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    Kagura by FFandMMfan

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              ULTIMATE STARS
    Created by FFandMMfan
    KA1: Introduction
    KA2: Acquiring and Evolving Kagura
    KA3: Help/Support Koma
    KA4: Basic Damage and Combos
    KA5: Battle Koma
    KA6: Fighting As Kagura
    KA7: Fighting Against Kagura
    KA8: Supporting Kagura
    KA9: Kagura Decks
    KA10: Credits, Version Info and Legal Stuff
    KA1: Introduction
    Hello, welcome to my second Character FAQ for Jump Ultimate Stars. This time
    we'll take a swing at Kagura, and help you take a swing at your foes WITH 
    Kagura. She's an interesting character, to say the least. Despite being
    quite small and not very threatening looking, she's actually quite strong,
    and has a wide range of uses.
    She may not be one of the best characters in JUS, but hey, playing as someone
    that isn't used quite as often is more fun than seeing your ten thousandth 
    Ichigo, Don Patch, or Dio, right?
    For a brief history on Kagura, she is from the manga Gintama, a comedy manga
    disguised as a Samurai-action manga. She appears as a cute girl in Chinese
    clothing... but there is more to her than meets the eye... Or maybe I've just
    been reading too much Jump, I'm never sure.
    She is one of the characters who's 4 Koma is not entirely useless compared to
    her other Koma, and in some cases, can be BETTER than her larger Koma. It
    depends on your fighting style though, so I'll cover the ups and downs of
    each of Kagura's battle Koma.
    I won't list the basic controls, as there are several FAQs that already list
    them. If you don't know how a button works, check a different FAQ.
    KA2: Acquiring and Evolving Kagura
    Like most JUS characters, Kagura only begins as a Help Koma, and must evolve
    into higher forms via Gems of various colors. Also, just like most JUS 
    characters, you must complete a mission in order to obtain her Help Koma.
    Here, I will give you the rundown on how to get her, how many gems she needs
    to evolve, and what her evolution chart looks like.
    Kagura is acquired in the Gintama world in Mission 4.
    The main goal of the stage is to collect the Jump Magazine using a pre-made
    deck. The faster you do it, the more goals you will complete and thus, gain
    more gems and a couple characters.
    In order to get Kagura in this mission, you have to never touch the the koma
    on your deck. Do not switch characters, do not use support koma. Simple as
    that. You'll have her after the stage, she's Goal #5 of that stage.
    For the record, the Gintama world is the one with a white dog's face as an
    icon, and is located in the J-Galaxy section of worlds.
    Alright, so you can't read Japanese and don't know which Koma does what? No
    problem! Here's a rundown of Kagura's evolution chart, so you don't end up
    buying something you don't want to with your hard-earned gems.
    H = Help Koma
    S2/3 = Support Koma 2 and 3
    BL4 = Battle Character, Laughter nature, 4 Koma.
    BL5/6 = Battle Character, Laughter nature, 5 and 6 Koma.
    BP6 = Battle Character, Power Nature, 6 Koma.
    And here's a list of the Gems you'll need to unlock each one.
    Help: Default, no gems needed.
    Support Koma 2: 25 Yellow, 5 White
    Support Koma 3: 50 Green, 150 Yellow, 10 White
    Battle Koma 4: 100 Red, 300 Yellow, 15 White
    Battle Koma 5: 300 Red, 100 Yellow, 20 White
    Battle Koma 6 (Laughter): 300 Red, 300 Yellow, 30 White
    Battle Koma 6 (Power): 400 Red, 200 Yellow, 60 Blue
    Total cost to Fully Evolve Kagura:
    Red = 1100
    Green = 50
    Yellow = 1075
    Blue = 60
    White = 80
    BUT WAIT, we aren't done yet. You may be looking at your "complete" evolution
    chart wondering "Hey, why don't I have this Power 6 Koma he's talking about?"
    In order to do this, you need to open up that Koma space via someone else's
    Evolution Chart. So, who do you need? Sadaharu of course. Who is Sadaharu?
    Kagura's pet dog.
    How to Obtain Sadaharu: You need to make it ALL the way to Planet U near
    the end of the freakin' game in order to get Sadaharu. You need to go to 
    Mission 3 and complete the Special mission. To normally beat the stage, you
    must get the most points via KO. To get Sadaharu, you need to get 8 points.
    You'll get the Help Koma of Sadaharu, and the first space you can activate
    will unlock Kagura's Power Natured 6 Koma. It costs 100 Yellow Gems and 50
    Blue gems... but this just makes it available. You still have to go and
    spend all the other gems over at Kagura's Chart to get the actual Koma.
    If you're wondering what the next Koma on Sadaharu's evolution chart is, it
    grants another Koma for Gintoki... but this isn't a Gintoki FAQ...
    KA3: Help/Support Koma
    So, now we begin with the real meat of the FAQ, the actual Koma. First comes
    the Help Koma section, and then the Support Koma section. The Battle Koma can
    be found down at the 5th section.
    Help Koma: Increases Special Gauge when breaking item boxes.
    Support Koma 2: Appears on Gintoki's scooter and drives forward. Deals damage.
    Damage Output:
    Against Knowledge and Laughter Characters: 24 Damage
    Against Power Characters: 36 Damage
    Notes: Kagura falls off of the Scooter at one point. She does not do damage,
    however the scooter will continue to slide along the ground, damaging anyone
    it hits. If Kagura on the scooter hits a ledge while riding, she will fall
    off at the edge.
    Support Koma 2 Shape:
    Support Koma 3: A table appears with Kagura sitting under it, with her head
    peeking out. If an opponent touches her head, she'll grab them and pull them
    under the table to deal 8 hits of damage before releasing them.
    Damage Output:
    Against Knowledge and Laughter Characters: 33 Damage
    Against Power Characters: 49 Damage
    Notes: If no one is caught immediately, she'll stay there and wait for
    someone to run into her. After a few seconds she will vanish, but the amount
    of hits she'll do will be decreased, and thus reducing her damage, the longer
    she is there without attacking anyone.
    Support Koma 3 Shape:
    KA4: Basic Damage and Combos
    Alright, so you want to learn how to kick ass and take gems using Kagura...
    Well, you've come to the right place.
    But first, let's discuss basic damage output and her normal attacks. All of
    these numbers are based on her Laughter-based koma, meaning that they are
    strong against Power types and do normal damage to Knowledge and Laughter.
    If you want to know the damage output for her Power Koma, just switch the
    higher Damage from Power characters, to higher damage to Knowledge characters.
    I'll be typing Power, Knowledge and Laughter a lot here, so we'll abbriviate
    them as P, K and L.
    B, B + left/right, B + Up = Basic hits, Deals 15 Damage to P and 10 to K/L
    B in the Air = Swings downwards, thrusting the enemy to the ground. Deals
    13 damage to P and 9 to K/L.
    B + Down = Creates a text bubble that forces a character switch on the enemy.
    Deals 15 Damage to P and 10 to K/L.
    Y = Grabs the enemy and swings them around in circles, damages all foes
    within the swinging range. Damage to the grabbed enemy is as follows, 27 
    damage to P and 18 damage to K/L.
    Y + left/right = Dashes forward and swings her umbrella, sending the enemy
    in the opposite direction. Deals 30 to P and 20 to K/L.
    Y + Up = Uses her umbrella as a spring and dives at an upwards angle to kick
    an enemy. Deals 30 to P and 20 to K/L.
    Y + Down = Creates a text bubble that breaks an enemy's guard. Deals 30 to P
    and 20 to K/L.
    Y in the Air = Does a diving kick. Deals 30 damage to P and 20 to K/L.
    Now, we'll discuss combos with her basic moves.
    B -> B+Up -> B in the Air = Deals 43 damage to Power characters and 29 to
    Knowledge and Laughter characters.
    Y in the air -> Y in the air = When she hits an enemy with her flying kick,
    she'll be sent back up into the air. You can perform this again to deal two
    hits, or hit someone else who may have gotten in the way. Deals 30 damage to 
    P and 20 to K/L per hit.
    B + Up -> Y in the Air near a ledge = Pretty much ensures they'll be knocked
    straight off the stage with no hope of recovery. Be careful though, you
    can't stop once you do the aerial Y, so if you miss, you'll kill yourself.
    Kagura pulls out a piece of celery or... something... something green...
    Anyway, she'll eat it and it'll slowly recover her life.
    KA5: Battle Koma
    The part you've all been waiting for. Let's get this show on the road!
    Kagura has 4 Battle Koma. A 4 Koma, a 5 Koma, a 6 Koma of the laughter nature
    and a 6 Koma of the power nature. So, which one is the best? Well, they each
    have their own sort of perks, and it's really up to you... but I'll also
    list some pros and cons of each Koma.
    Kagura also has three passive effects, things that are always in effect for
    her. Do not give her Koma that have the same effect, as they will do nothing.
    Effect 1: Restores her Special bar when attacking.
    Effect 2: Restores her Special bar when she breaks treasure chests.
    Effect 3: Slowly restores her Special bar at all times.
    Battle Koma 4
    J-Soul: 152
    Nature: Laughter
    Koma Shape:
    Special Attack A: Fires energy blasts from her Umbrella. Continuously tap X
    for more shots. Can fire up to 16 shots.
    Max Damage:
    Against Power: 48
    Against Knowledge/Laughter: 32
    Special Attack B: Kagura eats a bowl of food that restores some health.
    Can be interrupted by enemy attack.
    Personal Rating: A great 4 Koma, simply for the fact that she can heal
    herself. Her damage of normal attacks is the same no matter which Koma she
    uses, so all in all, she's a pretty strong character, especially against
    Power characters. She may not be as great as many other characters, but as a
    4 Koma, she's damn good.
    Battle Koma 5
    J-Soul: 168
    Nature: Laughter
    Koma Shape:
    Special Attack A: Hops on her giant dog Sadaharu and rides around. Damages
    anyone she runs into. You can control Sadaharu's direction with the D Pad.
    Damage Output: 
    Against Power: 45 Damage
    Against Knowledge/Laughter: 30 Damage
    Special Attack B: Eats from what appears to be a rice cooker. Restores HP.
    Can be interrupted by enemy attack.
    Personal Rating: Her best Koma, by far. Not only does her healing ability
    heal FAR more than her 4 Koma, but Sadaharu is VERY useful in groups, and 
    combined with Gotenks 3 Koma (Against Power characters)can deal 93 damage if
    every hit connects. Sadaharu is a great edge guarder as well.
    Battle Koma 6 (L)
    J-Soul: 184
    Nature: Laughter
    Koma Shape: 
    Special Attack A: Sadaharu appears and charges forward. Once he connects with
    an enemy, he'll bite them, and throw them forward. Good damage, but moreso, 
    it's an excellent way to Ringout someone.
    Damage Output:
    Against Power: 67 Damage
    Against Knowledge/Laughter: 45 Damage
    Special Attack B: Same as her 3 Koma, a table appears, she hides under it,
    if anyone touches her head at one end of the table, they'll be pulled under
    the table, suffer some damage, and have their character switched upon release.
    Damage Output: 
    Against Power: 60 Damage
    Against Knowledge/Laughter: 40 Damage
    Personal Rating: In exchange for her healing abilities, and the massive
    Sadaharu crowd clearance attack, she gains a couple specials that are very
    useful in combos. They're both very strong, and can be comboed into a variety
    of Support Koma. However, they both can only attack one foe at a time. I'd say
    that 5 Koma is best for crowds, or foes where you'll need that healing boost,
    and 6 Koma is best for one on one, provided you have good Koma to combo with
    her specials. A great Koma for one on one matches.
    Battle Koma 6 (P)
    J-Soul - 184
    Nature: Power
    Koma Shape:
    Special Attacks: Since Kagura's Specials are ALL of the Laughter Nature, even
    when using her Power Koma, she'll do the same damage as her other 6 Koma with
    her specials to the same natured characters.
    Personal Rating: I personally like Power Kagura, because most opponents will
    see Kagura and think "Ok, she's laughter, I'll use a Knowledge!" and you can
    beat the living crap out of them with your Power-based normal attacks. And
    since her specials are still Laughter, you can take out most Powers that
    you come across. Then again, her Koma is an odd shape, making it hard to
    place her in a good position. But really, there isn't much of a difference
    between her two 6 Koma, so pick whichever you want.
    KA6: Fighting As Kagura
    Kagura's best strength is well... her strength. She's able to pull off some
    pretty nice combos and combined with her average power, makes her a good
    choice for people who don't want to feel cheap using uber-strong characters,
    but want something that won't die in 10 seconds.
    Her 4 and 5 Koma have healing abilities, which make them VERY useful, because
    they heal quite a bit of her life. Though half of her special attacks are
    simply average, which is why you should be glad to have moves like her aerial
    Y, left/right Y, up+Y and just Y. Plus, unlike some characters, her B attacks
    are not useless, and the key to one of her best standard combos.
    Since her Special attacks in her 6 Koma stop the enemy from fighting back and
    being forced to take the damage, they can be used in combination with Support
    Koma for some pretty sweet Support/Special combos, some of which I'll outline
    further down.
    When playing as Kagura, you should keep in mind that all of her Y attacks
    have a small lag time before, and after the attacks, and they leave you WIDE
    open, because none of her Y attacks can combo into each other (aside from
    Y+up -> Aerial Y, but that works with almost everyone), so guard-happy foes
    are your worst enemies, because they'll see that un-guarded opening, and 
    drag you into a massive combo.
    Let's not forget she boosts, and is boosted by Gintoki, arguably one of the
    best characters in the game, so a team of the two can be a deadly combination.
    All in all, the best things you can do are fight with B and Y attacks, maybe
    use some of the awesome support combos she is capable of, and keep your life
    KA7: Fighting Against Kagura
    A lot of Kagura's attacks have attack lag at the beginning and the end, namely
    her Y, Y+forward, Y+up and aerial Y attacks. Use this fact to your advantage,
    and block when she approaches you, and if she attacks with one of her Y
    attacks (except for her Y+up), guard the hit, release your guard and attack
    immediately. None of her Y attacks can combo directly into another attack,
    except for her Y+up -> Aerial Y.
    If you're facing 5 Koma Kagura, you'll want to wipe out her SP, to prevent
    her using her healing ability, because she heals A LOT of her life, she can
    go from critical HP to fighting fit in just a few seconds. However, if she
    does get the chance to start her healing, dash in and attack her as fast as
    you can. Doing so will break her healing, and a majority of the life gain is
    on the very last burst of healing, so you can prevent her from regaining TOO
    much life.
    Use of Koma that induce Movement seal is also not a terribly good idea,
    because Kagura has a number of ways to deal with it. Her Y+up will allow her
    to gain some distance from you, and oftentimes launch a counterattack from
    the air. Her B+forward and Y+forward allow her to move on flat land, and if
    she's using 5 Koma, she can ride Sadaharu, and gain the ability to move left
    or right, but she cannot leave the platform she's currently on.
    KA8: Supporting Kagura
    Okay, lets talk about her Boosts first.
    Every character has 3 characters that will raise their J-Soul when attached
    to them. Two from their own series and one from another. These are Kagura's.
    Gintoki - It's best to use him as a battle character alongside Kagura. Though
    his 3 Koma support is also good, he's more useful as a Battle Character. Use
    his 5 Koma.
    Shinpachi - His Help gives you 1 Special Bar when you're KOed, his 2 Koma
    gives you Toughen effect, and his 3 gives enemies Confusion. I prefer his
    Help or 2 koma.
    Vegeta (Dragonball) - He has a very nice combo with Kagura 6 Koma's X attack,
    but his 4 and 5 Koma are also very good to use. His Help will increase your
    SP when you attack or block when your health is low, but if you're using
    4 or 5 Kagura, you'll probably be using her healing ability as much as
    possible. I'd recommend using one of his Battle Koma, or his 3 Koma support.
    Now, for things that don't boost Kagura.
    Lenalee 2 Koma (D.Gray-Man)- Fairly simple strategy, right before you use 
    her, jump. She'll fly under you and take the enemy for a ride off the edge. 
    Sanji 2 Koma (One Piece) - If you're using her 6 Koma, this would be your
    best bet for healing, since you lose out on her healing skills.
    Satsuki (Ichigo 100%) - Heals slowly over time. And uh, yeah, that's it ^_^;
    Gotenks 3 Koma (Dragon Ball) - Powerful Laughter type Support Koma. Really
    good combined with any of her Laughter Koma.
    Piccolo 2 Koma (Dragon Ball) - Useful in combos with her 6 Koma.
    Arale 3 Koma (Dr. Slump) - Powerful beam attack, best with her Laughter 6.
    Shishio 2 Koma (Rurouni Kenshin) - Grabs the opponent, attacks, and burns
    them. Very useful in combos with her 6 Koma.
    Support Combos
    Here, I'll list some of her better Support Koma combos.
    All Battle Koma
    Y -> 3 Koma Gotenks = 75 Damage to Power, 50 to Knowledge and Laughter.
    *Note: Excellent ringout technique* (Using Laughter Kagura)
    Y -> 3 Koma Gotenks = 66 Damage to Power, 59 to Knowledge and 50 to Laughter
    *Note: Excellent ringout technique* (Using Power Kagura)
    Y+up -> 3 Koma Gotenks -> Aerial Y = Unpredictable damage, since it's very
    hard to land both starting and ending hits, plus every shot from Gotenks, but
    it's STRONG, can do over 100 damage to weaker natured characters, and 60+ to
    neutral natured characters. Plus it looks cool when you do it.
    6 Koma (Laughter)
    Y -> 2 Koma Piccolo -> X Special = 110 damage to Power, 87 to Knowledge, and
    79 to Laughter.
    Y -> 3 Koma Arale -> X special = 139 damage to Power, 93 to Knowledge and
    *Note: Excellent ringout technique*
    Y -> 2 Koma Shishio -> X Special = 122 to Power, 105 to Knowledge and 91
    to Laughter.
    6 Koma (Power)
    Y -> 2 Koma Piccolo -> X Special = 101 Damage to Power, 96 damage to Knowledge
    and 75 damage to Laughter.
    Y -> 3 Koma Arale -> X special = 130 damage to Power, 102 to Knowledge and
    93 damage to Laughter.
    *Note: Excellent ringout technique*
    Y -> 2 Koma Shishio -> X Special = 113 to Power, 114 to Knowledge and 91 to
    KA9: Kagura Decks
    Decks with Kagura in them that I've made. Gogogogo!
    Name: XD
    Info: All Laughter type deck, with the exception of Helps
    Koma List:
    1) Kagura 5 Koma
    2) Gintoki 5 Koma (Leader)
    3) Tsuna 5 Koma
    4) Gotenks 3 Koma (R)
    5) Isshin 1 Koma
    6) Zangetsu 1 Koma
    Name: Gintourney
    Info: Gintama Theme Deck I used in a Theme Deck Tourney
    Koma List:
    1) Kagura 5 Koma (Leader)
    2) Gintoki 5 Koma
    3) Shinpachi 2 Koma (L)
    4) Ayame 2 Koma
    5) Sogo 3 Koma (R)
    6) Otose 1 Koma (pointing at Gintoki)
    7) Otae 1 Koma (pointing at Kagura)
    8) Isao 1 Koma (pointing at Gintoki)
    Name: Koma 4 U
    Info: 4 Battle Characters deck
    Koma List:
    1) Renji 4 Koma (Leader)
    2) Gotenks 4 Koma
    3) Kagura 4 Koma
    4) Kurama 4 Koma
    5) Orihime 3 Koma (R)
    6) Shanks 1 Koma
    Name: K's
    Info: Everyone's name Begins with K
    Koma List:
    1) Kagura 5 Koma (Leader)
    2) Kenshin 5 Koma
    3) Kurama 5 Koma
    4) Kon 3 Koma (R)
    5) Kuwabara 1 Koma (Pointing at Kurama)
    6) Killua 1 Koma (pointing at Kenshin)
    Name: An Alien Cat
    Info: Kagura and Train deck
    Koma List:
    1) Train 5 Koma (Power) (Leader)
    2) Kagura 5 Koma
    3) Hyoga 3 Koma (R)
    4) Satsuki 2 Koma (L)
    5) Sven 1 Koma (pointing at Train)
    6) Eve 1 Koma (pointing at Train)
    7) Gintoki 1 Koma (pointing at Kagura)
    8) Isshin 1 Koma
    9) Shanks 1 Koma
    Name: Solo
    Info: Kagura 1 Battle Character deck (Note: All Helps are pointing at her)
    Koma List:
    1) Kagura 5 Koma (Leader)
    2) Gotenks 3 Koma (R)
    3) Nami 2 Koma (L)
    4) Satsuki 2 Koma
    5) Shinpachi 1 Koma
    6) Vegeta 1 Koma
    7) Tatsuki 1 Koma
    8) Jaguar 1 Koma
    9) Shanks 1 Koma
    A) Isshin 1 Koma
    B) Saya 1 Koma
    C) Gintoki 1 Koma
    Name: Girl Power
    Info: All Battle Characters are Female
    Koma List:
    1) Lenalee 5 Koma (Leader)
    2) Kagura 5 Koma
    3) Sakura 5 Koma
    4) Sanji 2 Koma (L)
    5) Nami 2 Koma (R)
    6) Shanks 1 Koma
    Name: Girl Power 2
    Info: Another all female battle character deck.
    Koma List:
    1) Robin 5 Koma (Leader)
    2) Kagura 5 Koma
    3) Sakura 6 Koma
    4) Aya 2 Koma (R)
    5) Kakashi 1 Koma (Pointing at Sakura)
    6) Luffy 1 Koma (Pointing at Robin)
    Name: Aerials
    Info: Characters with good aerial attacks
    Koma List:
    1) Kazuki 4 Koma (Leader)
    2) Kagura 5 Koma (L)
    3) Lenalee 5 Koma
    4) Gotenks 3 Koma (R)
    5) Satsuki 2 Koma
    6) Shanks 1 Koma
    Name: Kombo
    Info: Showcasing some of Kagura's Support combos.
    Koma List:
    1) Kagura 6 Koma (Power) (Leader)
    2) Gintoki 5 Koma
    3) Arale 3 Koma (R)
    4) Shishio 2 Koma (L)
    5) Satsuki 2 Koma
    6) Shinpachi 1 Koma (pointing at Kagura)
    7) Shanks 1 Koma
    KA10: Credits, Version Info and Legal Stuff
    So now the boring stuff :(
    Here's all the people who I have to thank, and all the stuff that keeps my
    hard work safe from nasty people.
    Genroh - Because you have inspired us all with your infinite wisdom and...
    Well, maybe not infinite wisdom, but you sure as hell made a great
    translation FAQ. Without it, we'd all be screwed.
    Nintendo - For creating the DS, the greatest handheld yet, and publishing
    this game.
    CJayC - For creating this website. And for the example legal stuff.
    Shonen Jump - For having Gintama in your magazine.
    Version Info
    Version 1.0 - Pretty much everything that needs to be done is done. I think
    I did a better job on this one than my other FAQ >_>
    Version 1.5 - Fixed the fact that Kagura's 5 Koma is awesome, added some more
    Support Koma, and added the Deck section.
    Version 2.0 - Added a bunch of Support combos, a couple new decks, and some
    new standard combos. Also, I removed the "Vegeta Combo" stuff since it gets
    outclassed by other combos. I also fixed that she has a passive ability that
    constantly gives her SP regen, and gave her some praise for her 6 Komas.
    Legal Stuff
    Copyright 2007 Jason Dorfman
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    The only web site that has permission to post this FAQ is gamefaqs.com

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