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    Animal FAQ by Mistress_Zelda_

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    Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness
    Animal Guide
    Crated by: Mistress_Zelda_ on September 17, 2008
    E-mail: princesszelda149@cfl.rr.com
                  Version History
    1.0-Wrote all of the info
                  Table of Contents
    Press ctrl + F and type in one of these Roman Numerals to
    find what you need.
    I. Introduction
    II. Basics
    III. Affection
    IV. Buildings
    V. Chickens
    VI. Cows and Sheep
    VII. Horse and Dog
    VIII. Festivals
    IX. Credits
    X. Contact me
    XI. Legal
                  I. Introduction
    Hello there! This is an Animal Guide for Harvest Moon:
    Island of Happiness. This is my second guide so please,
    bear with my poor guide skills.
    The reason I made this guide is because I have seen so
    many questions about the animals! I hope my guide will
    clear things up.
                    II. Basics
    Animals are an essential part of any productive ranch.
    What's a farm without animals anyway? Not only are
    animals good for income, but their products can be
    used for cooking and gifts! Not only that, but you
    can enter your animals in festivals to win Wonderfuls!
    The first thing you need to do is to make enough money
    to build a barn or chicken coop, and then you must purchase 
    animals from Mirabelle But I'll cover the buildings in a bit. 
    First we need to cover the controls:
    Touchscreen-tap to use tools, raise affection, walk, and
    distribute food.
    D-pad and A, B, Y and X-these just allow you to use your
    specific animal tools.
                  III. Affection
    Raising affection is done by doing everyday things
    such as milking. The more affection the animal has
    the better chance you have at winning the festivals
    and the better ranked products you get! There are 
    five things that will raise your animals affection:
    Petting/picking up/riding your animal:
    This is done by tapping the animal while you are right 
    next to it. Doing this raises the animal's affection 
    and, if you have a cow, will allow you to check 
    on how the animal feels. Also every so often you will 
    see an icon over the animal that looks like a hand. 
    Once you touch the animal, you will be sent to a screen 
    with a close view of the animal. With your stylus, you 
    can now touch the animal and make it happy! The best 
    way to do this is to perform fast, tight circles with 
    your stylus. This will get the animal happier! There is
    no time limit, so take as long as you want.
    Feeding your animal:
    This is an everyday task that MUST be performed if
    you want to keep your animal alive and receive products.
    The fodder can be bought or grown in your field, while
    the chicken and pet feed must be purchased from Mirabelle.
    Brushing and curing:
    Brushing isn't really an essential task, but it is good
    quick affection raising. It can only be used on animals
    that are big enough so chickens can't receive this extra
    affection boost. Brushing also reduces the stress on the
    If your animal gets sick for whatever reason, then animal
    medicine from Mirabelle is the first thing you should get!
    Give the medicine to the animal to make it feel better and
    make sure it doesn't happen again!
    Letting your animals outside:
    Letting your animals outside on a non-rainy day is a 
    great way to raise affection and relieve animal stress. 
    Also, if you grow Grass, then you won't have to feed 
    your animals that day you put them outside. HOWEVER, 
    be aware that you must bring your animals inside 
    when the day is done or they might be hassled by 
    the wild dogs! 
    That's right! Getting products from your animals
    actually makes them happy! So you get money and
    affection everytime!
                   IV. Buildings
    Before you can get animals, you have to hire Gannon
    to build the appropriate buildings. I will list the
    buildings and their upgrades along with any materials
    you need.
    Chicken Coop:
    Actual construction:
    200 lumber and 10,000 G OR 20,000 G
    1st Upgrade:
    400 lumber and 5,000 G OR 20,000 G
    2nd Upgrade:
    1,200 lumber and 20,000 G OR 70,000 G
    Feeder Box:
    100 lumber and 500 G OR 5,000 G
    200 lumber and 500 G OR 10,000 G
    1st Upgrade of Feed Dispenser:
    1,000 lumber and 5,000 G OR 50,000 G
    2nd Upgrade of Feed Dispenser:
    3,000 lumber and 30,000 G OR 170,000 G
    Shipping Bin
    200 lumber and 1,000 G OR 10,000 G
    Actual construction:
    200 lumber and 12,000 G OR 22,000 G
    1st Upgrade:
    500 lumber and 7,000 G OR 30,000 G
    2nd Upgrade:
    2,000 lumber and 30,000 G OR 125,000 G
    Add Feeder Bin
    100 Lumber and 5,000 G OR 5,000 G
    Birthing Pen:
    200 lumber and 500 G OR 10,000 G
    Upgrade of Feed Dispenser:
    1,500 lumber and 7,000 G OR 80,000 G
    Shipping Bin:
    200 lumber and 1,000 G OR 10,000 G
    Stable (you already have the stable):
    1st upgrade of Feed Dispenser:
    1,000 lumber and 5,000 G OR 50,000 G
    2nd upgrade of Feed Dispenser:
    3,000 lumber and 30,000 G OR 170,000 G
                   V. Chickens
    Chickens are the most basic animals in the game. They
    are the cheapest to buy and easiest to breed, but their
    affection is hard to raise and their products aren't a
    very reliable source of income.
    Once you get your chicken coop, Taro will come by with
    a free chick and will also give you a chicken tutorial.
    After this, I suggest you go buy some chicken feed. If 
    you want more chickens you can either A. get an
    Incubator and hatch one of your chicken eggs or B.
    simply buy a full-grown chicken from Mirabelle.
    A chicken will lay one egg every day as long as you
    feed it. This egg will start out at a very low quality
    (Rank C) but the Rank shall increase as the affection
    goes up. Thus giving you more money!
    After all of the expansions you SHOULD have a max of
    12 chickens. However, I am not too sure about this.
    Any confirmations will be loved!
                VI. Cows and Sheep
    Cows are the first thing you should get in my opinion
    because their products are a better source of income.
    When you first get the barn, Taro will bring you a new
    pre-mature cow and give you a tutorial. I suggest buying
    fodder, a milker, a bell and a brush as soon as possible.
    To have a new born calf, you must give a full-grown cow
    a cow miracle potion. You must also have a birthing pen,
    I don't have an exact number on this, but I believe it
    takes about 15 days or so for a pre-mature cow to reach
    the milking stage. New-born cows take about a season or
    so to mature into a milking cow. Any confirmation on this
    would be helpful.
    Every so often, you will see a milker icon over your cow's
    head. Upon milking it, you will be sent to a mini-game
    where you will milk your cow. You will see a large milk
    bottle at the top along with your farmer. On the bottom
    screen, you will see your cow along with three icons that
    have milk sizes in them. To play, tap the blue paw
    print on the right when the arrow is over the milk bottle
    with the L in it. This will insure better milk rank. Be 
    warned! The tempo gets faster with every tap that gets
    a "GOOD" message! And if you get a "BAD" message when 
    you tap the paw, it means your timing is off and you 
    will be punished with a small decrease in the amount
    of milk in the large bottle at the top.
    The notes are your time limit. However, if you fill
    the bottle ALL the way up, the mini-game will automatically
    stop and you will get the S-ranked milk!
    Cows are probably the easiest to increase affection. You
    can do each of the five affection increasing chores to
    make them like you more. Therefore, your milk rank will
    increase faster thus giving you more money!
    Sheep are somewhat similar to cows. They can be brushed,
    petted, and, unlike cows, sheared once a week. Sheep are 
    also very different because they need to be unlocked. 
    To unlock sheep, you must get 3 boy farmer sub-villagers
    to move to the island. This can be somewhat difficult.
    The requirements are things like: "Ship 100 Cheese" or
    "Have 4 Chickens on your farm."
    Other than unlocking them, sheep aren't really all that
    different. Although, I am not 100% sure, but I think
    sheep have a shearing mini-game. Once again, I am not
    sure. Confirmation would be appreciated.
                 VII. Horse and Dog
    The horse and the dog do not produce anything that
    you can sell, but they DO have some very useful
    The horse is a great means of transportation. The
    horse doubles your speed making island travel a breeze!
    The dog has a unique purpose. If it has enough hearts,
    you can leave it outside and it will scare away the
    wild dogs that come to terrorize your animals! This
    feature of the dog protects your animals from getting
    You cannot buy the horse and the dog. Instead, you must
    make friends with certain villagers:
    For the horse, you must make friends with Chen, the shop 
    owner, and Charlie, his son. Chen is hard to make friends 
    with early in the game because you do not have a kitchen. 
    An easy way to get around this is to just simply talk to 
    both of them everyday. When you have them at the appropriate 
    friendship level, Charlie and Chen will come to your house 
    in the morning and give you your new horse!
    For the dog, you must make friends with Mirabelle, the
    owner of the Animal shop. Talk to her everyday to increase
    her friendship points. When she is at about 2 hearts, walk
    into the Forest on a rainy or snowy day and you two will
    find a little dog!
    The horse and the dog are feed with Pet Food that you must
    buy from Mirabelle. The dog can be petted everyday to raise
    affection while the horse receives affection through riding
    and brushing.
    Now, I'm about 99% sure about this. Since there are only one
    of each, I assume that if you neglect these animals, they
    will not die. HOWEVER, I am NOT promoting anyone to do
    this! If you don't feed your pet, then they won't like you
    very much!
                  VIII. Festivals
    There are many festivals in the game in which you can
    enter your animals. The day before each festival,
    Mirabelle will come by to ask which animal you would
    like to enter. When you choose, that animal will be
    taken away for a day. You will get it back at the end
    of the festival. Mirabelle will only accept adult animals!
    Here are all of festivals:
    Sheep Festival:
    Spring 19th
    Make sure your sheep is not shoven, not pregnant or sick
    and has seven or more hearts to be declared winner!
    Chicken Festival:
    Summer 7th
    Make sure your chicken is healthy and has seven hearts or
    more to win!
    Horse Festival:
    Summer 23rd
    Make sure your house has seven hearts or more to win!
    Cow Festival:
    Fall 16th
    Make sure your cow is healthy, not pregnant, and has
    seven hearts or more to be declared the winner!
    Dog Festival:
    Winter 10th
    Make sure your dog has seven hearts or more to win!
    If you win the festivals, you will receive wonderfuls
    for your tools and a big boost on your farm degree!
                  IX. Credits
    Cherubae at http://fogu.com/hm7/. This website is probably the
    greatest Harvest Moon site in existence. I thank it for
    providing me with some info on the buildings and the festivals.
    Marvelous for making an amazing game.
    Natsume for translating it.
                  X. Contact me
    Shoot me an e-mail at: princesszelda149@cfl.rr.com
    I will greatly appreciate:
    -Info I do not have or wasn't explained well enough in the guide
    -Grammar and spelling suggestions
    -Any questions you may have
    -Any suggestions on guide formatting (This is my first one!)
    -Requests for using my guide on your website
    I will not respond to:
    -E-mails with obscene language and/or personal questions
    -Any flames
    Please make sure you have "Havest Moon" "Island" or something like
    that in the subject or else I may delete it.
                    XI. Legal
    Copyright Mistress_Zelda_ 2008
    I am no way involved with Marvelous or Natsume.
    This guide MAY NOT BE USED on any website without advanced permission
    via e-mail. I will happily let you use this guide if you e-mail me

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