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    Train Heartnet by FFandMMfan

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              ULTIMATE STARS
    Created by FFandMMfan
    TH1: Introduction
    TH2: Basic Controls
    TH3: Acquiring and Evolving Train
    TH4: Help/Support Koma
    TH5: Battle Koma and Attack Damage
    TH6: Fighting with Train
    TH7: Fighting Against Train
    TH8: Supporting Train
    TH9: Train Decks
    TH10: Credits, Version Info and Legal Stuff
    TH1: Introduction
    Hello, and welcome to my FAQ for Train Heartnet for the Nintendo DS fighting
    game Jump Ultimate Stars. If you're here, you probably want to improve your
    tactics with Train, and I'll help you do just that. Train is unlike most
    other characters, in the sense that his close range fighting skills are
    very poor. For a majority of the time that you use him, you'll be keeping
    your distance from the opponents, while dealing continuous gunfire to them.
    For a brief history on Train, he is from the manga Black Cat. In the manga,
    Train is considered to be the greatest gunman alive, and clearly has the
    skills to back up that claim. Sadly, some of his more amazing tactics, such
    as exploding bullets, tranquilizing bullets and being able to shoot his own
    bullets down another foe's gun barrel are not present in Jump Ultimate Stars.
    However, Train is still a great character - provided you know how to use him.
    If you simply go in, guns-a-blazin', you will probably get slaughtered. In
    this sense, he is one of the most interesting characters to use, because
    running up to the enemy and mashing B or Y will not help you win, and only
    help you die faster.
    So, if you want to learn how to properly use Train, and fill your enemies
    with lead, then read on!
    TH2: Basic Controls
    First off, I'll explain what the buttons do. Since the game is in Japanese,
    the manual and tutorials will mean nothing to importers, so I'll list the
    basic rundown first.
    B - Weak attack
    Y - Strong attack
    X - Special Attack A
    X + Up - Special Attack B
    A - Jump
    A, A - Double Jump
    A, A, A - Triple Jump (with appropriate Help Koma attached)
    Down - Defend
    Down + A - Drop below a platform
    Down, Down - Fall faster
    Double tap Left or Right - Dash
    B/Y + Left/Right - Side Attack (Or in Train's Case, gunfire)
    Y + Up - Upwards Attack
    B + Up - Ground/Second Upwards attack
    B/Y in the air - Aerial Attack
    Y + Down - Guard Break
    B + Down - Forced Change Attack (Changes the opponent's battle character)
    L and R - Character Hotkeys
    Select - Ultimate Action
    Actual damage output for Train's attacks against each type of nature will be
    covered in the Battle Character section.
    TH3: Acquiring and Evolving Train
    Before you can use a character in Jump Ultimate Stars, you need to obtain
    their Koma (manga panel) in the main game, and evolve it using gems which
    are also obtained in the main game (as well as other modes).
    Obtaining Train
    Train is obtained in Mission 1 of BLACK CAT. The Black Cat world is in the
    J-Space section, in the center set of worlds (which also includes One Piece
    and Hunter x Hunter) and is the right world in that set (not to mention
    being written as "BLACK CAT" in English).
    To complete the mission, you must collect more Stars than your opponent
    before time runs out. If you do that, you'll have unlocked Train and he'll
    be waiting for you in the Evolution menu. For the record, it's the first
    stage within that mission, so if you see a completion icon next to the first
    one, then you have Train.
    Evolving Train
    As with most characters, Train begins as a Help Koma, and you must spend
    gems to evolve him. Here is a map of Train's Evolution chart.
    H = Help Koma
    S2/3 = Support Koma (with the number of spaces it takes)
    B4/5P/5K = Battle Koma (4 Koma of Power Nature, 5 Koma of Power Nature, and 
    5 Koma of Knowledge nature)
    And here's a list of how many gems of each type you need to acquire each
    of Train's Koma.
    Help: Default, no gems needed.
    Support Koma 2: Red = 30, Green = 20, White = 5
    Support Koma 3: Red = 80, Green = 20, White = 10
    Battle Koma 4: Red = 100, Green = 100, White = 15
    Battle Koma 5 Power: Red = 100, Green = 300, White = 20
    Battle Koma 5 Knowledge: Red = 300, Yellow = 100, Blue = 50
    Total Cost to Fully Evolve Train:
    Red = 610
    Green = 440
    White = 50
    Yellow = 100
    Blue = 50
    TH4: Help/Support Koma
    In this section, I'll list what Train can do with his Help and Support Koma.
    Damage calculation can be a bit weird with Train, because his attacks do
    multiple hits and can be drastically reduced by being far from the enemy.
    As such, I'll only list the maximum damage for each attack.
    Help: Gives a nearby character an immunity to the Shock status effect.
    You have to point the arrow at the character whom you want to give the
    immunity to, otherwise it will do nothing.
    Support Koma 2: Train appears and throws a bomb, that causes Blindness to
    whoever it hits. It also deals some damage.
    Support 2 Against Power Characters: 12 Damage
    Support 2 Against Knowledge Characters: 18 Damage
    Support 2 Against Laughter Characters: 12 Damage
    Support Koma 2 Shape: 
    Support Koma 3: Train appears and fires his Rail Gun in a straight line 
    and causes Shock effect. It deals multiple hits, so actual damage depends
    on how many hits connect with the enemy. It also appears that the farther
    away from the enemy you are, the less hits they will recieve.These are only
    the numbers I've got, so the actual max damage may be a few points
    Support 3 Against Power Characters: 23 Damage
    Support 3 Against Knowledge Characters: 34 Damage
    Support 3 Against Laughter Characters: 23 Damage
    Support Koma 3 Shape:
    TH5: Battle Koma and Attack Damage
    Train has 3 Battle Koma (4 Koma and two 5 Koma)and each one is a little 
    bit different than the last one. Here, I'll outline what these Koma do.
    Keep in mind that J-Soul is what your life meter is called. The higher the
    number, the more life you have. Also, remember that Train's Rail Gun does 
    multiple hits, so calculating minimum damage is hard, because being far from
    the opponent can drastically reduce it's damage. Also, keep in mind that all
    of Train's Special attacks are of the Power nature, no matter which Koma he
    is using.
    Train has two passive abilities, each one is always in effect, and does not
    need a Help Koma to grant these abilities:
    - Train can Wall Jump
    - Train is immune to Shock effect.
    Battle Koma 4
    J-Soul: 136
    Nature: Power
    Koma Shape:
    Special Attack A: Train fires his Rail gun forward, and has a bit of charge
    time, and lag time after the shot. Induces Shock effect.
    Special Attack A Damage:
    Against Power: 28 Damage
    Against Knowledge: 42 Damage
    Against Laughter: 28 Damage
    Special Attack B: Train charges forward while spinning and strikes the 
    enemy physically with his gun. Unless the enemy is protected, or flashing
    from hit recovery during part of the attack, it will do consistant damage.
    Special Attack B Damage:
    Against Power: 31 Damage
    Against Knowledge: 46 Damage
    Against Laughter: 31 Damage
    Personal Opinion: His Rail Gun is not quite as strong as his 5 Koma's, but
    his X+up attack is more reliable and can be comboed with easier. Since you
    should NOT entirely rely on the Rail Gun (It's only mentioned so often 
    because it's his strongest attack) you may opt for the 4 Koma's slightly
    better combo ability. A good Koma for 1 vs 1 fights.
    Battle Koma 5 (Power)
    J-Soul: 152
    Nature: Power
    Koma Shape:
    Special Attack A: Train charges his Rail Gun, while being held by a good
    friend of his, Minatsuki Saya, and fires the massive shot. Huge attack, with
    large knockback effect and inflicts Shock status upon the enemy.
    Special Attack A Damage:
    Against Power: Low 50s
    Against Knowledge: Mid 70s/Low 80s
    Against Laughter: Low 50s
    Special Attack B: Train jumps into the air at an angle, spinning around.
    Deals consistant damage, but is much weaker than the Rail Gun.
    Special Attack B Damage:
    Against Power: 32
    Against Knowledge: 55
    Against Laughter: 32
    Personal Opinion: This is what I use most often. It sports the stronger
    Rail Gun, but a harder to combo X+up skill. Since you won't be using the 
    Rail Gun unless you can disable the enemy somehow, or are in a 4 Player 
    match and they are preoccupied, the 4 Koma is the way to go for 1 on 1
    fights. However, since the Rail Gun's shot is larger, not to mention
    stronger and with better knockback power, if you're in a 4 Player Battle,
    and you have the Koma to back up the Rail Gun's large charge time, this
    is the Koma to use.
    Battle Koma 5 (Knowledge)
    J-Soul: 152
    Nature: Knowledge
    Koma Shape:
    Special Attack A: Same as his other 5 Koma, the Rail Gun.
    Special Attack A Damage:
    Against Power: Low 50s
    Against Knowledge: Mid 70s/Low 80s
    Against Laughter: Low 50s
    Special Attack B: Same as his other 5 Koma. Damage is a bit different.
    Special Attack B Damage:
    Against Power: 35
    Against Knowledge: 52
    Against Laughter: 35
    Personal Opinion: For the most part, not any different than his other 5
    Koma. If you have a Power character as your main, and want to have Train
    in your deck, this would be the right choice, but it ultimately makes no
    difference on which of the 5 Koma you pick.
    Ultimate Action: Train throws his gun into the air and catches it. This
    will make his standard gunshot moves able to fire for 6 hits instead of 3.
    However, it only lasts for the next set of shots he makes.
    Standard Attacks and Damage:
    These figures are for Train's 4 and 5 Koma which are Power based. For his
    Knowledge Koma figures, just switch the heavier damage to Laughter instead
    of Knowledge (i.e., B attacks do 7 damage to Power and Knowledge and 10 to
    Laughter characters).
    B button attacks - All of them do 7 Damage to Power and Laughter characters
    and 10 damage to Knowledge characters. However, it should be noted that
    B + Down (which is the move that anyone can use to force an opponent's 
    battle character to switch)is long range, and can be fired from acros the 
    screen, though they have to be within visible range.
    Y Button attacks:
    Y - Hits the opponent physically with his gun. 15 damage to Power and 
    Laughter, and 22 to Knowledge.
    Gunshots - Fired with Y + Left/Right, Y + Up and Y in the air. Each shot
    against a Power/Laughter character will do 5 damage, and against a Knowledge
    will first do 7 damage, and every following shot will do 1 more damage than
    the last shot (for example: Shot 2 does 8 damage, shot 3 does 9 damage).
    Let's not forget that Train's Ultimate Action allows his next round
    of shots to deal 6 shots instead of the standard 3. Train's Gunshots will
    also ricochet off of the ground.
    Y + Down - Deals 14 damage to Power and Laughter characters, and 21
    damage to Knowledge. This is a Guard Break attack, and is also long range.
    And that about wraps it up for damage output :)
    TH6: Fighting with Train
    Ah, the section you've all been waiting for! So, what makes this character
    so useful? Lets take him apart :D
    Close Range Attacks = Bad. Well, they aren't the worst attacks in the game,
    and he does have a few good close range combos, but you would be better off
    using long range attacks. Due to Train's fairly low HP, going straight into
    the fray is not a good idea, but if you're in a 1 vs 1 fight, you have a 
    better chance of landing some close range hits, than trying to back away
    and fire upon them.
    Long Range Attacks = Good. Keep moving, and use those Aerial Y shots as much
    as possible, since they don't require you to be planted on the ground. Even
    though they don't do very much damage, they allow you to land hits without
    being near the enemy, and thus keeping your life higher. However, they are
    easily blocked, and guard happy foes may be difficult to get a hit on. These
    enemies are the perfect target for Train's long range Guard Break attack, 
    but be careful, as you'll be wide open if they lower their guard and jump
    over the hit or use a Support Koma.
    His Ultimate Action. It increases his fire rate from 3 hits to 6 hits.
    Now, while this may not seem like much, against a weaker natured character
    that is otherwise disabled or occupied by another foe, you can deal tons
    of damage from a distance. This can also be useful for quickly raising
    his special bar, because he doesn't have to get near the enemy to harm them.
    His Guard Break and Forced Change Attacks. Each of them take a second to
    charge (everyone else's do too) but can hit from across the screen, and
    be excellent set-ups for serious damage. For example, if the opponent
    is using a Laughter and has a Knowledge in reserve, and you have Power
    Train, you can use his Ultimate Action, force switch (and guard break if
    they decide to take the defensive), let 6 shots loose on a weaker natured
    character, and finish up with Rail Gun.
    The Solid Wall Effect. The Rail Gun deals more damage if the enemy is caught
    within it's blast from beginning to end, but if you are too far from the
    enemy, or near a broken wall, they won't feel the full force of the shot.
    So, a good tactic would be to back them into a solid wall with another
    character, switch to Train and Rail Gun them at close range and watch their
    colors drain away.
    Reflect Shot. Train's Aerial Y attack will fire Shots downward at an angle,
    but they bounce off the ground and travel back up. Using his Ultimate Action
    beforehand can result in some nifty surprise attacks.
    Slip n' Slide. Stages where the floor is covered in ice, are stages where
    Train can truly shine. His shots may not have much knockback in normal
    conditions, but they can easily keep an enemy away from you on these stages.
    It should also be noted, that the Rail gun becomes a monster on these stages
    due to it's insane knockback effect, will almost surely score you a ringout.
    But this effect works both ways, and the Rail Gun will send Train flying
    backwards as well, so you must make sure not to toss yourself off the edge.
    Stop Effect. One of the status effects will prevent you from moving for a
    short time. However, you can still attack, and Train's gunshots will give
    him an excellent defense until he can move again.
    Hang back. When the opponents are busy beating the crap out of each other
    at close range, simply continue firing at them from a distance to get in a
    few hits without dirtying your hands. Once the battle comes towards you,
    use the Rail Gun with your (probably) full Special bar and keep them at bay
    until they fall.
    Keep Moving. If you are being persued by a close range attacker, and you
    don't have anyone left to switch to, stay away from them and fire with 
    Aerial Y attacks as you move. Facing someone like Dio or Don Patch
    up close with Train is a VERY bad idea.
    To sum all of this up, you want to keep your distance, abuse his Ultimate
    Action and set them up in a trap where you'll have the upper hand (such as
    against a solid wall). Plus, his long range force switch and guard break
    skills are an excellent touch.
    TH7: Fighting Against Train
    Whereas players who use Train attempt to stay away and fire from a distance,
    those who play against Train must close this gap without letting him corner
    you, or give him the ability to set you up for massive damage.
    There are a few ways to do this. One would be to use someone who specializes
    at close range, but can function at long range as well (such as Renji or
    Zoro). Another way, would be to use a Support Koma that can prevent his 
    ability to attack, and then go after him once he has no way to stop you.
    The ice stage strategy also works against Train. He'll be busy firing at his
    opponents and attempting to ring-out them. While he's attacking, jump at him
    and attack to throw him off balance, and ring out him. Unless he is using
    his Aerial Y attack, he has to be planted on the ground, and due to the
    lag after firing, you can hit him when he has nowhere to run.
    Train cannot knock anyone into the air. None of his attacks are capable of
    getting you more than a few inches off the ground. I'm not sure how this 
    will prove to be useful, but it's a fact nevertheless.
    TH8: Supporting Train
    Help Koma and Support Koma are vital parts of any deck, and certain ones are
    better than others. Train's main strategy is to keep distance, but there are
    a fair share of things that can make your strategy a bit more interesting,
    by using Help and Support Koma. Here, I'll list some Koma that I think would
    improve any Train deck.
    Help Koma
    Triple Jump: I'd recommend using Eve, since she also gives Train a boost.
    Air Dash: Use Yoruichi from Bleach (a Black Cat) which also boosts him.
    Reduce Damage Taken from Special Attacks: Use Sven, because he also Boosts
    Increase Special Gauge by 1: Adds a special bar for your deck. Any work,
    but my personal favorites are Shanks (One Piece) and Isshin (Bleach). The
    character doesn't matter though, they all do the same thing. Good filler
    for any deck.
    Increase SP Gauge when attacking with/blocking a battle character: Anyone,
    but this REALLY helps, since you'll be firing at the enemy all the time. 
    Personally, I'd recommend Ichigo (Bleach) because 4 Koma Renji (who is 
    boosted by Ichigo) is a good ally for Train.
    Immunity to Freeze: Keeps Train from being stuck in place. Not too useful,
    but it's worth mention. If you use 4 Koma Renji as an ally, it would be wise
    to use Rukia (Bleach) since she boosts Renji.
    Support Koma
    Now, we're gonna boost Train's arsenal of buddies. There's a lot of Koma
    that could REALLY help Train, so check the list, try them out, and see
    what you like best.
    Hyoga 3 Koma (Saint Seiya) - Creates a beam of Ice that freezes the enemy.
    Call out Hyoga, charge the Rail Gun and let off a dual beam that will both
    freeze and knockback the enemy. If needed, fire off a shot or two to stun
    the enemy so they don't break your attack. If Hyoga hits them, they're wide
    open for the Rail Gun.
    Yahiko 2 Koma (Rurouni Kenshin)- Can be used in the air. Dives down from the
    sky to attack the enemy. If he hits, he'll do some damage and drain 1 SP bar
    from them. Good for surprise attacks, and a nice Koma in general.
    Sven 2 Koma (Black Cat) - Causes Paralysis. Not so much useful as it is
    cool to see Train and Sven fighting together. Also boosts him, but you may
    opt for his Help Koma instead.
    Sena 3 Koma (Eyeshield 21) - Looked down upon by most players, due to it's
    fair amount of cheapness and speed. Causes Stop effect, which leaves your
    opponent at your mercy.
    Katsura & Elizabith 3 Koma (Gintama) - Hits upwards, frontwards, backwards,
    basically everywhere around them. Knocks the enemy sky high, which Train
    cannot do.
    Yoruichi 2 Koma (Bleach) - Grabs you and sends you flying upwards in the
    direction you're facing. Good for recovery from near-ringouts, but also
    can be used to run the hell away if you're caught in a tight spot.
    Orihime 3 Koma (Bleach) - Heals everyone in your deck.
    Kurama 3 Koma (Yu Yu Hakusho) - Heals your current character, but heals
    more than Orihime.
    Seiya 2 Koma (Saint Seiya) - Heals you a little bit, but also removes bad
    status effects and takes effect much quicker than Orhime and Kurama.
    Vegeta 3 Koma (Dragon Ball) - Appears and fires a blast at a downward angle.
    Good for setting up what I call the Cross-Shot, which, if an enemy is caught
    between the Rail Gun and Vegeta 3 Koma, they'll recieve quite a bit of
    damage. Also good for making a wall between you and physical enemies.
    Ohara 3 Koma (Kochi Kame) - Since it takes eons to charge the Rail Gun,
    using Ohara to keep the enemies in it's attack wave, and moving it towards
    the edge of the stage, can be a great time to charge and use the Rail Gun,
    or extending Train's physical or shot combos. Not to mention doing lots of
    (^Credit goes to "goshuJINsama" for the above strategy for Ohara)
    Battle Koma
    Eve 5 Koma (Black Cat) - Boosts Train and a good backup with some good
    ringout power and a good X+up special.
    Lenalee 5 Koma (D.Gray-Man) - Good air combos, something Train lacks.
    Renji 4 Koma (Bleach) - Excellent at short and long range attacks, good in
    most any situation. Great to pair with 5 Koma Knowledge Train.
    Kagura 5 Koma (Gintama) - Good close range fighter, and can heal herself
    while you let a damaged Train recover his life in reserve.
    Gintoki 5 Koma (Gintama) - Good close range fighter, plus his laughter
    nature covers Knowledge Train's weakness to power.
    Zoro 6 Koma (One Piece) - Good at close range, but also functions fairly
    well at long range.
    Gotenks 5 Koma (Dragon Ball) - A good laughter to cover Train, and works
    well at long or short range.
    Tsuna 6 Koma (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!) - Really great laughter character,
    one of the best in the game. Excellent for close range attacks.
    Train should be considered a backup instead of a main character, because
    he's really only an averagely powered character. But, if you can manage
    to get good with him, he's worth the trouble and really, nobody expects
    Train. He's not an amazing character in terms of what he can actually do on
    his own, but like any fighting game, the character is only as strong as the
    player is skilled.
    TH9: Train Decks
    Here, I'll list some decks I've made that include Train. Feel free to 
    substitute any Koma with something else, if you feel like it, these are
    just some that I've made and I'm by no means the best deck designer.
    Name: An Alien Cat
    Info: Train/Kagura deck.
    1. Train (Black Cat)(Leader)
    2. Kagura (Gintama)
    3. Hyoga (Saint Seiya)(R)
    4. Satsuki (Ichigo 100%) (L)
    5. Sven (Black Cat) *Pointing at Train*
    6. Eve (Black Cat) *Pointing at Train*
    7. Gintoki (Gintama) *Pointing at Kagura*
    8. Isshin (Bleach)
    9. Shanks (One Piece)
    Name: T's
    Info: Everyone in the deck's name starts with T.
    1. Train (Black Cat)(Leader)
    2. Tsuna (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)
    3. Taikoubou (Houshin Engi)
    4. Trunks (Dragon Ball) (R)
    5. Tatsuki (Bleach) *Pointing to Train*
    6. Tsunade (Naruto)*Pointing at Tsuna*
    Name: ChooChoo
    Info: Train/Eve Deck.
    1. Train (Black Cat) (Leader)
    2. Eve (Black Cat)
    3. Sven (Black Cat)
    4. Hyoga (Saint Seiya) (R)
    5. Yoruichi (Bleach) (L)
    6. Ichigo (Bleach) *Pointing at Train*
    7. Saya (Black Cat)*Pointing at Train*
    8. Akane-chan(Neuro)*Pointing at Eve*
    9. Shanks (One Piece)
    Name: A Slaying Cat
    Info: Black Cat/Bleach Deck
    1. Train (Black Cat) (Leader)
    2. Renji (Bleach)
    3. Orihime (Bleach (R)
    4. Yoruichi (Bleach) (L)
    5. Ichigo (Bleach) *Pointing at Train*
    6. Eve (Black Cat) *Pointing at Train*
    7. Rukia (Bleach) *Pointing at Renji*
    8. Saya (Black Cat) *Pointing at Renji*
    9. Isshin (Bleach)
    Z. Zangetsu (Bleach)
    TH10: Credits, Version Info and Legal Stuff
    First of all, I'd like to give some thanks, and credit where credit is due.
    Genroh - Without your FAQ, I would not have been able to get through the
    game, since I cannot read Japanese. Thanks to your translations, I was able
    to create this FAQ.
    JUS GameFAQs Board Users - Thanks for any strategies and tips you've
    submitted. You're credited below whatever you submitted.
    Nintendo - For creating the DS, the greatest handheld yet, and publishing
    this game.
    CJayC - For creating this website. And for the example legal stuff, since
    this is my first FAQ.
    Shonen Jump - For having Black Cat in your manga, thus allowing me to write
    this FAQ.
    Version Info
    Version 1.0 - My first submission of my first FAQ. I hope it gets posted :D
    At any rate, the only things I believe are missing would be a more complete
    list of characters for the Supporting Train section.
    Version 2.0 - Huge overhaul. I added the Deck section, added tons of Help,
    Support and Battle Characters. Changed many strategies and added new ones.
    This took me a while, and I hope it's good enough :)
    Legal Stuff
    Copyright 2006-2007 Jason Dorfman
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    The only web site that has permission to post this FAQ is gamefaqs.com
    /\ /\
    =^.^= This FAQ will not give you Bad Luck.

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