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    Soifon by TianXia7541

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/15/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Bleach: Dark Souls (Bleach DS 2nd)
    Soifon Character FAQ: v1.0
    Author:  TianXia7541, a.k.a. Justice
    ==Table of Contents==					[~TOC~]
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    Table of Contents       [~TOC~]
    Version History         [~VER~]
    Introduction		[~INT~]
    Changelist		[~CHL~]
    Moveset			[~MOV~]
    Combos 			[~COM~]
    Advanced Techniques	[~ADV~]
    General Strategies 	[~STR~]
    Matchups		[~MTU~]
    Contact Information	[~CTC~]
    ==Version History==					[~VER~]
    ---October 11th, 2008 - ver. 1.0---
    Finally got around to finishing this thing out and submitting it.  Go me.
    ---October 15th, 2008 - ver. 1.1---
    Fixed up a few minor typos and added some infinites that I forgot Soifon had.
    ==Introduction==					[~INT~]
    Soifon is, for all intents and purposes, the game's ninja, alongside Yoruichi. 
    She's fast, small, and utilizes fast-executing short-range attacks 
    incorporating a good deal of slides and dashes.  She was viewed as a scrub 
    character of sorts in the first game, but primarily only due to cheap tricks 
    that wouldn't actually win any games against a skilled opponent.  In fact, 
    Soifon is one of the more advanced characters in this game, with a number of 
    special-incorporated combos and an emphasis on proper movement and placement. 
    In current tier placements, she is generally considered to be high tier, 
    although not top by any stretch of the imagination.
    ==Changelist==						[~CHL~]
    Obviously, with each rendition of a fighting game, characters change.  Some get
    buffed, some get nerfed.  Interestingly, for whatever reason, Soifon has been 
    buffed from her uBDS1 version despite being top-tier in that one already. 
    Technically, it's still a nerf from jBDS1, but since uBDS2 features no changes 
    from jBDS2, I'm going to stand by this.  Overall, though, it's really just 
    making up for the fact that she gets hit by the overall gameplay changes harder
    than others.
    All normals remain the same as in uBDS1.
    -a236A now recovers faster upon landing, allowing you to combo out of it.
    -22A/B/C no longer disappears if Soifon blocks an attack, only if she is 
    actually hit.
    -SuB now only calls 3 sets of 4 ninjas each, down from 5 sets of 4.
    ==Moveset==						[~MOV~]
    ---Standing Light (5A)---
    Soifon pokes out at shoulder height with an open-hand palm strike.  4 damage, 
    hits mid.  Recovers slightly slower than the average light, but still fast 
    enough to chain into itself.
    ---Crouching Light (2A)---
    Soifon pokes downward with an open-hand palm strike.  4 damage, hits low. 
    About the same property-wise as the standing version, although with slightly 
    less range.
    ---Standing Medium (5B)---
    Soifon performs a sliding elbow strike.  6 damage, hits mid.  This is actually 
    an extremely good normal since she advances, closing the distance between her 
    and the target and also making it harder to punish a whiff with a BOFS.
    ---Crouching Medium (2B)---
    Soifon performs a spinning leg sweep.  8 damage, hits low.  Interestingly, the 
    damage on this medium seems to be switched with that of her 2C, since it deals 
    as much as a heavy hit.  Like a few other 2C's that don't launch, this attack 
    will also force a crouching opponent to temporarily stand up, although he will 
    immediately back to crouching position upon being hit again.  Useful for 
    setting a TAFS.
    ---Standing Heavy (5C)---
    Soifon pulls out her sword and performs a backhand uppercut with it.  8 damage,
    hits mid.  This move launches, allowing her to combo into a jump immediately 
    afterwards.  Makes a good anti-air due to its large overhead coverage and the 
    ability to combo into a jump, although since airguard is now unbreakable, you'd
    better be prepared to FS away if they block it.
    ---Crouching Heavy (2C)---
    Soifon performs a sliding kick along the ground.  6 damage, hits low.  Like her
    crouching medium, this move causes her to advance and grants approximately the 
    same advantages.  Beware that the attack only connects for the first half of 
    the animation, meaning that even if the tail end of the slide "hits" the 
    opponent, it won't actually connect.  Damage is also lower than the average 
    heavy for some reason.
    ---Aerial Light (jA)---
    Soifon kicks downward with her foot at a 45-degree angle.  4 damage, hits high.
    Comes out extremely fast and can be chained into itself.  Range is somewhat 
    lacking, though.
    ---Aerial Medium (jB)---
    Soifon kicks forward at approximately head level.  6 damage, hits high.  As you
    can probably guess from the animation, this move has extremely bad coverage 
    below her, although it has pretty good overhead coverage.  Try to avoid using 
    it on grounded opponents below you.
    ---Aerial Heavy (jC)---
    Soifon performs a drop-kick in midair.  8 damage, hits high.  The animation on 
    the move doesn't do it justice; it is an extremely good normal.  Soifon's jH 
    actually hits an area starting from above her head 215 degrees all the way 
    across the front of her body and ending behind and below her.  In other words, 
    the only time the attack won't hit is when your opponent is directly behind 
    you.  As a result of this insane coverage, this attack is pretty much good for 
    any grounded or aerial opponent and even serves as a respectable crossup.
    Soifon grabs the opponent and launches him into the air with an uppercut.  Like
    pretty much all the characters in this game, throws are limited in usefulness, 
    since you can't tick throw anymore.  If you do get it off, though, follow it 
    with an air combo.  If you don't think your opponent is going to block/FS or if
    you expect them to DC the throw, you can let the combo break and do a 5C 
    immediately after throwing, adding a bit of extra damage to the combo and 
    putting you out of range of the knockdown from the damage cancel, allowing you 
    to combo them anyway.  Since 5C doesn't break airguard anymore, though, it's 
    not as useful a trick as in uBDS1.
    ---L-SpA (623A): 7 damage, 1 hit---
    Soifon's "Shoryuken" move.  She performs a single flying kick up and forward, 
    knocking down anyone it hits.  If done in the ground, she will not recover from
    this attack until she hits the ground.  If done in the air, depending on 
    height, she may recover before touching the ground, but either way landing will
    cancel any remaining recovery.  Being a light special, it can be comboed into 
    but not out of.  Can be performed in the air, making it a good air combo 
    ---M-SpA (623B): 11 damage, 6 hits---
    Like the light variation, this time Soifon performs a series of flying kicks 
    for a total of six hits.  However, like most medium specials, it has a startup 
    pause, making it rather difficult to combo into in most situations.  It also 
    cannot comboed out of despite having a faster recovery, since it knocks the 
    opponent down the last hit.  I honestly haven't found any use for this move.
    ---RF-SpA (623C): 18 damage, 14 hits---
    The RF variation of this move hits quite a few times and comes out instantly, 
    although it drains an RF stock.  Deals a respectable chunk of damage, but like 
    all RFs, you will not gain stock for damage dealt with this move.  Like all 
    variations of this move, it knocks down on the last hit, so the only real 
    advantage of the RF is the extra damage.  Useful when you need that little 
    extra edge, but otherwise consider saving your stock and using the light 
    ---L-SpB (a236A): 5 damage, 3 hits---
    SOifon performs a diving kick.  This attack can only be used in midair, and 
    recovery is canceled immediately upon touching the ground, meaning that it can 
    be comboed out of fairly easily.  Useful for adding on extra damage to aerial 
    combos against grounded opponents, particularly out of TAFS.
    ---M-SpB (a236B): 14 damage, 8 hits---
    Basically the light version, except with a startup.  Hits for a respectable 
    amount of damage, although with the startup, the chances of actually hitting 
    someone with it are slim to none.  Again, can't think of much of a use for it.
    ---RF-SpB (a236C): 16 damage, 9 hits---
    Again, basically the light version of the move with more hits and more damage. 
    No startup or recovery, which is nice, but because it has so many hits, the 
    extra damage isn't really noticeable unless you do it from really high up, in 
    which case it isn't likely to hit.  Again, I'd recommend sticking with the 
    light version on this one, unless you really need that damage.
    ---L-SpC (41236A): 11 damage, 6 hits---
    Soifon performs a fast sliding dash which covers about half the screen.  If it 
    hits the opponent, she will extend the move into a quick barrage of kicks, 
    flying past the opponent and sliding about half a screen's length.  This move 
    can be super-canceled, which makes it useful for comboing into SuB or tacking 
    on a bit of extra damage to a SuA.  Standalone, though, it's not very 
    spectacular, since you can't combo out of it without super-canceling.
    ---M-SpC (41236B): 11 damage, 6 hits---
    This move is pretty much identical to the light version except with a startup 
    at the beginning and no slide at the end.  Good as a lead-in, since it's harder
    to punish than the light version, but it's still impossible to combo out of it 
    without super-canceling, since it still knocks the opponent down.  See a 
    pattern here?
    ---RF-SpC (41236C): 11 damage, 6 hits---
    The RF version of this move deals no extra damage.  However, it does send the 
    opponent into fallback instead of just straight-out knocking them down, making 
    it possible to combo out of it without supers.  Unfortunately, Soifon still 
    flies past them, making it somewhat difficult to actually hit the opponent as 
    they fly through the air.
    ---SpD (22A/B/C): 14 damage, 17 hits---
    Soifon's ninja summon move.  She stabs the ground with her sword, and 
    approximately two seconds later a ninja drops from the sky, kicking the 
    opponent on contact and exploding once it hits the ground.  The explosion has a
    fairly large radius, making it good for pressuring the opponent and forcing him
    to block.  The ninja will disappear instantly (or never show up) if Soifon is 
    hit after activating this special, although unlike in uBDS1, not if she blocks 
    the attack.  Since it comes out so fast, it makes for a good move to spam 
    whenever you have the space to do so.  The ninja's explosion does push back the
    target a bit, so beware it doesn't screw up your combos.  Also, for some weird 
    reason, if an attack hits at the exact same time as the ninja explosion, it 
    won't connect.  All variations of this attack are the same.
    ---SuA (236236A/B/C): 27 damage, 32 hits---
    Soifon performs an extremely high-speed slide approximately two-thirds of the 
    distance across the screen, hitting low.  If the slide connects, she will 
    extend it into a rather lengthy barrage of kicks, pushing the opponent back all
    the while, and ending with a launch.  You can combo out of the launch into an 
    air combo, and because of the speed of activation, you can pretty much combo 
    this move out of anything.  The damage is a bit on the low side, but the move 
    is extremely versatile and the follow-up air combo good for forcing your 
    opponent to damage cancel.
    ---SuB (2141236A/B/C): 9 damage, 16 hits---
    Soifon sticks her sword into the ground like with her 22A/B/C, and after two 
    seconds ninjas start falling from the sky, for a total of three sets of four 
    ninjas each.  However, these ninjas do not explode, and they only do one damage
    each.  To make things worse, the ninjas will disappear if Soifon is hit, just 
    like with the non-super version.  Don't be fooled, however; this is actually 
    SOifon's best super.  Because the ninjas come down fast enough to combo, it's 
    actually possible to combo into this and extend your combos using the ninjas to
    fill the gaps, since it has no actual startup or recovery.  See the Combos 
    section for more details on exactly how to do this.
    ---SuC (641236A/B/C): 0/255 damage, 1 hit---
    This move, quite honestly, sucks.  In fact, I actually forgot to put this in 
    the FAQ the first time through and only realized I forgot it when proofreading.
    Basically, Soifon transforms her sword into some sort of finger-claw thing, and
    charges up, then dashes forward.  If the opponent is hit by it once, he will 
    have a strange-looking black butterfly mark on the ground beneath him from the 
    rest of the match.  If he is hit twice, he will die instantly regardless of 
    health.  That being said, this move is blockable, can be FSed through, and is 
    too slow to combo into no matter what you do.  On top of that, you have to hit 
    the target with it twice for it to have any effect.  I think I've gotten a kill
    with this move exactly once in almost ten thousand matches, and that's only 
    because it's possible to combo into it in uBDS1, though it is still quite hard.
    ==Combos==						[~COM~]
    This is by no means a comprehensive list of every possible combo and the 
    permutations therein.  Feel free to experiment with different combinations, 
    these are just the root combos.  If you're having trouble with these, you just 
    need practice, so don't start sending me messages claiming "________ combo is 
    impossible!"  It isn't.  I can do it.  On WI-FI, all the time, no less.
    Combo Legend:
    123456789: Corresponding direction on the number pad
    ABC: Strength of the attack/special
    j: jumping
    dj: double-jump
    FS: Flash Step
    TAFS: To Air Flash Step
    BOFS: Behind Opponent Flash Step
    Su: Super
    ~~Basic Combos~~
    [5AB2BC > FS]
    Soifon's basic ground combo.  Thanks to the sliding effect on her normals, it's
    very easy to retain good spacing on this particular set.  If you're having 
    trouble chaining the normals into an FS and back into normals without breaking 
    the combo, check the Advanced Techniques portion of the FAQ.
    5ABC > jAABC > djAABC > [8FS > ABC]
    Soifon's basic aerial combo.  Launch with 5C and jump up after them, then 
    double-jump.  Jumps have better airtime than FS, so you can chain an extra 
    light after jump canceling, but not after FS canceling.  Make sure to FS 
    straight up when you FS cancel.
    [5AB2BC > FS]x3 > 5AB2BC > 41236A > SuA > jABC > djAABC > a623A
    Combination of the two above.  Do a ground combo with FS cancels, then go into 
    a 41236A canceled into a SuA before the third hit, then into an air combo 
    finishing with an a623A.  This is probably the best damage you're going to get 
    at this stage of the game.
    ~~Intermediate Combos~~
    [66AB2B > TAFS > jAC]
    Soifon's TAFS combo.  Once you get to this stage, you will find yourself using 
    this pretty much all the time.  Perform a ground combo followed by a diagonal 
    FS into the air, canceled into a jAC, then land and very quickly dash into 
    another ground chain.  It will seem a bit tricky at first, but thanks the 2B's 
    unique property of making a crouching opponent temporarily stand up, it's 
    actually easier than it looks once you get the hang of it.
    [66AB2B > TAFS > jAC]x3 > 41236A > SuA > jABC > djAABC > 8FS > jABC > 623A
    Basically the same thing as Soifon's TAFS combo, except extended into a super 
    an an air combo.  Because of the added duration between FS, it's possible to 
    recharge a full FS bar between the last TAFS and the final aerial combo, 
    allowing you to do one more FS in the air before ending the combo.
    ~~Advanced Combos~~
    [5AB2B > TAFS > jAC > a236A]
    Soifon's TAFS with an a236A extension.  Because the a236A cancels recovery upon
    landing and can be comboed out of, it's possible to perform a TAFS and do an 
    a236A between each TAFS rep.  DO NOT try to dash in after landing, as you would
    with a standard TAFS; you just don't have enough time and a236A puts you 
    forward enough to compensate.  For shorter/crouching opponents, drop the jA and
    just do jC > a236A.
    41236A > revSuA
    It is possible to cancel Soifon's 41236A into a SuA AFTER the third hit and she
    has already passed the opponent.  However, the timing is rather strict, 
    although it is quite doable.  Mostly for showing off, honestly.
    (in corner) 41236A > SuB > 5AAB2BC > 22A > 5AB2BC > 5AB2B > 22A > 5AB2BC > 
    5AB2BC > 41236A > SuB
    Soifon's famed Ninja Rain combo.  The combo looks quite daunting, but it's 
    pretty easy to pick up once you figure out what you're doing.  Basically, the 
    trick is to cancel 41236A into a SuB on the SECOND hit.  The first hit doesn't 
    have enough to hitstun to reliably combo into the next set of normals, although
    it is possible.  After activating the SuB, immediately perform a 5AAB2BC, which
    will cover the entire period of time between the SuB activation and the ninjas 
    falling.  Set a 22A immediately after, you'll need the exploding ninja for 
    later.  From here, do a 5AB2BC to cover the gaps between each ninja set, and 
    the 22A you set earlier will come down and explode.  From here, do a short 
    5AB2B and set another ninja, then continue your combo.  The SuB will end during
    the subsequent 5AB2BC, but that's alright because the 22A will once again come 
    down in time to allow you to continute the chain unbroken.  From here, you can 
    activate SuB again and repeat the entire thing.
    This combo has a variety of uses.  For starters, however, it CAN be damage 
    canceled while you are hitting the opponent with normals.  Fortunately for you,
    though, damage canceling is the ONLY way to escape a ninja rain without taking 
    massive damage.  AS a result, this move is great for dealing a large chunk of 
    damage on unfortunate opponents who have been caught without stock, or for 
    forcing opponents to damage cancel.  I would in fact recommend doing the latter
    if it looks like your opponent is sitting on top of a 3-stock super.  In fact, 
    if you precede the Ninja Rain with a standard TAFS combo, you can tack on a 
    fair chunk of damage before your opponent realizes he needs to DC.
    [jA > a236A]xN Soifon's first infinite.  The timing on this is very, very 
    tight; do it too slow and it doesn't combo, do it too fast and the game will 
    recognize the a236A as an a623A.  I don't recommend trying to do this in any 
    real matches unless you're trying to show off, because it takes forever to get 
    to any significant level of damage and it's near impossible to keep going for 
    more than a few reps. (Thanks to JayceMJ for pointing this one out, I thought 
    it had been taken out in the second game.)
    [a2369A]xN Soifon's second infinite.  To do this, you have to "tigerkick" the 
    special, which is basically buffering the quarter-circle input into a jump. 
    Timing is just as strict as the first infinite, if not more so.  Good for 
    showing off, not good for actually winning.  (Again, thanks to JayceMJ for 
    reminding me that this infinite still works.)
    ==Advanced Techniques/Terminology==			[~ADV~]
    Logically, this section should follow the General Strategies section, but I get
    a bit technical there, so it's not a bad idea to just go ahead and define 
    everything now.  Note that Soifon CANNOT do some of these things; regardless, 
    they'll still come up pretty often if you read guides on characters in this 
    ---Instant Overhead---
    Pretty much the only way to do a fast guardbreak on a crouching opponent while 
    on the ground.  All you're really doing is FSing up and doing a very quick 
    aerial attack while very close off the ground.
    ---Behind Opponent Flash Step (BOFS)---
    Basically the other side of the Instant Overhead.  This is more of a counter 
    move, although you can use it in combos for spacing as well.  All it is is a 
    flash step behind your opponent (generally ensuring that he can't hit you with 
    attacks) canceled into normals, generally a crouching attack, although anti-
    airs can be used too.
    ---To Air Flash Step (TAFS---
    Basically the same principle as an Instant Overhead, but generally used to 
    refer to combos.  In addition to adding more hits and thus more damage it, it 
    also keeps you on one side of the opponent, allowing you to push them into the 
    corner more easily, and lets you do certain aerial specials against grounded 
    opponents as part of the combo.
    The state where the opponent is send flying horizontally across the screen, 
    then bounces off the wall and hits the ground.  The opponent can be hit anytime
    while flying and bouncing, although only certain characters are fast enough to 
    accomplish the former.  After the bounce, the opponent is considered to be 
    airborne, so being hit will bounce them into the air automatically.  However, 
    if he is wallbounced at a sufficient height, the opponent will become 
    invincible after falling a certain distance after hitting the wall, until he 
    recovers.  In 4P matches, the opponent's teammate can be hit by the flying 
    opponent, knocking them both down.
    ---On The Ground (OTG)---
    Refers to an attack with a specific timing after a wallbounce.  When the 
    opponent is wallbounced, there is a very small timeframe upon bouncing off the 
    wall and hitting the ground where he is considered "standing" and not 
    "airborne".  Proper use of this timing allows you to extend wallbounces into 
    further combos, and potentially into another wallbounce.
    Certain attacks put the opponent into fallback, wherein he is sent flying 
    backwards in an arc.  In this scenario, there is a small frame of time during 
    the rising part of the arc where he can still be hit.  It's a pretty wide frame
    of vulnerability, so make sure to extend fallback attacks into air combos if 
    you can.  Otherwise, it makes for a rather lengthy opening with which to 
    activate slower specials, like traps.
    The state of smashing an airborne opponent into the ground.  Most aerial-
    finisher specials do this, as do most jC's.  Once spiked, the opponent is 
    completely invulnerable.  Generally good to resolve combos and give yourself 
    room to recharge FS or activate slower specials.
    ---Damage Cancel---
    A universal technique that all characters can do.  When in hitstun or 
    blockstun, press any attack button at the same time as the FS button to consume
    one stock and create a blue burst of energy that knocks the opponent away. 
    This is basically Guilty Gear's Burst, although more accessible.  It is 
    possible to block the damage cancel or simply have the burst of energy miss, 
    usually if they are too far away when you activate it, but either way it will 
    immediately reset you to a neutral state and end any combos.  It is possible to
    damage cancel a damage cancel, although it's generally not very useful to do 
    ---Guard Cancel---
    When blocking an attack, escape blockstun by flash stepping or activating a 
    special.  The guard cancel will be indicated by a blue flash.  Generally a good
    technique for counterattacking, although be careful that your opponent doesn't 
    anticipate your guard cancel, which happens quite often due to how prevalent 
    guard cancels are in this game.
    ---Tigerkick (TK)---
    Also known as a "tigerknee".  Whatever you call it, the principle is that you 
    use Sagat's Tiger Knee input (or Joe's Tiger Kick) to do a quarter-circle 
    special right off the ground.  To do this, perform a quarter-circle ending in 9
    (2369) and press the button as you leave the ground.  Done correctly, you 
    should perform the aerial variation of the special very, very close off the 
    ground.  The game recognizes the 2369 input both as a quarter-circle and as a 
    jump, allowing you to do both at the same time.  The practical use of this 
    trick is to activate the aerial version of a special while on the ground. 
    Other characters eliminate their recovery by landing, so a tigerkick is 
    essentially a special without recovery in a lot of cases.
    ==General Strategies==					[~STR~]
    These are just a few general tips on playing Soifon.  By themselves, they won't
    make you a master at the game, but without them, you may find yourself losing 
    more often than not.  Either way, they're good tricks to keep in mind, 
    especially when playing against skilled opponents.
    ---Utilize her speed---
    It should seem obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many Soifon scrubs I play
    that do nothing but wait to block into guard cancels.  Soifon is extremely 
    fast.  I cannot stress this enough.  She can dash extremely fast, keeping the 
    pressure on the opponent no matter where they try to hide.  On top of that, her
    long, long FS means that her opponent is never quite safe, since you can 
    actually FS in from half the stage away and hit them when they think they're 
    safe.  It also means that you can clear most spammable projectiles/long-range 
    normals with ease, allowing you to punish whiffed attacks.
    ---Spam her 22A---
    Soifon's pressure game has been buffed significantly from uBDS1.  Specifically,
    her ninja no longer disappears when an attack is blocked.  On top of that, it 
    still activates extremely fast and costs no RF, meaning that there's almost no 
    reason NOT to use it when you've got the opponent knocked down or on the other 
    side of the screen.  Whenever you get a chance, use the 22A, then close in and 
    pressure with attacks.  If they stay in place and block, they risk being locked
    down by the ninja explosion and getting caught in a combo immediately after. 
    If they move, they risk actually being hit by the ninja and then being put in a
    combo anyway.  It's a good method for forcing them to try to attack, which 
    opens them up and gives you a chance to lay on the smackdown.
    ---Stock control---
    Stock is a pretty useful thing to have.  It lets you damage cancel combos, 
    potentially escaping massive damage and/or infinites, and potentially lets you 
    dish out huge chunks of damage using supers.  Of course, since it's so useful, 
    it stands to reason that it is to your advantage to make sure that your 
    opponent doesn't get any stock, or at least never gets the chance to use it 
    when he actually needs it.  A good way to do this is to force your opponent to 
    drain his stock faster that you, or at least make him pay for any stock 
    exchanges.  One easy way to do this is to do a SuA and lead into an air combo. 
    Generally, since you can do a fair chunk of damage even after the super, your 
    opponent oftentimes will damage cancel immediately after the super.  What that 
    means is that, for the cost of 1 of your stock, you forced your opponent to 
    burn his stock even after eating a huge chunk of damage.  Of course, if he DCs 
    right off the bat, even better for you.  The more damage cancels you force, the
    less stock he'll have for when he really needs it.
    ---Slide normals are your friend---
    What you'll find while playing Bleach online is that a lot of opponents like to
    block attacks, then flash step behind you and try to hit you with an attack 
    while you're still recovering.  Some will rely on it exclusively (called 
    turtling), while others will simply do it as the situation arises.  Either way,
    you can potentially counter this using Soifon's slide normals (5B and 2C). 
    Since they move you forward, if they block your attack and you have no other 
    way to escape, the slide normals can generally put you out of range of an 
    opponent flash stepping behind you.  This also applies if they block your slide
    normal, since you'll keep going a bit and clear the danger zone.  That being 
    said, 5B and 2C have enough of a startup that you risk simply being hit as you 
    approach, so don't think they'll keep you out of danger all the time.
    ---Don't use Auto---
    In the first game, the general consensus was that Auto was overpowered and made
    the game too shallow (certain characters benefited more from it than others). 
    Thus, due to the absurd cheapness of Auto Block and the restrictive nature of 
    Auto Combo, no one respectable used it.  In 2nd, though, it's been nerfed so 
    that no one should be using it, period.  In this game, while the Auto Block is 
    still in, the Auto Combo has been limited further, to the point that you cannot
    link normals or specials into anything else, period.  You cannot FS-, special-,
    or super-cancel your attacks.  You CAN jump cancel, so the longest combo you'll
    get is 5ABC > jABC > dJABC with Soifon.  Deals 31 damage, hardly comparable to 
    the 100~ damage combos you'll be getting on Manual.
    ==Matchups==						[~MTU~]
    This is the good stuff.  Which characters does Soifon destroy?  Which 
    characters destroy Soifon?  Either way, it's a fighting game, not Rock-Papers-
    Scissors, but that doesn't mean that certain characters don't fare better than 
    others against certain opponents.  In short, though, Soifon is generally a 
    balanced character with no severely advantageous or disadvantageous matchups.
    ---Versus Tall Opponents---
    This is Soifon's extremely advantageous matchup.  The taller the character, the
    more susceptible they are to Soifon's extremely quick aerials, and the easier 
    it makes Soifon's relatively difficult TAFS.  Of course, all characters gain 
    some advantage when fighting tall characters, but Soifon just gets more due to 
    the placement-sensitive nature of her attacks.
    ---Versus Short Opponents---
    This is generally a neutral matchup for Soifon.  Her aerials are less 
    effective, but proper timing will still get you through the match without 
    significant difficultly.  The only thing to beware are the extremely short 
    crouching opponents, against which Soifon's 5A will miss.
    ---Versus Long-Range Characters---
    Soifon's "bad" matchup.  Soifon is fast, but she also lacks range.  Characters 
    with long-range normals can hit you long before you're anywhere close to melee 
    range.  However, Soifon does have her 22 for approaching pressure, and her long
    FS range will allow her to clear the long-reaching attacks of pretty much any 
    character with ease.  With proper timing, you shouldn't have too much trouble 
    with these, either.
    ---Versus Fast Opponents---
    Generally a neutral matchup, although it does neutralize the effective use of 
    22A if they move a lot.  Soifon herself is very fast, so you shouldn't have any
    problems keeping up.  Stay aggressive and their speed won't matter all that 
    ---Versus Soifon---
    Soifon falls into the category of "fast opponent" and "short opponent".  In 
    fact, she's also one of the few against whom her 5A will miss.  Playing against
    yourself is basically a game of flash-stepping and slide-evading, so play to 
    those strengths and hopefully you'll be able to do it better than your 
    opponent.  Just keep in mind that your opponent is experiencing the same 
    drawbacks against you, so use them to your advantage. 
    ==Contact Information==					[~CTC~]
    I am NOT giving out my email address, since I do not want to get spammed.  If 
    you want to contact me, leave a message on my Youtube profile at 
    http://www.youtube.com/user/TianXia7541.  I will get an email notification from
    Youtube if you do this, so no worries.  I am also VERY RARELY on the IRC 
    channel: Bleach_DS on Rizon server.
    ==Legal Stuff==
    I don't own Bleach, Sega, Treasure, any of the characters mentioned in this 
    FAQ, etc.  However, if anyone would like to give me any of these things, my 
    contact information is right there.  If you would like to sue me, have your 
    lawyer contact me and I will have my secretary process it.
    This FAQ, however, DOES belong to me.  Steal it without permission and I 
    WILL drop a fifty-ton banhammer straight on your house, because I'm an 
    American and Americans love to litigate.  This FAQ was submitted directly to
     GameFAQs, so if you see it anywhere else, it was probably stolen.

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