How do you get a spirit in Yugioh GX Spirit Caller?

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  1. After you get the message from Alexis to visit her and duel her, go to the north side of the islands. Then go to the Dried Well. You'll get either Adhesive Explosive, Oscillo Hero#2, or Jerry Beans Man. If you want another spirits, here's how to get them and how to unlocked them.

    In the north side:
    Jerry Beans Man(starter at well)
    Adhesive Explosive(starter at well)
    Oscillo Hero #2(starter at well)
    Star Boy(defeat Bastion for the second time)
    Hane-Hane(defeat Bastion for the second time)
    Acrobat Monkey(defeat Kagemaru)

    Abandoned Dorm:
    White Magician pikeru[also found rarely in the well and coliseum] (finish the game)
    Dragon Piper(finish game)
    Acrobat Monkey(defeat Kagemaru)

    East Side:
    Ebon Magician Curran(after Abandomed Dorm events)
    Soitsu(after Abandomed Dorm events)
    Skelengel(defeat Kagemaru)
    Blast Asmodian(After finalists are decided in tournament)

    Beelze Frog [and ONLY in the well] (After finalists are decided in tournament)
    Jerry Beans Man(starter at well)
    Adhesive Explosive(starter at well)
    Oscillo Hero #2(starter at well)
    Star Boy(Defeat Bastion for the second time)

    Power plant:
    Batteryman C(finish game)
    Batteryman D(finish game)

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  1. You receive your first spirit in an event, typically at level 5/6, after you beat Alexis for the first time. The event will be triggered when your character cannot sleep. Go to the north forest, to the dried well. Beat the spirit in a card game, look in the well, and there you go.

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  2. you must have won from Alexis Rhodes.

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  3. After beating chazz, alexis will call you , beat her and go to your dormtry to go to sleepn you cant, go to the forest , go to the new icon,the well, and you will see your spirit

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  4. After beating Alexis Rhodes, when you go into your dorm, you will say "Is someone calling me...?) and go to the Northern Part of the Island and go to the dried up well and you will get a spirit of either...

    -Jerry Beans man
    -Adhesive Explosive
    -Oscillo Hero #2

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  5. well you can only get a spirit after you beat alexis, then after that a "cutscene" will come after and takes you to the well.....then one of three spirits will come up Jerry Beans man, Adhesive Explosive, or Oscillo Hero #2. To get other spirits you have to go around dueling and if your lucky, one will show up. best way to get them is to duel alot and chances go up, but just because you beat them doesn't mean they'll join you right away, its all random if they join you or not

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  6. You must beat Alexis.

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  7. When you duel alexis you go out the door to the north side and find a dried well on the left of you. There are 3 choices. the only good spirits are adhesive explosive and jelly bean man. The other spirit is bad. Jaden will come in your room and tell you that he sees spirits too.

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