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"One of the best DS games ever"

Ten years ago I picked up the remake of the original for the gameboy. I then forgot about this great series until recently when I decided to pick it up. This game copies a farmer's life perfectly but with a more childish look.

Controls-10/10- IoH uses touch screen controls with the D-pad or A/B/X/Y buttons to use equipped items. Some people complain about not using the D- pad to move but I find them quite charming. Touch and hold in the direction you want to move in and your character will move in that direction. Tap an item to pick it up and so on. For those who don't like to hold down the stylus all day long then holding the L/R button will cause your character to run.

Graphics-10/10- This game uses the DS's graphics to a good extent. Everything is crisp and clear; the top screen is used as a map to tell where everyone is on the island and it is a good map as far as maps could be. You can tell who is who easily. The bottom screen is where your person is along with his/her environment and everything has a 3-D look.

Gameplay-10/10- The real meat of the game, in IoH there is so much to do. Fish, mine, woo a male or female partner for life, get along with the villagers, take care of animals, and of course farm all you want! When you start out you have nothing but some seeds and a couple hundred bucks so there isn't much to do. But after a little bit if you befriend certain people then you can do much more. With this game comes a new bar to the series: the Full bar. After a bit of time your character will become hungry and if you do not feed them regularly then you can pass out. With the Full bar comes the Stamina bar. As you use tools your character will tire from doing physical work and will need rest. If one of the two bars empties completely, then your character will pass out and will wake up later. Maintaining the bars takes a while to get used to but when you do it becomes easier.

Farming has a new system in this game. Depending on the weather your crops will grow differently with each type of crop needing a certain amount of sunlight and water. Because of this you will want to watch what the weather is or else you crops could die. When you obtain the fishing rod you can start to fish. Fishing helps because you can do it at any body of water during any weather that you can go outside. Fishing becomes a necessity for beginners. After you unlock some areas, mining becomes available.

Animals are very interesting in this game. They have a stress bar and will not produce good products if they are too stressed out. There are also a variety of mini games to play when dealing with them but they appear at random. Like Nintendogs, you can pet your animal to make them happier. When milking cows, there is a timing game. Sheep run across the touch screen and you shear the wool off. You can ride a horse for a quick way of transportation or keep your dog outside at night to defend your farm.

Music-9/10- The music is nice and relaxing, changing is certain areas and seasons. The only bad thing about the music is that by the time you get halfway through a season it gets tiresome and boring.

Story-10/10- This game has a great story because you control it all. You determine what you do, when you do it, and how you do it. You decide who you want to marry, where you spend your time and if you want to watch others find their love. The basic story is that you go on a boat to move a new island to start a fresh life, unfortunately your ship sinks and you end up on an island. You decide to take over the farm.

Replayability-9/10- There is so much to do, but you can't do it all on one file. From wooing different marriage candidates to beginning with a different method, you have to use the second file to “100%” the game. You have two files to use but it may have been better to have more.

Overall-9.6- A great game to add to any collection. If you are interested at all then buy it. It would be hard to rent the game because of all the things to do. I am very happy to own this game and think of it as one of the best games that I have ever played. I recommend this to anyone who owns a DS

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/25/08

Game Release: Harvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness (US, 08/26/08)

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