrain's mentor. Celeste was dumped by Juan Corrida, and unable to
    ease herself she committed suicide. Adrain was so distraught at her mentor
    killing herself that she almost committed suicide as well. She isn't big
    with idle talk, only speaking important things and commenting on critical
    Shelly de Killer-Shelly is a professional assassin. There isn't much known
    about this man because his face is rarely seen. His primary mode of
    communication is relying on a radio transciever. He also leaves cards with
    a seashell on it near his victims.
    Miles Edgeworth-After a yearlong hiatus from being a prosecutor, Miles
    Edgeworth makes a well welcomed return (for the fans at least) in the final
    case. He isn't as ruthless as he was before, and actually helps out Phoenix
    during the investigation scenes. He's still formidable in court, so watch
    out for him there.
                       ~5.Episode One-The Lost Turnabout~
    Trial-Part 1-1
    The introduction to this case start with Phoenix seemingly running from
    something, and his adversary yelling that he can't escape. Phoenix appears
    on a cliff, with a huge shadow of the Judge coming closer and closer. The
    Judge lifts his gavel and slams it on Phoenix...
    Date-September 8, 9:08 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
    The same eerie organ music that was playing during Phoenix's dream is 
    playing again-this time on Phoenix's phone. He thinks his phone caused his
    nightmare. He answers the phone, but the other person already hung up. Then
    some crazy guy around the corner mutters that he "found it", then whacks
    Phoenix on the head with a fire extinguisher. That's one creepy guy. And a
    stupid looking one.
    Several minutes later, Phoenix recovers (and those guards three feet away
    saw nothing?) and is staring at a young girl. Phoenix is clueless who this
    girl is, and why she is so cheerful. You'll find out her name is Maggey
    Byrde from the Court Record. She retells her story on how you decided to
    take on her case not long ago. Phoenix then tries to remember who he is and
    fails. Horribly. He then concludes he has amnesia (no...really?), he must
    be a defense attorney, and that he has to prove whoever that girl was not
    Date-September 8, 10:00 AM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 2
    Now court is in session for the trial of Maggey Byrde. Prosecutor Payne is
    back in action for the first case. Not that it matters since he isn't a
    very interesting prosecutor. From here on I will put the answers you should
    respond the questions in quotations, making them easier to see. The Judge 
    will ask if you are ready. Answer "Yes" since you should be. The Judge will
    retell that the defendant is a member of the police force, so this trial
    will be quick and swift. 
    Payne will begin now begin by saying that the defendant is accused of 
    killing her lover. To make matters worse, he was also a police officer. 
    Maggey is irritated she's being called a killer even though she says she 
    didn't kill her lover, Dustin. Payne will call Detective Dick Gumshoe to
    the stand now. 
    Gumshoe is the detective in charge of homicides and other various crimes.
    He isn't feeling so well since Maggey looked up to him as a trainee, so
    Gumshoe just feels awkward to be trying to prove someone so loyal guilty
    of murder. Payne will ask Gumshoe to describe the details of the murder.
    The murder happened near the police headquarters in Expose Park. The victim
    was one of the police officers, Dustin Prince. Dustin was shoved off a 
    ledge on the top of a balcony. Despite being a short fall, the landing 
    snapped his neck and injured most of his body. The injury was so severe 
    that he died soon after. Phoenix mutters he didn't get a copy of the 
    autopsy report. Actually, you have one. It's in the Court Record. Dustin
    died a 6:28 PM from his broken neck. Gumshoe comments that when Dustin hit
    the ground the impact destroyed his watch, stopping it. The time or death
    was easy to document from this. The autopsy results also backed up the
    Payne also submits the picture where Dustin is lying on the ground dead.
    CRIME PHOTO 1 will be added to the Court Record. In the Court Record you 
    can look at this picture again at any time, so feel free to do so if you
    need to. The Judge also mentions that a critical piece of evidence was
    found under the victim's body. Of course, he doesn't remember what it was.
    Maggey will help you through this if you haven't played the original 
    Phoenix Wright. To open up the Court Record either press the R button of
    tap the Court Record button on the top-right corner of the touch screen.
    The Judge wants to make sure you know what item you have in the Court
    Record that was recieved earlier today. Choose "Glasses", the only other
    critical item in the Court Record at the moment.
    Gumshoe explains that the victim grabbed the criminal's glasses as he was
    being shoved off of the balcony. He held onto them as he fell onto the
    ground, where they promptly shattered. Maggey explains to Phoenix that the
    glasses found at the crime scene weren't her's. If you look at the glasses
    Maggey is wearing right now, despite it being a spare pair, they look 
    totally different. Payne continues to say that he has decisive evidence. 
    The Judge orders Gumshoe to testify on the evidence.
    ~Gumshoe's Testimony-Decisive Evidence~
    -There's something even more incriminating than the glasses under the
    victim's body, sir.
    -During his date, the victim was pushed from the bench area.
    -But he managed to write the culprit's name on the ground where he landed.
    -I don't like saying it, but it was clearly the defendant's name "Maggie",
    -With this piece of evidence and the glasses, it's hard to say she's not
    the culprit.
    Well, this looks troubling. Before you can cross examine, Payne submits
    the picture where Dustin is writing Maggey's name into the sand. CRIME
    PHOTO 2 will be added to the Court Record. Maggey quickly explains how you
    are supposed to cross examine witness's. You need to press the statements
    of the witness testifying for more clues on their testimony. Eventually
    you will hit a contradiction, where a piece of evidence or another 
    statement in the testimony disagrees with the statement you are looking at.
    At such a time you want to present evidence proving the contradiction. You
    must expose their lies for all their worth!
    If you reach the end of the testimony, Maggey will ask you if you're going
    to pull off that special move. Choose "Enlighten me" to learn more. There's
    a new addition to contradicting in Justice For All. You can now present
    profiles if needed. Now, when cross examining you can choose to press a
    statement to get the witness to reveal more details about it. This may lead
    to them revealing a severe contradiction, changing or adding a line of
    testimony too. This time around the contradiction is right in the open.
    At Gumshoe's fourth statement he talks about how the defendant's name 
    "Maggie" was written into the sand. Yeah, if you've been paying any
    attention you should know that her name is spelled "Maggey", not "Maggie".
    This actually catches so many people off since not many realise you can
    present profiles. Present Maggey Byrde's profile here.
    Phoenix explains that the name in the sand isn't the same name as the
    defendant due to a spelling error. Ohhh, blatant contradiction. The Judge
    will ask Gumshoe to revise his testimony in light of this error. 
    ~Gumshoe's Testimony-Dustin and Maggey~
    -Officer Prince and Officer Byrde had been going out for about half a year.
    -It sounded like they were even talking about marriage.
    -The day of the incident just happened to be the victim's birthday, sir.
    -Maggey...I mean, Officer Byrde, had gotten Officer Prince a present.
    -It was something she had gotten over 2 months ago.
    -I should know, 'cause she came to me to ask what she should get for him.
    There's no flat out contradiction right now, so you must start pressing
    statement. Press by hitting the "press" button or tapping L. Start by
    pressing the fifth statement, about how Gumshoe knows she got something
    for Prince two months ago. Gumshoe will reveal that Maggey got him a 
    baseball glove. Officer Prince was a huge baseball fan. Choose to "Press
    further" when asked. It turns out this glove was custom made. Maggey
    ordered the glove over two months ago. The Judge will agree with Payne 
    that this line of questioning seems rather pointless. 
    Choose "Of course it's relevant". Phoenix thinks that glove is the key to
    the whole case. Gumshoe states that he happens to have the glove with him
    right here, right now. The BASEBALL GLOVE will be added to the Court
    Record. The glove is yellow since Dustin loved that color. Maggey also says
    there was another reason she had to custom order the glove. The Judge now
    questions if the victim really wrote the name into the sand or not. Gumshoe
    will be asked to testify more into this matter.
    ~Gumshoe's Testimony-Writing on the Ground~
    -We first looked into the handwriting.
    -Unfortunately, we couldn't confirm that it was the victim's handwriting.
    -Next, we checked the victim's pointer finger.
    -We found that there was sand trapped under the victim's fingernail.
    -There were also scratches on the skin that were caused by him writing on
    the ground.
    -From this, we could confirm that the victim wrote this name with his
    right hand.
    You won't get much information from pressing. If you press the sixth and
    final statement, Phoenix thinks some evidence can contradict that 
    statement. Maggey then says that something about the present might help.
    That's all the help you need, since the two go together well. Present the
    Baseball Glove at the last statement. There's two things special about the
    glove. Firstly, it's real yellow. Yeah. Second, the glove was made for a 
    left-handed person. 
    Phoenix will ask again which hand the victim used to write Maggey's name
    into the sand. The right hand. But there's a problem there. Dustin was
    left handed. Phoenix claims that the victim would not have been able to
    write that neatly with his right hand, especially since it's not his
    dominant hand and he was so close to death. Thusly, someone else must have
    written the name. 
    The Judge also agrees with your reasoning. It seems Maggey is off the hook,
    but Payne objects before the decision is made. It turns out the prosecution
    has another witness. Payne states that the witness saw the moment the 
    victim was pushed to his death, and caught the face of the culprit. The
    Judge will call a recess in spite of recent events. Save the game when
    Trial-Part 1-2
    Date-September 8, 11:43 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
    Phoenix explains to Maggey that he apparently has amnesia. She suggests
    having her kick Phoenix in the head to boost his memory, but that seems
    a little too violent. She also explains she tries to stick her business 
    into everyone else's problems. Anyways, Phoenix asks Maggey to explain
    several details to him. First, Phoenix confirms his name. Heh. Maggey will
    gladly give back Phoenix's business card. The number on the back is 
    Phoenix's cell phone number. PHOENIX'S BUSINESS CARD will be added to the
    Court Record. 
    Phoenix then asks for any other important information. She mentions an
    incident with a cell phone. She goes back over the details. On the day of
    the crime, just before 6 PM, she picked up a lost cell phone whilst on a
    walk with Dustin. You will here the cell phone. Sounds a bit familar,
    doesn't it? Like, say, Phoenix's cell phone? The phone rang and Maggey
    answered it. The person on the other end lost the phone. Maggey says that
    they should meet up. She gives her name over the phone. 
    They agreed to meet at 6 PM, but the mysterious person never showed up. 
    The phone was given to you yesterday. Phoenix isn't sure if this is 
    important or not to the case. Just then, someone bursts into the lobby 
    screaming at the top of their lungs. Haha, it's just Maya, your trusty
    companion from the previous game. She's the sister of Mia Fey, your old
    mentor in case you forgot. Phoenix doesn't reconize her, but luckily 
    Maggey greets her by her name for you. Maya says that she has ultra-super
    important evidence. Phoenix wanted her to bring a list of people. There's
    about 20 names on the list with their phone numbers written down. She
    goes on to say that a there is a group of con artists that the police are
    currently investigating. She thinks these people are members of that
    group. NAMES LIST will be added to the Court Record. 
    These numbers were found in the phone that Maggey found. Before much else
    can occur, court is back in session.
    Date-September 8, 11:54 AM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 2
    Before Payne brings in the next witness, he warns the Judge that he has an
    egoistic nature that may rub off onto people the wrong way. He says the
    witness was just a random passerby in the park on the day of the murder.
    Hmm. This guy looks just like the wierd guy shown in the opening cutscene.
    Maybe, maybe not. This guy then starts ranting about how many universities
    he's attended and how Payne's offending him by not bringing the court's
    attention to him properly. He says he is Richard Wellington, just a
    "drifter", insulting Payne clearly. He orders Wellington to testify what he
    was doing in the park on the day of the murder. 
    ~Wellington's Testimony-What I Saw That Day~
    -I was at the park all afternoon, deep in thought about my life situation.
    -I don't remember the time all that well, but I do believe it was past 6 
    -All of a sudden, a police officer falls from above, right infront of my
    -Without a thought, I looked up, and there I met the eyes of a charming,
    young lady.
    -Of course I remember her sweet face. It was that of the pretty defendant
    -The only thing I saw was the banana that fell with the police officer.
    Hmm. The only statement that seems odd would be the last one, about the
    falling banana. It could be the baseball glove we recieved earlier, since
    it DOES resemble a group of bananas. Press him at this statement. He is
    certain he saw something resemble bananas fall down the balcony. Now it
    should be obvious to present the Baseball Glove at this statement. 
    Wellington will confirm that those are the bananas, but Phoenix will put 
    out that it was a baseball glove, not bananas.
    Wellington freaks out for a moment, then Phoenix will need to state
    something. Choose "has bad eyesight". Wellington states that his eyesight
    isn't completely perfect, and that he isn't wearing any glasses today. He
    says the he lost his glasses recently. He was planning on getting new ones
    soon, though. Phoenix pokes Wellington even more and clearly shows that the
    witness wasn't wearing any glasses when he saw the murder. Thusly, the
    woman he saw at the crime scene easily may not have been the defendant.
    The Judge will ask for a new testimony to describe what happened soon after
    the incident.
    ~Wellington's Testimony-What Happened Next~
    -The girl on the upper path ran away as soon as she realized I was there.
    -After that, I immediately called the police station to report the crime.
    -It must have been 6:45 PM when I made the call.
    -They must have a lot of free time on their hands since they showed up
    within 10 minutes.
    Well, the only way to get any contradictory information from this is to
    start pressing. Press his second statement about how he called the police
    after seeing the incident. He says that there may have been about a minute
    between when he saw the incident and called the police, but that's it. Now
    press the third statement. He says he knows the time because Gumshoe told
    him. Hmm. Something just isn't right. The autopsy report says Dustin was
    killed at 6:28 PM, and Wellington didn't call for a full 17 minutes. That
    isn't "immediately" by any standards. Present Dustin's Autopsy Report at
    the second statement.
    The questioning of this gap makes Wellington panic. Payne tries interfering
    but to no avail. Something is really wrong with the 17 minute gap. He says
    that he was searching for a telephone booth during the 17 minute gap. He
    then goes on to say that he lost his cell phone. Phoenix gets an idea, and
    Maya agrees that perhaps the phone Maggey found belongs to Wellington. 
    Choose to "Question further".
    When asked, Wellington will whip out his phone, claiming he has found it.
    The Judge will then ask if you have any other questions. Choose "There is
    something..." since there must be more to this explaination. He says that
    there would be no reason at all to search for a phone booth. Payne will
    demand proof that there was no need to search for a phone booth. Present
    Crime Photo 1. If you inspect it, there was a phone booth just severeal
    feet from Dustin's body! 
    It's true. All Wellington needed to do was take a few steps and he would
    have been in a phone booth. Not exactly 17 minutes worth of searching to
    me. Since the 17 minute gap is still in play, there's enough reason to
    claim this testimony fraudulous. Maya thinks that the phone you have really
    is his. But did he kill Dustin just to get his phone back? If Wellington
    wasn't looking for his cell phone during the time gap, what was he looking
    for? Choose "Yes, I have an idea" when asked if you can explain this time
    gap. So, what piece of evidence shows that the witness didn't call the
    police right away?
    It doesn't seem very obvious, and you'd probably figure it out eventually
    with a little guessing (and a lot of lost health), but present the Glasses.
    Phoenix demands to know if those were Wellington's glasses or not. He
    spills it, stammering where you found them. These glasses are in fact his.
    They were found crushed under the victim's body. So, how did they get to
    be there, exactly? As Dustin fell, he grabbed onto Wellington's glasses.
    He knew that Wellington would have to search for them, and what he didn't
    realize was that they were under Dustin's body the entire time. That's why
    it took so long for him to make the phone call.
    The Judge will ask if you are implying that Wellington is the real
    murderer. Um, duh? Who else could it be at this point? Turns out the cell
    phone was the key to this case the whole time. Payne still thinks your
    accusations are wild. Wellington will get a chance to explain why he can't
    be the murderer. He will ask about the name written, the one spelled out
    "Maggie". All Wellington does is imply that the real murderer personally
    wrote out the victim's name. Then, wouldn't the real criminal have to know
    the defendant? Could there be a way he knew her name before the trial?
    Answer "There was a way". You will need to present evidence showing 
    Wellington knew Maggey's name before the trial. Present the Cell Phone.
    Phoenix will restate that Wellington lost his phone. In order to find it,
    Phoenix guesses he called the cell phone to find out who had it. He breaks
    down, wondering how you knew this. There must be a connection between the
    lost cell phone and this murder. The cell phone conversation will replay,
    showing that whoever called asked for Maggey's name, and she gave it away.
    Through this phone conversation Wellington must have heard Maggey's name.
    The big mistake he made was that it was spelled Maggey, not Maggie. This
    error could only be made if the name was heard! 
    However, we still don't know what Wellington's motive is. He wouldn't kill
    someone without a motive. To prove he had a motive, present the Names List
    of the people in the con artist's group. This list of numbers was stored in
    the cell phone's memory. The very phone Maggey picked up. Why were these
    numbers on Wellington's phone? Now you will be asked why he has the numbers
    of all these con artists on his phone. Answer that he is "a member of that
    group." All of his friends are stored on his phone. That's why he had to
    kill, to hide these numbers. Payne will come in and ask why, if all 
    Wellington had to do was meet Maggey and pick up the phone, did he need to
    kill Dustin? Something must not have agreed with him. You'll be asked to
    present what didn't agree with him.
    Present Dustin Prince's profile. Around the time of the murder, Dustin and
    Maggey were walking through the park on their date. With no time to change,
    Dustin was still in uniform. Wellington didn't know they were going out so
    he paniced. Wellington then spazes out of control with laughter. Whose to
    say the cell phone was really his to begin with? He states again that he
    found his phone, so why would the one you hold be his? Perhaps there's 
    something you overlooked. Choose "Fingerprints on the phone?" Maya will
    remind you that you wiped the prints off when you got the phone from 
    Wellington regains composure thinking he may be off the hook. He then says
    the numbers on his phone somehow disappeared. Sure they did. Phoenix 
    demands to know where he found the cell phone. He then completely remembers
    everything before the trial. You'll see the opening cutscene again breifly,
    and Phoenix will remember who hit him with the fire extinguisher. Unless
    you can prove who the phone belongs to, and fast, then it's all over. You
    better "Raise an objection". Phoenix is confident that he will be able to
    prove everything. Your health bar will take a big hit if you get this wrong
    so don't screw up! Present the Wellington killer-Phoenix's Business Card.
    You will trade cards with the Judge for whatever reason. JUDGE'S BUSINESS
    CARD will be added to the Court Record. There is something odd about your
    card. State "the back of the card." Phoenix will ask Maya to call the 
    number on the back of Phoenix's business card. Maya makes the call and...
    the Steel Samurai theme plays. In Wellington's pocket. How did Wellington
    end up with Phoenix's phone, then? As it turns out, when Wellington went
    to retrieve his phone from an unconcious Phoenix, he took the wrong one.
    Wellington chokes himself unconcious on the spot. Good job on the Not
    Guilty verdict!
    Date-September 8, 2:16 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
    Looks like Maggey is happy that you proved her innocent. Maggey can't help
    but feel Dustin's death was her fault. She says that she's been shunned 
    with a torrent of bad luck her entire life, and now look at what's happened
    here. She also thinks that he bad luck latched onto anyone around her. She
    says she's gonna quit being a police officer to start a new life somewhere.
    She's sure she will have better luck the next time you see her. After a
    heartfelt reunion with Maya, the case comes to a close. Save the game and
    Episode 2 will be unlocked.
                     ~6.Episode Two-Reunion, and Turnabout~
    The intro cutscene shows a car speeding on the highway, and someone talking
    about being drugged by someone they hate. Soon the car veers off the road
    and crashes, erupting into flames. The woman says she is out for revenge.
    The scene now cuts to Phoenix and Maya talking, one behind a wall. It 
    appears to be the detention center. How the hell did Maya end up there
    again? Maya is saying that she killed someone, and Phoenix is trying to get
    her to relax. 
    Investigation-Part 2-1
    Date-June 16, 3:34 PM
    Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Now we cut back into the Law Offices. A man is there waiting for you, 
    fumbling around with his glasses. He talks about how the rain is depresing.
    He introduces himself as Dr. Turner Grey, a surgeon. He talks about an
    incident recently where fourteen people at the Grey Clinic were killed in
    a malpractice.
    Grey doesn't want to take responsibility, so he blames the nurse in charge
    right away. He says it was her that screwed up the medications, which is
    what killed all of the people. What's worse, the nurse was killed before 
    she had the chance to admit to her wrongdoing. She died in a car accident,
    the same one form the intro. This crash occured about a year ago. Rumors
    have been put out stating that Grey was the cause of the crash, perhaps to
    his the real person responsible for the malpractice. 
    Grey comes back and asks why he'd want to kill the nurse. What's odd is 
    that this case is a year old, so why bring it up now? Grey says that his
    clinic isn't seeing as many patients nowadays due to this incident, so he
    wants to clear his name. He wants you to prove him innocent. He brings up
    Maya and knows that she is a spirit medium. Grey has already set up an
    appointment with Maya to channel the spirit of the dead nurse. Also of note
    is that this will be Maya's first real channeling, and the only condition
    she has to do this is that Phoenix is there with her. Phoenix heads with
    Grey to Maya's hometown.
    Date-June 19, 1:25 PM
    Location-Kurain Village
    Hmm. Seems like an old fashioned kind of place, nice and peaceful. A young
    girl spots you as you enter, then runs off. Maya then tries chasing after
    her but ends up running into Phoenix. Maya's training has been going well
    recently, and now you are able to talk with her. 
    Talk to Maya about "Today's channeling" first. Maya confirms that she knows
    all of the details behind this case right now. She's pretty sure that Grey
    is innocent, but we'll have to find out. Talk about "Kurain Village" now.
    Maya asays most of the people who work here are spirit mediums, as well as
    most of her ancestors. Only the woman here are mediums. The men work in
    another place outside of the village. Now ask about "The girl earlier". 
    Maya says she is Pearl Fey, her cousin. Like Maya, Pearl is also a spirit
    medium. She ran away since her mother (Maya's aunt) drilled into her head
    to run away from suspicious people. Pearl isn't allowed to leave town, so
    she doesn't know much outside of the village. Maya will state that the
    channeling will start soon, so you better hurry. Move to the Meditation 
    Date-June 19 
    Location-Fey Manor; Meditation Room
    You will meet up with Dr. Grey right away. He's still ranting on about the
    weather when you first talk to him. He was given a map to this place, and
    passes a copy to you. GUIDEMAP (FEY MANOR) will be added to the Court
    Record. You can talk to Grey now. Ask him about "Today's channeling". 
    Phoenix will ask what he's going to do when the spirit has been called. He
    intends on having her sign a confession that the car incident and the 
    malpractice were all her fault. Yeah, last time a spirit medium was called
    to answer a case bad things happened. 
    Also ask about "Maya". He heard about her from a girl studying in college.
    That girl showed him the village. Maya is also a daughter of the master of
    the village. Maya's aunt is just behind the door, so we should go meet her.
    Move to the Channeling Chamber.
    Date-June 19 
    Location-Fey Manor; Channeling Chamber
    Fancy room. A crazy old woman with a huge afro will demand to know who you
    are. She's heard a lot about Phoenix from "Mystic" Maya. She introduces 
    herself as her aunt, Morgan Fey. She thinks that you ask to much of her in
    your duties as a lawyer. She seems to disapprove of it. Talk about "Maya"
    now. She's earned the Mystic title because she is the only one with the
    blood of the master running through her. She's the last of the rightful
    heirs to the Kurain Channeling. Morgan is merely a member of the branch
    family. Members there can't become the master. She hints at the fact she
    has no spiritual ability.
    Now ask about "Today's channeling". She thinks the death of someone in a
    car accident will be easier to channel. The channeling will occur right 
    here in this room. Talk about the "Channeling Chamber" next. She won't 
    allow you to observe the channeling, as that's only allowed for the medium
    and the client. She also mentions that the door is securely locked to 
    prevent anything from going wrong. She also brings up the subject of Pearl.
    She requests that you don't speak to her at all. There's nothing left here.
    Head to the Meditation Room, then move to the Winding Way.
    Date-June 19 
    Location-Fey Manor; Winding Way
    There's nothing much in this room for now. There's a nice garden, an
    incinerator, and a glass urn containing something. You'll figure out why
    most of these are important later. Move to the Side Room now.
    Date-June 19 
    Location-Fey Manor; Side Room
    Someone is sleeping in one of the beds on the ground. There's nothing you
    can do here, so again head back to the Winding Way.
    Date-June 19 
    Location-Fey Manor; Winding Way
    As soon as you step out someone will demand that you answer some questions.
    It turns out to be Lotta Hart, the eccentric photographer from the fourth
    case in the previous game. Answer "Lotta Hart" when you stammer for her
    name. She's still a paranormal photographer, oddly enough. Thought she gave
    up that dream a while back. She says that the channeling is about to be
    started. She says you better hurry to the Mediation Room. Head there now.
    Date-June 19 
    Location-Fey Manor; Meditation Room
    Morgan tells Maya and Dr. Grey to enter the Channeling Chamber. Maya says
    that she has the key to the chamer. Morgan says that the key is the only 
    one of it's kind. Well, while we wait for the channeling to be over, Morgan
    invites Phoenix to relax over some food. Lotta becomes angry that she can't
    get any photos of the channeling, but Morgan just shoves her complaints 
    A few minutes will pass and you will hear a loud bang. As soon as you
    realise what it is, another bang goes off. You will question what to do in
    this situation. Choose "Break into the Chamber". Obviously there isn't much
    of a choice, since the only key is with Maya. After several slams you end
    up in the Channeling Chamber. 
    Date-June 19 
    Location-Fey Manor; Channeling Chamber
    That's not good. Dr. Grey is lying in a bloody pool in the corner of the 
    room. Lotta takes several photos of this scene, then the camera pans over
    to Maya who doesn't look like herself right now. She mutters that she was 
    murdered, and that Dr. Grey killed her so she killed him back. Morgan
    interferes and orders you to leave and alert the police. Maya's screwed 
    Date-June 19 
    Location-Kurain Village
    Phoenix's cell phone doesn't get any reception down in the village, but he
    is lucky enough to have a phone booth built convienently nearby. He phones
    the police and they are on their way. What an odd case this is turning out
    to be. Talk to Lotta about "What you witnessed". She thinks that it wasn't
    Maya that pulled the trigger, instead it was the person that was channeled
    in her body. Ask about "Dr. Grey" now. She doesn't know much about him, but
    he has a bad reputation. Although skilled at surgery, he's got a bad
    attitude. He was a tough person to work with. Now move back to the 
    Meditation Room.
    Date-June 19 
    Location-Fey Manor; Meditation Room
    You'll meet up with Morgan again. She seems to be quite calm. She tells you
    that although the channeling is complete, Maya is still unconcious. Out of
    the blue pops in Detective Gumshoe, here to cheer us all up. How convienent
    for him to be in this area at the time of the police call. He leaves to 
    investigate the crime scene. The only thing you can do now is talk to 
    other people hoping for some clues. Head back to Kurain Village.
    Date-June 19 
    Location-Kurain Village
    Lotta is panicing, hoping she isn't next to be killed. Talk to her about
    "Any ideas" now. She brings back up the fact that she took two pictures
    when you were in the Channeling Chamber. She leaves to go back to the
    Chamber to get more photos. Head back to the Side Room now.
    Date-June 19 
    Location-Fey Manor; Side Room
    As soon as you enter the room you'll notice the person in the bed wakes up
    and makes her way over to you. She mentions about the time of the 
    channeling and if it's going to happen soon. Phoenix tells her a murder
    just happened and she...totally doesn't know what that is. Oookay. Seems
    like a total druggie or someone with really bad memory. She introduces 
    herself as Ini Miney. She's studying parapsychology, the study of these
    mystical spiritual things. Talk to her about "Ini Miney". She says that she
    was the one who told Dr. Grey about this place. He asked her if she knew a
    good spirit medium, and she told him about Maya. She was taking a nap here
    since she wasn't feeling well. She's allergic to sesame seeds, so after
    feeling ill after lunch she took a nap. 
    Now ask her about "What happened". Since she's been sleeping here since 
    lunch she has no idea about the murder that just took place. Now talk about
    "The victim". Ini stammers when asked if she knew Dr. Grey and hurredly
    replies she doesn't. It seems that she's trying to hide something. Head 
    back to Winding Way.
    Date-June 19 
    Location-Fey Manor; Winding Way
    When you set foot into Winding Way this time you will meet up with Pearl.
    She's not responsive, but Phoenix will notice she is holding a key. Talk to
    her about "Pearl". She will get a surprised look and then run off, having
    Phoenix confused that it was about his hair rather than something else. 
    Nonetheless we need to find her elsewhere. Head back into the Channeling
    Date-June 19 
    Location-Fey Manor; Channeling Chamber
    Gumshoe will appear and yell at Phoenix to not tamper with anything in the
    room. He will let you ask him a few questions, however. Talk to him about
    "Maya". He grimly says that with the way the case looks right now she is
    the only person who could have committed the crime. He says you can't see
    Maya right now, either. Now ask about the "Cause of death". Dr. Grey was
    shot in the forehead, as well as stabbed in the chest with a knife. After
    being stabbed, the final blow was from the gun again. 
    Well, Gumshoe won't disperse any more information. Don't know why you need
    to shoot someone twice and stab them, but I guess the killer wanted to 
    ensure Grey was brutally killed. Head back into the Meditatio Room.
    Date-June 19 
    Location-Fey Manor; Meditation Room
    You will meet up with Morgan again here. She is talking to Ini at the 
    moment, and then Gumshoe will step into the conversation. He says that the
    investigation won't be done for a while. There's nothing else you can do 
    for now so everyone will just spend the night at the manor. What a bizzare
    day. Maya was arrested by the police for the second time, and Phoenix is in
    deep water. 
    You'll awake back in this room June 20, 8:02 AM. You will head down to the
    detention center right away.
    Date-June 20, 10:34 AM
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Well, Maya is back in the detention center. There's not much she can really
    do to help you through this case. Phoenix and her will talk a bit, the same
    conversation from the intro to the case. Talk to Maya about "Channeling".
    She says that her mother is the master of the Kurain school for now. Since
    the title is passed form mother to daughter, she imagines that she will
    soon be the new master. 
    Now ask about "What happened". Maya doesn't remember too much. She sat down
    and began the channeling. That was the last thing she remembers. Once the
    spirit is in her body, she loses consciousness. When she woke up there was
    blood all over her clothes. She does remember having a dream, though. Talk
    to her about the "Dream" now. She remembers being dead and buried into the
    ground. She couldn't move and was suffocating. Phoenix orders her to 
    prepare the documents to let him be her attorney. Maya says that if your
    going to be helping her you should have her magical charm. The MAGATAMA 
    will be put into the Court Record. You need to give it to Pearl to fill it
    with energy. Head to Wright & Co. Law Offices first, though.
    Date-June 20
    Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Phoenix will search for a newspaper that Dr. Grey brought the other day.
    NEWSPAPER CLIPPING 1 will be added to the Court Record. Now get back to 
    Kurain Village, specifically the Side Room.
    Date-June 20
    Location-Fey Manor; Side Room
    You will meet up with Ini right away. She is very...uncoperative. Or just
    really, really stupid. Talk to her about "Ini Miney" as if you are actually
    going to get something out of it. She is still here at the manor because
    there is so much for her to be studying. Ask about "What happened" now. She
    doesn't respond at all, probably since she doesn't have a grip on what is
    happening. Now ask about "The victim". She will stammer and say she doesn't
    know about Dr. Grey. 
    You can examine the room now. At the back end of the room is a nice alter
    built for some purpose. Left of the alter is a wooden bear figurine. It's
    just a souvenir. Now examine the box infront of her bed. Phoenix will imply
    that the box wasn't here yesterday, remember? At the bottom of the chest
    are some spiritual clothes, but nothing major. Head into the Channeling
    Chamber now. 
    Date-June 20
    Location-Fey Manor; Channeling Chamber
    Gumshoe isn't here, so he must be swamped with other work involving this
    case at the moment. Morgan is here, though. She says that Pearl and her 
    were deeply sorry and shocked at the events that have transpired here and
    hope for Maya's safety. Ask Morgan about "What happened". As soon as you
    left the Channeling Chamber yesterday, Morgan struck Maya on the head to 
    make her fall unconscious. She then performed a special technique to send
    the spirit back to the other world. That's totally believable in court.
    Now ask about the "Channeling Chamber". She says that this chamber is built
    to prevent such a tragedy. Despite Maya still being a novice spirit 
    channeler, it was unlikely that the spirit she called would turn so violent
    so quickly. She is glad that none of the heirlooms were damaged. She is
    talking about the folding screen with old Kurain writings on it. Along with
    the Sacred Urn (in the Winding Way, remember that?), these are irreplacable
    Now ask about "Pearl". She says that Pearl is her most prizes possession
    at the moment. Pearl has the spiritual power to become the next master. She
    then goes all psycho saying Pearl is a prodigy of the family, stronger than
    most in the main branch. She half-tells you to die or something (damn she's
    creepy). Examine the folding screen she mentioned. Phoenix will notice that
    there is a bullet hole in the screen. Didn't Morgan say it wasn't damaged?
    FOLDING SCREEN info will be put into the Court Record. Morgan will leave
    now to visit Maya. Head back to the Winding Way now.
    Date-June 20
    Location-Fey Manor; Winding Way
    You will find Pearl standing here once again, and she still is as shy as
    before. She's also carrying the key again. Wonder why. She won't answer any
    of your questions, so present the Magatama to her. She then starts to cry,
    muttering that it belongs to Maya. She then recongnizes you as Nick, wonder
    how she got that name. She then calls you Maya's "special someone". Oooh.
    Busted. She totally thinks you and Maya are in love. Pearl says that she is
    going to help you however she can. Talk to her about "Pearl". She really
    looks up to Maya, and wants to be like her when she's older. Morgan wasn't
    kidding when she said Pearl knows nothing of the outside world. She doesn't
    know what a lawyer is. 
    Now ask about "The item in your hand". She says that she found the key
    yesterday. She says she can give it to you, so choose to "Accept it". BLACK
    KEY added to the Court Record. Pearl takes the Magatama and charges it with
    spiritual energy, making it glow brightly. She says that it will allow you
    to see people's secrets. Pearl asks to join you for a little while, to test
    out the Magatama. Let's head back into the Side Room to visit Ini.
    Date-June 20
    Location-Fey Manor; Side Room
    Ask Ini once more about "The victim" since she totally refuses to answer
    this question. When she says she doesn't know, the screen fades black and
    chains and a lock appear over Ini. Pearl asks if you are able to see the
    lock. This is the Magatama's secret power. You're the only one who can see
    these Psyche-Locks. The more locks you see over a person, the harder it 
    will be to get that person wants to hide the secret. She says you should
    be able to unlock it easily with only one lock. 
    You can try out the Magatama Secret mode. To do so, just present the 
    Magatama to Ini. The way the mode works is that she will ask you questions
    that you will need to answer with evidence. Get enough correct and the lock
    will break. However, incorrectly guess and you will lose health. Pearl 
    warns you that if you don't have enough evidence you must stop the mode and
    return later when you have the proper evidence. You actually don't have the
    right evidence to get through the lock, so don't waster your time trying.
    Head back to the Meditation Room.
    Date-June 20
    Location-Fey Manor; Meditation Room
    You will meet up with Gumshoe right away. One of Gumshoe's best lines comes
    here when he wants to show Pearl a real, genuine pistol. Talk to him about
    "Maya's guilt". Gumshoe is sure that you won't be able to win. Although
    there are a few pieces of evidence, such as Lotta Hart who will be
    testifying, probably about the pictures she took. He also says that no one
    else but Maya could have killed Dr. Grey. Now ask about "The victim". He
    says that his face was all over the tabloids last year. He says he lost the
    copy of the article he had with him, though.
    Now ask about "Tomorrow's trial". Gumshoe has some bad news. You're up
    against Prosecutor von Karma tomorrow. How? We put that scumbag in jail as
    far as we know form the previous game! He get out early or something? 
    Gumshoe steps in an says that it's actually his successor who will be 
    taking place. Now ask about the "Successor". It actually is Von Karma's
    daughter, who became a prosecutor at age 13. She hasn't lost a trial since.
    She was raised in Germany, though, explaining why you haven't heard about
    her at all. 
    Present the Newspaper Clipping 1. Gumshoe will add that the situation got
    worse after the incident. He has another article which he'll give to you
    describing what happened next. NEWSPAPER ARTICLE 2 will be added to the
    Court Record. You have the evidence you need. Head back to the Side Room.
    Date-June 20
    Location-Fey Manor; Side Room
    There's nothing left to do with Ini than present the Magatama and unlock
    her hidden secret.
    ~Ini Miney's Magatama Secret-The Victim~
    Phoenix will boldly exclaim that Ini does infact know Dr. Grey. While it
    is possible they never met in person, Ini possibly may have had a way of
    indirectly knowing him. You need to present something that shows a possible
    connection between Ini and Dr. Grey. Look at Newspaper Clipping 2. It says
    that Mimi Miney, the nurse at the Grey Clinic, died after falling asleep at
    the wheel. Were Mimi and Ini sisters? It's possible since they have the 
    same last name. Present this article. She was infact her older sister. This
    is how she knew the name-her sister worked at Grey's Clinic. The lock will
    You can now ask about "The victim" without worry of her stammering. She 
    says that her sister Mimi was a nurse at the Grey Clinic. She heard from 
    her sister that Grey was a total slave driver, totally pushing his workers.
    Mimi usually came home from work totally wiped out. Since she was driven so
    hard it's possible that is why she fell asleep at the wheel. Ini also 
    thinks that the person responsible for the malpractice was also Grey. Her
    sister was pushed so hard is led to her death. Pearl comes in when Ini
    finishes and says Psyche-Locks are likely to be harder to break in the
    future. Head back to the detention center now.
    Date-June 20
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    You will meet up with someone who hasn't seen you in a long time. You'll
    find out that Maya is channeling Mia again. Phoenix will explain the whole
    case to Mia. You can talk to her now. Ask her about "Not guilty". She says
    she knows Maya is guilty because spirit mediums can't have dreams. From 
    what Maya said earlier it seems like she was having a dream. That's quite
    impossible, though, since she shouldn't be able to dream. This means that
    Maya was probably set-up. You need to figure out how she was set-up,
    Now ask about "Evidence?" She vaguely hints at the fact that the black key
    you are holding is the key to the entire case. She asks you to show it to
    her, so present the Black Key. She says the key shouldn't be in your hands
    right now as it contradicts the facts. She then says you need everything
    you need to know. Just then, three Psyche-Locks appear on Mia. This means
    Mia must know something about the real murderer. Too late to think about it
    because trial is about to start. Save the game now. 
    Trial-Part 2-1
    Date-June 21, 9:48 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
    You and Maya start discussing what the successor to Von Karma is going to 
    be like in court. Probably just like the real man himself-sinister and
    willing to do anything to get a guilty verdict. Just then, Pearl pops into
    the courthouse. Pearl snuck away from Kurain Village all by herself with
    little more than a map to reach her. For someone that young and no real
    world experience she seems to have gotten here nice and safe. Ignoring the
    fact she ran here (...) Maya will bring up that Edgeworth would be better
    as the prosecutor here since he isn't as ruthless. 
    At the point where she calls him Phoenix's rival and friend, you'll see
    a flashback to when Edgeworth was battling Phoenix in court. Phoenix 
    doesn't like to talk about Edgeworth anymore since he's disappeared. No
    more chitchat, court is starting.
    Date-June 21, 10:00 AM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 2
    Damn. Von Karma's daughter sure doesn't look pleased at anything. She 
    introduces herself as Franziska von Karma, the young prosecuting prodigy.
    She gave up her career in Germany to come to America and smoke Phoenix's
    ass in court for revenge. Obviously she isn't pleased that her perfect 
    father was demolished by Phoenix in court. She has a whip, and whips the
    Judge right away when he starts talking. Also of note is that Franziska
    loves to go on spiels where the only word she uses in a sentence is "fool",
    all plural and made up forms of it as possible. 
    She tries to get Phoenix to go for a justified self-defense plea, but that
    is the same as confessing to murder. However, Phoenix continues to go for
    his plea of not guilty. She calls in the first witness, Detective Gumshoe.
    He will then bring out a map of the Channeling Chamber. He puts two dots on
    the diagram, one for where the killer was and one for where the victim was.
    He goes on to say that soon after the channeling started, gunshots were
    heard from the room. Several witnesses, including Phoenix, burst into the
    room. The FLOOR PLANS will be added to the Court Record. Gumshoe will now
    ~Gumshoe's Testimony-Cause of Death~
    -The direct cause of death was a pistol shot to the forehead, sir.
    -The shot was fired from point-blank range.
    -But before the victim was shot, sir, he was stabbed in the chest.
    -The wound was very severe, but not enough to cause instantaneous death.
    -The murderer used the pistol to finish the victim off after the stabbing.
    You will recieve DR. GREY'S AUTOPSY REPORT just before the cross 
    examination. Press the first statement to find out that the pistol belonged
    to Dr. Grey. However, Maya's fingerprints were found on the gun. Now press
    the second statement to find out that there were gunpowder burns on Dr.
    Grey's forehead, revealing he was shot at close proximity. Now press the
    third statement. He was stabbed by a fruit knife, and it belonged to the
    Fey's. Maya's fingerprints are all over this as well. Press the fourth
    statement next. The stab wound just barely missed Dr. Grey's heart so it
    didn't kill him, but he became too weak to stand after it. Press the final
    statement now. You'll just confirm that the victim was shot, stabbed, then
    shot again.
    The Judge will end the cross examination since it's getting nowhere. 
    Gumshoe reveals that he brought the weapons with him. PISTOL and KNIFE will
    be added to the Court Record. Franziska states the time of death was 3:15
    PM. Witnesses heard two gunshots as well. You will now be asked again if
    you want to switch your plea over to justified self-defense. Be sure to 
    "Plead not guilty". Franziska is confident you have screwed yourself over
    by continuing to plea not guilty and orders Gumshoe to testify on the final
    strike and other incriminating evidence.
    ~Gumshoe's Testimony-Incriminating Evidence~
    -Sorry, pal but there's an even more incriminating piece of evidence.
    -This is the costume the defendant was wearing at the time of the crime.
    -As you can see, it's covered in blood.
    -The defendant attacked and killed a person who, without a doubt, was not
    fighting back.
    Gumshoe will present MAYA'S COSTUME which will be added to the Court 
    Record. There is a decent amount of blood spilled onto it, directing 
    linking Maya to this crime. Start off by pressing the third statement when
    he talking about how the costume is covered in blood. Gumshoe will say that
    lab results confirmed that the blood belongs to the victim. Franziska will
    tell you that you are just wasting time trying to get Gumshoe to tell about
    other pieces of evidence. You need to "Press further". You will be shown 
    the costume again and Phoenix says there must be a clue somewhere. Do you
    see it yet? Actually, choose "There is one little thing..." when asked if
    anything is wrong with the costume.
    You will need to point to what the problem in the evidence is. There is a
    hole, probably from a gun bullet, in the bottom right corner of the costume
    so point there and present it. The Judge confirms that the hole smells like
    gunpowder, so there's only one way it could have been made. MAYA'S COSTUME
    will be updated in the Court Record. Franziska doesn't seem phazed at all,
    and seems glad you found the contradiction. However, since this piece of
    evidence has little to do with the testimony, it still stands and Gumshoe
    will continue. However, this costume does provide a vital clue.
    Present Maya's Costume on his last statement. If there's a gunshot hole in
    it, obviously the victim was at least attempting to fight back. Now it is
    quite possible that Dr. Grey did infact fire off a shot at Maya. Sadly, 
    these grounds are only enough to support a justified self-defense plea. 
    Since you chose to go for a not guilty plea, Gumshoe will give another
    ~Gumshoe's Testimony-What Transpired~
    -During the channeling, the defendant saw her chance to stab the victim in
    the chest.
    -Of course, the victim used the last of his strength to fight back, sir.
    -While the two were fighting, the victim took out his gun.
    -The victim took a shot, but because they were too close, he missed.
    -The defendant then picked up on the opening and took the victim's gun and
    ended it...
    There's not much information to work off of here. This took me forever to
    figure out, but pressing will get you nowhere. You actually need to present
    Maya's Costume at the fourth statement where he mentions that Grey missed
    because they were too close. Phoenix exclaims that this hole creates a gap
    in the testimony. If the victim and Maya were standing at point blank range
    when the gun was fired, then there would be clear gunpowder burns on the
    costume. However, there clearly isn't. 
    This means that Dr. Grey and Maya were standing a decent distance apart 
    from each other when the shot was fired. Franziska says that Dr. Grey 
    probably just shoved Maya away and then shot, but Phoenix says that the 
    stab wound was very severe and wouldn't have had the strength to do such a
    thing. Then she comes back and says that it was Maya instead who pushed Dr.
    Grey aside to get distance between them before the doctor took his shot.
    Choose "Something does not make sense". 
    You will need to present some evidence to prove that Maya was not attacking
    at the time she was shot at. Present the Folding Screen, the only other
    piece of evidence with a bullet hole in it. The shot fired went through
    Maya's costume, then through the folding screen. Since the bullet through
    the folding screen was very low, this means that Maya was squatting low on
    the ground, nowhere near getting ready to attack. 
    Phoenix will pull out the Channeling Chamber diagram and show where the 
    victim and folding screen are located. You need to show where Maya was at.
    Present the spot right next to the bullet hole. Franziska will stammer,
    saying it's illogical and Maya should have been squatting near the victim.
    She couldn't have been that close since gunpowder burns would have been
    present if she was. Since there aren't any on the costume, this situation
    changes slightly. Choose "It changes everything".
    It was claimed that Maya was aiming to kill by stabbing. If that was true,
    finishing the kob with a knife would be ideal. However, at the time they 
    were squatting by the folding screen. If Maya was the real murderer, why 
    would she be by the folding screen and not preparing to strike? Franziska
    gets ready to call in the next witness, likely to be Lotta. Save the game.
    Trial-Part 2-2
    Date-June 21, 11:37 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Maya was scared to near death during trial. Pearl seems as cheerful as ever
    though. She obviously doesn't know what it's like to be a defense attorney.
    Phoenix is pretty sure as well that the next witness will be Lotta Hart. It
    also seems that Pearl didn't know that Mia was a defense attorney before 
    she was killed.
    Date-June 21, 11:43 AM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 2
    Franziska is utterly infuriated at the fact Phoenix just won't lose, so 
    much so that she tells the Judge to shut it while she calls the next
    witness. Damn. You guessed it, Lotta Hart will be testifying next. She's
    be testifying on the events that occured before and after the shootings.
    ~Lotta Hart's Testimony-Witness's Account~
    -Only the Doc and the defendant went into the Channelin' Chamber.
    -We were watin' outside the door and then, "bang!", we hear this gunshot!
    -Mr. Lawyer there broke the door down, and we rushed into the room.
    -Inside was the dead victim, and the defendant, wavin' a pistol around.
    -I swear, other than those two, there was no one else in the room.
    Lotta will present one of the pictures she took. It shows the backside of
    Maya with a pistol in her right hand. LOTTA'S PHOTO will be added to the
    Court Record. Now down to business. Press the fourth statement since it
    wasn't truly the defendant Maya, it was the spirit in her body. "Press
    harder" when asked to. You will recall that Lotta wasn't sure at the time
    whether the murderer was Maya or not. Franziska says that since Maya was
    the only other person to have gone into the chamber, only the person in the
    photo could be Maya. Now press the final statement.
    Phoenix thinks that since the place was very dark, there could have been
    someone else in the room. Choose "Behind the folding screen". Lotta says
    that she checked there and nobody was hiding behind it. This doesn't bode
    well with you. The Judge becomes fed up and ends the cross examination
    early. Franziska goes back over who was in the room, and then goes back to
    the picture from earlier. You will be asked if you want to present evidence
    to prove that this isn't Maya in the picture. Sadly, you must choose "Can't
    present anything yet" as nothing can really show anything about her face.
    Just before Phoenix gives up, Mia appears in Pearl's body. She says to 
    think carefully about what happened in the Channeling Chamber. She says you
    should question Lotta one more time. Franziska oddly enough will allow 
    Phoenix another testimony. She's gonna talk about what happened when she
    burst into the chamber.
    ~Lotta Hart's Testimony-Witness's Account, Pt.2~
    -When we broke into that room, all I could focus on was Maya.
    -I was...uh, kinda scared of the dead body, so I didn't take a good look at
    -I'm really bad when it comes to blood and ghosts and stuff.
    -But I still managed to point my camera at Maya and take a shot.
    There's something strange about the testimony from the start, if you 
    remember. Lotta took two photos at the crime scene and not one. Press the
    fifth statement to learn more about the second photo. She says she hasn't
    submitted the other photo as evidence because Franziska told her not to do
    so. You can choose what to do against Franziska now. Choose to "Leave it to
    the Judge" although it really doesn't matter. Franziska says she didn't 
    think the photo would be important at all so she didn't submit it. LOTTA'S
    PHOTO 2 will be added to the Court Record. 
    This photo shows the actual face of the murderer, and it is most certainly
    NOT Maya. Choose to "Insist it's not Maya". Phoenix says that the real
    murderer snuck in and traded places with the defendant. Mia says that you
    aren't hitting very hard, though. She says Franziska is smiling at your
    helpless efforts. She then presents a photo of you an Mia talking in the
    detention center (holy crap it's in COLOR!). But you were really talking
    to Maya, right? Franziska says she looks different because she is 
    channeling a spirit, obviously. Mia says that taking pictures during a
    provate conversation is illegal, so it can't be presented as evidence.
    You need to figure out a way to prove the person in the second photo isn't
    Maya. Choose "I can prove it". There is a clear contradiction in this photo
    compared to the evidence. You must point out what is wierd in the photo.
    You should notice that the costume is missing the all-important bullet hole
    we discovered earlier. Point to the sleeve and present it. Obviously, 
    Franziska was hiding this evidence from the court intentionally. She's
    smiling happy again, though. She blames not knowing about the bullet hole
    on the investigators since they didn't notify her about the hole in the
    first place. 
    So, we have a photo that is missing a bullet hole in the sleeve, and the
    actual costume itself which has the sleeve with a bullet hole. You'll need
    to choose the logical explaination for this. Choose "The shooter is someone
    else." Franziska foes crazy after you present this statement. She is saying
    the defense is in a mess right now, and then asks Lotta if anyone else was
    in the room. So, if a third person entered the room, who was it and where
    did the come from? 
    Time to look at this from a different angle. What if the third person was
    already in the room, and before breaking in Maya somehow left the room, and
    if either of these could be proven true, Maya may be off the hook. Before
    busting into the Channeling Chamber, choose "Maya had left the room." You
    need to prove that from the murder until the time of arrest Maya had left
    the room. You need to present the Black Key Pearl gave you yesterday. Yes,
    they key to the Channeling Chamber itself. Maya locked herself in the room
    with that key. 
    Now Franziska asks how the hell the key landed in your possession. If Maya
    had indeed locked the door, the key should have been with her. She didn't
    have the key at the time of arrest, though. You got the key from Pearl who
    was nowhere near the crime scene. This means that Maya must have left the
    room at some point. If she didn't, Phoenix wouldn't have the key right now.
    Oh yeah, totally screwed over Franziska today. It's a bit tricky to declare
    a verdict when you're not sure if the defendant really was the murderer or
    not, or even in the room at the time. 
    Date-June 21, 1:32 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Pearl explains she had little choice to call Mia to help out in court. Maya
    then says she doesn't remember ever leaving the Channeling Chamber. Pearl
    doesn't think that a third person could have even gone into the room. Save
    the game now.
    Investigation-Part 2-2
    Date-June 21, 3:24 PM
    Location-Kurain Village
    Pearl has been thinking that if Maya isn't the one that killed Dr. Grey,
    then someone else must have done that. She seems a bit sad, so talk to her
    to try cheering her up. Ask about "Today's trial". She was a bit surprised
    at it, not expecting so many people. Her insult at Franziska is pretty 
    funny too. She wants to give Franziska a piece of her mind. Heh. Now you
    can talk to her about "Prosecutors".
    Phoenix will try to explain to Pearl why Franziska wanted Maya guilty so
    bad. Phoenix also says that all prosecutors are the same-they just want to
    win. He hints at someone else that may not have that same attitude, and
    Pearl guesses you are talking about Edgeworth. Phoenix also reveals that
    Edgeworth apparently committed suicide. Er, wow. Anyways, talk about "The
    When you ask Pearl if she knows anything, she will stammer and claim she
    knows nothing. Now you wonder what she was doing during the murder and
    where she got the key. Now ask about "Pearl's alibi". When Phoenix asks
    what she was doing during the murder, she will stammer and two Psyche Locks
    will appear over her. There's nothing you can do to break them for now, so
    head over to the Channeling Chamber. 
    Date-June 21
    Location-Fey Manor; Channeling Chamber
    Morgan will be in this room, and she's kneeling down with a creepy grin on
    her face, staring at a picture. She mentions the name Misty, possibly 
    referring to Misty Fey? Morgan will then realize you've entered the room.
    Now you can talk to her. Ask Morgan about "What happened". She says she has
    nothing more to add about her whereabouts during the murder. While Lotta 
    and Phoenix went calling the police, she was by Maya's side. Nothing else
    Now ask about "Training". She says that all trainees go through training 
    almost every day. She'll snap when Phoenix doesn't use Maya's and Pearl's
    title, so you won't learn more about this subject. Now ask about "The 
    Master". Misty Fey is the current master at the Kurain school. Nobody is
    sure where she is right now, if you recall that is the same situation that
    was brought up in the previous game. Morgan says that she won't return to
    this village most likely, and in four years her name will be forever 
    erased from it. Anyone who is gone for 20 years is considered dead, so she
    won't be the master any longer. A new master will be appointed at that
    time, and Maya was supposed to become the next master. However, due to the
    murder, this isn't gonna happen. Head back to Kurain Village.
    Date-June 21
    Location-Kurain Village
    Present the Black Key to Pearl. She will say she found the key lying in the
    incinerator in the Winding Way. She says she found the key after the
    channeling when everyone was in a panic. Phoenix thinks he should check out
    the area once again, so follow that advice and head back to Winding Way.
    Date-June 21
    Location-Fey Manor; Winding Way
    You will meet up with Ini right away here. She runs up to you from the 
    incinerator. She will mention the urn nearby, and you'll comment that it is
    just a cracked piece of pottery. Talk to her about the "Sacred Urn". She
    says it is this village's treasure. Ami Fey's spirit is trapped inside the
    urn. She's the woman who founded the Kurain Channeling Technique. As long
    as her spirit is in the jar, the Fey family can continue to use their
    psychic prowess. Or some myth like that. Now ask about "What happened".
    She says she has nothing to do with the murder since she was sleeping in
    the Side Room the entire time. Now ask about the "Traffic accident". 
    Before you get a chance to get a response, Ini will claim it has nothing to
    do with the murder and two Psyche Locks will appear. You also don't have
    the necessary evidence to break the locks. Well, that makes three. Mia's,
    Pearl's, and now Ini's you can open. 
    Now, examine the sacred urn. All Phoenix will notice is a bunch or cracks
    on the surface of the urn. The words "I AM" are written on the urn as well.
    SACRED URN will be added to the Court Record. Now examine the piece of
    purple cloth hanging from the incinerator. The piece is from Maya's costume
    and the blood is still on it. CLOTH STRAP will be added to the Court 
    Record. Head all the way back to the detention center now.
    Date-June 21
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Maya seems really depressed right now. Talk to her about "Today's trial".
    She comments that you ran a great trial today, pulling all sorts of
    turnabouts each time you were about to lose. She questions if it was really
    her who shot Dr. Grey. She confirms nobody was behind the folding screen.
    Now ask her about "Not guilty". Phoenix says he believes in Maya since she
    isn't able to have dreams while channeling. Phoenix thinks that before the
    channeling occured, Maya was drugged. There was a set-up plan to frame the
    murder on Maya. Now ask about "Pearl's alibi".
    Perhaps Maya will be able to answer what she was doing during the time of
    the murder. She says that she was with Pearl most of the day, playing with
    her ball. Now ask about the "Ball". Maya says it's just a normal ball she
    likes to play with and that she was probably playing with it during the
    channeling. She also says the ball is stored in the clothing box, remember
    that? The big yellow box in the Side Room? Head to the Side Room right now.
    Date-June 21
    Location-Fey Manor; Side Room
    Before you get here you will see Lotta at the entrance to the village, but
    she'll run off. Once in the Side Room, examine the ball lying right next
    to the yellow box. This is Pearl's ball (note the Steel Samurai picture on
    the ball). PEARL'S BALL will be added to the Court Record. Now examine the
    yellow box again. What the hell was Lotta doing hiding in the box? She'll
    run off again, and after than Phoenix will notice that there is a small
    hole in the clothing box, about 8 inches off the ground. That's the same
    height as the hole in the folding screen! CLOTHING BOX will be added to the
    Court Record. Now head back to the Meditation Room.
    Date-June 21
    Location-Fey Manor; Meditation Room
    Pearl will meet you here and tell you that Lotta went off, saying she was
    gonna find her true self. You have enough evidence now, so present the 
    Magatama to Pearl.
    ~Pearl's Magatama Secret-Pearl's Alibi~
    Pearl isn't too thrilled about talking about the murder much or what she
    was doing during it, so Phoenix is going to play a small guessing game. You
    will be shown a map of the Fey Manor, and need to point out where Pearl
    was during the murder. Point to the Winding Way and present it. Now you 
    need to present something that shows what she was doing in Winding Way at
    the time. Present Pearl's Ball. She was playing with her ball during the
    time of the murder. Judging by the look on her face, something bad happened
    while she was bouncing her ball. Now you need to present what happened. 
    Present the Sacred Urn. Yeah, Pearl ended up breaking the urn while she was
    playing with her ball. 
    She says that it isn't too wierd to have that urn with cracks in it, 
    considering how old it is. You need to present evidence to show how the
    urn was broken. To prove it, present Ami Fey's profile. The name is spelled
    "Ami", but the letters on the urn have been rearranged to spell "I AM" 
    instead. Pearl's last lock will break and you can talk to her about 
    "Pearl's alibi" now. 
    You've alreayd figured most of it out. During the murder, Pearl was playing
    with her ball in the Winding Way. Her ball smacked into the urn and broke
    it. She was afraid that she would be forced to leave the village for
    destroying a keepsake, so she thought she could easily fit the pieces back
    together. Now ask about the "Sacred Urn". She got some glue and fixed the
    urn back together in the Winding Way, assuming that since the channeling
    was going on nobody would walk by. She finished fixing it around the time
    Phoenix and Lotta finished reporting the murder. SACRED URN info will be
    updated in the Court Record. Now head back to Kurain Village.
    Date-June 21
    Location-Kurain Village
    Phoenix will ignore Lotta for a few seconds while pondering over the case.
    She will mutter something about why you're following her, then you can talk
    to her. Ask about "Today's trial". She'll admit that she made some mistakes
    in trial today. Choose to "Forgive her". She will gladly share with you all
    of the info she has dug up so far. Now ask about "The murderer". She thinks
    that since Maya isn't the murderer, it must be Ini instead. It couldn't
    really have been anyone else. Present to Lotta Ini's profile. 
    Now talk about "Ini Miney". Lotta says that Ini was hospitalized six months
    ago. She doesn't know for sure why, but she has the clinic's address of
    where she went to. Head over to the Hotti Clinic.
    Date-June 21
    Location-Hotti Clinic; Reception
    A creepy doctor with many missing teeth and pink hair (WTF) will greet you
    when you enter. He is Director Hotti, apparently the owner of this clinic.
    A nurse will come by and tell Hotti to return back to his room, and to hang
    up the director's coat. Is he even the real director? Not much of a choice
    you can do now. Talk about the "Hotti Clinic". He says they do doctory-type
    things here. He also says they do plastic surgery here. Now ask about "Ini
    She was transferred from the general hospital. She needed surgery, but
    Hotti isn't exactly willing to tell you. There's nothing else he can really
    freely talk to you about. Present your Attorney's Badge. He says that he
    isn't the real director to this place. He is willing to give you some 
    information, though. He knows information about many of the patients, past
    and present here. Talk about "Ini Miney" again.
    She was transferred from the general hospital about a year ago in an
    emergency case. She was seriously injured. Most of her body was wrapped in
    a cast. He then mutters that it was a car accident that cause the injury.
    Now you can ask him about "The Operation". Most of Ini's face was burned
    clean off in the accident. Using a picture of her, they were able to put
    her face back together. Her license was also burned in the wreckage of the
    car. LICENSE PHOTO will be added to the Court Record. Now ask about "The
    He brings out an article that says Ini was in the passengers seat of the
    car. She was sleeping when a jolt woke her up, and a sea of fire was all
    around her. She managed to get the door open and escaped the fire. 
    NEWSPAPER CLIPPING 2 will be added to the Court Record. It has been about
    half a year since Ini was discharged from the clinic. Had back to Kurain
    Village now. 
    Date-June 21
    Location-Kurain Village
    Lotta will say that Morgan called the cops a little while ago, saying that
    she had something important to tell them. Talk to Lotta about "Morgan". As
    it turns out, although the master right now is Misty Fey, the real master
    was supposed to be Morgan. Now ask about "Ini Miney". She confirms Ini is
    still hanging out near Winding Way. Now ask Lotta about "The Master". The
    master is apparently always the oldest daughter. Morgan is Misty's older
    sister. The older sister usually has the stronger powers, but not so in
    this case. Most of the villae turned against Morgan for having no power at
    all. If it wasn't for this, Maya's family would have been the branch
    family. Now head to Winding Way.
    Date-June 21
    Location-Fey Manor; Winding Way
    As Phoenix hints at, you have enough evidence now to unlock Ini's secrets.
    Present the Magatama.
    ~Ini Miney's Magatama Secret-Traffic Accident~
    Ini starts off by questioning what accident you are talking about. She says
    that Dr. Grey made her sister fall asleep at the wheel and that's all she
    has to say. Since she said "whose accident" it implies she knows more than
    one accident. Phoenix will try changing the topic to someone else's
    accident. Present the License Photo. Let's ask about her accident instead.
    Now you need to prove that she was ever in an accident. Present Newspaper
    Clipping 2. The clipping states that Ini Miney had an interview after the
    Now she states that that "Ini Miney" in the article wasn't actually her,
    although they just happen to have the same name. Now you need to prove that
    she was ever hospitalized. Present the License Photo again here. Yeah, the
    photo looks just like Ini. The first lock will break. Now she says that
    the accident in question isn't related to this murder. Now you need to
    present who the woman that died in the accident was. Present Mimi Miney's
    profile of course. Both of them were in the car, together, when the 
    accident occured, making them the same.
    Now talk about the "Traffic accident". She was riding in the car with her
    sister, on their way home. She was riding in the passenger seat when she
    fell asleep when it happened, the accident. She was incapable of doing 
    anything to help her sister. Now ask about "Dr. Grey". Ini is positive that
    Dr. Grey drugged her in order to get revenge for killing his patients. She
    then says it will be impossible to catch her. Head back to Kurain Village.
    Date-June 21
    Location-Kurain Village
    Gumshoe and Pearl will be fighting when you arrive here. Morgan comes in
    and says to Pearl that she will be fine for now, and to protect the manor
    while she is gone. Gumshoe tries to show his real, genuine pistol, but that
    just upsets Morgan. Talk to Pearl about "Morgan" now. She has a feeling 
    that something bad is going to happen and she's not sure what. Now ask 
    about "Maya". Pearl says she will be perfectly fine here, so you should go
    visit Maya in the detention center.
    Date-June 21
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    You will find Mia again when you enter. Mia invites you to try your luck
    at getting the last piece of information. What a jerk, her sister's fate
    could rest on this information and she's forcing us to play a game to find
    it out. Honestly...for now, talk about "The murderer". The Psyche Locks 
    will apper over Mia now. Present the Magatama so we can get this over with.
    ~Mia's Magatama Secret-The Murderer~
    You know that she is hiding information from you intentionally. You need
    to present who she is trying to protect. Present Morgan's profile. The 
    first lock will break off easily. However, Morgan was outside with you when
    the murder was taking place, so she has an alibi. Now you need to present
    evidence that may place suspicion on Morgan. Present the Cloth Strap. This
    strap was from Maya's costume. However, when Maya was arrested she was 
    wearing the outfit. This means someone must have changed her clothes. Who
    was the only person with Maya when nobody else was around? Morgan. Now you
    need to present proof that this blood belongs to Maya's costume, not 
    someone else's.
    Present the Black Key now. Maya had this key when she was channeling. 
    Somehow it ended up in the incinerator much like the piece of cloth. Maya
    also said earlier that the key was placed in her sleeve. Both were found in
    the incinerator. This means this must be part of Maya's costume. The only
    person who could have changed her clothes and burned these items was 
    Morgan. The second lock will break now. Now you need to who or what Morgan
    needed to place the murder. Present to her Ini Miney's profile, the only
    other person without an alibi who was at the manor. This means that Ini and
    Morgan were working together.
    Now ask about "The Murderer". This crime was something no normal person 
    could do. Someone had to know a lot of the Fey Manor to do this. We can 
    assume that Ini Miney had something to do with this. However, we are still
    missing a motive. Why would Morgan go through all of this trouble? Mia 
    mutters it involves her mother. You have gathered every clue you can. Time
    for the final showdown. Save the game.
    Trial-Part 2-3
    Date-June 22, 9:51 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Maya mentions tha Franziska is the same age as herself, and the amount of
    strength between the two is uncomparable. Pearl comes in to greet everyone
    cheerfully, and says that Morgan is coming to testify on her behalf. Or so
    you may think. Phoenix asks Pearl to channel Mia again, and says thankfully
    that this way she won't be able to see the trial, whatever that could mean.
    Date-June 22, 10:00 AM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 2
    Franziska is quite confident that she will utterly defeat you. Mia will
    appear next to you, saying this already makes you seem famous. I think it's
    time we brought down this egoistic blue haired maniac before she gets any
    further. The Judge will then recap what was found out at the end of the
    trial yesterday. Namely, the possibility that Maya could have left the
    Channeling Chamber. The key was proof enough of this. Franziska points out
    that from the time of murder to the time of arrest, Maya did indeed leave
    the chamber.
    She then goes on to say that Maya dropped the key after she left the room.
    She then calls Morgan ot the stand to testify on this behalf. Morgan talks
    about the technique she used to remove the spirit from Maya's body briefly,
    then goes on to say Maya escaped the room afterwards. She'll testify based
    on what happened.
    ~Morgan Fey's Testimony-Maya's Escape~
    -After we heard the gunshots, those two broke the door open and entered the
    -I requested that Mr. Wright and the other lady please contact the police.
    -A pistol was hanging from Mystic Maya's hand and she was in a daze...
    -Then, quite suddenly, she thrusted me away from herself and escaped from
    the room.
    -With great strength, she hit the base of my neck and I fainted for a short
    -I'm afraid I have no knowledge of where she went after that.
    Mia says before you start that there's no clear contradiction, so get 
    pressing. Press the first statement, though you won't hear anything new to
    the case. Press the second statement where Morgan says she told Phoenix and
    Lotta to contact the police. If the job was just to call the police, then
    why should two people need to have done it? Morgan says she was confused 
    and that there was another...something. She shuts up after that. Choose to
    "Question further". She says she didn't want either of you in there because
    she didn't want any more victims. Press the thid statement. She now says
    that the statement where she hit Maya on the head to make her fall
    unconcious was a lie. Franziska says that she way lying to protect the
    defendant. Choose to "Question further". She was correctly informed later
    what happened. 
    Press the fourth statement. Franziska says it was easy for Maya to shove
    away Morgan since she wasn't physically Maya at the time. Now press the
    fifth statement. She says she was unconcious for about ten minutes. Press
    the final statement next. Choose to "Question further". Phoenix says if she
    is so sure she didn't know what Maya did when Morgan was knocked 
    unconcious, how can she be sure Maya left the room at all? Now that you
    have pressed every statement, the Judge ends the examination. Franziska 
    says the important thing is where Maya went after leaving the chamber. 
    She then goes on to say Maya went to speak with a certain person. She calls
    in Ini Miney, the only other person near the murder scene at the time. She
    will testify on what happened with Maya.
    ~Ini Miney's Testimony-After the Murder~
    -Like, when the channeling started, I was, like, sleeping in the Side Room.
    -Like, a little later, someone came into the room, like, really suddenly.
    -It was, like, oh my gawd, totally my sister!
    -I, like, hadn't seen her in, like, so long...I was so happy in, like, a
    sad way...
    -My sister...She, like, told me something, like, totally terrible. 
    Ini mentions a terrible thing at the end of her testimony. She said that
    her sister told her that she was drugged by Doctor Grey, and it was no
    accident. Then her sister told her she took her revenge on Dr. Grey. Mia
    then says that this tesitmony was probably just one huge made up lie. 
    Press the fourth statement, about when she saw her sister. Phoenix asks why
    she wasn't shocked or anything to see her dead sister standing right near
    her. Choose to "Question further". The Judge will ask if the question of if
    she really saw her sister or not was important. Choose "It is very
    important". Ini will change her line of testimony to this:
    -I wasn't, like, scared at all. And, like, her costume looked, like, 
    Press this new statement. Mia will say that it is impossible for her
    costume to not having something wrong with it. At this statement, present
    Maya's Costume. It had spilled blood on it, remember? That should have been
    very noticeable. Phoenix will show the crime photo and the blood spray on
    the dress. Ini totally, like, stammers when told she should have noticed
    the blood right away. Ini snaps for a second, then regains composure. She's
    gonna testify again. Woo.
    ~Ini Miney's Testimony-After the Murder, Pt.2~
    -Like, the Side Room was, like, kinda dark, you know?
    -So like, the costume is, like, purple, right? The blood totally blended
    right in.
    -And I, like, persuaded my sister it wasn't, like, right to do something
    like that.
    -And then...like, I took my sister to the Channeling Chamber.
    Something is odd about the third statement, so press it. What is she 
    taking about when she says the persuaded her sister to do something? Ini 
    says her sister was aware of this and wanted to go apologize to Morgan or
    something. Now press the final statement. Phoenix will go on to say if 
    there was something that wasn't right with the scene. Choose when she "was
    going to the crime scene". She answers quickly, so "Press harder". Ini 
    refuses to answer the question, and the Judge asks if this was important
    at all. Choose "It's very important". Now she'll add this statement:
    -I, like, didn't see anyone on the way to, like, the Channeling Chamber.
    Press this new statement. Ini is completely positive she saw nobody in the
    Winding Way when she was heading to it. However, this is quite false. 
    Present Pearl's profile at this new statement. Pearl was busy fixing the
    broken urn, and when we talked to her she clearly said nobody passed by. 
    Ini spazzes out for a second at this fact. Now you need to present evidence
    showing there would be no way to miss Pearl busy in the Winding Way. 
    Present the Sacred Urn. The urn was broken around the time the channeling
    started. Pearl managed to put it back together in the middle of the Winding
    Way. Thusly, it would be impossible to miss her passing through it. 
    Well this shows that Ini must have been lying the entire time. She still
    says she was sleeping in the Side Room, so choose "There is no way!" when
    Phoenix thinks if this is still true. Phoenix says there is a clear
    contradiction. To show where, choose "It's in her testimony just now". Ini
    said that Morgan was the only one in the Channeling Chamber. However, if 
    she was sleeping, how did she know this? So, she did go to the Channeling
    Chamber but she never went through the Winding Way. 
    So Ini couldn't have been in the Winding Way or the Side Room at the time
    of the murder. You must now point to where Ini was when the murder took 
    place. Present the in the Channeling Chamber. Ini must have been at the 
    crime scene the entire time. Ini was hiding the entire time in the 
    Channeling Chamber. Now you must present where she was hiding. Point to the
    right of the folding screen. It's the far right side of the screen, so it's
    technically "behind" the folding screen. Now you must present evidence to 
    help show how she was hiding. There was a hole in the folding screen.
    Remember another object with a similar hole? Present the Clothing Box.
    Anybody could hide in it since Lotta did the same thing yesterday. The 
    Judge will ask if you can prove the clothing box was at the scene of the
    crime at the time. Choose "Yes, I can with some evidence". Now you need to
    present how you know the box was there. It should be simple-present the
    Folding Screen. Yeah, the hole in the box and the hole in the folding
    screen are at the same height. It can't be a mere coincidence. Ini must 
    have been hiding in the box, waiting for her chance to kill Dr. Grey. So,
    was the person in the crime photo Ini Miney? She wore a costume to
    masquerade as Maya the entire time.
    Franziska will say this is impossible for one person to do by themself. 
    Choose "Correct. It's not possible." Ini starts getting irratated when
    Phoenix suggests more than one person could have been in cahoots with this
    plan. Ini had an accomplice. Present Morgan Fey's profile, the only other
    person at or anywhere near the crime scene. If the person wasn't from the
    village she couldn't have gotten the costume. If it wasn't someone who
    lived there, she couldn't have gotten the box. Ini goes crazy now.
    Phoenix will try to support his own theory. Ini had put herself at the
    crime scene long before it occured. Dressed in the medium's costume and
    wearing a wig, she imitated the defendant. Then the channeling started. Ini
    got out of the box and drugged Maya, then stabbed Dr. Grey with the knife.
    Then she hid Maya inside the box. She did this to take Maya's place and
    frame her for the crime. Something unexpected happened. Dr. Grey was not
    dead, so he took a shot at his attacker. That is why the hole in the 
    folding screen is so low. The murderer took the gun and finished off Dr.
    After the gunshot, Phoenix and Lotta forced their way into the room. 
    Several photos were taken. Ini covered her costume in blood, pretending to
    be Maya. This probably would have been easy to figure out at the crime 
    scene, so that's why Morgan chased you out of the room. Franziska isn't 
    ready to lose the trial just yet, and says that Ini would need a motive to
    go through this trouble. This should also be simple from what she said in
    her previous testimony. Present Mimi Miney's profile. She must have gone
    through this trouble to take revenge on her sister's death. 
    Ini says she was discharged from the hospital six months ago. If she wanted
    to kill Dr. Grey, why would she have waited this long? The Judge is about
    to end the trial since you have nothing more to say, but Mia steps in and
    asks for another minute. Ini had a reason to kill Dr. Grey. Choose "Yes, I
    can" when asked if you have proof for a motive. There will be a short 
    recess before the final showdown. Save the game.
    Trial-Part 2-4
    Date-June 22, 12:04 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Maya is a bit surprised at the fact her aunt must have had some part to do
    with this set-up murder. Franziska will appear and say that everything is
    going to her plans. She is damn determined to let the world know of 
    Phoenix's downfall. She's a bit creepy. Ooookay.
    Date-June 22, 12:10 PM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 2
    Ini will be asked to testify about the car accident from last year, the 
    main connection in this crime. 
    ~Ini Miney's Testimony-Last Year's Accident~
    -That was...like, last year, in May.
    -Like, something really bad has happened at, like, my sister's clinic
    around then...
    -And like, the night of the accident, my sis was totally tired while she
    was driving. 
    -I was, like, totally pooped too, so I, like, fell asleep in the 
    passenger's seat...
    -I, like, woke up 'cause of a jolt, and, like, it was a sea of flames 
    around me.
    -I, like, opened the door and, like, got away.
    Press the third statement where she talks about how Mimi was tired when 
    driving. She had to talk to police and was being investigated like every
    day. Choose to "Press harder". Phoenix will ask why they didn't just switch
    places, making Ini the driver. Ini then says she doesn't have a driver's
    license. Her line of testimony will change to this:
    -I, like, didn't have my license, so, like, I couldn't take over driving
    for her.
    Bull. We have her her license in the Court Record. Present the License
    Photo at this statement. Ini then stammers saying she did have a driver's
    license, but didn't get it until after the accident. Ini then says she
    recieved her license last November. Ini thinks that even if she had a 
    license her sister wouldn't have allowed her to drive. She will now testify
    on this matter.
    ~Ini Miney's Tesitmony-I Wouldn't Be Allowed~
    -Like, around that time, I was, like, really close to getting my license.
    -My sis was, like, this totally big fan of cars and, like, really valued
    -She, like, had just goteen this really shiny, bright red sports car.
    -She, like, would say things like, "No way am I letting a newb drive my 
    -So, like, that's why I ended up in the passenger's seat that night too.
    Press the third statement, about how Mimi had just gotten a new sports car.
    She says it was from the UK. Mimi said it was a really special model. 
    Choose to "Press harder". Ini will change her line of testimony to this:
    -My sis' new car was, like, a totally special model from England.
    Press this new statement and "Ask for the heck of it". Remember Phoenix's
    critical statement that the driver's seat is opposite to the cars in the
    United States. She then goes crazy about how great the car was. Found the
    contradiction? Check out Newspaper Clipping 2 in detail. Ini says that she
    climbed out of the right side door. This wouldn't be a problem if she 
    wasn't the passenger in a car made from England. Since everything is 
    screwed up there, if she was really the passenger she would have climbed
    out of the LEFT side door. Present the Newspaper Clipping 2 at this 
    So, this means that if Ini was on the right side of the car, she's be in 
    the driver's seat instead. It turns out this is all a big misunderstanding.
    Who was really driving that night? Choose "Mimi Miney". She was the only
    person with a driver's license. Now comes the million dollar question-who
    the hell is the person at the witness's stand? Now you must tell her real
    name. Present Mimi Miney's profile. 
    She was admitted into the hosptial with facial burns. To put her face back
    together they needed a picture as refrence, and it was Ini's picture she
    gave. It was thought Mimi had died in the car accident, when infact the
    opposite was true. The dead body at the crash site was the real Ini Miney.
    Mimi survived the crash and rebuilt her face to mimic Ini's so nobody would
    recongize the difference. Now this is why Mimi had to kill Dr. Grey. He
    wanted to call the spirit to a dead person, specifically Mimi Miney. That
    would have been impossible since Mimi wasn't actually dead. If the
    channeling had actually occured, this would have been discovered. 
    Ini...or Mimi says that she's finally been unmasked. Mimi now says that the
    doctor finally got what was coming to him in the end. You need to present
    why Mimi was so willing to let go of herself. Present Newspaper Clipping 1.
    Dr. Grey was actually right the whole time. The mistake was caused by Mimi.
    A few weeks after this mishap she got into a car accident where her
    younger sister was killed. This was her last chance to throw away her old
    life and start over as her sister. Well, looks like you've won. Just before
    you get the Not Guilty verdict, Franziska goes psycho and whips Phoenix
    into submission.
    Date-June 22, 3:13 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Mia and Maya have a short and sweet reunion with each other. Mia also says
    that she stored her clothes in that box long ago as well. Phoenix now 
    wonders what would have happened if Mimi didn't shoot Dr. Grey. She
    probably would have opened the doors anyways, and the scene would have
    been that much more shocking. Maya then demands to know why Morgan went
    through all of this trouble to get her convicted of murder. Present Pearl's
    profile. The new master will be delcared in several years, and next in
    line is Maya. If Maya wasn't there to take the place of master, then Pearl
    would have been the next in line to become master. 
    Well that's some crazy stuff. All this just to make Pearl the next master.
    Date-Date and Time unknown
    Location-Detention Center; Solitary Confinement Cell 13
    Clearly Morgan is the one speaking here. She says only Pearl is the one
    suitable to become the next master of Kurain Village. She admits to
    sacrificing herself just to have her become the next master. All to unseat
    Maya. She says Pearl's time will come soon...
    This is the end of the case. Episode 3 will now be unlocked. 
                     ~7.Episode Three-Turnabout Big Top~
    The intro to this case starts in what appears to be a large circus show.
    Deemed someone who's master flight, the scene pans upwards towards the
    famous Maximillion Galactica. He flies around for a bit, then vanishes.
    Investigation-Part 3-1
    Date-December 26, 8:12 PM
    Location-Berry Big Circus; Circus Entrance
    Turns out Phoenix, Pearl, and Maya were here to watch the show as well. 
    Seems like Phoenix has a tough time finding cases, it's been about five
    months since the last one. Maya mentions Max Galactica, the world's 
    greatest magician. Maya and Pearl head back to Kurain Village, Maya 
    promising to be back by the New Year. 
    Date-December 28, 9:12 AM
    Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Phoenix intends on cleaning up his office when Maya calls his phone. She
    orders Phoenix to turn on the TV for an important announcement. Back at the
    Berry Big Circus, a murder has taken place. That's the circus they all went
    to two days ago. Turns out Max Galactica was the one who was suspected and
    arrested. Maya says she'll meet Phoenix in the detention center. Looks like
    you've taken on this case whether you wanted to or not.
    Date-December 28, 11:19 AM
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Maya has arrived and exclaims that there's no way Max Galactica would ever
    kill somebody. You'll see Max through the glass now, and yes, he calls
    almost everything fabulous. He then plays a magic trick with Maya for a 
    second, then tries it on Phoenix. Although he picks a card, Max still just
    talks to Maya. Seems he really likes people who admire him. Might as well
    talk to the fabulous Max Galactica.
    Talk to him about "Max Galactica". Max seems really over-egoistic here, and
    then Phoenix says that he recently won an award. He won the Magician's
    Grand Prix, held by an association of magicians. The award pretty makes him
    the most fabulous of fabulous magicians. There was a trophy and a bust. Now
    ask him about the "Berry Big Circus". He talks about how he is the lead
    magician of the Berry Big Circus. He also says that it's a thing of the
    past. Nowadays nobody cares what goes on there. That's why he signed a
    contract to the place, so he could make it more fabulous. He goes on to say
    he makes all the other performers obsolete. Jerk. Now ask about "What 
    Last night, the ringmaster Russell Berry was murdered. Somebody smashed his
    head and he was found lying on the ground. Even though it occured in the
    middle of the night, there was a ton of police activity. Max was also the
    last person to see the ringmaster before he was murdered. He makes it sound
    like he hasn't been arrested-that the police are merely questioning him. 
    Now ask about "Meeting with Russell". Max doesn't feel like talking about
    what he talked about with Russell. Just then, three Psyche Locks appear on
    him. Unless your Attorney's Badge can answer all the questions, just keep
    this at the back of your mind for now. 
    Present your Attorney's Badge, though. It's hard but Maya will eventually
    manage to break the truth to Max that he's really been arrested for murder.
    Max then starts bawling, saying there's no way he'd ever kill someone. He
    then starts using country talk, just as annoying as Lotta's from the
    previous case. He also says his real name is Billy Bog Johns, and that he
    is really a country bumpkin. You've taken on the case now. Move to the 
    circus entrance.
    Date-December 28
    Location-Berry Big Circus; Circus Entrance
    There's a bunch of police investigators running amok, obviously trying to
    find important evidence. Maya says you should find somebody to help with
    the case. Move to the Lodging House. 
    Date-December 28
    Location-Lodging House; Plaza
    This appears to be a dormatory where all of the circus performers live. You
    will meet up with Detective Gumshoe here. Talk to Gumshoe about "Tomorrow's
    trial". Franziska von Karma is going to be the prosecutor for this case as
    well. Seems she hasn't had enough on Phoenix just yet. Maya also asks 
    Gumshoe about the whereabouts of Edgeworth. Gumshoe isn't exactly willing
    to tell you the details of what happened to him. He says he just isn't here
    anymore. Phoenix also tells Maya to not say his name again.
    Now ask about "What happened". The ringmaster died around 10 PM, outside
    in the cold. The body was found right around this lodge, actually. The
    ringmaster was killed by a blunt force to the head. He mentions that 
    something just didn't fit right. Now ask about "Something unusual". Turns
    out there were footprints. He then shows you a picture of the crime scene.
    Russell is lying in the snow ontop of a box. The footprints belong to 
    Russell, so the problem is that the killer's footprints are nowhere around.
    So who was the killer and where did they come from? CRIME PHOTO will be 
    added to the Court Record. 
    Now present Max's profile. Gumshoe says most people don't like Max, 
    probably because of his attitude. Gumshoe also has proof of his crime. He
    left one of his hat's at the crime scene. SILK HAT will be added to the 
    Court Record. He says that eyewitnesses saw the event and know about it.
    Talk about "Eyewitnesses" now. He won't tell you who they are, but he says
    you're not permitted to enter the lodging house. 
    Now head to the Big Top.
    Date-December 28
    Location-Berry Big Circus; Big Top
    It really should seem like an unsafe, or really stupid idea to be messing
    in the area where the performers...perform. Unfortunately, a tiger charges
    right at Phoenix and Maya. A young girl appears, appearently she is the 
    lion tamer. The girl is also amused at how Maya has her own costume. Heh.
    She introduces herself as Regina Berry, the animal tamer for the Berry Big
    Circus. Talk to Regina about "What happened". She seems to announce
    confidently that her father was murdered. Everyone was here practicing
    last night. They all finished at around 10 PM. Regina stayed at the Big 
    Top, though, to play with her tiger Regent. Now ask about "Regina".
    She playfully admits that Regent nor any of the other animals are scary at
    all. She also says that since Leon died she's been hanging with Regent. 
    Regina's dad killed Leon. She isn't too sure why he was killed, though.
    Present Russell Berry's profile. Regina will say he went back to his room
    once practice was over, and she'll point the way to his room. Head to his
    room now.
    Date-December 28
    Location-Big Top; Ringmaster's Room
    This must have been the room where Max and Russell were talking last night.
    Maya also notices a large picture of Max on the wall. Examine the paper
    envelope on the table. Max's salary is written on the paper, and the
    ringmaster signed it. Max's salary was clearly raised, but the document
    was dated a week ago. RINGMASTER'S PAPERS will be added to the Court Record
    now. Examine the black tuxedo in the corner of the room next. A piece of
    paper is hanging out of the coat. You aren't allowed to read it, though.
    Now examine the posters on the back wall. Turns out Maya already swiped one
    of the posters when you were busy. MAX G. PROMO POSTER will be added to the
    Court Record. There's nothing left to do here, head back out.
    Date-December 28
    Location-Berry Big Circus; Big Top
    Present Max's profile. You'll break the news to her that Max has been
    arrested. She says she's worried about many things right now. Talk to her
    about "What's on your mind?" She tells just Maya, and she gets real 
    excited and happy for Regina. She says that someone professed their love
    for Regina. Now only that, but it was Max Galactica who did just so. On the
    same day another person also professed their love. It was some guy named
    Trilo. Head back to the entrance.
    Date-December 28
    Location-Berry Big Circus; Circus Entrance
    You'll find a man in a white tuxedo with a huge red bow tie standing around
    the tent entrance. He says that he doesn't work at the circus, and seems a
    bit quiet about it. Then he goes on to say he's a ventriloquist after 
    slightly being insulted. He says he's Benjamin Woodman. Talk to him about
    "What happened". He tries to say he doesn't know anything about the murder,
    but keeps stuttering. Now ask about "Max Galactica". He says he's not too
    friendly. Now ask about "Ventriloquism". He seems to say something about
    his puppet...but doesn't get further than that. Head back to the Lodging
    Area and enter Moe's room.
    Date-December 28
    Location-Lodgin Hall 1st Floor; Moe's Room
    You'll meet up with Moe, naturally since this is his room. He's a pretty
    over-the-top clown for the circus. He keeps trying to make really horrible
    jokes with pretty much every statement. Yeah, he'll laugh at everything he
    says. Quite annoying. When he finally shuts up long enough for you to talk
    to him, ask about the "Berry Big Circus". He says the circus has been in
    business for over 20 years. All this time they've performed under Russell
    Berry. He says this kind of entertainment has become more and more
    difficult to work with over the years. Moe has been here since the very
    beginning. He also admits that Russell was a really kind guy, always 
    thinking of his employees. He's ticked that someone would outright kill
    him. Now ask about "What happened".
    He says it happened around 10 PM last night. He came back to his room at
    around that time, then caught a peek of the action when he went to bed. Moe
    is the eyeiwtness to the crime as Gumshoe hinted at. Now ask about "Russell
    Berry". Russell was constantly adding new acts to the show. He says that
    Max takes things too far, though. He seems to be hiding something about Max
    on the day of the murder. Now ask about "What you witnessed".
    Moe isn't allowed to tell you anything he witnessed, but he might let it
    go for a joke. A really horrible joke told by Wright. Anyways, Moe heard a
    loud noise that night. It sounded like a loud thump. Thagt's when he saw
    someone in a cap and top hat, near Russell's dead body. Next, present Max's
    Moe says that the morning of the murder he clonked Ben on the head very 
    hard. He suggests that you go to the cafeteria and investigate. CIRCUS MAP
    will be added to the Court Record after he hands it to you. Move to the 
    Big Top, and from there to the Cafeteria.
    Date-December 28
    Location-Big Top; Cafeteria
    Moe said, in a really bad pun, there's "Gotti" be something here. This 
    place is a terrible mess due to nobody being able to pick up the place once
    the murder happened. The only thing you need to do is examine the broken
    bottle on the ground. BROKEN BOTTLE will be added to the Court Record. You
    have enough evidence to break Mac's Psyche Locks now, so head back to him.
    Date-December 28
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Talk to Max about "Max Galactica". He thinks that the other performers are
    just jealous. He also says that he plans to get married to Regina, and that
    most of it is in the works right now. Now ask about "What happened". Max 
    goes on to say that when he was in Russell's room at 10 PM, Russell needed
    to leave for a few minutes. Max stayed in the room. He never came back, and
    he was unaware where he went. Time to present the Magatama.
    ~Max Galactica's Magatama Secret-Meeting with Russell~
    Phoenix asks if the only thing Max did in Russell's room was discuss his
    salary. You need to present something that proves he discussed more than
    just that. Present the Ringmaster's Papers. The main problem with this is
    that it was dated a week ago. He says that on that night the ringmaster
    actually called him to his room. Now you need to present something that
    shows what he was called into the room to discuss. Present the Broken 
    Bottle. The second lock will break. He says the bottle just fell onto the
    floor, but you need to present what really happened. Present Ben's
    profile. Max hit Ben over the head with the bottle. That's why he was 
    called to the room. 
    Now ask about "Meeting with Russell". On that morning at breakfast, Ben 
    and Max had a run in. They had a fight over Regina. Max got upset that
    somebody else was competing for Regina's love so he hit him over the head
    with a bottle. He was called to the ringmaster's room about this, and that
    was his chance to ask him to marry Regina. Since Ben was causing trouble he
    had to shut him up. Now ask about "Shut him up".
    Unless Trilo is with Ben (Trilo is his puppet), Ben hardly says a word. Max
    decided to hide Trilo in the ringmaster's room. Head over to the room right
    Date-December 28
    Location-Big Top; Ringmaster's Room
    You need to find Trilo in this room. Examine the trophy case on the left
    side of the room to discover Trilo lying inside. TRILO QUIST will be added
    to the Court Record. Head to the cafeteria to meet up with Ben.
    Date-December 28
    Location-Big Top; Cafeteria
    Talk to Ben about "What happened". Ben still says he doesn't know anything.
    Now ask about "Berry Big Circus". He says that he doesn't really like
    Regina too much. Seems odd since I thought Regina said he wanted to marry
    her. Anyways, present Trilo to Ben. It will be removed from the Court
    Record now. Now for something odd, all of Ben's thoughts will be projected
    through the puppet. You can freely talk to him now. Ask about "What
    happened". Trilo says the he probably deserved it since he payed him very
    little for his work. Now ask about "Berry Big Circus".
    Yeah. Trilo flat out says most things in this circus suck. He says that
    even in this pool of misfit circus performers he found someone to love-
    Regina. Trilo says he wants to marry Regina. Now ask about "Flying Fraud".
    Trilo says that he has the facts because he was there when the murder took
    place. Now ask about "Marriage". He says that he gave her a gift of song.
    He says that he wants to get to court to finally get rid of Max Galactica.
    Date-December 28
    Location-Berry Big Circus; Big Top
    Head back to the entrance. On your way, a monkey will attack you and steal
    your Attorney's Badge. Regina says that his name is Money and she is 
    willing to help you out. Talk about "Money the Monkey". She says that Moe
    probably knows where he is hiding. Now ask about "Ben and Trilo". Trilo 
    told Regina he was in love with her, not Ben. Now ask about the "Proposal".
    This won't really get you anywhere. She just acts like a naive girl, not
    aware Trilo is a friggin puppet. Head to Moe now.
    Date-December 28
    Location-Lodging Hall 1st Floor; Moe's Room
    Talk to Moe about "Regina". He says that Regina was born and raised in the
    Big Top, and knows little about the outside world. Now ask about "Money the
    Monkey". Moe is willing to take you to the owner of Money right now. Choose
    to "Go with Moe". 
    Date-December 28
    Location-Lodging Hall 3rd Floor; Acro's Room
    This is Acro's room. He's an acrobat for the circus. Moe says that Acro is
    out for the day. Before he leaves, MONEY THE MONKEY data will be added to
    the Court Record. Examine the pile of junk in the corner of the room. 
    PHOENIX'S ATTORNEY'S BADGE will be added to the Court Record again. Phoenix
    then finds a ring reading "From T to R" on it. RING will be added to the
    Court Record. That wraps up this day. Save the game.
    Trial-Part 3-2
    Date-December 29, 9:43 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 5
    Max is here, and he seems a bit troubled. He desires a glass of milk, but
    is denied his request. The he says he wants to make a flying entrance into
    the courtroom. Hehe, but Phoenix wishes it could be him that'd make the
    Date-December 29, 10:00 AM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 2
    The Judge starts off by calling Max Galactica by his stage name due to his
    granddaughter being a big fan. Franziska is still ticked off at the whole
    spirit channeling sham and says that it totally doesn't count for anything.
    Good to know she's doing well. Gumshoe is the first witness called up. 
    ~Gumshoe's Testimony-Detail of the Events~
    -The night of the crime, snow was falling until 9:40 PM, making it
    extremely cold out.
    -All of the circus performers gathered in the Big Top to practice their
    -The pracitce session broke up around 10 PM.
    -The murder itself took place in the plaza in front of the lodging house at
    10:15 PM.
    -The victim was found bent over a wooden box dead as a doornail.
    -The cause of death was blunt force trauma that snapped a vertebrae in his
    You will recieve RUSSELL'S AUTOPSY REPORT into the Court Record before the
    cross examination. Start by pressing the first statement. You'll learn
    nothing of interest. Now press the second statement. Gumshoe says all the
    main performers, excluding the dancers and leaders, were there at the
    practice. Press the third statement next. He mentions where everyone went
    after the practice was over. You already know Max and Russell went back to
    the ringmaster's room to discuss the salary, and Moe went back to his room.
    Now press the fourth statement. You'll get nothing out of it. Pressing the
    fifth statement will make Gumshoe talk about the wooden box. He says the
    box was locked and heavier than it looked. WOODEN BOX will be added to the
    Court Record. You can ask a question about the box itself. Choose "About
    the contents". The only thing inside of the box was a small bottle, filled
    with pepper. SMALL SEASONING BOTTLE will be added to the Court Record. Does
    this hold any significance...? Press the final statement. Nobody knows what
    the murder weapon is, it's still being searched for. Now that you've 
    pressed all the statements, the examination will end.
    Franziska then calls Ben and Trilo to the stand. After Trilo badmouths
    almost everyone in the courtroom several times, he'll finally testify about
    what he saw.
    ~Ben and Trilo's Testimony-What You Witnessed~
    -Once practice was over, I left the tent with the stooge...I mean clown.
    -Once we got to the lodging house, I ditched him and went over to the 
    -That's when I saw Max heading towards the scene of the crime.
    -He was the only one heading that way...How could that punk not be the 
    -Then police showed up, and took magic boy away.
    Before you can to examine him, the Judge asks if it was possible at all 
    for Moe to have committed the crime since nobody was with him. Franziska
    says that was impossible since the silk hat, a signature feature of Max,
    was found at the scene. Yeah, as if that couldn't have been just planted
    there easily. 
    Press Trilo's third statement when he mentions seeing Max head over to the
    scene of the crime. He says that his 3-piece getup is impossible to not
    notice. He's referring to his silk hat, cloak, and white roses around his
    neck. Now press the fourth statement about him being the only one heading
    that way. Trilo will say he was certain he only saw Max. You can ask a
    question here, so choose "Ben only saw Max?" You will need to show who
    else he should have seen. Present Russell Berry's profile. If Max was 
    heading off in that direction to the ringmaster's room, he would have to
    have seen Russell as well. 
    Press the fifth statement next. Ben says that the police didn't arrive 
    until 10:30 PM, and that he was standing in the cold the entire time.
    Phoenix guesses they were waiting for someone. Now you need to present who
    he was waiting for. Present Regina's profile. Yes, Trilo just exploded.
    If Trilo was waiting for Regina, whom he says he was, then he easily 
    wouldn't have cared who else walked past him. He was waiting to propose 
    to her. Now we're gonna hear a testimony about the proposal. What the hell.
    ~Ben and Trilo's Testimony-About the Proposal~
    -Don't be so surprised that I was going to propose to Regina!
    -I even had something to give to her...
    -I kept it in my pocket, waiting for the chance to propose and give it to
    -Of course, I also had it in my pocket that night. It was a present for 
    -In the end, I wasn't able to give it to her, so I've still got it in my
    Press the second statement to learn about what the present he intended to
    give Regina is. It was an engagement ring. Franziska looks ticked off, and
    even though pain=bad, choose to "Push on anyway". Trilo's testimony will
    change to this:
    -I planned on giving an engagement ring to Regina...
    There's something odd with the testimony here. Remember the ring you have
    in the Court Record that says "From T to R"? T may stand for Trilo and R
    for Regina...and if that were true, then YOU have the ring, now Trilo. 
    Present the Ring at the last statement now. This only works if the above
    line of testimony gets added.
    Phoenix says that Money the Monkey likes to go after shiny objects. Ben
    says that the ring was stolen from him on the night of the crime. It was
    stolen right after Max showed up in the plaza. The ring was taken around 
    that time. Trilo says that once the ring was stolen he gave chase after the
    monkey. Ben was unable to catch up the Money and couldn't retrieve the
    ring. This proves one important point. Choose "Ben's testimony has a flaw."
    Trilo said that he was in the plaza up until the point which the police
    arrived. However, he just stated that he went chasing after the monkey. 
    There was nobody watching the plaza at this point, then. Now this means 
    that someone other than the defendant could have been in the plaza. Phoenix
    and Franziska argue for a bit, then he'll testify yet again.
    ~Ben and Trilo's Testimony-Witnessing Max~
    -I'll give you that I was waiting that night for Regina.
    -But that doesn't change the fact that I saw Max in the plaza that night!
    -He showed up after I had been waiting there for about five minutes.
    -I said "good evening" to him, but he didn't even acknowledge my presence!
    -I'm absolutely sure it was him! I saw Maximillion Galactica at the scene!!
    -There's no way I could mistake someone wearing those three rediculous
    The contradiction is lying flat out in the open, but it probably isn't 
    too obvious. Note that Trilo said "good evening" to what we think is Max.
    However, we know that Ben and Trilo severely dislike Max for one major
    reason, especially on that day. Present the Broken Bottle at the fourth
    statement. A fight with Max ensued in the cafeteria, and Ben ended up
    getting conked on the head with a bottle. There's no way Trilo would be
    so friendly at that time of night. 
    Now you need to explain your theory further. Choose "He saw a different
    person". If Trilo had really seen Max, there would have been no greeting.
    Thusly, the person he saw was not Max. That's why he bothered to greet this
    person. Now you need to show who it was that Trilo saw then. Present
    Russell Berry's profile. That is why Trilo greeted him, it was Russell he
    saw, not Max. Now Trilo says he thought it was Russell at first, but then
    realized it was Max. 
    Trilo then says he clearly saw the three symbols that make Max's outfit. 
    Finally Phoenix says that somebody else could have been dressing up as him.
    Franziska says that the next witness will be able to determine who the one
    person that Trilo saw really was. A short recess will be taken. Save the 
    Date-December 29, 11:54 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 5
    Max says that he didn't go anywhere near the crime scene. He still says 
    that he was in the ringmaster's room the entire time. Now he admits that he
    went to the ringmaster's room still dressed in his usual outfit. When he 
    got to the room, though, he took them off. This means that the ringmaster
    could have taken his costume, therefore looking like Max. Then he says that
    only silk hat was found at the scene. What about his cloak and his roses?
    There's nothing else to describe now. Back to court.
    Trial-Part 3-3
    Date-December 29, 12:06 PM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 2
    Moe is going to testify on what he saw last night. Recall that he did see
    the murder take place. Ignore his first testimony-it's a fake. The real one
    comes after it. Don't miss the Fresh Prince quote he says before tesifying,
    ~Moe the Clown's Testimony-What You Witnessed~
    -The night of the murder, after practice was over, I went straight back to
    my room.
    -You have no idea how tired I was that night. I was pooped.
    -I thought I'd go straight to sleep, but before I did, I glanced out the
    -That's when I saw two silhouettes! They were a bit far away though!
    -It was the Ringmaster, and he was with Max, who was wearing his cloak!
    -I kept watching them and, all of a sudden, Max clonked the Ringmaster
    over the head. 
    The Judge warns you that pressing Moe too hard will result in useless
    chatter, and tells you to refrain from doing it. Bascially, you will lose
    2/10ths of your health bar for each bad press. Don't screw around with Moe.
    Start off by pressing the third statement where he says he glanced out of
    the window. Be sure to "Keep pressing" even though Moe keeps dodging the
    question at hand. Phoenix then says that Moe said yesterday he heard a loud
    noise, and looks out of the window at that time. Moe then rebutts saying he
    forgot about that. Moe looked out of the window because of the loud sound,
    not because he felt like it. This line of testimony will change to this:
    -I heard a huge noise outside the window, and that's what made me take a
    look outside...
    You'll need this for later. Now press the next statement where he says he
    saw two figures outside. Moe says the figures were about 30 feet away from
    his bedroom window. It was snowing that night, so visibility was low. Press
    the final statement now about Max hitting Russell on the head with a 
    weapon. Moe is also unaware of what the murder weapon is. You will start to
    demand knowing if he saw the murder or not, and Franziska will pop in
    saying you better have a good reason for harassing him. Tell her that "Of
    course I do!" when asked if you have proof he didn't see the crime.
    The reason is Moe's own testimony. There's a great flaw, though. Moe said
    he heard a great thumping noise, and also said that he saw Max hit the
    ringmaster with the murder weapon. There's no way he could have heard the
    sound, then looked out of the window to see the murder. Now he says that 
    when he looked out of the window, the ringmaster was already lying face
    down in the snow. Franziska helped fill in the gaps in his statements. 
    Moe goes on to say that although he didn't see the actual crime, he did see
    the murderer. He saw someone silhouette next to the ringmaster's dead body.
    He's gonna testify again on this matter.
    ~Moe the Clown's Testimony-The Silhouette~
    -I was a bit far away, but that shadow could only have belonged to Max.
    -There's no doubting it. Especially since I saw his uppity symbols.
    -His silk hat. That black cloak. They were all there!
    -His face was still silhouetted, but there was no doubt that it was him.
    -His cloak was fluttering in the wind, so I couldn't really see what he 
    was carrying.
    Phoenix says it's not enough to just prove Moe was wrong, but suspicion
    that someone else could have committed the murder must be made. The
    contradiction in his testimony is lying quite visible, but it's not likely
    you'd think of it right away. At Moe's third statement he mentions two of
    Max's symbols. However, he has three. He's missing the white roses. Present
    the Max G. Promo Poster here. Franziska tries saying that it's not really
    important-it's just one symbol he forgot to mention.
    Moe then says that there weren't any roses on the person he saw. Despite
    it being dark out, the white roses would have stuck out well. There's no 
    way he could have missed them. Franziska then says they must have falled 
    off at the crime scene. However, they would have been found if that had
    happened. Remember that Trilo said that he saw all three symbols, but Moe
    just now says he saw two. This is a clear contradiction to what Moe has 
    just said. The Judge is nearly ready to call a verdict, but he still has
    some doubt left. Moe will testify one last time.
    ~Moe the Clown's Testimony-The Silhouette, Part 2~
    -There's no doubt in my mind! There were no white roses that night!
    -However, all of the other symbols were there...I'm equally sure of that.
    -Especially the silk hat! There is no way I could forget seeing the
    decorations on it!
    -He was wearing it the entire time that he was on the scene!
    If you press any statement, like the Judge warned you not to, you will get
    severely penalized. The contradiction is lying out in the open once again.
    On the final statement, he says Max was wearing his silk hat the entire 
    time. However, it ended up on the ground. Thusly, he must have dropped it 
    at some point. Present the Silk Hat here. There's no way he could have been
    wearing it the entire time if it was found at the crime scene. 
    Moe then goes on in frantic outbursts, insulting the Judge several times
    that his own eyesight is perfectly fine and that he did see Max. Then he
    says that he left the scene wearing his silk hat still. Phoenix asks just
    how exactly the murderer left the scene. Moe says that all he did was turn
    and walk away. Now you need to present proof that Moe is wrong on how the
    criminal left the scene. Present the Crime Photo.
    The only footprint here are of Russell Berry. There's no traces of anyone
    else's footprints. Phoenix demands that all of Moe's testmonies be erased
    due to complete unreliability. Moe then says he's finally ready to tell the
    truth. Then he says Franziska was really the one that formed his 
    testimonies, but he's ready to come clean now. 
    ~Moe the Clown's Testimony-The Truth~
    -Now it's time for our next segment, "Moe Knows".
    -Everything I have said up until now has been the truth!
    -When I looked out of the window, the Ringmaster was down, and Max was
    standing above him.
    -He was not wearing his roses, but he was wearing the silk hat!
    -Now, this is the best bit. That's when I saw him...fly through the air!
    -He flew right off and disappeared into the darkness!
    -That's why there were no footprints. Flying criminals don't leave
    Before you cros examine the Judge will ask your opinion on his wierd
    testimony. Choose "His eyes are playing tricks". It doesn't really matter
    since the Judge is tired of this useless story telling by Moe. The main 
    thing you must find tonight is why there were no footprints on the scene.
    Date-December 29, 2:33 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 5
    Max demands to know what is happening. Then he says that he's never 
    actually flying when on stage, rather invisible wires are attached to him
    to give him that appearence. The only chance you have now is to find and
    catch the real criminal. Save the game.
    Investigation-Part 3-4
    Date-December 29, 3:03 PM
    Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Maya admits that she's horrible at figuring out magic tricks. She goes on
    to say that Pearl showed her a magic trick once and she was totally
    dumbfounded. She pulled the classic "pull the thumb off" gag. Phoenix then
    does the trick as well and Maya seems stupified. Again. Talk about "What
    to do" now. Maya isn't so sure that the criminal really flew off through
    the air. Now ask about "Any ideas". Although Max is a total ass, Maya 
    doesn't think that's enough to frame a murder on him. Eh, we're totally
    lost here. Head back to the circus.
    Date-December 29 
    Location-Berry Big Circus; Circus Entrance
    When you arrive you overhear two people arguing. Ben and Trilo are busy
    practicing their singing. They're trying to sing as a new round for their
    ventrilquist act. Eh. Maya hands back the ring to Trilo. Talk about 
    "Today's trial" now. They say that they thought they saw the ringmaster at
    first, but realized it was Max. If he wasn't wearing his symbols that would
    have assumed it was the ringmaster. Ask about "Marriage" next.
    Trilo says he's just waiting for Regina to come by to propose to her. Now
    ask about "Ventriloquism". Trilo seems pumped to take the ventriloquist act
    around the world. He says he wants to win the Grand Prix next, and Maya 
    says the he's the doll now, man. Head over to Lodging House.
    Date-December 29 
    Location-Lodging House; Plaza
    You'll meet Gumshoe here. Phoenix was right in assuming Franziska would 
    force him to listen to Moe's jokes for a long time. He says he doesn't want
    to backwhip Franziska since she's always got her eyes on them. He says the
    she is directly above you right now. She is in Acro's room at the moment,
    since the criminal would have to have flown into or past it as Moe put it.
    Gumshoe says not to get any ideas of going up there. Shouldn't get involved
    near Franziska, that's for sure. You can't enter his room right now, and
    you should flat out stay away from it anyways. For now, head back to the
    Date-December 29 
    Location-Big Top; Cafeteria
    You will meet up with Moe when you enter the cafeteria. He seems to be in a
    good mood despite what happened in court earlier today. Ask Moe about
    "Today's trial". He says that it was tough for him because he wasn't able
    to make anyone laugh. He seems really ticked off nobody is laughing at his
    jokes. Now ask about "What you witnessed". He is positive that he saw 
    someone float through the air. Since no Psyche Locks appeared he must be
    telling the truth about this. Now that we know this, head back to Max.
    Date-December 29 
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Max says that a TV crew appeared a little while ago, saying that he should
    be getting his own TV special. They are calling it a prison escape, 
    actually. He mornfully says he can't do it before he gets an aquittal,
    though, as that'd just hurt his chances of getting a not guilty verdict.
    He asks you to hurry up and get him out of here. Ask about "Night of the
    murder". He goes back over the events once more. At the time of the murder,
    he was sitting in the ringmaster's room. Flying off into the sky is 
    something he can't do at will. 
    Now ask about "Today's trial". Maya asks why he can't be friends with the
    other performers. He says that the other performers aren't full of ambition
    and that is why he doesn't like them as much. Now ask about the "Grand
    Prix". He holds up a picture of him winning the International Grand Prix,
    and this picture is also in color. Whoa. He asks you to show the picture to
    the other performers. GRAND PRIX PHOTO will be added to the Court Record.
    Head to the Cafeteria for another talk with Moe.
    Date-December 29 
    Location-Big Top; Cafeteria
    Present the Grand Prix Photo to Moe. Moe says that he's seen this picture
    before. He also says that Max showed him his bust, and that it was really
    big too. Max pretty much made them all worship his enormous bust. Now talk
    about "Max's Bust" since we should figure out what the hell a bust is to
    begin with. Moe says that the bust should be on the table nearby. It isn't,
    and Moe says that about five days ago the bust disappeared. MAX G. BUST
    will be added to the Court Record. He also mentions that one thing here is
    slightly different. Ask about "What's changed".
    On the morning of the crime, a piece of paper was posted on the bullitin
    board. It was torn, so only the title is visible. It reads "To the 
    Murderer". NOTE will be added to the Court Record. Now you need to find the
    other half of this piece of paper. Head to the Detention Center again.
    Date-December 29 
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Present the Note you just recieved to Max. He knows all about this note.
    When head read it for the first time, his heart jumped a bit. While 
    enjoying his morning tea, the ringmaster and company entered the room. When
    he read the note, his face turned real red. He tore the note off the wall
    and stuck it into the pocket of his tailcoat. He isn't going to spoil what
    is on the note for you. Head back to the Ringmaster's Room.
    Date-December 29 
    Location-Big Top; Ringmaster's Room
    Examine the black coat at the back of the room once again. Remember the 
    piece of paper stuck in it? You will finally get to read what is on this
    note. The piece of paper here indeed is the other half of the ripped note.
    The note reads "I have conclusive evidence of what took place. Meet at 10
    PM tonight at the lodging house plaza." That's the time the murder took
    place. NOTE will be updated in the Court Record. Now we just need to find
    out who wrote that note and we should be able to pinpoint the murderer from
    there. Head back to the Lodging Plaza now.
    Date-December 29 
    Location-Lodging House, Plaza
    Gumshoe says that he is done with his investigation for now. He then hear's
    a strange sound. Anytime that irritating sound is heard, Franziska isn't 
    too far behind. Gumshoe thinks it's a best idea to run away, and he does
    just that. Franziska appears soon after whipping Maya from a distance. She
    says that tomorrow will finally be the day that she defeats the almighty
    Phoenix Wright.
    Talk about "Tomorrow's trial". She says she has conclusive evidence and a
    conclusive witness. There's not much else to the story. She is, of course,
    referring to the acrobat. Now ask about "Revenge". She says that her
    revenge on you isn't actually just to destroy you. It's actually to get
    somebody else back. Phoenix is just a small roadblock. She's talking about
    Miles Edgeworth. Now ask about "Miles Edgeworth". It was Karma who trained
    him to be a prosecutor in the first place. Miles was like a little brother
    to Franziska. After the fourth case from the previous game, Edgeworth
    vanished. Franziska accuses Phoenix that it's his fault he is gone. 
    Now ask about "Edgeworth's death". After the case, Edgeworth seemed
    traumatized and got worse each day. He never came back to court. One day,
    he just vanished. All he left was a note that said "Prosecutor Miles 
    Edgeworth chooses death." Franziska doesn't buy it, though. She's still
    sure he's alive somewhere. Phoenix must have killed his inner prosecutional
    skills. There's nothing left here. Head up to Acro's Room.
    Date-December 29 
    Location-Lodging Hall 3rd Floor; Acro's Room
    The odd looking man you meet says he is Ken Dingling, or Acro as most 
    people here call him. Acro says that he performs mainly on the tightrope
    and whatnot, but for a while all he's been performing in is his 
    wheelchair. Talk to him about "Berry Big Circus". When Acro was a kid, his
    parents failed at business. They just ran away from it all, leaving Acro
    and his brother. The ringmaster was willing to take in the kids. He was a
    lifesaver to Acro. He says he wanted to find a way to repay him, but now
    that's impossible since he's been killed. Maya says that Regina is truly
    a princess, but Acro thinks otherwise. 
    Now ask about the "Wheelchair". The nerves in his legs were badly 
    damaged, and is stuck to his wheelchair now. He lives on the third floor
    of the building, so he can't even leave by himself. He won't go any further
    when three Psyche Locks appear on him. His injury clearly wasn't related
    to an acrobatic accident. He injured himself six months ago. Now ask about
    "What happened".
    He says he wasn't in his room yesterday because he was in the hospital. He
    wasn't sure if the murder was real or not before going to the hospital. Now
    ask further with "What you witnessed". He looked out of his window the
    night before when he heard a loud noise, and saw Max flying straight up 
    into the air. That isn't going to help us at all. Head back to the Big Top.
    Date-December 29 
    Location-Berry Big Circus; Big Top
    Regina will appear again to stop the bear from eating Phoenix. She was
    hoping to teach someone a lesson, but ended up with Phoenix instead of who
    she was looking for. Talk to her about "Russell Berry". She says that she
    feel's lonely that she won't be able to see him for a while. She seems like
    one really messed up girl. Ask about "Money the Monkey" next.
    She says she wanted to teach him a lesson because he is so mean. Turns out
    that Money stole one of her stage costumes. She asks if you see the costume
    to retrieve it for her. Answer any of the choices, it doesn't matter at 
    all. Now, present the Note.
    Regina says she knows what that is since it was in her pocket for a while.
    She noticed it was there around breakfast. She goes to Acro's room each
    morning to give him his breakfast, take out the trash, then heads to the
    cafeteria herself to eat breakfast. Since she figured she's not a murderer,
    she thought it belonged to someone else. She thought someone should know
    about it and stuck it up onto the bulletin board. NOTE will be updated in
    the Court Record now. Head back to Moe's Room now.
    Date-December 29 
    Location-Lodging Hall 1st Floor; Moe's Room
    Moe isn't here right now, but someone else is. Money is in the room, and
    he's holding Regina's dress that she told you to get for her. Now you need
    to figure out how to get the monkey's attention. Choose "Give it back,
    Monkey-brain!" Money will run away while Phoenix tries to have a man-to-man
    talk with the monkey, but Phoenix will swipe the dress away from him when
    he's distracted. 
    STAGE COSTUME will be added to the Court Record. Head back over to the Big
    Top to give this to Regina.
    Date-December 29 
    Location-Berry Big Circus; Big Top
    Present the Stage Costume you just found. She says that the costume wasn't
    actually hers, it was Leon's. Now ask about "Leon". She says Leon was
    killed because he did something bad during practice. She mentions that when
    Leon was opening his mouth, she would stick her head into his mouth. During
    one practice session, Leon bit someone. LEON will be added to the Court
    We need to have another discussion with Moe. He still knows something quite
    important to this case. Head back to the Cafeteria.
    Date-December 29 
    Location-Big Top; Cafeteria
    What's that smell? It's...burgers! Moe turns out to be cooking up some
    burgers right now. What is it with Maya and other various people with crazy
    burger fetishes? Talk about the "Berry Big Circus" now. Turns out when Acro
    found out about the murder he was quite livid. He was so upset he hardly
    felt like living anymore. Moe has been thinking that he should just quit
    his job while he has the chance. He's thinking he should try replacing the
    ringmaster. Max would still be an issue to work with, though, but it is
    hard to argue with his importance. He admits that many things he says are
    true, that he is the reason the circus is so lively. He's hoping that
    everyone could just get over the tradjety.
    Ask about "Get over it?" and Moe says yes to when Maya guesses he's talking
    about Russell's death. Two Psyche Locks appear over him now. He says a 
    small accident occured six months ago. He thinks everyone should just get
    over the accident, but he makes it seem that the topic of it is brought up
    every now and then. Present the Magatama.
    ~Moe the Clown's Magatama Secret-Get Over It?~
    Phoenix asks what happened six months ago that is so important. Phoenix 
    thinks he knows something about the accident. You need to present the cause
    of the accident. Present Leon (he's in the Court Record). Leon did 
    something during his performance, and that is what this accident must be a
    cause of. One of the locks will shatter.
    Moe told Regina many times that she should have Leon do so many dangerous
    things during performances. Putting heads into Leon's mouth was all part of
    the act. Regina believed in Leon, and Russell believed in Regina, so he 
    kept going along with it. Moe promised not to tell who was bitten during 
    the accident. He mentions someone else was involved in this accident, too.
    You need to present who it is made Moe promise not to tell anything. 
    Present Acro's profile. Moe is ready to tell the truth, as he thinks now 
    this accident may help figure out who the murderer is. The second lock will
    break off. Now ask about "Get over it?"
    He says it would have been better off if someone had died during the
    accident. When the person was bitten, he suffered major brain damage. The
    man will never recover from the coma he is in. All he does is lie in a 
    hospital bed, nothing more. This man is related to Acro because it is his
    brother. Bat was Acro's brother, and he was bitten and sent into a coma.
    Now ask about "Acro's brother".
    Sean Dingling is Acro's brother, but everyone calls him Bat. He also fell
    in love with Regina, and that was his downfall. During a practice session
    six months ago, Bat said he wanted to perform with Leon. This is what
    caused the accident. When Leon bit down, he seemed to have been similing.
    The police were never informed of this incident, as the circus was afraid
    of being shut down if they were notified. The next day, Russell shot Leon
    dead with his rifle. 
    Maya sneezes on the pepper shaker you have, and Moe comments that Regina 
    has a similar sneeze. Turns out Bat would always tease Regina with pepper.
    Head back to Acro's Room for the last bit of information you need.
    Date-December 29 
    Location-Lodging Hall 3rd Floor; Acro's Room
    Acro seems to know why Phoenix is back so soon. He's still thinking about
    what he's hiding when you asked about his wheelchair. Present the Magatama
    so we can find out.
    ~Acro's Magatama Secret-About the Wheelchair~
    Acro says once again that the cause of his accident was while training for
    an acrobatic routine. However, if this was the case he would have no reason
    to keep it a secret. You need to present the real cause of his injury. 
    Present the picture of Leon. Six months ago he was attacked by the lion, 
    and that's how he ended up in the wheelchair. The first lock will break.
    Phoenix thinks that he didn't actually get attacked, but had to fight it to
    save someone's life. Present Bat's profile. The second lock will shatter
    when confronted with the facts.
    Moe did say that the team of Acro and Bat were cut down at the same time.
    They were injured in the same accident. Acro says it wasn't anyone's fault,
    though. You need to present someone whom he doesn't like very much. Present
    Regina's profile. Acro always seems calm until the subject comes to 
    Regina. Regina and Bat were good friends back at the time. You need to
    present proof of why Acro has hated Regina for so long. Present the Note.
    Acro must have written the note and put it in her pocket. The final lock
    will break. Now, finally ask about the "Wheelchair".
    His legs were injured by Leon. Six months ago, Bat had a dare with Regina.
    Bat said if he could put his head inside Leon's mouth like Regina does,
    she'd have to go out with him on a date. They figured that since Leon was
    old he wouldn't attack somebody else who put their head into his mouth.
    However, that wasn't the case here. When Leon chomped on his head, Acro
    ran towards him. Leon attacked Acro and that's how he ended up this way.
    Bat is still in a coma. He went to the hospital yesterday to visit him,
    hoping one day he'll open his eyes again. Now ask about "Regina and Bat".
    Both were great friends. Acro also hands you a scarf that Bat was wearing
    when he was attacked. It's covered in blood. The scarf was a present from
    Regina on the day of the attack. Leon looked to be smiling when he chomped
    on Bat. Franziska appears and demands that you hand over the scarf. Acro
    then leaves with Franziska as he'll be the final witness to appear
    tomorrow. Hopefully this case will all make sense soon. Save the game.
    Trial-Part 3-5
    Date-December 30, 9:41 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 5
    Max says he's pretty nervous before coming into court today. Regina appears
    to bring him a carton of milk. Moe told Regina that she should come to the
    trial to watch it. Regina clearly doesn't understand how a trial works 
    since she still thinks that Max will be putting on a performance. After a
    small morale boost, Regina heads off to the audience. Moe then appears 
    with another carton of milk. Moe is pretty sure that Acro is the real
    criminal as well. He's used to putting his life on the line, Moe warns you.
    Moe also says that Regina is here to hopefully understand the reality of
    what happened to her father. Time for trial.
    Date-December 30, 10:00 AM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 2
    Franziska opens up by saying she wants to revise her recent theories on the
    events of the murder. They have discovered a new witness, one that says he
    saw Max fly off from the scene of the crime. An explaination for how Max 
    was able to fly that night will be proven. Gumshoe was even forced to 
    provide a mockup of how such an even could occur. Acro will be called to 
    the stand. 
    ~Acro's Testimony-What You Witnessed~
    -It was just after 10:00 PM, and I was resting in my bed.
    -Around that time, I heard a large "THUMP" noise from outside the window.
    -Then a few moments later, I saw someone...Flying...Right by my window.
    -It was Max Galactica...I only saw him from behind, but that's who it
    looked like.
    -To be honest, when I saw that, I thought I was dreaming...
    This testimony matches up quite similar to what Moe said yesterday. You
    will need to press for the hard facts. Press the fourth statement when he
    mentions he saw Max Galactica from behind. Phoenix will confirm that the
    lights in his room were shut off. Despite them being off, he was still able
    to see Max. Acro says that the safety lights were on, and that was enough
    to enable him to see the silhouette of Max. Although he couldn't see the
    white roses this way, he says he did see the silk hat and the cloak around
    his body. Phoenix will think something was wrong with that statement. 
    Choose "There is a contradiction". 
    This happened yesterday so you probably already have realized it. Max's hat
    was on the ground. Therefore, he couldn't have been wearing it when he was
    flying past Acro's window. Acro thinks that is actually the ringmaster's
    hat, not Max's. Clearly Acro has been lying about this the entire time.
    Now Franziska will demand that you back up this statement explaining why
    Acro would lie in court right now. Answer "Acro is the real culprit".
    Phoenix will accuse Acro of murdering Russell now, and Franziska actually
    finds this amusing. She then points to Acro who is still very calm and
    collected. If he was the real murderer, he'd probably be panicing right
    now. Acro then says that he can't even move out of his wheelchair, so he
    easily couldn't have done the murder. Or so he says. Franziska says she had
    proof that Acro is disabled, so now she thinks you will call out that he
    had an accomplice. Choose "Of course he didn't".
    Phoenix exclaims that Acro planned and executed the murder all on his own.
    Now the Judge will say that if this is true, Acro being the murderer, then
    his testimony is all lies. He'll ask you to point out where Acro was then
    during the murder. Point to his own room. Acro wasn't able to leave the
    room by himself, so the only explaination is that he committed the murder
    from his room. Acro then says that it's an interesting, but impossible,
    theory. The Judge also backs up his claim by reminding you he's in a 
    Acro then asks how you think he killed Russell. If he couldn't leave his
    room he couldn't have worn Max's costume. The Judge will ask if you have
    an explaination as to how Acro could have killed Russell. Choose to 
    "Present evidence". Now you need to show what we think is the murder 
    weapon. Present the Max G. Bust. The bust itself is actually quite heavy.
    Heavy enough to ensure death, especially if dropped from a third story
    window. Franziska then says that there's no way that Acro could have 
    wheeled his chair around with such a heavy bust in it. Phoenix says that he
    has a strong enough body to carry the bust. Acro isn't able to refute your
    statements, so clearly we're getting somewhere. 
    Acro will be forced to testify about his current handicapped condition, a
    testimony Phoenix thinks is just a stall for time.
    ~Acro's Testimony-Acro's Physical State~
    -I supposed I could have lifted something the size of the bust.
    -I have a strong upper body from working as an acrobat, and only my legs
    were injured.
    -However, lifting the bust and looking out of the window would've been
    -There's no way I could have exerted that kind of force on my lower body.
    -That makes it impossible for me to have known the location of the 
    Ringmaster's head.
    -Thus it would be unrealistic for me to drop the bust on him. Don't you
    The Judge agrees that trying to exert such a force would lead to more
    injuries on his body. Phoenix will still examine nonetheless. Pressing 
    won't get you anywhere in this testimony as the contradiction can already
    be spotted. At the fifth statement, where he says it would have been
    impossible to see the ringmaster's head, it actually wasn't with some help.
    Present the Wooden Box here. 
    Acro didn't need to lean out of the window because he already knew where
    the ringmaster was going to be ahead of time. Quite precisely, actually.
    Phoenix will bring out the picture of Russell leaning over the box. The
    question is-who placed the box there? When Ben and Trilo saw the 
    ringmaster, they didn't see any box. This means that the wooden box was
    already placed at the scene of the crime. The moment the bust came falling
    down was the moment that the ringmaster picked up the box.
    This all makes it clear. If the bust were to fall at the point marked by
    the wooden box, there would be no possible chance of it missing the victim.
    The Judge will then ask who placed the wooden box at the scene. Phoenix 
    says it was Acro himself. He had a rope to help himself lower the box to
    that point. Franziska then says that the ringmaster's head could have been
    anywhere at that point. That's why the box was specially made. You need to
    choose its special feature. Choose "The weight of the box". According to
    the Court Record it is over 20 pounds. The only way most people could have
    picked up the box is if they squatted down to pick it up. The box is large
    and has carrying handles, making the head placement of the person who was
    picking up the box easy to determine.
    Acro still won't admit to what we think is his crime yet. He still says 
    that even if he wanted to do those events, he couldn't. He will ask if you
    remember the original location of the bust. Choose "I remember". It was in
    the cafeteria, on a table. The big question now is how would Acro have 
    gotten the bust from the cafeteria to his room? He can't leave his room by
    himself. Now you must show how the bust made its way from the cafeteria to
    Acro. Present Money the Monkey. Acro never ordered the monkey to steal the
    bust, he took it with his own free will.
    Franziska says that the bust isn't shiny at all, since it's mostly bronze.
    The cards, however, were the shiny part of the bust. Acro admits that
    Money is capable of holding the heavy bust. Franziska says that the current
    location of the bust is still unknown. If the monkey didn't steal the bust,
    though, then what? Or, perhaps the bust was used as the murder weapon by
    accident. One fact has been proven, though, and that is Acro has the 
    ability to kill the ringmaster. Franziska says again that Max was still
    scene at the crime location. She then asks the clown saw the murderer. You
    must present who it was. Present the Max G. Bust.
    Franziska says she demanded a picture of the person, not some useless
    piece of evidence. However, Moe said he saw Max's silhouette. However, what
    he didn't see was a person at all. What Moe actually saw that night was
    Max's bust. There's no reason why Max's cloak couldn't have been attached
    to the bust, and this would give it the appearence that it looks just like
    Max. It also shows why the white roses weren't visible. Now you must show
    who put the cloak on the bust. Present Russell Berry's profile. Russell
    didn't actually "put" the cloak on the bust. 
    Phoenix describes the scene again. Acro lowered a rope with the wooden box
    attached. Then he attached the bust to the rope and dangled the bust 
    outside of his window, directly over the box. At the same time, Max was
    told to wait in the ringmaster's room by Russell. At the time, the 
    ringmaster was wearing Max's cloak. Perhaps it was to stay hidden that
    night. However, he was spotted by Ben and Trilo, much to his demise. When
    the ringmaster got over to the scene, he bent over to pick up the wooden 
    box, and that's when Acro let go of the rope and let the bust his Russell.
    At the instant the bust hit the victim, the cloak flew off of Russell and
    landed on the bust. Franziska stops you, saying this is absurd. Phoenix 
    continues on anyways. That's the sound Moe heard and he looked out of the
    window. The crime being committed, Acro lifted up the bust back to his
    room. He had no idea Moe saw this, though. That is how the cloak managed
    to fly into the sky. 
    Franziska now demands proof that your absurd story is true. There is still
    something unusual about Moe's eyewitness account. A contradiction, rather,
    about the facts we know and what he said. The Judge wants hard proof that
    this is what happened. Present the Silk Hat once again. The problem lies
    within Max's three symbols. The hat, cloak, and roses. A Silk Hat was 
    found at the crime scene, but Moe said he saw the murderer flee with the
    silk hat still on him. The "silk hat" Moe saw must have been the bust
    instead. However, that was just one of two contradictions found. 
    When the cloak snagged onto the bust, what happened to the white roses?
    This means the the roses would have to have landed on the back of the bust
    to not be visible. This is why Moe didn't see them. Acro then says that 
    Phoenix is a bit off track here. Acro is missing a motive for his actions.
    There's no way he would want to kill the ringmaster. A short break will
    occur now. Save the game.
    Date-December 30, 2:17 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 5
    Max is pretty sure now that it is Acro who is trying to pin the murder on
    himself. Max then gets angry at Acro for trying to do this to him. Gumshoe
    then appears, angry that you're ignoring him. Turns out Gumshoe was able to
    bring the scarf which Franziska confiscated yesterday. Gumshoe isn't
    willing to tell you how or why he brought it here, and says to keep it a
    secret. He then says something from a prosecutor saying "Judgment comes at
    the very last moment". Huh. Back to court now.
    Date-December 30, 2:27 PM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 2
    Franziska wants Acro to continue to testify about his relationship with 
    the ringmaster, and orders you to provide proof he had a motive. 
    ~Acro's Testimony-About the Ringmaster~
    -When we were little, we were abondoned by our parents.
    -That's when the Ringmaster of the Berry Big Circus, Russell Berry, took
    us in.
    -I became an acrobat at around nine years old.
    -I wanted to find a way to repay to Ringmaster. That was my sole purpose 
    in life...
    Make sure you choose "Of course I'll cross-examine" when thinking if Acro
    ever had a motive. Press the first statement to find out that the second
    person Acro is talking about is, of course, Bat. Now press the second 
    statement to find out that Acro thought of the ringmaster as a father. 
    Press the third statement to find out that since he was in such great shape
    when he was little, he became an acrobat. Now press the final statement.
    Nothing good will happen since Franziska's whipping will stop you short of
    asking questions.
    The Judge says that no matter what he says, it seems Acro has no reason to
    have killed Russell Berry. Now the Judge will ask what the motive to kill
    the ringmaster was. He'll ask if you can explain it. Choose "I can't
    provide one" on the basis that he never intended to kill the ringmaster in
    the first place.
    Phoenix says that the ringmaster wasn't the target of Acro that night. He
    never intended to kill Russell Berry. Franziska will demand to know who the
    hell Acro did intend to kill instead that night. Present Regina's profile.
    Phoenix says Acro was really aiming for her that night. Franziska starts 
    going ballistic at this, and now demands proof why Acro would want to kill
    Regina. Present the Note you found earlier. 
    Acro goes silent when you present the Note. He wrote the note, which is
    ironically titled "To the murderer". It was a calling of someone to the 
    plaza at 10:00 PM. The note wasn't intended to bring Russell Berry to the
    plaza. The note was placed inside Regina's pocket, and was intended for 
    her. Regina didn't think the note was for her, so she put it on the 
    cafeteria bulletin board. That's when her father read the note. Russell
    Berry unknowningly went in place of Regina. He was killed because of this
    Acro even said earlier that he couldn't have looked out of the window if 
    he really did lower the bust. This theory would make that situation even
    more realistic because Acro couldn't see the person he was killing. Acro
    thought it was Regina who was in the plaza, and that's when he dropped the
    bust. Franziska objects, asking about the line in the note saying "I have
    conclusive evidence of what took place." She says that if that is in the
    note, Regina would be a murderer. 
    Phoenix thinks that the ringmaster knew what this note meant and that's
    why he went to the plaza, in place of his daughter. The Judge will ask what
    the incident six months ago was. Choose "I know all about it". This
    incident directly involves this case now. You will now be forced to present
    just what the conclusive evidence the note is referring to. Present the 
    Small Seasoning Bottle you haven't used yet. No joke, this is the evidence
    Acro was planning to use. The victim would take away the wooden box and
    discover the conclusive evidence inside. Now, Franziska will demand you say
    who Regina's intended victim was.
    Present Bat's profile. Bat has been in a coma for six months. Acro probably
    feels that his brother is as good as dead, though. Bat was bit by Regina's
    lion six months earlier. Franziska says there's no way Regina would ever 
    willingly kill somebody. She says he was the victim of an accident rather
    than a planned murder. Maya will ask if this was all an accident or not. 
    Choose "It was more than that." The lion biting Bat wasn't an accident
    While Regina wouldn't willingly hurt somebody, she is responsible for 
    making the lion injure Bat. You need to present evidence to back up this
    claim. Present the Scarf that Gumshoe managed to give to you several 
    minutes ago. That scarf was something that Bat used to wear. Regina was
    the one who gave it to him. There is more than just some blood stains on
    the scarf, however. Pepper was found on the scarf. Regina gave the scarf to
    Bat just before the accident. She covered the scarf with a ton of pepper
    Franziska then asks again if the lion was seen to be smiling before biting
    down on Bat. Leon wasn't smiling, he was actually sneezing. He never really
    did bite down on Bat, but instead sneezed due to all of the pepper Regina
    stuffed onto the scarf. at lost conciousness soon afterwards. Acro nearly
    lost Bat to this accident.
    Franziska still thinks this is a mere joke. Acro tried to get his revenge
    on the one person who did this to him-Regina. Acro says he's impressed by
    Phoenix's imagination. Acro hints at the fact everything Phoenix just
    admitted is true. However, it isn't enough to frame Acro of murder. Not
    yet, at least. He brings up the topic of the bust again. There is no
    evidence that proves this claim. The location of the bust is still a 
    mystery. The Judge thinks that if Acro's room was searched and a bloody
    bust was found, that would be all the conclusive evidence he would need to
    make a verdict. You have two choices now. Choose to "See how things work
    out first". Searching Acro's room would get you nowhere since he probably
    assumed that would be done. He must have hidden the bust elsewhere.
    Franziska says that Acro's room was thoroughly searched yesterday, and no
    bust was found. The location of the murder weapon is still a mystery. Also,
    to ensure he didn't hide it, the search was a complete surprise and Acro
    was taken to the prosecutor's office soon afterwards. Maya thinks the 
    location of the bust right now should be known. Just before the Judge ends
    this all, Maya steps in to declare you need a second to prepare the last
    bit of evidence. Now you must declare where the bust is right now. Choose
    "Somewhere in this courtroom".
    That's not enough info, though. The Judge will ask where the bust is in the
    courtroom. Choose "The witness chair". Acro is asked to remove the blanket
    on his chair. The possibility that the bust is being hidden under that
    blanket seems quite likely, as he doesn't even need that blanket. It was
    incovienent for Acro to be unable to hide the bust elsewhere since he can't
    leave his room. The only place he could have hid it was under his 
    wheelchair. He says he's been bagged by the real pro here, Phoenix.
    He finally comes clean. He asks why the timing for the surprise search was
    last night. He says he burned the cloak and threw the ashes out in the
    trash. He obviously couldn't throw away the bust. The best he could do when
    the search was warranted was to hide the bust. Hiding it under his 
    wheelchair was his only choice. There is nothing he could do when called
    to court with the weapon in hand. He also thinks Franziska had this all
    figured out to begin with when she searched the room. She says that if she
    didn't order the search of the room, she would have easily gotten her
    Acro admits to killing Russell. He explains the story of how how Regina put
    pepper on his scarf, which made Leon bite him. Acro couldn't forgive what
    she did to him, and Regina joked about how bat became a star when word got
    out he was bitten. So much so that Acro was so drastic to attempt killing
    her. He wanted to kill himself, then decided it would be best to try living
    and pin the murder on Max. And thus, the case has finally been resolved.
    There's nothing left to do but bask in the glory that Franziska von Karma
    has been defeated by Phoenix. Twice. Owned her there.
    Date-December 30, 4:27 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 5
    Max is happy that he was found innocent. Moe comes over to congratulate Max
    on getting found not guilty. Moe says not to worry too much about Acro as
    there isn't anything that can be done now. Regina comes in crying, though.
    She's a bit distressed at how this whole incident was her fault to begin
    with. She's worried that everyone is going to split up now that half of the
    circus gang is gone. Regina asks if Acro has plans to get revenge on her.
    Choose "I don't think so." When she asks for evidence, present Bat's
    profile. Acro didn't want to get caught because he wanted to see Bat when
    he awoke from his coma. She says she'll take the place of Acro in the
    hospital now and will go see Bat until he finally wakes up. Moe decides 
    he'll be the new ringmaster, and Max decides to finally stay. And so ends
    this chapter. 
    Before the case ends, the screen turns black and someone is talking. The
    mysterious man asks how the case went, where Gumshoe states that the
    previous day's search really paid off. He asks if the man really had it
    all figured out, to which he responds it was only a theory that only "him",
    referring to the defense attorney for the case, would ever figure out.
    The scene will cut to an airport, and Edgeworth wil be seen as the one on
    the other end of the phone. He says he'll be making a stop at the
    prosecutor's office...
                    ~8.Episode Four-Farewell, My Turnabout~
    The intro cutscene starts off by questioning who will be this year's Grand
    Prix Champion. The camera pans downwards to where all of the contestants
    are, all in costumes. The hinted at winner is the Jammin' Ninja, sporting
    a purple costume. Then some guy drops down onto the stage, calling himself
    the Nickel Samurai. He's awarded the prize. Just who are these people and
    what do they have to do with this case?
    Investigation-Part 4-1
    Date-March 20, 7:42 PM
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Viola Hall
    Back in the Gatewater Hotel again, Maya greets you and asks if you saw the
    Nickel Samurai win the contest. Will Powers, the former Steel Samurai, is
    also here with you guys. Pearl is also here, however due to Morgan never
    allowing her to watch TV back at home she has no idea who the Steel or 
    Nickel Samurai's in question are. Maya fills in for Phoenix by saying that
    he hates these kids shows, which is obviously true from his constant
    moaning over all this.
    Pearl says that Phoenix needs to act more mature when he says he prefers
    Pearls' kids shows than the Nickel Samurai. Hah. Will says that he's glad 
    he invited everyone here for a feast, and that he feels sorry for the 
    Jammin' Ninja who lost to the Pink Princess (who fans will remember Will
    also played as). Maya then comments if the Jammin' Ninja was any different
    today, commenting that he wasn't carrying around his red guitar. Will then
    says it is odd he wasn't carrying around his signature guitar. Maya 
    mentions you should head over to the lobby. There's going to be a press
    conference about the Nickel Samurai confessing something. Now we got some
    Talk to Will about "Will Powers". Maya will ask Will what he's been doing
    lately. Ever since The Pink Princess finished last month, he has been busy
    on a kid's exercise show. Phoenix will comment that he's an action star
    who's popularity exploded when he was the Steel Samurai and when accused of
    a murder case Phoenix worked on. Will is also an incredibly kind guy. Now
    ask about "The Nickel Samurai".
    Will comments that a movie based on the Nickel Samurai will be coming soon.
    The new series of the Nickel Samurai is very similar to the Steel Samurai
    show-it's still aimed at kids. Will didn't get any part on the show, 
    though, much to his dismay. Maya mentions that the actor Matt Engarde plays
    the Nickel Samurai, and that he'll be fighting it out with the Jammin' 
    Ninja for popularity. Now ask about the "Jammin' Ninja".
    The Jammin' Ninja always carries around his red guitar. The show premise
    just seems really odd. Global Studios who has the Nickel Samurai, and 
    Worldwide Studios who has the Jammin' Ninja, have been fierce rivals. There
    isn't anything else to do here. Enter the Hallway.
    Date-March 20
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Hallway
    You will enter a long and spacious hallway. Time to examine this place to
    kill off some time. First, examine the purple disc things near the door to
    the right. These gifts were given to Matt Engarde by the Global Studio 
    staff. Now examine the door left of Matt's. The door has a slip of paper
    reading it's "Juan Corrida's Room". Phoenix doesn't know much about this
    actor. Now that you have some info, head back to the Viola Hall.
    Date-March 20
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Viola Hall
    Will says that the post-awards ceremony is about to start. Will is most
    interested in the press conference where the Nickel Samurai is going to
    confess something, possibly very important. Will doesn't know what the
    conference is going to be about, so he invited Phoenix and company to join
    him in going there. He hands you the PRESS CONFERENCE TICKET which you will
    need to get in there. Move to the Hotel Lobby now. 
    Date-March 20
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Hotel Lobby
    Why didn't we get to see this place in the first game? Anyways, you will
    see the large stage where the awards ceremony is going to be held in the
    lobby. Someone on the PA will say that the Post-Awards Ceremony Press
    Conference will not be continuing due to unforeseen circumstances. It also
    says that nobody should move, and that's a special request from the police.
    Phoenix is ready to investigate, but someone in a...space suit...or 
    something like that, comes by and barks at you to stay put.
    Sound familar? The person then goes on a huge rant about how some punk kid
    tried going over a bridge despite a sign saying the bridge was out nearby,
    and the person here shoved that kid off the bridge. Will recongnizes the
    non-stop chatter can only come from one person-Wendy Oldbag. Oh gawd, not
    her again. And she's got a gun! Damnit what the hell is wrong with this
    woman? She recongnizes Will right away, and go on a long spiel on how she
    admires Will's character in the show he is in right now.
    Oldbag says that she is a security member still. Love how she apparently 
    gets a toy gun with realistic sound effects as a defensive weapon. Talk to
    her about "Wendy Oldbag". She says that ever since the murder incident that
    happened last year, Global Studios has been letting people go. They also
    lowered their security team and that's when she was fired from her job. She
    then blames her job scenario on Phoenix for forcing her to testify like
    that back in case 3 of the previous game. She also tried being a bodyguard
    for Edgeworth (who she apprently really likes, as it's hinted). Now ask 
    about "What happened?"
    Oldbag says she doesn't have all the details, but it appears that someone
    was murdered here. Maya then says they should all act like they're going to
    the bathroom to get a cover to check out the action. Head back over to the
    Viola Hall.
    Date-March 20
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Viola Hall
    Phoenix comments that nothing unusual is happening in this room. Just 
    before you get to go somewhere else, a bellboy stops you and asks if he is
    looking at Maya. He says she has a phone call waiting by the front desk and
    asks if she could come with him. Well that is totally not suspicious at 
    all. Since it isn't, let's just let her go. Pearl says she's excited to 
    help you investigate. Head back to the Hallway.
    Date-March 20
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Hallway
    Once you enter the hallway, you will hear somebody yelling that they have a
    right to get the information they need to know. Someone else, probably a
    police officer, says that they aren't allowed to give out details at a time
    like this. The person yelling seems to use some sort of accent before 
    running off. Yeah, Lotta Hart is back once again. So much for wanting to 
    find her true self. Gumshoe appears (always the cop everyone yells at,
    apprently!) and asks if you'll make Lotta shut her trap. Gumshoe says that
    this is the scene of a murder. 
    Turns out Lotta was right in assuming that murder has happened here. Over
    Gumshoe's complaining that he's in trouble, Lotta shouts out this was the
    murder of a huge star. Huh. Talk to Gumshoe about "What happened". Pearl
    asks if it was the Nickel Samurai who was killed, but Gumshoe says that 
    isn't the case. Turns out it is the Nickel Samurai who people are thinking
    is the murderer. The guy who was killed is none other than the actor of the
    Jammin' Ninja. Ask about "Lotta Hart" now. 
    Gumshoe says that Lotta was hanging around the hallway just before the 
    murder happened. She was hiding infront of the Jammin's Ninja's door, no 
    doubt wanting to get pictures of the actor. Lotta only said she was trying
    to get a "scoop" and said nothing more than that. Now question Gumshoe on
    "The victim".
    Gumshoe confirms the victim was the Jammin' Ninja, rival to the Nickel
    Samurai. The action star who was killed is Juan Corrida. Judging by his
    picture it seems he is from the countryside. He's been attracting a lot of
    attention lately. However, the Nickel Samurai's actor Matt Engarde has been
    stealing his spotlight. Phoenix asks that now since Juan Corrida is gone,
    if Matt Engarde will have the stage to himself. Gumshoe says that he can't
    quite let that happen. 
    Present Matt Engarde's profile. Gumshoe will say that Matt was just 
    arrested on suspicion that he killed Juan Corrida. Now talk about
    "Arrested?" Gumshoe said that he isn't allowed to tell you as he's afraid
    or any information leaks. Pearl asks if you'll take on the case since that
    is what Maya would make you do if she was here right now. Head back to the
    Hotel Lobby.
    Date-March 20
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Hotel Lobby
    Will will be waiting in the lobby and asks what is going on. Will can 
    hardly believe the circumstances of this murder, as it all seems familar to
    him. One famous actor killing another famous actor. Will still doesn't 
    think that Matt would kill someone. Phoenix notices something in his hand,
    though. He says that the bellboy from earlier wanted to give this to 
    Phoenix. RADIO TRANSCEIVER will be added to the Court Record. All the 
    bellboy said is that it was for the attorney Phoenix Wright. Now talk to
    Will about "Matt and Juan".
    He says that Matt is one of the most energetic actor's out there right now.
    The Nickel Samurai made him a real idol, but he kept adding to his rivalry
    with Juan anyways. He keeps saying the Juan and Matt would compete to be
    the best in just about anything, however it was usually Matt who came out
    to be the best. Since Juan wanted to compete with Matt, he joined a rival
    television show, and that was where the Jammin' Ninja came from. Now look
    at where their rivalry is gone to. Matt has killed Juan. Now ask about the
    "Press conference".
    The conference wasn't really for Matt as much as it was for the Nickel
    Samurai. He was supposed to wear the costume and give the press conference
    in it. He isn't sure on why this is, though. Pearl then asks what is taking
    Maya so long with her phone call. Pearl leaves to take a look for her, and
    an irritating beeping noise occurs. 
    Turns out to be the transciever you just recieved. After turning it on, a
    mysterious voice come online, and Maya's voice can be heard shouting for
    help as well. He says that the fate of Maya is very important right now.
    The man says he has a proposal, and if Phoenix accepts then Maya will be
    returned unharmed. He alerts you this is a kidnapping. The man isn't 
    seeking any money, however. He wants a verdict on a certain acquittal. He
    isn't the person he wants Phoenix to represent. What he wants is very 
    simple. He wants you to get a total not guilty verdict on Matt Engarde. He
    didn't kill anyone, the voice says. Someone is framing him for the murder,
    though. Phoenix is able to believe him or not, however, Maya is still with
    him whether he accepts or not. You have one chance. Don't screw up. He
    calls himself "De Killer" before hanging up. Clever name.
    Pearl runs off to inform Gumshoe of the situation. Don't see how that isn't
    part of "don't call the cops" but Gumshoe's incompetence will see us
    through. Somehow. Gumshoe suspects that this means Engarde is the killer.
    But De Killer said Matt is being framed, right? If Matt was really
    innocent then there'd be no point to the kidnapping. Gumshoe also comments
    that "too much evidence" is being found. 
    Date-??? Time-???
    This scene involves Maya, complaining that her body aches. The room she is
    locked in resembles a wine cellar. A mysterious man looking just like a
    butler walks in, and introduces himself as "De Killer". He says Maya isn't
    his target for now. He says that this is a mere business transaction. De
    Killer then calls Phoenix. This is what you just witnessed earlier.
    Date-March 21, 8:11 AM
    Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Pearl greets you early in the morning and says that you should hurry over
    to greet Matt in the detention center. However, since visiting hours aren't
    open for a little while, you have some time to kill. Talk to her about 
    "What to do". Pearl asks what if Matt is the real murderer. It's best not
    to think about that option for the moment.
    Now ask about "Maya's situation". Pearl says that Maya is the last one of
    her family she still has. Her father is gone, Morgan is locked in solitary
    confinement, and that just leaves Maya at a high risk of getting killed.
    Move to the Detention Center now.
    Date-March 21, 8:57 AM
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    You will find Matt Engarde sitting in the Detention Center. He seems like a
    much bigger guy in person. He thinks Phoenix is selling him life insurance
    for some reason before he gets corrected. He then calls his manager on what
    to do in this situation. You have to make him have Phoenix take the case.
    Talk about "Matt Engarde" first. He says he can't talk about much since he
    has an autobiography coming out soon. He then calls his publisher and says
    he isn't allowed to talk about anything.
    Now ask about "What happened". Now he calls the president of the studios
    (he needs a mind of his own...) on what to do here. He says that the 
    president strongly thinks Matt isn't the murderer. Present the Press
    Conference Ticket. Phoenix asks if he was going to give a conference after
    winning the Grand Prix. Matt says he never heard anything about this, he
    just leaves all this stuff to his manager. Matt then says it's about time
    he got going. Phoenix mentions the name De Killer before he takes off, and
    this stops Matt. Engarde lets you take on his case now. He says he'll
    answer anything he can.
    Now ask about "Matt Engarde". He says that it's really great to be the
    Nickel Samurai. He mentions his motto about refrshing like a spring breeze.
    This describes his personality (or so he says). He says that this scandal
    is going to destroy his reputation even if he manages to get out of here
    easily. Now ask about "What happened".
    After Matt got the award he went back to his room. He had that post-award
    ceremony to get ready for. He was in his Nickel Samurai costume, and he was
    along the entire time. When he was leaving his room he noticed it was very
    noisy. He was told by his manager that Juan was killed. Gumshoe appeared
    moments later to arrest him. Now ask about "The victim". Matt says that him
    and Juan are the same age. He asks why he would have any reason to kill
    Juan in the first place. It logically would be the other way around. Juan
    should be jealous and would want to kill Matt.
    Now ask about "The charge of the murder". He says that the full body search
    went badly, and that's why he was charged with the crime. They found a 
    button from the Jammin' Ninja's costume. It was caught in his pants at the
    time. He thinks that it was planted there by someone. Pearl says that you
    should ask if he is really innocent or not, and if he's lying then the 
    Magatama would figure it out. 
    Phoenix asks Matt directly if he killed Juan Corrida. He says that he 
    didn't kill him, and since no Psyche Locks appeared it's safe to assume he
    isn't the murderer. Save the game now.
    Investigation-Part 4-2
    Date-March 21 11:34 AM
    Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
    You'll discuss with Pearl that you only have one day to get Matt a not
    guilty verdict, and since he's innocent it shouldn't be all that hard. But
    that means you have to find the real killer. Talk to Pearl about "What to
    do". You'll just repeat that Matt is innocent. Ask about "Any ideas". 
    Phoenix asks why Pearl thinks him and Maya are so interested in each other
    even though they aren't doing anything special. Then Phoenix gets slapped
    since she thinks you're just hiding your feelings. You can now move back
    to the Gatewater Hotel, so do that.
    Date-March 21
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Hotel Lobby
    You'll meet up with Oldbag once again as you arrive. It seems funny how yet
    another action star was killed, and Oldbag is the security officer still,
    and she happened to be a huge fan of Juan's. It's like case 3 all over 
    again. She thinks that everyone she's near gets killed. Duh, she's so
    irritating and ugly. No surprise. Talk to her about "The victim". She
    questions why every star she cares about gets killed off one by one. She
    also mentions that she doesn't believe anything Lotta says to her. We can
    assume that Lotta told Oldbag what she knows so far.
    Now ask about "What happened". She says that she doesn't know anything
    about the murder since she was in the lobby getting ready for the press
    conference. However, she mentions that she did see the most important 
    moment of the crime. Now ask about "What you witnessed". She laughs at
    Phoenix for all of a sudden wanting info, then four Psyche Locks appear
    over her. She demands you bring her a present to get her to talk. You don't
    have any real evidence of which you can use now, so ignore her for a while
    and head over to the Hallway.
    Date-March 21
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Hallway
    The hotel staff and police investigators sure seem busy today. You will
    meet up with Lotta when you enter the hallway. Lotta exclaims that Phoenix
    is a thief and demands that he hands over her camera. She says that since
    the criminal returns to the scene of the crime, Phoenix must have her
    camera. Talk to Lotta about the "Camera". She says that she lost her camera
    sometime after the murder from last night. She probably lost it trying to
    run around all of the police investigators there at the time. She did catch
    many pictures of anything that caught her eye, though. LOTTA'S CAMERA will
    be added to the Court Record. 
    Now ask about "What happened". Before the awards ceremony the night before,
    Lotta was hanging out in the hallway area. She was even here when Matt was
    arrested. She said there was a big scoop to be had. Now you can ask her
    about the "Big Scoop". Before she'll tell you what she was really after
    that night, two Psyche Locks appear over her. You have a couple more 
    options now than from yesterday. Head over to Engarde's Hotel Room first.
    Date-March 21
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Engarde's Hotel Room
    When you enter the room, someone will ask who you are. The woman figures
    that you are Engarde's lawyer. She seems to be a really smart woman. She
    thinks that you came here to find clues that will build up your case. She
    says she is Adrian Andrews, and she prefers to get right down to the facts.
    Talk to Adrian about "Night of the murder". Before the awards ceremony, she
    was having dinner with Engarde in his hotel room. She says to check the 
    table if you care about what she ate. When the show was starting, she went
    to the Viola Hall. She didn't come back to the room afterwards because she
    had some errands to run. She helped with the preperations in the lobby. 
    She went to get Engarde and Corrida for the show, and that's when she
    discovered the body.
    Ask about her "Relation to Engarde". She'll say that she's surprised you
    don't already know who she is, and adds she is Engarde's manager. Adrian
    also says Corrida doesn't have a manager due to hs studios having a 
    different policies than Global Studios. Present to Adrian the Press
    Conference Ticket.
    You will say that Engarde didn't know anything about the conference, and
    Adrian points out that she didn't know most of the details herself either.
    It was part of the publicy department's order not to know much about the
    conference itself. Now present Juan Corrida's profile. Adrian says that she
    did know Juan Corrida. She says that Matt and Juan were like children when
    they were competing over the silliest of things. Perhaps she knows why Matt
    was driven to kill Juan, or whoever the real murderer is.
    Ask about "Motive for murder" now. Surprise, surprise, she too has four
    Psyche Locks on her. Sheesh, must everyone be hiding simple details from
    us? Next I'm sure Gumshoe will have Psyche Locks. There's nothing more you
    can do here. Head next door to Corrida's Hotel Room.
    Date-March 21
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Corrida's Hotel Room
    There a crapload of stuffed bears in this room. That's slightly awkward for
    a man to like these things. Gumshoe will appear to greet you and asks if
    anything else about the kidnapper has come up. Phoenix assumes he won't 
    call again until Matt gets his not guilty verdict. Gumshoe says that due to
    these extreme circumstances he's willing to let you look around the crime
    scene and will tell you everything he knows. He also has a map of the hotel
    and hands it to you. HOTEL GUIDEMAP will be added to the Court Record. Talk
    to Gumshoe about "Cause of death".
    There isn't an autopsy report yet, but the picture of the crime scene 
    should be sufficent enough. There is a knife stuck in Corrida's chest. This
    knife is obviously the murder weapon, and it's being analyzed for
    fingerprints right now. Tests are pretty sure these are Matt Engarde's
    fingerprints, too. CRIME PHOTO will be added to the Court Record. Now ask
    about the "Reason for arrest".
    He was arrested because evidence was piled up on him. Juan ended up putting
    up a fight, and by looking at the other side of the room you can easily 
    tell that a struggle occured here. During the fight, one of his button's
    flew off. It's possible this is the same button that landed in Engarde's
    pocket. Even worse, there was a witness to this crime. He says that Oldbag
    is one of the witnesses. Gumshoe also says that something was a little off
    in the room. However, he won't tell you. 
    Let's start examining the room. Press L to shift screens. Look at the 
    vanity. Despite everything being a mess here, a single wine glass remains
    upright on the table. WINE GLASS will be added to the Court Record. Now
    on the floor near the vanity is a guitar case, no doubt the one that holds
    the Jammin' Ninja's red guitar. Oddly enough, the guitar is missing in
    action, and the top of the lid to the case is wet. GUITAR CASE will be 
    added to the Court Record. 
    Head back to Gumshoe and present the Wine Glass. He admits that was the
    oddest thing about the room. It was the only part that remained untouched.
    However, he mentions that Franziska found this out first. Gumshoe says you
    are going to be in a lot of trouble when she gets here. Ah, too late, that
    annoying beeping noise appears again. Franziska appears and starts whipping
    the hell out of Phoenix and Gumshoe. She says that you have soiled her
    perfect prosecuting record twice over, and this time she will destroy you
    in court. 
    Franziska swears she will defeat you and leaves, but not before throwing
    something at you. Gumshoe also says he has to leave, and tells you to visit
    him at the Criminal Affairs Department if you need something. Examine the
    table infront of you now to find a note on it, autographed by Corrida, and
    made out to someone named Wendy. Wonder who that could be. MR. CORRIDA'S
    AUTOGRAPH will be added to the Court Record. Now head back into the Viola
    Date-March 21
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Viola Hall
    You will meet up with Will again here. He says that anyone connected to
    the murder isn't allowed to leave. Ask him about "The Nickel Samurai". He
    will tell you the show is aimed for kids, and is the sequel to his Steel
    Samurai show. There is nothing major you need to remember about the show,
    but Pearl seems really into the show now. Ask about the "Jammin' Ninja" to
    learn the show which is also aimed towards kids. Pearl also gets ideas to
    watch this show as well.
    Choose to present Adrian Andrews' profile. Will says he was interested in
    her for a little while. He says he doesn't know too much about her. Now ask
    about "The gossip on Adrian". He shows you an article where someone 
    dedicates something to the beautiful managed A.A., Adrian Andrews' 
    initials. This hints that Juan Corrida wanted Adrian Andrews to be his
    manager. MAGAZINE CLIPPING will be added to the Court Record. You will need
    this very clipping to unlock Lotta's Psyche Locks, so go visit her.
    Date-March 21
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Hallway
    Present the Magatama and get down to business.
    ~Lotta's Magatama Secret-Big Scoop~
    Lotta isn't willing to give you any clues, so Phoenix guesses that Lotta
    was looking into a scandal. She may have been looking for a break in a huge
    story. You need to present the person that goes with Juan Corrida who may
    have been involved in the scandal. Present Adrian Andrews' profile here. 
    She has been caught meeting with Juan Corrida secretly and would have been
    a great story for Lotta if she could get it. The first lock will break. 
    However, she claims you need backup information and asks you to present
    info that ties Corrida with Adrian. Present the Magazine Clipping. Lotta
    saw this article and was loitering in the hallway, waiting for her chance
    to get some proof of this story. The second lock will break.
    Now ask about "Big scoop". She admits that she was going to get pictures
    of their love affair. She was hoping that she could get real proof and not
    just the initals of the name of the person Juan was seeing. The note to
    herself that she wrote on is gone, however. It was inside of her camera
    which she lost. LOTTA'S CAMERA will be updated in the Court Record. Head 
    back to the Hotel Lobby to unravel the secrets of a certain old duff.
    Date-March 21
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Hotel Lobby
    Present the Magatama to start unlocking Oldbag's secrets.
    ~Oldbag's Magatama Secret-What You Witnessed~
    Oldbag says that she finally has a chance to toy with you, and Phoenix says
    he will give her what she wants. Present Juan Corrida's Autograph. The
    autograph was addressed to Wendy (prey tell if this is the real Wendy or
    not), so perhaps it is right in giving it to her. She wants to autograph so
    badly that the first three locks will break right off. She wants an
    exchange since Phoenix isn't too sure in getting rid of the autograph. The
    last Psyche Lock will break off. The autograph will be handed over to 
    Oldbag. Now ask about "What you witnessed".
    Oldbag says that she saw Matt leave Juan's room that night. It was about 10
    minutes before Juan's body was discovered. It was just a coincidence, 
    though. Oldbag has alreayd testified that to the police. She says that she
    has been called in as a witness tomorrow, and that sounds just super. All
    we need is another Oldbag testimony. She says she really wants to get Matt
    guilty. Now you can ask about "Engarde's past".
    Oldbag says that Engarde framed Juan. He created the scandal that plagued
    Juan. Oldbag says that Juan was tempted by Adrian Andrews none less. She
    thinks that Matt shoved her into Juan's business intentionally to force a
    scandal that would lower Juan's reputation. Oldbag knows so much about it
    because she is a huge fan of him. She says she learned about it from a
    magazine that won't be out until next week. How does she know that now?
    Head over to the Criminal Affairs Department now.
    Date-March 21
    Location-Police Station; Criminal Affairs Dept.
    Gumshoe will greet you just like he said he would. He says that there isn't
    anything to be happy about in this case, and that all of the testimonies
    point that Matt is the murderer. Talk to Gumshoe about "Airtight evidence".
    He says he can't reveal the details, but there are two big pieces. Both of
    them are in the crime photo. There is a button missing from Juan's chest
    that was found in the Nickel Samurai's pants, and the fingerprints that
    were on the kinfe stuck in Juan's chest. The prints belong to Matt. 
    Ask about "Airtight testimony" now. He says that Oldbag will be testifying,
    but we already knew that. Gumshoe even told Oldbag not to say anything to
    anyone. She saw everything. She saw Matt come out of Juan's room near the
    time of death. Present to Gumshoe the Magazine Clipping. The police are
    involved with the scandal between Adrian Andrews and Juan as well. Two
    years ago, a woman committed suicide. Her name was Celeste Inpax. She used
    to be Juan Corrida's manager. As if this wasn't enough, Celeste was
    Adrian's mentor. She taught Adrian almost everything she knows about
    business. Now ask about "Celeste Inpax". 
    It's been two years since her suicide, and now another case has formed 
    and possibly her death could be involved. Franziska apears before he gets
    any further. Franziska is sick of Gumshoe acting traitor to her and says he
    is fired. However, just before Gumshoe leaves, someone says that Franziska
    would have won in court if it wasn't Gumshoe. The voice belongs to the one
    and only Edgeworth. Franziska says that Edgeworth should be ashamed for
    failing as a prosecutor, but then he backlashes at her by asking just how
    well her court record has been coming along. He says he came back to 
    replace Franziska who was clearly losing it. Let's talk to Edgeworth about
    "Tomorrow's trial".
    Phoenix says that he thought Edgeworth went up and died a year ago. He asks
    if Edgeworth is prosecuting tomorrow, but as long as Franziska wants the
    case there's nothing he can do. He does say that Phoenix can't win by
    himself tomorrow. Something seems odd with Edgeworth. He totally doesn't
    seem the same. He goes as far as saying he's understood the importance of
    teamwork, and is willing to let loose any information he knows since he 
    isn't part of the case. Ask about "Proof of Von Karma blood" now.
    A perfect win record is a proof of a Von Karma. Phoenix guesses that since
    Edgeworth's win record had been shattered, Edgeworth couldn't show his face
    in court again and said he chose death while in reality ran away. Now he
    asks you why Phoenix is in court. Ask "Why stand in court?" now.
    Phoenix says he is in court just to defend his client while Edgeworth 
    merely laughs and says he has a lot to learn. Present Celeste Inpax's
    profile to Edgeworth. He says the she is an important part of this case.
    She was Adrians' mentor, but suddenly was called in to be Juan Corrida's
    manager. Several months later, Inpax died. Despite her death being a
    suicide, something remains unanswered. She had a suicide note, but nobody
    could find it. Talk about the "Missing suicide note".
    The police began to suspect that the suicide note was hidden. There was no
    solid evidence that she had written a note, however, there were cases of
    ink found on her finger, so the likelihood of a suicide note is very high.
    The police think it was Juan Corrida himself who hid the note. He was the
    one who found her body, so he was the only person who had a chance to hide
    the note. Edgeworth hands you part one of the SUICIDE REPORT which will be
    added to the Court Record. Present this report to Edgeworth.
    He says that this report has two parts to it. The second part mentions of
    an attempted suicide of Adrian Andrews. Edgeworth says that she just looks
    like a strong business woman. She has always had a secret she was trying
    to hide. He mentions the word co-dependency. Ask about "Co-dependency" now.
    Adrian Andrews tried to commit suicide several days after Celeste Inpax
    killed herself. Adrian tried to kill herself because she had lost her will
    to live. Her mentor had just killed herself, and her mentor taught her so
    much. Adrian then started going to counseling sessions to try and find 
    someone she could trust unconditionally. Without someone to follow, Adrian
    becomes uneasy and can't find her way through life. ATTEMPTED SUICIDE 
    REPORT will be added to the Court Record now. Wow. That's a lot of new info
    to the case. We may be able to break Adrian's Psyche Locks now, so head to
    Engarde's Hotel Room.
    Date-March 21
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Engarde's Hotel Room
    Adrian is still in the room, but she's talking with Franziska at the 
    moment. Franziska quickly accuses Phoenix of following her around
    everywhere she goes. Pearl steps in and says that it is her who is doing
    the following, not Phoenix, and says that she is always following Gumshoe
    around. She then present an electromagnetic receiver that tracks the 
    location of Gumshoe at any given time. That's like, illegal, doesn't she
    know that? Franziska takes her leave after telling Adrian to remember what
    they discussed. Present the Magatama and let's get this over with.
    ~Adrian's Magatama Secret-Motive for Murder~
    Adrian says she was never really close to Juan Corrida. She's never been
    good at being with other people. You need to present evidence that shows
    doubt in this statement. Present the Magazine Clipping. She says that it is
    just a tabloid and you shouldn't go believing it. She says again she hates
    relationships like that. Now you need to show her why she needed to get 
    close to Juan. Present Celeste Inpax's profile. The first lock will break.
    Celeste committed suicide and nobody knows why. Phoenix believes that 
    Celeste got close to Juan so she could find out more about the missing 
    suicide note. She says that there was no mystery surrounding her death. Now
    you must present something that shows she wasn't happy with the way the 
    case was resolved. Present the Suicide Report. The police were under
    suspicion that there was a note and that Juan Corrida was the one who hid
    it. Adrian thought the same thing and strived to be with Juan to find the
    note. The second lock will break.
    Adrian says she never knew that suicide note was never found and that she
    doesn't go and gets in the way of other people. You need to present proof
    that Celeste was an important person to her. Present the Attempted Suicide
    Report. Although Adrian looks like someone who heavily supports herself,
    that's all a lie. She's heavily dependant on other people. The third lock
    will break now. When Celeste died, Adrian died a little on the inside. N
    matter what, however, she couldn't rest her mind of the note. Now the
    perspective changes a bit. It seems now that Adrian wanted Juan dead for
    hiding the note more than Matt wanted him dead. The final lock will break.
    Ask about "Motive for murder" now. Adrian admits she has little self
    confidence. She wanted to somehow find out what the note said, and this
    secret tore at her. Without Celeste, Adrian got scared. She got close to
    Juan so she could pick up the suicide note. She admits, though, she 
    wouldn't kill anybody for the note. She then asks if you'd keep her
    attempted suicide a secret. Pearl then mentions that Adrian often plays
    with a card in her hand. She isn't sure what it is, it just suddenly found
    its way into her handbag. There's a picture of a seashell on the front of
    it. She then leaves. Head back to Wright & Co. Law Offices to end the day.
    Date-March 21
    Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
    One thing was discovered today. Adrian does have a clear motive for murder.
    Just then, the tranceiver begins to beep. De Killer must be calling again.
    As promised, De Killer hasn't touched her. He says that she is probably
    starving, so it's in your best interest to win the trial as soon as 
    possible. Maya faintly says to ask Mia something. Mia appears in Pearl's
    body seconds later. She says she has a message from Maya so ask her 
    anything you need. Ask about "Maya's situation". Maya is safe, just like
    De Killer said, for now. Mia knows about this because Maya channeled her,
    and left a note for her to read. Now ask about "The kidnapper".
    Mia says that Maya went to answer a phone call at the hotel and was
    drugged by De Killer on the spot. Maya is locked in a dark room. She'll
    explain what she heard.
    Date-??? Time-???
    You'll appear in the wine cellar again, but this time you are playing as
    Maya. Cool. Examine the small card at the bottom of the stairwell. She says
    it looks like a business card, but there's no name on it. It's the same
    card that Adrian was holding. Now examine the door. Maya thinks she may be
    able to open the door using the card. Maya is then heard escaping...
    Save the game.
    Trial-Part 4-3
    Date-March 22, 9:47 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Engarde says that there is no way Adrian would have killed Juan. There's
    going to be a ton of evidence against Matt in trial, and you have to
    somehow prove it doesn't connect Matt to the murder. Matt also says that
    the scandal in question would severely hurt his image if it were true. Mia
    comes in and says you must get a complete acquittal by the end of the
    trial. Just before it starts, the tranceiver radio beeps. De Killer wants
    to help you win the trial, so he sent you a small present. He says you will
    figure it out. 
    Date-March 22, 10:00 AM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 3
    Franziska isn't in the courtroom for some reason. The bailiff comes in and
    alerts that Franziska was shot by an unknown gunman this morning. It isn't
    all that unknown to you as Mia thinks that is clearly the present that De
    Killer wanted to give you. If Franziska, one of the best prosecutor's 
    around, was unable to make the trial, this would be all the more to your
    advantage. Someone comes in and says Franziska is still okay, and reveals
    himself to be Edgeworth.
    He says he will be taking her place. It's about time he did so, too. He 
    also says Franziska was shot in the right shoulder (how ironic) and is in
    surgery. Edgeworth knows all the details to the case and is ready to get
    a verdict. He then brings Gumshoe to the stand. He'll testify to the facts
    of the case.
    ~Gumshoe's Testimony-Bare Facts of the Case~
    -This murder happened after the Hero of Heroes award ceremony, sir.
    -The victim, Juan Corrida, was found dead in his hotel room.
    -After looking into the cause of death, we believe he was definitely
    murdered, sir.
    -At first, we though there was something suspicious about the empty guitar
    -However, we later found out that the guitar case had nothing to do with
    the murder.
    Gumshoe also points out at the end that Matt and Juan went to their
    respective hotel room, alone, after the ceremony. Start by pressing his
    third statement, about how Juan was murdered. Gumshoe says that the cause
    of death wasn't actually the knife stuck in Juan's chest, and tells you to
    look at the photo again. He points you to the bandana around his neck. The
    knife was probably just stuck into his body after death to make it look 
    like the actual murder weapon. AUTOPSY REPORT will be added to the Court
    Press the fourth statement. The guitar case was empty when Juan was 
    murdered. The only fingerprints that could be found on the case were of
    Juan's. GUITAR CASE information will be updated in the Court Record. Now
    press the final statement. The police are convinced it has nothing to do
    with the case because it wasn't present at the Gatewater Hotel that night.
    The red guitar was eventually found at the studio's TV set. Juan has
    apparently taken just the case with him. Even when he was onstage for the
    awards he didn't have his guitar. Because there was nothing in it, is has
    no relevence to the case.
    Edgeworth ends the examination and recaps that Juan was choked to death by
    his bandana. He was then stabbed by a knife intentionally after that. Why
    did the police arrest Matt then? 
    ~Gumshoe's Testimony-Why Arrest Engarde?~
    -Matt Engarde and Juan Corrida were huge rivals with each other.
    -They each thought the other guy was "in his way". That's motive enough in
    my book.
    -As for evidence...There's the Jammin' Ninja button.
    -It was ripped off of the ninja costume and was found in Mr. Engarde's
    -The defendant's fingerprints were also all over the knife.
    -The defendant bought the knife for the crime...Which makes this a
    premediated murder!
    Gumshoe says that the knife was easy to get fingerprints from, and that it
    was bought just for the occasion of this murder. KNIFE will be added to the
    Court Record. There is also the button from Juan's outfit with traces of
    his blood on it. JAMMIN' NINJA'S BUTTON will be added to the Court Record
    as well. 
    The contradiction is lying flat out here, so no need to go press happy.
    Present the Knife at the final statement, where Gumshoe says the knife was
    bought just for the crime. There is no way Matt bought this knife. The
    handle of the knife has the word Gatewater engraved onto it, so the knife
    clearly belonged to the hotel and therefore wasn't bought at a store or
    elsewhere. Because of this, the murder could not have been premediated. 
    Edgeworth then states this is worthless information as everyone already
    knows the murder wasn't premediated. He then asks where the knife came from
    then. He then shows the picture of the room, and that there is a knife 
    resting on the table. Then he shows the room of Engarde. There isn't any
    knife on his table. It is assumed that since Matt's knife was missing, he
    took it and stabbed Juan with it after dinner. 
    Edgeworth then asks if you'd like to present any evidence not yet known.
    Choose "Actually, I do." when asked if you need to present anything. The
    Judge will give you the chance to present just one piece of evidence. Screw
    up and you'll lose the entire health bar. Present the Wine Glass that we
    noticed in Juan's room. Taking a look back at the crime scene, there was a
    struggle. Many things are knocked over, but the wine glass remains 
    untouched. Edgeworth says there isn't anything special about the glass,
    though. He thinks it is safe to say the glass was set up there after the
    crime took place. Perhaps by Adrian Andrews. Answer "There's no way" when
    asked if Adrian could have set down a glass.
    Edgeworth says he has proof that Adrian set the glass on the table. He has
    alreayd inspected the glass for fingerprints, and as it would turn out, 
    only one set of fingerprints were found on the glass. All of them belong to
    Adrian Andrews. WINE GLASS will be updated in the Court Record. Adrian
    probably was holding the glass when she went into Juan's room, and put it
    down when she was shocked to him dead. Edgeworth has yet another witness
    that will give their account. 
    Oh no, not Oldbag. Oldbag seems a little more than excited to see Edgeworth
    again. Edgeworth doesn't look to thrilled, though, to have this irritating
    witness on the stand. She says again that she was a fan of Juan, and
    probably is part of his security team. 
    ~Oldbag's Tesitmony-What You Witnessed~
    -Anyway, after the ceremony, I went to pace around in the hallway in the
    front room.
    -There was something I was interested in finding out, you know...
    -Well, since I was on the job, I made sure to keep a good eye out the 
    whole time.
    -That's when someone showed up! It was a man coming out of poor Juan's 
    -It was Engarde. Matt Engarde. He was trying to sneak his way out of Juan's
    Press the final statement, about how she saw Engarde come out of Juan's
    room. Oldbag is sure that she saw him come out of his room. You can now ask
    Oldbag a side question. Choose to learn more about "The person's clothes".
    She says the man was wearing a sporty racing jacket. The Judge will ask if
    this question was important in any way. Choose "It was very important". 
    Oldbag will add the following line to her testimony.
    -He was wearing his flashy racing jacket. Honestly, it's all just for show.
    Present the Jammin' Ninja's Button at this new statement. Oldbag knows the
    button from the Jammin' Ninja's costume. Oldbag really wants the button as
    a small gift, but too bad it's evidence. The button was found in Matt's
    pants of the Nickel Samurai costume. However, Oldbag just said that Matt
    was wearing his usual racing jacket. Oldbag will testify again, going into
    further detail on who she saw.
    ~Oldbag's Testimony-Who I Saw~
    -Engarde...Engarde...Yes, now I remember!
    -The Nickel Samurai, that's right, it was the Nickel Samurai that I saw!
    -Yes, it would have been convienent for him to wear his costume to the
    -He had to go to that post-ceremony stage show right after the crime, you
    -So he must've worn that Nickel Samurai costume when he was stabbing poor
    Mia says that the contradiction is lying in plain sight. Present the Knife
    at the final statement, where she says that Matt must have been in the 
    Nickel Samurai costume. The knife is important because it has Matt's
    fingerprints on it. If Matt was really in the Nickel Samurai costume at
    the time of the murder, there's no way his fingerprints would have been on
    the knife. He would have just wiped them clean off. The Nickel Samurai 
    wears gloves on his costume. Edgeworth says that he may have taken off the
    gloves, but that's impossible. Why would have have done that?
    Edgeworth says there is one possibility. He says he went to Juan's room in
    his costume, expecting just to converse with him with no intention of 
    killing. That's when he took off the gloves. You need to check if there are
    any contradictions with this theory. Choose "There is a contradiction". If
    Matt was the killer, you need to present what intent he had for going to 
    his room. Present the knife once again. If Matt was the killer, he would
    have brought the knife to his visit with Juan.
    However, if Matt originally went in with no intent to murder, there'd be
    no point in bringing the knife. Also, if Matt was wearing his costume to
    the murder, then there would be glove marks on the knife. Thusly, Phoenix
    thinks the knife was planted by the real killer to make it look like Matt
    is the murderer. You must answer why the knife was planted in Juan. Choose
    "To frame Matt Engarde". Oldbag did just say she saw Matt in his costume,
    and thusly there would be glove prints on the knife it that were true. 
    Oldbag hints that it may not have been the Nickel Samurai she really saw. 
    She says she wasn't waiting around in the hallway for the Nickel Samurai.
    She isn't allowed to say just who she was really waiting for, though.
    However, she wasn't actually waiting for Juan Corrida. Now you must present
    the person she was really waiting for. Present Adrian Andrews' profile. It
    is explained why Adrian would be in Juan's room. Oldbag then says that 
    since you all figured it out, she might as well spill the beans on this
    secret information.
    ~Oldbag's Testimony-Secret Information~
    -That Engarde is one evil, evil man!
    -He thought he could ruin poor Juan by causing a huge scandal!
    -So to do that, he sent his own manager to get in close with Juan!
    -I cannot condone such dirty tricks! So I took action!
    -...Oh, and this is top secret, you got that!? Bobody else but you and me
    know yet, OK?
    As it turns out, if you don't prove this rumor to be false then it proves
    ill-will towards the victim, and will probably prove Matt guilty. Start off
    by pressing the final statement of her testimony, where she says this info
    is top secret. Oldbag isn't willing to say where she found the information
    from. Choose to "Present evidence" as you have something that shows where
    she may have gotten this information from. Present Lott'a Camera. She lost
    her camera, and she put a note inside the camera as well. She wrote down 
    several things she thought about the relationship between Adrian and Juan.
    Oldbag then presents the note she found. Oldbag must have been the one who
    stole Lotta's camera to begin with, and found the note later. Phoenix will
    then think it's best to forgive her. Choose to "Pile on more pressure". 
    Oldbag says that the piece of paper is the only thing she stole. You need
    to present what else she stole that night. Present Lotta's Camera here.
    Oldbag then admits that she did steal the camera. Oldbag was curious what
    kind of pictures Lotta had taken so she "borrowed" the camera to find out.
    The photos on the camera will be developed at once. Only one photo is 
    actually relevent to the case, however. The picture shows the Nickel
    Samurai, and LOTTA'S PHOTO will be added to the Court Record. This picture,
    added to Matt's statement that he was in the Nickel Samurai costume at the
    time of the murder, proves that he is the murderer. You will be asked if
    there is anything wrong with the picture. Choose there is "something
    strange with it". Once again this is your last shot, worth your entire
    health bar. Point to the bottom of the left leg (or his right leg if you
    were in the costume). If it were possible to see the ankles, that would be
    enough to prove it is Matt in the costume, however, they aren't visible.
    Thusly, the person in the costume isn't Matt Engarde. The Nickel Samurai
    in the picture is holding up the hakama just to walk. The person inside the
    costume must be shorter than Matt. Edgeworth asks just who could be 
    inside the Nickel Samurai costume. Present Adrian Andrews' profile. First,
    she is shorter than Matt. Also, she can move freely between Matt and Juan's
    room without trouble. She also had dinner with Matt that night. It means 
    that it was easy for her to get the knife that night.
    Phoenix now calls that Adrian Andrews is the one who murdered Juan, not
    Matt. She tried to frame Engarde instead. However, this means that the
    trial will last for another day. Sadly, you can't let that happen. Choose
    to "Raise an objection". As it turns out, Edgeworth predicted such an 
    event would occur, os he brought Adrian as a witness in the event it was
    necessary for her to come. A short recess will occur now. Save the game.
    Trial-Part 4-4
    Date-March 22, 2:14 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Matt still doesn't think that Adrian would have pulled off this murder. He
    also says that during the break between the ceremony and press conference
    he was sleeping, so the only person it could have been is Adrian. She also
    could have planted the blood covered button into his pocket at that time,
    as well. Mia also thinks that Adrian's only motive was to retrieve the
    missing suicide note that Celeste left. The only problem with this theory
    is that Edgeworth told it to you. It's obvious he knows you'll pull this
    stunt in court.
    Date-March 22, 2:25 PM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 3
    Adrian Andrews is called to the witness stand. She says that she has one
    request regarding everyone already knowing that she had some relationship
    with Juan. She was seeing Juan Corrida, and was already aware of the
    rivalry between Juan and Matt. However, she claims seeing him was a private
    matter. She then claims she didn't kill him, and testifies what she knows.
    ~Adrian Andrews' Testimony-When I Found the Body~
    -It was time for the show to start, so I went to get Matt from his room.
    -After that, I went to Juan's room.
    -And there was his dead body. I...I was in shock...
    -What I saw was, naturally, the exact same scene as in the crime scene
    -I felt as though I was about to faint, so I poured myself a glass of 
    Adrian also states at the end that she was so paniced that she forgot to 
    not touch anything, and that's how her fingerprints ended up on the wine
    glass. Press the third statement when she says she was in shock. You won't
    get any info out of this, though, save Edgeworth saying it's natural to be
    in shock after seeing a murder. Now press the final statement when she says
    she made herself some juice. Adrian says that she wasn't feeling too good,
    so she put the glass down without drinking from it. Phoenix confirms that
    she was in great shock when she saw Juan's dead body, and that's when she
    poured herself juice. She then says that she made one mistake, but stops
    herself from going any further. 
    Choose to "Press further". Edgeworth isn't aware of what her mistake at the
    crime scene is either. When she put the wine glass on the counter, she 
    accidentally knocked over the flower vase. When the vase fell, it broke
    when it hit the guitar case. She'll add the next line to her testimony.
    -I was the one who knocked the flower vase over, where it fell onto the
    guitar case.
    Present the Guitar Case at this statement. The main problem here is that
    the top of the guitar case was soaked with water. If the flower vase really
    did fall into the guitar case, the inside of it would be wet and not the
    outside. Also, since the guitar was open during the crime, the glass
    shards would have to be inside the case and not outside of it. Adrian did
    say she didn't touch anything else but the vase. The Judge will ask if you
    want Adrian to testify about the guitar case. Choose to "Make her 
    testify" since there's likely to be even more holes in her story.
    ~Adrian Andrews' Testimony-The Guitar Case~
    -I don't remember too clearly because I was a bit dazed.
    -I suppose I must have opened the guitar case...after I knocked the vase
    -It's not a big deal though, right? The case was empty after all.
    -As for why I opened the case...Even I don't know.
    Present the Guitar Case at her second statement, when she says she must
    have opened the case. There isn't any way that Adrian could have opened the
    case herself because fingerprints belonging only to Juan were found on the
    case. Pretty simple explaination. Adrian asks what if she were wearing
    gloves when she walked into the room. You'll then be asked if this is a
    strange statement. Say "That's strange..." when prompted. You need to 
    prove that she wasn't wearing any gloves. Present the Wine Glass.
    Adrian left her fingerprints on the Wine Glass, so she obviously wasn't
    wearing any gloves like she said she was. In the event she did take her
    gloves off to put the glass of juice on, why would she put them back on 
    just to open the guitar case? Mia says that the guitar case does play an
    important role and questions if it was really empty upon first discovering
    it. Edgeworth says this has nothing to do with the case, but Phoenix 
    objects and refutes that Adrian keeps contradicting herself. The guitar 
    case must have something to do with the murder. Now you need to present 
    what was in the case at the time of the murder. Present the Nickel Samurai
    Phoenix proposes that the Nickel Samurai's costume was inside the guitar
    case the entire time. The point of this would be to wear the costume, 
    allowing Adrian to put it on and make her escape easily. Phoenix says that
    Lotta has the picture to support this statement. The Nickel Samurai in the
    photo wasn't Matt, it was Adrian instead. You need to explain what Matt's
    costume was doing inside the guitar case. Choose "It was a spare costume".
    Since Matt didn't take off his costume during the break, this costume must
    be a spare. This would mean that the victim brought the spare costume all
    along to the ceremony. Now you need to present the reason Juan had to bring
    a spare Nickel Samurai costume. Present the Press Conference Ticket.
    The Nickel Samurai was going to confess something at the press conference.
    However, Matt himself had no idea that this conference was going to occur.
    This can only mean one thing. The conference was set up by none other than
    Juan Corrida himself. The spare costume was brought just for this 
    occassion. The main concern now is what Juan intended on revealing during
    the press conference. Thusly, it can be assumed Juan intended on speaking
    badly of Matt Engarde. Adrian then says that the press conference was setup
    by Juan. She was the one Juan asked for help setting up. She also prepared
    the second costume. Juan said that if he lost the Grand Prix, he intended
    on taking Matt down with him as well. Juan had a secret so powerful that it
    would have destroyed Matt's career. She also says she has been trying to
    protect Matt, explaining why she's been acting weird. 
    ~Adrian Andrews' Testimony-Protecting Matt~
    -From the moment I saw the crime scene, I had a feeling Matt was the 
    -Matt had to kill Juan no matter what.
    -And he didn't have an alibi for what he was doing at the time of the
    -My thoughts were confirmed by the evidence, of course; the button and the
    -But I'm Matt's manager...So I felt that I had to protect him...
    Press the fourth statement where she says her thoughts were confirmed by
    the murder evidence. Phoenix says that the knife could easily just be a 
    cover. Adrian says this doesn't really matter, but will change her line of
    testimony to the following.
    -That button was torn off of Juan during his fight with Matt.
    Now present Juan's Autopsy Report. Juan wasn't killed from the knife as
    Adrian claims, but was killed from being strangled by his bandana. The
    button could only have been ripped off after the knife was stabbed into the
    victim. It's impossible the button would have been ripped off during the
    struggle because he was choked to death in actuality. The button was ripped
    off of Juan's already dead body. Edgeworth will demand to know where you 
    are going. The button was taken off purposefully, but what was it? You must
    choose what the murderer had in mind when pulling off the button.
    Choose "To pin the crime on Engarde". There's no other way the button would
    be in Engarde's pants. Matt was being setup the entire time by the real
    killer. Now you need to present who the real murderer must be. Present 
    Adrian Andrews' profile. There's no real need to present evidence because
    all of it to this point now shows that she is the real killer. The knife 
    was used to throw suspicion onto Engarde to begin with. It could only have
    been taken from his room. Adrian was the only person to have had dinner 
    with Matt. Then she asks about the button. The only people who could have
    removed the button were either the killer or the person who found the body.
    If Matt was the real killer, he wouldn't be stupid enough to put important
    evidence in his own pocket.
    The only person who could have put it in his pocket was the one who woke
    him up, again that is Adrian. The guitar case held a spare Nickel Samurai
    outfit. Adrian was the only person who would have even thought to look in
    the guitar case for one. She wiped the prints from the guitar case so as
    not to make it look incriminating. However, she left her prints on the 
    glass of juice. She left the prints intentionally just to setup the fact
    she discovered the body. Then there's the photo which establishes Adrian
    coming out of the room. Adrian starts to break down now. She then states
    she refuses to testify.
    She isn't forced to testify since it would incriminate her. Phoenix then
    thinks back to yesterday when Franziska told Adrian to remember what she 
    had told her. Franziska put this idea of not tesifying into her head if the
    case started to look bad for her. Edgeworth then says you still lack
    definitive proof that any of your accusations are true. We haven't figured
    out if Adrian really did murder Juan. The Judge is ready to call off the
    trial, but Edgeworth manages to object to his decision. Although Adrian can
    refuse to testify, she can't if the testimony regards an unrelated
    subject. He says that when people find dead bodies they are usually scared,
    not thirsty for juice. 
    ~Adrian Andrews' Testimony-When I Found the Body~
    -That glass of juice...I didn't really pour it for myself.
    -I was surprised when I walked into the room and saw it in that messy 
    -And Juan...He was sitting slumped over and tired-looking in the corner.
    -When I saw him sitting like that, the thought that he was dead didn't
    cross my mind.
    -To be honest, I thought he had just fainted or something. So I went to
    pour him some juice.
    -When I realized that he was dead...That's when I knocked the flower vase
    Present the Crime Photo at her fourth statement, when she says she didn't
    think Juan was dead. There's something totally odd about that. There was a
    knife stuck in Juan's body. How she couldn't have thought he was dead or
    seriously injured whens he walked into the room is absurd. There's nobody
    else who would just get a glass of juice while ignoring someone who is
    dead in the same room. Her lie has proven, according to Phoenix, she is
    the real killer. 
    Adrian still keeps stammering, and still says it wasn't her. Now she's flat
    out accusing Matt of making the murder. Just before the verdict gets put
    down, Edgeworth objects. He says Adrian has yet to speak the real truth.
    Adrian says that if she spoke then Matt would never be declared guilty. 
    All she is doing right now is following the advice of Franziska. Edgeworth
    tells you to think about what Adrian has and hasn't done. Choose to "Force
    Andrews to testify". Adrian still refuses to testify, though, so Edgeworth
    reveals that Adrian has a mental condition and is about to reveal Adrian's
    true nature. Adrian finally agrees to talk.
    ~Adrian Andrews' Testimony-My "Crime"~
    -When I first saw him...I really thought he has fainted. Honest.
    -When I realized he was dead...That was when I formulated my plan.
    -Once I made sure there was no one in the hallway, I made a dash back to
    Matt's room.
    -And then...I stabbed Juan's dead body with the knife, and ripped off the
    -Just when I finished and was returning to Matt's room...I had a bit of an
    -And that's why...That's why I ended up using the Nickel Samurai costume.
    Adrian says she did all of this just to pin the blame on that scumbag
    Engarde. She says he deserves this for escaping a previous crime. Press
    her first statement. Since the bandana is part of the Jammin' Ninja's
    costume, she though nothing was unusual. Press the second statement. She
    admits to forging the knife and the button. Now press the third statement.
    Nothing important will come out of it.
    Press the fourth statement to find out Adrian really did plant the button
    inside Matt's costume. Press the fifth statement to find out it was Oldbag
    and Lotta who got in her way. Now press the final statement. Adrian reveals
    it really was her who put the Nickel Samurai costume into Juan's guitar
    case. After pressing every statement, the Judge will call off the cross
    examination. Adrian says that Franziska talked to her yesterday to just
    keep quiet about her crime, and that would make Matt guilty. Sadly, this
    testimony means she isn't the real killer. Court is over for the day.
    This brings disaster for Phoenix. 
    Before Edgeworth leaves, he asks to see the card Adrian keeps fumbling
    around with in her hand. She says she found it in Juan's room the day of
    the murder. Edgeworth demands the card, however. Edgeworth goes into a
    fury of hatred, calling Adrian an idiot for hiding this card. It still
    doesn't seem that important. Save the game.
    Investigation-Part 4-5
    Date-March 22, 5:24 PM
    Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Pearl starts off crying about Maya since you weren't able to get your
    verdict today. Phoenix says that there still may be a chance for Maya's
    freedom. The condition was to get a not guilty verdict, and since Matt 
    hasn't been proved guilty yet, you should still be fine. Gumshoe drops by
    to share some information. Talk about "The future". Gumshoe says he's not
    exactly capable of finding another job and wants to work with you. Well 
    that's...great. Ask about "Edgeworth" now.
    Gumshoe says this is the first time Edgeworth has ever acted like that in
    court. However, thanks to his bold statement the truth finally came out. 
    However, Phoenix still wants to know why there was a need to frame Matt
    Engarde. Now ask about "Franziska". She was shot on the way to the trial
    by a pistol. She's resting at the hospital right now, and says it's none
    other than the Hotti Clinic. Err, okay. Can't be all bad. Head over there
    right now.
    Date-March 22
    Location-Hotti Clinic; Reception
    As soon as you enter you will be greeted by the awkward doctor 
    impersonator. As if this wasn't enough, Edgeworth appears as well to talk
    with him. He asks how Franziska is doing, and the fake director says that
    she is doing fine. He also says he's personally taking care of her and he
    knows the surgery went fine. The fake director will fall when Franziska
    appears and whips him. Looks like she's in a fine condition. Ask about "The
    shooting" now.
    Franziska says she was shot infront of the courthouse in her right 
    shoulder. She even goes as far to say that such things happen all the time.
    She even had the mind to continue running the trial in her condition. She
    was dragged here by Edgeworth, though. Even so, Edgeworth still had to
    clean up her mess. Now talk about "The deal". Franziska plays dumb and says
    that she never made such a deal with Adrian. This is slightly ironic in
    Adrian's situation because now that she told her secret, she is in danger
    of being found guilty herself. She then runs off. 
    Now talk about "Today's trial" to Edgeworth. He says he had to go to such
    extremes to get her to testify that one little detail on what she did at
    the crime scene. Now ask about "Adrian's card". Edgeworth says the history
    of the card is top secret and can't be leaked to anyone. A special team of
    investigations has been working for years to find the owner of these cards.
    A man named Shelly de Killer. He also mentions that De Killer is one of the
    best assassins out there. PICTURE CARD will be added to the Court Record.
    Now ask about "Assassin". De Killer is in a long standing line of assassins
    out there. Shelly is the professional name to one of the heirs of the De
    Killer name. He has a habit of leaving his business card, cleverly a card
    with a shell on it, near each of his victims. Police think it is a part of
    his duty to his clients. If he leaves a card, then the client can be
    assured that it was De Killer who killed the person. De Killer values the
    trust between himself and his clients. This pretty much confirms that De
    Killer is the assassin who killed Juan.
    Now ask about "Maya's situation". Edgeworth is willing to help by putting
    out a rescue team, but it's worthless since there's no clues to her
    location. The only eay to save her is to get an acquittal. Edgeworth says
    that De Killer did kill Juan Corrida. However, the client is none other
    than Matt Engarde. He hands you a LETTER OF INTRODUCTION that will allow
    you into the Gatewater Hotel, added to the Court Record. He then takes his
    Date-??? Time-???
    Maya says that even kidnappers are a bit careless in their actions. She
    thinks that the assassin is just making that title up just like Phoenix 
    does for most things in court. She unlocks the door easily. Move to ????.
    You appear in a living room of sorts. Start investigating the area for any
    clues. Examine the right wall with all the shelves. There appears to be a
    ton of video tapes lined up on the wall.
    Now examine the picture on the table. The picture reads "With love...
    Celeste" and has a picture of Celeste on it. Now examine the teddy bear
    sitting on the couch. There seems to be several cuts on it, however. Now
    examine the antennae in the left corner of the room. It's hooked up to a
    VCR. Examine the door next. It's locked, however, and the card won't be
    able to help you here. The mysterious man appears again and tells Maya to
    Date-March 22, 7:04 PM
    Location-Hotti Clinic; Reception
    Phoenix isn't too sure whether or not Engarde is really guilty. There's
    nothing left here so head to the Detention Center.
    Date-March 22
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Sadly, visiting hours are over so you can't investigate into whether or not
    Matt hired De Killer or not. However, he did leave a message for you. Matt
    has a cat named Shoe and is asking you to feed him. His house isn't too far
    from the hotel. MATT'S NOTE will be stuffed into the Court Record. Head to
    the Hotel Lobby first. You need to anyways to access the option to go to
    Matt's house.
    Date-March 22
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Hotel Lobby
    Oldbag appears and says you can't pass anywhere into the hotel. Don't 
    bother wasting time here. A cat's life could hang in the balance if we 
    don't feed it! Head to Matt's Living Room.
    Date-March 22
    Location-Engarde Mansion; Living Room
    Damn, Engarde sure lives in a fancy house. Shoe appears and seems to be
    attached to Pearl. A certain someone comes up. Wonder why this guy looks
    just like De Killer. He says you must be Mr. Wright, and introduces himself
    as John Doe. He's the family butler. Talk to him about "Matt Engarde". The
    guy says he doesn't think Engarde is capable of murder. 
    Now ask about "John Doe". He says he's served at the mansion for about a
    year. Now ask about "Shoe". You'll throw away Matt's Note after this. Doe
    then takes his leave. Oddly, Phoenix doesn't think it strange that Matt
    made you come here to feed Shoe even though the butler already did it. Man,
    he overlooks simple details. Head back to the Hotel Lobby now.
    Date-March 22
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Hotel Lobby
    Present the Letter of Introduction. She's delighted to see something from
    Edgeworth and Oldbag will allow you to tour the hotel again. She comes back
    a second later to tell you that Engarde's Hotel Room is off limits. The
    police are investigating that room all day so you can't enter. Move to the
    Date-March 22
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Hallway
    You'll meet up with Lotta as you enter the Hallway. Talk to her about 
    "Night of the murder". There isn't much info to be had here as neither 
    Oldbag nor Lotta were here the entire time. Now ask about "Scandal". Lotta
    says it's best not to believe that info from her camera. She actually just
    wrote it on a hunch. Now ask about the "Camera". Turns out Edgeworth came
    by a little while earlier and said the camera needs to be kept on account
    of it's still evidence. Lotta then takes her leave. Head to Corrida's Hotel
    Date-March 22
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Corrida's Hotel Room
    Yeah, Oldbag somehow managed to get into the room. She says she came down
    here to pay her respects to Juan and you're interrupting. Ask about "Night
    of the murder". She says she was tricked by that fraud of a photographer.
    She says she had more to do than just stand around the hallway. Ask about
    "Memories of Corrida" now. She thinks that he was going to become a huge
    star one day and beat Engarde. Pearl points out that all of the presents 
    that Juan has recieved are bears.
    Ask about "Presents" now. Some time ago Juan had a fight with a bear, and
    in the end they somehow became friends. Uh...so, since that incident, 
    people have sent him bears in appreciation of what he had done. Just before
    you can talk much more, De Killer calls again.
    De Killer is ticked that even with his present you still weren't able to
    pull of a not guilty verdict. He will give you one last chance to pull
    through. Before you get to hear news of Maya, the transceiver happens to
    start malfunctioning. Head back to Wright & Co. now.
    Date-March 22
    Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Gumshoe is still here and wanting to help, so he allows you to ask him
    anything. The only new things you can do would be to present the Radio
    Tranceiver. Phoenix turns the transceiver back on, but it appears to be
    working just fine right now. Gumshoe suspects electromagnetic interference.
    Talk about "Electromagnetic interference" now. He says that is what occurs
    when radio signals get mixed with other signals. Gumshoe says that 
    something in the room you were just in must have been emitting strong radio
    waves that could interfere with the transceiver. Something like a listening
    device. Gumshoe says he's going to get a bug sweeper to check for anything
    suspicious at the crime scene. Head back to Corrida's Hotel Room.
    Date-March 22
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Corrida's Hotel Room
    Gumshoe says he was kicked out of the precinct and couldn't get his hands
    on a bug sweeper. He did manage to get one, and it happens to be the one he
    made in elementary school. Whatever works, I guess. However, the device
    will go off at any source of waves. You will then have to move the scanner
    around the room, checking for any major source of radio waves. There are
    several objects here that will make the scanner beep very fast. However, 
    the item you want is the bear in the left corner of the left side of the
    room. It's the tall bear that towers over the rest of them.
    Gumshoe comes in an deduces that tha listenting device is set up inside 
    this bear. He will rip the eye out of the bear. Turns out there was a 
    camera inside all along, and there's a transmitter and timer as well. Talk
    to Gumshoe about the "Camera". He says this kind of camera is only used
    in security systems. The footage the camera recieves is sent to a receiver
    somewhere else, and that's where it is recorded. SPY CAMERA will be added
    to the Court Record. Now ask about the "Transmitter". This device sends the
    footage from the camera elsewhere. The timer attatchment can turn the 
    camera on and off on its own. The camera was set to turn on at 8 PM and to
    continue on for an hour. That was the time the award ceremont ended. 
    Just perhaps this camera caught the footage of the murder. Judging by the
    angle of the bear, it may have caught the entire crime easily. TRANSMITTER
    infomation will be added to the Court Record. Ask about the "Stuffed bear"
    now. It is unknown who gave the bear as a present. This does mean that
    somebody caught the footage of the murder. SUFFED BEAR infomation will be
    added to the Court Record. Gumshoe has an idea. He's going to take the
    camera and see if he can find who bought it. The Spy Camera and Transmitter
    will be handed back to Gumshoe. 
    Edgeworth will appear now. He says he heard the entire story, as well as 
    mentioning a rescue team is out searching for Maya. Edgeworth says that the
    maker of the bear is overseas. Very few of them are exported here. By 
    tracking where the bear came from, we can find the owner. The Stuffed Bear
    will be handed to Edgeworth. 
    Everything just seems odd now. Juan Corrida's death, Adrian's past, De
    Killer who is demanding an acquittal for his client Matt Engarde, and the
    shell card. Save the game.
    Investigation-Part 4-6
    Date-March 22
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Corrida's Hotel Room
    Pearl questions if Maya has already been found. She seems a bit concerned
    despite things looking your way, if only slightly. Talk to her about "The
    real killer". Both of you are sure now that Shelly de Killer is the one who
    killed Juan. The card seems to be enough proof of that. But then the 
    question of who his client is comes to mind. Whoever the client is is still
    technically a killer.
    Ask about "The assassin's client" now. Phoenix thinks it may be Adrian,
    but if that were true there would be no reason for her to stab Juan
    afterwards. Now ask about "Was it Matt?". If Engarde did hire De Killer,
    he would have to be guilty then despite him not killing anybody in his own
    blood. There were no Psyche Locks on Matt when asked if he killed Juan. Now
    Phoenix brings up that Adrian mentioned something interesting in court. Ask
    about "Something interesting".
    Juan had bet everything on the Jammin' Ninja winning. If he lost, he
    intended to take down Matt with him. Somehow, Juan got a powerful secret
    that would destroy Matt's career. Since Juan planned to reveal this secret,
    Matt would have plenty of motive to kill him, or at least hire an assassin
    to. You need to visit Engarde now. Head to the Viola Hall.
    Date-March 22
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Viola Hall
    Oldbag meets you here. She says that someone gave her a tracking device and
    was told to search out the hotel for anything suspicious. The request came
    from Edgeworth so she doesn't have any real complaints. Talk to her about
    the "Bug sweeper". She has heard that the camera was found in one of the
    bears, but she thinks it was to capture Adrian's and Juan's scadalous
    meeting. She also thinks that Lotta planted the camera inside the bear. Now
    ask about "Juan and Adrian".
    Juan really seemed to like his old manager, Celeste. Oldbag says she was
    supposed to get married to Juan. She killed herself just three days after
    the marriage announcement. Now ask about "Celeste's suicide" further. 
    Oldbag says she was thrown away by Juan. Juan cancelled the marriage three
    days after it was announced. She isn't aware of why he cancelled it, 
    however. Head over to the Criminal Affairs Department.
    Date-March 22
    Location-Police Station; Criminal Affairs Dept.
    The chief in here will alert you that the police have found what they have
    been looking for-a real decisive witness. The chief also says you should
    know this person well. Edgeworth also has allowed you special permission to
    visit the Detention Center past visitor's hours. Head over there right now.
    Date-March 22
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Choose to talk to "Matt Engarde" right now. You won't get any information
    from Adrian until later. Ask about "Juan and Adrian" right now. He doesn't
    know or care about Juan's life. Perhaps he is connected to Celeste's 
    suicide. Now ask about "Matt's secret". Five Psyche Locks will appear over
    Matt. There isn't anything you can do about the Locks right now. Some 
    strong evidence will be required later. Head back to the Criminal Affairs
    Date-March 22
    Location-Police Station; Criminal Affairs Dept.
    You will meet up with Will again. As it turns out, he somehow got himself
    involved in this mess. Now he's going to testify at tomorrow's trial. Turns
    out he is the decisive witness the chief mentioned earlier. Ask about
    "Tomorrow's testimony". Will isn't sure what he is going to testify about,
    but it must be important from what the police told him. Unfortunately, he
    isn't allowed to tell you the details. Now ask about "Matt Engarde".
    Will says that this trial is going to seriously hurt Matt's reputation. He
    has a sort of player attitude towards women, and usually just calls it a
    game to reassure others it's nothing. He's also said that one person won't
    swoon over him; Adrian Andrews. Now ask about "Gossip". Will hears gossip
    about stars all of the time. Will also says he knows something about
    Celeste's sudden suicide.
    Ask about "Celeste's suicide" now. Will thinks that something bad was
    written on the note, something that would hurt Juan. Before she died, she
    said to some of her friends that she was caught by an insidious man. This
    is probably referring to Juan Corrida. That would be reason enough for him
    to hide the suicide note. Head back to the Detention Center.
    Date-March 22
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Let's get Adrian's side of the story now. Ask about "Matt Engarde". She
    mentions you don't know the real him. Now ask about "Celeste Inpax". She
    says she's finally put her death behind her, and now you have to bring it
    up. She wanted to get the suicide note and burn it. Now ask about "Why
    frame him?". She says she did it out of revenge. A single Psyche Lock will
    appear over her, but you can't unlock it for a while. Head back to the 
    Wright & Co. Law Offices.
    Date-March 22
    Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
    Phoenix's phone will ring as you enter. Gumshoe says there's a big problem
    and he's coming to your office. He pops in seconds later. He says that he
    knows who bought the spy camera. He figured out quickly that he should have
    been looking into the bear and not the camera. Anyway, he says Matt Engarde
    bought the bear and the camera. That's totally not good. Ask about the
    "Stuffed bear" now. He even has the receipt for the purchase of the bear.
    The clerk even said himself that Engarde bought the bear. CREDIT CARD
    RECEIPT added to the Court Record.
    Ask about the "Spy camera" now. SPY CAMERA, TRANSMITTER, and STUFFED BEAR
    will be re-added to the Court Record. This doesn't bode well. We need to
    discover why Matt planted this camera. Head back to the Detention Center.
    Date-March 22
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Phoenix says that it's about time he told you the truth. Present the 
    Magatama and get to the bottom of this mess.
    ~Matt Engarde's Magatama Secret-Matt's Secret~
    Matt still protests he doesn't know anything about Juan. You need to 
    present something that shows Matt was paying attention to Juan that night.
    Present the Spy Camera. Matt now asks where the camera was hidden. Present
    the Stuffed Bear. The first lock will break. Now Matt starts playing dumb
    and asks who would have sent the bear. Present Matt Engarde's profile.
    Matt still doesn't want to have any of his locks break. You need to present
    proof that he put the camera into the bear. Present the Credit Card 
    Receipt. Matt protests that the money on the receipt could be for an
    expensive toothbrush he bought a while ago. The second lock will break off
    now. Now you need to present the reason why he would hide the camera in
    Juan's room to begin with. Present the Picture Card. Matt quickly says that
    he doesn't know anyone by the name Shelly de Killer. You need to say how he
    knows De Killer. Choose "you're his client". Since he set up the camera, he
    knew everything that was going to happen. The person behind this whole
    murder is Matt Engarde himself. 
    He then tries to consult "himself" Uh...erm. He thinks it's time for him
    to reveal his true self. The remaining three locks break and he pulls back
    his hair, revealing a huge scar there. He also picks up a glass of wine. 
    Now talk about "Matt's secret". He comments that there's no way he would
    murder Juan himself, so he hired Shelly to do it for him. He also gives
    props to Adrian for having the balls to pin the crime on him. Matt says he
    doesn't believe assassins. He knows assassins are above blackmail. Matt now
    reveals that he plans to use the tape of Shelly killing Juan to blackmail
    De Killer. The video is his own "insurance". 
    Now ask about the "Motive for murder". Matt did all of this, once again,
    because Juan was going to screw him over. Then he says that all he had to
    do was put on an innocent face and he could get anyone to do what he 
    wanted. It worked on Adrian, Shelly, and obviously Phoenix. Engarde says at
    the end that you still have to win the case, otherwise Maya gets killed.
    Somehow you need to pin the murder on Matt while at the same time letting
    De Killer release Maya. 
    Edgeworth appears and brings you to the police station.
    Date-March 22
    Location-Police Station; Criminal Affairs Dept.
    Edgeworth will say this is the moment you will need to decide what your
    definition of a lawyer is. Ask about "Matt Engarde". Phoenix sort of 
    questions his own motives for getting his clients free up to this point. He
    disagree's with Edgeworth when saying Engarde deserves a proper trial. We
    know he is guilty, and that scumball doesn't deserve one. Now ask about
    "Maya's situation".
    Edgeworth says the only thing you can do is fight. Now question "Why
    fight?". Edgeworth restates that the only thing Franziska fights for is her
    perfect win streak. He then says that when Phoenix destroyed his perfect 
    win record, that's when he started seeing what it really meant to be a
    De Killer then calls. He asks if you are still capable of getting an 
    acquittal tomorrow. He says that the whole kidnapping situation is his
    "aftercare". He's completing his client relations to ensure that no harm
    comes to his clients. He was unlucky this time to have his client arrested.
    In order to ensure the end would turn out well, he hired Phoenix. Just 
    before the end of the broadcast you will hear a cat meow. This can only
    mean that Shelly is holding Maya hostage at Matt Engarde's house. Move
    there immediately!
    Date-March 22
    Location-Engarde Mansion; Living Room
    Edgeworth arrives and says the entire mansion has been surrounded. If De
    Killer is still here, he has no way of escaping. Examine the room now, and
    focus on the bear sitting on the floor on the right side of the room. There
    are a lot of cuts in the bear for some reason. FIGURINE will be added to
    the Court Record. Edgeworth and Phoenix break down the door next to the
    figurine. This room has all the equipment Maya discovered earlier. Phoenix
    demands that the tapes be searched for anything important. Convenient that
    there be a VCR and recieving antennae, eh? There's nothing in the tapes,
    however. Move to the Wine Cellar.
    Date-March 22
    Location-Engarde Mansion; Wine Cellar
    Sadly, De Killer and Maya have already up and left. Examine the object 
    hanging by the bottom of the stairs. It's a picture of Celeste Inpax with
    the words "With love...Celeste" written on it. The same picture Maya found
    earlier. CELESTE'S PHOTO will be added to the Court Record. Pearl says 
    there's something written on the back. It reads "Maya". She says that she
    demands you get Engarde a guilty sentence and not to worry about her, she's
    just fine. Before you leave, Edgeworth will contact the Detention Center
    and alert them that you'll need to talk to Adrian one last time. 
    Date-March 22
    Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
    Adrian seems to be toying with you and dares you to break her lock. Present
    the Magatama so we can get the last bit of information we need for this
    ~Adrian Andrews' Magatama Secret-Why Frame Him?~
    Phoenix says he heard Adrian mention something about revenge earlier. You
    need to show something or someone that would make her want revenge. Present
    the Suicide Report. There's only one event in her life that would make her
    want revenge, and that was Celeste's death. Now you need to present 
    something that links the relation between Celeste and Matt. Present
    Celeste's Photo. She knows that you found this picture at Engarde's 
    Mansion. The Psyche Lock breaks. Ask about "Why frame him?" now.
    Celeste didn't want to get married to Juan because of Matt. Celeste was
    Matt's manager a long time ago. Adrian was working part time back then.
    That's how the picture turned up. Adrian says that Celeste was just being
    used, until one day she was thrown away. Celeste was aware a scandal would
    demolish Matt's good image, so she moved to Worldwide Studios. She met Juan
    there. Everything seemed fine with him until the wedding was called off. On
    the night it was called off, Celeste killed herself. That's why she framed
    Matt. To get revenge for Celeste and herself. 
    Now ask about "Revenge". Juan called off the wedding because Matt confessed
    his love with Celeste. Matt was waiting for the moment that telling Juan
    about his previous relationship would hurt him most. Juan discovered her
    body and suicide note. He hide her note because the note contained a secret
    about Matt. It would have been damaging to his image. Juan wanted revenge,
    so he was going to announce what the suicide note contained. Adrian admits
    she thought Matt was the murderer when she found Juan. She took the chance
    to search for the suicide note. When she couldn't find the note, she then
    resorted the revenge. Save the game. The big trial is coming up.
    Trial-Part 4-7
    Just before the trial, Phoenix has the same dream that he had in the 
    opening of the first case. He dreams the Judge deems him no longer worthy
    of being a defense attorney, and kills him with his gavel. He's going into
    trial trying to prove a killer innocent...
    Date-March 23, 9:43 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Phoenix's phone will ring, and Engarde will be on the other end. He taunts
    you, saying to do your best while Maya's life is on the line. Mia will
    appear now. Phoenix's phone rings again, this time it's Gumshoe on the
    other end. He says he was let back onto the investigation team and they are
    trying to capture De Killer. They have no leads, but they are trying their
    hardest. If they can get Maya out, then you can safely get a guilty 
    verdict. Gumshoe also says if you work with Edgeworth to stall the trial
    there still may be hope. 
    Date-March 23, 10:00 AM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 3
    The Judge will recap the events of yesterday's trial. The main question 
    right now is Adrian's role in the murder. It may be possible that she isn't
    even connected to this crime. Adrian forged evidence to throw suspicion on
    Matt, then escaped in the Nickel Samurai costume if you remember. Edgeworth
    then present Shelly's card. He says that Juan was killed by this assassin.
    Edgeworth then calls Will Powers to testify. He was in the area on the 
    night of the murder and went inside Matt's room. He'll testify about that.
    ~Will Powers' Testimony-Visit to Matt's Room~
    -After the award ceremony, I went by myself to Matt's room.
    -Matt was standing there in front of his room. still in his Nickel Samurai
    -He was talking with someone. At first, I thought it was the bellboy.
    -I watched the two of them for a while, but then I gave up and went back.
    -I had guests with me that night, and I couldn't make them wait for me.
    Press the first statement. Will was Matt's mentor, so he wanted to talk to
    him for a bit. Will will stop talking thinking Phoenix is going to pin the
    murder on him. Now press the fourth statement where he said he watched Matt
    for a while. Will says he saw something strange. He saw Matt give the 
    bellboy a tip. Now press the third statement, about how he thought he saw
    a bellboy. He will say that he didn't seem like a normal bellboy. His line
    of testimony will change to the following:
    -Matt gave the bellboy a tip.
    Press this new statement. Will says that Matt paid the bellboy a large sum.
    As if that wasn't enough, he even saw the bellboy's face after that. Ask
    about "Engarde's tip" in more detail. Will can't even guess at how much
    money was given because it was wrapped up in a huge roll. The Judge starts
    to make you look suspicious. Choose to "Raise an objection". 
    Edgeworth says that the wad of cash was payment for the murder of Juan
    Corrida. The bellboy Will say then was the assassin himself. He then
    present Shelly' business card. Will now says that he saw the bellboy a
    second time that night. 
    ~Will Powers' Testimony-The Second Time~
    -This time, I was in that hallway because I had to go to the bathroom!
    -And that's when that bellboy I saw earlier came out of the room!
    -Of course, when I say "room", I mean Juan Corrida's room!
    -Now that I think about it, that bellboy did seem kinda out of place!
    -Yeah! So he had to be the assassin! I'm sure of it!
    Press the fourth statement where Will says the bellboy seemed out of place.
    The odd thing was that the bellboy was empty handed. Choose to "Try to pull
    a fast one" here. Edgeworth says that there isn't any reason for them to
    ever be empty handed. This line of testimony will change to the following:
    -I thought it was kinda strange for a bellboy to come out of a guest's
    room empty-handed!
    Press this new statement. Will thinks it's suspicous because the bellboy
    was holding a tray when he first saw him. He was carrying a bottle of
    juice and a wine glass. He says it was tomato juice. Present the Crime
    Photo here. In the photo you can see the glass of tomato juice as well as
    the wine glass. All the bellboy did was bring the tray to Juan Corrida's
    room and drop it off. It was perfectly logical for him to leave with 
    nothing afterwards. 
    Edgeworth says there's one other important detail Will saw. He noticed
    the bellboy wearing gloves. He says he was wearing suspicous black, leather
    gloves, which is different from the other bellboy's. 
    ~Will Powers' Testimony-Their Second Meeting~
    -After leaving Juan's room, the bellboy went and knocked on Matt's door,
    just like that.
    -He gave something to the person inside the room.
    -Then the old guy just left, without even going into the room. 
    -After that, I went to the bathroom and then back to my seat.
    Press the second statement, about how the bellboy gave something to the man
    in the room. You can ask him two options now. "Ask about this 'something'"
    first. He says it was a small item, but he isn't too sure on the details.
    Press this statement again and "Ask about the person inside". Will didn't
    see the face of the person, just the arm. Edgeworth now stops you and 
    recaps the testimony. The bellboy left Juan's room to go to Matt's room,
    handed him a small item, then left. 
    This moment is important because it reveals what was removed from the crime
    scene and was handed to Matt. He'll add this line to his testimony:
    -If I saw it again, I could say for sure, but I think it was some sort of
    wooden statue.
    Present the Figurine that you found at Engarde's Mansion. Turns out this
    small bear is the item that he saw. Edgeworth now proposes that Shelly
    killed Juan in his room, then stole the wooden bear from the crime scene. 
    It goes without saying that Matt is De Killer's client. The Judge is about
    to end the trial, but Phoenix says there are points that still haven't been
    covered. Choose to question further "The bear itself". The bear was found
    at Engarde's Mansion, but Matt was arrested at the hotel. He hasn't had a
    chance to go home and place the bear there. 
    It isn't possible for Matt to have taken the bear to the mansion. Edgeworth
    comes in and says that Engarde's butler was none other than De Killer, 
    which is understandable since they were working together. He assumes Matt
    had De Killer bring it to his house since it would have been bad if the 
    bear was found at the crime scene. You will be given the three options 
    again on what you think was shaky in Will's testimony. Now question "The
    person who received the bear".
    Will hasn't made clear who gave the bear to whom. He remembers now the arm
    belonged to the Nickel Samurai. The Judge is ready to end the trial because
    this makes Matt look completely guilty. Choose to "Raise an objection". It
    is entirely plausible that Matt is De Killer's client, however, there is
    another suspect. Present Adrian Andrews' profile. She put on the spare
    Nickel Samurai costume after all, and this easily could have been the hand
    that Will saw. Edgeworth isn't too sure whether this is true or not. 
    Well of course were lying! We just need to stall for time. Edgeworth then
    says that the figurine bear hides a big secret that will reveal who the
    true killer is. He is sure that by making Adrian testify this whole murder
    will be cleared up. A short recess will be called. 
    Date-March 23, 11:54 AM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Matt greets you and says he's surprised in your desperate efforts to save
    Maya that you would resort to pinning the murder on Adrian. Pearl returns
    and says that Mia was called away. Phoenix's phone rings again. It's 
    Gumshoe once again. Mia comes back and says that she was able to see a 
    circus tent when she was in Maya's body. Gumshoe says the Berry Big Circus
    is still in town. This must be where De Killer is keeping Maya. Gumshoe
    will set off right away to rescue Maya. There's nothing left to do but 
    stall court long enough until Maya gets rescued.
    Date-March 23, 12:05 PM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 3
    Adrian has appeared now, and states that she has seen the bear before. She
    will tell you the secrets this bear holds.
    ~Adrian Andrews' Testimony-The Bear Figurine~
    -Actually, this is an elaborate puzzle.
    -If you know the correct order, it can be taken apart one piece at a time.
    -At its center is a small cavity, with just enough room to store a small
    -Because of its complexity, if you don't know the order, you can't open
    the bear.
    -You really can't tell that it's a small "jewelry box" just by looking at
    Press the first statement. You'll find nothing here. Now press the second
    statement. Adrian will mention how the bear can be taken apart. Now press
    the third statement. She knows this because she was the one who bought it.
    She thought it would be a nice present for Juan. Press her fourth 
    statement next. Only her and Juan knew how to solve the puzzle. Press the
    final statement. FIGURINE will be updated in the Court Record. After 
    pressing all the statement, Phoenix will give up finding a contradiction.
    Now Edgeworth asks what is inside of the bear. Adrian opens up the bear and
    finds a note inside. Not just any note, but Celeste Inpax's suicide note.
    It was, as suspected, hidden by Juan himself. Celeste even signed this 
    note. Adrian actually knew about this note already. That's why when she 
    found Juan she wanted to quickly find the bear and note and destroy it.
    She couldn't find it because De Killer already took it. The Judge will
    read the note aloud. You already know the gist of the story, though. 
    Now Edgeworth present Matt's motive for murder. Since Juan was going to
    reveal the contents of this note, Matt had to stop him at all costs. 
    CELESTE'S SUICIDE NOTE will be added to the Court Record. De Killer was
    hired to get this note and kill the person who had. Engarde hired him,
    clearly. You are capable of going more indepth to one of the major pieces
    of evidence. Choose "Celeste's Suicide Note". 
    There's a slight contradiction here. How did Matt learn what was written
    on the note? Egdeworth presents the spy camera that Matt setup. Juan was
    being spied upon, and this is how Matt learned of what was contained on the
    note. Edgeworth then says the camera he has isn't the one from the stuffed
    bear's eye. He went to Engarde's Mansion to search for more clues and found
    the Matt's fingerprints on the camera. Mia says, however, these is still
    one piece of evidence that requires more investigation. Choose to "Present
    evidence". Present Celeste's Suicide Note. The handwriting on the note has
    yet to be analyzed. It may not even be Celeste's at all! 
    Gumshoe finally calls. Sadly, De Killer managed to escape. His hideout was
    discovered, but him and Maya have already up and left. Gumshoe then demands
    to talk to Edgeworth. Yeah, that doesn't go over so well. The Judge calls
    off the court proceedings for the day, but then Edgeworth objects. He will
    call a final recess for the handwriting analysis.
    Date-March 23, 2:04 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 3
    You'll meet up with Edgeworth right away. Phoenix's phone rings again. 
    Gumshoe reports that De Killer left behind several things in his desperate
    attempt to escape. He says that he has the items and is bringing them over
    as evidence as we speak. He should be here in about 20 minutes, just barely
    enough time before court reconvenes. A loud bang can be heard from the 
    phone and the line goes dead. Looks like Gumshoe just crashed into 
    something. Is there any way you can find his location? Choose "There is a
    way." Present Franziska's profile. She has a tracking device installed on
    Gumshoe, remember? 
    Edgeworth leaves to find the results of the handwriting analysis. Save the
    game now.
    Trial-Part 4-8
    Date-March 23, 2:35 PM
    Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 3
    Edgeworth doesn't seem so happy when you enter court. The note has ended up
    to be a forgery. It wasn't written by Celeste Inpax. He then says the
    handwriting matches that of Juan Corrida. Looks liek Celeste never did 
    leave a suicide note. However, Matt could not have known this note was a
    fake and the main facts remain unchanged. Phoenix thinks something is wrong
    with this. Choose to "Present evidence". Present the Spy Camera. If Matt 
    had spied on Juan, he would have known as well that the note was a fake and
    wouldn't go to the trouble of killing him over it.
    Matt's main motive for murder has now completely changed to something 
    unknown at the moment. Edgeworth states that it could have been written at
    an unknown place, and Phoenix demands he present evidence to back that up.
    He then says he has onle final witness, and this one isn't normal. It's
    the one person that can answer who hired Shelly de Killer. He is actually
    going to make Shelly de Killer testify. Well, via a radio transceiver, at
    least. He makes Maya speak into the radio to prove that he is De Killer.
    He then says he did kill Juan Corrida at the request of a client. 
    ~Shelly de Killer's Testimony-About My Client~
    -There is something I must first state.
    -To an assassin, nothing is more important than the trust between a client
    and himself.
    -And that is the reason I am here today on this witness stand.
    -It is my wish that you grasp this concept before I give the name of my
    Press De Killer on his second statement, about his trust. Phoenix asks if
    anyone has ever stabbed him in the back, and De Killer says that if one of
    his clients did so, they wouldn't be his client for very long. Now press
    the third statement. He says that he's fine with saying the name because
    his client broke the rules by trying to pin the crime on someone else. Now
    press the second statement again. De Killer thinks you understand his logic
    since one of his clients broke his trust, so he's going to go back on his
    word. This next line of testimony gets added:
    -Now then, I do believe it's about time I revealed the name of my client,
    don't you agree?
    Press this new statement, of course. He says that Adrian Andrews is his
    client. Wait...what? Isn't it Engarde? What the hell? Looks like De Killer
    just stabbed Edgeworth in the back. Adrian comes in and says that 
    everything De Killer said was a lie. The Judge will ask if you want the
    trial to continue a little longer. Choose "Request the trial continue". De
    Killer will be contacted again. He'll go indepth about his client.
    ~Shelly de Killer's Testimony-About My Client, Pt. 2~
    -As I have already stated quite a few times, Adrian Andrews is my client.
    -One thing I simply cannot overlook is tampering with the scene of the
    -My client did it to frame another for the crime.
    -While pretending to be the first person to discover the body and enter 
    the scene,
    -Adrian Andrews already knew from the very beginning that Juan Corrida was
    -But even more appalling is the creation and planting of the "knife" and
    -That act is what I was referring to when I said my client has "broken the
    Present the Wine Glass at the fifth statement, when De Killer says Adrian
    knew Juan was dead. When Adrian entered the room, there's no way she knew
    that Juan was dead. Had the glass been planned, then there wouldn't be
    fingerprints at all. If Adrian was really his client, she would have known
    about his death. This only means that Adrian couldn't be his client. Looks
    like we just need to have De Killer play along a little longer...
    ~Shelly de Killer's Testimony-Request Taking~
    -This request came to me...oh, about a week ago.
    -It was a request for my services on the night of the awards ceremony.
    -We met at a certain bar to discuss and finalize a few matters.
    -That is what occurred. I trust my memory, and I believe I have made no
    Press his third statement, about meeting the client in a bar. De Killer
    stops talking for a second. "Press further" when asked. The Judge will ask
    if any of this is important. Choose "It is not important" for now. De
    Killer says that by talking face to face with him that he builds trust. The
    Judge will ask again if this was important. Choose "It was very important".
    The following line of testimony will be added:
    -From the moment I saw him, I thought, "I can trust this person as a 
    Present Adrian Andrews' profile here. I'm pretty sure Adrian is a woman,
    not a man. There's no way he could have met Adrian Andrews if he thinks
    she was a guy. The problem here is that Adrian can be either a man's or
    woman's name, so De Killer made the mistake of assuming it was a guy. Now
    he says he confused Adrian with another client, and will speak for real.
    ~Shelly de Killer's Testimony-Request Taking, Pt. 2~
    -Yes, now I remember. I took that request by mail.
    -There have been times when I took a job without having met my client.
    -The request was for the murder of Juan Corrida and 2 or 3 other small
    -When I saw the name at the end of the letter, I thought my client to be a
    Press the third statement, about the request to kill Corrida amoung other
    things. He says these things have nothing to do with the current case.
    "Press further". De Killer now asks why you have continued this cross
    examination when everything he has said has been beneficial to Engarde. Now
    he starts thinking that you are about to betray Matt. Choose to "Press
    further" even though it seems suicidal. He mentions the bear figurine.
    After the assassination he was told to find the figurine. The figurine was
    inside Juan's suitcase. Then he gave the bear to the client. His line of
    testimony will change to this:
    -One of these was to find the bear figurine and to give it to Adrian
    Press this new statement. De Killer says he was waiting for Adrian at
    Engarde's Mansion. Choose "There is a contradiction" when the Judge asks
    if there's a problem with this. Mia says you will need to present strong
    evidence to keep this going. Choose to "Present evidence". Present the 
    Figurine now.
    If he had really given the bear to him, the fake suicide note wouldn't be
    inside of it. Adrian says if she got her hands on the note, she would have
    burned it. By the fact that the note was still in the bear, the client 
    didn't know how to disassemble the bear. It is now impossible for Adrian
    to be his client. De Killer then states that unless you do something, and
    fast, he will kill Maya. Edgeworth then rests his actions. Engarde is
    brought to the stand and reveals his true self. Phoenix then must decide if
    he wants to keep going for this verdict. Choose "Guilty". Stupid ass. 
    Before you get the chance to announce it...
    Franziska makes a huge entrance into the courtroom. Wow, she actually 
    managed to help us with something. Dayum. The final pieces of evidence you
    need are within Gumshoe's coat.  The first item Franziska presents is a 
    pistol. Phoenix will wonder if this is important. "Question for more
    details". She thinks this is the pistol used to shoot her. PISTOL will be
    added to the Court Record. The second piece of evidence is a video tape.
    "Question for more details". There was no time for her to check the tape.
    De Killer must have wanted it because he came back to his hideout to 
    retrieve it, but failed.
    VIDEO TAPE will be added to the Court Record. The last piece of evidence is
    the bellboy's uniform. "Question for more details". She's almost certain 
    that this was used during the crime. There's even a pair of black gloves in
    it. She also says a button is missing from the uniform. BELLBOY'S UNIFORM
    will be added to the Court Record. Sadly, the question here is who was the
    client and not who did the killing. These items can't be used. 
    Mia says there is a way to make a miracle happen. There are two ways out
    of this situation. First, you can make Matt Engarde WANT a guilty verdict.
    The second way is to make De Killer end his contract with Engarde. If he
    didn't want Engarde as his client, he wouldn't follow him anymore. The
    Judge says he doesn't need the evidence. So, who does? It's time to save
    the game. Your final action will determine which ending you get.
                        ~9.The Good and Bad Endings~
    From the previous point I have mentioned to save, you have the option of
    either getting the Good Ending, or the Bad Ending, depending on your next
    action. I recommend you see both of them at least once. Once you get an
    ending you can restart from the save point and get the other ending. We'll
    start with the bad ending so you have something to look forward to when you
    see the depressing ending screen.
    Bad Ending
    If you want this ending, don't present De Killer's profile and you will
    ensure you get this ending. Choose to present any item after that. The
    Judge will then announce his verdict of Not Guilty on Matt Engarde. Adrian
    Andrew's goes to jail then.
    Just like that, the trial is over. Phoenix runs away from the courtroom
    afterwards, never to see Maya again. He knows that she would be released,
    though, since De Killer is a man of his word. Now you get the best 
    sentence ever in an ending screen. "The miracle never happen". Way to screw
    up a bad ending, huh? The case ends after that. No credits, just one sad
    screen to leave you thinking about your awful choice. Go restart from the
    save and get the exciting, good ending now!
    Good Ending
    The Judge will give you one last chance to turn the entire trial around.
    You need to free Maya and get Engarde a guilty verdict at the same time.
    Present Shelly de Killer's profile as the person you want to show evidence 
    to, then present the Video Tape as the thing you want to show him. 
    Edgeworth will say that this may be of some interest. 
    De Killer will be brought in again. De Killer was told to protect the
    video tape at all costs from his client. De Killer was told not to watch
    the contents of the tape, so he doesn't know what they are. Surprisingly,
    De Killer is the one on the tape. The video was set at the crime scene, 
    and all of his actions were being recorded. The only person who could have
    planted the camera was his client, Matt Engarde. He purposefully specified
    the time of murder so he could catch De Killer on the tape.
    De Killer asks why Engarde would do this. Choose that Matt "wanted 
    blackmail on you." He never trusted De Killer at all, so he was going to
    use the tape as blackmail. That's what Matt is good at; lying and deceiving
    others. De Killer says since his own client is a traitor, he would end the
    contract right away. The client would then become his next target. To
    keep his name he would ensure the traitor would get what's coming to him.
    De Killer hangs up, saying his contract is over. He says he'll gladly 
    return Maya. 
    Well, this wraps up the trial. Matt got the acquittal he wanted, but an
    assassin is going to be out to get him the rest of his life. "Plead guilty"
    here. Engarde then goes insane and claws the hell out of his face. What a
    great ending animation. Adrian appears at the end and says that she felt
    saved when Phoenix and Edgeworth teamed up to defend her. 
    Date-March 23, 5:14 PM
    Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 3
    Mia says there's more to just a not guilty verdict. She says the difficult
    choice he had to make defines what he think it meant to be a lawyer. 
    Edgeworth appears and says that Maya is safe and sound. Pearl appears and
    is delighted to know that. Franziska appears and says you should have 
    nothing to be happy about since you lost. Edgeworth says that perhaps one
    day she will be able to understand. He retells his story from the previous
    game, and says even the prosecutors would need to have faith in the defense
    Phoenix says he felt betrayed when Edgeworth suddenly left. He told himself
    that Edgeworth had died, instead of really thinking of the matter. 
    Franziska says that neither Edgeworth nor herself are worthy of the Von
    Karma name. Franziska runs away, dropping her electromagnetic receiver. She
    also dropped her whip. 
    Maya appears next. Oh what a happy reunion. Edgeworth then says he's glad
    Maya turned out fine. Then Maya demands that you all go out for food.
    Date-March 23, 7:38 PM
    Location-Gatewater Hotel; Hotel Lobby
    You'll meet Gumshoe as you arrive. Turns out the fool hit a telephone pole.
    Good job. Lotta and Will are here to congratulate you as well. Lotta seems
    to have bought herself a new camera, and everyone heads to the Viola Hall.
    Will mentions that the three items saved the day, and Gumshoe stops. He
    says he found four items, not three. Maya said to keep her mind off of
    being kidnapped she drew a picture. She doesn't know where it went,
    Franziska's electromagnetic receiver goes off again. Even though Gumshoe
    is standing right here, the device is pointing elsewhere. You can present
    evidence to show Edgeworth how you feel. Present Franziska's Whip. She
    helped bring this case to an end as well. Everyone then says they bought
    something in Phoenix's name, leaving him totally confused. Maya says you
    should just let it all out. Yell "OBJECTION!" into the mic and enjoy the
    Date-March 23, 9:42 PM
    Location-International Departures; Gate 12
    Edgeworth meets up with Franziska at the airport. Franziska doesn't care
    much about the last item since the case is over. She also points out she
    has quit being a prosecutor. She then says her revenge was to beat Phoenix
    and become better than Edgeworth. Franziska finally takes her leave, and
    she presents the last piece of evidence-the picture Maya made. That's the
    end of the game! 
                        ~10.Frequently Asked Questions~
    These are just a group of questions that I see asked on the message boards
    quite often. If it can't easily be answered elsewhere, you can probably 
    find the answer to your simple question here.
    Q:Why do most people hate this game compared to the original?
    A:There's only four cases to this game compared to the original's five. 
    Also, the first three cases in this game are complete and utter crap in 
    many people's eyes, making just the fourth case the only great case in
    this game. The original Phoenix Wright had three good cases. 
    Q:I can't find this game anywhere!
    A:EBay, Amazon, Play-Aisa, those are just three of the websites you can
    easily buy this game from if you really can't find it anywhere. Also, due
    to the lack of replay value it's highly likely you can find this game used
    at some retailers. Just do a little hunting and resort to buying off of the
    internet as a last resort.
    Q:Is there any difference between the good and bad endings?
    A:The bad ending has a really horrible grammar mistake that totally ruins
    the mood, but other than that it's just a nice effect to have two different
    outcomes. For those curious, the third Phoenix Wright game takes place
    after the good ending, so I recommend you at least get that ending once.
    Q:Why must all of these cases be murder cases?
    A:What else COULD they be? It's not like you can accuse someone of giving
    someone else a heart attack or something. Case 2 changed it up a bit by
    making it a car accident, but other than that it isn't like the entire
    case revolves around the death. Any player should know that these cases go
    much further than that.
    Q:What makes Edgeworth so great?
    A:He just is. It's difficult explaining the opinions of others but...if you
    have played the first game you should know he's badass. Edgeworth is also
    far less annoying than Franziska and Manfred von Karma (Although Manfred
    has his own level of badassery reserved for him).
    Q:How do I reset the game?
    A:Hold down the B and R buttons as you load up the game. You'll be asked to
    confirm if you really want to erase all saved data. Like any other game,
    erased data cannot be recovered. You will have to unlock the cases manually
    again if you erase the game.
    Myself-For putting the time to make this
    You, the reader-For making this walkthrough seem worthwhile. Good to know I
    helped you.
    CJayC-For hosting the greatest website to hold such walkthroughs like this.
    This walkthrough is Copyright Deathborn 668.

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