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A Yugioh GX Spirit Caller Review

Allow me to preface this review with some info for those who are not already Yugioh players. Yugioh, as CCG's (Collectable Card Games) go, is not difficult to learn; yet it has vast depth and doesn't grow dull. You can learn to play by just doing it and if you have any specific questions, the game includes tutorials with tons of info. So don't be put off!

For the review itself, I'll break a rule and start with the conclusion: this game is excellent! Here's why...

The single player mode is interesting and provides hundreds of hours of gameplay by itself! It follows the storyline of the show and even if you've never watched it you'll have a good idea of what's going on and who everyone is the next time you happen upon it while channel surfing.

Beyond that, the one big thing that sets it apart from all other card-battle type games (that I'm aware of) is: FREE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! Every other good card-battle game that I know of is either pay-per-game or monthly-fee based. (And by the way, you do not need friend codes to find opponents online.) I'm not kidding when I say that you could spend years just doing online matches and tournaments with other players!And whether you're playing single player, local link (multicard) or online you get a very authentic recreation of the actual card game.

-The graphics are attractive and the playing field, cards, monsters and character portraits are all solid DS quality.

-The music sounds great and the effects, such as battle attacks are well suited to their respective events.

-The interface during a card match is perfect, using a stylus and touch screen is the next best thing to actually holding the cards, and is certainly less messy and expensive. Those familiar with the previous game on the DS, “Yugioh: Nightmare Troubadour” will find the radar system and map layout much improved.

-The computer AI lacks the ingenuity of a human opponent though it still provides ample challenge for all but the most expert duelists.

-The selection of ~1500 cards you can collect and use provides near-infinite variations and replayablity. You can create a myriad of deck types, each with different strengths and vulnerabilities and save and switch between them at will.

-The game is very true to the source, in that it follows the actual rules of the CCG.

If you are a current Yugioh player and you have a DS and WiFi access; you owe it to yourself to get this game.

If you are a Yugioh fan without a DS and WiFi access; you owe it to yourself to get this game and a DS and WiFi access.

If you aren't yet a fan of CCG's this game may have what it takes to convert you!

There's so much more I'd like to say but I'd rather get back to playing it, I have a new deck I want to try out!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/24/07

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