What is a action replay?

  1. Do i have to go out and by it?

    User Info: Runmanx

    Runmanx - 8 years ago

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  1. an action replay is like a game shark in essence it alters codes in the game to make the game give you money,items,weapons and so on you my not have or just cant get with out these cheats. like lemon kitty said people frown upon it (but there usually prudes who don't like a bit of cheating and generally play life by the books)and in rare cases my not only destroy your file but your game but this usually doesn't happen any more last time it happened to me was on the n64 just follow the manual you get with it and don't use codes that conflict with each other (one i saw was on kotor for the xbox some one put on full light and dark side personality ans corrupted their game file) or too many codes and you'll be fine.


    User Info: hamwitch

    hamwitch - 8 years ago 1 0


  1. It's a cheating device and the use of it is frowned upon by many people. It make also destroy your save if you use it wrong.

    User Info: LemonKitty

    LemonKitty (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. If you tell your friends who claim to be 'Gamer nerds' or what ever, they'll hiss at you, and they'll put you down for using cheats. But as hammy said- they are prudes, so if you do go out and get one, and they harass you for it, don't get offended- just brush it off :] Sometimes it makes a game more amusing lol.

    AR, is for the nintendo company systems, it's identical to the Game Shark (a cheating source for Sony), so if you put in a certain code (it could be of any kind) that your file can't handle, it won't just delete it- it may just corrupt your gaming with series of glitches, and make it unusable. BUT. If you are so worried about that, you can look around the internet and you'll see from threads as to which ones glitch and which ones don't, so in our generation, there's no real worries :]
    Though.. sometimes it does freeze it up but what ever.

    You do have to go out and buy it, how much it costs is beyond me, because i got my Gameshark and first action replay (for game cube/GBA) from my brother, and my DS AR came from a friend.

    It shouldn't cost that much, and if you can find one used, well that's the best kind to get- because there's already loads of cheats on it >:} Anyways, good luck in your search- You'll definately find an AR at GameSTOP or something.

    User Info: 064VIRUS0xc55e

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