How do I get past level 7 in the retro diner?

  1. How do I get past level 7 in the retro diner? I can get close to the goal of 12000--but have not passed it!

    User Info: heatherg414

    heatherg414 - 8 years ago


  1. Ah, Retro Diner-the hardest diner. I still haven't beaten it, still on level 7. 11850 is my score.
    So, I found that you get extra tips by matching the seats with the customers. Matching them makes them more likely to ask for chips (which are fast bucks-100!) and maybe more likely to order dessert. (80) Drinks still help, especially if you are forced to put Bookworms near noisy customers. Remember to chain combos to help boost your score. Holding 2 items can make it go fast which helps in chaining. Also, don't forget your best friends the podium and bench! They can keep customers in waiting happy.

    Good luck if you still haven't beaten the levels, but if you did, keep this in mind if you're going for the expert scores.

    User Info: Charixardfira

    Charixardfira - 8 years ago 0 0

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