Mage Skill Sets?

  1. What Skillsets should I have for my mage?
    Right now he has
    Bang and Woosh3
    Frizz and Bang3
    Crack and Zam2
    (obviously I should not have two skillsets containing Bang) so What should I get get instead of the other?
    ALso is mortamor a good mage? Because that is who Im going for.

    User Info: kisamefishfries

    kisamefishfries - 7 years ago


  1. Hey i think u should get a heal skill type so swhich to one of the one that u think is better it but in stead of motamor u shuld get rhapthorne because i had a rhapthorne +10 and motamor +10 rhapthorne HP 760 MP 999 ATK 540 DEF 950 AGi 999 and WIS 999
    so motamor HP 780 MP 999 ATK 540 DEF 800 AGi 999 WIS 999. motamor recovers a few hp & mp but rhapthorne has higher def
    but if i really want to fight i go with gemslime or darkonium slime altho they may have low hp but they have imortal body so its like have hp and there state is 999 every thing just give them uber health boost and they'll have high hp but its all up to u :)

    User Info: xiongvang

    xiongvang - 7 years ago 0 0

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