How does one unlock new recipes?

  1. I recently got a kitchen, and I am curious as to how you get new recipes.

    Is there a free cook mode, where you can shove anything into a pot and see what happens? I didn't see one, but might be blind.

    Do I need to *sigh* raise friendship levels?

    Some help whould be nice.

    Thank you. ^_^

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    Kirbypuffypower - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness you first must unlock the Diner and Cafe in order to attain recipes to cook. To unlock the Cafe'/Diner It is suspected that once you build your house and buy the Kitchen to go along with it, the sub villagers that run both buildings show up. Once they have moved into the village you must first <b>upgrade both the diner and cafe' in order to get recipes from them</b>.

    <b>Upgrading the Diner/Cafe'</b>
    To Upgrade both buildings, you must have at least 25 sub villagers unlocked and living on the island with you. One day when you pass by the buildings, they will look larger, simply walk inside and you will get a cut scene of the owner saying that they have upgraded. Once this has occurred, you can bring them food items which they will turn into recipes that you can later cook.

    <i>Note</i>: If you try to give them items before they unlock they will say something to the effect of: "Oh I can't possibly cook anything in this tiny kitchen!"

    <b>Getting Recipes</b>
    Keep in mind that when the owners attempt to make recipes they have a 50% chance of "Failing" at creating a new dish, this is easy to work around by saving before you hand them the item. If they fail at making a recipe, just re-load and try again. <i>You do not have to raise your Friendship with the Owners of the Cafe' or Diner in order to get recipes from them!</i> But apparently it works the same way as talking to them and giving gifts to anyone else! Their friendship will grow just like you were giving them presents.

    As for if the game has a free cook mode, that is something of a mixed answer. You can't just throw anything into a pot and see what happens like in past Harvest Moons, but you can alter existing recipes to see if you can make them better. The upside to this is that you can create a higher quality dish that sells for more money (if you ship them) or increases your Stamina and Fullness Bars to higher degrees (if you eat them).

    Furthermore, the top screen tells you if you are about add something that will result in creating a failed dish so you don't waste any of your items attempting to create something better. Take advantage of this system and see what you can add to a already existing recipe!

    Hope that helps you!

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Other Answers

  1. You need to have the Diner/Cafe upgraded. Then, just give the Diner/Cafe person a food item that belongs to that recipe. For example, if you give Luke a can of curry powder, he may give you curry bread or another recipe.
    There is no free cook mode, but you can add stuff to recipes.

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