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    Bonuses Guide by Robo_Mike

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    Yu-gi-Oh GX Spirit Caller Bonuses Guide
    by Robo_Mike
    "Thanks for the good work, people! Keep contributing those bonus
    Section 0
    Table of Contents [TOC-]
     CODE  ## TITLE
    [DISC] 01 Disclaimer
    [MEAT] 02 Bonuses
    [MAX-] 03 Tips for Maximizing Bonuses
    [DECK] 03B - Sample Decks for DP
          * Macro Cosmos Mill
          * Chain Strike Burn
          * Cyber-Stein OTK
          * Dark Scorpions
          * Wall Defense
    [HIST] 04 Revision History
    [CRED] 05 Credits
    [MAIL] 06 Contact Info
    * To jump directly to a section, you may search for the four-letter
      code including the [ ].
    Section 1
    Disclaimer [DISC]
    Yu-gi-Oh, Yu-gi-Oh GX and all related characters are the property
    of Konami.
    This document is (c) 2007 Robo-Mike. All rights reserved.
    You may download and print this file for your personal use but you
    may not profit in any way.
    Because I am lazy, only gamefaqs.com is allowed to "host" this
    guide... for now. If you are not a commercial website (that is if
    you're from a YugiOh fansite or something that doesn't make money)
    you may contact via the email address in the contact info section if
    you want it hosted.
    This document is best viewed with a monospace font (e.g. Courier).
    Your standard web browser will do, but just in case your browser's
    settings are weird, here's a line of 70 numbers followed by a line of
    70 hyphens.
    If they're not aligned, then you better change some settings. Now.
    Section 2
    Bonuses [MEAT]
    So welcome to the reason why you're reading this guide. Bonuses may
    be the most trivial thing in the world, but if you're looking to
    squeeze as many points as you can from your hapless victim, it's
    good to know.
    Many of these bonuses require considerable risk to pull off. Think
    of it this way: the game rewards you for "showing off" and performing
    2.A - Loss, Draw Game
    1 DP per turn taken (by both players)
    Umm... think of it as your consolation prize. But it still can't beat
    winning. At least you get SOMETHING if Raizou Mototani's slow deck
    takes an eternity to drain your life.
    This is the only bonus you get for a loss. All other bonuses are
    only attainable during a won duel.
    "Draw Game Bonus"
    ??? DP
    You get DP equivalent to half the EXP a duelist is worth. If someone
    is worth 182 XP normally, you only get 91 DP.
    This and 'Turns' are the only bonuses you get for a draw game. All
    other bonuses are only attainable during a won duel. (You also don't
    get any EXP from a draw game.)
    2.B - Card-Related Bonuses
    "All Monster Slots Bonus"
    5 DP
    If you have, at any point in the match, have five monsters on the
    field. It doesn't matter if one of them died somehow or you have
    less than five at the end of the match.
    And if you were wondering, there is no bonus for filling up all five
    of your spell/trap slots.
    Ground Collapse doesn't count.
    "Deck Destruction Bonus"
    1 DP per card
    minimum of 10 cards removed
    You need to send at least 10 cards directly from an opponents deck
    to the graveyard or out of play.
    (Thanks D. Norbeck/BladerNyte!)
    "Destroy in Battle Bonus"
    2 DP per monster destroyed
    minimum 8 monsters destroyed
    For the warlord in you. If your army engages in wanton slaughter,
    you get bonus points for their hard work.
    "Destroy by Effect Bonus"
    1 DP per card destroyed
    minimum 10 cards destroyed
    For the assassin in you. All cards that were *destroyed* by
    effects, whether through the use of traps, effect monsters, spells
    and whatnot count toward this, but you really have to go on a
    rampage to get this one.
    Note: Removing from play and returning to the hand are separate
          categories altogether.
    Extremely Low Deck Bonus
    50 DP
    You have to have 0 cards in your deck left, and win. Impossible, you
    say? Well, when you have 0 cards left, you don't actually lose until
    any effect or Draw Phase forces you to draw. So if you win right
    there with 0 cards left, you get 50 DP.
    (Thanks Pathetic_Moron)
    "Fusion Summon Bonus"
    3 DP each
    Apparently, you get points for playing Trans-formers using your
    Note: XYZ - Dragon Cannon and related cards (XY XZ YZ) don't count
          as Fusion Summons for the purposes of this bonus.
    "Hand Destruction Bonus"
    2 DP per card
    minimum of 5 cards discarded
    Discard at least 5 cards from the opponent's hand. It's easy to do
    with Card Destruction or Morphing Jar.
    (Thanks D. Norbeck/BladerNyte!)
    "Low Deck Bonus"
    10 DP
    If you manage to keep 9 or less of your cards on the deck remaining
    after all the deck destruction crap used by your sinister opponent,
    (or even your own deck thinning efforts) you get this bonus.
    (Thanks D. Norbeck/BladerNyte!)
    "LV Monster Bonus"
    2 DP everytime an LV monster levels up
    Armed Dragon or Silent Magician fans rejoice! You get extra points
    for running LV decks.
    "No More Cards Bonus"
    10 DP
    Win when your opponent has no cards on their deck. You can run them
    out or you can wait for them to run out and try to draw.
    "No Special Summon Bonus"
    3 DP
    No special summons, easy! Just avoid using Giant Rat,
    Premature Burial, Call of the Haunted, etc, etc... to get this bonus.
    "No Spell Card Bonus"
    3 DP
    Appears if you used no spell cards in the duel. Setting a spell card
    facedown still gets you the bonus as long as it isn't flipped.
    "No Trap Card Bonus"
    3 DP
    Same as above, only using trap cards. Again, setting a card face down
    is not counted as "using" the card.
    "Remove from Play Bonus"
    2 DP per card
    minimum of 5 cards removed
    I made a remove from play deck just for this. You should thank me. :)
    Anyway, here's how it works. Each card YOUR EFFECT removes counts as
    1 card for the purposes of this bonus.
    If there is a card that says that anything sent to the graveyard is
    removed from play (e.g. Banisher of the Light, Macro Cosmos) then
    any cards that destroy other cards work with this bonus. But only if
    you control the effect that destroys cards, regardless of who controls
    the Banisher/Macro Cosmos.
    Using Needle Worm to discard 5 cards from a deck when Banisher/Macro
    Cosmos/etc is active also counts as 5 cards removed from the game.
    Example: You are fighting the deck of the Spirit "Adhesive Explosive".
    Adhesive Explosive plays Macro Cosmos. He has three monsters and you
    have two. You summon a Skull Servant. In response, you activate
    Torrential Tribute. All monsters are destroyed and removed from the
    game. That counts as 6 cards removed. Torrential Tribute is also
    removed from the game after it resolves, but that doesn't count,
    because it left play because of Macro Cosmos ALONE. No one gets
    credit for that.
    (Thanks D. Norbeck/BladerNyte for the hint)
    "Return to Hand Bonus"
    2 DP per card returned from field to the hand
    minimum 5 cards returned (only opponent's cards count)
    Penguin Soldier and Hane-Hane fans, now's your time to shine! If you
    absolutely hate Heavy Storm, Giant Trunade is a nice alternative.
    "Ritual Summon Bonus"
    5 DP each
    If you're into voodoo and innocent sacrifice, you can't go wrong!
    Free duel points for getting that Black Luster Soldier out on the
    (Thanks Vincio)
    "Same Card Bonus"
    3 DP each set
    If you have all three of a single card on the field at any time, you
    get 3 DP.
    Also works with spells and traps... if you have three Nightmare Wheels
    on the field... very funny! Face-down set cards don't count.
    This obviously can't be done with Limited and Semi-Limited cards.
    "Spell Cards Bonus"
    1 DP each
    minimum 10 Spell Cards used
    Just fling one spell after another. What can be easier?
    "Trap Cards Bonus"
    1 DP each
    minimum 10 Trap Cards used
    Self-explanatory, just go wild with the use of traps.
    "Tribute Summon Bonus"
    3 DP each
    You know the drill, sacrifice that poor Kuriboh to your Summoned
    Skull for a cool 3 DP.
    Tributing to effects definitely doesn't count, as is tributing to
    Special Summon a monster... (you know... the guys that say "Cannot
    be normal summoned or set. This monster may only be special summoned
    by tributing blah blah blah")
    "Union Monsters Bonus"
    3 DP each time you equip a monster to another as a Union
    Minimum 3 Unions
    Mech Support Platform or Soitsu fans will get some extra points out
    of this one.
    (Thanks Pathetic_Moron)
    2.C - Life and Damage Bonuses
    "Exactly 0 LP Bonus"
    10 DP
    This happens when the last hit on your opponent reduces their LP down
    to exactly 0. For example, a 2500 ATK Summoned Skull performing a
    direct attack on the opponent who has 2500 LP left. (Assuming they
    don't use some trap card... or Kuriboh, but who puts a Kuriboh in
    their decks anyway...)
    (The LP display never shows negatives, you smart alecks heh heh, it
    would always display 0 even if you dealt "too much damage".)
    "Extremely Low LP Bonus"
    50 DP
    1-100 LP remaining at the end of a duel? Excellent! The risk may not
    be worth it if the opponent is packing direct damage (and a lot of
    them do).
    (Thanks D. Norbeck/BladerNyte)
    "Low LP Bonus"
    10 DP (101-1000 LP)
    You get this bonus if you win a duel with less than or equal to 1000
    life. The lower the better. Lower than that? That would fall under
    "Extremely Low LP Bonus".
    "LP Differential Bonus"
    1 DP per 500 LP disadvantage during the match
    minimum 5000 LP (10 DP's worth)
    Being the underdog is highly romanticized in many stories, and the
    Yu-Gi-Oh anime is no exception. If you can manage to win after being
    the underdog by a huge margin, you get something for it.
    But it's actually easy to get the bonus AND win. Just use Cyber
    Stein. 5000 life drained from you in one go. But you should have the
    match on ice afterwards.
    "Max ATK Bonus"
    1 DP per 1000 attack attained by a monster you control
    minimum of 3000 attack required
    Make a gargantuan Maha Vailo... if you dare. 
    "Max Damage Bonus"
    1 DP per 500 damage dealt in a single attack/spell/effect
    minimum of 3000 damage required
    Plain and simple, damage the opponent in any way you can think of.
    This only counts damage against an opponent's LP. (The -XXXX you
    see on screen.)
    The easiest way to do this is by attacking your opponent directly
    using a 3000 ATK or greater monster.
    Control decks can utilize Wave-Motion Cannon for massive damage.
    "Max DEF Bonus"
    1 DP per 1000 defense attained by a monster you control
    minimum of 3000 defense required
    If you make use of Milennium Shield or Ojama King... well, you get
    the point.
    "Max Reflected Damage Bonus"
    1 DP per 500 damage dealt
    minimum 1000 damage reflected (worth 2 DP)
    This occurs if your Defense Position monster dealt a lot of damage
    because the opponent threw a Sangan or some weak crap at it.
    "No Damage Bonus"
    5 DP
    Take no damage and use no cards that force you to pay amounts of
    life points. Not as easy to get as it sounds, as most enemy decks
    have a couple of direct damage cards.
    "Over 20000 LP Bonus"
    10 DP
    If you stall until your Solemn Wishes or White Magician of Pikeru
    nets you so many life points, you get some more Duel Points for your
    2.E - Specific Card Bonuses
    You get bonus points for summoning specific monsters.
    10 DP
    Armed Dragon LV10
    Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
    Cyber Laser Dragon
    Cyber End Dragon
    Elemental Hero Tempest
    Metal Zoa
    Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon
    Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill
    Wall Shadow
    20 DP
    Blue Eyes Shining Dragon
    Dark Dreadroute
    Dark Sage
    Elemental Hero Erikshieler
    Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder
    Mokey Mokey King
    Obelisk the Tormentor
    Ojama King
    Raviel, Lord of Phantasms
    Slifer the Sky Dragon
    Uria, Lord of Searing Flames
    XYZ Dragon Cannon
    Winged Dragon of Ra
    30 DP
    Exodia Necross
    Valkyrion the Magna Warrior
    50 DP
    Gate Guardian
    Perfecty Ultimate Great Moth
    Water Dragon
    You also get bonus points for finishing off the opponent by attacking
    with certain monsters...
    10 DP
    God Card Finish Bonus (Obelisk, Ra, Slifer)
    Phantasm Finish Bonus (Hamon, Raviel, Uria)
    Skull Servant Finish Bonus
    You also get bonus points for activating specific cards.
    Accumulated Fortune - 10 DP
    Blasting the Ruins - 10 DP
    Dark Scorpion Combination - 30 DP
    Elemental Burst - 30 DP
    Flash of the Forbidden Spell - 10 DP
    Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan - 10 DP
    HERO Flash !! - 10 DP
    Law of the Normal - 20 DP
    Miraculous Rebirth - 10 DP
    Straight Flush - 10 DP
    Yu-Jo Friendship - 10 DP
    2.F - Deck Construction Bonus
    You get bonus points for counterproductive deck construction
    practices, and theme decks.
    No Effect Monster Deck - 5 DP
    No Limited or Semi-Limited Cards - 5 DP
    No Monster Deck - 5 DP
    Limited Attirbute Deck - 5 DP
    * All your monsters should be a single Attribute, like an all-
      Light deck. Even a single non-Light monster (in the example)
      will cause you not to get the bonus.
    Limited Type Deck - 5 DP
    * All your monsters should be a single type, like an all-warrior
      deck. No exceptions.
    No Forbidden Cards Deck - 5 DP
    * If your opponent has a Forbidden card and you don't, you get
      extra credit.
    2.G - Other Bonuses
    "Chain Bonus"
    2 DP per chain link level
    minimum chaink link of "3"
    If you've played the puzzle with the spell that requires Chain Link 4
    you'll understand what I mean. But here's another example:
    1. You play Axe of Despair (and this becomes Chain Link 1)
    2. Chain Link 2: Opponent plays Mystical Space Typhoon (in response)
    3. Chain Link 3: You activate Magic Jammer
    4. Chain Link 4: Opponent activates Seven Tools of the Bandit
    To better understand how adding chain links and playing cards in
    response to other cards works, see the articles on Spell Speed in
    Wikia: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Spell_Speed (as of 01-22-2007)
    "Duelist Bonus"
    ??? DP
    You get 1 DP for each 1 EXP a duelist is worth. For example, beating
    Syrus while he is using his "Charging Vehicroid" deck is nets you 86
    EXP, 86 DP via the Duelist Bonus.
    "Level-up Bonus"
    100 DP x your new level
    The most substantial bonus in the game. For example, if you reach
    a School (or Online) Level of 12, you get 1200 points. Neat huh?
    "Match Duel Bonus"
    30 DP
    If you win a match, you get 30 DP extra during the round that you
    trash the opponent for the second time... or if you ran 'em over
    with Victory Dragon on the first duel.
    Luck Bonus
    7 DP per successful coin toss via your card effect
    min. 3 successful coin tosses
    Do you feel lucky, punk? Time to bust out that Blowback Dragon
    and Fairy Box!
    The spell card "Second Coin Toss" can greatly improve your chances
    of success.
    (Regarding dice: I tried an all-dice deck, but it didn't seem to
    have any effect. If you have any idea--or formulas, people--how
    dice can affect the Luck Bonus, feel free to mail me.
    (Thanks Pathetic_Moron and Felix Valladres)
    "New Bonus"
    50 DP each
    Everytime you pick up a bonus (except EXP Bonus, Turn Bonus, Draw
    Game Bonus and Level-up Bonus) for the first time, you get 50 DP.
    "Opponent's Turn Win Bonus"
    10 DP
    If you somehow win during your opponent's turn in any way, you get
    10 DP for the amazing work.
    The easiest way to do this is to activate burn spells like Ring of
    Destruction or Just Desserts on the opponent's turn. You can also
    use Magic Cylinder to deal the finishing blow.
    (Thanks Paul Weiss for the tip.)
    "Quick Finish Bonus"
    10 DP
    You must win by TURN 5. Starting first in a duel gives you more
    turns to summon monsters and/or accomplish this goal.
    Note: "Turns" include your opponent's turns. You can see the turn
          counter under the face of the player who is currently
    "Shadow Game"
    30 DP
    You get warped back to the dorm ("Oh, I was dreaming") if you lose
    a story battle, but lose a Shadow Game, you get a GAME OVER,
    and must load from the previous save.
    (Thanks BlueswordsX and TheMightyDragon for experimenting with the
    Shadow Games)
    "Spell Counters Bonus"
    10 DP for each Spell Counter placed
    (minimum 5 counters)
    This is a great incentive to run the Silent Magician, Apprentice
    Engine and/or Pitch-Black Power Stone. This is for each counter
    placed, so if you use the Stone to move counters, it doesn't count.
    (Thanks Jared/jacedasweetfunnyguy)
    2.H - Bonuses I Need Help On
    If you have any more bonuses to add that's not on my guide, either
    post at the Bonuses FAQ thread at GameFAQs I will be making... or
    email me (see the contacts section for my email address), and you
    will receive credit if you're the first one.
    Section 3
    Maximizing Bonuses [MAX-]
    WARNING: These tips are designed to maximize DP per duel in the
       GX Spirit Caller video game, it is NOT the best way to play
       Yu-Gi-Oh. Trying to get bonuses poses considerable risk for the
       most part.
       You should play more conservatively in an actual game, or in an
       online duel. (Like, saving 'backup' monsters on hand instead of
       summoning them all, distributing your equip cards among your
       monsters instead of piling them up on a single monster, etc...)
    General tips to rack up DP:
    1. Show off! Summon that extra monster if you can to fill up your
       slots. Summon that Fusion/Ritual/Tribute monster! Deal as much
       damage as you can in a single hit!
    2. Protect your life points from damage, or alternatively, play
       life-reducing cards to cut your own life low.
    3. If you have a spell or trap card or effect monster that can
       damage the opponent during their turn, always try to use it as
       the finishing blow.
    4. Guaranteed 5 DP per duel is nothing to laugh about... try to make
       a strict theme deck! Light, Dark, Water and Wind are good
       attributes to make a Limited Attribute Deck... as are Beasts or
       Warriors for a single type deck. Try it!
    Beatdown Decks:
    1. The accepted faster way to level up is to run a fast monster
       beatdown deck. Or Cyber-Stein + fusion monster + Megamorph.
    2. When trying to end the match quickly, try to equip all equip
       spells to a single monster to maximize ATK and damage for bonuses.
    3. Try to get the first turn, sometimes you can win by Turn 5. It is
       almost impossible to win by turn 4 unless you draw a One-Turn-Kill
    4. Try to win without special summons, traps or spells.
    Stall Decks:
    1. Control Decks focused on field control and card destruction (NOT
       the "Card Desctruction" card, OK!) provide more DP on average
       than those that deal damage over time.
    2. You don't get extra points for winning by Exodia or Destiny Board.
       Deck Destruction and/or Card Removal is the way to go if going
       for max DP. Also try Wave-Motion Cannon.
    3. So far, there is no bonus for filling all trap/spell slots, so
       don't! Leave one space open so you can play one-time-use spells or
       traps to rack up the Spell or Trap Card bonuses.
    4. Fill up your monster slots only on the final turn. You may need to
       put a crucial game winner on that last slot.
    Section 3B
    - Sample Decks [DECK]
    These are decks whose goal is to wring as much DP from the system.
    Not for winning online duels. :D
    *** Macro Cosmos Mill ***
    Goal: To run the library of the opponent out while removing threats
          from the field... out of play.
    How to play: Once you have Macro Cosmos (or a face up Banisher)
          ready, remove threats from the field and deck with impunity.
          You get extra credit for destroying cards when Macro
          Cosmos is out.
    Running opponent's deck out: 10 DP
    Each card on field destroyed by effect: 1 DP each
    Each card discarded from hand/deck: 2 DP each
    Per card destroyed/discarded during Macro Cosmos: 2 DP each
       (this stacks with destroying/discarding)
    A Cat of Ill Omen x2
    Banisher of the Light x2
    Breaker the Magical Warrior
    D.D. Assailant
    D.D. Warrior Lady
    Exiled Force x2
    Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer x3
    Morphing Jar
    Needle Worm x3
    Spirit Reaper
    Book of Moon
    Card Destruction
    Graceful Charity
    Grand Convergence
    Heavy Storm
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Nobleman of Extermination
    Smashing Ground
    Soul Absorption x2
    Soul Release
    Bottomless Trap Hole x2
    Macro Cosmos x3
    Metal Reflect Slime
    Mirror Force
    Ring of Destruction
    Torrential Tribute
    Widespread Ruin x2
    *** Chain Strike Burn Deck ***
    (deck by shadow136 and guidolheat)
    Goal: End the duel quickly by nuking your opponent with
          damaging spells and traps.
    How to play: Set up the chains and use powerful chain-reliant
                 cards like Chain Strike and Accumulated Fortune.
                 A little bit of practice with this deck may be
    Chain Bonus: 2 DP per Chain Link (min. of 3)
    No Monster Cards Deck Bonus: 5 DP
    Quick Finish: 10 DP
    Trap Cards Bonus: 1 DP per trap used (minimum of 10)
    Chain Strike x3
    Graceful Charity
    Poison of the Old Man x3
    Tremendous Fire x3
    Accumulated Fortune x 3
    Ceasefire x 1
    Chain Detonation x 2
    Dimension Wall x 2
    Fire Darts x 3
    Gravity Bind x 1
    Jar of Greed x 3
    Just Desserts x 3
    Magic Cylinder x 1
    Ojama Trio x 2
    Reckless Greed x 2
    Ring of Destruction x 1
    Secret Barrel x 3
    Threating Roar x 1
    Waboku x 1
    *** Cyber-Stein OTK Deck ***
    (with ideas from metagame.com)
    Goal: To drain your life with Cyber-Stein then attack with a huge
          fusion monster for damage bonuses.
    How to play:
    1. Keep your life above 5000 at all times before the attack.
       Poison of the Old Man gives you instant 1200 life and can help
       keep you above the threshold.
    2. Use Sangan or Tomato to bring out our bad boy, Stein.
    3. If you have Heavy Storm or Giant Trunade, use it to clear the
       field for your big attack. Or slap Royal Decree to disable
    4. Once you have Stein in hand/play and the coast is clear, use
       Stein's ability to summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (if no
       defenders) or Cyber End Dragon (if there is a defender).
       Double the monster's attack power with Megamorph or Limiter
       Removal (if using Cyber End), then go for the kill.
    Life Differential Bonus: 10+ DP
    Max ATK: 1 DP per 1000 ATK attained (should be 8+ if successful)
    Max Damage: 1 per 500 damage dealt (should be around 16+)
    Quick Finish: 10 DP
    Cyber Dragon x3
    Cyber Stein x3
    Exiled Force x2
    Morphing Jar
    Mystic Tomato x3
    Nimble Momonga x3
    Spirit Reaper
    Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon x3
    Cyber End Dragon x3
    Cyber Twin Dragon x3
    Card Destruction
    Emergency Provisions
    Giant Trunade x2
    Graceful Charity
    Heavy Storm
    Last Will
    Limiter Removal
    Lightning Vortex
    Megamorph x3
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Poison of the Old Man x3
    Smashing Ground x3
    Mirror Force
    Royal Decree x2
    Ring of Destruction
    Sakuretsu Armor x2
    *** Dark Scorpion Deck ***
    (Idea by Stealthkills, deck by me)
    Goal: To put the entire team in play, use Dark Scorpion Combination
          along with library destruction for points. Assassinate or stall
          the opponent's tough monsters with traps and spells.
    How to play:
    1. Use Tomato to search for Dark Scorpion Members (Meanae is the best
       one to get if you can clear the opponent's field).
    2. DO YOU FEEL LUCKY, PUNK? Play Fairy Box and tempt their monsters
       to attack you. If you win the coin toss, the opponent takes damage
       AND you get the Dark Scorpions' effects if they dare attack members
       of the gang. Use the Cat to set up the Fairy Box + Second Coin Toss
       defense engine... or search for Dark Scorpion Combination if the
       team is complete.
    Limited Attribute Deck: 5 DP per duel
    Each card discarded from hand/deck: 2 DP each
    Dark Scorpion Combination: 30 DP
    Filling Monster slots: 5 DP
    Luck Bonus: 7 DP per good coin toss
    A Cat of Ill Omen x2
    Breaker the Magical Warrior
    Cliff the Trap Remover x3
    Dark Scorpion - Chick the Yellow x2
    Dark Scorpion - Gorg the Strong
    Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn x3
    Don Zaloog x3
    Mask of Darkness
    Mystic Tomato x3
    Spirit Reaper
    Graceful Charity
    Last Will
    Mustering of the Dark Scorpions
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Premature Burial
    Shrink x2
    Smashing Ground x3
    Bottomless Trap Hole
    Crush Card Virus
    Dark Scorpion Combination
    Dust Tornado
    Fairy Box x3 :)
    Mirror Force
    Ring of Desruction
    Sakuretsu Armor x2
    Second Coin Toss
    *** Wall Stall Defense Deck ***
    (A cool idea by Nate Cooper)
    Goal: To lay down face-down walls which the computer will attack and
          eventually kill itself with.
    How to play:
    1. Set a wall. Block. Opponent takes damage.
    2. Set a Giant Rat. If the opponent has finished their attack and
       killed your rat, get a wall from the deck to stall.
    Ultimate Combo Setup:
    1. Have Unity and 3-4 face-up walls set up.
       (Use Desert Sunlight to flip them up if needed.)
       Fairy Box and Chorus of Sanctuary/Canyon are great to have as
    2. Summon a face-down Stone Statue of the Aztecs. End your turn.
       (Or if you already have a face-up Stone Statue of the Aztecs,
        set Staunch Defender.)
    3. Computer should start its attack phase and attack your face-down
       card. (Or you use Staunch Defender on your face-up Stone Statue.)
    4. Once attack has been declared and your defender is face-up,
       activate Unity to transfer all the defense of all your monsters
       to the Stone Statue. I'm sure you can imagine what happens next.
    Max DEF Bonus: 1 DP per 500 DEF attained
    Max Reflected Damage Bonus: 1 DP per 500 damage dealt
    Max Damage Bonus: 1 DP per 500 damage dealt (stacks with reflected)
    Giant Soldier of Stone x3
    Milennium Shield x3
    Big Shield Gardna x3
    Gear Golem the Moving Fortress x3
    Stone Statue of the Aztecs x3
    Giant Rat x3 :)
    Chorus of Sanctuary (or Canyon) x2
    Graceful Charity
    Hammer Shot x3 :)
    Heavy Storm
    My Body as a Shield x2
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Premature Burial
    Shield and Sword
    Stumbling x2
    Unity x3
    Call of the Haunted
    Mirror Force
    Fairy Box x2
    Ring of Destruction
    Staunch Defender x2
    Section 4
    Revision History [HIST]
    v2.8b (March 20, 2007)
    * Added a tip for Opponent's Turn Finish
      (Thanks Paul Weiss)
    v2.8 (March 8, 2007)
    * Spell counters bonus... finally unraveled!
      (Thanks Jared/jacedasweetfunnyguy)
    v2.7 (February 20, 2007)
    * Specific Cards updated... as usual
    * Union Monsters Bonus added
    * Draw Bonus added
    v2.6 (February 12, 2007)
    * Specific Cards updated... as usual
    * New Sample Deck: Chain Strike Burn (thanks shadow136, guidolheat)
    v2.5 (February 9, 2007)
    * Specific Cards updated... as usual
    * LV Monster Bonus added
    * No Forbidden Cards Deck added
    * New sample deck: Wall Deck (thanks Nate Cooper)
    * Moved credits to a new section!
    v2.4 (February 5, 2007)
    * Specific Cards updated... as usual
    * Fixed credits of Specific Cards
    * Extremely Low Deck Bonus updated
    v2.3 (February 3, 2007)
    * Sample decks
    v2.2 (January 29, 2007)
    * Specific Card Bonuses updated
    * Deck Construction updated
    * No More Cards Bonus added
    * Return to Hand Bonus updated
    * Remove from Play added
    * Low LP updated again, dammit!
    * Luck Bonus added
    v2.1 (January 26, 2007)
    * Same Card Bonus added
    * Low LP Bonus updated
    * Deck Destruction Bonus updated... again!
    * Hand Destruction Bonus updated... again!
    * Specific Card Bonuses updated
    v2.0 (January 25, 2007)
    * Hand Destruction Bonus updated
    * Deck Destruction Bonus updated
    * Destroy in Battle updated
    * Destroy by Effect updated
    * Ritual Summon updated
    * Return to Hand added
    * New Section: Specific Card Bonuses
    * New Section: Deck Construction Bonuses
    v1.1 (January 22, 2007)
    * Typo and grammatical fixes
    * Added "Shadow Game"
    * Added warning to tips section
    v1.00 (January 22, 2007)
    * First release
    Section 5
    Credits [CRED]
    Great thanks to contributors to my guide!!!
    *** All Other Bonuses ***
    D. Norbeck/BladerNyte
    Felix Valladres
    Jared (jacedasweetfunnyguy)
    Paul Weiss
    *** Deck Construction Bonuses ***
    Anfinix - Limited Type
    causalxxlinkxx - No Monster, No Effect Monster
    Michael Finzel - Limited Attribute
    Mysteryshadow5 - No Limited or Semi-Limited
    *** Sample Decks ***
    metagame.com - Cyber-Stein OTK Deck
    Nate Cooper - Wall Defense Deck
    shadow136 and guidolheat - Chain Strike Burn Deck
    Stealthkills - Dark Scorpion Deck
    *** Specific Cards ***
    Pathetic_Moron - BESD, Yu-Jo, Armed LV10, Dark Sage, Elem. Burst
                     Furinkazan, Wall Shadow, Metal Zoa, Ojama, PUGMoth
                     Gate Guardian, HERO, Blasting, Necross, Cyber Laser,
                     Straight Flush, Flash of Forbidden Spell, MMKing,
                     Law of Normal, Tempest
    Anfinix - Dark Scorpions
    causalxxlinkxx - Accumulated Fortune
    Darkzero3 - Gate Guardian
    David Vuong - Valkyrion
    D. Norbeck/BladerNyte - Erikshieler
    Guido Falconi - Super Vehicroid
    KingTut93 - Egyptian God Cards (slifer, obelisk, ra)
    louisng114 - phantasm finish, Sacred Beasts (hamon, uria, raviel)
    na-aquan williams - Red Eyes Black Metal
    Resach - skull servant, god card finish
    Skribblez - Cyber End, Dark Dread
    Vincio - BEUD
    Section 6
    Contact Info [MAIL]
    My email address is mercenary_badger (at) y^h00.c0m --
    Please put something like "YugiOh Bonuses Guide" or whatever that
    would help me tell which is spam and which isn't. If the bonus isn't
    too obvious, include details on how to get it. Don't forget to include
    the bonus DP acquired.
    Some "contributors" seem to be "stealing" from the Nightmare
    Troubadour walkthrough on GameFAQs. Don't! There are many many
    EXODIA OR DESTINY BOARD. Please try it in the actual game first.
    Please do send any:
        1. contributions
        2. corrections
        3. donations
    Please don't send:
        1. flames 
        2. bad grammar or leetspeak... English need not be perfect; as
           long as I can understand you it's ok
    Thank you for reading my guide!
    Final Words
    "Thanks for duelist (sic) me. If you and Brier duel, I think it would
     be nice..." 
            -Beauregard, in-game mail

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