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    Illness Guide by OhEmGeeCows

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    The Sims 2: Pets Illness Guide
    | Table Of Contents |
    1. Introduction
    2. Copyright Notice
    3. Version
    4. About This Guide
    5. List of Illnesses
       5.1. Fleas
       5.2. Worms
       5.3. Flu
       5.4. Broken Bone/Limb
       5.5. Lodged Item
       5.6. "My pet smells!" (Filthy pet)
       5.7. "My pet is ugly!" (Pet makeover)
    6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    7. Credits
    8. Outro
    9. Contact information
    | Introduction |
    Hello, and welcome to my first accepted guide. We shall have fun learning
    about illnesses in The Sims 2: Pets, hmm?
    | 2. Copyright Notice|
    Copyright 2009, Matthew Garcia
    In other words, you should NOT copy this guide, claim it as your own, or use
    it on your own website/guide without my permission.
    | 3. Version |
    March 30th, 2009 - Version 0.1 - Started typing up guide. Started table of 
    contents, copyright notice, version, etc. Also, I worked on the Fleas and 
    Worms section, and just started Flu.
    March 31st, 2009 - Version 0.2 - Wrote Flu section and started on Broken Bone/
    April 8, 2009 - Version 0.3 - Stayed off computer for a few days because of
    Conficker. Then I found out I wouldn't get affected if I didn't have Internet
    connection. I finished writing both Broken Bone and Lodged Item, and just
    started on Filthy Pet. I also edited the "To summarize..." section and
    included "How To Check" steps (before, it only had "How to treat").
    April 21st, 2009 - Version 0.4 - Played GTA: VC so much that I forgot about my
    guide. By the way, does anyone know where Hooker Inn is? I need the Rocket
    Launcher for the 'All Hands On Deck' mission, and I don't wanna use cheats.
    Finished guide. Proofread and corrected spelling/grammar errors. I also added 
    in a mock disclaimer.
    | 4. About This Guide |
    This guide was created to give you a sense of the 7 possible illnesses in The
    Sims 2: Pets, and how to diagnose them.
    | 5. List of Illnesses |
    The illnesses will be formatted as shown:
    Name of Illness
    How to check is patient has illness
    How long to keep pet in for
    How to diagnose/treat illness
    Summary of how to treat illness
    | 5.1. Fleas |
    How to check: Usually, the hygiene meter will be low. Use the Comb tool and
    brush the patient until the meter is full. If the pet has fleas, you will then
    get a message saying it does have fleas.
    I recommend to keep the pet for 3 or more days.
    To get rid of fleas, simply bathe the pet with Flea Shampoo. Make sure you
    have a minimum of three bottles of shampoo, one for each day. Repeat until all
    signs of fleas disappear. If you've chose 5 days, use the remaining two days
    to make the pet look good. Dress up the pet, feed it, teach it tricks. Doing
    all that will surely give you a nice bonus!
    To summarize:
    1. Buy three doses if Flea Shampoo if you don't already have some.
    2. Wash the pet with Flea Shampoo once a day for 3 days.
    3. OPTIONAL: Dress up the pet, train it, etc.
    | 5.2. Worms |
    How to check: The hunger meter could be low. Feed the patient a snack using
    the Snack tool. It will then say if the pet has worms or not.
    Like fleas, you should keep it for 3 days, however, 5 days is okay.
    To treat the pet, make sure you have a minimum of 3 doses of Worm-B-Gone.
    Place the patient on the diagnosis table and select the Snack tool. Choose the
    Worm-B-Gone food and feed the pet. Repeat the next and following day.
    To summarize:
    1. Buy 3 doses of Worm-B-Gone.
    2. Feed the pet a bowl of Worm-B-Gone once every 3 days.
    3. OPTIONAL: Make the pet look good.
    | 5.3. Flu |
    How to check: This time, its Health meter may be low. Use the Stethoscope tool
    to check if the pet has the flu. Since pets struggle with the Stethoscope and 
    will most likely run away when you do it, you should rub the patient's head
    and body until the Mood Meter is filled. After you use the Stethoscope, you
    then get a message saying if t he pet has the Flu or not.
    Just like the 2 previous illnesses, keep the pet for 3 days or so.
    To rid the poor patient, ensure you have at least 3 doses of Flu/Influenza 
    Medicine, also like the other illnesses. Put your pet onto the diagnosis table
    and select the Medicine tool. This will allow you to give the pet medicine.
    Select the Flu medicine and hold the little dropper on the head until the
    dropper is empty. Pets will also struggle with this, so it's best to rub him
    until he is in a good mood. Repeat until symptoms clear.
    To summarize:
    1. Buy 3 doses of Flu Medicine.
    2. Give patient medicine once each day.
    3. OPTIONAL: Make pet look good.
    | 5.4. Broken Bone/Limb |
    Broken Bone/Limb
    How to check: First of all, make sure you have an X-Ray. If you don't, buy one
    because you'll need it for these 2 illnesses. Once you have an X-Ray in your 
    house, a new 'X-Ray' tab will appear. Select it.
    If this is your first time using the X-Ray, don't worry. It's very easy. Now,
    to move the camera, touch the trackball and drag your stylus in the direction
    you want. For example, if you want the camera to go up a little, just drag in
    the upwards direction. Practice a couple of times. After you've mastered
    controlling the camera, we'll move on to taking X-rays. To take an X-Ray, you
    need to make sure the pet is in the CENTER of the screen. Then press the 
    camera button to take the picture. You can also use the L or R buttons on your
    DS. Now you know how to take X-rays! YAY!
    Take an X-Ray of your patient. You will then get a picture of a dog skeleton
    which looks to be running. Strangely, the pet wasn't running! Anyways, after
    you've taken the picture, you will then get a message that says if the pet
    broke a bone, if he swallowed something, or if the X-Ray completely missed.
    To allow the bone to mend, keep the pet for 5 days.
    This is one of the easiest to treat. No. This is the easiest to treat. All you
    do is simply put your pet onto a grooming table and apply a bandage. I have no
    idea why the creators of the game decided to bandage the entire animal. When
    I broke my leg, well actually I didn't, but, if you break a leg, they don't
    bandage your entire body, do they?! Okay, I'm getting off topic. So, yeah.
    After you've 'mummified' the pet, you can just keep him in the kennel for the
    rest of the days. Don't forget to feed him! On the last day, remove the
    bandage and the leg will be healed.
    To summarize: 
    1. Take an X-Ray of the pet.
    2. Bandage the patient.
    3. Remove bandage after 5 days and dress up pet (OPTIONAL).
    | 5.5. Lodged Item |
    Lodged Item
    How to check: This uses the X-Ray machine again. Take an X-Ray of your patient.
    If the pet swallowed something, there should be a grey oval in its stomach.
    That, my friend, is a lodged item.
    You can keep the pet for 1 day, but make sure you take it out before the day
    ends, or right after you wake up the next day.
    To get rid of the item, you need an Extractor. An Extractor is a big scary 
    thing with a conveyor belt sticking out. If you don't have one, you can buy
    one for §1000. Before you can extract, you need to make sure you know how to
    operate it.
    When you select the Extractor, you will see two knobs. Rotate the LEFT one 
    clockwise to fully open the doors. Use the right knob to move the grabber. 
    Move the grabber until it's above the item. Press the big red button to grab
    the object. The item will then be added to your inventory. 
    Select the Extractor and do your stuff. Like in the last paragraph, whatever
    you extract will be automatically added to your inventory. As you play the
    game, you will extract some weird objects. And when I say weird, I mean weird.
    One time, I extracted an ANT FARM! Like, what dog has a mouth big enough to
    swallow a whole ant farm?!
    To summarize:
    1. Take an X-Ray of your pet.
    2. Use the Extractor to remove the item.
    3. OPTIONAL: Dress up your pet.
    | 5.6. "My Pet Smells!" (Filthy Pet) |
    Filthy Pet
    How To Check: This is a very easy one. And it's also easy to check. For one
    thing, the most obvious is to read their little conversation. If you see, "My
    pet is smelly!", then, yeah. Also, it will say 'Healthy' instead of
    'Undiagnosed'. Finally, sometimes, but not always, the hygiene meter will be
    You can keep the pet for 1 day, which I recommend, because it allows you to
    save more kennel space.
    To cure this so-called 'illness', all you do is... GIVE THE PATIENT A BATH!!!
    Who remembers what you do then you take a shower? Oooh, I do! I do! First you
    wet yourself, shampoo your hair, soap your body, rinse it off, and dry off!
    These are the exact same steps to giving your pet a bath. If this is your time,
    the game even gives you step-by-step instructions. After you've wasted 4 and a
    half minutes trying to give your virtual dog a virtual bath, you can finally
    relax, or you can put virtual clothes on your virtual pet or teach him virtual
    tricks in order to try to get a virtual bonus, which is usually 2500 virtual
    money. Then you can get ready to virtually treat another virtual pet, and get
    rid of their virtual illness, thus, earning more virtual money. ZOMG, 'Virtual'
    To summarize:
    1. Soak pet.
    2. Apply shampoo/soap.
    3. Rinse off.
    4. Dry off.
    5. OPTIONAL: Make pet look good.
    | 5.7. "My Pet Is Ugly!" (Pet Makeovers) |
    Pet Makeovers
    How to check: Again, one of the most easiest illnesses to treat. This is very
    similar to 'Filthy Pet'. Instead of 'My pet is smelly', they'll say 'My pet is
    ugly', which is rather harsh to a pet. Same which Filthy Pet, it'll say
    'Healthy' instead of 'undiagnosed'.
    Same with Filthy Pet, you can keep the pet for a day.
    Treating this illness (I have no idea why the producers classified Filthy Pet
    and Pet Makeovers as an illness o_O) is basically the same idea as Broken Bone.
    Place your pet onto the Grooming table and slap on a few clothes. It doesn't
    have to be top of the line, like a §5 billion suit. Just put on a collar,
    shirt, maybe some shorts. End.
    To summarize:
    1. Dress up your pet in clothing.
    Thus, ending the illnesses section.
    | 6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) |
    Q: Will my own pet catch an illness?
    A: I'm not sure, I don't think so. I've been playing this game for a long time
    and my dog hasn't caught an illness.
    Q: My patient has nothing wrong with him. I've used all the tools, and I
    couldn't find anything wrong.
    A: Did you use ALL the tools? Two of the illnesses require the use of an X-Ray
    machine. Your solution: Buy one.
    Q: Can I use your guide on my website?
    A: No.
    Q: What happens when I don't treat the illness?
    A: You don't get any money or gain any reputation.
    Q: My pet keeps running away when I try to diagnosing him!
    A: Try using the hand tool and rub your pet until the Mood meter is full. This
    also works when you are bathing, grooming, and giving medicine.
    | 7. Credits |
    I would like to thank GameFAQs for hosting this awesome gaming site. I'd like
    to thank EA (is that what the company's called?) for making a cool game. I'd
    also like to thank you guys, my readers, for reading and using my guide.
    Thanks guys!
    | 8. Outro |
    Well, we are at the end of my guide. Hopefully this has helped you guys!
    | 9. Contact Information |
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at...
    Please do not email me about:
    - Questions answered in this guide
    - Questions answered in the FAQs
    - "Can I use your guide?"
    - Hateful comments
    The end. [;

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