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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Chaet_legend

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    This is a guide for the game "Yu-gi-oh!  GX, Spirit Caller" on the NDS.  This
    guide is designed to help you through the main storyline, but not so much post-
    storyline.  I hope you enjoy it and find it resourseful.  I know many people
    have indeed used my guides for Nightmare Troubadour and WCT 06.
    This line is the 80 character limit, its for my aid, so dont worry about it.
    (C)(O)(N)(T)(E)(N)(T)(S) (P)(A)(G)(E)
    I)    Introduction
    II)   Legal Information
    III)  Frequantley Asked Questions
    IV)   Walkthrough (inlc. Side Events)
    V)    Limited/Forbidden Lists
    VI)   Spirits
    VII)  Contact Information
    VIII) Version History
    IX)   Thanks
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    This game is based around the TV series of Yu-Gi-Oh GX, so characters like
    Jaden and Chumley replace Yugi and Kaiba.  In this game, you are enrolled as a
    student at duel academy, and you must fight your way through crisis'.  You also
    collect certain cards called "Spirits", from Making Card Packs cheaper, to
    helping you collect costumes, they all help out in some way.  This game is also
    a spookyish game, with places like Abandoned Dorms and vampires, so, for those
    who are weak hearted, don't play this game.  But generally, this is a good game.
    Experience is not absolutely necessary, you can play this game new or old.  I
    recommen you at least rent it (after all, do you read FAQs or Reviews for the
    writers game opinion?).  It is not dissimilar to NT, but IS different from the
    previous GX game.  Anyway...
    ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~
    Legal Information
    This guide is copyright 2007 by Chaet_legend.  Below are the rules:
    @  This may not be reprouduced without my permission.
    @  You may not put this on your site without my permission.
    @  You may not steal it and claim it as your own.
    @  If I do give you permission, which happens sometimes, you MUST give me 
       full credit.
    @ Below are the sites eligibal to host this FAQ without my permission:
    @  Bla bla bla *FALLS ASLEEP*
    And thats it with all the negitave stuff
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    Q:  Is it possible to change dorms?
    A:  No.  Its a great shame though.  For once, the sticky on the boards is wrong.
        However, you can parade around in a different uniform, but the game wont 
        mistake you for being in another dorm.
    Q:  How do I get [Insert card name here]
    A:  Pack FAQ and Ctrl + F.  However, there are at least 7 cards not listed in
        the FAQ, so I'll list them here for benefit:
    Raigeki - Tyranno gives it after the game.
    Raviel} - Afer the game, Kagemaru gives them to you.
    Obelisk} - Have 2 DS's.  Link with NT, and for 4200 DP, you can have ONE card. 
    Ra}        They are forbidden and can only be used post-game.
    Q:  [Insert Event name] won't happen!  Why?
    A:  Your level isnt high enough.  I'll try and get the base levels right, but
        there is no certainty that I will.  Also, do side events.
    Q:  What are the glitches?
    A:  Pack Glitch...and I think thats it, but it wont work in the UK versions :(
        I cant be bothered to list it, its in the C&Codes section.
    Q:  What is an "Endless Night"?
    A:  An event which means you cannot sleep.  Great for leveling, spirits and
    Q:  Deck recepies...WTF?
    A:  They are some decks based around your and the other character's decks.  You
        can store up to 50, and it is random whether a duelist will give you their
    Q:  What pack is {insert Card name here] in?
    A:  Not my FAQ, check the pack one.
    Q:  Can I duel Zane?
    A:  No, you cannot duel normal Zane more than once, the graduation tourney.
        After the game, you can duel dark Zane though, who is basically, the same
    Anymore, do ask by email.
    ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~
    Well, this is the main part of the FAQ...enjoy.
    -Starting off--Lv.1-
    You and a young boy are on a boat having a conversation etc.  Make up your name
    etc, and be introduced to Syryus and Jaden.  Uh oh!  Your late for the entrance
    exam!  Crowler, a teacher, will say if you beat him, he will let you bypass the
    exam.  Automatically, you beat him, and your sent to your new room, in Slifer
    Duelists now available:  Ryo, Tanaka, Syrus, Beauregard, Blair
    -Dueling Basics--Lv.1-
    Well, at this point, only the above duelists will be unlocked (yes, I did get
    it right, NO Jaden and NO Chumley).  You must duel each Student once and
    register one of them (a pain in the ass, I know).  Try to avoid Sy at the
    moment, becuase he has a tendency to top-deck.  Ryo is the easiest.  They ALL
    appear only around Red Dorm, so, if you can, stay away from anywhere else,
    except for buying packs.
    Once you register one person, go to the lighthouse in te evening.  You'll see
    Alexis and a ???Male Student, both Blue, having a conversation 
    This is Zane Tursedale, who I mentioned briefly in the FAQ section.  More about
    him later.
    				***END SPOILERS***
    -Duel Jaden--Lv.2-
    This seemed annoying to get.  I think it has something to do with dueling every
    one once, registering 2 people and being level 2-3, but none of this is 
    confirmed.  When you try to go to sleep, Jaden will barge in, and you'll duel
    him.  At this point, he is easy, but, if you win, you'll get EXP and DP, and if
    you lose, it doesnt matter.
    -Dueling Intermidiates--Lv.2-
    At this point, the only Ra students you have are Brier and Beauregard.  One is
    incredibly fat, the onther is incredibly shy, but they are STILL easy as hell.
    You need to duel them at least once.  Commonly found on the South and East 
    sides of the academy.
    -Criminal alert!--Lv.2-
    Crowler, the guy you whooped in the entrance exam, will ask you to find a 
    criminal, who has been stealing cards and savaging Blue students.  Jaden being
    Jaden, you accept.  Go to sleep, to be woken up by Jaden.  Here we go into our
    FIRST ENDLESS NIGHT!  Shame you can't get any spirits yet...:(.
    Proceed to the east side of the island.  Find the blue student "Mototani".  He
    will thank you for attemting to find the criminal.
    Duelists now available:  Torimaki
    In the central part of the island, you have the new duelist, so duel him if you
    want.  Proceed south, but this is not confirmed, this is just me where I found
    Randomly, you'll find the criminal.  Ooh..spooky.  He bears a striking
    resemblance to our friend, Beauregard.  This is a shadow game (IIRC), so losing
    means GAME OVAHREH and you have to start again from when you last saved.  And,
    guess what?  The criminal IS Beauregard!  Brier also shows up, and so, the game
    is given away.  Jaden promises not to grass you to Crowler.  Time to go night-
    Crowler hears about last night and is dissapointed you didnt "find" the 
    Duelist now available:  Mototani
    -Dueling advanced Part One--Lv.2-3-
    You have to duel both your new duelists.  Mototani is HARD, period, so dont
    worry about him too much.  Torimaki is relitivley easy.  Duel them about 3
    times apiece.
    -Message to proceed to the lake--Lv.3-
    An Obelisk student says Crowler wants you t the lake IMMEDIATELY.  Yay Endless
    night in which you cant get Spirits!  So go over to the lake, and you'll see a
    marker (a big Red "!").  But...its not Crowler.  Its Chazz.  And he's pissed.
    For beating his friends.  Hope that you topdeck him, because he is HARD.  If
    you lose, you are sent back to your room sying "I must have been Dreaming"...
    Humiliate him to end this event.
    Duelists now available:  Mindy and Jasmine.
    -Dueling advanced Part Two--Lv.3-
    LOL.  Much easier than Ryo, put together.  Duel each about 3 times, they can be
    found on the south side at night and west side before night.
    -Message to proceed to the Girl's dorm--Lv.5- (yes, I got the level right IIRC)
    This is like the lake, email from Alexis, endless night, duel at dorm, go to 
    sleep.  She claims it wasn't her who sent it, and the girls claim you were 
    harassing them (WTF?).  Duel her, and if you win, she'll let it all go. She's
    a bit harder than Chazz.  You find out she DID send it, she was just embarassed
    that she wanted to duel a Slifer...
    -Duel Spirits!!!!--Lv.5-
    YAY!  A chance to earn our first Spirit!  This one can take a while though :(.
    After that game with Aleixs, just wait until you can't sleep.  Go to the north
    side.  WHOA!  A dried well!  Chumley is there.  You get the spirit for FREE,
    but the next ones CAN and WILL run away (unless you are God and have his luck).
    You can get:
    Jerry Beans Man - ****/***** - good for any deck, ability pwnates too (what I
    Oscillo Hero #2 - **/***** - Crap for any deck, and crap ability.  All in all,
    Adhesive explosive - ****/***** - ditto to JBM.  However, this one seems harder
    to get to join you if you dont get it the first time (or is it just me?  But
    Hane-Hane has a similar thing though...)
    You can reset if you dont get the spirit you want.
    Go back to the dorm, and Jaden will barge in, talking about his "hidden ability
    on how to see spirits".  Go to the cupboard and equip yours (3rd icon).  Go to
    Duelists now available:  Alexis, Sartyr
    -School Duel Chazz--LV.6-
    Crowler will announce, after class, a school field duel to take place in a few
    weeks time.  You don't have to be LV. 6 for this, but you do to be able to duel.
    Here we have an endless night, so you can collect the two Spirits that you didnt
    collect last time.  When you are ready, go to the "Duel Field" (this bobs in
    and out as a location in the story), and prepare for Chazz.  He uses an XYZ deck
    and is a lot stronger than your last encounter, so be wary.  The usual "Dream"
    notice will come up if you lose.  Defeat him and go to sleep...
    Duelists now available:  Ishiki and America
    -Bastion appears!--LV.7-
    A level later, head over to the Yellow dorm, preferably at night.  You will face
    the Super-Nerd, Bastion.  Some people will be able to pick a deck of 6 choices
    (1 for each attribute), others, like me, get an automatic water deck, which is
    of medium difficulty.  Win, hopefully, and you may go on to the next event.
    Spirits now available:
    North side:  Hane-hane, Star Boy
    NOTE:  Some people think there is a glitch in the game where Hane-Hane has been
    programmed to be stubborn to get.  Just thought I'd mention it.  This is not
    confirmed by any means.
    -Blair Wizard Project--LV.7-
    This event unlocks Brier, who claims to be a newb to the academy.  Banner will
    call a meeting in the café, and you all go down to welcome him.  You have a 
    conversation about Zane, and Jaden suddenly wants to duel Zane and prove he is
    number one.  Proceed to the Blue Dorm, any time, to see Blair sneaking into
    Ob Boys dorm.  WTF is he doing there?  Follow him around, and eventually, you
    will end up in Zane's room, where you catch him.  You get caught by Zane and
    some other boys, but they let you go.  Chase Blair on to the North Part of the
    island, and search for him.  You knock Blair's hat off...and find that its a
    girl!  Duel her to keep her secret.  Jaden barges in, and Blair wants to leave
    the island now that her secrets out.  You can duel her when the Ship comes in
    on Sunday.
    Duelists now available:  Blair (on a Ship Sunday)
    -Nerd Conference, Pt. 2--Lv.7-
    Bastion will randomly duel you when you go to sleep.  He uses a prototype deck.
    It does not matter whether you win or lose.
    -Abandom Dorm!--Lv. 8-
    *NOTE* to do this event, you MUST do the Chumley side events (see further down).
    Randomly, you will be asked by Jaden to go to the café when you go back to the
    dorm.  They have the Ghostly stories meeting.  Syryus tell all about a Shadow
    game, and scares no one.  Jaden tells some story about Spirits, and Banner
    comes over.  He tells a story about an abandoned dorm, for the dueling elite,
    that was abandoned and sealed off because of Shadow Games and people going 
    missing.  Jaden wants to have a look.
    -Abandon Dorm Pt. 2!--Lv.8-
    On the north side, Jaden find the dorm (spooky I though).  Dr. Endless night is
    in need of some surgery, so you can go ad have a look for the new found spirits.
    When your ready, enter the dorm.  Alexis?  Shes there.  Go in, and find the
    duel field.  Titan...and Alexis's passing out...could she have lost a Shadow
    Game?  Only one way to find out:  Duel Titan's mean Zombie deck, and release
    Spirits now available:
    East Side:  Ebon Magician Curran, Soitsu
    I neglected to mention Crowler snooping around your "meeting".  He saw you go in
    to the dorm, so your in deep dung, expulsion for that matter.  But, Crowler
    being "Nice" says if you can win a duel tomorrow, he will let you go.  Tomorrow
    comes, and, who's that?  The paradox bros. from the original series!  This is
    and endless night, if you want Curran (she is a nice card for Burn/Stall decks
    and has a decent spirit effect of letting you get recepie's sooner).  Jaden will
    ask you to help his deck him.  It needs major work, big time.  Here is how to
    make a good deck:
    -Remove anything with "Kuriboh" in its name or is named "Transcendent Wings".
    -Remove anything that has "Bubble Man" on its card somewhere.
    -Remove anything that is a specific equip (like Spark Blaster, Bubble Shuffle,
     Bustinatrix's one that returns all E-Heros, etc.)
    -Remove 1 Bustinatrix.
    -Add 2 Sparkman.
    -Add the following H.E.R.O FLASH!!! spells:  Hx1, Ex2, Ox1, Rx1, and dont add
     "Hero Flash!!!", its crap.
    -2 Skyscrapers is a must.
    -Add ALL Fusions, ALL of them.
    -3 Polymerization, 1 Future Fusion and 3 Miracle Fusion
    -Mystical Space Typhoon and Heavy storm are optional, but useful.
    -Mirror force, Axe of Despair, Sword of the Deep-Seated, Magic Cylinder are 
     definate MUSTS.
    -D.D. Cards are good.
    -Add/remove cards until you have 40-42 cards.  Add Removal, take weak Hero's.
    You have to watch the CPU VS CPU.  If Jaden loses (which didn't happen to me,
    thank God), you'll have to re-make his deck again...:(.
    Hope that message was clear enough.  Its still and endless night, so if you
    want, you can buy packs, spirits, etc.  The other Brother will fight you.  He
    uses Gate Guardian, which is basicaly impossible to bring out.  However, watch
    out for Girai Gumo.  I fought Para if it makes any difference.  Save your hides
    from expulsion, and Crowler nearly has a heart attack.  Sheppard is very proud
    that you defeated professional duelists.
    -Message to proceed to the lake, Pt.2--Lv.10-
    NB:  Sometimes, you need to do the Tyranno and Chumley events first.
    Like last time, Endless night.  He is still using his XYZ deck.  The "Dream"
    will happen if you lose.  Chazz suddenyl goes missing...
    -Chazz has gone?!--LV.10-
    Talk to Alexis at the light house.  You need to do 2 things:
    1)  Talk to her literally when the needle will go no further.
    2)  If that still doesn't work, duel Chazz's lackies.
    She'll talk about "The Chazz" leaving.
    NB:  You will encounter Jinzo OR the Dimitri event next, I got Jinzo.
    -Jinzo, STOP!--Lv.10-
    You can find Torrey Randomly around the island before thie event.  It helps if
    you find him (he won't duel you yet).
    After Class, Torrey will tell you about the Séance club.  They study spirits.
    Mysteriously, members have gone missing over the last few days, and he has been
    having nightmares that his will die tonight!
    When you go to sleep, you are uneasyilly settled, and, and endless night
    occours.  The Power-plant is unlocked, outside Red Dorm.  When your ready, pay
    the plant a visit.  Jinzo is trying to murder Torrey!  Defeat him, which isn't
    too hard (don't be intimidated by the Shadow Game), and save Torrey.
    Duelists now available:  Torrey and Jinzo.
    People who changed decks:  Torimaki, Mototani, Tanaka, Ryo, Syrus, Alexis and
    -Hi, my name is Dimitri, I'm arrogant--LV.10- (though for me it happened at 12)
    Randomly around Ra dorm, Dimitri, a Ra yellow student who is an arrogant 
    ******* will show up.  Defeat his sissy-like Ancient-Gear deck, to make him
    depressed.  Soon, an event will show up in which Yugi Muto, from the original
    series, gives his deck recepie to DA.  Dimitri steals the deck contructed.  You
    will find him wandering around Red Dorm again.  He isn't TOO difficult.  Dreams
    will happen if you lose.  Jaden will lecture him on how he sucks because he did
    not build his own deck (too right, the ONE thing that I actually like about Ja)
    and Dimitri promises to return the deck the next day.  
    -Its time to School Duel--LV.12-
    You need to do BOTH the above events.
    Again, the duel field will pop up.  You can level, hunt, buy packs, and when
    you are ready, go to the field.  This time, you'll be facing Bastion for real,
    and he is HARD with his Prototype deck.  It'll take time and effort to beat him
    and when you do, you can save etc.  But not before watching those two duel, and
    for Bastion to be the victor.
    Duelist now available:  Crowler
    Next is Jaden, and his E-Hero deck is MUCH easier than Bastion, and that is
    fairly challenging.  After beating him, you have a VERY long wait before the
    next event.
    -Its time to Academy Duel--LV.14- (yes, I got it right)
    Wow, that was a long wait.  This is the event MOST people get stuck on, so:
    1)  Level up, and I dont care if it means to 18, this game is crappy for levels
        (14 is just the MINIMUM).
    2)  Chumley AND Tyranno (most of it) completed please.
    Sheppard will announce the day before, so you have time to prepare.  Crowler
    will take you to the harbour, and after meating and greeting...WTF?!?!?  Chazz
    is dueling for N. Academy!  You took some Endless night pills this morning, 
    might I add.  Off to the duel field when ready, and its a match duel.  This
    means 3 things:
    Double the Money and EXP (seing as how you duel 2 times)
    2 or 3 duels
    Must win 2 of them.
    Chazz uses Armoured Dragon, which is a pain up the ass if he topdecks (I do not
    consider how lucky I really am...lol).  When you beat him, Chazz stays on the
    island for a while, but Sheppard forces him in to Slifer Red.  Jaden says he
    wants to share toothbrushes'...next He'll be asking to share a bed with Chumley
    		 _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ 
    		|S|H|A|D|O|W| |R|I|D|E|R|S|
    		|_|_|_|_|_|_| |_|_|_|_|_|_|
    This is the biggest part of the walkthrough, and it goes mostly to the end 
    (with a few delve points just before).  This is like the one endless
    night in NT, where you fought the Big 5.  However, it isn't all one big endless
    night.  The following people will be faced:
    Nightshroud (Atticus Rhodes)
    Camula (Zombie who thinks she is fit, which she ain't)
    Tania (How can Bastion LIKE her?)
    Don Zaloog (Yup, a card is out to devour your souls...prepare to die <<(0.0)>>)
    Abidos the 3rd (breaks the world Record for living 3,000 years...no wrinkles!)
    Titan (Aleixs is PISSED BIG TIME.  Dont mess with her, or you'll get a slap.).
    Amnael (WTF?  BANNER?  WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO MURDER ME?  *****...)
    			***END SPOILERS***
    So, scroll to which part you need.
    	()()()()()()()()()()Nightshroud - LV.15()()()()()()()()()()
    You know you've done this right if your spirit gets all fidgety.  After class
    on the next day, Sheppard will summon you to his office.
    He will babble on about the Sacred Beast Cards (and for my sake, I will call 
    them SBC).  Zane, Alexis, Jaden, You, Bastion, Zane and Crowler are there.
    Listen to his "original" story, and collect the keys that are given to you.
    Otherwise, the world will end as we know it.  OMFGHOAORIGINEL.  The Shadow
    Riders are after you...because you simply cannot be physically beaten in this
    game...beats me how a key would know.
    			***END SPOILERS***
    Between Sunset and Night's End, search around Red Dorm for an unmarked duelist.
    Jaden, and the two spirits will catch up.  You are warped to the volcano (one
    of two times you'll be able to go there), and you find Sy and Chumley hostage.
    They are complaining they are hot.  Wow.  IDC.  And ZOMG WHO IS THAT?  Its
    Nightshroud, our FIRST shadow rider!  He just looks...weird.  Wolf mask, long
    hair, fat...wtf?  Anyway, its a Shadow Duel, so be careful.  The person is
    unmasked as Atticus, Alexis' brother (Who magically appears with Zane...).
    USA versions have an Endless night, UK versions sleep.  Meh.  This endless
    night can be ended by sleeping.
    	  ()()()()()()()()()()Camula - LV.15()()()()()()()()()()
    Remember the two weaklings of Slifer Red from the first two events?  After class
    you hear them talking about a sexy woman at the lake with fangs, presumed to be
    a vampire.  Insert Alexis and Atticus scene here (and no, its not what most 
    people my age think of...).
    Anyway, toddle of to the Chancellor's office, enjoy the endless night, go nuts,
    and then, listen to Sheppard's speech on this "Vampire".  You decide to look
    for her at night.
    Head to the OB Girls dorm.  Holy ****!  There's a CASTLE in the lake!  Its not
    as random as the next rider, but still...anyway, its shows up as the "!", so
    go there.  This "sexy lady" comes out, and, well, SHES NOT SEXY.  :(.  Anyway,
    after she threatens to bite and kill you, you are thrown out of the castle.
    But first, the evil person turns Zane into a doll because he lost a Shadow game
    (evil cow </sarcasm>)!  OH NOES!
    At night, but no more endless nights, you can go to the castle to duel Camula.
    BE WARNED.  This is a shadow game, and her Zombie Deck is MEAN, one of the most
    powerful so far (AND she gets TopDeck bonus... (~).(~).
    Defeat her (this may take a long time), and, Zane returns to normal.  OH NOES!
    Camula is sent to the shadow real.  OH YAYS!
    	   ()()()()()()()()()()Tania - LV.16()()()()()()()()()()
    OK, so I promised something random, you'll get it in a minuet.  When you hit
    level 16, or on Monday, whichever comes first, you'll be sent to the meeting
    place.  And no praise for rescuing Zane.  PFFFT.  Anyway, Sheppard says that
    students hav gone missing (ABANDON SCHOOL CAMPUS DORM!), and that its the work
    of another shadow rider.  On the east side, check for a new coliseum.
    There you go, thats what is just WTF indeed.  Anyway, its endless night time
    (as it was before the meeting), so go nuts.  When your ready, head over to the
    coliseum, and meet Tania.  Tania needs to stop going to the gym, seriously.
    She is an Amazoness woman.  You and Bastion find her together, and the others
    come and find you.  Bastion goes in, saying he's done sod all to help everyone
    (too right he hasn't).
    Go to the coliseum any time you want, day, night, sunset, weekend, WHATEVER.
    OH NOES!  Bastion lost a shadow game!  And, not his soul?  Stupid lenient
    Your group nominates you as their best duelist, to go and fight Tania, so in
    you go to the coliseum with her (...no, don't go there).  She topdecks worse
    than Camula, so be wary.  BEat her to find out she was doing erratic things
    with out realising it, and profoundly apologises.
    Duelists now available:  Bastion
    	()()()()()()()()()()Don Zaloog - LV.16()()()()()()()()()()
    Yup, a card is out to kill you, be wary.  The endless night before the office
    is nice.  When you want to go in, there is a meeting, and police chief Magrue
    is there, to talk about Key Safety.  You all show him where your going to hide
    your keys.  Everyone hides it in their room, and you keep it on you.
    OMG RUN!  THE KEYS HAVE BEEN STOLEN!  (I put that there because he didn't duel
    a single person to get them, DESPITE the ancient manuscrips CLEARLY saying
    that you have to duel someone to earn their key...and how he got into Crowler's
    safe, IDK.
    Head into the café/endless night, and find Magrue is Don Zaloog!  He uses the
    risky Dark Scorpions deck, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  Beat him
    and, because he is a spirit, send him to the shadow realm.  Everyone is happy.
    But not for long.
         ()()()()()()()()()()Abidos the third - LV.16()()()()()()()()()()
    You know you have triggered this event if you see Banner giving a lecture on the
    pharoh Abidos the third, from Ancient Egyptian times.  Rumour has it he never
    lost a SINGLE duel.  End class.
    Wait until night, then, sneak up on Alexis and Zane at the light house.  ZOMG!
    yes, you have to duel Abidos.  He specialises in S/T removal, whilst summoning
    monsters that deck thin, and get Vampire Lord out, so BE CAREFUL, and if you
    managed to get one of your mates who completed the game to give you Skill
    Drain, USE IT.  Jinzo helps too.  After Abidos loses, he will say he hasn't had
    this much fun in 3000 years, because his guards let him win.  Just like Tania,
    doing erratic things with out realising it.
    	   ()()()()()()()()()()Titan - LV.16()()()()()()()()()()
    After class, head over to the infrimary in school.  There is a scene featuring
    Atticus, who is still out cold.  Alexis sees Titan, Titan asks he if she will
    come with him (...no, don't go there).  _After_you leave, Atticus wakes up
    (annoying person he is).  Going back to the dorm, Chazz and Jaden say they
    can't find Aleixs!  OH NOES!  Its off to the abandoned dorm with you, and to
    fight Titan.  The set up is like last time.  This time, he uses a HELL OF A LOT
    of removal cards.  Tyhpoons, Heavy Storms and Solemn Judgements help.  After
    you re-secure his sould back in to the shadow real, Atticus shows up and tells
    all why he became a shadow rider.
    Atticus became a Shadow Rider, because he was studying shadow games.  This
    caused him nightmares.  But, who was his tutor?  PROFESSOR BANNER?!  Something
    fishy is going on here, something REALLY fishy...
    			      ***END SPOILERS***
    You go to sleep, Alexis goes to investigate.
    	   ()()()()()()()()()()Amnael - LV.17()()()()()()()()()()
    Yes, 17, NOT 18, 17.  Anyway, the usual format of the chancellor's office is
    available, Endless night etc.  Discussing Professor Banner has gone missing
    gets Alexis in particular worried.  Anyway, sleep.  Next morning, Mindy barges
    in (rude girl, YOU JUST GOT OUT OF BED!!!!!!!), and says Alexis has gone!
    Chazz's minions come in too, and they say Chazz and Atticus have gone as well!
    You are then asked to help in a search.  Agree to help with the search, and, if
    its a weekday, you have to go to class.  The 3 red Chums ask to help.  The
    music changes to the sinister night music.  Endless night #2, head over to the
    abandoned dorm.  Amnael is weird.  His appearence makes him look like a pig
    crossed with a wolf...lol.  Anyway, duel his Helios/Golden Homunculus/Macro
    Cosmos deck, and WTF?!?!  BANNER?!  (This really spooked me, he looks like a 
    3 million year old dinosaur, who wants to take over the world).  He wants to
    kill you and Jaden.  Yeah, thanks for a nice lesson the other day Banner.  You
    must duel him again, and if you lose this one, not only must you duel from the 
    last save point, you must ALSO duel him the first AND second time.  Bummer.
    Beat him, and he says he was "training you" (yeah, by trying to kill you).  His
    body breaks up, and he is dead.  OH NOES!  (I REALLY like that saying, I do).
    Thats the 7th rider..or is it?
    	   ()()()()()()()()()()Kagemaru - LV.18()()()()()()()()()()
    Chancellor Sheppard actually doesn't expell you for killing off one of his best
    teachers because he was trying to kill everyone.  Yeah.  Umm...
    Go to the East Side, and wait until there is an "!" there.  Thats Zane and
    Alexis (...I really wonder sometimes), and you and Chazz hear their
    conversation.  Head over to the east side, and wait until the "!" becomes
    active, thats Atticus, being harassed by Mindy and Jasmine (really, this game
    is filler with things like that).  Beat his deck (not too hard), and Chazz and
    Alexis come along.  However, you do have the oppertunity to save in between.
    Atticus makes you duel Chazz and whoever wins gets to go out with Alexis (who,
    might I add, IMO, is not fit AT ALL, don't spam my emails THANK YOU).  You HAVE
    to win this one (dunno why).  Chazz uses a HARSH stall deck, so make one of
    your own, or dream.  When you beat him, there is an e-e-earthquake.
    Everyones Spirit keys fly away!  HELP!  *Takes Endless night pill*.  Anyway,
    when your reasy head over to the east side, and to a new location called the
    Seven Spirit gate.  Kagemaru, the superintendant of the school is there, with
    his life support system, and wants to crush you, and take over the world.  Yay.
    Anyway, this is in 3 parts, so I'll go through them 1 by 1.
    NB:  These games are Shadow Games
    NB2: Kagemaru MUST summon a sacred beast card, or the storyline will NOT move
    on (just like in NT, when Marik had to summon Ra, or you would have to beat him
    First phase:  Spells & Hamon
    This is the easiest phase, which gives you a measure of how hard you'll find
    the next Kagemaru fights, if you beat him in 5 turns, you'll have no problem,
    if you fail to beat him and he beats you on his first turn, you know something
    is wrong.  This time, he will place continuous spell cards from his hand.
    WATCH OUT FOR WAVE MOTION CANNON, ITS A PAIN.  Allow him to get 3 of his spells
    out, then when he summons Hamon, use a Sakuretsu armour/Magic Cylinder.  Hamon
    hasn't got as nast effects at the other two, just, when he is in Defence, you
    MUST attack Hamon (but because he 4000 attack, you won't see him in defence
    without you using Level Limit, Area - B).
    Kagemaru absorbs the other two SBC's energy, and becomes younger, almost looking
    like a wolf.
    Save, come back.
    Second phase:  Traps & Uria
    Ugh...this really depends on luck.  He is a total bastard in the fact he won't
    use his 5th S/T slot, and he won't activate his traps UNTIL the timing is
    right (so no fairy box outside the battle phase).  Jinzo/Royal Decree help,
    but just dont do it before he gets Uria out or your in trouble.  Uria gets
    1000 points for each of his Continuous traps in the Graveyard, so will have
    3000 attack when he first comes on to the field.  He destroys one of your S/T
    a turn, so be careful, set multiple Sakuretsu's, and then, go nuts
    Kagemaru absorbs the final SBC's energy, and becomes even younger, looking even
    more like a wolf.
    Third and final phase:  Beatdown(fiends) & Raviel
    Took me 6 times to beat this form.  He will basically monster swarm you, and
    when he has 3 monsters on his side of the field, summon Raviel.  Raviel summons
    a token with **** 1000/1000 every time he destroys a monster, and he has 4k
    attack, so Sak is fine.  Stalling/Frie Princess decks work VERY well in this
    Kagemaru goes back to life support, and the keys are sealed away again.
    Duelists now available:  Chazz
    Duelists changed decks:  Crowler, Bastion, Torrey, Dimitri, Torimaki, Mototani,
                             Erishi, America, Tanaka, Ryo and Chumley.
    Spirits now available:
    East Side:  Skelengel
    North Side: Acrobat Monkey
    -Bye bye Chumley--LV.18-
    During Class, Crolwer announces Chumley won a card design competition run by
    Industrial Illusions, the company which Pegasus runs (and I thought Chumley was
    BAD at art).  This is an endless night.  At night, if you want Chazz's Loser of
    Loser's recepie he is in the North.  There is an event marker next to Red Dorm.
    You find Chummley sitting there, making a decision to become a card designer,
    or stay at the academy, and a duel would help him.  He uses a MEAN beatdown
    deck, so be careful, don't underestimate him like I did.  He makes the decision
    that...he wants to leave the academy.  You see Sy in Ra chlothes, he got
    promoted (yup, they won't move their best duelist up, yet they move one of the
    weakest up...sad I know.  The next weekday, Chumley leaves.  Bye bye.  You'll
    get to duel him post-game, and only on ship weekends, but that is not confirmed.
    -Zane graduates--LV.19
    Crowler announces the third year's graduation.  Zane is the best with his test
    marks, etc., so therefore, he is chosen to graduate.  Drop by your dorm, and
    Zane says he wants to face you.  Sy is emotionally torn by you and him now.
    The next day, enter the field at your leisure, its the third last endless
    night :<.  There is all this talk about how you are a miracle worker, you rock,
    wou'll pwn Zane, etc.  Its a macine deck, not dissimilar to Crowler, but he
    trys to get Chimeraovertech Dragon out by removing his whole deck, with 16000+
    ATK!  Win or lose, he says he can graduate safely.
    -Flight of the Aster Phoenix--LV.19-
    After the duel, head home WITHOUT USING YOUR ICON, walk.  When you arrive at
    your dorm, you'll find a newb, Aster Phoenix, waiting for you there.  He heard
    about your duel with Zane, and duels you, using a crappy EHeros deck.  Dream or
    win, and when you do, he runs off.  Dorothy and Sy catch up with you, and
    explain you bruised his ego, as Aster is a professional Duelist and he beat
    Zane in a pro-league tourney.
    If you followed the Tyranno side events (which you SHOULD have), this is the 
    last duel you'll find with him before you can do it infinate times.
    Duelist now available:  Tyranno
    The next school say, after Class, Aster will explain the whole he beat Zane to
    you an Sy.  Sy is surprised he lost.
    Wait until night, and, at the dorm, Jaden barges in and says he can't find Sy.
    When your ready, go there and find he's worried about Zane, because he can't
    contact him.  Jaden  conforts him.
    Packs now available:  Sword and sorcery combo
    Duelists changed decks:  Fontaine, Dimitri
    -Evil Zane, Evil Atticus, EVIL FINALE--LV.19/20 as it progresses-
    This is the LAST event in the game (boy this is long this game isn't it?)
    Anyway, after Class the next day, you MUST go to the duel field (Sorry, I lied,
    this is an Endless night, I apologise).
    Sheppard will announce a Tourney which Upperclassmen, such as yourself, get to
    school the newbs.  Crowler orders you and your class to win.
    Duelists now available: Para & Dox
    Duelists changed decks: Chazz
    When the ship comes in, so does Chumley!  He's on vacation.  Everyone is happy
    to see him back and asks about his new job.  Leave, and go to the event marker
    (Jaden's room, which COULD be an endless night, Not confirmed or tested by me).
    You engage a conversation about Zane and how he is being horribe to a lot of
    duelists recently.
    Duelist now available:  Chumley
    On Monday, Chazz says he saw Zane on the island.  Uh oh.
    Go to your room, and Chazz's lackies will tell you he is going to duel Zane!
    You have to go and interfere, because no one else is being listened to you.
    Find the event markere, and yup, Zane pwned Chazz.  Chazz says Zane has joined
    the dark side (NOT Star Wars), which makes Sy very upset.  On the east side,
    go over to an event marker a night.  This is Atticus, who recalls to you a
    conversation he had with Sheppard about Zane.  He wants to duel you in a Shadow
    game, up at the volcano.  (Another endless night, so sorry).  North side, this
    is your second and FINAL time at the volcano.  This is the ONLY Shadow Game in
    which it doesn't matter if you win or lose.  Atticus is interrupted by Alexis,
    but he says not to worry, and go to sleep.
    On Thursday, Crolwer will announce the finalists for the Endgame tournament
    that will be happening tommorow.  Its like this:
    You VS Aster | Alexis VS Jaden
    	You VS Jaden
    Spirits now available:
    Well only:  Beelze frog
    East Side:  Blast asmodian (Vanities fiend when you fight him).
    Find Alexis, randomly, or use the friend search.  She'll make a few comments
    about Zane and Atticus, and leave.
    When you try to go to sleep, your Spirit says something is wrong.  Immediately
    head over to the volcano, after Sy tells you to, and, ZOMG, Zane pwned Atticus.
    Zane is now at 2x his strength (he got Atticus', remember?).  Sy and Atticus
    say he still has a good side, respect for his opponent, but he wans victory.
    You have to duel him.  He has basically the same thing, Chimeraovertech Dragon,
    so its all luck based.  After the duel, Zane Escaped, but everyone knows he 
    will be back...
    Endgame tourney day:  Final endless night.  When your ready, its a match duel
    VS Aster, who has reverted to DHeros.  Beat him 2 times, you may save, etc.,
    then face Jaden's MUCH improved EHero deck.  Beat him, and CONGRATS, YOU BEAT
    SPIRIT CALLER!!!!!!!!!!
    -The End--LV.Whatever-
    Afte the credits roll, the following happen:
    Duelists now available: Atticus, Camula, Tania Don Zaloog ,Abidos the 3rd,
    Titan, Banner, Alexis, Chumley, Jaden, Dark Zane, Kagemaru (who you can duel
    for the SBC) and Aster Phoenix.
    Spirits now available:
    Abandoned Dorm only:  Dragon Piper
    All over the place (ADorm(common), Coliseum and Well):  White Magician Pikeru
    Power Plant:  Battryman C, Battryman D
    Packs now available:  Temple of the kings
    Locations now available:  Coliseum, Castle (night), 7 Spirits gate, Abanoned
    Dorm (Night).
    You are now able to use a forbidden card, and so are your opponents.
    No more asking please.
    			|__SIDE EVENTS__|
    He appears Randomly around the island, most commonly at night in the north side
    and in the afternoon.  At some point (just before you gt your first Spirit 
    IIRC), you see him drop his cards, so say yes or no, it hardly matters.
    Chumley will eventually appear as an "!" on the east side.  Duel him, and his
    passion for dueling will be rekindled.
    Duelist now available:  Chumley.
    1)  At LV 8, you find him freaking Sy out outside Red dorm.
    2)  At LV 11, he'll barge in to your room and ask to duel.
    (this is when Babycesaurus appears)
    3)  At ~LV 13, he'll appear outside the dorm YET AGAIN...
    4)  At LV 19 (Aster Phoenix), he'll appear outside the dorm, and then,
    in the wild.
    Duelists now available:  Tyranno.
    ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~
    Limited/Forbidden lists:
    This is set in stone and won't change.
    Forbidden:  (You can only use 1 card in this list AFTER you beat the storyline.)
    BLS-Envoy of the beginning
    CED-Envoy of the end
    Chaos Sorceror
    Cyber Jar
    Fiber Jar
    Magical Scientist
    Makyura the destructor
    Sinister Serpent
    Tribe-Infecting Virus
    Witch of the balck forest
    Thousand Eyes Restrict
    Butterfly Dagger-Elma
    Cathedral of Nobles
    Change of heart
    Dark Hole
    Delinquent Duo
    Harpie's feather duster
    Mirage of nightmare
    Monster Reborn
    Painful Choice
    Pot of Greed
    Snatch Steal
    Imperial order
    Last Turn
    Sixth Sense
    Time Seal
    Limited:  (You may only have 1 copy of each card.)
    Exodia Pieces
    Breaker the Magical warrior
    DD Assilant/Lady
    Dark Magician of Chaos
    Forest Green Guard Baboon
    Injection Fairy Lily
    Mask of Darkness
    Morphing Jar
    Protector of the sanctuary
    Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
    Spirit Reaper
    Treeborn frog
    Twin-Headed behemoth
    Victory Dragon
    Book of moon
    Car Destruction
    Excavation of Mage stones
    Future fusion
    Graceful Charity
    Heavy Storm
    Last Will
    Level Limit - Area B
    Limiter removal
    Mage Power
    Mystical space typhoon
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Pot of Avarice
    Premature purial
    Sowrds of revealing light
    United we stand
    Call of the Haunted
    Crush Card virus
    Gravity Bind
    Magic Cylinder
    Mirror Force
    Ring of destruction
    Torrential Tribute
    Ultimate offering
    Semi-Limited:  (You can have 2 copies per deck.)
    Apprentice Magician
    Exiled Force
    Manticore of darkness
    Creature swap
    Giant Trunade
    Reinforcement of the army
    Upstart goblin
    Deck Destruction virus
    Good Goblin hous keeping
    Reckless greed
    Wall of Revealing light
    ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~
    Here is a list of spirits and their location:
    In the north side:
    Jerry Beans Man
    Adhesive Explosive
    Oscillo Hero #2
    Star Boy
    Acrobat Monkey
    Abandoned Dorm:
    White Magician pikeru (also found rarely in the well and coliseum)
    Dragon Piper
    Acrobat Monkey
    East Side:
    Ebon Magician Curran
    Blast Asmodian
    Beelze Frog (and ONLY in the well)
    Jerry Beans Man
    Adhesive Explosive
    Oscillo Hero #2
    Star Boy
    Power plant:
    Battryman C
    Battryman D
    Unobtainable spirits (NOTE:  You can still get the actual cards)
    Winged Kuriboh
    Ojama Yellow
    Don Zaloog
    Dark Magician Girl*
    If your VERY lucky, in the north side, DMG will appear, and she gives some NICE
    cards.  Here is what you can get:
    Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
    Chaos Sorcerer
    Dark Magician Girl
    Dark Magician
    Magician's Valkyria
    Magician of Black Chaos
    Sage's Stone
    Toon Dark Magician Girl
    Winged Kuriboh
    Left Leg of the forbidden one
    Right Leg of the forbidden one
    Left Arm of the forbidden one
    Right Arm of the forbidden one
    Exodia the forbidden one
    ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~
    Contact information
    Contact Me
    No Flames. No Viruses.  If I receive them, after a while I will take
    my email address off.  But then to contact me, you MUST give me your email
    address On a message board.  THEN I WILL POST YOU A PRIVATE MAIL.  Ok here it
    No nothing.  You may ask me FAQ and I will be glad to reply to you and make a
    question about it.  Thank you for your co-operation.  Make sure to put as a 
    Subject OR I WILL NOT READ IT!:
    YGO SC FAQ Update :  Something that I missed.
    YGO SC Q :  For a question about the game
    YGO SC Help : If something confused you
    YGO SC Legal :  If you want to know about  legal and ask permission.
    YGO talk : If you want to talk.
    Hi : If you just want to say hi!
    ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~
    Version History:
    22:05 05/04/2007
    0.1 - Got all the info compiled together.  Will try to make it easier to read.
    Status:  Submitted
    11:08 08/04/2007
    0.2 - Got a LOAD of emails, especially about Exodia and DMG...sorry about that.
    There are a couple of rumours going round that I need to have a look at, so I
    might not update for a while.  Within 3 days of this going up, 1677 people have
    viewed it.  I would like to take this oppertunity to thank all those people.
    Status:  Up, running and poular.
    11:21 13/04/2007
    0.2 - Not changine the version, only added one or two lines about Kagemaru and
    16:56 15/05/2007
    0.2 - Really really adament about not changing the version.  Only changed the
    base Titan level, thanks to King of Hearts.
    20:03 24/05/2007
    0.2 - Yeah, this guide isnt going to get much more TLC.  Thanks to Taco Bell
    Ninja for correcitng my point on babycesaurus.
    ~.~.~.~.~ ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~
    Thanks to...
    Me - For making this guide
    CJayC &co. - For hosting a GREAT website!
    You - For Reading this
    Vader894, Zombie_Exe and 1 other (who I need a name from) for telling me that
    DMG gives Exodia parts.  
    Someone who I am also awaiting a name for, for telling me the Ishiki and America
    fact, for giving me some rumours THAT NEED TESTING, and for telling me everyone
    got their spirit for free (Robo_Mike got it wrong).
    The_darkness101 for telling me Jinzo was LV 10.  I also corrected Dimitri.
    King of Hearts for correcting my Titan base level mistake.
    Taco Bell Ninja - For correcting my Babycesaurus mistake.

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